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Ive been looking for this for ages and managed to find a 4:3 version finally but some guy in russian is yelling over the whole movie I assume translating it. Anyone know of a 4:3 version even in avi would be great!!!!
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did he ever say which specific version it was the NA or EU release?
Here's the Svengoolie episode from a couple weeks ago

mega dot nz slash file slash q89HgLTa#_SYKuA6-_BOY2eE3l7V9TC1yRs0uDgTMDv5cA2PXLfM
Yes. On an unrelated note, is there an extended Svengoolie schedule, I want to see the episode of The Beast Must Die.
checking tomorrow! slow internets here!
File: 1528427557372.gif (907 KB, 150x113)
907 KB
907 KB GIF
finally finished and on a day of sven no less!

great capture, checked it no weird cropping or audio issues. grab it while its hot! or deal with a screaming russian or the shortened yiff versions which are half the time of the original and lack sven.

only sad part or maybe a blessing is I couldnt check my coq10 levels and arent 4 certain about them so i can get my book published.

thank you anon for being THAT anon and came through!!!! what a great movie it was worth all the effort looking for it and your work is appreciated!!!!!!!

File: hqdefault.jpg (17 KB, 480x360)
17 KB
can someone recommend me one of those X in one nes roms with actually different games?
I want to have as little possible files in some old tablet I'll be using to emulate nes games. But most of those "100 in 1", "1000 in 1", etc, are actually like 7-8 games and the other ones are one of those and a number (like Mappy, and then Mappy 2, Mappy 3, etc...).
I want this because some kid will be playing those, but I don't want them to be mingling the emulator settings while searching for another game, just some hotkey for soft reset if they want to try another.
I remember there was something like that many years ago, in some console which was actually just a controller which you plugged to the tv.
nevermind, I found a 64 in 1 which have like 50 games and the remaining 10 are repeated hacks, that'll do.

File: 1712358691402856.png (825 KB, 723x1200)
825 KB
825 KB PNG
What is this outfit called, where women where a tight hoodie and tight sweatpants or yoga pants and then a loose crop top over it? I've seen it in real life and this is the closest image I have of it.

Also please post any images you may have of this outfit.
looks like this
Sorry, I'm not asking for the actual leotard, but the fit of women having tight workout clothes with a loose top over it.
Girl here, my tops like this are called half-sweaters, cropped hoodies, or some variation of those words. Try searching those terms on clothing sites or (if you don't want to look THAT good) Amazon
Same person, not sure what the full outfit would be called, there's a bit of y2k style in there, but you would have more success piecing together outfits yourself

File: 20240413_100908.jpg (888 KB, 1400x1983)
888 KB
888 KB JPG
Are there any good SFW and NSFW artists that draw more stylized yet still sexy girls than usual (at least compared to the generic anime art style)?
I've recently discovered Shouta Kikuchi and despite that none of his works have been translated, I instantly feel in love with his art style
>Lanky proportions, but still "thick" with thin waists, long legs and actual meat where it matters
>expressive cartoonish faces with proper full lips
>70s like manga art style but properly modernized with draftmanship and 90s sensibilities
Are there any other artists that could scratch the same itch when it comes to drawing women?
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File: 20240412_143822.jpg (414 KB, 1064x1652)
414 KB
414 KB JPG
File: 20240412_143614.jpg (104 KB, 500x705)
104 KB
104 KB JPG
man's been bimbopilled
bluethebone does some oldish style stuff but not really what you are looking for
I'll look around
transition imminent

File: animegirl_store_clerk.png (296 KB, 1000x1000)
296 KB
296 KB PNG
I need a movie title in Japanese but I'm not a native speaker so I don't know if this sounds good or retarded or what. The current working title in English is "The Land of Golden Echoes" and the WIP Japanese one is "黄金の響きの大地" (ougon no hibiki no daichi)

Please chime in if you know Japanese and tell me how it sounds. I know there's some native Japanesery that goes on with movie titles sometimes, like Kimi no Na wa and Kimi no Na meaning the same thing technically but "wa" adds more emphasis by making the rest of the title a subject. idk things like this so anything is appreciated <3
perhaps 黄金の響きる大地 instead
It's probably best to pay a native 5 bucks on fiverr so they will give you guidance on these nuances. If this is your musical or MM project, it's probably worth paying at least this much to make sure the title is not cringe.

