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File: Odanobunaga.jpg (196 KB, 800x875)
196 KB
196 KB JPG
He used to be the most popular historical figure in Japan as a cool darklord.
Now Japan's history and culture are now facing the risk of being tainted by left-wing activists due to the unnecessary foreigner employment whimsically conducted by him during his lifetime.
At this rate, he might become the most despised figure in Japanese history, hated by all Japanese people.
How van he redeem his charisma from here?
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File: 1702371465618692.jpg (13 KB, 247x255)
13 KB
>Now Japan's history and culture are now facing the risk of being tainted by left-wing activists due to the unnecessary foreigner employment whimsically conducted by him during his lifetime.
>At this rate, he might become the most despised figure in Japanese history, hated by all Japanese people.
Calling them fags is underselling it. Here is a fragment of motherfucking Takeda Shingen swearing to his future lover that he hadn't slept with another guy, lmao:

>Yashichiro has never slept with me as my attendant in bed. To date, that has never happened. Not only have I never had sex with him at night, but never in the daytime either. Especially now, I have no thought of having sex with him.

>Since I want to become intimate with you, from now on if you have any doubts about these things, I want you to understand that I do not plan to hurt you.

>If I should ever break these promises, may I receive the divine punishment of the Great Myoshin of the First, Second, and Third Shrines of the province of Kai, Mount Fuji and Shirayama, and particularly Hachiman Bosatsu, and all the higher and lower deities.
Didn't Nobunaga have drinking cups made out of his enemies' skulls?
Nobunaga enjoyed causing trouble for those around him with his unconventional behavior.
It is believed that his appointment of Yasuke as his retainer was not a serious decision but rather motivated by this mischievous spirit.
He was a Templar asset

File: 7654768656541.jpg (461 KB, 1449x2048)
461 KB
461 KB JPG
why do so many anglos look so roman?
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They don't.
Ancient Iberian blood
this is the same guy telling you that tuscans are the racial brothers of afghani shitskins

its always an indian or american mutt
What, you wuz an ancient Roman and shit?

File: OIG3 (7).jpg (130 KB, 1024x1024)
130 KB
130 KB JPG
Did God create Dinosaurs?
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No, the Nephilim giants did in antediluvian times.
He was trying to argue his actual beliefs at first but he switched to irony to avoid having to defend his retarded beliefs when he realized someone else knew what they were talking about. It doesn’t matter, I’ve learned that when dealing with low brow creationists and other schizos, an overwhelming display of knowledge and obvious information is most effective at making the little rats cower away.
>when you put on the mask, a different personality takes over
That's called possession. The spirits act through the medium of the mask to influence the wearers behavior. Face paint does the same thing, especially when it's to look like a clown.
You know what? Sure, Timmy, your god created everything.
Now run along, Jesus wants you far a sunshine.
Cope this is a glownigger (and a tranny). Check out the beak on that kike to the left! Hisnnose is almost as big as the Columbamumbra (fake and gay creature) or whatever

File: awaken pepe.jpg (690 KB, 1175x1173)
690 KB
690 KB JPG
Moments like this in history?
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every time Lenin got in argument with another leading socialist
File: God.jpg (221 KB, 736x920)
221 KB
221 KB JPG
That's true, but there is only one supreme being.
Right now, when you point out that Biden is a great president who will be remembered as such after the dust of public opinion settles in 20-30 years. Much like Truman.
He was a fucking schizo. Boomers got brain damaged by excess iron, and lead is essential.

File: Hitler racism.jpg (104 KB, 752x768)
104 KB
104 KB JPG
people often say that no finite worldly sin could ever warrant infinite punishment.
How long, then, should somebody like Hitler burn in the lake of fire with a regenerating body before his "sentence" is over?
5 years? 50 years? 500 years?
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Hitler was actually a righteous man unlike Bundy and Dahmer who swindled idiots like you lmfao.
He also regularly held weird pagan rituals and in private condemned the church and suggested that Islam would have been a superior religion for Europeans. Quite frankly I have no idea where his religious convictions really lay but he seemed rather anti-Christian to me where it mattered.
Anti-clerical Catholic who admired the Turks. If he won Munich would still have plenty of Turks and Arabs in it. The racialist stuff of the weirder Nazis wasn't really Hitler's thing because he tended to be a more traditional admire Rome fascist, but he was more of a moron politically than Mussolini and let madmen be in charge of way too much.
If I were God? Zero years. Straight to heaven with the boys. I still pray for him to my friend Jesus though. I hope his soul at least was in purgatory and our prayers will let us meet him.

Will be weird with all the GIs in heaven though.
he's already in the process of being vindicated. look up the economist poll on holohoax acceptance by age.

Who the fuck is this guy ? lol
Fukurokuju. He turned his gianormous forehead into a second face as a joke.

