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I bought this because I’m a weeb and I don’t give a fuck
Go ace
I always thought that shirt was stupid.
>want to make design with guitar chords
>but wait shit there's no such thing as an O chord
>whatever just draw an O lol
it's tana so it's okay
Is this the guy who broke his neck trying to impress dave meltzer? Lmfak

Congrats to wolfCHAD for successfully getting yet another raise at his bank. We can all only be so successful.

File: 1533610043239.jpg (210 KB, 960x960)
210 KB
210 KB JPG
Whos gonna be the 6th LIJ member?
some young lion or maybe an actual mexican
Sanada is the janetty
chad gable
Dragon Lee

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That only works with midcarders and the world title, like JBL. Jinder was a straight up jobber who shot to the top. It was too much. It would work as US champ but as WWE champ it made it ridiculous. I was never mad at him being champ I just thought "This is fucking stupid"

Rusev is a better one to be that type of heel: midcarders cheating to the top

File: images (14).jpg (16 KB, 533x300)
16 KB
Or are you guys not interested in watching world class athletes play?
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it's not a business like nfl from a players standpoint, there are no trades or contracts for players, owners are different.
>Times Juventus have won Seria A: 34
>Times City have won EPL: 5
Serie A is a joke
File: 1111.jpg (17 KB, 626x116)
17 KB
>muh best league in the world
>The occasional season where there is a winner determined by Christmas means the league is not more competitive despite not having a back-to-back winner in like 11 years
And I support a Championship side. Just how irate are you, chum?
He should have stayed in Barcelona desu

File: nxmeme.png (413 KB, 580x604)
413 KB
413 KB PNG
>Have Dream/Ciampa
>Ruin it with Nikki Cringe shit

I bet Full Sail loved it
So she knows who killed Aleister.
Looks kino tbhwyf
She knows how to work my dick into a shoot

File: Semendemon.jpg (38 KB, 700x400)
38 KB

based clockwork
Based Haitchi

File: 1500075306970.gif (1.83 MB, 225x169)
1.83 MB
1.83 MB GIF
what a dumpsterfire

It just hit me. But it should have been obvious. She's exactly the type that doesn't stick around for the long run with the company.
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It's poetic.
Avoids bumps and actual physical effort for the last 2 years. Now possibly career ending due to Rhonda.

The rat got what was coming to her.
That would would be Charles
>so worked by a women's wrestler that he actually wants to see her get hurt
Lexi has held her titles longer, AND won MITB
Damn lads I am jobbing out to everyone but Mandy and the Riot Squad.

Kevin Nash with women thread to make the 5'5" manlet smarks SEETHE
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File: hqdefault (2).jpg (25 KB, 480x360)
25 KB
File: 300x300.jpg (31 KB, 400x300)
31 KB
I never understood the hate for big daddy dimes on here but now it makes perfect sense. We have a manlet infestation.

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that was my first post ITT ya salty bitch
Not WWE 2K19 so it is all good.
based jay going over these onions boy onions ding-dong diddly numale WWMEME drones
Tbh desu onions basedboy ding-dong diddly ding-dong diddly bulbasaur ONIONS DING-DONG DIDDLY
So did Sony

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t. Sting
Looks like a face, wrestles like a face, is still somehow a terrible face.
Objectively bad worker

Terrible babyface promo

Half decent heel promo, but only by today's low standards

Boring look and gear. 3rd rate Jeff Hardy/CM Punk wannabe

Overall a vanilla midget like the rest of wwe today
Not really his fault, WWE is just unable to book a face unless they get over by doing ridiculous shit themselves like the New Day and Rusev.

Top babyfaces like Balor, AJ, Roode before he turned to shit, even Bryan and Reigns are given nothing to work with to the point where the crowd will turn on them and cheer for heels who get their catchphrases over on their own like Elias.

In ring Rollins is good, his two 1-on-1 PPV matches with Ziggler were WWE MOTY candidates. But being a no personality babyface stuck in an eternal limbo between being too good for the IC title but not good enough for the Universal one is killing him.
If only you could see how stupid you sound listing off all these irrelevant statistics and names

File: conor-khabib.jpg (37 KB, 767x431)
37 KB
So, now that it's over, who do you think won the Conor Khabib press conference?
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Conor for mocking Islam
going 10 rounds with floyd increased his aura and drawing power, not decreased it, you thick
khabib was shook and insecure. big whiskey conor dominated him verbally and will dominate him physically october 6th live on ppv
Without an audience and fans, Connor's shouting was out of place. Should've tone it down.
conor was on fire lol, so fun, best talker in the world. he should run for office when he retires, but maybe he wouldn't be too diplomatic seeing as how he insulted the entire people of dagestan last night

Better on the mic than anyone in the entire wrestling industry today

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