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File: 1712868921844351.gif (62 KB, 500x360)
62 KB
Anyone got the webm of a daughter and her father on the train.?

It's was a chinese (?) dad and his daughter riding on a train together, and someone (their mom, I am guessing) recording the video to their tiktok. The dad look at his daughter and she was making silly cute faces aim at her mom.

I accidentally deleted the video, but it was one of them wholesome daughter and dad moments.

File: 1712587095073903.jpg (16 KB, 454x460)
16 KB
Looking for a jak often posted on /v/ of the brown blogposter, he shits up threads by talking about his boring life and posts on reddit and twitter

File: Bazin.jpg (193 KB, 860x1280)
193 KB
193 KB JPG
Is this even possible to get in PDF format?

File: Jameskii.png (110 KB, 234x234)
110 KB
110 KB PNG
looking for jameskii's "wholesome siege" videos, he most likely deleted them cuz twomad appears in them
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he had a fan art furry profile pic for a while but that's it
File: 1.png (94 KB, 499x498)
94 KB
i lost
While we're on the topic of jameskii
Does anybody have his video of the compilation of memes of that fat seal?

File: 1706878385502530.jpg (252 KB, 2500x2500)
252 KB
252 KB JPG
tl;dr is there a threshold on data copying where it becomes harmful for your hardware? Hardware in question is a ~4yo WD My Passport 4TB, and a brand new Seagate Desktop 8TB.

How would you backup:
>500 gigs from an internal drive to an external
>2TB from an internal drive to an external
>cloning a 4TB external to another 4TB external drive
without stressing your hardware too much? I see three basic options:

>1. Do it in one go
>2. Split the copying over a couple of days but keep your drive plugged in
>3. Split the copying over a couple of days, unplugging it after each use
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I have it, thanks for the reminder, and also for cooling my nerves about this issue. I had a mechanical failure the other day and I wondered if it was due to something I did, or someone physically bumping it or like a manufacturing defect. Nothing was really lost thankfully, I'm just trying to be more careful with my hardware.
Do a full test on new hard drives before using them.
Like a crystaldiskinfo diagnostic?
>is there a threshold on data copying where it becomes harmful for your hardware?
Yes, it's 1. Any use of your hardware damages it. It also decays over time if you don't use it.

Do it all in one go. Heat kills hard drives but you're not going to turn on cool drive, wait for system to detect it, write 100 MB, turn it off, let it cool down, repeat 39 999 more times to write 4 TB of data. The power cycling itself could be more damaging not to mention that if it takes 10 minutes including cool down and 8 hours sleep a day it would take you 1 year 1 month 21 days and 16 hours.

The difference in total heat energy input between turn on cool hd write 500 GB, turn off let it cool down, repeat 7 more times, and turn on once, write 4 TB, turn off is trivial.

There is no advantage I can see to splitting the copying over days unless you have to wait days for new data to be created. HDD data should last for decades between writes before bit rot sets in but best practice says you should also power them up at least one a year to prevent mechanical seizing, though I've never had any trouble with this.
Thank you, I appreciate your input.

File: 1700994248293719.png (408 KB, 984x161)
408 KB
408 KB PNG
Can someone identify this font?
In the future, you can use the LikeFont website to reverse image search CJK fonts.

Very nice, thanks, I never would have thought such a site existed.

Font is 仕事メモ書き RegularVersion
It looks very cool, shame for the cucked license but that's most fonts
I'm the OP of >>1455271 and this helps a lot. Thanks!

File: 1659624869142.gif (485 KB, 960x720)
485 KB
485 KB GIF
Can any anons recommend some low intebsity hobbies for me to try?
I'm experiencing health issues related to energy and my nervous system and my physician believes a lot of my gradual wearing down is due to worry and rumination. I'm doing some stuff to hopefully help the worry part, but my physician recommended doing some kind of low effort activity to help my brain not stay stuck in rumination mode (some examples were knitting/crocheting, doing some simple chores around the house).
It shouldn't be too mentally taxing or require much movement to do. But, it should be something I can do almost any time and for roughly as long as I want.
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Learn a new language
I've always thought Gubdam were cool, so I might look into that more. Any tips on how to start?
I'm currently learning Japanese, slowly. I can read Hiragana and Katakana pretty well, now.
I was looking at languages like Old Norse or Frisian or something that I could properly use runes with. Any ideas?
File: 1693151207857393.jpg (166 KB, 1081x800)
166 KB
166 KB JPG
>Any tips on how to start?
If you just want to build them and not get into the weeds with customization and painting it's pretty easy.
To start with you just need a pair of hobby nippers and maybe a glass file (to file down the nubs after clipping a plastic part off of the runner). Try some "HG" kits as they're the standard and relatively simple to build, you can just follow the instructions. after that you could also try "Real Grade" (same size as HG but more detail and higher part count) and "Master Grade" (bigger with a lot more parts) kits if there are robutts you like in those lines.

dalong.net has a good gallery, you can just look through all the model kits and see which ones you think look cool
keep in mind that older ones might be more awkward to build or, if they're old enough, might have instructions only in Japanese. but they still have pictures so once you've built some they should be easy enough.
I've never done model kits for myself and only did minimal participation when anyone else did it. So, I'll probably start with just building and see if the interest grows from thefe.
Thabks for the tips. I wouldn't have known about using a glass file for dealing with the nubs.
>or, if they're old enough, might have instructions only in Japanese.
Haha, that might be a bonus, at some point, since I'm slowly trying to learn the language. But, yeah, I'd start with the ones with English instructions, so I can get an idea of what I'm doing.
One more bump in case earlier anons would like to reply or if new anons have any extra suggestions. (I hope my responses to eadlier anons were helpful)

File: 1694962962368060.jpg (18 KB, 590x656)
18 KB
Requesting your filters for all the dumb ass coomer shit on /v/
I know some anon had a constantly updating huge list of all md5 hashes, but I can't find it. And I just can't seem to get rid of it entirely.
/v/ is just for cooming and lazy trolling. if you want video game discussion on 4chan you'll have to go to one of the spinoff boards like /vg/ or /vr/.

