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File: bioshockjerma.webm (3.69 MB, 640x360)
3.69 MB
3.69 MB WEBM
post anything funny and vidya related
>ai voice
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Lost hard
i love bulk bogan
reel it in pal, nothing to get excited about
aged poorly
File: back in chains.webm (3.93 MB, 323x180)
3.93 MB
3.93 MB WEBM

File: 1000011575.webm (3.68 MB, 700x720)
3.68 MB
3.68 MB WEBM
post memes around this cat.
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File: m.webm (3.15 MB, 800x640)
3.15 MB
3.15 MB WEBM
glad to see this is still a thing after 2 years, posting everything that hasnt been posted yet
File: ovdyWtapaZ8zjTvV.webm (5.48 MB, 900x720)
5.48 MB
5.48 MB WEBM
File: hypergatorea.webm (5.2 MB, 608x368)
5.2 MB
File: 1704698659841571.webm (248 KB, 194x320)
248 KB
kill yourself

File: KaBlam.webm (5.86 MB, 640x480)
5.86 MB
5.86 MB WEBM
/co/ - where cartoons and comics collide

previous thread: >>5414328
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You dont know whats missing untill its gone.
File: James.Bond.Jr.webm (5.84 MB, 640x468)
5.84 MB
5.84 MB WEBM
File: POMNI WAKE UP.webm (5.7 MB, 960x540)
5.7 MB
Jesus christ, what the fuck is this crap.

File: Doctor Doctor.webm (3.97 MB, 512x512)
3.97 MB
3.97 MB WEBM
Rock, Metal and everything in between.

>How are you making these?
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>cannot confirm and deny myself... over.
File: Tool-Schism.webm (5.13 MB, 720x720)
5.13 MB
5.13 MB WEBM

File: maboroshi.webm (4.24 MB, 640x640)
4.24 MB
4.24 MB WEBM
VNs welcome too
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What wrong with you fucking psychopath
File: _R_qGTBbeZk.webm (639 KB, 320x240)
639 KB
File: I'm a Monster.webm (3.92 MB, 484x360)
3.92 MB
3.92 MB WEBM
File: Perfect Cell Theme.webm (3.46 MB, 320x240)
3.46 MB
3.46 MB WEBM
File: 35-Track-35.webm (5.95 MB, 1400x1430)
5.95 MB
5.95 MB WEBM

Let's make some noise
Previous: >>5443811
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File: Fallschirmjäger Remix.webm (4.73 MB, 1252x988)
4.73 MB
4.73 MB WEBM
Yes indeed and his album covers look terrible to this day
Yeah it often doesn't flow as nice as american or french rap
was referring to the webm that I posted :/

File: AI Enhanced Morshu.webm (3.09 MB, 1280x720)
3.09 MB
3.09 MB WEBM
I miss the golden age of YTP's.

Let's have a comfy YTP thread. In particular I've always had a soft spot for CDI and Spingebill.
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fun fact: Colgate sued WalrusGuy over this YTP, and the madlad actually took them to court and won, as the poop was a transformative work

Colgate are fucking girl scouts compared to Viacom.
This is just modern day brainrot humor, we've come full circle, random really is funny
bump lol i still need to save all of these
>whats YTP
A YouTube poop is a type of video mashup or edit created by remixing/editing pre-existing media sources often carrying subcultural significance into a new video for humorous, satirical, obscene, absur…

File: 1708510620111256.webm (5.81 MB, 720x720)
5.81 MB
5.81 MB WEBM
WEBM's that encompass right-wing spirituality, like file attached.
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>Right wing
chose one and only one.
If you want to larp than its okay. Being dillusional is not intelligent though.
The leftist philosophy on life is that of the termite mound.
sauce on the song?
File: a7qgZvL_460svav1.webm (762 KB, 460x258)
762 KB
There's no such thing as left-wing spirituality
Spirituality and politricks mix about as well as oil and water.

Visual kei, abbreviated v-kei (V系, Bui kei), is a music scene and movement that originated in Japan during the late 1980s. Originally influenced by glam rock and other 1970s rock music styles, visual kei musicians incorporate varying levels of make-up, elaborate hairstyles and costumes, often coupled with an androgynous aesthetic. The term visual kei was coined in the 1990s and is sometimes also called a music genre or style, similar to Shibuya-kei. However, there are no defined characteristics for the music played by visual kei acts, and whether or not one is considered a part of the movement is based solely on their having an emphasis on visuals and performance.
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File: Diamond.webm (1.67 MB, 421x600)
1.67 MB
1.67 MB WEBM
File: さくら.webm (1.74 MB, 599x535)
1.74 MB
1.74 MB WEBM
File: So Bad Boy.webm (1.3 MB, 527x600)
1.3 MB

File: 1684848975892430.gif (3.07 MB, 498x498)
3.07 MB
3.07 MB GIF
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image limit reached, let's make a new one?
>he says, in a thread with Koreans in
I will achieve that dream at any cost.

