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File: Sapolsky_vert[1].jpg (203 KB, 800x1200)
203 KB
203 KB JPG
>free will doesn't exist
>not only does it not exist but literally none of your decisions are even your own because some deeper part of your brain is actually making the decisions for you
>morally it would also be wrong to punish people for doing bad things because they aren't choosing to do anything, its some deeper part of their brain that's making them do it

I dont understand how society will continue to exist with this kind of philosophy. How does the world not fall into apathy and nihilism when it realizes that nothing they do matters in any sense of the word
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4-5)okay so your just dumb and to prideful to ask to be informed. you dont even know why symmetries create indeterminism? you dont even know why quantum effects are indeterministic LOLOLOLOL here knucklehead. in the normal world there are no true 50/50 chances, you could calculate how a coin flip will land if you know enough about the initial conditions in other words. this is your traditional deterministic system where everything has a for certain cause and effect. if that system is capable of putting a ball on a hill that has a 50% chance of rolling one way 50% another and has an axis of time necessitating the ball fall then that system is fundamentally indeterministic because you cant know which way the ball will fall until it does. the probabilities can be of any ratio what matters is that its a probabilistic given the "equal" likelihood of each outcome

6)except no you didn't you pseudo intellectual. ive explained why our universe is indeterministic, explain to me how its deterministic? oh wait you cant because your a pseud

desu i didn't even read all that before i left but now that i did im sad i commited to giving you an answer. your entire post was seething gibberish without a single point proving determinism or why my conception of free will is wrong. you should feel bad dude that this was your attempt to challenge me, i expected more given your vocab
go read my post
>How does the world not fall into apathy and nihilism when it realizes that nothing they do matters in any sense of the word
by realizing such statement is absolute bullshit
also free will exists and i know because i exercise it daily
You consciousness and internal monologue/equivalent is a farce over top of more primitive decision making processes.
laughable. do you have anything to back up that statement?

File: b41-2440604876.png (299 KB, 736x960)
299 KB
299 KB PNG
>"How many men ever went to a barbeque and would let one man take off the table what’s intended for 9/10ths of the people to eat? The only way you’ll ever be able to feed the balance of the people is to make that man come back and bring back some of that grub he ain’t got no business with."
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math by khan teaching:
dude had great PR
He would have went further. Saving capitalism requires killing capitalists so that their money can reenter the economy.
FDR was the master of the radio too. I guess the difference is that Long was more explicitly American in his social democracy, and people really liked to hate FDR because he actually won and was in office. Still, Hitler was a retard and probably would have burnt out without the U.S. getting involved, and we don't know what Long would have done if the Japanese had attacked. That said, there's also the simple reality that you can't stop American industry profiteering off of war; you can only tame it or get in on it.
Even Hitler let a Rothschild go, and the bankers loved and made the Soviet Union. I don't see how this social democrat and vice crusader would do what no other revolutionary has actually managed except maybe bin Laden, and there it's because he was also a capitalist.

What can you tell me about Elamite civilization?
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Kutik-Inshushinak and his script revival is interesting
He created or oversaw the creation of Linear Elamite based on old Proto-Elamite because their language was written using Akkadian cuneiform.
There's also these videos.
Elamite is Dravidian. They set up trading post there
File: numancia-grabado-lisipo.jpg (293 KB, 1200x783)
293 KB
293 KB JPG
That's a pretty ballsy move ngl. I have a thing for extreme nofucksgiven attitude.
Unironically their language was most likely part of the greater family which includes Dravidian languages.
Saars do not speak languages native to India.

File: 7657677665.png (1.09 MB, 6876x4104)
1.09 MB
1.09 MB PNG
At the outbreak of war in 1914, Russian foreign minister Sergei Sazonov predicted that military defeat in this war would make "political and social revolution of the most extreme kind inevitable." The clumsy Russian war machine, rich in manpower, was lacking in everything else--Russia's backward logistics and industrial capabilities were not able to keep her soldiers clothed, fed, and armed. After the disaster at Tannenberg in the first month of the war, which ended in the capture of a Russian army whole and its general committing suicide, it was all downhill from there in the west although the Russian armies fared well in the Caucasus against the much weaker Turks. Soldiers lacking guns and bullets were led by aristocratic officers using outdated tactics such as charging into German machine gun emplacements armed only with hand grenades. Contrary to popular belief, Russian battlefield casualties in World War I were relatively low but tens of thousands deserted or were taken prisoner.

