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File: IMG_5554.jpg (36 KB, 750x400)
36 KB
Looking for a recent YouTube comedy or history video where the YouTuber keeps referencing the 1990 “horror” movie SHAKMA. I have looked through my history on yt going back 2 months, but cannot find it!
Day crew, HELP!
I can not help you friend but here have a bump.
You rock!

how do i delete the empty boxes in word
File: clippy.jpg (202 KB, 2864x1336)
202 KB
202 KB JPG
Looks like you're trying to delete empty boxes.
Would you like my help?
fuck off clippy!
it's a pdf file right? you could try to find a website to crop the pdf page to get rid of the boxes

File: Capture.png (43 KB, 853x228)
43 KB
For pixiv searches, what is the code and how I implement it along these other options?
4chanX settings > Sauce > uncomment (remove the #) from the line with saucenao in it
Amazing. Thank you, anon.

File: 811_3957[1].jpg (9 KB, 200x200)
9 KB
I am desperatly looking for this bootleg:
Bowie - Coming back to Paris - 2002
Pwease, make my day!

Found this on Soundcloud, haven't listened to it so not sure if the quality is great. But I hope it makes your day!
Thank you for taking the time! Unfortunately, the quality is awful. There is also this link, but unfortunately, it’s down https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OH2_Y1-9T-A&list=PL--u6Z5nPhubo7MHEbQhAQxmkKF8vTaRl
Holy Moly, I’ve found it: https://youtu.be/UtyrUx7ULkY?feature=shared
It’s missing the first 2 songs though

hi lads, i'm looking for the artist of this funny faces comic meme
i believe the context was a meme like
>haha lets play some uno, nothing too crazy! :)
>next panel pic related
i'll post other images possibly by the same artist in the following replies
thank u anons in advance
File: what fuckery is this.png (75 KB, 290x289)
75 KB
File: honey yousee this.jpg (90 KB, 640x640)
90 KB
ok that's all i have, I would appreciate your further assistance
Lolabear on facebook
File: lolabear.jpg (243 KB, 762x761)
243 KB
243 KB JPG
absolute pimp, jesus fucking christ
thanks niggy

File: 1042053321.png (1.4 MB, 770x944)
1.4 MB
1.4 MB PNG
Can someone draw a basedjak of this guy?
There's nothing about him that warrants such an edit.
thanks for the base art for me to work off of anon, I'll take it from here.
that's not a jak it's just a line drawing
I made it into a jak using the image as a base

File: 7cb80c38314bf940.jpg (29 KB, 619x453)
29 KB
I'm creating a website where u can upload videos.
Need to create the thumbnail of uploaded video.
So I installed ffmpeg on my Ubuntu server and tried different php tutorial scripts to create the thumb but none of them return any thumbnail file. It doesnt get generated no matter what kinda script I use. Here's one for instance:

>$ffmpeg = "usr/bin/ffmpeg";
>$img_name = "var/www/html/1.jpg";
> $file_tmp = "var/www/html//test.mp4";
>$img_size = "120x90";
> $getimgsec = 5;
>$cmd = "$ffmpeg -i $file_tmp -an -ss $getimgsec -s $img_size $img_name";
> if (shell_exec($cmd)) {
>echo "ok"; }
OP here.

My folder wasnt 777 writtable

every. fucking .t ime

I thought I saved it but I can't find it. Please help me /wsr/
It was a vertical comic, maybe 4-5 panels, in colour. It's a cowboy/US southern looking fella with the lines something like:
Sometimes when I'm feeling down
I go outside and fire my gun into the sky
Trying to kill god
Been looking for it again for ages and I'm now convinced I must have not saved it. I also can't find it on google even though I remember it distinctly.
I don't know about it, but it sounds awesome.

Trying to find the full image of this, i think it said something like:
>”get closer i can feel it kicking”
It doesn’t work, can you just post the image?
File: 1682590681605544.png (789 KB, 2106x1500)
789 KB
789 KB PNG

File: her.jpg (412 KB, 720x1280)
412 KB
412 KB JPG
more pics with this feel (and sauce if you know it)
go back to /b/
searching "hot 14 year olds" would probably find what you seek. I have no sauce
Her dad really weirds me out.
good sauce. i watched one of their videos, the dad is a little awkward. I see what you mean. Where they live though is beautiful, it really is. Almost as beautiful as um.... ugh...the sunset, yeah...
theres that tiktok webm with a very similar looking latina that says "at first i was like mmmm whiteboys, like, as a joke, but bro, i dont think its a joke anymore."

File: 1692132932557046.jpg (359 KB, 1728x2953)
359 KB
359 KB JPG
Is there a name for this type of music?
Warning, barely safe for work

I don't even know what to call this, where someone took some idolm@ster song and turned it into this glorious piece of art.
3 replies omitted. Click here to view.
So you don't know what porn is. Great
Are you asking about the song genre or the type of video
Song genre
Japanese idol pop
Electro-pop maybe

File: aaa.jpg (123 KB, 1920x1080)
123 KB
123 KB JPG
Which anime is this from?
Kaguya-sama: Love Is War
tahnk you chika is beautiful


File: Screenshot_3.png (316 KB, 1171x777)
316 KB
316 KB PNG
76551 - 76552
Answer is -1
You're welcome
Thank you

Hey guys, anyone know if there are databases/libraries to find commercial photography/ads/commercials from across the globe?
Or like, scans of magazines across the years where I could fetch ads from - specifically interested in France and Latin America rn, but any would be welcome.

File: gates macintosh ad.jpg (383 KB, 800x1075)
383 KB
383 KB JPG
Check archive.org that place is a treasure trove of lulz

File: Eagles.jpg (10 KB, 200x200)
10 KB
Can someone please convert this logo to a vector graphic and also as a 1920 x 1080 JPEG ?
Unfortunately we no longer have any contact with our designer. We would really appreciate your help!

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