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File: Jannycide.png (952 KB, 2500x2300)
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Janitorial Edition

Previous thread: >>41171940

Fauster's Story Archive: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1XiJRe1NWl_kIoWsHssZ27BMV7bZAe1jgX59-dWggYkA/
Uh-hmmm's Prompt Archives:
Have a broken Pastebin link? Replace pastebin.com with poneb.in

not to save anything of value on Pastebin
ignore all attempts at early new threads
ignore new threads by the cheerimac poster
keep your thick, colty mare (or mares) perpetually pregnant and give 'em the licc
Spanking a mare and have her eyes turn into hearts
It's not Rape when a colt does it
Go get that big mare Anon
rip this thread
File: 1670867154700516.gif (368 KB, 540x540)
368 KB
368 KB GIF
>Twilight shows you what she'd do to your balls if you let her
No shit, idiot. RGRE's been dead for years. Did you only just start paying attention, newfag?
/MLP/ is slowly dying as we go. It's only natural.
. . . This looks like it would mostly just hurt.
come on bro, just let her box your ballbag a bit with her face
A mare is never dead, so long as her name is still spoken.
File: images.jpg (8 KB, 275x183)
8 KB
>Last Unicorn
Turns out it was just the one unicorn with a dirty beard and a hunger for virgin girls. Princess Celestia would appreciate it if humans stopped judging her entire species based on one exile.
File: 1709165694448024.png (259 KB, 628x589)
259 KB
259 KB PNG
Twilight once again proving mares can't cook but you'll eat that cake as hard as you eat her pussy anyway
File: 402869.png (243 KB, 1300x1000)
243 KB
243 KB PNG
>mares can't cook
But it produces some entertaining results.
If you had to perform a human work in Equestria, would you adapt it's gender roles to RGRE, or keep them as they are on Earth and provide an explanation?
Well if the goal is to make ponies go 'woah!' (which it always is) at our super special human media (superior in every way to pony media by merit of being human, obviously) then keep it as it is.
File: 8i6LLXkMT.png (162 KB, 729x893)
162 KB
162 KB PNG
>Princess Celestia wasn't prepared for the 'muh human stamina' meme
>Anon wasn't prepared for the 'muh horse pussy' meme
>Sun horse had to take 5 after her hips started to hurt from bouncing on top of him without him finishing
>Green man had to secretly drink lots of water between sessions to keep up with how thirsty her insides were during orgasms
>Neither wants to admit they are tired in fear of disappointing the other
That wasn't my intent, rather I was wanting to see pony perspectives on human media. Like, this piece I read, about an explorer telling Sheakspeare to African tribals. https://www.naturalhistorymag.com/picks-from-the-past/12476/shakespeare-in-the-bush

They interpret it through their own lens. The intersection of human experience and pony is very interesting to me.
Lies and slander. Cooking has been historically a mare's job. All the top notch chefs and bakers? Mares (except some incredible stallion chefs, but they're the minority). Glided Ram-onions? A mare. Bauble Flavor? A mare. Jammed Olives? A mare.
The exceptional stallion chefs all come from prance, you don't mess with the prance chefs, they'll make you a 5 star dish with garbage ingredients just to mock you.
>ywn be surprised kiss by a mare.
>ywn genuinely enjoy it only to watch the mare be tried and chemically castrated for bewitching a stallion's mind
why even
>Rarity had attempted to contain herself, but the word she uttered sounded crude to her ears. Husky, drawn out, filled with honest desire for the unsavory. It was a tone one should not use, but here she was, in front of a stallion no less.
>She sauntered into the room as if she owned it. She did not. This was not her home. The stallion in question had no guardian watching him and protecting his well-being. They were alone.
>He was alone. Undefended and just ripe for plunder.
>Anonymous. The alien stallion. Called a human.
>He was admittedly large, and strange. There was no delicate nature in him as was so common in stallions. He would face aggressive with aggressive of his own, he'd laugh at lewd jokes, dirt and filth held no terrors for him. If not for his obviously masculine features, his full jaw, board frame, his... scent, one have been excused in thinking he was a mare.
>Anonymous was just so different from a normal colt. His culture, his mind, the way that he carried himself. He had no knowledge of Equestrian faux pas and taboos; of what a stallion should and should not do. This meant that some degenerate mare could very well trot in and take advantage of the situation.
>That wouldn't be her of course. She'd never do anything so untoward.
>Anon, sitting on his couch, perked up as she made her way over to him. He smiled, making room for her. It was hard not to rush forward, but Rarity was able to rein herself in. There was something about inflaming the moment that made it just that little bit better when she let herself go just a little.
>Her movements were slow and purposeful. She made sure to put a sway in her hips, her head held high. She stopped just a few feet from him. Slowly, she lifted a foreleg, staring at him with a raised eyebrow.
>His smile made her heart skip a beat. Him getting off his own couch and kneeling in front of her made her stomach twist. He reached down, grabbing her hoof. Without a moment's hesitation, he brought it to his lips.
>A shiver ran up Rarity's spine. Truly it was an arrogant mare to make a poor, defenseless stallion kiss her hoof as if she were an alicorn. How demeaning such a thing was; to flaunt such power of the lesser sex!
>With a normal stallion, she could be very well ruined. At the very least his sisters would have attempted to assault her, and rightfully so.
>But Anon?
>Anon didn't know any better. He saw nothing demeaning about it. In fact, he seemed glad to do it. Innocent. Unsuspecting. Trusting.
>Rarity let out a shaky breath, her eyes slipping shut. Feeling those lips against her hoof yet again made her flick her tail and stomp her back leg. She counted backwards from ten in her mind, and through a herculean effort was able to pull herself back to sanity.
File: 1677094508993059.png (1.11 MB, 1746x2000)
1.11 MB
1.11 MB PNG
>She smiled at him. He smiled back. He looked so happy to see her. All of her friends made sure to keep an eye out for the alien colt, but she knew he enjoyed her the most, though he never said it.
>Rarity stepped forward, and without a second thought buried her muzzle into the nape of his neck. His scent hit her lips a bolt of lightning, strong and alien but or so masculine. Despite herself, her hips jerked, and she had to forcibly clamp her tail down.
>Leaning back, she tilted her head down, pressing the tip of her horn against his throat. It was another taboo; a pre-unification show of ownership. This would horrify a stallion beyond words. Anon just chuckled before she pressed her snout into his collarbone and inhaled deeply. She could feel his hands on her back, fingertips running through her fur.
>His scent, and the stimulation quickly began to drive her up the wall. She let out a knicker--terribly unladylike--reaching up and grabbing the back of his head. Her lips were drawn back into an animalistic snarl and she buried his face into her furry chest.
>Scent marking. Something only done to someone you had married, and even then such a thing had gone out of fashion decades ago. Stallions insisted it claimed ownership of their bodies.
>She could hear Anon taking a deep breath. Her heartbeat was pounding in her ears now. Her scent would be on him for days now, even if he showered. Everypony would know to stay away. That he was taken. That he was HERS.
>The thought came, as it always did when she came to Anon's house and used him like this. Why not let go? Stop the playing and the teasing and levitate him to his bedroom and just RUIN him.
>She knew she could do it. She knew she could leave him in such a state that no female, no matter the species would ever satisfy him again. After she were done with him a simple smile would leave him hard and wanting.
>Rarity savored the though, and far more devious ones besides as she held Anon against her. The unicorn pressed her muzzle into the top of his head, nuzzling him aggressively.
>Not today, she decided. It would be someday, but not today.
>As lovely as the idea was, she wasn't going to defile a stallion. Well, anymore than she already had. She might have been a degenerate, but the very least she could do was make an honest stallion out of him
>A mare needed to provide the proper ring for marriage at the very least. She had looked for months and hadn't found any worth of the human, so she had decided to make one herself. Ringcraft was similar enough to dressing making; a month more of practice and she'd be able to create something absolutely breathtaking.
>She felt those hands slide down her sides, those fingers lightly brushing against her plump backside. It made her smile.
>Just a few weeks more.
I ask you this, RGRE. What is the color of a hug? A cuddle? Even, dare I say, a snuggle?
I wonder what ponies consider valuable enough to put in rings? Gemstones are common enough you can just crack open a rock or dig in some random field and you're bound to find a few dozen.
Rarity involuntarily making horsey noises when aroused is muh fetish
A hug is the color of a foal's love. A cuddle is the color of a pure heart. A snuggle is the color of sexo.
NTA but I think ponies would prize objects that either put the giver at the receiver's mercy, or have a deep personal meaning be it symbolic or literal. More materialistic ponies might place value on the price tag of the craftsmanship, but even they would provide something of personal value to go in it.
Lesser wives wear a small nose or earring, with a single gem each from their husband, alpha mare and their previous family. Lately, with the advent of "health" and "safety" regulations, those in more industrial fields tend to have a series of ear studs instead.
The stallion and the alpha mare also follow this tradition, either with just two gems or a larger centerpiece from an important date. The other wives' gems go onto a torc or circlet, which is treated as semi-formalwear and expected to be worn openly at weddings, funerals, and while in any polite company during a holiday.