By 1916 the Russian Empire was beginning to come apart at the seams. Nicholas II rashly decided to take personal command of the army, the Duma was ignored, and the German Tsarina and her mountebank confidant Rasputin contributed further to the sinking of the ship of state. Prince Felix Yusopov murdered Rasputin on December 17, 1916 (December 30 on the Gregorian calendar). This petty court intrigue was the symptom of an entire system about to collapse and millions disaffected--intellectuals, liberals, bureaucrats, workers and peasants who lacked basic legal rights long taken for granted in Western Europe, soldiers who had no hope of victory.
An exceptionally cold winter that further aggravated food shorages was broken in the last week of February 1917 when an early season thaw brought warm weather and a mass mob of demonstrators to the streets of Petrograd demanding peace, food, land, and liberty. On February 26, in a proto-Tiananmen Square event, a company of the Imperial Guard fired at the demonstrators. The garrison of the capital mutinied and the Duma declared a provisional government, ignoring Nicholas II. Soviets or workers councils formed and the hapless tsar abdicated on March 2.

The provisional government, ruled by moderates and socialists both opposed to the radical left Bolsheviks, was led by the socialist Alexander Kerensky, a moderate who however made the fatal mistake of deciding to continue the war effort. Kerensky felt pressured by the British and French, who were largely oblivious to the conditions in Russia, to launch a renewed offensive against the Central Powers. The provisional government had planned to call universals elections for a Constitutent Assembly, which could have planted the seeds of democracy in Russia. But the Bolsheviks knew they had to move quickly before this could happen.

The Bolsheviks had been a minor player until the spring and summer, when the last attempt at a Russian military offensive in Austria fell apart when the soldiers mutinied and declared that they would fight no more. The provisional government tried to arrest the Bolshevik leaders for treason, knowing their secret negotiations with Germany. But quarreling between the government and army commander Lev Kornilov gave Lenin, who had returned from exile in Switzerland in April, his chance. On october 25 (November 7 in the Gregorian calendar) the Bolsheviks seized government buildings unopposed--although later Soviet propaganda liked to depict a heroic storming of the Winter Palace, actually they just walked in with nobody to stop them.
The initial Bolshevik decrees included a peace offer with the Central Powers that was really a temporary armistice and distribution of private estates to the village communes, quite unlike the Bolshevik policy of nationalized agriculture. In reality, Lenin needed the war to halt so the Bolsheviks could focus on breaking their internal opposition in the country and giving the peasants land temporarily satiated them until the state could begin assuming top-down control of the national economy. The Russian civil war claimed far more lives than the Russian armies had lost in 1914-17. The Treaty of Brest-Litovsk got Russia out of war with Germany and for the time being was compelled to cede Ukraine, the Caucasus, Finland, and the Baltic states. Lenin had no intention of giving up any territory, however, except out of temporary expedience, and he planned to eventually reconquer all of these regions outside Finland, whose sovereignty was accepted as a done deal.

And so began the Russian civil war, a conflagration that saw the Allied powers intervene and produce ghastly massacres and cruelties from both sides. All of the Allied forces sought the destruction of the Bolshevik regime and restoration of the tsar, who was brutally machine-gunned to death with his wife and children in the Urals in July 1918. After the Armistice in November, a newly-reconstituted Poland entered the fray and sought to expand her territory in the east. Eleven different armies battled over Ukraine. The Ukrainian Red Army had strong backing from Russian coal workers in Donbass and was supplemented by units from the central government, now moved to more securely inland Moscow. Polish forces overran western Ukraine while peasant guerillas led by Nestor Mahkno conquered much of the central countryside. Kiev changed hands 15 times in two years.
Pressed on all sides, the Bolsheviks seemed doomed. But the turning point came in November 1919 when the White army of General Denikin failed to show any interest in recognizing Polish independence. Denikin was repelled by Red cavalry and blamed the Poles for his defeat. After that, the Red armies retook much of their lost territory. Ukraine was under wraps and soon the Caucasus, although the Baltic states repelled a Red offensive and had to be left go for now.

