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Is it possible to be strong enough to squeeze and submit someone on the ground the same way a constrictor snake can kill its prey?
Well you have to understand how constrictor snakes do it. They aren't just crushing things to death like the movies would have you believe. What they do is every time their victim exhales they squeeze a little tighter preventing them from inhaling again. Eventually they just can't get enough air in with each breath and pass out
It doesn't take much pressure at all to do that
Man is weak, that's why we have technique in the first place. If you get a wrist lock, the person you're putting on the ground wouldn't be able to tell the difference. Realistically, a blood choke is the closest you'll get though. Bear hugs are for holding people unless you're a bodybuilder, but even then, you aren't hurting anyone w/ one, just being stuffy.
You have to be extremely powerful.

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