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File: images.png (2 KB, 275x183)
2 KB
What serious books would you recommend me to understand Lebanon-Israel relations?

Okay, as far as I know:
-Lebanon used to be the richest country in ME region until Israel filled it with tons of Palestine refugees.
-Lebanon civil war happens and Israel gets into it (Waltz with Bashir, etc).
-Somehow now lebanese Christians, despite being less than 50% now, tend to consider Hezbollah their national heroes against Israel bullying.

I want to have the big picture. People tend to think that Lebanon failed because of muslims, but I don't think so. Everytime muslim world goes mad, Mossad is behind it, and I want a history book that takes this narrative into account and considers the role of Intelligence Agencies in this conflict. American and Israeli historians, and also superleftist historians, are highly suspicious and not prefered, I just want the truth. If the book also takes into account the posibility that Israel is behind international sunni terrorism, the book insterests me even more.
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>Beware of Small States is an immensely absorbing and thoroughly researched book on Lebanon's critically turbulent history which unavoidably evolves into the history of Middle East's Arab - Israeli conflict. The author David Hirst, explains how Lebanon endured seemingly endless turmoil since its independence from France in 1943 and played an unwilling role since then, for the unrest in that part of the world. The book is not an easy ready by any means. This is history with all its ugly truth and some more.

>Hirst's perspective is based on actual geo-political facts and the events that sowed the seeds of imminent conflict that caused the six Israel - Arab wars to date, the rise of Arafat's Palestine Liberation Organisation (PLO), how Ayatollah Khomeini's militant group, Hizbullah got involved from Iran, Syria's so called big brother protection of Lebanon and interfering into its politics, other Arab leader's non-reaction when the need to do so was at hand and of course, Israel's relentless pursuit of aggression to disable any form of unity that would threaten its own existence - the root cause for this whole mess to start with.

>For those as ignorant as I was on the conflicts that plagued Middle East especially after World War II, was born from the Palestine - Israel issue. This one underlying thorn caused Lebanon more than 40 years of turbulent existence which it had nothing to do from the outset. Like the author put it, Lebanon became the 'battleground of other people's wars'. Alas, being geographically poised to offer such a ground for two warring parties, unwittingly and inevitably Lebanon got drawn into the 'Arab - Israeli struggle' on Lebanon's land.
>Lebanese muslims welcome the Palestinian refugees
>Lebanese christcucks start seething and attack a bus filled with children and women which was the first blood that started the while shitty civil war
>the commit treason and side with the Israeli enemy
>to the surprise of no one Israel backtabs them and abandon them after they completed their objective (driving out the PLO from Lebanon)
>christcucks instead of staying in their ancestors land and fighting for it they flee the country on masses reducing the christcuck population to 33% from 50%
>christcucks now are still lacking any sense of dignity and begging for fucking France to come back and rule them while at the same time they criticize Hizbollah for being an Iranian puppet
the problem always lies with the christrannies, see Jordan (99% muslim country) it also had a war with Paelstinain refugees but they fixed it without going retard mode burning the entire country like the christcucks in Lebanon did
Thanks for the recommend; David Hirst is excellent, 'The Gun and the Olive Branch' is necessary reading on Israel/Palestine.
The civil war was bad, but that was like 30 years ago. The real thing killing Lebanon is their absolutely braindead political system which tries to slice the pie of power into equal parts for Christians, Sunnis, and Shias. When the most important qualification for the leader of a branch of government is religion, you are ensuring corruption will happen.

They need a Mao Zedong or Stalin type to completely BTFO Islam and Christianity, and then Lebanon will start to improve.
>They need a Mao Zedong or Stalin type
>and then Lebanon will start to improve.

He grew up in the Austrian Empire and studied at Graz University of Technology
Is there any evidence that he was part of the Black Hand or any serbian nationalist organizations?
If not then it makes more sense to say Tesla was Croatian or culturally Austrian
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Isn't there some joke where the only country in the wold that claims Tesla was Croatian is Croatia?
Isn’t that what Punjabis are
Nikola is a Serb name, not really common for Croats
He spent less than 48 hours in Serbia.
He grew up in Croatia and explicitly referred to Croatia as his homeland.
His passport was Croatian.
He refered to his origins as being Serbian.
He left Europe because no one was willing to finance him.
He was not a nationalist of any manner and has criticised Croat-Serb conflicts.

It's a pretty clear collection of facts and there should be no debates over him.

