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If you want to know answers to questions like "Why does God create suffering?" "/the poor?" "untenable and unjustified circumstance, under a vow of silence?" ask his representative on Earth, Larry Fink, an Orthodox Jew and spokesperson for the divine. He is the CEO of the world's largest equity fund. Link below.
Because posting this link in OP marked my post as "spam".

File: 1703102947828952.png (717 KB, 1200x630)
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We all know about World War I World War II and the Napoleonic Wars but in total, how many European people did inter-European conflicts, started and provoked by other Europeans kill? And how did these constant inter-European wars affect the continent in years to come?
death of people is nothing
poisoning of the gene pool is 1000x worse

Went to catholic school for 12 years and went to mass at least once a week but a lot of times twice a week. I vividly remember the priest saying of course Jesus was an only child. No brothers or sisters. When the Bible clearly stated other wise. Also the whole elevation of Mary in the Catholic Church. It’s not scriptural. Let alone all the other things.

Are the priests just there to set us on the wrong path? Or is it just them like mocking us to our face? What exactly is going on with how they blatantly tell us known lies? What is the correct denomination if one?
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>Went to catholic school for 12 years and went to mass at least once a week but a lot of times twice a week.
No you didn’t, enough with the LARP spam.
Genealogical fallacy, lmao

>someone made a mistake
>must be a deliberate lie!

You should get that persecution complex looked into.
I’ve known several NPC Catholics. I probably used to be one.

My catholic cousin was killed by a black man and at the ceremony the priest was rushing it along like he was in a hurry. I think he or another priest even told the father of the victim that he should give money to organizations that help black children so they don’t turn to crime.

My point is that Catholics seem to hate white people. They have been involved in all the migration/invasion of America.

What do you think is right denomination then?
it's not a mistake, the Bible explicitly says that Jesus had brothers and sisters, notably James
The priests know this, they just lie about it
like a lof of other things

/his/ still cannot explain this one.
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>its the faustian warrior spirit that makes them so good
Lmao. They were colonial soldiers in a system they were forced into or had no choice. No different then the plenty of others under other empires.

and the jannisaries were like the praetorian guard, you are so fucking copeful
>dont you SEE they needed that nigga for his BLACK MIND
sh'yeah fuck off
>Many eunuchs had incomplete castrations
thats wrong
I know of exactly one account of an incomplete castration. The large majority were successful.>>16644366

Hiw many generations did it take for light skin to evolve?

File: Cz7UqBOUcAEThyW.jpg (53 KB, 900x450)
53 KB

>How the #Japanese government destroyed 80,000 Shinto shrines in the Meiji era. https://tfg.li/stateshinto


>That wasn't the end of it. Shrines with long histories were transformed from celebrating local heroes, legends, or natural spirits to celebrating whatever had propaganda value to the state. So the shrine that paid respect to a powerful tree for a hundred years would suddenly be paying respect to a war hero with no connection to the original shrine.

>Finally, in 1906, the Imperial government announced it would only provide funds for one shrine per village3. That one shrine usually reflected state interests.

>You might think Shinto would have experienced a revered or elevated status during this time, but instead, it was blighted and under siege. During the Meiji era's most aggressive wartime expansion, 80,000 local shrines disappeared4, consolidated into those that followed state guidelines. (For some perspective, that's the total number of Shinto Shrines in Japan today.)

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Koreans were enslaved and raped by Han Chinese, Murong Xianbei, Japanese, Mongols, Manchus, white Americans.

Japanese sold Korean girls to Portuguese as slaves.

Every one of those peoples dumped cum in Korean women.
To be fair, the old Tokyo was burnt to ashes by firebombing campaigns during WWII.
Due to the consequences of Japan's cultural and ideological development
>The temples and buildings were completely razed to the ground and rebuilt later with guesswork and shitty old drawings or photographs.
That's... actually what Japan did historically to its buildings. Also y'know the fucking firebombings.
>It was also destroyed before that.
see above
coreans are an eternal slave race and the russian educated kim family was able to use this to their advantage
The mongol cum stains on your soul are never going away, Li chang.
I'm sure you know it better than I do.

