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File: TEACHERBOAT2HOT4(You).png (1.13 MB, 1440x1440)
1.13 MB
1.13 MB PNG
Previous Thread: >>2845057

>Guides & Resources
Pastebin: https://rentry.org/MMD4Chan



>Search terms
MMD, mikumikudance, R-18, 紳士の社交場, 紳士向け
MMDモデル配布あり, MMDステージ配布あり , MMDアクセサリ配布あり
MMDモーション配布あり, MMDカメラ配布あり, MMDエフェクト配布あり

Pastebin & Catalog: https://rentry.org/3DCG4Chan
File: FlowerQueen.jpg (693 KB, 1920x1080)
693 KB
693 KB JPG

1. Customizable hotkeys.
2. Advanced (smart, 3D space, local bone axis-aligned, expanded) handle.
3. Ability to manipulate multiple bones at once.
4. Ability to manipulate bones by dragging, which also lets you use child bones as levers for movable bones.
5. Fewer clicks needed in general.
6. Ability to limit visible bones to expanded display pane tabs.
7. Baking (recording) physics.
8. Motion layers.
9. Bone locus (for high-end computers), i.e. path tracker.
10. Adjustable FPS (while you mustn't make VMD motions at anything but 30 FPS, this setting is useful for baking and making videos).
11. Easy-to-navigate timeline.
12. Pose handles (crude arm/torso IKs).
13. Limited built-in finger gesture (clenched, open, spread, joined, and one more that I can't name) scroll bars.
14. Various plugins, which may or may not replicate those available for MMD.
15. Bone mirroring for the current frame and mirrored pasting.
16. Easy morph operation.
17. Ability to interpolate morphs (very dubious utility; will not transfer to VMD).
18. Ability to use other video formats than AVI for background playback (Screen property), which saves you disk space and conversion effort.
19. Motion clips (I haven't learned how to use them properly though).
20. Spline (meh).

1. There's no version that combines AP bones working when physics are disabled with correct high-complexity IK handling.
2. Apparently less convenient external parenting.
3. Does not use the PMM project format, which is usually shared to preserve external parenting and other settings.
4. Advanced camera functions, namely camera parenting to a bone and features not present in MMD, such as dynamic FOV, are broken.
5. Bias fucks up the advanced bone handle, dislocating the standard parts for every bone.

Arguable advantage/disadvantage:
1. All-axis camera movement interpolation instead of separate X, Y, Z.
File: kfrndr.jpg (726 KB, 3840x2160)
726 KB
726 KB JPG
install Japanese locale and get LDPlayer instead of Bluestacks, sheesh.
once again im going to suggest https://www.deviantart.com/kiwigem/art/MMD-Hotkeys-MMD-Shortcuts-978397294 in the OP
File: 1711388486707636.jpg (1.93 MB, 3840x3840)
1.93 MB
1.93 MB JPG
anyone has this?
File: toki_bunny.png (784 KB, 2048x768)
784 KB
784 KB PNG

Blue Archive - Asuma Toki -Bunny-
does anyone know where i can find idle motions? like breathing, subtle body movements, etc? even deviantart is failing me, i could only find one amidst all the kpop trash
oh, and it looks like the one i found is 404
レン(メルブラ) bowlroll
Singing motions (歌唱モーション) generally qualify as idling after you remove the singing and unnecessary arm waving. Basically everything by 盗賊@つばき is one.

Because it's run by retards.
thank you anon
Server host is experiencing issues. Out of the hands of the devs. Just the way it is.
can someone share Red Velvet Chill Kill motion please?
anon please...
what happened to goutouren? all his videos are deleted. i dont even remember why i followed him. i looked him up on mmdfans and going through these videos, nothing is ringing a bell.
Does anyone have this model?
Anyone got their hands on ン媚び挑発ダンス ? Been scouring iwara and the links in the pastebin, but no dice for a motion DL.
Thanks, but it only seems to have the wav file and no motion data
That goddamn muta81 with his wave-only uploads... Anyway, you can obtain it here:
File: despair.gif (1.36 MB, 478x360)
1.36 MB
1.36 MB GIF
has anyone ever made a MODEL of IA from the conqueror video? I swear I found one on deviantart years ago when I last searched, but the closest I can find now is
which is unfinished and unreleased, and
which isn't quite right, and has a bad IA base.
She would fit really well in a DICTATOR, monster, queendom or king motion.
>try to install MMM
>Could not load file or assembly 'FbxLib, Versio
n=1.0.4900.42936, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null' or one of its dependencies.
Nice, undocumented dependencies ftw!

But what the fuck is actually FbxLib? Can't find anything but a python lib which is presumably not the right thing. And Autodesk... do I have to install that???
anyone have? deviantart.com/papico90/art/Model-Data-for-MMD-Kagura-GINTAMA-ver2-5-4-411589070
File: chiori.jpg (82 KB, 1156x866)
82 KB
hello sirs i once again come to you asking for chiori.
You don't happen to be that anon with a number of mysterious unsolvable/self-resolving MMD issues, do you? I have never installed AutoDesk or seen this FbxLib error even once in 6 and half years of use. If you are, you're probably missing some necessary Microsoft software packages, drivers, or patches, or they are corrupted. If your OS was pirated by an unreliable source, that could be why. Or you're doing something wrong in the installation process that consists of downloading a matching bitness version of the program and unpacking the archive. Could also have something to do with permissions and not running MMD/MMM as admin, who knows.
im not the anon you replied to, but i am the anon who couldnt get the .wav to play in a rendered video. were different people.
Yeah well I'm using Wine on Linux, which runs everything else in the MMD ecosystem just fine with no problems after installing the dependencies.

But MMM somehow decides to randomly load a weird extra dependency? Could you please check if you have an FbxLib.dll anywhere on your system? It's not part of the dependencies that MMM mentions in the install instructions, but maybe it's part of something most people have installed anyway...