File: Mala - Changes.webm (5.73 MB, 522x480)
5.73 MB
5.73 MB WEBM
post uk dubstep, grime and bassline
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File: Plasticman - Japan.webm (5 MB, 774x720)
5 MB
File: you know it.webm (2.97 MB, 600x600)
2.97 MB
2.97 MB WEBM
File: SPMC - All Night.webm (4.56 MB, 400x400)
4.56 MB
4.56 MB WEBM

File: Jew Tunnels.webm (5.71 MB, 600x336)
5.71 MB
5.71 MB WEBM
Clips critical of The Tribe.
Ones which are so salient, reasonable, and funny that it's impossible to dismiss them as unhinged.

Fashlarpers fuck off. You help nothing and no one.
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Are you serious? They're the epitome of evil in modern western thought. They killed le 6 gorillion and burned that poor tranny scientist's books
>for some reason
lol based
based nigger
Do you think jet fuel can melt steel beams?
File: Barber Shop.webm (5.99 MB, 1280x720)
5.99 MB
5.99 MB WEBM

File: 1706729222246443.webm (3.41 MB, 408x720)
3.41 MB
3.41 MB WEBM
What mental illness is this specifically? BPD? Schizoaffective? t looks like alcohol in the GIF but if it wasn't what mental health issue is it?

My mum was like this. She'd go from nice and normal to this. She never drank or did drugs. Anger issues.
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nigga wtf, I hit 200 during sprints at the end of a cycling trek and 140 average and I'm fit as fuck
>what are jokes?
>as you slowly start to realizes whats going on
its high for resting but not for activities
In the second vid the cop appears to be holding some kind of gun at around 0:22. Maybe that's a taser.

File: 6.webm (1.36 MB, 576x1024)
1.36 MB
1.36 MB WEBM
The videos that ruined an entire generation of white collars, software developers, people working from home and basically anyone working at a fortune 500 company.

How are layoffs going at your company, anon?
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For better or worse huge bottles/cups is a tiktok trend now lol, same as why chicks were going nuts over those Stanley cups. Right for the wrong reasons I guess.
On top of that, How does a 23 year old get a manager job? That’s what, 1 year removed from university? Or is “manager” just a title they hand out to all their drones to make them feel special?
I’m a man nurse elegí got shifted to office work as well, since the position is so female dominated, despite what feminism would have you believe, the women still defer and respect you lol. I got scooted to management quickly while chicks have been grinding away for years. Now I’m in a research role that’s basically just analyzing patient data, 55/hr for sitting at a desk all day. Kinda boring but easy money. Actual work is done in maybe an hour tops.
>giving women rights
...is completely unrelated to all the valid points you are making.
Are you a falseflagger?

What we are seeing in this very thread is utterly unqualified people, that are needed to push diversity or "gender" statistics, getting high-pay "jobs", that aren't much different to being unemployed, except the company pays you and ensures you are entertained, so you tap in each day.
Which is obviously not to say there are no female or non-"white"/Asian people fit to do actual jobs, but the absolute numbers are clearly several orders of magnitude off. (My college-year had a single digit percentage female quota in CS.)
And you find those capable women coming in from "archaic", "backwards", "patriarch" societies rather than the academic system you find yourself in in the West these days, that tries to "empower" women (and minorities), while achieving the exact opposite.
I never heard a single good thing about working for Deloitte to be fair.

File: 1707204063908837.webm (2.68 MB, 400x360)
2.68 MB
2.68 MB WEBM
Anything related to the destruction of the human race or behavioral sink.

Sorry, I only have one.
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>clouds the Earth for years until it dissipates
This hasn't been the case for a long time. Modern doctrine is about detonating them above the target to maximize area of effect thus fallout becomes "less" of a concern. The really scary nukes are the salted ones detonated underwater to send radiated tsunamis to wash over entire continents rendering them shitholes forever as the groundwater is tainted for thousands of years. Its believed several nations have these in place to ensure MAD in the event of total war.
Calm down Moshe, everyone knows you have nukes.
File: okuu.gif (3.95 MB, 464x260)
3.95 MB
3.95 MB GIF
Based Okuu poster
File: End Of The World.webm (3.79 MB, 640x480)
3.79 MB
3.79 MB WEBM
holy shit, retard alert!
File: 1689492867874079.gif (148 KB, 236x260)
148 KB
148 KB GIF
kekked and based to balls
but still, pills now!

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