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File: unnamed.jpg (171 KB, 900x900)
171 KB
171 KB JPG
I was pretty sure I knew the anime where this character is from, but then I went to search it and I found nothing...
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ye That's it! Thanks! Somehow I thought in the she was Umaru Doma for some reason
I tried saucenao, but it didn't give the goddamn name of the anime or character, It gave only similar images. Probably because the image is too noise
Wait, that's someone's mom?
File: miyuki and mom.png (247 KB, 596x380)
247 KB
247 KB PNG
Yeah, here she is with her daughter
Either could be the mom. They look the same age.
You're sure they're not both 14 and sisters?

File: manface.png (94 KB, 1144x640)
94 KB
how to get roblox voice chat((("verify my age"))) without giving ID. this is fucking psychotic
>roblox voice chat
>((("verify my age")))
>giving ID
>this is fucking psychotic
What? Why would that kids game need ID? Are they trying to prove you're a child to keep predators away!?
Here, my confusion gives you a free bump
Its for 18+ content that theyre beta testing. OP is underage and thinks restricting content to adults is a jewish plot.
Shoulda called your reps about KOSA

File: Screenshot (604).png (238 KB, 823x864)
238 KB
238 KB PNG
I'm struggling a lot in answering or even getting started with this question. I'm doing a process modelling course, and they've decided to add in python coding to the last quarter of the semester.

The course is difficult as shit and I haven't done python in ages so I'm struggling to even get started.

The code I have so far is:

import numpy as np
from numpy.linalg import eig
from scipy.integrate import odeint
from scipy.optimize import fsolve
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt

def dxdt(theta, t, *params):
f, v, k = params
dtheta = f * v**2 * np.cos(theta) - k*theta**2

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File: 81v-D9VD+WL._AC_SL1500_.jpg (233 KB, 1259x1500)
233 KB
233 KB JPG
Amazon has lots of these and most of them seem like scams. I ain't buying that these support the watts they claim. Are there any ones that are reputable and have been tested?
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You're right. The problem is that there are no name-brand devices like this.
I *think* the ugreen shit is a real brand? But how the fuck would I really know
>Amazon has lots of these and most of them seem like scams
>Are there any ones that are reputable and have been tested?

You know what? You're right. Anker lists theirs at 65w whereas the Chinesium brands claim 200w-300w. Everybody knows that power rating is bullshit.

File: 1LRopQC (2).png (281 KB, 614x848)
281 KB
281 KB PNG
Any images like this? You know, gigiant science info dumps, that are in what could be considered "Fantasy" series
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Oh boy, so this is how it is going to be, BUMP
File: how PA works.png (338 KB, 896x3840)
338 KB
338 KB PNG
tl;dr an armored core is a giant robot, this particular variant has a nuclear reactor that makes a field of particles around it that can partially deflect kinetic energy from bullets/missiles and such. Armored Core series can't really be classified as fantasy but picrel suits your thread perfectly

File: Tell me about it.png (182 KB, 462x541)
182 KB
182 KB PNG
Are there any characters that can be used on Steam forums that when used in the middle of a word, disappear and don't look like anything's there, but still technically break the word into two so as to avoid word filters?

I'm trying to write a guide and annoyingly an important character's name keeps getting censored.
Try with alt+1520
≡ Shows up on steam just fine.
Try a zero width joiner, a non breaking space, or a zero width space.

File: function.gif (14 KB, 309x241)
14 KB
The same guy from >>1454137 here, still half-retarded. Thanks to the anon who explained my last question.
This time what I can't understand is how to find the range of a function (or the set of all solutions) - specifically, a function where the variable is in the denominator and the domain is limited.
The pic shows a slice of function
I don't know how to force the google search engine to accept the additional parameter of
meaning that the graph is supposed to start at the y-axis, at the coordinates (0,2), and keep going right until infinity.
Now, I know that if I substitute the zero for the "x" in the function, I will get the upper limit of the function's range: 2. That's the easy part.
I also know that because it's a fraction, the graph will forever approach 0, but never actually reach the x-axis, and so the range of the function would be 0<f(x)=<2 - I just have no idea how to prove it mathematically.
You need to use limits.

Check the "Unbounded limits (vertical asymptotes)" and "Limits at infinity (horizontal asymptotes)" sections for tutorials.

Anyone have the video?
Took a while, but thanks!

I'm looking for a manga(that I vaguely remember)about a South American or Middle Easterner little girl moving into I think a new town or new little village. But the noteworthy aspect for me isn't about the story, it's the art, it's fucking beautiful, please I hope some one remembers it.
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nope :(
A bump for our friend.
If longform by some chance, Gisele Alaine or Ran's Gray World?
Or maybe Kasai Sui or Aki Irie's short stories?
nope none of them :(
You'll want to use this, and rule out any genres it could not possibly have been. You'll want to check both the "Immigrant/s" tag and the "Foreigner/s" tag separately.