Victory was due to Leon Trotsky's organizing skills, the hopeless division of the White forces, and the Bolsheviks' utter ruthlessness. Although they had no major support from any segment of the Russian population, the war provided an excuse for Lenin to establish a military dictatorship that recreated the tsarist political police in a more malevolent form as the Cheka, which killed or imprisoned anyone and everyone the regime deemed an enemy, and for total nationalization of the entire Russian economy.

The Allied interventions, British, Americans, French, and Japanese in addition to the Poles and leftover German freebooters, were a minor factor but would long be used by the Soviet regime as propaganda--all the way to the 1980s, Soviet history books still pointed out that the United States had once invaded Russia. In reality, the Allies were mainly concerned with trying to restore the Russian Empire, they had nothing to do with the German presence and they had not wanted Poland to invade Ukraine. They withdrew when they realized the propaganda victory it was handing to the Bolsheviks.
seems like in both instances (Russian and Chinese civil war) the anti-communist forces were tards and the West bet on the wrong horse

File: IMG_6827.jpg (367 KB, 984x1210)
367 KB
367 KB JPG
>Omri/Khomri (king of Israel) dynasty lasts until 722BC when the assyrians conquered and dispersed the people
>Assyrian documents refer to them as Khumry
>Khimmirai/Gimmirai/Cimmerians appear in Assyrian records during the reign of Sargon II (722-705BC)
>Cimmerians are known from Herodotus to be driven westward out of their lands around the Black Sea (modern Crimea takes its name from them) by the Scythians
>Cimmerians disappear from historical records around 6th century BC
>Celts spontaneously appear in historical records around 6th century BC
>Celts exit historical records (or, more accurately, are dispersed into various subgroupings) around 5th century CE
>Welsh (Cymraegs) appear in historical records around 6th century CE from Celtic origins
Are these related?
322 replies and 22 images omitted. Click here to view.
By which linguistics? The png doesn't even have creditinals lol
>whole png is a poorly made miss mash
it's a collection of screenshots

>can make a similar png
I doubt it.

hilarious how dunning kreuger brainlets aren't aware of basic facts about relevant subject known for centuries

le reaction faec
Brother the only person that isn't aware of basic facts and spews literal pseudo theories, backing it up with hilarious excuses for evidence is you

But whatever, if you want to be a wannabe a God betraying isrealite so bad so be it. Not my fault that your self hating and insecure.
I will now embed the video screenshotted and posted as PNG ITT for your tldw convenience.

You are so mad. Why though?
Self project
Points have already been made against your argument in regards to the similarities.
Thank you for the free laughs. Love you no homo.

File: 220919_r41018.jpg (632 KB, 1806x2560)
632 KB
632 KB JPG
"You starve under communism from there being a lack of food you starve under capitalism from being lazy"

Is there any truth to this? It sounds like bootlicker bonsense to me.
84 replies and 7 images omitted. Click here to view.
>Rack up multiple 8 figure death tolls
>Somehow fail to remove the bottom 1%
Who were they removing?
What matters the mist is the concentration of nutrients in the ingediets, not if you can get "fresh" fruit from across the globe.
The Anglos lol
you starve under capitalism because the goyslop has destroyed your insulin sensitivity and you suffer from chronically elevated blood sugar but your cells cannot use it lmao
The criminal underworld exists basically everywhere.