File: 1629166432975.jpg (78 KB, 720x960)
78 KB
How do I stop a chrome extension from auto updating? I can't find the answer for this anywhere.
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use Firefox
This reddit thread has instructions

What pose is this called?
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it's called the mentally ill faggotesque pose
File: GK3-d2QagAA2GG-.png (164 KB, 339x315)
164 KB
164 KB PNG
no, it isn't
bumping for interest in the shupogaki pose
It kind of reminds me of those trafic direct hand signals (signaling where the exits are, etc)

File: 1269798734.jpg (72 KB, 980x635)
72 KB
I'm looking of the sauce of the song that you can hear between 22 min. and 28 min. of this vidéo : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9bXntamP-q8

I tried all the tools that can reconise à song but it failed.

What are some useful things you can keep in your purse to be a reliable friend?
For now I have tissues, hand sanitizer, gum, a water bottle, tampons and pads, and a few hair ties.
Any other ideas? The nicer and more creative, the better!
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I have a really dust dirty job and these things are absolutely fantastic, keep a few in my pocket almost every day.
Great for rinsing out cuts too.
Tablets of some kinda. Paracetamol, Ibuprofen, Diarrhea tablets, Heartburn tablets etc.. Never know when having four on hand of each might be useful. Along with this, Menthol Lozenges for when you might have a sore throat.

A power bank, get one that has two usb's out so people can share, along with this maybe two sets of cables (USB-C and whatever Iphone users have). Always useful to have (I carry two around)

A set of safety pins, might need to stitch something together fast.

This may seem weird but maybe something like a small bottle of essential oils? I always have some Lavender on me whenever I can't sleep at someone's place and sprinkle it on a pillow or my clothes. Helps the place smell good too if it's a problem. I'd say a set of earplugs too (although I use in-ear headphones since that kind of works too)

A few plastic bags.

A gameboy micro when you're bored.
File: lightning-672x372.jpg (47 KB, 672x372)
47 KB
>and whatever Iphone users have
Tide To Go Stick
portable lint roller
sun screen
coupon book
a Daisy chain for earbuds
eye drops
pre pasted tooth brushes
those flat sponges or hand towels that form when in water
Blotting sheets
a sticker sheet for fun
Tape measure
pencil sharpener
clear tape

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File: file.png (3.02 MB, 1893x927)
3.02 MB
3.02 MB PNG
idk if there's a term for this mishmash of things that's probably only a cohesive unit in my head but I'm really into it.
something like "80s sci-fi/fantasy" is too specific and includes things that don't really fit and "dark fantasy" is too broad and excludes a lot of things that do. it's more about the particular look and feel than the time period necessarily, best I can do is give examples.
anyway, please post literally anything you think might fit, movies, games, comics, manga, books, art, etc.
You might like the Wizardy OVA: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GeBgxaRz2sc
Book Of The New Sun (Gene Wolfe)
The Dying Earth series (Jack Vance)
Chronicles Of Amber and Lord Of Light (Roger Zelazny)
Dragonriders Of Pern (McCaffrey)
Hyperion (Dan Simmons)
Galaxy Express 999 (Leiji Matsumoto)
Five Star Stories (Mamoru Nagano)
Space Adventure Cobra (Buichi Terasawa)
Bastard!! (Kazushi Hagiwara)
Claymore (Norihiro Yagi)
Getter Saga (Go Nagai/Ken Ishikawa)
The Vision Of Escaflowne (Sunrise 1996)
Valerian And Laureline (Christin/Mezieres)
Nemesis The Warlock and Slaine (Pat Mills)

