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File: Cz7UqBOUcAEThyW.jpg (53 KB, 900x450)
53 KB

>How the #Japanese government destroyed 80,000 Shinto shrines in the Meiji era. https://tfg.li/stateshinto


>That wasn't the end of it. Shrines with long histories were transformed from celebrating local heroes, legends, or natural spirits to celebrating whatever had propaganda value to the state. So the shrine that paid respect to a powerful tree for a hundred years would suddenly be paying respect to a war hero with no connection to the original shrine.

>Finally, in 1906, the Imperial government announced it would only provide funds for one shrine per village3. That one shrine usually reflected state interests.

>You might think Shinto would have experienced a revered or elevated status during this time, but instead, it was blighted and under siege. During the Meiji era's most aggressive wartime expansion, 80,000 local shrines disappeared4, consolidated into those that followed state guidelines. (For some perspective, that's the total number of Shinto Shrines in Japan today.)

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File: 7823178784.png (185 KB, 571x466)
185 KB
185 KB PNG
Summary of my opinions about OP's schizo posts:
>Shrines were merged
>Castles and shrines were destroyed
A horrible tragedy, but such things happen during times of crisis
>Priests not allowed to preach
Pretty dumb and for dumb reasons
>Shinbutsu bunri
Absolutely idiotic
The most unoriginal argument ever. Also victim blaming.
>Japanese emperor lineage
What, they're secretly [insert ither country] and have a complex family lineage like any other royal house in history? SHOCKING.
>The emperor did nothing during executions
The entire country was in shambles and occupied by the US you moron

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
You're an idiot.
>Christianity isn't personal

A lot of "Bible Churches" would disagree with you.

File: 1716319513195.jpg (401 KB, 1483x1111)
401 KB
401 KB JPG
Thoughts on my ancestors? Trying to find books, films, and whatever I can find for research purposes.
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My GF is from Spain wtf
File: 116.png (704 KB, 977x650)
704 KB
704 KB PNG
Just read the codices. They've mostly been translated to Spanish already.
why is that pyramid seemingly in the middle of nowhere, unpainted and unplastered, and clearly not built in the nahua style besides the temple at the summit
>haha this one’s for you mi ancestros
>further mutts himself
>gets exterminated by Spain in 2050 after the EU collapse

File: IMG_9251.jpg (360 KB, 828x1013)
360 KB
360 KB JPG
>funds the destruction of Europe by giving both sides free supplies to destroy eachother
>order your country to create the deadliest weapon in human history (nuclear weapons)
>makes profit off this
>be the only president to get 4 terms because your that awesome
>die before anyone can criticize you
>be remembered as a hero

So basically this guy was a super villain?
File: IMG_0407.jpg (1.11 MB, 2316x3088)
1.11 MB
1.11 MB JPG
Yes, they needed Marvel Thor’s infinity gauntlet to stop him and that is why Hitler lost cause he couldn’t find it.

File: IMG_9570.jpg (150 KB, 512x640)
150 KB
150 KB JPG
Essence-energies distinction = phenomena and noumena
Logoi = spirit

Orthodox christianity uncovered what hegel worked his whole life on achieving by complete accident
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Schizo thread with schizo responses?
Schizo thread indeed
Hegelian spirit
What's that?
Why are you on the side of the mystic in that image? Are the voices bothering you again?

File: 4KTHEODOSIAN.png (555 KB, 3840x2160)
555 KB
555 KB PNG
There was never such a thing as "western roman empire". There was an empire with two emperors, and eventually one of them got fired by germanic foederati and only one emperor remained. On the other hamd, the term "eastern roman empire" may be a synonym for the "byzantine empire", as the seat of power was transferred by Constantine to the east (so western parts can be considered as part of ERE since 330, some of the were later reconquered by Justinian, but ERE didn't magically appear in 395. "Western empire" was never an entity and I am getting tired of the retarded narrative.
OP discovers the concept of historiography
>There was an empire with two emperors

>"Western empire" was never an entity

OP are you retarded?
This is tepid stuff OP. If you want to really impress me you need to start claiming that the HRE and Byzantium were actually the same Empire.

File: IMG_4043.jpg (1.5 MB, 927x1538)
1.5 MB
1.5 MB JPG
Crazy how people during the Middle Ages forgot how to make realistic statues
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What's unrealistic about it?
it's not like the greeks started ex nihilo with their statue making either
A lot of medieval artists deliberately wanted to make art that was stylized and not realistic. I think there was some theological reason for that but I forget what that was.
That’s the thing about crafts, all you need is one or two generations of interruptions and then you have to relearn everything from scratch (well, not from scratch: being able to observe examples from the past speeds up the process immensely).
They didn't forget, moron, they were learning. Westerners were a new civilization left with the task of rebuilding civilization after the Romans had allowed it to decay, and they did a very admirable job catching up and later completely surpassing their achievements.