If only the source code was available. But of course it can't be, because MMM uses that weirdly expensive proprietary widget set. Ahhhh...
When using the weight copy plugin, how can I tell it to which vertices to copy the weights? It seems to ignore that I've selected only a subset and instead messes up the whole model.
File: FbxLib.jpg (255 KB, 1330x458)
255 KB
255 KB JPG

Works fine for me in PmxEditor_0254f_EN (if I switch system language to English, because loading weights doesn't work with comma decimal separators), TW_LoadWeight_PMX.dll MD5 == 2f42f25987944b1a2483359754e96db3. Are you sure you're using the right version, PMX for PMX? Keep in mind you'll need the bones included in your source subset, as nil weights will default to bone 0.
Does anyone know how to convert .csv to .vmd?
I tried this but I'm too retarded it seems

maybe you should explain what you're actually trying to do, there's probably an easier way than exporting to csv
if you're talking about picrel specifically, then that's koikatsu.
Can someone grab these Aplaybox models?




Exporting from
This person has old deleted .vmd files archived in .csv format, I want them
File: Sacabambaspis-fumo2.jpg (486 KB, 1920x1080)
486 KB
486 KB JPG
What is your system language, does it use commas as decimal separators?
Use "unpack.py %yourmotionname%.vmd -m -f -c -d" to see what is causing issues.
In my case of "yes" (and maybe in the case of "no") it says
>> UnicodeEncodeError: 'charmap' codec can't encode characters in position 2-4: character maps to <undefined>
The fix is googleable and applies to lines 255 of this and 84 of the other file. Technically, you should use the appropriate "shift_jis" encoding, but even with utf you get a working file (in MMM) anyway. Although a processed file differs from the original as a .VMD file (if you convert it back to another CSV, they will be identical) because floating point values are not saved precisely, there was no visible difference in the motion (Smart by Ponx in this case, get it before it expires on 11th) when tested with sequential loading and undoing/redoing.

If you don't even get to the point of running it, create a .bat file in the folder with the scripts and insert the quoted line then hit Enter and add "pause", which is probably easier than figuring out how to launch a command shell from a specific folder.

By the way, I've been using VmdEditor130 to check for unavailable morphs and bones, but the GUI is useless without Japanese locale.
Longshot here but anyone have Maou's Blue Archive models? Specifically Koharu and Hoshino. Seems like they nuked some of their models off bowlroll and they're impossible to get now.
fuck me, card isnt even on the booru
koharu is on ts, but the models isnt full body
Oh awesome, they were both on there, I hadn't even noticed. Thanks anon!
no problem. i know ive seen a full body koharu on iwara and i know models tend to have multiple different uploads on ts, so a full body koharu might be on there somewhere.
Watch for https://bowlroll.net/file/316177, Scr trojan almost got me.
What does that mean?
i cant fucking begin to understand how people make good sex motions. i feel like i would need the entire body to be IK unless i wanted to manually rotate every single bone. making sex motions seems like a nightmare, in my inexperienced opinion. i dont even understand how IK bones work. sex motions always seem to use IK bones

if i were to make a doggystyle motion for example i would need to make sure the female knees and hands or elbows (depending on which is supporting her weight) stayed in the exact same place while the entire rest of her body moves. i mean what seems like a simple motion seems like it would take days if not a week of tinkering to get right.

i always use premade sex motions but for what i want to do right now, im starting to think ill need to make my own motions. havent found any satisfactory anal motions yet. i can edit motions, sure. but creating motions? no fucking way. ive been stuck for 4 hours now trying to find and testing motions with absolutely no luck.
It seems like anon tried to download a file, but realized that the file had an Scr trojan in in.

Just a guess
can i get some recommendations for the best general use full body male model? sin sack is way too beefy, and the cock is too girthy for most female models to do a proper blowjob on without insane clipping. im looking for a male model that has a normal looking body, with a cock size that actually fits female models.

i dont understand why meathead sinsack type models are the norm. its kinda fucking gay to be honest. to be specific im looking for an average 5"8'-6" guy with a decent member that fits female model mouth and vagina morphs better than sinsack models. also i want the model to have a slightly darker skin tone than the typical female model because if the male model has the same skin tone, they blend together.

all of the full body male models i have found that look like actual normal people have either the same light skin tone, low poly or are low quality, except for link related

https://tstorage.info/8w1y0qbrvmwg is the best male model imo. the only real gripe i have with it is the seam where the cock meets the body. is there a shadow person-type model that is better than shadow person? he is a little too tall but i know that can easily be fixed with PMXE. i would love to post a pic comparing shadow person/sinsack/female model but this is /e/
i will add that shadow person has good morphs, and he is very customizable. i guess what i want is shadow person but with more customization options. he has invisible head, transparent body, tan skin with a light skin morph that contrasts well with female models. he has a decent assortment of facial morphs, but i never use them because i dont personally like seeing male faces in porn. he has a bigger and smaller unit morph, but it would be nice to have a longer/shorter morph also.
man, I must've been too tired last night, because right now when I tried it, it worked like a charm even though I'm pretty sure I did the same thing yesterday and ten times in a row it destroyed all the weights... must've changed some weird setting or even just rebooting fixed it
im just surprised that the "ultimate" customizable male model has not been created yet. shadow person is the closest we have, and i suppose he is sufficient, although he could stand to be slightly higher quality.
How do you give your TararaTarako models a working pussy?
File: dads.jpg (176 KB, 361x552)
176 KB
176 KB JPG
1) Looking at public motions by Ademar440 should teach you a lot if you aren't too retarded.
2) Use MikuMikuMoving.
3) Yes, a good sex motion takes a bit of work, and you must learn interpolation, refer to links in the first post and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tXoaBwMWs4I in particular.
4) Yes, IKs help even if they are turned off, simply having them where the hands are supposed to be can give you nice targets to realign the bones to. IKs (inverse kinematics) work by automatically rotating the bone chain when the handle or body are moved so that the IK target ends up as close to the IK handle as it can reach. FK, a.k.a. regular bones, do not have a target to aim for. IK states can be baked in Blender for the entire length of the motion or saved for the current frame if you turn the IK off and register unregistered bones without saving the IK as OFF, but it will not work well (the hands won't stay put) if the proportions of the target model differ (matters for reuse or public releases).
5) Most sex consists of reciprocating movements, i.e. 2 states (keyframe sets) repeated as many times as needed. It's a bit boring tho, so you can vary the intervals and/or states themselves to improve it. Sometimes you need more sets.