File: Congress_of_Vienna_1814.jpg (393 KB, 1260x854)
393 KB
393 KB JPG
$10 million or the chance to wait this table?
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Britain: Arthur Wellesley, 1st Duke of Wellington
Portugal: Joaquim Lobo Silveira, 7th Count of Oriola
Portugal: António de Saldanha da Gama, Count of Porto Santo
Sweden: Count Carl Löwenhielm
France: Louis Joseph Alexis, Comte de Noailles [fr]
Austria: Klemens Wenzel, Prince von Metternich
France: Frédéric-Séraphin de La Tour du Pin Gouverne [fr]
Russia: Count Karl Robert Nesselrode
Portugal: Pedro de Sousa Holstein, 1st Count of Palmela
Britain: Robert Stewart, Viscount Castlereagh
France: Emmerich Joseph, Duke of Dalberg
Austria: Baron Johann von Wessenberg
Russia: Prince Andrey Kirillovich Razumovsky
Britain: Charles Stewart, 1st Baron Stewart

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Evil people trying to undo what the hero Napoleon and the French Revolution did. They ultimately failed because the revolutionary valued were superior to everything these subhumans offered. How much did this world order survive, 30 years?
I cannot understand how you could look at the modern world and think that the Revolution provided a superior system of values
Simply by understanding the revolution and the modern world much better than you.
t. Amerimutt who doesn't even know who metternich is

File: IMG_4030.jpg (271 KB, 1000x1000)
271 KB
271 KB JPG
I’m bogged down with mental associations, neuroses, obsessions, guilts, etc. Is there any way I can do sort of a mental reboot without doing too much damage to my mind and memories? I’m much too cluttered and I want to be able to enjoy life again.

File: Japan_location_map.svg.png (103 KB, 1028x1024)
103 KB
103 KB PNG
Do they have their own retarded meme "nationalists" like Scotts/Welsh/Cornish? Are there obscure Shikoku or Kyushu nationalists? (I'm aware Hokkaido there probably are, I'm talking about other parts of Jap.)

File: Gac.jpg (151 KB, 818x782)
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151 KB JPG
What changes historically?
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She is Joan of EEF. Beaker lady is Joan of steppe interested. Now we need a Joan of WHG. My future wife if you will.
File: WHGbroski.jpg (114 KB, 1038x957)
114 KB
114 KB JPG
Reminder, Steppe serfs and EEF slaves. This man is your owner. Yes, he might be a random forest dwelling dwarf. But he is literally resilience incarnate. He will outlast you. He will breed your women. He will be your king. He is the WHG man.
based and marriage. based and marriage.
but I think the beaker lady and chad are not that pro-steppe, they often raise the WHG mainly and the ANF.
although chud does that more

but I think the beaker lady and chad are not that pro-steppe, they often raise the WHG mainly and the ANF.
although chud does that more
WHG cucks couldn't even take back Central Europe from G2a.
Literally everything having to do with europe and the Eurasian steppe.
Now, it's basically impossible to even speculate with any certainty what it would look like. But I assume it wouldn't be THAT different to european history as we know it (at least the first two thousand years or so). But knowledge is impossible unless you can make an educated guess on what is actually pre-IE culture and what isn't, which I can't.

Clayton Lockett became the 111th person executed in death penalty-happy Oklahoma for murdering a young white woman in Ponca City in 1999. Lockett, an African-American, was born on November 22, 1975. His mother reportedly used drugs while pregnant with him and abandoned him when he was 3 years old. Lockett was then raised by his father, who beat him, introduced him to drugs and pornographic movies at an early age, and encouraged sexual activity. He also taught his son to steal and punished him if he got caught and that women were bad and only existed to do as one pleased with. Family members also believed Clayton's older brother molested him and that he sucked his thumb and had bedwetting accidents until he was 12.