File: 1715205428540740.png (514 KB, 481x446)
514 KB
514 KB PNG
>*has a stroke*
>Immediately, irreparably rapes the US, ruins all its foreign relations and becomes the prototypical selfish baby boomer pulling the ladder up
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Do you by chance know what these generals did to German soldiers who surrendered to the allies? Not just Ike but he was a part of it.
I'd say no smacks, punches, kicks, chokeholds, body slams and tomahawk knees. No biting, no metal chairs, no dropkicks and absolutely, ABSOLUTELY no piledrivers.
But forcing them onto the potty by holding them there is not an issue I feel. Why the questions by the way? Are you genuinely interested in what I have to say or are you looking for holes to poke?
I don't have to; you're talking about the rules of fighting toddlers.
No chokeslams either you little shit.
File: 1541437607830.jpg (112 KB, 1280x720)
112 KB
112 KB JPG
is he the biggest self hating cuck in history killed millions of own

File: 20231125_090614.jpg (96 KB, 1154x979)
96 KB
What happened 2024 years ago that started the Common Era?
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Then why is it unclear if Protties count as Christians?
>And rose again.
And left his church to collapse on itself.
>Yes you have
No, I've seen some narcissistic retard claiming to speak on his behalf.
>It's more like you want to roast.
He won't even claim responsibility for torturing everyone?
>Thank you.
This is someone we should worship?
As far as I know, nothing at all.

Not even true.
Christ is not a name but a title (Greek equivalent of Messiah).
>What happened 2024 years ago that started the Common Era?
god created heaven and the earth.
BC and AD is historically accurate

How come every single Roman emperor after Constantine, except for Julian, saw nothing wrong with embracing this new, foreign religion and rejecting the one that Rome had practised for a literal millennium?
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Christ was raised in Egypt.

You are an idiot.

Non sequitur
because religion to them was seen as merely a tool for control of the masses, and "embracing new, foreign religions" was much like someone embracing a new color of paint for the room to placate the wifey.
drinking alcohol is a pagan practice
Jews also drink wine in some of their rituals. Did they get it from pagans?

File: IMG_7643.jpg (61 KB, 488x488)
61 KB
Are there any other written works whose mere existence is the proof of its own truthfulness?
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
The Quran
Bhagavad Gita, Dhammapada
pic unrelated
Nope, there is no verbal revelation outside that book.
The Amazing Spiderman #1

March 2, 1757. Robert Francois Damiens was condemned in Paris, "to make honorable amends." He was brought in a tumbril, wearing nothing save for a smock, and carrying a torch of burning wax in his hand. The scaffold stood on the Place de Greve. Pincered at the breasts, arms, thighs, and calves, his right hand holding the knife with which he allegedly perpetrated the crime, he was to be burned on the hand with sulfur, doused at the pinion points with hot oil, molten lead, and burning resin, and then to be pulled apart by four hourses before his body was burned and scattered to the wind.

When the fire was lit, its heat was feeble enough to only single Damiens's hand. But then one of the executioners, a burly man, grasped the metal pincers and twisted and turned them to rip out huge chunks of flesh, leaving gaping wounds that were doused from a red hot spoon. Between his cries of pain, Damiens yelled "Oh mon Dieu, aide-moi!" The spectators were moved by the compassion of an aged priest who offered him solace.

The clerk of the court, Sieur de Breton, asked Damiens if he had any final words. He said that he did not. The final operation lasted long enough, for four horses were not enough. A team of six horses was deployed and still did not succeed. The executioner asked if Damiens should be dismembered but the clerk ordered them to try again. The confessors drew closer and Damiens said "Embrassez-moi, messieurs." One of them kissed him on the forehead. After two or three more attempts, the executioners got out knives and hacked off his legs. They believed him to be dead. But when the body had been pulled apart, his lower jaw was still moving, as if to speak. The last pieces of flesh were not consumed until 10:30 in the evening.
Damiens was condemned to die for attempted regicide. His immediate family were expelled from France, his brothers and sisters told to change their surnames, and his house was razed. Damiens's crime? He had lept onto the carriage of King Louis XV and gouged him with a small knife, leaving little more than a paper cut. He muttered some complaint about Parliament. Damiens made no attempt at escape and said he just wanted to scare the king a bit. Today he would likely just be committed to a mental institution.

Judicial torture had been accepted practice since antiquity. St. Augustine called it unfortunate but necessary. But Robert Damiens was the last such person to die this way in France. Shortly afterwards, a Milanese, the Marquis Bonesana, published a tract titled "De delitti i delle pene" (On Crime and Punishment) where he argued that torture was cruel and not a deterrent to crime. Widely translated, with a preface by Voltaire, it stimulated reform across Europe and increased opposition to capital punishment.