>> beefy
Sin Sack 2018? Ryu/David?
Try these.
>> longer/shorter
It's not particularly hard to make a morph that stretches a body part via either Z bone shift (will not work on IK chains) or vertex morphs (worse solution due to weight-based vertex deformation). The solution I use to make my custom SS compatible with SP and Ryu_S1 motions is to have the regular Dick_01..06 chain as default and use an IK chain with Dick1..3 as modifier (local parent) bones for the regular chain. By the way, recently, around the time I started adapting Ademar's motions, I realized it's better to have the IK target/handle a bone or two behind the head rather than in front. (Haven't tried it yet.)

By downloading a Mark2 set instead.
Would anyone here happen to have this video and be willing to share it?

Web address: https://www.iwara.tv/video/ollwyuqmws1ljoza/mmdbaam


From channel: もんじ
File: TT pussy edit.png (97 KB, 564x488)
97 KB
Wow I'm retarded I really spent the entire day editing a pussy onto it
Well now I know :( thanks anon
I've been editing the normals by hand to make them match the original, if anyone has a retard proof plugin or something to smoothen the normals I'd be very thankful lol
Blender? The "average normals" functions (still manual but quicker than going through them one by one) in PMXE?
How can I make pubic hair look good in Raymmd? When zoomed out it makes a lot of pixel noise and flickering.
Who knows where to find the password
AdjustBoneMaker(includes A-Stance motion)

A-Stance motion

full auto breath unit






Wouldn't that be better on the Pastebin?
VMD Editor

VMD file editor
please help


Number of works: 2
>full body
Either a koikatsu model or one of those booth Koharu models.
the pastebin in the OP, yes
What's the best place for uploading 4K videos and have them stay up (without subscription)?

Mega links seem to get taken down all the time.
most would rather delete the old video to make room for the new one instead of managing million MEGA accounts.
Need a bit of help to solve the PW for this motion
Hint is TDLの通称3文字
I know it is related Tokyo Disneyland. Tried other combinations like TDR in half-width and full-width, but no luck.
Does anyone have Bismarck from kancolle by Mr Pink, and want to share it, or know where to get it?
File: saves on this tab.jpg (89 KB, 503x208)
89 KB
Disregard disadvantage number 4, either I was too retarded to realize that you need to click the small checkbox without clicking the common button to save any changes on the advanced camera tab or it acted up for no reason when I tried to make it work in January.

Try using an edge-drawing shader on it instead of the default main.fx and increase edge thickness. Naturally, you need to enable edge display for that material in the model first.

The author's Twitter says you need to ask him (via DM?) by April 14 to get it. In perfect Japanese, I bet.

With 2 downloads for a correctly Nico-tagged motion in well over a year if not three, better abandon any hope. It could even be that both downloads were the author checking the password.
okay I'll take it for you
Sorry, I was busy irl.
Added to the pastebin.

To the other Anons.
I've also added a new section https://rentry.org/MMD4Chan#tutorials
If you have suggestions regarding the pastebin, be it tutorials, links, collections etc. reply to the OP post please.
A dumb question, what's the best way of outputting a 4k 60fps mmd
>Try using an edge-drawing shader on it instead of the default main.fx and increase edge thickness.
Thanks, I tried that and definitely had edge-drawing active (I set the edge color to pink as a test to be sure), both with the RayMMD outline shaders as well as various others. But all still had the pixel noise problem.

It seems to come from some global ray effects, like shadows maybe, because it looked fine without pixel noise when using those shaders with ray.x was disabled. I tried removing that material from the SSAO map and all the other maps (PSSM*, Shadow*) too (to exclude it from ray.x) but to no avail.

I even tried the different OUTLINE_QUALITY and AA_QUALITY values in ray.conf (and tried various things in the added Outline tab), and while things looked different with them, the pixel noise remained. I think at this point what I need is some (post-processing?) shader to apply AA for that material specifically, or something like that.

Or rendering the entire video at ludicrous resolution and scaling down, because at 540p on Iwara it's almost imperceptable anymore.

Has anyone gotten the textures she had available on patreon?
Why even distribute it then? Here's the vid the hint was on
File: sw.jpg (33 KB, 484x688)
33 KB
HKLIO you magnificent bastard

ive been waiting so long for this silver wolf.
I can't help but enjoy the salt over HKLIO on the booru. The lack of self-awareness from the retards calling him a theif for redistributing Alicia's edits is just... it's delicious is what it is. Alicia has been taking official models made by someone, added the porn bits, and then put them back up for sale.

Alicia is infringing copyright, which these dipshits KNOW he is. So I imagine they're foaming at the mouths because of the companies possibly finding out and bringing litigation against him.

Keep doing it HKLIO.
i dont understand why people are complaining. people who browse the booru do so because theyre looking for free models. but then they complain about bullshit like this. makes no sense.

>So I imagine they're foaming at the mouths because of the companies possibly finding out and bringing litigation against him.

realistically this will never happen. Crypton knows lewd fan content is good for business, vtuber production companies know this, even chinese Mihoyo knows this. they always say "hey, we allow fan creations, but definitely DONT make lewd creations with our girls haha. that would be so bad if you did that haha". these companies literally make money because of the cute girls they create. the only way they would ever litigate is if the creation in question hurt the company financially. spoiler: lewd fan content is free fucking advertising. i wonder how many people play hoyoverse games who only know about them because of porn they saw. i would have never even gotten into vocaloid music if it werent for lewd MMD videos. but now vocaloid is literally all i listen to, and the reason is because of porn. literally no one is coming after lewd editors because lewd creators make these companies money. the booru complainers are retarded.
i used "literally" too many times in that post. sorry, im a little drunk
File: fluid.jpg (182 KB, 1920x1080)
182 KB
182 KB JPG
quick question. when i use fluid simulator, i noticed that it leaves this grey dot on the floor. it typically wouldnt be a big deal, but it kind of stands out on this stage. i can avoid showing it with camera work, but that limits me in which camera angles i can use. the other option is to unckeck the display box and yeah i can do that when fluid simulator is not being used, but im hoping there is a way to hide the grey dot while im still displaying fluid simulator
there shouldn't be any particular difference to rendering other kind of videos, other than the sheer volume