They value selfmade objects and family history. Jewelry would be relatively plain and crude. In all but the most fancy-pants and wealthy herds, the only gems will be small, crude, and magically produced from the ashes of something important to the families (apple seeds, a twig from the tree you met under, the handle of an axe that's served well past repair, etc). Full jewelry is often incorporated into hatbands, baldrics or belts rather than simple neckwear.
Given their huge family sizes, there's often Game of Pones level maneuvering over who gets to inherit maw and paw's center-gems. Torcs/circlets are buried with the deceased or donated to their preferred church/temple/orphanage, otherwise there'd be Hooffield/McColt level feuds everywhere all the time.
The rules on whether you should commission it or make it yourself vary from place to place, but usually you're just a little bit of a weenie if you're not even strong enough to gemify your own ashes. As for the ringcrafting, larger families can often call upon relatives with experience, especially rock farmers who have a well-earned reputation for being tinkers and jewelers on the side.

Basic bitch, acceptable-but-not-breathtaking gems would be made from one's own pinion feathers, either burnt and pressurized or shaped and petrified. Other common devotionals include a cool rock taken from where you first learned to fly, or the patch of grass the weather captain threw you into when you first pissed her off.
Given Pegasi form the backbone of Equestria's search and rescue, weather, and rapid response defense services, a sadly common practice is for mares to bequeath pieces of their bones for gemcrafting, in the event of their early death.
All of the aforementioned services provide this through their insurance package, and private employers in similar fields tend to do the same.
>A cuddle is the color of a pure heart.
Pink then, I suppose.
Depends heavily on the social status of the betrothed, and whether the incoming mare is considered the alpha/matriarch or just a new member of the herd.
Most often, a mare's baby toys are preserved, and the newlyweds make a ritual of burning away their youth to build their lives together. Due to this, the gemcrafting is typically treated as a wedding rehearsal, and a friend or direct relative not being invited to watch is a grave insult.
Wedding venues in primarily-Unicorn towns will have a specialized furnace and press, and the officiator is trained in how to help the couple operate the press. The act of commingling your telekinetic fields is as crucial to the wedding procedures as the dance or the cake; two unicorns outsourcing the entire process is a sure sign of a political, trophy, or just plain doomed marriage.
Reminder that in Equestria not only will you have to deal with sexism, but you'd also be forced into a vegetarian diet in pony society as well. This is why it's paramount to get yourself a dragon waifu, being the apex predator she is she'd have no issue providing you a healthy diet of meat. Not only that, but you'd also be treated as an equal in dragon society, provided you show yourself capable of pulling your own weight when the time calls for it.
How many mares that support stallionism just do it because they have sexual fantasies of being dominated by a male.

Like does twilight want to empower males because she believes in their cause or because she wants Anon to grab her by the horn and fuck her holding her down as her wings flap helplessly,

Is it a mix of both, how many stallions know this.
>Ponies are vegetarian
Cope. Fluttershy has no problem feeding fish to otters. Ponies have no problem raising chickens for eggs. Ponies have no problem keeping cows as second class citizens for their milk. Therefore, ponies generally see no moral fault in exploiting lesser species for nutrition.
>Dragons eat mmmmmeat!
Also cope. Judging purely by what we see onscreen, dragons eat gems. Just gems. Spike ate those worm-filled muffins once, due to being desperate for dragon nutrition after a lifetime of hayburgers.

You're overcomplicating it. If a mare is at a rally looking for sex, she's there hoping to score on white knight points. Think of real life, how many male feminists do you think explicitly want to be dominated (and don't just try to get in with a BDSM club) vs how many just think they have a better chance of scoring if they claim to be an ally and spout a few slogans?
Fluttershy is alone nigger Anon, and if memory severs right in later seasons she pulls 180 and refuses to feed her carnivorous pet's fish. Yes, ponies raise chickens for there eggs in order to cook their pastries along with milk, although this doesn't mean they cannibalize cows for meat. I'll also add the writers even specified that ponies also raised pigs to sniff out truffles and not for their meat.
Spike was raised in a pony society separate from other dragons, and as such would be fed on a diet based on what ponies know of what dragons can eat, separate from meat that is. So if anyones coping here it's you Anon.
File: cuddle wings v1.png (859 KB, 2833x3475)
859 KB
859 KB PNG
I may not be like the drawfags of threads gone by, able to churn out masterpieces in 3 hours, but it has been 9 years since her name was uttered for the first time and I am no longer content with not having a face to put it to.
Originally I was going to make her mane long and flowy like the ponicemare oc that usually gets posted when talking about Cuddle Wings, but either BNW or APA mentioned Canterlot's culture was stuck in the Victorian era in Cuddle Wings' timeline, so I attempted a vaguely Victorian-styled mane instead. Attempt being the keyword here.
File: cuddle wings v1 no uni.png (755 KB, 2833x3475)
755 KB
755 KB PNG
Just go live in the forrest and get the meat yourself. You could capture that hydra and get unlimited meat.
>ponice chief Cuddle Wings, embarased by her departments failure as Jane the Cuddler strikes again!