Why has America historically granted its imperial possessions and satrapies so much autonomy? Is it the Mongol business model?
23 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
>I was thinking the other day (I’m Canadian) about what might occur if, say, Canada decided it wanted to quit NATO, NORAD, PJBD, and instead become security-allies with China.
There would be no way for the U.S. to stop this, though in today's world at least I imagine such a move would be very politically painful for the people pushing for it because lots of Canadians would become scared about the direction the country is going in, and it would wake a lot of people up. They are very pro globalist so they don't like leaving important organizations like that for no reason.

I would imagine that if all that really happened, you'd see China trying harder to economically dominate Canada (it already is doing so), kind of like how it attempts to economically punish and coerce nations like Australia who are more in the crosshairs right now. That's what I imagine would happen. I don't think the Chinese elite would treat Canada as an equal partner even if that's what they wanted or were expecting for, it would be more of a "we're controlling you, so do what we say" kind of thing than what people are probably used to. That's just my guess as to that hypothetical situation.

>And just like that I understood Putin’s position in Ukraine.
Was there an equivalent of the Holodomor, Communist rule, and USSR in the last century between the US and Canada?
Well, the US does suck the resources out of them, just in an indirect way by making itself the centre of the global financial and trade system plus the petrodollar.
Worked for Rome
yet the troon posts with a name, they're a namefag that became a tripfag because other people kept using their hecking username
>They have no need to extract wealth from their provinces or puppets.
The whole tech supply chain and tech mineral spergery says otherwise

File: 742px-Mannerheim1940.jpg (305 KB, 742x1023)
305 KB
305 KB JPG
Mannerheim is revered in Finland for many good reasons, most notably from how he successfully led the country through its Civil War and WWII. One thing that intrigues me about him though is how he was a pro-Imperial Russia monarchist - it seems like a bit of an odd disconnect with what he's remembered for.

Not only did Mannerheim participate in Tsar Nicholas II's coronation, but they were reportedly decent friends as well. Apparently throughout WWII Mannerheim even kept a photo of Nicholas II on his desk, since he valued him as a leader and his social relationship with him so highly. This seems rather odd to me though, given that it was Nicholas II's Russification policies which angered and turned Finland against Imperial Russia.

Obviously Mannerheim's staunch opposition to communism makes sense, as it was the Soviets who murdered not only the Tsar whom he liked but many other aristocrats and 'whites' like Mannerheim himself, who was of a noble family background. Mannerheim leading 'white' Finland throughout the Finnish Civil War makes sense, especially since 'white' Finland never truly rebelled against Imperial Russia. But Mannerheim having his reverence for a man who sought to strip the semi-autonomous Finnish state of its rights and privileges and who sought to turn the population into Russians... it seems kind of odd to me that he's upheld still today as 'the greatest Finn', especially when you consider the fact that he could barely stumble his way through a sentence of Finnish.
15 replies omitted. Click here to view.
I love how he makes Tankie filth seethe
>Mannerheim had a personal disdain due to his loyalty to Imperial Russia.
Mannerheim had other more serious reasons to have distaste towards Nazi-Germany, its leadership and Germany in general. For one thing society and ideology of Nazi-Germany was totally incompatible with his whole family background and education as part of pre-WW1 European aristocracy. He also had less than positive experiences about German political influence. He had been against Finnish government asking German help in form of troops during Finnish Civil War - likely both because he wanted Finnish White Army to win the war on its own and because he knew that that German help would come with a steep price The price turned out be Finland almost becoming German protectorate and Mannerheim choosing to rather resign from position of commander of Finnish Armed Forces rather than accept position as subordinate of German general.

While he apparently tried to remain professional and diplomatic towards the Germans during Continuation War, there were cases in which he could not avoid opportunity to misbehave - most famous of which was in his 75th birthday burning cigar in Hitler's presence in a train car, even if he had been informed that Hitler hated tobacco and smokers.
Their casus belli was it was the "continuation war" so they were only going to take the land that the Soviets occupied. To go further would have turned it into an offensive war. In their view they have already "won" by having retaken the occupied territory.
And that was utterly naive, because simply retaking that territory wouldn't have brought the USSR anywhere close to defeat, and you cannot claim land from your enemy without actually defeating them
The nazis weren't religiously anti-semitic so they wouldn't care about synagogues. What they cared about was if you were racially a Jew, so if you were Finnish but Jewish religiously that wouldn't mattered. In Georgia they apparently determined that since the Jews there were Karaites and so didn't follow the Talmud this meant they were converts who didn't have a talmudic tradition from having had Jewish ancestors and so weren't racially Jewish according to the Nazis.

Who are the top popes?
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
I'm sure out of the entire lineup one of them wasn't a homoexual or a pedophile or some other type of degenerate.
name says it all
Gregory VII, no contest
Jeremy Irons
Anthony Hopkins
Jude Law
Pope Rope-a-Dope II

Why were almost all of the ancient empires or states in the world destroyed by rigid land ownership? Why was it so important?
>Why were almost all of the ancient empires or states in the world destroyed by rigid land ownership?
Source required
I have read enough history and know it to be true
Because land holds resources rigidly.
The earth doesn't feel like distributing its contents equally to all men.

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