Lockett had an initial run-in with the law in 1992 when he was 16 and got charged with car theft, burglary, concealing stolen property, and intimidating state witnesses. He pled guilty and was sentenced to seven years in prison, paroled May 13, 1995. Lockett was sentenced to ten years in 1996 for conspiracy and was paroled on January 4, 1999.
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Lethal injections were always a stupid idea. They should just bring back public hangings and be done with it.
breaking wheel plus drawing and quartering et voila, no more robbed liquor stores

File: IMG_1335.jpg (109 KB, 445x616)
109 KB
109 KB JPG
The Dark Ages ended in France by the Carolingian Renaissance, Spain with the Moorish invasions, England with the Norman invasions, and Italy with the establishment of the Papalcy (the real fall of Rome happened when Justinian attacked).

Constantinople never really had a dark age like West Rome did, although it went to the point of irrecoverably by the 4th Crusade, and Northern and Eastern Europe just become civilized once they accepted Roman and Christian lifestyle.
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that's how most people understand history
>The Dark Ages ended in Spain with the Moorish invasions

Absolutely based
that's how most white people understand history
White people either don't even care what Medieval times really was or have more nuanced wiev on it. Hispanista discord isn't entire world. Medieval hate ended at Lord of the Rings movie and George RR Martin

File: Western World 2024.png (128 KB, 2753x1400)
128 KB
128 KB PNG
as of the year 2024 A.D
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File: 1666333128994172s.jpg (3 KB, 121x125)
3 KB
Western civilization is christian civilization so the map is actually accurate.

Japan is a strange case, in some senses they appear western to us and have really taken western culture on board, but they are really coming from something completely different, even if they are considered apart of "the west" today. People think Russia is not "western" because it is always opposed to the "western powers" but they really can't be classified as anything other than western. Being antagonistic with "the west" doesn't mean you are not culturally western.
A Latinx made this without a doubt
File: IMG_2991.jpg (63 KB, 960x720)
63 KB
This thread is why I’m a Nordicist. Too many brown low IQ Latinx think they’re white
Dom Rep and Jamaica both have mixed-race ruling elite, and in Jamaica's case, the eliter you go the whiter and chinkier it gets.

Kys Pedro you will never be white

File: marxjak.jpg (70 KB, 680x797)
70 KB
>and then one day we'll all live in a society with no hierarchy, money, or government structures forever
>the end
Which of Marx's works are you quoting?
The communist manisfesto

File: spengler.jpg (11 KB, 193x262)
11 KB
>1054: schism between Roman Catholic (Faustian) and Orthodox (Magian) church

>2018: Schism between the Orthodox (Magian Fellaheen) and Russian Orthodox (Russian) church


>Even after 1054 friendly relations between East and West continued. The two parts of Christendom were not yet conscious of a great gulf of separation between them. ... The dispute remained something of which ordinary Christians in East and West were largely unaware".[13]

Spengler says the Russian world-feeling is similar to the Magian one in some ways from a western POV. Picture the early Magian culture under the yoke of Classical Rome, preachers in the desolate desert, the Essenes, John, Jesus, the early Christian underground, Bar Kokhba. Hellenistic Judaism. Is Russia undergoing something kind of similar now as a their culture begins to thaw into spring in the villages and plains of Eurasia, albeit under a lingering western yoke of McDonalds, a broken industrial capitalism, nominal adherence to western norms by their gangster government and Gen Z exposure to the Faustian internet?
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they're minerals.
>The Soviet Union looked like Russia's spring, it entered the modern world, put the first man in space, had a good thing going for a while, however something went terribly wrong
You are just ingesting soviet propaganda (Soviets were every good at propaganda you can give them that). USSR was never good and handicapped by non working Marxist ideology trailed behind world in development until finally keeled over over same problem it had in beginning of teh communisation (no food)
BTW guy who build this church is going to jail over receiving $11 milions bribe charge.
Spring is meant to be clownish.

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