In my case I found I can't render videos larger than my screen size (which is 4k), but that may be because my graphics card is over 10 years old, or I'm running it using wine on linux...
You're good. I never saw the point of complaining about things either. But it's like they feel threatened in some way. Believe me, I know lewd content is good for business. It's why most companies won't clamp down on fanart sellers at all. The only thing that ever got me was the lack of introspect from the ones complaining at hklio. Just a shame his stuff keeps getting pulled.
when people invite retards from discord and deviantard to come to the booru, that's just what's expected to happen
back in the 90s there was this mp3 sharing thing called PSILY (ps i love you) that people were expected to be hushhush about it and download it in the dark, but then one guy ran his fucking yapper about it to many others and got it shut down
in other words, the lesson here is to keep your yapper shut about 4chan or the booru to other people you know just because you know them because the people you know can be retarded
it's kinda too late now tho
i think the only people complaining are the ones who actually bought the models. ive bought models myself and i know that it kinda sucks when the model i buy gets shared and i lose that "haha i have exclusivity" aspect. but its all just part of the game. im not busting anyones balls about sharing models, i know ive gotten my share of free models. the fact that people complain about HKLIO puzzles me, i mean is having more free models a bad thing? if youre an exclusivity whore, then yes. i really think it just comes down to salt, spending money for something, only to have it shared shortly after.

complaining about this is dumb, when models get shared, that means more videos featuring that sexy model get made. the only ones who really lose are exclusivity whores and copyright infringing creators. i dont feel bad for exclusivity whores, but i do feel bad for the copyright infringers. yeah its shitty and scummy to create a lewd model of someone elses IP and sell it for profit, they dont own the IP and they definitely didnt license it. but on the other hand these infringers are the reason we have so many great models so i have mixed feelings about it. i dont personally care if theyre infringing copyright, it benefits the MMD community as a whole, but i do have a problem with them charging money for it. but on the other hand, we wouldnt have these models if there werent a financial incentive to create them.

tldr: fuck exclusivity whores
>and i lose that "haha i have exclusivity"
same energy as retards who buy kike school academics aka university degrees and get mad at forgiven student debts
anyone who ties their esteem to materialism of things like mmd models needs to be stabbed in the face by a lead pipe
Isn't 4k the hard limit for MMD? I'd say it's already excessive for the level of detalization MMD can reach.

Can it be moved?

The creator could have underestimated the strength/obscurity of the password, or it's an exclusive thing for frens/online backup for personal use, or the password was changed at some point, or the DL counter was reset with the last file update and nobody gave a fuck after that because the video was too old already. Maybe the password is given somewhere on privatter or here:

Theoretically, you could disable S-MAP and self shadow for the material, but I'm not sure if Ray-mmd doesn't just ignore it (phoneposting). 2-side display also causes antialiasing issues that usually manifest as ephemeral lines in materials along individual face edges, as if there was a gap in the mesh. Alternatively, you could limit camera distance from the focal point if it's too large and lower camera distance fixes it, though it might be a MMM-exclusive issue.
vmd to csv or csv to vmd https://bowlroll.net/file/13705

FbxLib.DLL file found in my MMD collection https://tstorage.info/jnslwqg0ik5m
>Can it be moved?
nope. fluid simulator only has 2 bones, both of which are invisible and act as fluid sources. neither of them when moved will move the grey dot.
Can help me with the pass
Thank you
These more please
>FbxLib.DLL file found in my MMD collection
thanks, though my MMM couldn't load it, maybe it's 32bit not 64bit
>anyone who ties their esteem to materialism
It's understandable, and very sad, when it's really the only thing they have.
【くるとん】うっせぇわ/Ado 踊ってみた 【オリジナル振付】
>Isn't 4k the hard limit for MMD? I'd say it's already excessive for the level of detalization MMD can reach.
I mean I guess that it's all pretty low-poly, but with the high quality material shaders of Ray-mmd it definitely looks better and adds more detail at 4K.

>Theoretically, you could disable S-MAP and self shadow for the material,
I tried that (and turning off 2-side) but it didn't affect the pixel noise, so I guess those settings are ignored as you suspected.
The first one doesn't work, the rest are fine
>It's understandable
nah there's no need to understand them, just shit on them and make fun of them for being losers who have nothing in life when they don't have that
it's like the question of what is tony stark without that iron man suit
A playboy, billionaire, genius, philanthropist, and also quite an ass?
Welcome to japan
The country of lolis and perverts
Sounds like my kind of country.
>Try using an edge-drawing shader on it instead of the default main.fx
Not same anon, just having same issue. Which edge-drawing shader would you suggest?
yes!! (but no)
the point of iron man 3 was to show that tony stark was iron man with or without the suit
a rando without an exclusive model he won't share or else he'll be a useless nobody again is just a loser with nothing when he doesn't have exclusivity over a model
why the fuck are we talking about iron ma
Because his armor is impressive and cool
go back
Think boy think, iron girl.
Explode your mind
thank you so much
File: gardevoir_twins.jpg (55 KB, 870x490)
55 KB
Taking a shot in the dark here.

Looking for a user on deviantart. Guy is Brazilian and makes custom armor for MMD that are based on hentai series. Does anyone here have even a remote idea of who the user is? I ask because he had a set of two models for download that I think were wearing magical girl-type outfits. Or were along those lines. One had green eyes. The eye textures look like shiny candies. The other in the pack had blue eyes I think. Trying to be as specific as possible because I've been hunting the fucker for about 2mos now with no luck. Searches were on and off so not every day.

These two I had put the eyes on them just to see how it would look in different colors. I don't have a closer image of the eyes. Wish I did.
melkor mancin
How do you get breast physics that bounce in circles like in ngon's videos?

File: zLW58[1].png (911 KB, 640x360)
911 KB
911 KB PNG
Does anyone have this model?
sorry for the delay
ts oleyrm8yc8po
kpop makes for great lewd mmds though
IIRC, the first phrase contains the password. Like the video on Nico to reveal the password hint, then it should be trivial.

I like GreenerShader personally. T_ToonShader is also kinda nice, but it might blend colors too much. Ray-mmd also has a version of its default shader that draws edges.