>hide yo keeds, hide yo waifu, they cuddling ereybody
You mean griffons
Did I stutter?
File: 1637604887662.png (366 KB, 761x809)
366 KB
366 KB PNG
Cute pic.
File: 1639054281501.png (288 KB, 1375x815)
288 KB
288 KB PNG
I would definitely go for dragonnesses. Pones are cute and all, but I do love me some dragonesses.
How do I explain to my herd that I'm a stone cold truecel and can't have sex because I'm too blackpilled to looksmaxx?
I got curious and looked up what you can replace meat proteins with and it's stuff a pony in Equestria would eat. Eggs, dairy, quinoa, and onions
Would dragons see non-dragon mates as part of their horde and become fiercely protective of them?
Would dragons swoop potential mates (similar to pegasi) or do they have a different courting ritual?
What would female dragons expect from their mates? For example: Cooking, cleaning the home and the horde (including themselves), breeding the dragon whenever possible, taking care of the eggs and kids (maybe they age fast), and stuff like that.

Overall we just need more world building and lore about dragons.
>Also something something smolder best girl, would cuddle with.
>you'd also be treated as an equal
No deal, also off-topic.
Off to >>>/trash/ , you cloaca-worshipping hmofag.
File: 1642925363529.png (602 KB, 847x935)
602 KB
602 KB PNG
>get swooped by a dragon
>actually get carried off
There are essential acids you CANNOT get from a purely vegetarian diet.
>guys come by asking you to come to a boys night out
"Sorry bros, my girlfriend is picking me up."
>dragoness swoops from out of nowhere, grabs him and flies off
Yell back to the dude that "Pulling out is for pansies!" as he gets dragged away.

If Shrek has taught me anything, it's that dragon can breed with anything.
donkey was the big winner of that movie
never pull out of a dragon girl
I love that everyone agrees, donkey was the real winner.
You don't. You have no choice but to receive the healing power of horsepussy.
daily reminder that there are no human men on the horsenet
all men are actually mares
all foals are undercover horse!FBI agents
Anyone remember a super wholesome fic told from Applebloom's perspective? She was developing feelings for Anon, and I specifically remember the last installment of it being set during a Nightmare Night party.
Spaghetti and Fillies on Fimfiction?
Of course not, they don't have magic. You have to find the monkeynet, it's a bunch of computers throwing lightning at each other and somehow that creates pornography and basketweaving forums. Wait why do we believe these things exist again?
Not to fear, with every stallion cuddled in the night she draws ever closer to her dastardly quarry.
>be the ponice
>be the crime
That's some next-level job security.
>You could capture that hydra and get unlimited meat.
I suppose my writing style isn't that hard to pick up on from last thread, but even then if one did put in the effort to capture one. In which I don't believe is impossible the issue now becomes that of your reputation amongst the herbivorous ponies and how they view and judge you for your dietary habits.

Call it off topic all you want, but if you watch the show Anon you'd know dragon society is an autocracy (I believe that's the right term here) in where only the strongest and maybe the smartest have the right to rule regardless of gender. We see a bit of this when Spike first meets other dragons and Garble views Spike as weak for being raised in a pony society, only after Spike proves himself in some to their games/challenges does Garble and the other dragons open up to him. And in the Gauntlet of Fire all drgons competed for a chance to become the new Dragon Lord, although the Dragon Lord did try excluding these he saw as weak both genders sill participate in the event. So in conclusion as long you prove your strength and are competent in your abilities most dragon should atleast treat you with reapect.
File: 1631252514475.png (130 KB, 690x678)
130 KB
130 KB PNG
I want to bridal carry and embarrass a stronk dragon girl.

I feel like you'd get halfway into your explanation and then end up getting dragged to the ground and fucked stupid.

Good stuff, LaP, even if Rara isn't my jam.
>Dragons will treat me as equal once I prove my-
Don't flatter yourself, you cannot compete with other humans, let alone dragons. You have no competency nor abilities to speak of.
>I will live with Drago-
In dragonlands, a fucking desolate wasteland. Dragons canonically don't even have the most basic of amenities, so have fun with the designated shitting cave, having no access to soap, disinfectants and medical supplies, fucking up your back trying to sleep on your waifu's hoard (or, more likely, the cold cave floor), getting burns by just being remotely NEAR lava pools, trying to figure out which meat is edible and trying to cook it (or getting worms and runs trying to eat it raw).

That's some industrial-strength copium you're huffing right there, scaliefag.
Let me guess, your next cope is going to be that you'll go to Equestria as a dragon.
It's a well-known fact a male's sanity will decline if his balls aren't drained regularly. They were merely preventing any permanent damage from being done.
That explains post-nut clarity.
> lava pools
I don't think those "lava pools" are actually lava. Lava is practically a solid so would be completly usuitable for using as a hot tub. Whatever the dragons like to bathe in, its not lava as we understand it.
dragons eat gems, enjoy shitting rocks fag
I'm gonna get me a griffon wife
File: 1539146681343.jpg (32 KB, 572x303)
32 KB
no wonder some anons go full mareschizo sometimes
File: large.png (621 KB, 1024x1024)
621 KB
621 KB PNG
>"Look around Anon"
>"Your friends are caged and hanging above my pit of lava"
>"The princesses bound by my anti-magic, leaving them nothing more than useless meat puppets."
>She looks down at you with satisfaction and trots towards you with sexual hunger
>"You'll never get away with this Queen Umbra! The Crystal Heart will be yours!", Twilight hollered from the rope holding her and her friends together
>The dark queen laughs
>You turn your head to the Mane Six, all of them giving you a look of sadness at their failure to protect the Crystal Empire and letting this go out of hand
>"Alright you made your point meanie! But leave Nonny outta this! He doesn't have any involvement in this! He's just a colt."
>"A fine colt at that."
>Her eyes lowered and rubs a hoof on to your legs
>Queen Umbra chuckles
>"How about this then. I'm willing to let these intruders go and send them on their merry way if you agree to let me take your hoof in marriage?"
>The Mane Six was shocked at her bargain and gestured to you to deny it
>Celestia and Luna agreed with them
>However Cadence seemed to be looking at Queen Umbra, as if scrutinizing her
>"Well what's it going to be colt?"
>>The Crystal Heart will never be yours!"*
It's late
"I will never cheat on Twilight! I love her!"
>Pull out .45
>Put a hole in Umbras skull

(Edgy, I know, but I'd never cuck my waifu.)
Seems like Umbra doesn't know how to talk to colts and has instead done all of this to show how strong and capable she is to the alien colt she's got the hots for. I bet she'd be caught flat-hoofed if you tried asking her why or attempted to flirt back. Or she just keeps going due to massive self confidence. Either way, gives Candyass more time to figure out if she's genuine.
>In RGRE villains steal rare and exotic males (as opposed to dragons stealing maidens/princesses)
Me likey
File: rape.png (516 KB, 5000x5000)
516 KB
516 KB PNG
>"Sounds fair, alright, now let's consummate !"
>all this because her cunt was feeling empty
She could've just asked.
There are absolutely low viscosity lavas here on earth. It's carbon instead of silicon though, so it just looks like mud. Still hot enough to kill anyone who gets in it tho.

Objectively the safer, saber option. But I choose the path of risking oblivion.

I wonder how hard it would be to convince a dragon girl to move in or near Equestria, Griffins time, or seaquestria.

Actually, sea ponies. Good or nah?
>Waited until everypony was tied up to use the instant win wand
>Being THIS whimsical
You just set stallionism back by 3 centuries, brosef.
safer, saner* option
This is why I hate being a phone fag.

