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My 3 passes expire in a few days, finally. I bought them at a low point in life, you have to be at a really low point in life when you're paying to post on this site of all places. I wasn't sure I was going to live to see them expire but I promised to myself that if I did, I'd quit this damn site at least for a while. That time has come, it's nothing personal against you guys or even the jannies that oppress me. I just need some time away especially with yet another US election coming up. It's going to be absolute hell in here for the next year or so, I know that for sure.

I'd suggest you all run away with me but I know most of you won't. If you do stay, I just have a favor to ask. Try to keep this thread alive for as long as you can. Use it for whatever, doesn't matter. I just think it'd be sweet to see it still up whenever I come back as a reminder of the old times. If it's not, I can at least view the archive and see the slow, painful descent into cancer that will occur over the next few years.
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this was the last thread in the catalog until i made this post
tim jim

File: 1679129818589180.png (22 KB, 763x228)
22 KB
Wha... but... I have a pass?
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Pretty sure that's a CloudFlare network-level block, note the 2015 copyright date, all 4chan-skinned CloudFlare pages have that.
I wish they banned Indians from accessing 4chan.
File: sad pepe the frog.jpg (177 KB, 750x1000)
177 KB
177 KB JPG
prove it

File: 17055224303917231.jpg (46 KB, 540x360)
46 KB
Why does this site go out of their way to be secretive and mysterious. I can’t think of a reason they would do this. To run a website with supposedly millions of monthly users and just be a black box with no information coming in or going out just makes no sense. This site might aswell be a church with all of us praying with no confirmation if our prayers are heard or not. The little we know about how the site works comes rarely and updates are few and far between. Why can’t the administrators give us updates? Tell us why they do things? Respond to feature requests?
I’m just looking for communication.
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File: tegaki.png (10 KB, 400x400)
10 KB
This isn't reddit. There aren't 'silly ebin company comms XDD' messages posted.
Because newfags ruin everything.
It's the exact reason that this website has been going downhill since like 2006
I'd like to see hiro post more. Elon Musk posts on X every day. isn't it weird that hiro owns a social media website but doesn't care about it enough to use it?
last time the mods were open about their moderation, it lead to mass exoduses and massive damage control during the days of goobergate, I'm sure it's still wordfiltered.
Staying invisible also keeps the austitstic userbase from going on crusades against specific mods too hard.
>isn't it weird that hiro owns a social media website but doesn't care about it enough to use it?
He can still post as anon just like we post. the site and the culture is made not to have reputation. You can post whatever and nobody will care since everyone is just "anon" anyways, that is what makes the site great. Sometimes there are exceptions such as general threads or tripfags

>not one black person
>somehow manages to still promote interracial marriage
Americans are just stupid and can't telling people apart unless it is literally colour coded.

Racism has nothing to do with colour, this is why African tribes kill each other to this day. And of course how the entire Asia doesn't get along with each other.

If only the world is that simple that you can tell who is on your side by melanin concentration.

File: flex.png (497 KB, 600x617)
497 KB
497 KB PNG
Threads on /vip/ last for years! Post a goal in here that you want accomplished this time next year. If the thread is still active a year later, let us know how it went!

I'll start: I am gonna lose 20 pounds!
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I am going to commit to excersizing and get a girlfriend.
please update
File: IMG_3245.jpg (3.71 MB, 4032x3024)
3.71 MB
3.71 MB JPG
Retire within a year
File: thumbsup-horse.gif (1.87 MB, 498x280)
1.87 MB
1.87 MB GIF
I'm gonna get back together with my boyfriend!

File: 1610948100450.png (78 KB, 219x241)
78 KB
if u read this ur gay lol
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this was the eighth last thread in the catalog until i made this post
this was the fifth last thread in the catalog until i made this post
thanks for noticing.

File: the-fuck-word.jpg (68 KB, 529x529)
68 KB
The fuck word.

its time to gas the blockchain -> der ticker ist $hidler
TG : @ AdulphHidler

File: tohru sparkle.gif (2.98 MB, 540x548)
2.98 MB
2.98 MB GIF
you guys ever go off 4chan to see how other weebs live?
i went on reddit and found r/waifuism, they're pretty cringe, they'll make commissioned framed pics of their waifu and ban you if you get a 3DPD gf cus they consider that cheating on your waifu, actually they have two rules against this, having a waifu be your shining light during a period of darkness is what they consider "casual/hugblanketing" and they'll ban you too, they'll also ban you for cooking up "headcanon" of your waifu, or generally having your waifu experience any kind of character growth in your head is banned, if it's not canon, you're not allowed to think it or express it!
This rule also leads to such strange and irrational fears like "what if my waifu gets popular enough and gets a canon boyfriend in-universe??? id be so devastated", yes people really do write stuff like this on there.
also they moralfag out the ass, no daughterwifes, i wonder how they feel about all their waifus being below the age of majority in most of the developed world.
also of course they have a d*scord where you have to dox yourself to talk to them, what a bunch of spergs
I have a twitter account with an anime avatar that I use to promote my anime art style game and also occasionally just draw. I also retweet other anime pics. However I only post on there in Japanese and don't interact with or follow English-speaking anime fans. I think English-speaking anime communities are unfortunately quite a bit different from Japanese ones and not in a good way. Don't really want to get into it but basically I find weebs and ironic weebs to be annoying. I know this is pot calling the kettle black but you know what I mean.

I used to have a Facebook account- Around 2017 I converted my "real person" account that I made in 2010 to a weeb account and added a bunch of random people who had anime avatars, and basically shitposted that account to death until I just gave up and deleted it because I kept getting banned for innocuous things. Facebook is "no fun allowed" zone.
forgot I made this post so long ago, up you go!