Either it comes by default with the models, made by TararaTarako, or you'll need a relatively complex non-straight bone chain, like in a HK base body.

Your dedication is admirable.
I have the TararaTarako models but the breast motion isn't like that, I thought maybe ngon edited the physics to make them bouncier?
File: zLW58[1].png (906 KB, 640x360)
906 KB
906 KB PNG
I won’t give up
I suppose so.

Well, you can go and download HK03_v01e, 八雲紫 ver0.82, or whatever other model uses a similar 5-link bone chain, and study it. I wouldn't call what I have perfect, but you might have more luck in your experiments. I think this kind of... "crankshaft" zig-zaggy structure is key (maaaybe along with this rigid mass progression), although the original purpose of this modification was just to keep the breasts aligned to their default horizontal orientation to avoid clothing deformation with physics enabled. It's so complicated now that even minimal adjustments fuck up their behavior, lmao. Not connecting the breasts to each other (which is what you'll normally want when wearing clothes that should constrict their movement) also helps independent movement.
why not, bitch
i ain't really askin cuz it doesn't matter what your answer is
That's exactly what I needed, thanks anon
anyone have this models?
have fun
ts r5mghd8cqqx0
anyone have this motion and camera?
https://www.dlsite.com/maniax/work/=/product_id/RJ01032458.html someone have this ?
Did he ever make MMD stuff? his DA only has normal artwork...
anyone have 000 camera all?
yeah i have 0 cameras because i don't do videos anyway
i don't remember tararararararako doing this girl
He didn't. Hololive released her model officially and someone stuck her head on a nude body.
kemono has some links
File: 1709938982599520.jpg (121 KB, 960x540)
121 KB
121 KB JPG
Anyone has that Rin model? I had her but Accidentally I removed from my pc Dx
See TS catalogue.

Still searching for this user. Giving my eyes a break for a while as I still can't find him.

Melkor was not the one. Archives shows he never had mmd stuff on his account.
I wonder if such an edit might be available anywhere
probably not but he only credited tara for the model so it's a bit misleading if it's just a body swap but no credit for the head
Anyone have Vortex00's Do It Again motion?
Apparently he deleted all his shit.

IK (Inverse Kinematics) is a feature that automatically calculates the rotation angles of bones to bring a target bone as close as possible to an IK bone's position. Two key parameters in this process are "Loop" and "Unit Angle (or Unit Limit Angle in PMD)."

Adjusting the Loop:

The Loop parameter determines how many times the IK calculation is performed per frame. Each calculation attempts to rotate the affected bones within the specified unit angle range to bring the target bone closer to the IK bone. Increasing the Loop count results in more precise calculations and brings the final animation closer to the desired result. However, higher Loop counts also increase processing load per frame.

Adjusting the Unit Angle:

The Unit Angle parameter represents the maximum amount a bone can rotate per calculation. If the unit angle is too small, the IK calculation might not complete within one frame, leading to jerky or delayed movements. Conversely, if it's too large, the calculation results may become imprecise, requiring higher Loop counts and potentially resulting in shaky movements.

In summary, adjusting Loop and Unit Angle settings involves finding a balance between precision and processing efficiency. Starting with larger values and gradually decreasing them while observing the animation's behavior often leads to optimal results.
Can I find inwerwm's or willowywicca's megmilia, or kuroyuzu's original somwhere? I don't see any megmilias on the booru.
I didn't think I would get hooked on (G)-I-DLE's Queencard song. Now if I can get a hold of 000mmd's camera motion for it, that would be nice. For whatever fucking reason, his recent camera motions have been kinda hard to get.

Eh, i'll wait.
Why the hell would he do that? honestly, even if I was gonna retire from MMD altogether, I would just leave all my MMD shit up for folks to DL.

Ugh...I'll never understand people with that kind of thinking. Just overall shitty.
Failure hurts bro, so much useless effort
22.08.2015—is that it?

I'm not sure it qualifies as "his" in the first place when he apparently just reused motions made by other people for other songs.
Yep, that's the one, thanks!
>>2764694 on thread #180
Please help with pass?

Hint is: 若松城が改壱になってから得る特技名(ひらがな5文字)
I thought this would be easy, but kanji name readings are bullshit.
pass is さんだゆう
thank you!
I love megmilia-chan
File: samune.jpg (52 KB, 480x270)
52 KB
Has anyone here tried this?
pass please
Am I an idiot or does the mikumikumoving website not have a download link for V1 or V2? It only has links for V2 beta from 2015 and V1.2 from 2018. I've been trying out the 2018 version so far.
File: nudemisty.jpg (268 KB, 1920x1080)
268 KB
268 KB JPG
i'm interested in how to get aplaybox shit on my own so i don't have to depend on someone else to grab them, assuming there's a reliable non real phone number way to do so
No. from 2018 is, in fact, the last release despite the remaining bugs and the author clearly still being active in 2021. If you manage to get the V2 beta to work, tell me... though I'm not sure what's the point now that I've confirmed the advanced camera functions to work.

So far I haven't received any messages or calls other than authentication codes if that's what bothers you.
>So far I haven't received any messages or calls other than authentication codes if that's what bothers you.
nope, not doing it
keep sucking on others' tit then.
File: emmanotcomfortable.jpg (224 KB, 1920x1080)
224 KB
224 KB JPG
i haven't done it yet but thx
Can someone grab these 3 if available?

Thank you
only second
ts t30n55ufny35
Is there some sort of resource to find other music that works with a motion? So many where I like the motion but the music is just terrible.
You can try using tunebat to look for songs that are similar or have the same BPM or duration as the one you're trying to replace.
How do yall make those videos where a guy holds a phone that shows the girl getting fucked in front of her? Like is there an effect that can be applied to the phone screen to show a prerecorded video? Or alternatively a second camera?
Can I ask another dumb question then - How do I turn clothes on and off in it or disconnect them so they can be thrown like a ragdoll? I know my model has R-18 parts, It says so in the readme. Is it one of the morphs labeled in japanese?
File: Alice is very city-sect2.jpg (514 KB, 1920x1080)
514 KB
514 KB JPG
Set screen.bmp as texture for a material with the dimensions you need in combination with a second camera or a pre-rendered video that should ideally match the surface's aspect ratio. MikuMikuMoving is not limited to .avi files.