Well. Since I don't feel like shitting up the board for corrections alone.
Rather fun and exciting she's asking for full marriage instead of just a fuck. Pretty much any anon could stick his dick into some hot mare, no matter how crazy, at least once.
But a full legal marriage, now we've got some real skin in the game. Especially if the RGRE rules are especially harsh to males.
Moar papi. Moar.
>Put a hole in Umbras skull
You remember too late that she's not actually a pony, but a crystal-based revenant.
She's delivering another villainous monologue with a hole in her face leaking purple smoke, before offing your friends.
Wut do?
File: 2912647.png (114 KB, 860x520)
114 KB
114 KB PNG
>Start dancing
>Rapid cycle through all the fortnite dances I know
>Umbra is distracted for long enough for Twilight to think of a plan
File: maxresdefault.jpg (48 KB, 1280x720)
48 KB
use more gun
Begin vibrating my penis at her resonance frequency, then give her the mushroom stamp and watch her instantly disintegrate. Before we can celebrate the victory, bee ponies that thought I was buzzing seductively at them carry me away. If questioned about it, they state matter-of-factly that they were out looking for a honey.
File: littlepipextracute.png (618 KB, 680x675)
618 KB
618 KB PNG
I already have a marefriend
Do beeponies work like normal bees, with all the workers being sisters? If so, that's pretty hot.
if Littlepip is your marefriend, why the fuck isn't she dropping a train car on Umbra?
>You have no competency nor abilities to speak of.
I'm speaking in general terms that apply to all Anons, since everyone has at least some skills and abilities that make them useful to others and society, myself included. And in my personal defense working as a laborer most my life I could easily build my future house with my own two hands with the skills I have, but I digress. Now if I landed in Equestria tomorrow I'd know not all my skills or abilities would be transferable there, but that doesn't mean I still can't learn or that I'm not useful in other ways when it comes to proving myself and impressing a qt dragoness.
We know from the show the dragonlands is where they gather from time to time, that doesn't mean they all live there Anon. We also know dragons live in the Everfree Forest and it's safe to assume all over Equestria as well so getting burned by lava seem like a non-issue for the most part.
>amenities and what not
Just because we haven't seen it doesn't mean they don't have any amenities to speak of Anon, and in the off chance you do get hurt I'm sure you'd get flown to the nearest horsepital or dragon equivalent there of. Now sleeping on your waifu's hoard doesn't sound like the best, you can cuddle your waifu to make it easier to sleep at night or better yet talk to her about getting proper bedding since dragons aren't beyond reason Anon. Although that said it might be difficult transitioning her to sleeping on one, pic releated.
>Eating raw meat
Now I ain't that stupid as to not properly cook my food and purposely give myself food poisoning, you'd have to be on a whole other level of stupid to do that. I know Equestria has a lot of magical creatures, but it shoudn't be that hard identifying whats poisonous and what is not and if I'm unsure it's not that hard to ask around about it.
File: medium.jpg (79 KB, 418x600)
79 KB
Umbra having the competency of modern Darkseid, but have the motivation of Super Friends Darkseid. Think Bowser but as a hot evil mare is funny
>Bullet barely dents her forehead
>She smiles wide and licks her lips several times like a washing machine
>"I like it when they're feisty and in denial."|

>You could only stare at the evil queen as she grows impatient
>"I said, what it's going to be-"
"I accept."
>"Very well, then let us see if you can handle- Wait pardon?"
>Twilight screeched
>You clear your throat
"I said I accept your terms as long as you let them go."
>Queen Umbra blinked several times before shaking her head
>"YES!- I mean- Very well then. Follow me to your chambers as I prepare for the ceremony."
>You follow her out of the room, noticing a bit more pep in her step
>The remaining prisoners still in their bindings are silent
>Rainbow Dash was the first to speak up
>"Hey! What about freeing us?!"
>They could only stare at the door from where the two left
>"Great, forgot she was evil."
>"I'm not gonna let that ugly hag marry Anon!"
>Twilight suddenly shouted
>Her body glowed of pure magic and burst through the rope
>She then levitated herself and her friends out of the lava pit and into safe ground
>The princess of friendship's nostrils were flaring out like a bull
>"Saddle up girls! We got a wedding to crash."
What would mares drink?

Someone headcanoned that Octavia has a thing for Jura Scotch, and that makes me want to introduce her to Laphroaig.
I don't think ponies give as much of a shit about mare/dyke drinks as humans do man/gay drinks.
Mares drink what they want. Ponies need sugar. Except the Mojito. That's a gay drink in every universe.
File: 1663814683388552.jpg (240 KB, 2400x2400)
240 KB
240 KB JPG
Your dragon wife sleeps on the hoard, you sleep on top of your dragon wife.
Sounds fair to me, but if my dragon wife wants to sleep on top of me we're moving it to the bedroom.
File: 1631259097553.jpg (191 KB, 1440x2160)
191 KB
191 KB JPG
>dragon lingerie
>I'm speaking in general terms that apply to all Anons
>working as a laborer most my life
Double cope
>I could easily build my future house with my own two hands
Triple cope and delusional. You can't build shit without proper tools. But do go on, regale us with a tale how you'd build a simple log cabin only with your two hands. Let's assume a small forest materialized in dragonlands nearby.
>that doesn't mean they all live there
M-M-M-Monster cope, and backpedaling hard. Dragon society you mentioned exists in the dragonlands. Also dragons living in everfree (and on top of that one mountain) both live in fucking bare-ass caves.
>Just because we haven't seen it
MEGA COPE. Just because we haven't seen it doesn't mean that ponies don't eat meat.
>Now I ain't that stupid
>it shoudn't be that hard identifying whats poisonous and what is not
You ARE stupid, retarded even. There's no real way to tell what is dangerous or not without literal tribal knowledge or trial and error, see poison joke.
>ask around about it
Why you sure that the things that are safe for dragons are safe for you?
Scaliefags truly are the most retarded furries.
File: Cope Road.jpg (1.17 MB, 1771x3464)
1.17 MB
1.17 MB JPG
Show us on the doll where your waifu didn't touch you anon.
It's OK this is a safe space, we have emergency waifus to touch you on standby.
Cloacafag shouldn't have went full "ponies le bad, dragons le master race".
Had he put in at least a tiny crumb of effort, he'd happen upon a very surface-level idea of dragoness having to look after her boisterous but rather fragile (by dragon standards) husbando. That would be RGRE, funny and naturally offer itself to many shenanigans as Anon tries to prove himself.
But no, he went "haha ponies say bye-bye meat therefore dragons best".
File: kissing.png (98 KB, 701x692)
98 KB
>tfw never ever
Life's not worth living.
That happens literally every day of my life
>Someone loves you enough to forge a custom ring when there are no rings in your size
Actually I wonder if males still just have a plain wedding band, or if Anon is likely to come across a male unicorn with a horn ring showing the gaudy gemstone-covered rose-gold ring off to his friends. But I doubt Rarity would let him get away with a plain band, even if that WAS tradition for males.
God, I love it when ponies do horsey things subconsciously/unconsciously. Like, you hold out a piece of food for one of them to take, and they sniff it before they take it from you. Or if a mare can't rotate a few times and stomp down the cushion she's about to sit on, she gets grumpy and doesn't know why.
Anon, just because YOU'RE an irredeemable piece of shit, that doesn't mean that everyone is.
>No arguments
I accept your concession.
File: 1449522793358.png (253 KB, 806x806)
253 KB
253 KB PNG
I don't give a fuck about any of this autism, I just like dragons.
If you don't give a fuck about RGRE, then why the fuck are you in the RGRE thread?
Go back to your dragonfucking thread.
If you want to post about the wonders of cloaca here, make it RGRE or fuck off. Also don't tell other anons that their choice of waifu is somehow bad if you don't want to get shat on.
>fuck you
>no fuck you
>you're wrong
>no YOU'RE wrong
That autism, you fucking retard.
This is why colts shouldn't be allowed to use the horsenet.
Who asked?
Now post RGRE or gtfo, you worthless cloacanigger.
Verification not required.
Do dragons have "gender roles"? They don't have much of a society.
You sure get unreasonably angry and defensive over a zombie general on a dead board. Get a life.
File: 1637319449115.png (2.4 MB, 1800x1800)
2.4 MB
2.4 MB PNG
Their gender roles are whoever can overpower the other is the leader. So if you get with a dragoness you're probably still going to be the precious damsel in need of protecting, unless you get with a particularly smol dragon girl.
>Having a life
Where the fuck do you think you are?
Also keep seething lizzerfag, you can't even win your waifu's respect by your own rules.