File: 1711673962304822.jpg (133 KB, 1280x1024)
133 KB
133 KB JPG
>what was your first board
>what memories do you you have
>when did you come
>did you you make friends here
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File: 1413411549532.png (127 KB, 500x375)
127 KB
127 KB PNG
>How did you find out about 4chan
First heard about it through Encyclopedia Dramatica and seeing my brother use it back in 2009.
>Why did you come here
I guess it made me feel cool and like an adult.
>what was your first board
/b/, then /vp/ and finally /v/
>what memories do you you have
Dozens of them. The first thread I made was about a bunch of Chinese guys singing final countdown in a car. I posted it on /b/ because my brother asked me to since it was a funny video and it got three replies, one was just a Charmander making a funny face. Some of my fondest memories was just reading greentext threads on /b/ about random things in their past.
>when did you come
>did you you make friends here
Yeah, although I don't really talk to any of them anymore.
I learned about 4chan from Not4chan, the loli only site which I found out from a post by John Oppliger of Animenation back around 2007. Someone asked John on the Animenation forums about where to get lolicon and he recommended Not4chan and Little Angels Hentai.

Fun fact, though Not4chan closed, Little Angels Hentai still exists.
saw the "shoop da whoop" meme in various places, and I was curious where it came from, so visited /b/ and liked it (yeah, I was a dumbass and I may still be).
Make sure to apply next time they open up: https://www.4chan.org/janitorapp Jannie lover.
Back in '08 or '09 I went on a multi-week webcomics binge. That was how I found Megatokyo. Some time later I searched for porn of Megatokyo, and that search led me to Encyclopedia Dramatica, which I binged for a few days before jumping directly to /b/, my first board.
I remember going on one of the later Habbo Hotel raids, and a short series of "ask me anything" threads from someone claiming to be Raven from a Teen Titans continuity that was similar but not exactly like the cartoon.
I didn't technically make friends in the 4chan, but I made friends on Discord servers where I'd gone because they'd been posted in certain recurring 4chan threads.

File: IMG_5434.jpg (5.69 MB, 4032x3024)
5.69 MB
5.69 MB JPG
she fucked?
happens regardless of what computer is plugged in
uses cable that came with monitor
that corner was hot
just turned it on for the day, was off just before
issue just suddenly appeared as lines infested the screen after about 5 minutes of use

just built my first PC, did I cause this somehow? (Owned the monitor for awhile however, it’s 3 years old)

LG - UltraGear 27” IPS QHD 1-ms G-SYNC Compatibillity Monitor - Black
Model:27GN800-B SKU:6437476
File: IMG_5435.jpg (3.83 MB, 4032x3024)
3.83 MB
3.83 MB JPG
2nd pic
File: IMG_5436.png (28 KB, 833x324)
28 KB
last pic, in case it helps

File: edges.jpg (647 KB, 4095x2159)
647 KB
647 KB JPG
So I'm new to watching stuff on a 4K monitor. I somewhat understand why scaling leaves some edges on the side, but is there a way to make shows scale to the full screen instead of creating those edges without having to switch back to a lower resolution every time? The files scale just fine at 2k and 3k, it's only 4k that causes the edges.

Using MPC-HC
damn, nobody?

File: GODruto.png (375 KB, 693x1080)
375 KB
375 KB PNG
is there still a search function on this site? there used to be one that would search every board. I think I usually would get to it via google but never knew how to find it on the actual site
File: 1698487549018312.png (543 KB, 1098x1006)
543 KB
543 KB PNG
.................................I don't know who to believe
Use kurobaex

File: images.png (2 KB, 242x209)
2 KB
Help identify a techno/trance/hard trance track

It's playing on background in this YouTube video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7rXsdfrG_BY&t=233
(Timecode is for the clearest sounding part)

The track is no newer than 2011, the year the video was posted

File: RAPE.gif (14 KB, 281x86)
14 KB
Looking for a gif of a short-haired, unkempt man standing in a group of roman soldiers inside a tent and smirking before saying something like: "You fucking bastards." like he just realises he's been betrayed.

If anyone has any clue what it is I'd be much obliged, thanks.

File: 1712707207297454.jpg (29 KB, 513x513)
29 KB
How do I access an YouTube account made without gmail? I remember the username and password.

The channel is circa 2006 btw
on the login page, you don't even have to type "@gmail.com"
even if the login credentials are right, they will still ask you your security question (this has been phased out in favor of 2FA) because you haven't logged in in a very long time
You need to use the gaia link site to link it to an existing google account.
If you already linked it to a google account, there will be NO WAY to log in with your original credentials anymore, so be careful. I lost a yt channel I had even though I still know the credentials because I forgot the credentials to the new account I linked it to.

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