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File: titus.jpg (67 KB, 543x361)
67 KB
Why does Titus have to fight for his spot in the Rumble when every other jobber on the roster gets to be in it without doing anything?
Mlk day
Look at this way. Everybody gets a spot, so it's basically a given. Titus needs to get his shit together and win or he looses his spot.

File: image.jpg (54 KB, 620x349)
54 KB
2001 - Kane
Puts on a performance of a lifetime. Eliminates 11 wrestlers - stays in for 53 minutes

Who else
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cause Rock vs Austin was Rock vs fucking Austin most likely the biggest feud in wrestling history

WM 17 is still the most bought ppv of all time in North America
No, 23 is
File: 1477074168306.jpg (196 KB, 1584x691)
196 KB
196 KB JPG
false they only started including none north america buyrates at WM 20

so WM 23 includes North America and Worldwide, WM 17 only includes North American buys
So? 23 has the highest NA buyrate dumbass. I didn't say 28

Fucking retards on this board
WM 23 only did around 100k more buys than WM 17 overall

I think worldwide numbers would be at least 300-400k, i know for a fact WM 23 did great business in the UK cause Trump was so famous

>Celebrate the life of Snuka who was accused of murder
>Carlos Colon was also accused of having something to do with the murder of Bruiser Brody

>Meanwhile Hulk Hogan got erased from history because he said bad things about black people
What did WWE mean by this?
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>Hogan isn't a literally who but a huge name known throughout the US
>There isn't any proof that Snuka or Colon did what they were accused of
I think WWE meant that they wanted to avoid bad PR
File: 1483150360659.gif (1.76 MB, 356x200)
1.76 MB
1.76 MB GIF
Hogan will be at wrestlemania because linda works for trump and trump is friends with both hogan and vince plus peter thiel bankrolled hoagan's defense, they are friends and theil works for trump and will be the next governor of California...

Hogan will be back eventually

Plus if he died tomorrow they would do a video package for him at the absolute minimum
Chyna got screwed and all she did was date Haitch and do porn.
>Not knowing that Hogan purposely asked WWE to fire him so he could get more out of the Gawker trial, knowing well they'd hire him back after he'd inevitably win.

Is this the greatest look of all time?
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Ultimate Warrior.
Macho Man Randy Savage.
Can't decide what look I preferred out of those 2.
To be honest I've just always been a sucker for mad colours.
File: 1466151464639.jpg (12 KB, 280x200)
12 KB
>1 (ONE) day
File: sad3.jpg (7 KB, 218x231)
7 KB
Kane deserved better. He always deserved better.
File: image.jpg (396 KB, 940x545)
396 KB
396 KB JPG
I give this look 6 stars
>You can't be 5'9" and have the goat look.

Omega is billed at 6'0''

File: sharkisland.jpg (170 KB, 1000x373)
170 KB
170 KB JPG
This board sucks, literally every thread is about wrestling. You guys suck.

You're welcome to talk about other stuff. I like surfing.

File: dbCy01i.jpg (61 KB, 493x697)
61 KB
WWE would fire her if they knew about her Nazi past. Let's get a hashtag trending
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Since she's isn't a white female wrestler, people won't take a second glance. I've been to Japan. Nazi attire in mangas, video games and other forms of entertainment was like second nature to the culture.
It's America. She'd be crucified. Only niggers get away with racism
They wouldn't do shit. JBL got away with in-ring Nazi salutes in Germany itself.
Nah kikes and liberals get away with it too
he got fired from Fox

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Spotted the bong
holy shit

>you're nothing but a homo, and that guy in the green shirt is nothing but a homo...you may have barebacked your way to main event one PPV after another...

Pajeet detected
>Gaytch gets immediately touched and jumps to defend himself

>i-im no queer
Fucking faggot kek
wow, here's Vince kissing HBK on the neck at :46...weird to say the least https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wL6pgVE_G6U

instagram is full of these 12 year old fucks
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That's the only cringe here
Guess he mistook you for a lizard.


If you are into cringe porn, check out Ryback's latest podcast. I have to hand it to his co-host for not calling him a bitch
>cena's a meanie
>you don't know the real guy
>muh viewpoint

Fucking hate wrestlers like this, and I used to like Ryback

Link related
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Dude. If one of my friends managed to himself in the face with a kettlebell, I would be renting ad space to tell people about it in order to take the piss.

Also, how fucking dumb do you have to be in order to struggle to order at Panera Bread?
wtf I love Daniel Bryan and Cody Rhodes now
No offense but literally the Ambrose episode was Uuhh ummm well y'know uuhh umm
You DO know that those verbal pauses came from the fact that Austin was asking him questions that he couldn't answer on a PG-rated network, right? The whole interview going to shit was Austin's fault.
why is he so full of himself? he can barely last 5 minutes in the ring why would he be the "guy"?

File: enzo-amore-bio-photo.jpg (59 KB, 330x551)
59 KB
What are some things you can't teach?
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Being the jannetty of the group. You're born into it
File: 1484237340649.jpg (45 KB, 481x589)
45 KB
How to draw a dime
How to be happy and hopeful

Being a draw

File: kurt-angle.jpg (29 KB, 640x360)
29 KB
>Good Character/Gimmick
>Good Looks/Physique
>Good on the microphone
>Good in ring worker
>Drawing Power

Is Based Kurt literally the GOAT all around wrestler?

I mean HBK. came close to being the GOAT with the character, promos, looks and in-ring talent, but he couldn't draw a dime to save his life.
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>drawing power

Not a single main eventer from 2002-05 had drawing power
>Kurt Angle
>drawing power

Top fucking Kek!

And I like Angle a lot, but this is absolutely wrong
>>Is Based Kurt literally the GOAT all around wrestler?

No. Kurt hasn't been consistently good in like a decade. Only someone who thinks Jericho is also in the discussion like this guy >>2162639 would agree with that.
Yesterday morning you guys were mocking Angle for wrestling in a highschool gym and now he's GOAT. What changed?
File: cuckangle.jpg (33 KB, 400x267)
33 KB
then he did a storyline on TV about getting cucked

File: IMG_20170116_204012.jpg (191 KB, 2048x1536)
191 KB
191 KB JPG
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Once again.

Literally fucking who
"I want to be Regal,but still I could've done a better champion than that skinny spotmonkey"

File: FOLLOW THE what.jpg (32 KB, 642x361)
32 KB
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seriously, I'm worried about his weight
obese people don't live long

Who Hype AF here for this match.

I can't even sleep. Serious.

File: based haitch.jpg (140 KB, 960x960)
140 KB
140 KB JPG
What did he mean by this?
Is Haitch a Lucha mark?
>Fucking Millionaire
This is the best cake he could get? Come on now
He was highlighting the dysfunction in britbong genes

It's a long-running joke in the wwe offices

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