>Their gender roles are whoever can overpower the other is the leader.
See? Not RGRE. Fuck outta here!
NTA but
>Dragons in the show have a different society from ponies
>Dragons in RGRE continuing to be different somehow makes it not RGRE
Fine, I'll add the RGRE: The ancient myth of dragons stealing princes is just that. Usually, the princes wanted to be kidnapped knowing dragons would take them more seriously. The princes never found out their dragon waifu took them as a backup option after failing to beat up any dragon males. Something something that's where Kirin come from.
>Dragons in RGRE continuing to be different somehow makes it not RGRE
What's the point in writing (focusing on) non-RGRE roles but calling it RGRE because maybe some mares are being sexist on the other side of a planet?
What you're suggesting is essentially RGRE male in non-RGRE dragonlands, which could be interesting but sure as fuck looks like 'pls consider this relevant and write greens about this' to me. Note that scaliefag isn't in a real hurry to actually write any of his own greens for some reason.
RGRE is at its strongest when RGRE is a societal norm, i.e. it permeates everything, from casually sexist mares to colts having rape-whistles, from males having trouble obtaining power-tools to herd-oriented dinner planning.
I outlined a possible spin here >>41230148 which uses RGRE society rather than trying to do "something something RGRE" bare minimum.
More pls
>Dry 'skin'
>No hair/mane/fur to run your fingers through
>No breasts or teats
>No vagina; just the same hole that urine and feces also go through
>Probably licks her own eyeball with her long tongue when she thinks you aren't looking
Gonna have to give that a nope, famalamadingdong. Sounds like something only a loser would like.
>What's the point in focusing on non-RGRE?

So you can have Anon and his dragon waifu both confused about pony customs, but confused about different parts of pony customs.
>fanart for the thread OC
You're doing god's work, Anon.
>Dry 'skin'
Compared to? Are ponies actually moist and tacky? Have I been watching a show about some kind of slug-creatures all this time?
Girls, please, you're both pretty.
You know that's not true.
Yeah that sounds like a cope of the highest caliber.
None of scaliefag's posts mentioned anything like that. He just wanted to be relevant (and get sweet sweet greens) without actually being relevant.
you sound like a cunt trying to kill thread activity and discussion
Look this is going to be my last post acknowledging you, but it's obvious just from reading your posts your clearly projecting your flaws on to me and others since you're ignoring or don't know that contributes to making a person valuable to others and to a society. And yes you can clearly tell which animals are poisonous just by looking at them, animals that are poisonous and by extension venomous for the most part have bright colorations on their body as a warning to other animal to not eat them. If anyone's coping here Anon it's you and if you don't like what's being posted, post the content you want to see and stop making shit up to bitch about stuff you don't like. Now whether you like it or not I'm going back to posting about qt dragonesses.

Dragons in RGRE don't have RGR
Yeah that's basically the point I was trying to get at, it's world building in the fact that all species/races in Equestria have the same degrees of RGR to not at all. To get down to the premise I was trying to get across is you'd have a culture clash of not just Anon but with the other races that exist in Equestria as well with their interactions with said ponies. In no way did I say Anon wouldn't interact with the ponies and their reversed gender roles society, just that a dragon waifu is better in terms of what she can provide for you, that is all.
>unless you get with a particularly smol dragon girl.
You think Smolder would become a custom to her role in her relationship with Anon and forgo challenging her partner of leadership later on? More so if it doesn't benefit her as much as the role she is in now since her relationship is different enough from that of most dragon relationships, allowing Anon to be the leader especially when she gets older and stronger or would her dragon pride kick in and go through with it anyway?
File: 1584418261885.jpg (114 KB, 1440x1080)
114 KB
114 KB JPG
Imagine the all the crimes you'd be able to get away with as the fairer sex. Not only would no one believe a colt/man could do such things, but if caught the worst you'd face is a slap and the wrists.
File: 1544304963664.png (364 KB, 1280x1710)
364 KB
364 KB PNG
>every year attempts to usurp your role as protective caretaker and head of the relationship
>every year gets more and more difficult to defeat her as she gets bigger
I shall be the Boopist of Canterhorn. All will fear me, yet none will have the teats to stop me.
"You can't break a man the way you break a dog or a horse. The harder you beat a man, the taller he stands. To break a man's will, to break his spirit, you have to break his mind. Men have this idea that we can fight with dignity, that there is a proper way to kill someone. It's absurd. It's anaesthetic. We need it to endure the bloody horror of murder. You must destroy that idea. Show them what a messy, terrible thing it is to kill a man, and then show them that you relish in it. Shoot to wound, then execute the wounded. Burn them. Take them in close combat. Destroy their preconceptions of what a man is, and you become their personal monster. When they fear you, you become stronger, you become better. But let's never forget: It's a display. It's a posture, like a lion's roar or a gorilla thumping at his chest. If you lose yourself in the display, if you succumb to the horror, then you become the monster. You become reduced. Not more than a man, but less, and it can be fatal."
>"What the buck anon?! I just asked if you wanted to go get a hayburger" Twilight said as anon just continue to drink his coffee.
>Look this is going to be my last post acknowledging you
Glad to see you're coming to terms with your own impotence. Funnily enough, you didn't even attempt to dispute any of my points, further cementing you as the weak-willed faggot that wouldn't actually win the respect of his waifu.
>bright colorations on their body as a warning to other animal to not eat them
Aposematism, but it only makes up a sub-set of things potentially dangerous to eat, retard. Try checking out a list of poisonous mushrooms.
Now consider that there are many more ways to fuck yourself up by just eating something with no danger signs, for example, you can eat too much liver and get hypervitaminosis A and fucking die.
>if you don't like what's being posted
Try being on topic rather than baiting for writefags to write shit you'd like to see?
>More cope
Bitch, nowhere have you mentioned the culture clash until you were called out on it. You just wanted a scalie creatura x anon fic with no RGRE strings attached.
>just that a dragon waifu is better in terms of what she can provide for you
Ah, the classic dragons-are-just-better cope.
Shouldn't you, by your own logic, prove yourself capable and provide for her? Why is your view purely transactional and based on how much of a provider your waifu is?