File: fvda9g2en7ob1.jpg (77 KB, 1063x958)
77 KB
>egypsies failed to truly unify upper and lower Egypt until a series of foreign conquest made the distinction between them moot
Ancient Egypt is overrated. In its final centuries it was usually split into northern and southern regimes. They had three thousand years to actually unify into single entity and people.
10 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
none of you had any real responses.
Which would then be in distinction to all other empires collapsing only once to never return.
Why the fuck did they build them, then. Just to waste taxpayer silver?
All tax money is wasted.
>Why the fuck did they build them, then. Just to waste taxpayer silver?
Watch “History for Granite” on youtube.
His basic argument, is that the pyramids were only closed off later in their history, probably during one of the periods of civil strife, such as the first intermediate period, and that the pyramids were basically built as religious “tourist attractions”, to entice visitors to bring offerings to the dead pharaoh, which would then support the pyramid or tomb temple, and possibly surrounding areas as well.
The actual tomb of the pharaohs, if they were ever in the pyramids, might have been closed off, but the actual entrance to the pyramid was not, and people came to visit for a fee.
The same guy also pointed out that the early tombs look like survivalist hoarder bunkers, so the Pharaohs might have been scared shitless of spending eternity without food.
Or maybe the tombs were just a way to stockpile preservable food?
The underground labyrinths in some of the early tombs thru the third dynasty are very extensive, almost like the underground cities found in Turkey, whose date of construction is uncertain.
Imagine being wealthy, and knowing that in the past there were periods of famine, and maybe extreme cold weather, so the leader of your society has a large underground structure, full of food and valuables stockpiled, that can later be dig up to support you in bad times?
These underground “vaults” have giant stone markers on top, but are secured so as to not be easy to enter, unless absolutely necessary.

How is it that the polish army performed so well during the Polish-Soviet war in the 1920's, but got absolutely clobbered by Germany without putting up a fight?

In the 20's, the Polish army successfully deployed mobile-warfare like tactics, as well as planes, against Soviet forces in the Ukraine offensive. How come they were unable to put up any kind of defense against the German attack in 38?
8 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
you mean like when the polish soviet war took place in the 20s right
The germans won mainly through sheer numbers and the fact that Poland had a really long and shitty frontline to defend. Also the Polish military was mainly prepared for a 2nd war with the Soviets rather than the German blitzkrieg.
>That’s 5½ years of nonstop combat by an airplane adjudged by some to be too primitive, too slow and too vulnerable before the war even began
It’s hard to imply that the JU87 is substantially worse than the Shturmovik. By mid-war the western allies had far superior light attack CAS aircraft that also doubled as good fighters like the Typhoon or P47 though.
I-it was a typo. 8 and 9 are right next to eachother.
Because might see potential Germans-Polish alliance going on.

What does /his/ think of reconstructed Attic Greek? There seem to be a lot more people who oppose reconstructed pronunciations of ancient Greek compared to Latin, especially from Greeks themselves who just use the modern pronunciation of the letters. Who's right?
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
>morphology, grammar, and vocabulary require correct phonology
Not really no.
I read Shakespeare and the KJV frequently and I know for a fact I pronounce everything VERY differently than how it was originally. Not just me of course; consider fundamentalist churches who practice reading the KJV out loud and quote it amongst themselves frequently. Phonology doesn’t really matter when reading old language; as long as YOU can create*** a consistent phonology, the original doesn’t matter.
Again, strictly speaking about phonology. You have to learn the grammar and vocabulary first anyways.
The KJV is a bad example because it was written in early modern English so will of course be understandable to an English speaker today. English hasn't gone through major sound changes between early modern English and 21st century English. But the differences in Attic Greek and Modern Greek are major.

For Attic Greek the case endings have to have long vowels so if you don't do this then the text becomes hard to understand. Same thing also applies to pitch accent. Attic Greek also has contractions and sandhi too. Modern Greek merges ι, ῑ, η, υ, ει, οι, υι into [i], ᾱ, ᾳ, α into [a], ω, ῳ, ο into [o], ε, αι into [e], makes [h] silent and doesn't have pitch accent. Which makes a lot of the vocab sound the same. The only reason modern Greek is understandable is because it evolved it's grammar by adding prepositions, fixed word order and new vocab.
What do you guys think of Tsakonian?
File: 5.jpg (171 KB, 586x890)
171 KB
171 KB JPG