And yeah, try all the morphs before asking, because if you haven't or knew about archived.moe before making the post, then it IS a dumb question.
I hadn't thought about searching the archive, usually those are very brittle and low signal-to-noise, but I guess it's different for /e/. Will do.

Late reply, but the guy Might have just animated them that way.
I am here yet again begging for the Up & Down motion from 000mmd
I thought so too originally, but I tried giving the models the breast physics anon recommended and it looked much smoother than manually adjusting the breast position
Don't lose hope
good luck
File: arrow.jpg (15 KB, 276x156)
15 KB
are there hotkeys for switching between morphs?
Requesting the motion and camera file for this
anybody know the name of this motion?
File: Alice is very city-sect.jpg (480 KB, 1920x1080)
480 KB
480 KB JPG
In MikuMikuMoving you can use up & down arrow keys to do what these buttons do and on the timeline as well, but you need to focus on the needed area by clicking on it in the first place, so I don't see much point in that. It would have made more sense with the outdated interface of MMD.

Last week, in the middle of expanding one of Ademar's loops with a baked hip circling movement I had ripped from one of his older ones years ago (I first tried to create my own but failed), I suddenly realized that making a smooth circular/elliptical movement with a regular rotation bone rather than IK also comes down to swinging between extremums like a pendulum, and the simplest way to make one is by using two motion layers for the primary plane of rotation axes (bone rotation itself takes care of the third) with interpolated extremum keys, where one layer is shifted to the middle of the other's path from one extremum to the other. Proof of concept:

FlyingSpirits website, PV809 on mega. There's also a trace:

Looks like something ripped out of a doggy sex motion or Wiggle Wiggle.
does anyone have this models
you can use the mouse wheel to scroll through entries without clicking
How can I make lips glossy, without ray-mmd (where I just assign a wet skin material)?

I've separated them into their own material, and I guess I need to mess with the SPH? Tried a few things but nothing seemed to make a difference.
Try a metal .sph or .spa looks glossy enough, deviantart is full of with these assets.
ok, so I was on the right track... turns out there was another texture covering the lips obscuring my changes

Well now I would like to only add the gloss with a morph. I can change the SPH alpha in the morph so I can make the gloss go away with that. But there is no way to set the SPH alpha to zero as default, and to 1 with the morph is there?

The gloss only looks good with a lipstick color, and I'm not sure that's a good choice for the default state.
The last one no dl
ts ywrpswehzhhe
All paths lead to the same place Deviantart
Anyone have downloading this model please?
need aplaybox account nv2..


PW: 拜托了兄弟,给视频一个三连吧QAQ,谢谢!
ts p0zlgts27u8b
Bro that's so cool, can't wait to see what you're cooking
I haven't tried MMM yet but might give it a try lol the animation layering sounds interesting

I did it duplicating the mesh (make sure all the morphs have been merged) then cropping the edges of the lips and applying a sph on add sphere
>I did it duplicating the mesh (make sure all the morphs have been merged)
So you're making two sets of lips, normal and glossy?
>then cropping the edges of the lips
You mean turn off edges? Or crop what and why? I'm not sure I'm following...
>and applying a sph on add sphere
What the heck does "add-syn" do in MMD, for models and accessories? It must have some purpose but whenever I click it, nothing seems to happen.
I don't know what you're doing, because its function should be immediately apparent if you have a model or accessory loaded and it's in your field of vision. It's a function that globally turns it semi-transparent, "blending" it with the background. Unlike MMD, MMM allows you to register it ("Add Blend") on a keyframe basis if you want it for whatever unimaginable reason.

Nothing to see in regard to the described case, just making it so that I can load one of his loops on demand and get going without having to adjust it.
File: aaa.jpg (261 KB, 1280x720)
261 KB
261 KB JPG
hi how do i fix how the lighting looking different on the body and the head
anyone have this motion?
File: Soft glossy.png (13 KB, 256x256)
13 KB
Oh my model's face+lips is a single mesh, I had to isolate the lips to give them the gloss
If you have a separate lip mesh then try just adding this sph
By edges I meant the borders of the mesh (they are very visible if you use a sph with too much white), not the outline sorry
I haven't tried it myself but I've heard it might be because that material's ambient light is white
Try to make it a light gray in pmxeditor
Anyone have this?
I still don't understand what you mean by "cropping the edges". If it's how I imagine it, that would leave a hole in the mesh.
dammit, every time I tried it, I must've had the bones selection active, because in that case Add-syn is ignored... dumb mistake, dumb question
no it doesnt. why would someone want to listen to western music while trying to fap to mmd?
I have questions about some of the "main" movement bones. By main I mean bones like mother, center, groove, and root. It seems like mother and root are basically the same bone and they govern xyz location. What I'm confused about are the center and groove bones. When I manipulate them, they do the same thing and I know that most motions require a groove bone, I just don't understand why the groove bone needs to exist when the center bone exists. The motions I create only use these for rocking back and forth, I haven't gone into things like walking animations (no need for what I do). The center/groove bones are good for things like kneeling and aforementioned rocking, but then you get weird things like legs warping/twisting and unnaturally bent ankles from the IK bones. Using IK bones is frustrating in general because sometimes they cooperate, sometimes they don't. It's really annoying when I'm making a motion and the legs twist in a weird way, or for example they spread when I want them to stay closed. Using IK bones for part of a motion then (registering before) disabling them to fix an issue causes weird things to happen.
File: 2024-04-07 17-02-10.webm (1.26 MB, 1280x720)
1.26 MB
1.26 MB WEBM
Come again?

Why the fuck do you want that when there's a full version by NatsumiSan with more or less the same movements that you can just rip out of it and quickly edit if there's any mismatch?

"Match the properties of their materials" would be a more precise answer.

What do you mean you don't want to jerk it to Beethoven or Hans Zimmer?
And hey, some kpop beats work very well for beating off to. Those also tend to be earworms.