File: LpZ2hCT-2336637290.jpg (93 KB, 853x480)
93 KB
Can this be made to work? I am considering purchasing another 3060 Ti to pair with the 3060 Ti I already have in my PC in an effort to get higher frames in video games. Does anyone have experience with this, and is it reasonable to do so in 2024?
File: 1704992629208239.jpg (319 KB, 1007x1280)
319 KB
319 KB JPG
One quick google search and 2 minutes later:
yes it can be made to work
no it's not reasonable to do so in 2024

if you're too retarded to use google i suggest purchasing some pre-built with windows pre-installed and calling it a day. it's too much for you anon
i have duck duck go...
Do not. NVLink is only compatible with the top end titan GPUs nowadays and games don't even support it anymore

File: 1686788091976343.jpg (222 KB, 1412x2048)
222 KB
222 KB JPG
trying to remember a song
it might've been from the 60-70s
it starts out slow and somber like then it changes swiftly and upbeat
>something something
what song is it

File: IMG_6303.jpg (340 KB, 1280x1154)
340 KB
340 KB JPG
I think zelda games have spoiled me for retro games because every aspect of them is so polished and butter smooth
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Kid Chameleon 1000%. theres so many levels and its hard as fuck so you could probably play it forever

if youre not a genesis person, though, maybe Mr. Gimmick for the NES? its also kinda hard but the lil guy you play as is cute
>I think zelda games have spoiled me for retro games because every aspect of them is so polished and butter smooth
Dunno how you could think Links awakening is not jank. Oracle games (as per your pic), yeah they're polished, but not LA.
Anyway, DKC 1,2,3 & Yoshi's island are very clean SNES games
Doom has some jank if you play it on an accurate sourceport. Still worth playing though.
Yeah, I specifically recommended GZDoom because I didn't want them looking up the most "accurate"/vanilla port and finding Chocolate Doom, which feels janky as hell.
Good call. Besides, GZDoom is what most mods require these days.

File: hello.jpg (19 KB, 512x512)
19 KB
Growing up I often read spooky stories. They'd usually have photos. (I remember one with a face in floorboards?)

Sometimes there would be video compilations of the stories. I think this was before YouTube, so 2003-2005? Can anyone remember sites like that?

The name "JK Productions" popped into my head (either a site hosting creepy videos, or they made compilation videos?), but I can't find anything relevant, so I might be misremembering.

One of the stories was called "paint thinner", I know that for sure.
There were often photos with ghosts in them.
That was very popular at the time.

File: 1708887041726400.jpg (141 KB, 884x611)
141 KB
141 KB JPG
I'm a poor Brazilian PC gamer, but I want to buy a console that can be jailbroken to have free vidya games since I can't pay games.

Thanks in advance.
3 replies omitted. Click here to view.
>Are modern ones out of the picture?
The PS4 is hacked, provided you can find one that is still running 9.00 fw or under. The stuff it can do is less matured than a hacked PS3, it will play less good games than a PS3 and cost a couple hundred more
The PS5 is hacked. The hack is even less mature than the PS4, it requires super old firmware you can't really find, and with the hack you will barely be able to play any games because the system has no games
The Switch is hacked in several ways, and the hacks are quite mature
>I want one that comes with a comfy controller
So not a Switch than
I have a fear of buying used stuff. I really just want a factory new one.
Though I bought a hacked 3DS off of Brazilian eBay and it was very alright.
Is the PS3 able to run Nintendo Switch Pro controllers?
>I have a fear of buying used stuff
Then buy a PS5/Xbone/Switch right now, put it in your closet unused, and pray an exploit is released 2-5 years from now
Switch is the only thing with potential to expect something. I think a flashcart is rumored to be coming, but that could be a year away and cost $200. Who knows
Alright, so I'm settling for a PS3. How do you recommend me buying one? I'm in Brazil, as stated before.
>I want to buy a console that can be jailbroken to have free vidya games since I can't pay games.
Don't you have a PC? You can get even more free games there, including ones that are not on consoles
>I want one that comes with a comfy controller.
You can play with Playstation and Xbox controllers on PC, though Xbox is less hassle since you can just plug in and play with Xbox controller without needing to use additional software

File: 272767804.jpg (269 KB, 1500x1120)
269 KB
269 KB JPG
featuring industry/factory work, a bit something about metal and tungsten whatever.

Robot Carnival, Neo Tokyo and Memories ovas probably up your alley.

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