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I'm looking for a Chinese action movie. The protagonist is a bomb expert and he fails to defuse a bomb in the past and people died.

At the climax of the film he is expected to defuse the same bomb by the same bomber. He is expected to cut the other wire, but then he reveals that he has figured out the secret, there is a secret, smaller wire behind the wire he cut last time.

I suspect that the movie is High Risk (1995), but I can't find a clip of that specific scene. Can someone confirm?

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frens only
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Comedy gold.
File: 1598891723293.jpg (71 KB, 1024x513)
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I was two of the replies, glad you enjoyed the run we had.
File: 1567459982250.jpg (54 KB, 793x786)
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pls no play with fire it dangerous!

What's a good Korean word, insult for Someone who's a not Korean?
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Troll. The last one isn't even Haangerr.
File: 7560537-3464119893.jpg (168 KB, 1920x1080)
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I believe You. I wish I knew more than what I searched. But how could I? I don't understand Haangerr except the symbols. So how could You put this into a better recieved context for one who isn't fluent?

File: 1716042242126914.png (43 KB, 645x729)
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What boards have wikis or wikias? Post any that you know of.
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see >>1463685
many boards with a sticky have a wiki. go find them.
https://1d6chan.miraheze org/wiki/Main_Page for /tg/
there was 1d4, but it's down and probably not coming back
>The /g/ Wiki: https://wiki.installgentoo.com/
These look good, thanks.
lazy cunt


File: recent fav tv.png (2.38 MB, 1742x1420)
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2.38 MB PNG
Rec me some good shows based on these, please
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The Prisoner (1967)
Stargate SG-1
File: GeorgeHammondConfused.jpg (130 KB, 700x393)
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130 KB JPG
Arrested Development
Band of Brothers

File: mia_logo.png (246 KB, 1280x544)
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Are there any resources out there which compile sound effects from anime? The one I'm looking for in particular is Made in Abyss. I know I can isolate sounds myself but it only works to a certain extent.

Somewhat doubt there's any such thing unless someone who worked on the anime decided to breach their contract, but who knows.

What are some good siscon anime/vns?
Yosuga no Sora

File: 1677650790469072.jpg (177 KB, 500x500)
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177 KB JPG
Requesting anime that
>never aired on Adult Swim or Cartoon Network
>Isn't on Netflix
>Isn't in in the Mal top 100
>is more than 6 years old
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Good point.
Paranoia Agent. Watch it and remember it's the state of the world right now.
Paranoia Agent aired on Adult Swim.
Blue Literature

Outlaw star was on CN.

File: reforms.jpg (237 KB, 1280x720)
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Looking for parts 2 and 3 of the REFORM! docuseries
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lol, thought that site was only for porn
not sure what to do with a .txt file
oh i didn't even notice lol. yeah you're on your own. i guess you could try asking on the kemono forums? ymmv
please regard the following
it seems like the links in the .txt file are just expired (i couldn't open them in mpc-hc, but you might have luck with vlc). try checking again frequently

File: asdad.jpg (84 KB, 844x509)
84 KB
I'm looking for a webm of this lady claiming that the first native americans were black people, or indigo people, or somehting like that.
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I think you'd be more likely to get a result if you posted this thread in /pol/ or /b/. Be sure to post it back here if you find it, I want to see it too lol.

No audio, but maybe that'll help.
Ultra based, this is exactly what i was looking for.
THe time i watched it in the past it didnt have audio either
Here it is in .webm format lmao
>Here it is in .webm format lmao
I came back, this shit is always so cringe lol.