File: potpot.gif (50 KB, 404x350)
50 KB
pot pot lel running to page 10
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File: pige.gif (482 KB, 498x483)
482 KB
482 KB GIF
pige pige lel dancing to page 10
File: 1619819453375.jpg (24 KB, 360x360)
24 KB
not so fast there, bucko
Not happening
You can keep your tea pots bitch ass.
File: 1686663620666557.jpg (146 KB, 1473x1413)
146 KB
146 KB JPG

File: Frog.jpg (391 KB, 1476x1476)
391 KB
391 KB JPG
I made a thread here
Now what

I walked into a church, crying. Sobbing I said "I have an evil that follows me everywhere, I think it's going to kill me"
What do you need my child, was what a priest asked
I said I needed "coke, ecstasy, 2 packs of Marlboro, *looking up from past my hand* a thermos of coffee and a dildo the size of Texas, a drug dealer just fucked my wife."
He asked what I meant. So I gave him my trivialities about drugs, how they are basically what our minds and lives are made out of. How sex is just our body making drugs for us in a lot of ways. And how sex on drugs can be like tying a forever knot, that only unravels by the sword. Making a bloody bag of my wife could be forgiven but never forgotten. We got a divorce a couple days later, it was within a week of us getting married.
The priest became my good friend. We were hungry in our town, in those days. We just waited for the good times. The drug dealers kept to their grottos and castles while most of us worked the street earning money helping one another buy tic tacs or helping old ladies get their shopping bags to the car.
One day they offered to become my roommate. They offered to split things 50/50, they would buy my food and my daily ration of liquor I'd drive them to work. It sounded like a good arrangement. The priest only worked on the weekends, if that makes sense anymore. He kept to a little office in the apartment so I smelled harmless enough for us to share the space.
We saved a lot of our money that way. I only had to do the laundry on the couch once a week and we always were looking for someone to build a bed but people just don't do carpentry like they used to.
I went into the apartment one day and it was spotless though. I noticed it was very clean. Unbecomingly clean for us. "Hi how's everything? You missed a couple calls I'm sorry" the priest said, then he told me his name for one of a few times in his life.
The priest had a member of our church coming over for private counseling and asked me to stay out of the apartment for a few hours. When I came back, there was nothing but trash in the sink and a girl was walking out shivering at 3 in the afternoon in July. We lived in Georgia. I couldn't understand what was going on so I asked the priest what he was helping with. "Forgive me for I have given in to temptation my son, and so should you."
File: markup_1000000234.jpg (176 KB, 1064x779)
176 KB
176 KB JPG
I didn't know how to respond, I guess they saw that
"We are doing drugs from now on. They'll make you forget about that girl you tried to marry and then some more."
"I will not." I said
The priest grabbed a handful from their bag of coke and threw it at me, I got unbelievably scared and I started sweating. Then he took me for the passions.
I decided I'd buy a gun, and I did.
I shot the pastor, took them for not a priest, priest no but I killed the minister of destruction myself. Then I got a call from my ex wife in jail.
She said she wanted to know if our mutual friend was still doing coke, as if she must've thought I didn't know she was addicted.
It never changes. The priests name was the one she named our baby that she carried to term so she says. Please your honor, pardon me so I can fight in this war against drug abuse, with my clear wits and sobriety. If I stay in here I'll have to fuck myself and I'd be better off than not doing coke. If you say I didn't kill that man in self defense. Even after I succumbed to the passions. I will not fail that son of mine killed by a drug dealers cock your honor!
File: 1709498710290861.jpg (263 KB, 1024x1024)
263 KB
263 KB JPG
Welcome to being human.
No amount of delusional can fix this.
Religion is just a quick placebo for weak minded people who lack spine and the ability to handle life on their own terms.

File: the gae.png (385 KB, 512x512)
385 KB
385 KB PNG
Clearly, the wizards over in /x/ are deluded and have no clue what they are talking about if they can't even afford to post here. /Vip/ers, show us your magical prowess.
File: Untitled27_20240121044632.png (272 KB, 1280x1280)
272 KB
272 KB PNG
(((Deep Gull Inhale)))

>The Archangel Michael descended to me from the sky and phased through my glass sliding back door in 2015 and I began to perceive it as if I was also this ball of gold light about the size of a basketball at the same time as it touched the glass and triggered muscles I feel while watching ASMR where it entered the living room where I resided in prayer to say the least and I looked up at it and (In Order Image Steps 1, 2, 3, 4) formed and when the smile finished I fell into myself and


>I'm remembering backwards now, memory is strange Post-Telepathy. A sword came to me, a ghost sword came to rest in my chest. It was small, and I say rest but what it did was cut open a hole in the soul that lives "under my heart" and disappear into it where I began to see things really casually totally normal no alarm bells as my brain shows the sword turning into a targeting interface entering my heart looking for lies inside of me with The Holy Archangel approaching.

I am proud but I do not want to type anymore. People can and do hate this for every reason they can find. I've told people. Nothing significant has happened but I've seen a pillow levitate literally i between a friend and I. We were about to be making something to eat and he poked his head into my room and the pillow floated about two feet and we both froze and watched it fall. Great show.

>show us
As in: anything that you can do again to show it works.

File: 1687758075160797.gif (33 KB, 390x290)
33 KB
What do you people even do?
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File: 1705249386453547.png (1.12 MB, 800x1132)
1.12 MB
1.12 MB PNG
i get dubs, not this post though
I don't do much
I pollute my NSA Lookout Profile with video game rambling and steal pencil art references.

File: DanceDoremi3.gif (20 KB, 65x100)
20 KB

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