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File: 0o.jpg (578 KB, 845x1200)
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Read any good BL recently? Drop your recs and read along here!

>https://pinboard.in/u:yrecs (NEEDS UPDATING - see below for details)

BL Licensers and How to Request from Them: >https://rentry.org/BLreq
Project JUNE Download: >https://projectjune.dreamwidth.org/473.html
Tiermakers: >https://tiermaker.com/user/579020

Bonus challenge:
What is a common personality type you don't like seeing in BL, and what would you do to improve/change it?

Previous thread: https://boards.fireden.net/y/thread/3035486/
File: 1692474349255414.jpg (3.68 MB, 2428x8237)
3.68 MB
3.68 MB JPG
Please reply to this post to ask for things to be added OR REMOVED from the Rec List on ControlC.
>anime, VNs, fan doujin, and academic works about BL are allowed too

NEW HERE? Check out our curated rec chart!

***NEEDED: New Rec Chart
>It has been almost two years since our last update!
>In thread 88, anons discussed making a rec chart in HTML and taking a full website screenshot via Opera browser.
>In thread 99, an anon offered to do it in Power Point. If you're still here, anon, please go ahead! Post in the thread if you need help finding previous discussions of what to remove or include.

***NEEDED: Volunteers to update the Pinboard
>We use controlc for our rec list, but help to update the Pinboard (which can't be banned as easily) is still needed
How to post to and edit the Pinboard:

Thanks to the anon who updated the All Threads list!
>What is a common personality type you don't like seeing in BL, and what would you do to improve/change it?
“Ukes”, in general. I don’t need the self inserting fujoshit author reminding me that she has a nasty fish taco and female emotions. Get women, their retarded ideas of gay relationships, and their smelly vaginas out of my gay books.

Fix the rec list. One Room Angel, Lamento, Kaze to ki no uta, Mao dao ching chong, Yarichin, and Sensitive pornograph are all prison gay/fujoid shit.
File: 1715312239467858.jpg (778 KB, 849x1200)
778 KB
778 KB JPG
I know this is a shitpost, but I kind of agree with it. Korean manhwa are especially bad with the toxic heterosexual relationship writing and their untagged cuntboy fetishes.
>What is a common personality type you don't like seeing in BL, and what would you do to improve/change it?
thirdwheels in general, also the supportive straight male friend/coworker who plays wingman for the MC. i can't imagine this happening even in a fairly gay-tolerant country, let alone nipponland. unlike the bait above i couldn't give less of a fuck about fujos fetishizing gays, but the lack of realism annoys me.

on an unrelated note, anybody got any recs for father/son BL? seems like the only incest most authors care about is brocon :(
What are some of the hottest masturbation scenes you've read lately? I especially enjoy ones where the love is mutual but they initially hid feelings from each other and got off thinking of one another in secret, and the reveal and development are slow, not the usual single volume books, but not so slow like that Chinese manhwa taking over 100 chapters for the confession.
All threads: https://rentry.org/bldiscussion
>added #107

To the anon in the last thread >>3049756 who had the updated rec list with the academic section, please feel free to share it.
tagging op so someone sees it next bake >>3051236
File: file.png (1.22 MB, 1242x723)
1.22 MB
1.22 MB PNG
Does anyone feel like fujos interest in BL games and videogames in general faded?

I feel like in the PS2 era fujos were the queen of making yaoi porn of the most random franchise, you could go on livejournal and 99% of the times you'd find fics of some rare pairing.
But nowadays you barely get anything out of most videogames. BL VN also stopped being big. Like 2 BL VN released recently and it feels like even in JP they aren't that massive.

I wonder what changed? On other and it feels like BL manga are bigger than ever. Is it just my impression or?
Yeah I agree. To be honest I believe that there are way more options for viewing BL work than there used to be. So more options to view art and fics of popular series means less people actually making things like games. Back then you had to make your own media since there was barely anything to find. Now that many BL series have been translated and serialized vs Japanese fan scans in the early 2000s. Theres a lot of BL VNs but they aren't always easy to get and no one seems to translate them either.
all is gacha now
>what changed
kpoop and live action is way more profitable
bl still is niche the last big was given
>live action
truly don't understand how people can stomach 3D that looks nothing like the characters in an adaptation or even close to them
yeah, I get second-hand embarrassment watching it, but seeing the crowds go wild I think it's just that we're too old for sincerity.
>the lack of realism annoys me
What would make a BL "more realistic"? Spin the coming out/acceptance scenes to a more negative perspective? Or something else?