I could continue shitting on you, but I have something more constructive in mind. How about you put your money where your mouth is and write your scalie fantasies green yourself? The thread can then decide whether it is RGRE enough or not.
Put some skin in the game.
you did it
you got the last post

Good job autist. You tell 'em!
But, you're expecting the scalie fag to be a worthwhile writer.
Boys, Please, you're both rugged
File: 1498482459882.jpg (46 KB, 500x372)
46 KB
oh my god shut the fuck up already, it's been an entire day and nobody but you cares. go start your own thread so that you can bitch at each other, you autistic fucking fags. Unironically fucking kill yourselves. Pic related, it's both of you. Dumb niggers.
You know that's not true too. These boys are big and round and soft and possibly covered in their own feces.
File: smugpipglassesmaxcute.png (89 KB, 498x571)
89 KB
And what the fuck have you contributed to the thread?
>Be Anon
>Currently arms out stretched as the (evil) pony tailor is taking your measurements
"So Jeeves, is there anything else I need to do before the wedding?"
>The crystal pony snorted
>"Sire, if I may be permitted to speak so boldly,
you must keep still in order for me to get this right."
>You stiffened your limbs while rolling your eyes
>Who knew preparations could be so boring
>Might as well skip the ceremony
>Speaking of, what is your fiance doing right now?
>You're genuinely curious on what an evil queen like her is doing right now

>Let the world know that you are Queen Umbra
>And you are currently having a headache as you are surrounded by the Crystal Empire's worst traitors and turncoats
>"I say we go take position here, at the peak of Mt. Stratus! The height advantage will surely strike the heart!"
>"No no no! This beachside by Mane's Coast is vulnerable and isolated at this time! No one will be there interrupt her majesty's plan!"
>"Bah! As if that will be enough. What would really turn the tide will be-"
>All your top generals straightened up in fear as you walk on top of the table with strength and dignity
>"I expected more interesting ideas my ladies. But none of them aren't up to the task for my plans after the ceremony."
>One of your generals, Silver Dagger, tinted by her namesake spoke up nervously
>"B-But mistress! These hotspots are what's popular by Colt's Vogue-"
>You turned to her in anger and stomped your hoof to crack her side of the table
>"Popular?! I asked for Gravitas! Extraordinary! Something for me and him to remember as I conquer the world! Who cares of some dullard wrote what's best the honeymoon spots after weddings! If it isn't good enough for me then it's not good enough for Anon!"
>Out of breath and angry, you walked off the table and out of the room
>This needs to be perfect!
>After the weding, you two would go on honeymoon
>Enjoy each other's company, celebrate, maybe even terrorize a village or two for being an newly evil couple
>But for something as out of this world like Anonymous, then you need an equally out of this world plan!
I, for one, support this Anon's desire for RGRE to be about RGRE
This tbqh
And how are you going to ascertain that those are my greens, exactly?
I assumed you wouldn't lie, Anon.
How come she doesn't just say 'Crystal' all the time like Sombra did? Horse ladies just be chatty, I guess.
I wonder what it sounds like when Umbra says crystal. I bet it's hot.
>Like her brother, she is a unicorn of terrifying power
>She was one of Princess Luna's first students
>The two learned, and eventually mastered, many dark arts together
>For Luna, these acts turned her into Nightmare Moon
>For Umbra, they gave her a lust for blood and a dislike for sunlight
>The unicorn was there as a trusted general during the Celestial wars
>After Night's defeat, she fled to Hollow Shades with legions of Thestrals
>She ruled there, in her impregnable castle made of black stone, while her little brother attempted to take over the Crystal Empire by whoring himself to the local nobility there
>She was never driven out, never conquered by Celestia or her forces
>Many armies were sent
>All faced horrible luck and tragedies that would force them to flee
>Food rotting unnaturally quickly, sickness running through the camps, generals and ladies found dead in their beds drained completely of blood
>Umbra herself attempted to strike out at her foe as well, but the might of Equestria could not be overcome
>It settled into an uneasy stalemate between the two factions for centuries, which only ended once Luna returned
>Umbra had appeared at Castle Canterlot the day after with a pair of knights in blood red armor to once again swear loyalty to her
>It caused one hell of a fuss at court
>There were a lot of political monkey wrenches thrown into the machine that ran Equestria
>Even with the relative peace, Hollow Shades had an evil reputation
>As did their ruler
>Umbra the Blood Drinker
>Umbra the Impaler
>Umbra the Dark Sorceress
>There were many tales of her that parents told to their foals to scare them, and some were even true
>Celestia, exasperated sent you to the batlands
>For some fucking stupid reason
>She wanted you to do something, being extremely vague, just sort of saying not to "make things worse"
>You arrived at the Hollow Court
>Umbra had taken one look at you, teleported to your side, and bit down onto your arm, proceeding to try to drain you of your blood
>Without thinking, you proceeded to lift her up and bite her shoulder as hard as you could
>You didn't have fangs, but you bit down hard enough to break the skin
>The bite festered in two days, and nearly killed the crazy horse
>Human mouth bacteria was no joke
>Though dark magic, and unnatural constitution, Umbra eventually pulled through
>She warmed up to you noticeably as well, believing you were some warrior stallion
>Jokes on her, you were just autistic
>Now though, you found yourself a favored guest at her court
>In a castle full of ghosts, demons, undead abominations, and screeching bat ponies
>Honestly, you wished Celestia would have just told you what she wanted out of this
>Big-ass silly sun horse...
>>She warmed up to you noticeably as well, believing you were some warrior stallion
>>Jokes on her, you were just autistic
Greens like veggies? Orphan filly steals a gentlestallions vegetables. That could make a nice story
Umbra sure is something.
>>Umbra had taken one look at you, teleported to your side, and bit down onto your arm, proceeding to try to drain you of your blood
>>Without thinking, you proceeded to lift her up and bite her shoulder as hard as you could
File: Spoiler Image (890 KB, 958x537)
890 KB
890 KB PNG
>You return home triumphant.
>Over the next few days everypony begins acting strangely.
>Getting more possessive and angry, they eventually corner you, purple smoke flowing out of their eyes.
>It seems they all were coated with Queen Unbra dust and have become possessed.
Now what?
Umbra is on a different spectrum compared to her male counterpart
File: Spoiler Image (215 KB, 1024x1024)
215 KB
215 KB JPG
Use magic
Yeah, but drama is entertaining. If it wasn't, the Jerry Springer show would never exist.
Oi. Do not throw stones in a glass house, timmy. Unless you're a writefag. If you're a writefag, throw a bigger stone. Your house is made of stones.
This has some fun promise. Wonder if there's gonna be any ill effects from being bitten by an immortal "definitely not a vampire" vampire pony.
well I guess I'm in rgre because I get bricked up at danger anyway
not even starswirl was immune
wizard power come at a heavy price it would seem
Ever watched G1? The Moochick wasn't exactly all there, either.
Does having that much power make you a wackaloon, or does being a wackaloon allow you to get that kind of power?
Both. You need to be at least a little crazy to take the kind of risks inherent to this path, but once you have the power it goes to your head.
File: large (1).png (154 KB, 1024x1024)
154 KB
154 KB PNG
>Why do most of the unicorns from Celestia's and Twilight's school socially inept? Especially when it comes to romance?
>May I introduce you to Cadence's school for gifted lovers!
>We have lessons pertaining on how too woo the opposite sex, cooking lessons to capture a mare's heart and stomach, fighting lessons to make those stallions swoon!
>Why am I in your bedroom at 3 in the morning? Good question
>I'd like to invite you because you've been alone these past few months and never even accepted a single mare's declaration of love for you!
>With my school's education, you'll be able to take the part of a lost alien colt who seeks to their special somepony to and crash into their legs while- hey hey HEY! Anon what are you doing?!
>No don't kick me out! Please don't slam the door-
Shining Armor is impressed with Anon's wife throwing skills, but asks that he doesn't throw his wife. Go get your own.
>Shining actually gets kind of jealous.
>You beat his record! With HIS wife!
>Sadly, the second he went to go complain...
>...Anon beat the record for Husband Throwing not soon after.
>Twilight goes to confront Anon the next day, absolute miffed that the big ape would throw not only her BBBFF, but her sister in law too.
>Purple smart barges her way into Anon's door, and begins to lecture him how inappropriate that a stallion throw a mare that's not his own wife, and much WORSE that he also threw a stallion too.
>Anon gives her an annoyed look, but shrugs.
"You see Twilight, where I come from, there's this thing called dwarf tossing. And since ponies are just dwarf horses . . ."
>Twiggles seethes silently at being called a whorse, but lets him continue, gritting her teeth just a bit
"It falls under my own culture more than yours. Which is to say, I'm trying to get the record for dwarf tossin'. Thanks for volunteering."
>With speed and grace that a little pony would not quite expect to see out of a sitting ape, Anon quickly closes the distance between them, and in one smooth motion of turn picks her up, and yeets her out of his front door.
>Twilight finds herself in a crater, just a second later, between one slightly large crater, and one significantly larger. She frowns, she didn't even get first place in this nonsense.
>flutter's distances after she tries guessing anon's fetish don't count as punting is completely different from throwing
>Throwing TwiggyPiggy
Damn, Anon is Hercules
>Trying to figure out which meat is edible and trying to cook it
To be fair, Cooking meat in a place that's mostly heat and fire is fairly easy, anon. Just get a nice big flat stone and place it near enough to one of your many available fire sources that you have access to.
>Didn't figure out he wanted his throwing partner to dress like Evel Knievel
She was THIS close, y'all
File: 1720895387927634.png (739 KB, 1000x1000)
739 KB
739 KB PNG
>"Look girls be honest with me."
>Twilight addressed her friends
>"What do you think of the... new arrivals here?"
>Applejack is the first to speak
>"Can't say much other than they tend be slow on the thinkin' side."
>The princess gasped
>"Applejack! How could you! Intelligence or no that's no way to think of our species relative."
>Rainbow Dash cut in the conversation
>"But Twilight! Look at them! Their faces are weird and long and... weird."
>"Yeah? So is our good friend Anon and we treat him well."
>Dash rolled her eyes
>"Sure but he's a dude. I'd put up with anything as long as I get laid."
>"She's right Twilight."
>"Same here darling."
>"I mean I'd do anything if it means Anon gets to sit on my face."
>Twilight will deal with that last comment later but right now, she feels indignant at her friends for being a bit speceist
>"Pinkie what are you thoughts on our new neighbors?"
>Pinkie smiled wide
>"I think we should deport them from where they belong."
>Everyone is taken aback at her response
>The baker's expression never wavered
>"I think they're freaks of nature that should've never crawled out of face of this earth."
>"Pinkie! How could you say that?!"
>The mare looked Twilight in the eye
>"Because there is only room for one mare in this world who gets to tickle Anon's sugary pickle."