I have no strong feelings about it one way or the other.
I've heard Homeric Greek declaimed and it was recognizably different enough from Attic Greek (unsure if that was "reconstructed"; it wasn't using the modern pronunciations anyway) and modern Greek.

okay, so riddle me this, /his/: why does any muslim """sect""" rejecting the hadiths, or rejecting hadiths in contradiction with the Quran at least, turn out to be pretty chill groups and way less oppressive, belligerent and insidious than the recognized sunni and shi'ite schools of interpretation?
>some kharijite
Some are baffingly blasé about possessing freedom of religion, complete rejection of non-defensive military jihad, and against the prohibitions of alcohol, music, drawing of prophets, shaving, etc. Some even reject the hijab obligation.
Do not exist in the modern age. When they did exist and were in control they enforced the same "oppressive, belligerent and insidious" laws as mainstream sunnis.
modernist movement that has never controlled territory and always had to live as minority an so learnt that they could not throw their weight around to enforce their ideas. If they were ever in control they would be a lot less "chill" , also their "chillness" is a result of influence from modernity, liberalism and the west. Quranists today quite often say something like quran 4:34 doesn't say "strike" your wife, it actually says leave them. This is basically entirely motivated reasoning attempting to pander to modernist western norms, hadith rejector was saying this 500 years ago.
Same as above,thye had to live as a persecuted minority so they never had the chance to throw their weight around like they would if they controlled a country
>some kharijite
What's the evidence that Ibadis don't believe in the same legal punishments as regular muslims? They just proselytise less because there's fewer of them and they have hardly any diaspora
this, all flavors of islam are shit
Most articulate quranists right now:
>a guy who sees nothing inherently wrong with torture, incest, wife beating, circumcision, polygamy, temporary marriage and worshipping idols, but thinks murder is the worst sin ever
>a flat earther who thinks the kaaba is petra
>a guy who thought the Quran had a code based on the number of fallen angels, called himself a messenger and rejected two verses
The other quranists are various breeds of schizos who come up with creative "translations" of the quran.

Why did they lose WW1?
99 replies and 7 images omitted. Click here to view.
How could it be considered safe? The Brits lost loads of shipping to UBoats in the med, even with the Ortranto Barage. Besides, what would the Turks even do with Libya? They have far more, and closer to home, potential gains from fighting the Russians and Brits, without having to argue with France over Lybia at the end of the war.
You are mentally ill
>t. Tranny
Do take A-H over Israel any day now
Wars end by Christmas 14’ eve…..achieving za warudo peace!!

File: images (2).jpg (16 KB, 320x317)
16 KB
Imagine being a snow nigger from England/The Netherlands being under the Caribbean sun everyday for years with no sunscreen

Did this guys get skin cancer at the same rate we do today?
38 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Illiterate Moorberian, cynical and with a tendency to put words in other people's mouths.
to show how retarded the wretch whose unborn child was the result of abuse;
>If they wore "baggy" clothes literally because of the sun, why then did Spanish and Portuguese pirates wear practically the same style of clothing
Look, cancer cell, my argument is literally against the bullshit argument that was used for the reason why pirates' clothes have something about the sun, which is false and if it were true, the Spanish wouldn't do the same
Can I understand now, you illiterate son of a bitch?
to show how illiterate you are again
>but that's not what we see. we see the same style among the Iberians. everything was more a question of style than protecting yourself from the sun.
Can you see you illiterate retard? my arguments were literally like the clothes and sun thing don't make sense, otherwise the Spanish won't wear it, which necessarily implies that I DON'T THINK THE MOORBERIANS ARE SUPERHEROES IN THE SUN.
That's what niggas say when they don't have anything. Le people of the sun, we "have" the giant ball of fire in the sky. But silly innit.
>That’s why they wore wide-brimmed hats and baggy shirts.
>You don’t really need sunscreen if the sun isn’t directly on your skin. This is why Arabs wear such all-covering baggy clothes from light white material. Even a little bit of melanin is not enough to let you walk around in the desert sun bollock naked everyday, you need to cover up.
Dark clothing in colors such as deep indigo or black may actually help protect against the sun better than light colors.
While the theory of light colored clothing is that the light colors reflect the sunlight, the theory of dark colored clothing, is that the dark colors absorb the light waves before the light waves reach the skin, thereby preventing the light waves from hitting the skin or body.
Certain Middle Eastern countries specifically wear dark clothing, whether black for women, or deep indigo for men, such as the Tuaregs.
The “blue roofs” in Hawaii were the “space laser” burned down that town, would follow the idea of the dark clothing.
Baggy clothing is Comfy.
>Certain Middle Eastern countries specifically wear dark clothing, whether black for women

