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File: hitler.png (123 KB, 274x365)
123 KB
123 KB PNG
>watches ww1 unfold into an absolute futile global horror show after Austria invades Serbia
>becomes chancellor of Germany
>decides it would be heckin based and redpilled to start pressing territorial claims in continental Europe and threatening war against all his neighbors for the glory of Großgermania
>decide to invade neighbor who his allied to other great powers
>their allies obviously join in
>8 million dead Germans and and Germany is partitioned for the rest of the century

how do people justify this sheer level of catastrophic incompetence? how can you possibly believe "he totally loved his people bro" while he played such petty egotistical games with their entire existence to fulfill his personal ambitions? it could not be more clear that his judgement was completely fucking compromised.
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He made several peace offers to GB but Churchill's sugar daddies had other plans.
>Hitler wanted to unite Germany
right, he was a warmonger who thought he could go around 20th century Europe pressing territorial claims, and it obviously blew up in his face. this entire mindset meant he and his people were doomed from the start and he is easily the worst leader in German history
WW1 wasn't seen as horror by the participants. It's just that afterwards anti war propaganda, typically by people who didn't take part in hostilities kicked into high gear.
I dont get it. Why is it some sort of argument for Hitler-apologetics that Britain and France was never able to actually save Poland?
Is this supposed to put a moral dilemma on the topic? Does the murderer get to walk because the murder was never actually prevented?
Iraq conquered Kuwait before the coalition defeat Saddams forces. Should the war have been called off because Saddam defeated Kuwait before they could arrive?

I dont get your fucking logic at all.

>Peace offers
>Let me keep everything I have conquered before you can rearm and actually oppose me

How generous of Hitler.
PS: All of Britain wanted war but stormfaggots have a hard time coping that fact. They need to screech about The Focus while ignoring that both Labour and Conservatives wanted Germany to surrender.
Doesnt matter if Churchill was controlled by 6 gorillion jews, he couldnt have sued for peace even if he had wanted to, nor could he have continued the war even everyone was against it. Churchill had no real power. The real power was with Attlee, Chamberlain and Sinclair. Stormfaggots dont understand parlamentarism.
i dont see nearly enough people talk about the fact that that Hitler wasnt some rags to riches grass roots homeless guy who made it big by his own sheer will, but actually a glownigger intelligence agent

File: IMG_1510.jpg (110 KB, 602x973)
110 KB
110 KB JPG
Using a combination of culture, genetics and appearance, what group is the swarthiest in all of Europe! Excluding Cyprus, Malta and any micro states like Andorra. Also excluding Finland because they’re a weird anomaly
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>while every finns have ~5% east asian.
This is also not true. Siberian ancestry has quite different levels depending on the region.
Sorry, think i made mistake here. The Siberian ancestry fluctuates from around 3% to 8%, depending on the region.
File: 1708954362109155.png (348 KB, 850x846)
348 KB
348 KB PNG
Here's the same map i think with some ancestral populations like ANE.
>But really I don't get the logic that north Italians could larp as Romans while Iberians couldn't.
I never said such thing, it could've been someone else.
>Neither are primarily descended from Romans or similar central Italics.
This causes too much confusion, we should simplify it:
The founding backbone of the populations in Iberia and Italy was the Iron Age population.
The latter created an Empire and conquered the former.
Then near eastern immigration started, mostly to Italy, but also to Iberia.
Then it all colapsed.
Then Germanics conquered Northern Italy, but Northern Spain stayed mostly unchanged.
So who has a bigger claim to the Empire - Spaniards or Italians, is your guess.
The main difference with Spain is that the southern territory were repopulated by northerners during the reconquista, so that's why you don't get that enormous north south gap like in Italy.

Distance to: Spanish_Pirineu
0.01930699 Spanish_Andalucia

Distance to: Italian_Trentino_Alto_Adige
0.07429241 Italian_Calabria

File: IMG_1334.jpg (189 KB, 828x1194)
189 KB
189 KB JPG
A medieval wafer stamp I found
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File: Golden torque France Vix.jpg (819 KB, 2048x1362)
819 KB
819 KB JPG
6th century BC
File: India Pompeii.png (796 KB, 658x848)
796 KB
796 KB PNG
Indian statuette discovered in Pompeii
Indian ivory reliefs from Afghanistan
Depiction of a bronze scale armour of the Egyptian tomb of Kenamun
File: Soderala Vane.jpg (192 KB, 1024x819)
192 KB
192 KB JPG
The Söderala vane (Swedish: Söderalaflöjeln) is a weather vane dating from the Viking Age, richly ornamented and made of gilt bronze. It derives its name from Söderala Church in Söderala, Sweden, where it was used as a weather vane during the 18th century. It was most probably originally used as a vane on a Viking ship, and shows signs of wear. On stylistic grounds, it has been dated to c. 1050.