Never watched the new show but a prompt emerged when I saw this
After that weird princess sombrero general with the using sombra like a toilet stuff
I could never really read romantic fics with sombra ever again
God, I miss the hay-day of that game. Left 4 Dead was my fucking jam, and I can still remember spending my summers jumping between L4D/2 and TF2.
>wizard power come at a heavy price it would seem

>In order to unlock true mystic power, you must voluntarily sacrifice a physical portion of your brain in an equivalent-exchange sort of deal
>It's meant to be an ironic punishment
>You gain all the magical ability you could ever want, but you lose the ability to do anything with it that would be considered meaningful to your former self
>You are lost in pure Id, and are now a being of impulse and reaction
>Morals are a foreign concept to you and do not mesh with your worldview, and so they are disregarded
>You are now a danger to yourself and others, but not in the way your former-self wanted to be
>>May I introduce you to Cadence's school for gifted lovers!
>for skilled lovers
>skilled lovers
>tfw you keep waiting for the invitation letter, but it never arrives
Better not look at the current state of tf2 then.
Hey, there's a new idea for a story.

>There's a really catty stallion that has it in for Anon
>Complains about him to the HOA constantly over trivial bullshit
>Raises a fit when Anon tries to do anything to his own property
>Won the blue ribbon for most delicious homemade pie (that bitch has berry bushes all up in his own backyard) and Anon only got second place
>Anon wants to get back at this catty fuck
>Realizes that there's a new trend in town, coming all the way from up in Canterlot
>Anon's Newman-esque nemesis has a herd, and Anon is single
>Anon's only hope to finally one-up this horse is to find a mare who is willing to pretend to be his wife, and then throw her REALLY hard.
Bam, romantic comedy. Anon can get her an old faux-leather aviation helmet and goggles for the competition. And it doesn't HAVE to be Caramel, it can be an actual canon male character with a nuanced personality, who is also a catty bitch.
Nope, last time I played was nearly a decade ago. My only regret is that I got into crafting right before I left, and broke down all my items into scrap. That was a lot of vintage weapons.
Where is the filly rgre
Why would there be a hoa in equestia they are all evil.
remnants of the aristocracy as equestria transitions into an industrial power would be my guess
Home Oats Association, Anon. They ensure that a neighborhood has adequate access to the communal feeding troughs that are filled with (cheap store-brand, bought in bulk by HOA) oats. It's reduced oat-related crimes by 18%.
File: EqMEzTIWMAAS3MH.jpg (188 KB, 1200x966)
188 KB
188 KB JPG
nothing will stop her
Well, Lyra represents 82% of all oat-related crime nation-wide, so she's an outlier.
I think Zephyr would be the appropriate catty bastard. Last we seen him he was working for the guard yeah?

