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/xs/ - Extreme Sports

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>inb4 ‘they’re just fat middleweights’
If that were true then they’d have to be more skilled to make up for such a physical disadvantage whilst competing at a high level.
Go and fight them and see how unskilled they are
Low depth of play because most big men play team sports. No top end weight above them to gauge themselves from in training. Very easy to be comfortable being the literal big fish in whatever pond until you actually have to fight someone your size who doesn't care if you show up tomorrow.
>t. tai tuivasa
I remember when Nelson first stepped on the scene and people I knew were complaining that he used fat kid tactics to win fights.

How can you consider yourself an "ultimate fighter" if a fat guy can beat you by lying on top of you?
Knock out power doesn't need skill.
That belly pin against Mir in a grappling match should've told everyone what he was about
There's not that many of them, so every fat guy gets a go.

And it's very telling when they fight against a guy who isn't a complete shitter and end up subbed in 2 minutes by a basic guillotine.
>heavy people are slow, especially if they need to keep their stamina for more than 20 seconds
>heavy people can knock someone out more easily even if they aren't particularly talented

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