File: Cem Sultan.jpg (119 KB, 600x986)
119 KB
119 KB JPG
Bewildered, angry, and depressed that the Knights had ransomed him, the twenty-three-year-old prince found himself in an even stranger new land. As on Rhodes, the Knights kept Cem comfortable but under close watch. A prisoner but still a prince, he was placed under a kind of lax house arrest in the well-appointed acropolis of Nice, which was owned by an associate of the Knights, a wealthy Genoese merchant named Gaspare Grimaldi. On Cem’s first night there, Grimaldi’s oldest daughter took a bed-warmer to their new guest, and, if we are to believe the French accounts, offered herself to the prince. Later, her sisters and cousins took their turns spending the night with Cem, suggesting that Grimaldi hoped to marry one of his daughters or nieces into the Ottoman royal family. When allowed to venture beyond the walls, Cem moved on to the city’s female prostitutes and “charming well-made boys; each the son of a noble.”

Cem reveled in this sexual diversion. “What a wonderful place is this city of Nice,” he wrote, apparently unconcerned about venereal disease, “a man can stay there and do as he please!”
So the French were race mixing cuckolds even in the 15th century. What a surprise
They were also gay.

File: fl6c6kp1e5e51.jpg (324 KB, 2000x1125)
324 KB
324 KB JPG
Imagine a world where everyone, father, mother, and child, is an integral part of a greater community, where everyone has a place in society no matter the background, and everyone is working to build a free and equal future absent of class, currency, and oppression. The stars are no longer so distant.
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>Which means that his own beliefs imply that he was wrong.
I think you misunderstand what that means.
Might Makes Right doesnt mean whoever wins is morally correct.
Or the person that is morally correct will always win.
Its that who is right is irrelevant, only who is left.
So winning the war the Allies proved Might Makes Right
>I disagree with your fundamental understanding of the topic. Men are tempted by sin and can choose to embrace it, but the fact that men are tempted by sin(s) doesn't make that sin a fundamental part of their being or identity.
By "straight" I mean a man who feels attraction only to women. A man who feels sexual attraction to men as well may attach different degrees of importance to his bisexuality in terms of personal identity, but he is by definition bisexual, in the same sense that a man whose eyes reflect light between about 450 and 495 nanometers is by definition blue-eyed.
>Then we fundamentally disagree on the usage of the term.
That's the way most people use it.
>By your definition you can be a "homosexual" who never acts on your disordered desires and be a Hutterite. Just don't act on it. Simple as.
So why do gay people have to be celibate but straight people don't? That doesn't seem very fair to them.
>Because people choose to engage in the sin of sodomy. Ergo they choose to become gay. People who act on it can choose to repent and abandon that life style and become not gay.
But why does he create some people who are attracted to the same sex, some exclusively, and some who aren't?
>That's the way most people use it.
Most people view sexuality through a retarded lens established by liberals.
The Bible and Christendom didn’t have a word for homosexual. Just Sodomite (someone who engages in sodomy) and normal.
>So why do gay people have to be celibate but straight people don't?
Sodomy is a sin. Simple as :))
>But why does he create some people who are attracted to the same sex
He doesn’t. People choose to engage in sin that turn them more and more disordered. In the same way that simply observing violent porn can alter a persons perception of sex and cause them to be aroused by violent sex.
Someone who is exposed to disordered sexuality acts can become more degenerate over time.
Fun fact: For centuries, Russian Tsars would order the growth and harvesting copious amounts of rye using serfs who were starving too hard to be productive enough on shitty tartarian fields that weren’t fertile enough. They used this rye to mass produce cheap vodka in absurd quantities, then what did they do with the vodka? They sold it right back to the serfs at extremely low prices. The serfs who lived miserably and had nothing else to live for, would happily buy this state-produced alcohol and drink into a stupor. So the rye that the serfs produced, was bought by the state, made into cheap and accessible liquor, then sold back to them at pennies to keep them drunk and stupid so that they were never sober enough to ever even think about rising up against their overlords. For a thousand years, Russia quite literally practiced state-mandated alcoholism. An alcoholic welfare state.
>He doesn’t.
So why are there some people who are attracted to the same sex and have been ever since puberty (some even getting precocious crushes before puberty as others do on the opposite sex)?
>Someone who is exposed to disordered sexuality acts can become more degenerate over time.
So how do you explain the ones who knew they were gay before they even knew what 'gay' was, or the biological correlates of homosexuality?

