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I know regular Wing Chun isn't at all useful in a real fight, but what about this form of it? Anyone heard of this thing?
To my knowledge it's pretty much the same thing and the spelling differences are a both a means of branding instructor lineages and different approaches to writing moonspeak in normal characters. Leung Ting claims to have been a student of Ip Man but apparently there's controversy over that.
>regular Wing Chun isn't at all useful in a real fight
It's better than nothing but it's probably not the most efficient use of training time if your goal is winning whatever you consider to be real fights.
Wing Chun is a weird case study, because by the admission of the people that do it, it was made up by a woman and the quick punches are used because a small woman wouldn't ever be strong so the best choice is to just speed max
That makes complete sense, whether it's an effective strategy or not is a other discussion entirely but that's not the point I'm making

The point I'm making is why as a man who is in fact capable of powerful regular punches and kicks would you instead learn a method intended for little Chinese ladies?
There's a Leung Ting Wing Tsun place near me so I was just curious about it, how is it different from regular Wing Chun.
Also, I thought Wing Chun was a martial art that attempted to take all the good parts of all those animal kung fu styles and combine them?
Based I also think bjj is useless for actually grown men
BJJ is clearly useful though, every serious MMA guy learns a bit of BJJ.
But it's for small and weak people. Not big strong men.
You could say techniques of any kind are for smaller and weaker people.
Technique is the vehicle by which you express your strength
A weaker person with good technique may be able to overcome a strong person with bad technique, but given the same level of technique the stronger person will always win
Strength is the most important physical attribute you can have
Sanda it's the only thing worth learning, the funny part it's just looks like kickboxing, nothing "Kung Fu" about it
What about Kenpo?
Again, Sanda it's the only chinese martial art worth learning
You’re retarded. Grappling in general is about using your strength in the most efficient way possible. I’m going to paraphrase from kodokan judo, but Jigoro Kano explains it something like this:

If you have a strength of 5, and your opponent has a strength of 7, then in a head on confrontation you will lose everytime. However, by maintaining your balance and moving the opponent into a place of instability, his strength becomes 3 and you can overcome him.

In other words, grappling skills allow you to overcome someone who is stronger than you through superior positioning. However, you are still limited by how strong you actually are, so becoming strong and skilled would put you at the greatest advantage.
And given the same level of strength the more technical player wins therefore you could just as easily state that being technical is most important. This is a pointless statement. If you want to beat other fighters you need both.
I would say otherwise, Baijiquan seems like a good martial art from China, mostly ran by Muslims so they know what's up. They focus on a lot of takedowns, hard striking, shoulder tackling and other shit you don't often find being emphasized in a Kung Fu style, plus it seems to be better at take downs than Wing Chun from what one demonstration vs they had between the students so, yeah, Baijiquan is the real deal Kung Fu.

Also Karate is a form of Kung Fu that came down from the Bubishi line of martial arts white crane kung fu and incense shop boxing, monk fist boxing was originally the name but yeah it didn't spread far enough.

Sanda practitioners usually practice something else on the side as well its MMA for Kung Fu applications basically.
As someone who studied Wing Chun (with plenty of pressure testing) for some time, for me it looks like somone with deep understanding of biomechanics woke up one day and decided to invent a martial art with some very specific self-imposed constraints and then did it, the absolute mad lad.
>Can I do a strong kick/punch without using my shoulders or rotating my torso? What if everything is a jab because straight line is the shortest distance? Idk, let me try
Probably the thinking went.
>Can I do a strong kick/punch without using my shoulders or rotating my torso?
Well the answer is no.
I trained in the Hungarian branch for less than 2 months. It's not only bullshido but also a scammer cult. I'm so glad i quit so soon.

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