Their differences in position come into play when either is rotated.
Furthermore, the groove bone can be used as a motion layer for the center bone, when you need to modify a motion to suit your model (for this reason I try to leave it unused in mine), or when you want to separate changes on the Y axis and/or rotation or, maybe, use one in a walking motion for global position shifts (movement path) while the other bone loops step animations within it, or for the up and down movement of the torso that is essential for a natural-looking walk.
>Come again?
Could be a Wine thing, or that I have the "separate window" active, or Ray-MMD... I don't really care enough to investigate further.
here's Cam https://www.mediafire.com/file/7josfwpfg787s87/PV_809_-_Love_Song.7z/file

And Facials https://www.mediafire.com/file/w0ijrg2c56zk16f/Love_Song_-_Facials.7z/file

No motion from my side, sorry
you seem very knowledgeable when it comes to mmd. ive seen many of your posts and im interested to see who you are on iwara, but i understand if you dont want to share that. i think youre the same guy who avatarposts with that shitty green haired model. ive never seen that model on iwara so im not sure who you are. sorry not sorry that model is trash imo, dont take offense, just my opinion. im sure your videos are probably pretty good with how knowledgeable you are.
anyone have a archive of all of nashie-c's stuff?
That was a very poor choice of approach for both an information request and critique.
you didnt reply to the post you were replying to. i assume youre replying to >>2853956, i didnt expect that the dude i was replying to would actually tell me what his iwara name is, i only said that i was interested in who he was on iwara. judging by your tone and linguistic analysis, i think you may be the guy i was replying to. no, i dont like your avatarpost model. but thats fine, it doesnt matter what my opinion is of your waifu. you like what you like, and that is okay. i still think that you probably make good videos, based on your knowledge. this is four chan, i recommend you get used to autistic posters who critique the things that you like. it will serve you well henceforth,
sorry, meant to link to >>2853948
Not gonna lie, I did not expect such a hilariously autistic reply. Here's a (You) for the laugh.
Anyone has any Elysia model?
What's a good effect for a campfire that can provide raymmd lighting too?
File: BolaRebolaNight3.jpg (187 KB, 1920x1080)
187 KB
187 KB JPG
FireLight by HariganeP (sm18917019) for illumination in conjunction with one of his visible fire effects, although I advise to carefully test the settings of sprite effects by rendering a test video first.
Some of her models are up in the pastebin via No One's Folder.
anyone have this motion ?
Thanks, since his old website has died I was able to find it with this. Now to play with it...
File: 176350.jpg (45 KB, 640x360)
45 KB
Anyone have these models on hand by any chance?
this is what ur looking for:
there is a lot more of it in there and the ripped models that needs fixing. sadly i dont know how. share if u could r18 any of it.
Retarded question but... is it possible to switch language on oreno3d to English? Or register? There's some subpage that translates to "my page" but I can't figure it out.
What's the best way to map body writings/tattoos onto skin textures? Editing the texture in Photoshop isn't exactly helpful when it comes to complex images
Duplicate the body material, delete everything except the parts of the mesh you want covered with your artwork/degeneracy. Recreate an UV map for these parts one by one by either: splitting them into a separate material and, optionally, using the PMXE function while looking at the material straight on to flatten the UV map as much as you can, then editing and moving its UV map into an empty or predetermined spot in your already created overlay .png and working with them individually if you want options, only combining the materials back when you are finished; or by using the advanced UV mapping capabilities of Blender, not minding the part where you can't make UV morphs in it.

After that, you'll have to remember to edit the overlay meshes along with any changes/morphs added to the underlying body parts.

The alternative is copying the existing texture and drawing/pasting stuff over it, guided by the UV map and reference marks, but you'd be limited in the number of combinations you can make (but, perhaps, you don't want trillions upon trillions of choices? Not that you can reach that number while constrained by 256 morphs to stay MikuMikuDance-capable), and it sometimes might be difficult to get right due to UV map deformation.

P.S. You can export existing UV maps using the corresponding PMXE plugin if that's what you wanted.
anyone have this model pack?
Doesn't anyone have 000mmd's Queencard camera motion?
File: q6JO36ln7RE[1].jpg (70 KB, 335x604)
70 KB
anyone have this model?
Does anyone have a nun model with tiny tits?
File: Capture.jpg (16 KB, 348x407)
16 KB
I tried to put my hands on it and kinda got some sense, thank you I'll try to work it out
File: fmprC[1].jpg (75 KB, 1024x576)
75 KB
anyone have this motion?
someone know what honkai models Shantianxiaozhi use in his videos?
Does anyone have this model by any chance or the password, the modeler closed his distribution page on Twitter with the models password on it... keep getting 404 even with vpn enabled.

Thanks anon, gonna get it before they decide to pull it off the web.
someone please
ts qoxoqhihdh1i
Anyone knows how to fix the boobs or breast's physics movement on some MMD models?
Idk if is my mmd software version or the model is heavy XD
To make you understand me, it's that in the rigging's physics works but The model's breast are static.
How to fix that on PMX editor or fix the model? It happens on all the Honkai Star Trail NSWF models by Alicia


BTW it's free.
Sorry if I didn't express myself well
hey. anons. could you leak this patron on kemono?

And does anyone have this motion? becuase it's cheap!

File: Alice invites.jpg (148 KB, 1920x1080)
148 KB
148 KB JPG
What you described, assuming you aren't confused, can only happen if the vertices of the breasts are not weighed to any bones affected by physics, whether due to incorrectly set relationships between the bones and rigid bodies or absent physical bone weighing.

As neither is the case, the tits of this model work if you test it in the intended software, that is, MMD or MMM, although the mechanism is, frankly, bullshit. Try lowering the relevant joint bounce modifiers to prevent it from going full retard or change the system altogether.
Motion can be found here: https://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm43554744
I find it weird that this happens, I've never had any problems with the Misterpink and Tarako models by the quantity of polygons and rigging.
I wonder if that has anything to do with the Mikumiku dance version
File: 75495820_p0.jpg (181 KB, 600x887)
181 KB
181 KB JPG
Any MMD models based on this kind of outfit ???
Anything is fine as long the outfit is white.
anyone have this models?
File: akari.png (209 KB, 1188x715)
209 KB
209 KB PNG
Anyone here mind sharing this model? Looks like the creator deleted the page.

esl's being deficient in english skills. sometimes it sounds like they say creampie instead of queen card. sometimes it sounds like they say clean car. can koreans pronounce d's? kslop. also the spastic dancing in the video. they're trying so hard to imitate western slop, it's kinda sad.
not the anon you answered but i'm interested in exporting uv maps in pmxeditor. what do i need to click (or download)?
Surprised that you don't have similar criticism for jpop. But, uh, I think anon was askin' for the camera motion. Not your rant.
it's cammy's vs series/alpha 3 outfit
why would i? jpop is actually good
Then is GLITTER by Perfume better compared to Queencard by (G)-I-DLE?
Speaking of JPOP, what the hell happen to the GLITTER & Linear Motor Girl dance motions?