I have realized how ignorant I am about medieval history and would like to expand my knowledge. But I don't know where to start. I don't know if you could recommend a book, youtube channel or documentary to help me expand my knowledge of history.
20 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
Oh to actually answer your question. Do whatever you will actually read/listen to so long as it is accurate. I would highly recommend learning about antiquity in more depth first, but it’s because there’s less to study in terms of primary sources so the Romans/Greeks can be a really solid introduction to reading primary sources for a first-timer. I would say to simply pick a state/kingdom/nation/faith and just grab a general secondary source on it or primary sources and keep reading about it if you enjoy it. Bibliographies and footnotes can be a great way to find more texts to read. Forewards and Prefaces and the like are also something that actually matters in history. The author or translator will often explain a lot that might go over your head if you just read the source directly.
Listening to an audiobook or lecture on the period and nation you are playing while you play is peak.
>gaming leads anon to find a new area of interest

Full spectrum warrior detected

Chris-chan is that you
Kill yourself!

>Some may question my right to destroy a city with 300 thousand souls, but those who truly understand realize I have no right to let them live.
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You have no idea how bad it actually was.

"The Japanese were ready to surrender and there was no need to hit them with that awful thing"
-Dwight Eisenhower

Nothing but a show of force to the soviets at the expense of perhaps a quarter million dead Japs.

Kyrie Eleison
>Dwight Eisenhower
That's because he was commanding U.S forces in Europe and his understanding of war itself was skewed by his experiences there
Ah, so that's why everything he did was so based
>worse, a DPRJ once the Soviets started moving in.
Oh no! Japan might have free healthcare and adequate housing now. Thank God we avoided that!
And they should have accepted that.

File: steppe-ancestry.jpg (140 KB, 840x690)
140 KB
140 KB JPG
>Recent study from David Reich shows the portuguese have close to 0 autossomal steppe ancestry, while spaniards have around 1/4.

How did this happen if they are mostly R1b? Founder effect?

Anyways, its over for the moortuguese, they're effectively 0% european.
108 replies and 15 images omitted. Click here to view.
>shows the portuguese dont have a single ounce of european admixture.
Yeah you're seething hard.
You're probably South Italian or North African and you're butthurt because you're inferior genetically to other Europeans.
Even sardinians have more steppe admixture than the portuguese
Why does Steppe ancestry matter? Explain in your own words.
To be fair iberians being mostly R1b always sounded impossible given they were raped by moors for over 1000 years. The haplo data in spain and portugal is probably false and fabricated like those studies that claim they cluster with europeans which we know they dont.
Everyone here is missing the bigger picture.

Ofc we knew iberians have little to no european admixture but this study proves that northern europeans are pure steppe.

The "eef mutt" agenda has been disproven, northern europe is close to 100% steppe aryan.

Nordicism and Hans Gunther were vindicated and the medbugs are seething. Only a matter of time before everything else we have been saying for decades is revealed as well.

File: 1697084328280111.jpg (112 KB, 516x600)
112 KB
112 KB JPG
Previous to 1204 the Kings of England were vassals to Byzantium
Afterwards they were vassals to Rome

In the "Calendar of entries in the Papal Registers relating to Great Britain and Ireland," published in 1893 by Mr. W.H. Bliss, appear numerous mandates from the Papal See to both the Norman and Plantagenet kings of England, the nature of which clearly proves them to have been vassals of Rome. Under the year 1201-2 appears a
>"Letter from Otho, emperor-elect of the Romans, to the pope, informing him that the king of England (John) is bound to give help to the Emperor against all enemies, and to make peace with France, as he himself is bound by order of the pope, whom he thanks, next to God, for his promotion."
Yes the Byzantine Roman emperor still held important symbolic significance because the Byzantine empire was not only economicaly important but also provided an important link with the east geopoliticaly.