Maybe bitch boy finally gets a glow up post failure, but is jealous of mighty Anon because his sister Fluttershy is into him?
Mix in a bit of flutter rape.back story, and we might have something.
I don't know if he would care if Fluttershy was interested, Dash has always been his goal. Much to her disgust.
The jealousy wouldn't lie in Fluttershy's interest in of itself, (although, having dash be the faux wife might be more fun) but rather having the issue be that mares (including his own sister) are throwing themselves at some monkey when he had to really climb his way up from rock bottom, and here now he can see this ape, who's not much better than he was when shunned, is getting all this attention. Remember, it was fluttershy that *pushed* him to "be better" and now she fawns over this thing?
laxative laced oats
>Giving Lyra the power to rapidly expel oats
>Now she can eat more oats
What have you done?
>ywn marry a notorious oat thief
>ywn deal with the glowdyke she keeps around to deflect suspicion
>ywn have to correct her misplaced beliefs about your species (it's the other skin color that's good at stealing)
>ywn retire to Prance on a fortune of ill-gotten cereal grains
why even live?
Dash could work, and she'd probably be into the whole "Wife Throwing" idea, I could see her going along with it for shits and giggles that eventually turns into feels and cuddles
If I sang Def Leppards "Pour some sugar on me" to Pinkie Pie, would she become so horny she'd jump me then and there?
>Lyra discovers the power of flight
>>ywn deal with the glowdyke she keeps around to deflect suspicion
>Bon Bon was the thief the entire time
"glowdyke" is a derogatory term for a unicorn mare, right?
>Gotta give Rainbow Dash body-massages to keep her limber and aerodynamic
>Rainbow Dash keeps coming back after the competition because you got that kink out of her back that's been there forever
I don't really subscribe to the "human = masseuse god" meme, but I don't think it's unreasonable to think that fingers can get into places that hooves can't reach.
And also we have a bunch of nerve endings in our finger tips, and the same is not true for pony hooves.
It means she (Bon Bon) is a fed. You know, a glow-in-the-dark.
Hooves have plenty of nerve endings. Think about how sensitive your nail beds are. The main difference is that a pony is using one large "finger" and a human isn't. Imagine working with a balled-up fist. You can do a lot like that, but it's much less versatile.
>He doesn't know the TempleOS scripture
Why is her hair cut short like a colt's? Is she such a dyke that she can't stand the thought of a little dirt and grease?
I always preferred the Gender imbalance that still follows actual dimorphism.
"What's a colt like you doing in an office? Shouldn't a big stud like you be working the fields, or plowing in the bedroom right now?"
Afterall, the stallions do tend to be bigger than the mares in the show.
Rather than think the stallions are prissy, it's that they're just too stupid to be trusted with anything important. That's why it's been Princesses in control, not princes.

It's more demeaning to them, methinks.
Yeah I prefer that in general, but I'll have fun with any RGRE that isn't blatantly written by a guy who hates his mother/stepmother.
It's the long game. She'll get dehydrated, causing her to go to the hospital to receive fluids and go under observation for a couple days. That's a couple days of no oat theft.
>ywn impress a white knight ponice mare with your stupidly brilliant (brilliantly stupid?) plan.
>ywn deal with her insisting she walk you home.
>"Jane the Cuddler is still at large- wouldn't put it past her to target a ponice contractor. Think she's bucking with us at this point."
>ywn set stallionism back 40 years by tapping that authoritative horse ass on the first date
>ywn have to deal with Bon Bon yelling at you about the state of her toilet
why even live?
She used it to knit Anon a ball bra.
File: 1554179605862.jpg (145 KB, 862x702)
145 KB
145 KB JPG
pictured: why mares die younger
>ywn have to deal with Bon Bon yelling at you about the state of her toilet
A couple of posts earlier, they were talking about poisoning Lyra with laxative-laced oats.
fucking kek
File: cheese to meet you.png (77 KB, 747x411)
77 KB
Would you autistic alicorn?
>Arranged courtship with best princess
>Free cheese
>I can always just wash my hands
>Realize she might even hide cheese cubes in her pussy
What's the catch?

Mares could not possibly be as bad as my mother...or the mothers of several childhood friends of mine, one of whom was even worse than her.

It's why I like RGRE. The idea of females who aren't self-centered lunatics that wreck the lives of their alleged loved ones is appealing to me, because I can count the number of times I've seen it in real life on the fingers of one hand.

That might be a little too autistic even for my autistic ass.
My mom was a self-centered control freak who turned full karen after she crippled her leg. My cousins are career criminals with like 10 kids each from idk how many dads.
I get it, dude. I just prefer to focus on the positive aspects of pony instead of the negative aspects of women.
This is not merely autism. Anons.
This is just full retard.
Celestia tis a cruel beast this day.
That being said, I think I could force myself to fuck something that doesn't pass the harness test if my life depends on it.

Who knows, maybe hard sex will fix her? (It won't).

. . .
I may need to watch the drawn together episode where Captain hero fucks the retarded girl again.
File: medium.png (314 KB, 600x600)
314 KB
314 KB PNG
"Look I really can't do this Sunbutt."
>"What's not to like?! She's bigger than most mares, more beautiful, can control the moon, can control dreams."
"I mean the fact she acts less of an autist and more of a genuine retard. I can't date someone like that!"
>"Yes you can!"
"No I can't! That's literally taking advantage of someone less smarter than me. I doubt she even knows what consent means."
>"But you're a colt! Aren't colts supposed to be nurturing and sensitive to a mare's problems."
"...Wow really?"
>High potential of dying in a retard mare's bearhug
A true warrior's death. Valhalla awaits.
>Anon dies from Luna bearhug.
>Ancestors ask how you died.
>Can't... quite look them in the eye as you are compelled to tell the truth
"I... I was hugged by a retarded pony that wanted to fuck me, and it crushed my ribcage with its tardstrength."
>None of your ancestors can look you in the eye either. . .
If she's retarded enough to accidentally kill you, she's retarded enough to accidentally rip your soul from the afterlife and back into your body. Retards and magic are highly reactive when exposed to each other.
>Luna is crying that Anon is dead
>How could she fix this?
>Wait she knows!
>Her horn glows a magnificent blue and asks the primordial force of magic to bring back Anon
>"Bring back Anon!"
>But the primordial force said 'fuck no, that's illegal'
>Luna's brow furrows
>Underbite is prominent
>Nostrils are flared
>Her voice shook the castle
>Tard strength and love for the human translates into her magic
>Gives life and death the middle finger
>Anon suddenly comes to
"Gaagh Eehhh What the fuck?!"
>Luna is happy that her coltfriend is back
"No no no! No more hugs! GaaAARGH!"
>sudden surge of "what if [pony] was a drooling retard? would you fuck her?" posts
There is an anon on this board building up the courage to fuck his special-needs sister.
Or it's Chris Chan trying to justify banging his demented mom. In that case, where the fuck is that "dimensional merge"? We're waiting.
That's what Derpy fics are for.
Derpy can handle her job and take care of a kid. She's actually smarter than TardLuna
File: anon 4.png (180 KB, 1016x549)
180 KB
180 KB PNG
Sure she can.
>"There is no wrong way to fantasize, stud...~"
>tfw you make your bug wife go out to get the groceries
>Tfw all she gets is honey and cookies
File: different learning style.jpg (363 KB, 1597x2317)
363 KB
363 KB JPG
Today I will remind them.
File: 1319071244400.png (554 KB, 630x900)
554 KB
554 KB PNG
Damn. That feels like a lifetime ago.
>tfw you have to explain to your bugwife how humans can develop diabetes with this diet
>tfw she thinks you're just being sensitive about your weight
>tfw there's a very real risk of dying of sugar leg in this pastel pink hellworld
Worth it, though
File: 1460735274-62821.png (81 KB, 1000x1000)
81 KB
Welp, there's the explanation for the ol' cheeselegs.
File: nunboop.png (482 KB, 2904x2500)
482 KB
482 KB PNG
There is nothing stopping you from booping a Herdsister of the Sun. You can just walk into a convent and poke their little snootles. I have booped 458 nuns.
Such profanity! You kiss your father with that mouth, sonny boy?
>kiss your father
Mares only want one thing and its disgusting.

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