Shame they were never saved.
ts lfqv43xtlhdk
Does anyone have 000mmd's Rabbit Hole Cam motion? please!
Any models ?
ts i4k0ln6qmvkd
File: Alice invites2.jpg (464 KB, 1920x1080)
464 KB
464 KB JPG
PMXEditor -> Edit -> Plug-in -> User -> UV Editor-Exporter Plugin. Select a material and save. A DL link is here if it's missing:

>> AND BOOTY (omitting "are") HOT
Being pedantic (nerd.svg), ackshually, there's an audible <'s>.
I think it's all in the same boat. Rather you want to take that as a good or bad thing is up to you.
anyone have cam motion of 爽快奪回Sunlight by 000MMD from here?
anyone know the pass
Yeah, it's described right there at the bottom link and given in plain text in the description on bowlroll.
File: twin.jpg (314 KB, 1920x1080)
314 KB
314 KB JPG
i didnt anticipate how much of a hassle these twintails would be
I'm having a similar problem, let me know if you find an easier way of dealing with them.
upright poses mostly. long twintails like this seem to really limit what i am able to do. its a shame, working around them has wasted alot of time, and locked me out of quite a few ideas and im too far into this video to change the premise.
File: D-ZPvBqXoAAmVjU.jpg (727 KB, 3840x2160)
727 KB
727 KB JPG
Anyone got zy0n's tatsumaki model?
File: FhW3XPUUAAIQpuk.jpg (72 KB, 1280x720)
72 KB
Does someone still have this model of Denji? I've looking for this one everywere and even did the privater thing and nothing T_T
with male protagonist
ts o7w220fwsfv9
I can't find a cinderace model anyone could help me pls
Is the miku model that tiamat uses public? and if so where can I find it?

Thank you!
File: ダウンロード.png (534 KB, 720x540)
534 KB
534 KB PNG
Hello anon,could you please share "Black Ox Love Hotel" model?
ts 6cdq8yc0xqdw
File: 3.jpg (2.7 MB, 4320x4320)
2.7 MB
2.7 MB JPG
This is Alicia's new version of Firefly model, booru deleted the previous model, so started publishing models from here.
Which stage is this? I've seen it many times but nobody ever posts the link.
Could someone with lvl 3 aplaybox account help with getting this model. Begging on my knees: https://www.aplaybox.com/details/model/2YuKpBzw1HxS
File: ShowConcept1.jpg (298 KB, 1920x1080)
298 KB
298 KB JPG
1. Google MMD ホールステージ.
2. Switch to the images tab.
3. Find the matching picture.
4. Go to the page.
5. Learn the password from the linked video's description.
6. Input the password when rolling the bowl.
7. Download the stage.

Have you tried IK with physics off + movable tail root?
Can anyone help with the password? I've tried entering all sorts of variations of the word "red" (in kanji, hiragana, katakana) but nothing seems to work.


Hint is: 公式カラー(公式サイトでのタレント背景色、赤い方)のカラーコード
Does anyone have GIRL-CRUSH - Oppa, Do you trust me motion by 000mmd? please!
is there a way to view hidden bones in MMD? i need to parent some yogurt to hair bones. i know i can see them in PMXE but if i could just toggle them on and off in MMD, that would be great
File: ShowConcept2.jpg (209 KB, 1920x1080)
209 KB
209 KB JPG
Perhaps you should have first looked up what a "color code" is.
1. Go to the talent page.
2. Find the hoe in the list.
3. Download the picture.
4. Open it in an image editor that lets you sample colors. (Software examples: Photoshop, GIMP, CSP, etc. Tool names: color picker, pipette, eyedropper, etc.)
5. Sample the color of the redder part of the background.
6. Enter its HEX code in lowercase and with the hashtag in the password input field.
7. Download the hoe.

In any case, Ademar440 is also cooking one, maybe we'll see his version released toward the end of this year, if the nukes still don't fly.

It's つみ式ミクさん. Most of this creator's works use Tsumidango's models.

Unless you set them to visible in PMXE, no. It's literally the function of this setting. If they are visible physical bones, you can only see them in MMD if you turn all physics off. MMM allows you to see physical bones with the ShowPhyBone function on the Physics tab, though you can't really operate them properly with physical calculation enabled for the model anyway.
OK That creator WILL make a soon.
MrWheel, Could you have CHUNG HA - PLAY and AOA Bing Bing, Heart Attack cameras by 000mmd? please!
anyone have an idea what the password for this is? I'm too much of an idiot to figure it out myself https://twitter.com/zyado01/status/1778787593221767659
it's a video?
anyone have this motion?
yeah it's a zip without a password containing 4 zips with passwords, and I assume each inner zip contains a video. seems to be related to this video on nico https://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm43600053 there's nothing in the video description that looks like a password, nothing when you click the like button, and I couldn't see anything in the video itself (I was expecting the chalkboard outside the cafe to have the passwords but I didn't get a clear view of it)
ARG type shit this password bs is retarded
File: 85oe.gif (3.92 MB, 547x564)
3.92 MB
3.92 MB GIF
Is anybody familiar with shape keys? This model has a weird issue where the head moves backwards with each morph that gets used.
ts qlska6n985oi
File: UV_cloth_58.png (310 KB, 1024x1024)
310 KB
310 KB PNG
oh i already have the original japanese version of this one, though a translated would really help me from now on, so thanks. unfortunately i can't still find the option i want, i like to export something like pic related into an image for texture editing
One thing at a time

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