The medieval royal aristocracies did not think in terms of borders they way think of now. For the time of the crusades the geography they understood as having major importance were Rome, Constantinople and Jersusalem. The major difference being that Rome did not have an actual army or big state backing it, but clerics. Hence the long rivalry of the pope with the HRE emperor over the investiture controversy. This is also why the Pope pushed so hard for the east-west schism in 1054 as well,for which explanation was poorly understood at the time and not realy accepted, but was realy felt in the 1204 crusade.
File: gibbon-edward.png (471 KB, 1000x1000)
471 KB
471 KB PNG
>Previous to 1204 the Kings of England were vassals to Byzantium
They weren't and your evidence doesn't even make any sense. John submitted to be a Papal fief in exchange for support which was the first time England had moved to a sort of vassalage to anybody else. Also Emperor-elect is a term for the German Kingship where one as not been made King through election and made undisputed King.
Otho (Otto) was the Holy Roman Emperor, not the Byzantine Emperor. And the Holy Roman Emperor being the superior and at least nominally the secular overlord of all Christian kings was a generally known notion at the time, though to what extent anyone (and especially the kings) followed it varied. Kings generally didn't.

Catholic Kings being answerable to the Pope was much more commonly accepted if not uncontroversial. King John accepted it very openly because his own barons wanted to depose him and offer the English crown to the King of France, and the Pope was instrumental in stopping this, again as the nominal boss of the King of France.

If you really want to be thrown for a loop regarding King John's loyalties in all this, consider that there are sources for him sending emissaries to the Almohad Sultan to discuss an alliance against the French and a possible conversion to Islam. He was pretty desperate and casting the net very wide to keep his throne.
>Not only are there no mint indentures before the fourteenth century, there are no national laws of any kind previous to the Fall of Constantinople. The earliest entry in the Statutes at Large is an altered copy of Magna Charta, not drawn from any official registry, but fished out of an antiquarian collection. Hardly more creditable is the appearance of the ordinances which follow it, down to the reign of Edward III. They have all the appearance of having been "restored" in modern times. If the kings of England previous to Edward III. were not vassals, why have we none of their ordinances; and if the Pope or the Emperor was not their suzerain, why do the marks of the latter's superior authority appear in this, as indeed they do in every kind of literary record, except indeed upon the pages of recently written British history?
It is not coincidental that the Magna Carta was established right after the sacking of Constantinople.
Isn't this why Henry VIII had to start his own religion before he could kill his wife?

Nihilism is a self-defeating cope. Many methods for painless deaths are free, accessible, and clean. Living nihilists are walking contradictions; laughable hypocrites.
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
File: Hitler Lil Yachty AI.webm (1.67 MB, 1280x720)
1.67 MB
1.67 MB WEBM
kys then
im not a nihilist, sweaty
That's not what nihilism is.
It's the antinatalists that want to kill themselves, not the nihilists.
Antinatalists don't want to kill themselves, they want to prevent more people from being born.

File: 1706819367348106.jpg (617 KB, 1920x1006)
617 KB
617 KB JPG
Everyone is already familiar with what was recently released, there's really no reason for me to go over it...
CHG mixture.
the simplicity of CHG-EHG=PIE has been refuted and we can conclude that there was actually a kind of Caucasus-Lower Volga cline+Progress-EHG cline.
i.e. the Sredni Stog were the PIE
but hey? Have you already deleted all your maps about old PIE migration from the gallery using Yamnaya as a base? I already collected them all and my printed abstracts are in the trash.
61 replies and 4 images omitted. Click here to view.
Why are you speaking Angolan to me? get lost
The population of Kalmykia is excluded from Core Yamnaya. See Data Table 2.
Responda minha pergunta.
File: ancestry qpAdm.jpg (2.83 MB, 1532x1508)
2.83 MB
2.83 MB JPG
Okay, thanks for explaining. This is offtopic, but i came yesterday across this gpAdm model. I'm quite simple Fingoloid, so there's couple things that catch my eye. One; is it true that southern Europeans have that kind of CHG element (or whatever that Caucasian/ Iran is) and 2; Seemingly most Europeans have quite clearly different proportions of EHG and that of Caucasus/Iran than Sintashta had. Am i completely mixing things up, and that Caucasus/Iran has nothing to do with CHG?
Here's what happened.
>Lower Volga Orlovka HGs(PIE) pick up CHG from North Caucasus over millenia but mostly before 6000 BC
>also retain high ANE due to natural barriers
>invade Lower Don to form Proto-Repin by 5000 BC
>conquer Odesa to form Usatovo by 4500 BC
>Usatovo and Repin maintain contact but both refuse to mix with Ukrainian Sredny Stog so they dodge their WHG almost 100%
>mature Repin has Trypillian admixture from Odesa and splinters into Yamnaya and Proto-Corded Ware by 3600 BC
There's other details to it, there was additional Caucasus admixture in many of the Usatovo samples but not the oldest which are more like Yamnaya with slightly higher EEF. They were probably just importing women like the Yamnaya outlier from Ozera but this was inconsequential.

