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File: IMG_1021.jpg (5 KB, 220x172)
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>Be me
>coaching wrestling for young kids
>getting aid from parent of kid in class cause he’s helping me wrangle the kids and make sure no one’s goofing off
>do a test exercise for the kids to see if they can push through it
>about 6 minutes of jumping jacks no stopping, if pointed at then you shuffle to me and back
>waterbreak after
>parent comes up to me
>starts telling me it was too hard for kids that age group
>Tells me it’s more about trying to keep them interested and having fun cause of their age
>start to understand what he’s saying
>genuinely good advice at first
>”These kids aren’t in competition. Most won’t even make travel teams and become good. There’s no need to push them.”
>woah wtf
>think that’s such a shitty reason to not make them work hard for a bit
>guess he can kinda see in my face I’m putting his advice off as he keeps rambling
>”look man I know this stuff, I’ve been training all different types of people for a long time including military. I train people to kill other people, I know what I’m talking about.”
>staring really hard when he says it
>realize he just tried to measure metaphorical dicks with me to threaten me into taking his advice
>takes everything in me to not tell him to stfu, much less sick him, so I won’t potentially lose my job
>takes even more to not mention both my wrestling coach and my dad were former military drill instructors and used the same tactics I just did when they trained me at a similar young age

Anons if he does some shit like this again I feel like I’m gonna snap and lose my job. How do I deal with know-it-all parents? Especially with a “customer is always right” kind of boss? Trying to get a new job but in middle of process rn
Smile and ignore his advice.
if its just one parent with one kid then just bench that kid the whole practice

Welcome to coaching kids OP. There’s always one (or more) parent that wants everything to be done their way
I has job security because nobody had my skill set
So like for example I had a group with 20something 7-11 year Olds in it and I made them all stand in a line at the beginning and I said there's a lot of you in here and only one of me, so there won't be any warnings, if you don't listen you're out and that's it
Well 2 seconds later 2 boys are wrestling on the ground so they were made an example of and banished immediately

Then their affluent Karen moms complained to me about how its unfair and they bring there kids here specifically for class and they're working moms and they're just kids. And I said you know who else are kids? The 20 other ones in the room that listened to what I was saying
Just ignore, anon. Smile and nod and exit the conversation. You owe him none of your time and attention. He can be a drama queen and pull his kid from the class, which is all the better.
wrestle him. whoever wins gets custody of his son
You know what fucking PISSES ME OFF!

Its definitely not worth losing your job keep it tranquillo

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