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Can anyone help me find this in a high resolution? I'm trying to make a poster out of it
File: 1713849364556006.jpg (227 KB, 1024x1024)
227 KB
227 KB JPG
File: image_1.jpg (1004 KB, 1500x1900)
1004 KB
1004 KB JPG
i found this higher res version. i just used tineye.
thank yo u

File: 1709632142136798.jpg (165 KB, 743x900)
165 KB
165 KB JPG
I need a program that allows me to compare videos to see similarities, like those image comparison programs or pages for image sauces.

Also if possible, a tool that differentiates between an image that is like a copy, but with higher-lower quality, and one that is just an edit.
I know what you're talking about, and with images there's plenty. Best, I think overall is Image Comparer. If you get a cracked version of the most recent one (version 4. something I think?) it uses multiple cores, so it's worth finding.

Videos, I don't think that's an option or at least not viable because of how long it would take for the program to do the comparing. Might as well just look at the shits yourself quickly and tell what the quality is deleting the shittier one.
For videos I only know of FFMetrics which can compare videos but it only shows a rough quality estimations with nubmers and simple graphs compared to the selected "original" or the best quality version video. It's useful for comparing the results when you're trying to convert videos using different setting or software. And if you're going to use it then VMAF method is a bit redundant and more time than the other two so you can turn it off.
But if you really need to compare some small details in the videos then maybe you can split the videos into series of pictures using ffmpeg and compare them frame by frame.
you can write a python script to go through two videos frame by frame and compare them down to the pixel. chatgpt could probably whip up something semi-functional if you dont know how
That's what I thought, at the end of the day videos are a bunch of images.

But if they start at a different frame it's not going to work I think.

I want it, for example, because I have a bunch of videos downloaded with youtube-dlp and wanna know if the user made some edits; some videos seem the same but they had edits by the uploader.
Well then have you tried backing up some of those videos and redownloading them to see if yt-dlp replaces them or downloads the new versions and renames them?
Anyway I think the youtube editor is very limited in terms of what it can do and it's mostly used to cut out blur or mute the copyrighted content so if you have the originals then you already have the "better" versions and you're not missing anything important.

File: 0697e091ffdb398560ca.jpg (172 KB, 1200x674)
172 KB
172 KB JPG
VP9 is available on every video, use yt-dlp -F to check the formats.

File: big.jpg (2 KB, 73x73)
2 KB
Can someone AI upscale this picture to at least 400x400 or bigger?

As long it still looks right
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Not bad. Thanks

If someone could do better I'm still for it.
In the remote chance that this is a Youtube profile picture, you can upscale it by changing the numbers in the URL.

File: Neuroscience.jpg (46 KB, 442x600)
46 KB
I really want to become a scientist in Neuroscience and also become good
at Medicine, but I can't find good scientific books about it for free (I have no
money). I discovered a place called "sci-hub" that somehow has that stuff,
but I heard it is illegal. Can someone come and we can talk about it?
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pdf epub mobi and edit and convert
VPN optional and private window. never had my ISP get bent for going to libgen but they ding me instantly if I leave my VPN off for movie "rental".
You can travel to a library. Libraries also have buses that serve more remote areas.
Side question, OP, are you not enrolled in any university/college? It's cool that you want to learn but without a degree you'll never be allowed to practice medicine.

File: humble-bundle-logo.png (40 KB, 400x400)
40 KB
Is anyone willing to share the humble cosplay bundle?

Please and thank you!

File: 1385314873571.jpg (286 KB, 1680x1049)
286 KB
286 KB JPG
looking for comic often posted on /b/ YLYL, it's pepe and gf on couch chilling but little brother is in the room so they cannot smash, little bro gets kicked out so pepe goes and plays with trains in front of couch ignoring gf.
>looking for comic often posted on /b/
So why not look there? If you lost your keys in your garage and would you look for them next door?
File: darkiescrew.png (928 KB, 1024x576)
928 KB
928 KB PNG
I did and googled several variations with and without site:4chan.org. Then I posted on the board that is for posting this exact thing and then some tranny bumped my thread and I said I already did that neglecting to thank them because they did nothing but be a faggot.
File: thomas the train.jpg (180 KB, 800x600)
180 KB
180 KB JPG
File: 38t003irqg441.jpg (146 KB, 720x727)
146 KB
146 KB JPG
Sounds like a shopped version of this here gem