File: cccr.jpg (1.15 MB, 3000x1800)
1.15 MB
1.15 MB JPG
Would we be living in a utopia right now?
32 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
Or so they report in their surveys. Then they proceed to kill themselves en masse.

Surveys about happines tell you more about how submissive to the status quo a population is than how happy it actually is.
Suicides, low birth rates, drug abuse is all linked to the same reason which is that we don’t live natural lives anymore. The more advanced tech gets and the more comfortable we are, the less happy we will be. We were meant to live in tribal families in small agrarian villages hunting squirrels and picking berries with our semi-wild dogs.
High trust socialist country sounds good but it needs to be rich and democratic to work well
This but also be Christian as well. A Christian Socialist utopia.
>we don’t live natural lives anymore
That's only part of it.

The real rot killing us is the lack of a higher purpose. Whether or not you believe in a higher power, an ideological cause, whatever, humans NEED to believe in something greater than ourselves. It's why the assholes that run the world have created a system that uses popular dissent as a weapon in favor of change the system wants. It's why people in the West are so insane in attaching themselves to causes and "issues" they believe need solving. The West has traded God for social activism/progressive ideology for this very reason.

We have nothing to believe in any more and no way to die a meaningful death and it's killing our soul.

File: averageiberians.jpg (33 KB, 512x512)
33 KB
1. Iberians originally come from Africa
2.They have more in common with north Africans than with anyone in europe
3. They are brown
4. They are low iq
5. They eat the most disgusting food on earth
6. They are naturally violent toward animals
7. They are naturally weak
8. They never mattered historically, during their so called golden age they were just an unimportant vassal of Germany
9. Spanish catholicism is just sunni islam but you can eat pork
10. Spain is a desert, it looks more like Saudi Arabia than any european country
11. Without the EU Spain would be poorer than Turkey
12. "Spaniards" is an insult in most european countries
13. Spaniards are the only europeans to have never legally been considered white in the US
14.Their language is both silly and unpleasant
15. Spanish language is more Arabic than Latin

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Spain was richer with Franco before the EU, they lost all their industry
What's funny is that none of these are true aside maybe #13 but if you change Spaniards for "South Italians" or "Sicilians" then some of these are actually correct especially #16
File: like clockwork.jpg (130 KB, 1114x835)
130 KB
130 KB JPG
like clockwork

File: Atomic_bombing_of_Japan.jpg (2.29 MB, 4918x2918)
2.29 MB
2.29 MB JPG
Were the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki necessary to end the war without an invasion of the Japanese mainland?
That wasn't what Americans were concerned about. Americans didn't want Japan split between Soviets and Americans, so the Americans quickly dropped the bombs to monopolize control of Japan.
Yes. Japan was anticipating a mainland invasion, and their goal was to create a fight so brutal and deadly that the Allies would have preferred signing a peace treaty that would have given some concessions to Japan
No. The Japanese had already offered a conditional surrender, and the only ethical thing to do in the circumstances would be to take it. Not I will not debate this.
Probably not since the japs were more than willing to surrender to the Americans after the soviets brought the hammer down in manchuria.

File: 640px-Shiro-ishii.jpg (97 KB, 640x911)
97 KB
What was his problem?
File: IMG_8803.jpg (164 KB, 956x1209)
164 KB
164 KB JPG
he was too awesome

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