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File: Varg_Vikernes-2.jpg (178 KB, 640x666)
178 KB
178 KB JPG
Who's the Varg Vikernes of pro-wrestling?
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>saved black metal has
kek bm always been the czw of metal, nobody gives a fuck about it.
>mastodon, gojira, ghost, the list goes on
Top fucking kek
Which bands/albums are like Hvis Lyset Tar Oss? Thats the only Burzum album I listen to
I'm going to buy some survival food from the and get a cross bow so i can be like arrow and shoot things because the goverment will take all the guns

File: 52181344_p0.jpg (249 KB, 1414x1000)
249 KB
249 KB JPG
Historical European Martial Arts Thread
Please keep it kind and on topic. Also no SCA/Reenactment/HMB please.
Essential Information:
old thread : >>2235552
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Full contact striking is absolutely out, safety hazard and That Guy as >>2312339 says. For punches, tap with a knuckle or lay your open hand on to show that you had an opening; for kicks and leg sweeps, just fucking don't. Make a note of the opening mentally for the purpose of martial insight, then don't use it.

It is low class as fuck to use striking since everyone else is holding off. As the other anon also pointed out, if you carry on in this way, eventually you'll find out the hard way just how much they were holding back.
I'm not familiar with any good videos on cutting form specifically, but there's a nice writeup of some basics that was published just recently:
File: FuckYouAndYourDrone.webm (861 KB, 800x410)
861 KB
I'd recommend starting a thread on
>punch people full force
>full force
I never said that

when did bullet club stop being cool?
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it was never cool
>captain fookin new Japan

Honestly when AJ and the good brothers left was probably the final straw.

If they could clean house and get rid of Yujiro, Bone Soldier, Owens, Page, and Kaz they'd be fine. I like cole but having him there is overkill.
Yujiro fits the role of traitor and works as C-level fodder.

Page is great and is gonna be a huge star pretty damn quick.

The 4 Horsemen lost damn near every tag match.
>Bullet Club Wolfpac : Kenny, YBs, Cody Rhodes, Yujiro
>Bullet Club: Cole, Page, GOD, Fale
>separating Cole from The YBs

File: IMG_4078.jpg (59 KB, 410x336)
59 KB
this guy is the most overrated piece of shit in pro wrestling right now, even worse than fedoramen

show me ONE good match he's had since leaving dubya E, actually, fuck that show me one good match he had when he was IN dubya E
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Pretty much hit the nail on the head, hes not a main eventer but hes all around solid but something has been off about him since Dusty died.

patience, my friend. NJPW brings the best out of everyone. He is no longer with that children's TV show WWE. He will only get better from here

>will ospreay
>good match

Please eliminate yourself from the gene pool
he was over as fuck on night 2 of honor rising and cut a sweet promo at the end

Big E & Xavier are gonna turn on Kofi after mania and Evan Bourne is going to return to save his buddy.
File: cmphilip.jpg (27 KB, 591x385)
27 KB
is this the only way to lure /str8edge/ out of retirement?

He was doing well in NJPW


File: tag_rockers-2106201.jpg (28 KB, 642x361)
28 KB
Who was the Janetty?
Al Snow
shawnetty + bret almost drove wwe out of business, they were negative dimes
Marty Janetty or Shawn 'literally Shawn Michaels' Michaels

i dunno

File: thelist.jpg (49 KB, 720x661)
49 KB
Keyfabe wise, who is the best wrestler in the WWE?
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The table
Powerlevel wise, it's Demon King. No one has beaten him. Samoa Joe beating him in the steel cage is a fluke because fairy type is weak against steel.
anyone who doesn't say cena is memeing
Owens beat him and Joe beat him outside a cage to win the strap

>jobbed clean to Alberto in 7 minutes

>ywn have a wrestling friendship like the CHAOS bros

why live
Yes 4* minimum Ishii is the GOAT

File: setupseal.jpg (503 KB, 1920x1080)
503 KB
503 KB JPG
Setup Edition;

Last Thread: >>2289738

Keep strictly real-steel topics in >>>/k/ , gun and gear porn's cool as long as you don't spam.

If you claim to own something provide evidence for it.

>Newbie pastebin

>/asg/ retailer guide

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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JG is a good brand, the thing externally won't last but the internals are tanks
Alright there friend.