It's a Greek name and it is common among Croats.
Raised an Orthodox Christian, therefore Serbian.
Orthodox Serbo-Croats = Serbians
Catholic Serbo-Croats = Croats
Muslim Serbo-Croats = Bosnians
That's all there is too it. Once you look past the alphabets and at spoken language, it becomes apparent that all of those people speak the same language.

>The USA did nothing wrong by embargoing Japan of oil during the Second Sino-Japanese War, a nation is not obligated to trade with people if it doesn't want to
Also America:
>forces isolationist Japan to open its borders and trade with the outside world by firing cannons on it and threatening it with war
I'm confused.
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File: 1485363844175.jpg (85 KB, 593x559)
85 KB
Every single Axis apologist point boils down to claiming that the Allies are at fault because they should have known and treated the Axis states as violent animals incapable of agency.

Every single Axis apologist point is literally just a "that kid scared the pitbull with its bad energy!" argument.
>that pic
Nazi apologists just can't help giving themselves away.
the powerful act as they wish, the weak suffer what they must
>Why were they not embargoed then?
Because they weren't at war with US allies lol
Also the USA did fuck over the British Empire and basically ensure they wouldn't survive past the war.
>Only survived the seven years war and took silesia from Austria (silesia mineral wealth is what allowed Prussia to become a great power.) Because the British were subsidizing Prussia's entire army.
You forgot the part where the Tsarina fucking died and was replaced by a literal Fredrick Fanboy who pulled off the greatest bullshit reversal in history by simply giving Fredrick a peace treaty with no strings attached + French indifference to helping out their Austrian allies and France basically just pussying out of the war with Prussia after Rossbach

Was the Greek war for independence the last crusade?
12 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
The British colonized egypt
Reddit-tier take.
The correct answer is the Spanish Civil War
They had Muslims on the nationalist side
So did the crusaders in the levant
They just wanted to liberate their own lands

>In 1971, five high school students in San Rafael, California,[5][6] used the term "4:20" in connection with a plan to search for an abandoned cannabis crop, based on a treasure map made by the grower.[7][8] Calling themselves the Waldos,[9][10] because their typical hang-out spot "was a wall outside the school",[11] the five students—Steve Capper, Dave Reddix, Jeffrey Noel, Larry Schwartz, and Mark Gravich[12]—designated the Louis Pasteur statue[13] on the grounds of San Rafael High School as their meeting place, and 4:20 pm as their meeting time.[11] The Waldos referred to this plan with the phrase "4:20 Louis". After several failed attempts to find the crop, the group eventually shortened their phrase to "4:20", which ultimately evolved into a code-word the teens used to refer to consuming cannabis.[7]
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Didn't you make this thread on pol many years ago?
OP here
I haven't used /pol/ in almost a decade now so I doubt it, likely a thread that closely resembles this one. I mean it is literally just pulled from the Wikipedia article for 420
Is this place full of people who stopped visiting pol years ago? Does anyone still check out pol sometimes?
>Is this place full of people who stopped visiting pol years ago?
I don't think there's a way to gauge this accurately.

>Does anyone still check out pol sometimes?
I check it out whenever there's a potential international happening in the works, but have found it essentially unusable for nearly ten years now. 9/10 threads are circle jerks of rapid fire repost spam, stale memes, retarded pop culture trash, and ESL students seething about whatever is bothering them at the moment.
I've been here since 2005 and I haven't used /pol/ since it became a training ground for politically-divisive GPT-esque bots, so roughly 9 years

Trinitarians, why does God need to be three persons?

Why can't he just be one person?
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File: 1698028126784048.jpg (329 KB, 1284x1284)
329 KB
329 KB JPG
/thread. Trinitarianism is yet more bastardized jewish mysticism
>Trinitarians, why does God need to be three persons? Why can't he just be one person?
We stole Brahma the Father, Vishnu the Son, and Shiva the Holy Ghost, from Hindus.
Basically we are thieves as Jews are thieves of Ancient Egypt/Kemet pyramid text.
File: 3's God.png (25 KB, 800x825)
25 KB
3's God
>No other persons are necessary.

Where does it say that Jesus is the same god as the Father?
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>Is Jesus begotten or is he eternal?
He's eternally begotten.
Oxymoron, everything that is begotten has a beginning

Is Jesus begotten or is he eternal?


Can you quote what John 17:21 says please?
Stop playing dumb; you follow scammers that deceive you and you know it
>Oxymoron, everything that is begotten has a beginning
That only applies to created things, not to God.

File: 1713694322950500.jpg (1.52 MB, 1352x1029)
1.52 MB
1.52 MB JPG
Dating used to be a method to screen for a potential spouse so dating many people wasn't frowned upon since sex wasn't a part of it so leaving one partner didn't have any baggage involved.