File: 1705241725129.png (985 KB, 942x493)
985 KB
985 KB PNG
Might makes Right
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File: file.png (167 KB, 988x683)
167 KB
167 KB PNG
no they're disabled
Why is Libya so big brained compared to all else?
That’s just Gaddafi’s IQ balancing out the rest of the country
A modern study would be far worse
aren't they basically the same thing as Pashtun monkeys?
Afghands still cant stop seething at the fact that they worshipped and ruled by Indians

>universe is 14 billion years old and humans about 300k years old so humans make up not even 0.001 % of the timeline
>universe 93 billion light years big while the space humans inhabit is like a grain of sand compared to millions of suns combined
and yet somehow for some reason we are the center of the universe and the world was created only for us so that we rule over it? rule over the 14 billion years that have already passed before we were born rule over the infinite space we will never reach
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And a burrito guacamole to you too.
File: 1714758084179906.jpg (72 KB, 781x786)
72 KB
>self hating crypto jew attempts retard-tier pilpul to deny Christ is Lord
Your sub-100 IQ mindgames don't work on me, hebrew.
My argument is only showing how retarded and self refuting yours is without putting anything forward. But nice job making up an argument in your head to argue against while thinking that I’m someone else
You're only pretending to be a christian online because atheism has been deemed reddit by your peers. Perfect, for a sheep.
Hope you enjoy studying the lava in Hell, you'll have eternity to do it in. Read your Bible and learn every word

File: imagesv.jpg (10 KB, 165x305)
10 KB
What is the current historian's consensus on the purpose of the Venus of Willendorf?
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It's clearly a representation of a carved woman. No joke. Ever heard of Pygmalion's wife? This mythological motif is found even in the most isolated amazonian tribe. Weird I never heard someone mentioning it.
This is an actual bio woman surprisingly. Just very atavistic and Euro HG.
Prehistoric artefact so not in their purview
a couple of the oldest myths we find consistent throughout much of humanity are the earth mother and the sky father. it's generally assumed that venuses are a representation of the earth mother.

File: lok3a4mmgayc1.jpg (77 KB, 736x736)
77 KB
>Upstart deviant sect pretends to be the true version of Islam and throws out thousands of years of scholarly work and debate and only use a few specific sources
Why are Salafis like this? They pretend to be Sunni but don't even acknowledge differences of opinion between the scholars in the 4 madhabs.
5 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Sunni school of theology is ashari and maturidi. Salafi follow itself and aligned with athari or ahlul hadees. Sunni said Salafi is literalist. Cause they Anthropomorphized god. Sunni said Salafi literally one step toward paganism but being hypocrite takfir most of Sunni. That's the beef on internet. also Salafi reject reason, logic and philosophy while maturidi and ahshari accept logic, reason and philosophy. Maturidi and ahshari is moderate. Salafi is literalist and mutazilites is pure reason and pure logic. Mutazilites is extinct so it is battle between Salafi of athari and ahlul hadith vs Sunni of ashari and maturidi. You people here don't know shit about this beef on internet. You think Salafi is true Islam even though they are minority and the loudest one. You See Islam as monolithic and same. You see majority Muslim in Europe being Salafi then equate it with most Muslim and Sunni. It is not our fault your leader bring Salafist there to Europe. To create conflict and boogeyman so that Europe will have le based right wing state that aligns with Zionism and Israel. To fight war for them.
>You people here don't know shit about this beef on internet. You think Salafi is true Islam even though they are minority and the loudest one. You See Islam as monolithic and same. You see majority Muslim in Europe being Salafi then equate it with most Muslim and Sunni.
Anon I'm a Bengali Muslim, I just have better things to do then see retards on Twitter argue with each other. Like seeing retards on 4chan argue with each other.
>Upstart sect
>Claim to be the true version of the religion
>Throws thousands of years of scholar sources into the trash
>Cherrypick the ones who are convenient for them
>It's literalist to the point of being dumb
But enough about Protestantism
Salafi is actually the muslim reformation. The point of the reformation was to reform christianity to the state of the ur-church. The point of salafism is to reform Islam to the state it was when muhmmed was living/the next 100 years.

File: Celts_in_Europe.png (14 KB, 450x314)
14 KB
Why do people say that Celts are fake? Is there any weight to that idea? What are the main arguments on either side?
205 replies and 8 images omitted. Click here to view.
But no one is denying Gaulish and Latin are not so distant related. The Italo-Celtic grouping is indeed a real thing.

What I'm denying is his hypothesis that the Romance Languages didn't evolve from a dialect continuum of Latin, but rather from Celtic languages.
My point is that in order to make a dialect continuum possible, the celtic languages must have been just different dialects of a same language, as well as the same language as Latin.