Back in the day I had a JG S-System and their M16A4

I loved those guns, JG is a fantastic brand. Friend still has the M16, the S-System has been lost to time. God, I miss that gun.
"Back in the day"
Back in 2013 the JG batch that our local store was getting were so bad that they stopped stocking them after one order.
Bent outer barrels, swiss cheese internals, horrible tolerances.
I've never met someone in person here who owns a JG and likes it.
SMG: Mine would just be an MP40 with King Arms 110 round mid caps, because the MP40 will always be my favourite SMG. But I love SMGs so there are a lot in that category.

Rifle: I'll always be partial to an AK that contains wood, currently I have my Cyma AK47 set up with a Lonex hop up, and downgraded spring, I'll upgrade internals as they break. Simple and works throughout most of my favourite loadouts.

Machine Gun: The current machine gun I want to use, that's more of a SAW, is an MG36 set up, mine's a JG that I swap outer barrels and front assemblies between with the G36C model. I need a beta C-Mag to really make it a support weapon though.

DMR: The DMR I would probably most like is a full wood/imitation wood stock M14 with a simple optics set up, probably a simple 4x that's cheap.

Sniper: A springer Dragunov with a real wood stock and PSO-1 replica is pretty much my dream sniper rifle, I intend to do one at some point in the future.

I'm very, very boring. I doubt anyone will appreciate my list.

File: james-ellsworth-210541.png (542 KB, 634x364)
542 KB
542 KB PNG
What went right?
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I used to hate him but nearly being killed by Braun at the rumble made me respect him

He should be the new Funaki
If he ever faces Gillberg, it will be the best moment in wrestling ever.
File: strow throw.gif (3.74 MB, 496x278)
3.74 MB
3.74 MB GIF
I just noticed his leg gets caught on the top rope a bit. Ended up being a lot nastier of a bump than I think it was supposed to be.
First it was great, then it was kinda meh, now it's decent again. As long as they don't give him too much screen time I think he can stay on as a comedy jobber for a couple more years.

I really really hope he's not involved in any main storylines going forward. I would love to see him have a feud with Gillberg, maybe have them fight on the Wrestlemania pre-show.

File: GOATs.jpg (95 KB, 1200x675)
95 KB
I know it's early but this week is another win for us!

Get in here smacklads!
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The match itself, though, was shit. Basically it was AJ trying to carry 5 other guys by bumping like crazy.
The only guy in that match who needed to be carried is Mizetty
hopefully we'll get like 7 womens segments and the AJ/Harper main event goes first this week.
File: 1482197009237.png (126 KB, 631x567)
126 KB
126 KB PNG
>mfw Smackdown will surpass RAW in ratings by this year's Draft
>aj/harper for mania match
>will lead to mania plot development

>2/3 falls match between mickie and beckie
>taking up all of the divashit by utilising the most proficient 2 women

>based trump supporter dolph beats the shit out of happy nigger in a chairs match
>vince keks

How will rawtists ever recover

Previous Thread >>2300736
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I heard she was with Jason Jordan. Oh well, Based Orton working that ass of hers every night.
>Being that desperate for views


t. Jerked off to that video alot.
File: NaiveCookedKagu.webm (131 KB, 426x456)
131 KB
link that shit up

File: RAMtist.png (596 KB, 1534x1440)
596 KB
596 KB PNG
f-fuck b-b-bros, i kn-know it doesnt start f-for another few hours... b-but we lost again... why is SmA+ck so much better than us? Old Day Rocks btw...
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Hi Finn
>go home show for an unsalvageable ppv

The only hope we have is Goldberg knocking himself into a month long coma.
>this RAM
give another winning week to SmA+ck guys
File: 1482283593601.jpg (147 KB, 709x954)
147 KB
147 KB JPG
>RAWfag botches his attempt at defending his joke of a show


Which one, /asp/?
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Lana in Maryse's outfit
Maryse has actual poise.

Lana is just pretend.
File: lana4.jpg (72 KB, 1080x1080)
72 KB
Lana, easily.
>Former Soviet Union

she never would have given you the time of day anon
File: IMG_6159.jpg (928 KB, 1920x1080)
928 KB
928 KB JPG
>Bliss is #1

File: FB_IMG_1488261861365.jpg (61 KB, 1199x1208)
61 KB
>I would like to eat cheese fondue because I heard it stinks, I can apply it to my fetish. Beautymarks, moles, expression of the face, hotness of the face, contours of the body, the skinniness of her looks and the puffiness of her nipples. The perkiness, healthiness, glow, and the sexiness that makes her what she is
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He subscribed to Goldberg
He will be in the game thread Sunday
File: 1487206691008.jpg (14 KB, 310x310)
14 KB
bantz weak as fuck

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