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
File: 001.jpg (1.76 MB, 1920x2562)
1.76 MB
1.76 MB JPG
a bit outside my usual interests, so these might not fit your tastes:
Some Jean Giraud (Moebius) comics: Airtight Garage, Incal and The Long Tomorrow; maybe Metabarons.
Mr Ash Tuesday (Monsieur Mardi-Gras Descendres) by Eric Liberge

Looking for android app with/for video upscaling (ie. Video flicker/noise reducer function)

File: image.png (20 KB, 701x334)
20 KB
some online board like 4chan had the default shit like /b(random) but also had /fap(self-explanatory) its like a browser in of itself when u try to go to /b it would not open a new tab but show up beside the "online boards" thing like this
>its like a browser in of itself when u try to go to /b it would not open a new tab but show up beside the "online boards" thing like this
shitloads of imageboards do that iframe navigation theme, old versions of 4chan did too

File: 4172798157.jpg (91 KB, 1359x679)
91 KB
recommend me a move to watch. not in the mood for anything in particular
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>Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust
(sub > dub, but for all it's flaws, the actual casting for the dub isnt bad)
>Repo: A Genetic Opera
The actual writing is a bit spotty but the style and music make up for it
>Tucker and Dayle vs Evil
Great comedy slasher flick
the thing
the pentagon wars
it's a comedy about bureaucracy bullshit in the US weapons development program
Whiplash, easy
7 Psychopaths
The Way Way Back
Blue Iguana
Logan Lucky
Talladega Nights

File: Piano music.png (41 KB, 598x275)
41 KB
I am trying to learn the piano and I've come across something that I require help with. I'm only vaguely familiar with the idea of chords and I've only seen a three-note b-minor chord before. Now, as far as I'm aware all the F notes are sharps in this so the four note B minor chord should be D, B,F sharp and D. Am I right? If so, am I supposed to be able to hit all four notes with one hand? It seems like it'd be difficult but I guess that's what the point of practice is.
File: music.png (35 KB, 598x275)
35 KB
This isn't technically just piano sheet music, its piano/choral sheet music.
Often times (and especially with choral music) there are different "voices" in each staff of music (the horizontal blocks). In pure choral music, this will be a soprano voice and alto voice in the treble staff, with a tenor voice and bass voice in the bass staff.
In your case, there is a unison (soprano) voice in the treble staff in addition to the piano's voice. You don't actually play the unison voice because that is what is sung.
You can tell the difference between what is for the piano and what is for the unison voice by the direction of the stem. The higher voice typically has stems going up, and the lower voice typically has stems going down. In your case, the unison voice has stems going up and the piano has stems going down in the treble staff. This won't be universally the case, especially with solo piano music.
I have marked up your image to demonstrate. The green is the treble clef, which marks the treble staff. The yellow is the unison/soprano voice, and also the melody. The pink is the piano voice treble, which should be played by your right hand. The red is the bass clef, which marks the bass staff. The crimson is the piano voice bass, which should be played by your left hand.

Is there a way to permanently deactivate RGB components from a CPU?
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Depends on if your LEDs have a separate power/control signal or not.
If there's no separate RGB wire (only the fan connector), you're out of luck, it's nearly impossible to remove the light without permanent damage to the fan unless you can remove the fan blades safely. I tried.
just fucking unplug them?
I use a fairly light program called OpenRGB to make all my lights one solid color. Similarly, you could use it to just turn all of them off / black / minimum brightness.

This probably isn't the solution you're looking for since it only applies the light profile after program runs on startup, so you'd be seeing lights between powering on and booting, but at least it lets you control everything with one program instead needing a dozen from all your different component manufacturer.
>asks a retarded question
>gets mad when given a retarded answer

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