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Do you have power in your hands? What type?
Do you have that KO switch in your hands, like Mike Tyson or Jack Dempsey? Or do you have that thudding power, like George Foreman or Kelly Pavlik? And how did you discover it?
I'm a thumper
I perforated someones bowel with a gut punch once, he had to get surgery
It wasn't a discovery, just an inate characteristic observable from day 1
Ever since I learned to punch the bag always sounded like a gun shot when I hit it. It always surprises people when they hold pads for me for the first time, like last time the guy calls over the main coach "yo check it out this guy's got brick hands!"

I think it's just my build that does it, I have a really high ape index with my wing span being nearly 4" more than my height
So short thick legs + long arms and naturally fast twitch muscles so I can generate a lot of power from the floor quickly and then throw it at the end of a long lever

This body of mine, I can't turn if I'm running but can punch good
I thought I had no power and were a volume puncher. I had fought and trained like one for years. However, at some point, I watched a boxing beginner vid and the trainer said someting like: "[...]You must flex your fist at that angle and just flex your forearm but not your shoulders etc. So, imagine throwing something in your opponents face."
The last sentence was a mental cue that did something with my brain and my body.
I tried it and my sparring partners told me, my hands were actually really heavy. I don't have flash KO power and I'm relatively slow. So, my opponents see my punches coming but they still don't want to be hit by my heavy shots. I can deliver a heavy hammer on their high guard with thudding power that rattles them.
Nope, feels like I'm pushing the pads more than anything. My round kicks do damage though, I can always see in their face when I touch them for the first time with it. Wish I could kill someone with my hands though.
For me it was a slow and gradual process of unlearning bad habits and learning proper technique
There's a new guy in my gym who has 20+ kg on me and say he fears my punches
If I could do it anyone can, just need patience and discipline

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