There's a whole ocean of differences between "closely related languages" and "dialects of same language". Just like French and Spanish can't be considered just different dialects of a same language, neither can Gaulish and Latin.
I'm nkf necessarily advancing that exact proposition. But I am saying he has a point that given the lack of evidence for what much of the vocabulary for these languages even was that it is too easily taken for granted that many words are of Latin origin when there may really be a common etymology, which would challenge the Orthodoxy that they evenly diverged from a vernacular dialect of Latin.
The evidence is not that lacking. That anon is clearly underestimating it.

Check out the corpus of some of the Continental Celtic languages of the roman times:
800 inscriptions found
200 inscriptions found
140 inscriptions found

It's a lot, there are hundreds of different words deciphered and dozens of entire sentences translated.
It's more than enough to attest if they are closely related enough to Latin so they could be considered mutually intelligible dialects and their etymology could be so easily mistaken by Latin.

And the thing is: they aren't. Just check out some of its words and sentences. They sound and spell very different from Latin, nobody could mistake them for Latin when tracing back the etymological roots of romance languages.
Interesting he noted that.

Latin is literally a Celtic language.
>dozens of entire sentences translated.
>800 inscriptions (words or phrases)
Anon, this is… very scant, at best.
>They sound and spell very different from Latin, nobody could mistake them for Latin when tracing back the etymological roots of romance languages.
and I am willing to bet that scholars are comparing those inscriptions with CLASSICAL Latin… the kind which likely was never a spoken language, rather a language developed for literature or for legal practice.

Lets see how dissimilar one can claim they are from Latin, when they are compared to VULGAR Latin. Which is also very scant.

File: 1696191369356030.jpg (279 KB, 1200x1108)
279 KB
279 KB JPG
I'm new to Christianity and I'm reading the Bible for the first time
Is not God hardening the heart of the Pharaoh the strongest proof of Calvinist theology? I was struck by how obvious it was that double predestination was displayed here
Is it not a proof text?
Also how exactly do you have single predestination without it necessarily implying double predestination? What did Luther think about the Pharoah's heart?
6 replies omitted. Click here to view.
read a KJV and refer to a dictionary whenever you're unsure of a word.
I'm reading the New Oxford Annotated Bible
I'm hoping the notes would explain the importance of each law
>I'm hoping the notes would explain the importance of each law
this is like shooting yourself in the foot.
every notator is basically a miniature theologian trying to spin it his* way.
Notes are only good if they explain difficult words IMO, for which you can just use a dictionary.
Im not trying to be antagonistic; I'm saying I wouldnt read ANY book the first time in an annotated version.
Not The Illiad, not The Gallic Wars, not anything.
He would have gone to hell anyway because there is no word to become flesh to have faith in yet. Prior to Jesus’ coming only those who stuck to the law did not go to hell but did not go to heaven either (purgatory?). Anyways read 1 Timothy 2:4, God predestined those who have a divine purpose (good or bad; bad in the case of pharaoh, good in the case of paul) and lets everyone else be saved through faith alone because he is all powerful.
Glad to hear of a new brother.
>Is not God hardening the heart of the Pharaoh the strongest proof of Calvinist theology?
I would argue it proves the opposite. If God hardens or loosens all our hearts saying that in Genesis or elsewhere and leaving it would make more sense. The fact it's stated shows God doesn't do that all the time (just on special occasions).
>Why did God not chastise or punish Abraham and IIRC Jacob for lying? It just seemed completely passed over
Jacob does get punished pretty badly later in the text. I think it's implied his various sins are partially why so many of the crazy stuff happens with his sons and daughters. As for Abraham, he also gets punished pretty badly when the king tries to seduce Sarah right after and Abraham can't do anything about it (thankfully God intervenes to stop Abraham from being cucked though).

File: IMG_3922.jpg (2.18 MB, 4032x3024)
2.18 MB
2.18 MB JPG
Why were medieval people so bad at making statues? Christianity? Germanics? Even a five year old could make better statues than this.
Imagine making that shit out of one solid stone just for some nigger who got raped into existence demean it on a japanese imageboard

File: apu-forward.png (14 KB, 600x497)
14 KB
Why is the history of homo nationalism? I hear leftists complain about it but it sounds genuinely made up

File: 1697739272712364.png (72 KB, 256x250)
72 KB
How did Ancient European tell which individual belonged to which ethnic group?
Like, how can a Frank tell the difference between himself and a Germanic?
6 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Then Gunther will be promptly deployed to Austrasia to defend the realm from the Danes.
They would sound funny but also look funny and occasionally do something very similar to you, as a Frank. God imagine being a Frankish lord and getting to plow peasant girls then though bros French women are the most beautiful.
Clothing, Language, Religion. Basically the same way the world worked before brownies started whining that they were particularly oppressed just because they were brown when people have taken issue with all these things even if the other person was white.
They are the guys holding swords on the other side of the field.

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