File: raw.jpg (36 KB, 1060x795)
36 KB
I am a medical student and i have acquired a medical book pdf for free (medical book are so expensive) but the pdf is very laggy! I already tried to compress it on websites like ilovepdf or pdf24, it kinda helped but at the end either the quality is shit either it's still laggy!
Here is the mega link to my pdf: https://mega.nz/file/YBoBgRZT#Se9BpPE_xrnaOqsJTmmSborM10lficbg4wmuIKKfGPQ
If you have any solution anons you will make my day!
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This is what I tried to do but even with only 10 pages the pdf is still laggy!
I also tried to get another copy but it is hard to find since this pdf is an illegal download
seconding SumatraPDF, it's extremely fast
try doing it as print, select chapter page range, and save as pdf rather than send to printer
Looking at the book, the problem is that you're using a book that was scanned. The only alternative to the proposed solutions left, would be to look for the e-book version (which should be 10-20 times smaller).
>Use SumatraPDF.
Not possible on android

Anyone have that webm where at first a tiktok video plays of one girl saying her 'ick' and then the guy opens a notepad of list of icks and it's like 200 long
No but it was probably made by hoemath and it's on his YT channel.
I looked him up and he doesn't have it
The girl said something like 'my ick is when he's a good guy' or something wack like that as well
Like the one at the start of this video?

Yup the list is the same but the webm I'm looking for is different
Thanks anyway man, this is helpful

File: zyngapokerpirate.png (467 KB, 600x600)
467 KB
467 KB PNG
requesting a hyper realistic version of this as I don't know where to convert it. Also feel free to make it any style you anons would recommend
>I don't know where to convert it.
Here's one way:
I'll go and give this a run. looks like an AoE civ desu
I like this one. I feel like he'll win a court case in the near future

File: images.jpg (26 KB, 610x503)
26 KB
Requesting Pupinia webms / memes.

Specially the short I hate you Mozart one with Mozart playing and the one where she grabs the minon and the clip glitches out.

Any and every are great though thank you

File: IMG_7030.gif (3.89 MB, 640x360)
3.89 MB
3.89 MB GIF
I know they are Felicia and Ingrid, but where is this animation from? A game or fanart?
Thanks anon. Have a lovely day

File: 20240405_120405.jpg (531 KB, 1125x1600)
531 KB
531 KB JPG
Requesting good games that can be played sparingly (as opposed to time waster that gets you hooked like paradox grand strategy etc.)
File: hitman 2.jpg (110 KB, 1280x720)
110 KB
110 KB JPG

File: 20240414_135622.jpg (1.74 MB, 4032x1960)
1.74 MB
1.74 MB JPG
So I have an issue with my ps4. Basically the power went out like two years back and I didn't pay it much mind but then all of a sudden one day it failed to boot and I learned that I had a couple of solutions in safe mode but none worked except the initialize option which wiped out all my saves but then I got an error and it would again fail to boot so I had to initialize again. I left it as it was for a few months because I lost my saved files anyway but now after I initialize it I don't get any errors except one time for a game where it said some of the files were corrupted and I had to reinstall it.
Does anyone know if it's just a hdd issue and a new one would fix the issue?
The weird thing is that before, either I'd get an error or it would just freeze and I would have to reinstall the system software after 5 minutes at most but now it can stay in for over an hour but after I turn it off I have to initialize it again.
Pic is the error I got. Is it simply a hdd issue or is the console bricked?
>but after I turn it off I have to
Are you actually turning it off , or just dropping it to sleep mode? Try the other option and see if it works out better
File: 20240413_150453.jpg (1.47 MB, 4032x1960)
1.47 MB
1.47 MB JPG
This is the only other error I've gotten since.
>Try the other option
Putting it in sleep mode instead of turning it off? Every time?

File: 0574.jpg (374 KB, 1200x1863)
374 KB
374 KB JPG
requesting to edit out her bunny ears please
File: Untitled.png (1.11 MB, 1200x1863)
1.11 MB
1.11 MB PNG
So fast! Thank you, anon!
File: 5.png (1.09 MB, 1200x1863)
1.09 MB
1.09 MB PNG
Thank you anon!!

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