Anyhow, I don't read much of it but the only father/son BLs I can think of the top of my head are all doujins, with many being bara. Not sure if that's something you seek, anon.
Edge of Ambiguity no one is likeable. Damn Viewfinder first couple was like one of my favorite stories too.
>What would make a BL "more realistic"? Spin the coming out/acceptance scenes to a more negative perspective? Or something else?

probably a middle ground between portraying realistic homophobia (since i doubt anyone wants that in their jerkoff material unless it's specifically their fetish or whatever) and writing the characters as out to coworkers and casual friends, who are all completely accepting. i'm not saying that no japanese gay man has ever had straight male friends, but i imagine that they don't discuss gay dating life in much detail with those friends. stuff where the straight guy wingman sets the MC up with the ML or vice versa, encourages him to confess his feelings, etc, always rings false to me.

also doujins are fine and appreciated. :) my tolerance of bara really depends on how hard the artist goes into musclebeast territory.
>doujins are fine and appreciated
(Best art imo)https://myreadingmanga.info/tetsukojika-silver-sheep-devil-may-cry-dj-eng/
>Only 3 chapters
Fuck this gay Earth
This should not have been a oneshot. Maybe cause I went in expecting nothing but there is potential here.
File: 1709367597241917.png (657 KB, 950x680)
657 KB
657 KB PNG
what do they mean by this
Kek yeah that is rough, but damn the ending made me want a continuation time skip is fine too. MC's shame towards his selfishness is so good I want to see how it goes down with his ex gf confronting him about fucking her bro. Maybe MC becomes a NEET while the boy continues like normal then they cross paths by chance and the boy follows him after MC runs away.
is there no hope of it actually getting a continuation? it seemed popular enough.
Who knows, hopefully it does.
Went to read the lastest volume of oni to tengoku and it felt oddly disappointing. Like there's something missing to it
File: media_FhbVB42VEAEXXuN.jpg (474 KB, 3509x2480)
474 KB
474 KB JPG
Currently reading the second book of the 獣はかくして series and it's alright. Good for what it is. I picked this up primarily because I don't like feminine uke and it is certainly delivering on that front at least. But the other reason was all the reviews raving about how dark and serious it is for the genre. And, I mean, they are technically correct, but that says more about the state of BL novels than anything. Manga readers don't realize just how good they have it.
What is the JP BL novel scene like? I never tried them out, they don't seem to get translated much either.
I'm only a casual observer, but depending on your point of view it is either flourishing or in a terrible place. The anthology magazines are doing fine and there's a constant stream of new releases, about 30-60 each month. More and more old books from the 90s are also becoming available as digital.
So that's good. What isn't good is the variety. The market right now is dominated by couples with children SoL, omegaverse, RPG/isekai shit, Harlequin romances, and translated Chinese BL. If you are looking for anything different hope that one the few wild card releases will hit the spot. Every once in a blue moon some of the big publishers will release a book that doesn't fit the BL label guidelines under their general audience label, 木原音瀬 comes to mind as an author with multiple books under 講談社文庫 and not their BL label White Heart.
But this isn't a trend exclusive to BL. From what I've heard it was also the lack of variety that killed the long running Cobalt shoujo anthology for example.
File: 23478.jpg (503 KB, 1128x1600)
503 KB
503 KB JPG
..."How to use your toy correctly"? Has this been translated somewhere? It looks right up my alley.
File: file.png (12 KB, 979x67)
12 KB
So tiring.
would you read a story where the sex doesn't happen until much, much, later?
I'll bite. What does this even mean?
Sure, as long as the plot is good.
So is this just cuntboy variants or some weird translation crap where they call a crossdresser a tranny and change every single dialogue bit to suit their weird fetish? At least there's a warning in the title I guess.
Sure, I actually wish more BL did that. But it lacks long running series in general.
I'll read it even if the sex doesn't happen.
god i fucking hate trannies so fucking much
File: Shocker NGE.jpg (272 KB, 1644x1435)
272 KB
272 KB JPG
Skimmed the first chapter and MC is actually trans, incision scars on the breasts and everything. And it's western shit, so it's not a shocker or anything. What perplexes me is that there's two versions on MRM, with the second one being actual BL. Why upload both versions when one doesn't fit? They're already available in English by the artist themselves too, so why this upload?
Anyhow, to this day, I don't understand why MRM has furry and western stuff. There's a dedicated and more thorough website for the former while the latter can get easily struck down along with the site because there's less of a language barrier for the artist to find it. Not to mention, a lot of them are just aggregating from official translations/already in English with no work put into it except for uploading. But god fobid you aggregate for an already translated Japanese work. I'm tired.
I have a prostate torture fetish because of Buranran now.
Let's Go Karaoke is one of those manga that feels gay but isn't.
Though, wouldn’t be surprised if Famires vol 2 ends up with an additional genre tag at this rate.
Thank me later


it actually cost money to read it but I found the free version + translated

Also be patient because it's made for more of story then immediately having gay sex
also the story is still on going
Incest recs? Preferably blood related but step/adopted works if they've been raised together.
I've already seen this on the parkgee/suicide boy thread on /cm/
I forgot this was still ongoing for en translations
File: GOX8s8-aYAAclcB.jpg (317 KB, 1196x1533)
317 KB
317 KB JPG
V1 sure but V2?
What happened in v2?
He hugs him and then goes home to google and asks people what it means
is this machine translated?

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