>One of the primary reasons why Muslim women wear black abayas is to uphold the values of modesty and humility. Islam places a strong emphasis on modesty in dress and behavior, and the black abaya is seen as an ideal way to cover the body without drawing unnecessary attention.
Besides, it's not always black, even styles change

File: 1716244842674642.gif (782 KB, 800x600)
782 KB
782 KB GIF
Why don't people support incest instead of exogamy? Is it true that the deformity and stillborn rate for incestual offspring is higher?
How would we know. All of /his/ are incels.
only people who never had a sister wants to fuck their sister
So much this.

File: IMG_9571.jpg (306 KB, 500x419)
306 KB
306 KB JPG
Sunni Muslims choose their religion because its the most logical.

Orthodox Christians choose theirs because its the least logical.
25 replies and 5 images omitted. Click here to view.
I hope that you find Christ one day and come to regret your actions.
If that day does come remember Psalm 51 please.
I won’t waste any more time on you.

"They haven’t received the secrets of the kingdom of heaven, but you have. For those who have will receive more and they will have more than enough. But as for those who don’t have, even the little they have will be taken away from them. Though they see, they don’t really see; and although they hear, they don’t really hear"
Everything Jesus said is from the Old Testament.
File: e92.jpg (110 KB, 1280x1267)
110 KB
110 KB JPG
>Sunni Muslims choose their religion because its the most logical.

Why is World War 2 considered to start with the invasion of Poland?
Shouldn't the start of the war be the start of the Sino-Japanese war in 1937?
After all the Sino-Japanese war is considered to be part of WW2, it is the opening of the pacific theatre, the casualities form a large part of the WW2 total and it lasted for the duration of the war.
107 replies and 6 images omitted. Click here to view.
No? And the US began soft diplomatic pressure as early as 1915.
>being fought between imperial powers with possessions on multiple continents.
Haeckel's usage of the term was that it involved most great powers as combatants, and would function as a vortex drawing more countries in as direct participants, with even the neutrals "directly or indirectly be[ing] made to suffer". Had the UK/France not declared on Germany, but war broke out in 1940 over Benelux or something, the German-Polish War would've been considered a precursor conflict rather than part of the war itself. As it was, within the month, all the European great powers save Italy were conducting military operations, and even the European neutrals were mobilizing hundreds of thousands of men. It immediately forced changes in US government policy, and caused the downfall of the Japanese cabinet and a reformation of Japanese policy vis-a-vis the USSR. Italy would join the ongoing conflict the next year.
>You had all of that and more transpiring in China,
That was arguing that even the Phoney War was actual great power conflict. Which isn't to say that sustained intense combat inherently means a world war.
>What did the "central government" of Japan do when this kind of insubordination happened?
Japanese politics was difficult. The central government wasn't in a position to exercise authority over the army, or to find common ground with the ROC for ending the conflict.
of course not, the sino jap war is a bunch of gooks killing each other on a very large scale but only once the major euro empires go at it does over half the fucking world get dragged in by proxy
This is pretty much cope, moishe. In fact, airplane engines were banmed from being sold to japan, by 1939. Other important things like other airplane parts and tools were banned from being sold to them as well.

I’m not sure why you’re gping with “no actually JAPAN os the golem” when we are talking about the worlds most ultimate and well known golem, the US.
>the meth cope

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