File: 1713341693324560.jpg (129 KB, 740x980)
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129 KB JPG
I need some book recs based on what I've read this year.
>Shakespeare (R+J, Othello, Macbeth, Hamlet, Taming of the Shrew, Richard III)
>A Walk in the Woods by Bill Bryson
>Wild by Cheryl Strayed
>Foucault's Pendulum by Umberto Eco
>CHAOS by Tom O'Neil
>V by Thomas Pynchon
>A Thousand Naked Strangers by Kevin Hazzard
>The Pale King by David Foster Wallace
>Spring Snow by Yukio Mishima
>Survival in Auschwitz by Primo Levi
I have the rest of Mishima's Sea of Fertility but Spring Snow didn't hit like I thought it would. My favorite non fiction would probably be CHAOS and my favorite fiction The Pale King. I love survival/outdoor stuff as well if that helps
I figure you've read a far share of the following books, but I figure I'd throw out a list of stuff that I've personally read and enjoyed
>Gravity's Rainbow
>Mason & Dixon
>any of the DFW essay/short story collections (assuming you've read IJ)
>really just any Shakespeare that catches your eye; it's hard to go wrong. I like the Henriad, personally
>Ulysses (optional pre-reqs of Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man & Dubliners).
>Underworld (or alternatively White Noise, if you want something shorter)
It seems like you're into the postmodern (or whatever they call it) stuff (given Pynchon and DFW's places), so you really can't go wrong with picking any of the major figures of the movement like Barth (heard good things about Sot-Weed Factor), Gaddis (JR and The Recognitions), et al.
Have fun :)
I've actually ordered Gravity's Rainbow recently lmao. I like Pynchon and DFW but not for the post modern stuff imo. Pynchon's zany characters are fun and DFW's writing has an emotional core I really enjoy. I've been thinking about getting away from post modern stuff and trying to find more sincere books but I'm not sure what the parameter for that would be since, to a degree, both those authors can be sincere. Anyway, I appreciate the recs

Saw this page from an old Garfield comic and I was surprised at how wild some of the art was back in the day. Like Jim Davis wasn't afraid to experiment a bit. Is there a particular year where he just gave up and got lazy with it?

I've tried asking /co/, but it's not a waifu thread so it went completely ignored.
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File: Jon_-_1976-01-08.png (43 KB, 600x186)
43 KB
Difficult to tell since "Jim Davis" hasn't been just Jim Davis" in decades.
>While retaining creative control and being the only signer, Davis now only writes and usually does the rough sketches. Since the late 1990s most of the work has been done by long-time assistants Brett Koth and Gary Barker. Inking and coloring work is done by other artists, while Davis spends most of the time supervising production and merchandising the characters.
Gotcha, so around the late 1990's is when it went from soul to soulless real quick. Gonna see if I can't track down some older omnibus' and take them with me when I go camping. If I'm not mistaken, now they just do a buckly and have a bunch of pre-drawn pics for their comic strip.
>Talking about comics in /co/

I suppose it's as asinine as trying to talk about any of the board topics on the bigger boards.
>Like Jim Davis wasn't afraid to experiment a bit.

he wrote, drafted, and contributed to the storyboards and the stories for almost all the animated specials, except Babes and Bullets, and some of 9-lives. So there's some relatively severe moments in them compared to their contemporaries.

But since he signs everything, nothing goes out without his approval and there was some freaky shit in the 9-Lives book.
You wouldn't think it, but Jim Davis does seem to have a bit of love for the spookier things. No idea why he likes throwing his cartoon cat into those scenarios though.
yeah the best place to talk about comics is actually /trash/ now, not kidding

File: urban_dict-4264898841.jpg (116 KB, 1024x638)
116 KB
116 KB JPG
Urbandictionary.com alternatives?
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Hmmm. Interesting, but I really enjoy Urban Dictionary's format (That site isn't [spolier]letting[/spoiler] Me post words).

Eh. I just want to post a slang word definition. This seems like a shmorgasbord of memes or whatever.
nothing you want to post is more interesting than https://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=Dog%20In%20A%20Bathtub

File: IMG_6613.jpg (55 KB, 680x502)
55 KB
I got a new laptop with windows 11 and it’s not letting me post on 4chan. I can’t access the main page at all, it just says “checking if the site connection is secure” and never goes through. I can go to specific boards if I type there address in, but I can’t post because the captcha never loads.
what browser are you using? edge?
>'boo hoo i cant post!!'
>doesn't tell us what browser he's using
>hasn't simply tried using a different browser
>is an itoddler
Not OP but I came here because I'm having the same problem. I'm using Firefox and able to post here by being on Edge. Which is weird because I was able to post yesterday.
this is a feature, not a glitch
Lots of shitposters use firefox, cloudflare is now blocking most versions of firefox.
It's really just that simple.
You were both able to post, so why complain?

File: images.jpg (13 KB, 263x192)
13 KB
What are some of the lesser known (but still good) turn-based JRPGs? Also no, ATB is NOT turn-based, so stuff like Final Fantasy and Chrono Trigger doesn't meet the criteria.
4 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Watching thread. FFX isn't atb.
When we invented this joke as 12-year olds in 2005 we knew it was dumb, you post-2k zoomers now using this as an unironic insult is the purest source of autism the world has ever experienced. Literally glowing.
>(but still good)
Wild Arms

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