Now the marriage is no longer used to screen for a spouse so sex now becomes a part of dating process and placing pressure on couples to remain exclusive as if they were married. So dating many people is now seen as promiscuous behavior since dating has been associated as a pseudo-marriage when it never should have.

Before a woman having multiple past boyfriends would not place doubt on her chastity

Now it does due to making sex part of the dating process
What the hell happened?
10 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Chad wanted this, therefore it happened.
Society dances to chads tunes, not the tunes of women or other livestock.

you think it's the jews or the women who do these things but it's not. All those things benefit chads
So why didn't any of her boyfriends stick around and marry her? See seems like a nice woman.
Dating wasn't a thing before the 1950s. Before that you were introduced to someone by family and just went along with it.
It was a thing. It was called courting.
Marriage is solvable with simply look toward history.
The "dating" would only occur with males selected for/approved by the father, and the marriage is enforced as it was. The man can discipline the women within reason.

Why is this a fallacy again? This is more like a rule than anything. "Give an inch and they'll take a mile" is a fairly well-known saying.
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now look up the difference between Portugal and Canada legislations on the topic
Nobody says that abortions will be mandatory retard. The argument they make is that it will eventually be legal to abort a baby whenever it in the womb and even outside.
It's not logical leap to say that LGBT movement wants to restructure societal norms and even change more fundamental aspects of our humanity such as the gender relations. This is literally what they're theorist and ideologists say, and write about in their books.
Chuds cry about trannies one minute and post about “cunny” the next.
File: IMG_1955.png (645 KB, 988x938)
645 KB
645 KB PNG
It’s a fallacy when it’s not an actual position held by people who promote the premises. My favorite example is voting for GWB in 2000, and the Iraq war that followed years later. The Neocon position was a robust military industrial complex to support American hegemony. The actual manifestation of that policy was the Iraq war, but military adventurism was always predictable as a consequence of their foreign policy. Thus voting for GWB was the start of a slippery slope that lead to that war and some people predicted that. The converse side was people who predicted an increase in Nazism were guilty of the fallacy, as no Nazi policies were an identifiable part of the policy or as premises leading to the policy. Even though militarism was a Nazi policy, the neocons were not directly supporting the growth of racial hierarchies or socialism critical to implementing Nazism. Indeed many forms of policy throughout history had militarism as a core precept and never resulted in Nazism or even Fascism. Thus neocon=militarism is not a slippery slope, because neocons will honestly explain some instances where they support militarism to further American interests. But neocon = Nazi is a slippery slope because militarism is not the core premise of Nazism and many foreign policies can implement militarism and not become Nazism.

File: IMG_1049.jpg (57 KB, 415x729)
57 KB
Exonerating Leo Frank should be the obvious course of action considering the facts of the case. So why hasn’t it happened despite the fact that there has been generations of time to do it?
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you can't see my id

the fuck? >>16529749 i think thats yet another jidf jew defending bot. but it shortcircuited.
why is it that you want id

kike hands typed this. YWNBW
It’s like asking a Christian if it would have been better if Barabas got crucified instead of Jesus: it’s part of the founding myth, that poor little Leo got killed by antisemitic goyim and that they must prevent that from ever happening again. If the nigger got killed or convicted posthumously, there would be no story, no reason for existing

File: CYj_w_hUsAAYSlu.jpg (20 KB, 478x270)
20 KB
If "Aryan" simply means Indo-European, then places like Ireland, Scotland, Denmark and some obscure places in Russia would be the most "Aryan" since they have the most Indo-European DNA. Places like Germany would actually be relatively low on the list.
8 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Farhan, Aryan has never ever meant Iranian. It has always been a racial term used by the people who conquered the zagrosian monkeys.
Do you know what population those people most resembled? Nope. Not Yamnaya. Try again. They live in Germany during the Bronze Age.
>another 'ummm akshually' thread by a moron who has absolutely no idea what he is talking about
Hitler was basically fucking retarded. If you actually read Mein Kampf it's basically just the pseudo-scientific ramblings of a schizophrenic incel. There's no consistent ideology.
>If "Aryan" simply means Indo-European
It doesn't.

Aryan is a gruping of subraces, of which Nordic is peak, and Nazis held that Germany was 55% Nordic, England was 60% Nordic and Norway was 90% Nordic. They did not view Germany as being the purest Nordic Aryan state. Russian elites were considered Nordic, but most of Russia was deemed non-Aryan and Asiatic.
They were just making shit up as they went along. I really wanted to find a certain method to the madness, but there isn't. They syncretized where convenient, corrupted history where convenient, and made up more shit if the aforementioned weren't enough.
From the List society to Germanenorden, Thule Society and the theosophical origins, it's genuinely just Germans not being able to cope with industrialization and enlightenment values.

The biggest argument against Islam is that one of the prophets wives Aisha was 9!

Muslims proudly say this whenever it becomes relevant in a sermon.
>The holy prophets was given his greatest companions daughter in marriage and she was 9 when they consummated the marriage
every holy man, and 99% of muslims (2 billion people) say this with pride.

They clearly don't care that she was 9. Now what?
Why would Muslims care? All of the biggest enemies of the Prophet in his time never brought it up and they were looking for anything to use against him. All those who objected to Muhammad in his time, the Christians, the Arab Pagans, the Zoroastrians, the Jews, the Berbers, etc none of them ever brought this up as a point against him to defile him with. This objection has only been brought forth by modern liberal thought therefore Muslims are not obligated to acknowledge it.

File: 1712983775249877.jpg (56 KB, 850x400)
56 KB
What did he mean by this?
2 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Never forget that Wokism started the minute the Occupy movement started dying down. Wokism isn’t the continuation of communism, it’s the castration of it, having the proletariat and petty bourgeoisie fighting over niggers on fent and kids on hormones instead of noticing the rich getting richer and the poor getting turned into drugged up, complacent zombies with direction brain.
Communism is fucking stupid and without fail turns into authoritarianism or pure anarchy, but we don’t even have true communism in the western world anymore. All we have is a liberal democracy clawing itself to death while its masters masturbate over their ill gotten gain, knowing they can just push more sex pests and “theories of black sovereignty over white bodies” once the masses start to get too wise to their schemes.
File: 1713027452681596.jpg (586 KB, 1080x1702)
586 KB
586 KB JPG
Every single leftist of any flavor, but especially communist, are all in favor of transgenderism to the point where its a central plank of their world view and there are no exceptions to this. Its to the point where so much as suggesting to focus on other issues would get you labelled as a nazi transphobe and kicked out of the movement.

>i-its not true its akshully a CIA/neoliberal thing!
yet they still, without exception, are all in favor of trans shit.
> It’s to the point where so much as suggesting to focus on other issues would get you labelled as a nazi transphobe and kicked out of the movement.
You do realize this implies that there are still people genuinely devoted to communism and that they’re just not getting platformed anymore, right?
Lebanon 5000 years ago was not "arab"

Today, Bay Area Rapid Transit formally retired the last of its original rolling stock that had been in service since the system opened in 1972. The occasion was marked by speeches from BART officials and a farewell excursion between McArthur and Fremont (where the very first train had run on September 11, 1972). I was there and rode the last train.
11 replies and 9 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: popcorn pepe.gif (2.51 MB, 500x500)
2.51 MB
2.51 MB GIF
Finally a good thread on /his/ this week
>Nearly got murdered on BART once.

This is the moral equivalent of putting someone's head on a spike
Some homeless black guy jumped me because i made eye contact with him.

File: IMG_1126.jpg (177 KB, 1320x954)
177 KB
177 KB JPG
I believe the history has been unfair to Israel

After successfully defeating the Nazis, NATO did not help them in the Middle East wars. They divided the borders as if they were the victors, and rather than objectively mediate between Jews and Muslims to stabilize this region, they encouraged and funded Jews to fuck Muslims,

I get the impression that NATO loved Jews more than the Muslims.

(it is understood that NATO love Jews), perhaps the Second World War should never have happened

Think about it.
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
Most Nazis ran Nato West Germany you stupid retard
They should’ve got the entire gulf and nafrica. Imagine being a Mizrahi and owning the people who used to oppress you and your family as slaves ughhh
UN resolution 181 created Israel with the stroke of a pen in 1947 and it should likewise be erased, or left to fend for itself having shown no respect for the laws of the institution which granted its existence.
Palestinians should be kicked out entirely in 1948 and redistributed along rest of Arab World. If Arabs kicked out Jews from their country why Jews shouldn't be able to do so?
> Why can't Israel just what it wants, TMD

Hey kike, because the allegedly western enlighten israel relies on its image of hapless victims, and beacons of civilization in the otherwise savage region. They jews would love nothing but to wipe out the Palis, but they need this image and support it brings. If western (mostly just Goymerica) support was withdrawn from israel the region would normalize itself rapdily with the expulsion of the jews back to their New York and London 2nd homes.

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