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Taking away the appearance. How reliable is the personality of the devil in the Hollywood movies and series with respect to the devil of the scriptures?

Have you ever wondered what angels think?
Here are some excerpts from a book dealing with John Dee's Conversations with Angels, by Deborah E. Harkness.
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But I'm not Christian, you are. You misunderstood. I don't worship a god that want me to be a cuck. I'm a chad. Your lord and savior was the fruit of cuckoldry. You're a cuck in denial.
I bet they have hot gay angel sex
File: 1712710549299590.jpg (41 KB, 720x538)
41 KB
>gibs me yo wife or you ain't no christian
lol, you are a riot.
I'm not asking for your wife, you have to ask me to take your wife and she has to beg me to accept her.
Also your meme pic reactions show you're seething.
File: rediculous.png (140 KB, 432x343)
140 KB
140 KB PNG
you will never have sex

>snakes cant talk
>nothing can explode and create everything
>life can come from nothing
>consciousness can spring from dead matter if you make it complicated enough
>the universe can be made of 98% invisible spooky ghost shit that can't be tested and only exists in simulations made by physicists coping
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Are you dumb?
>Are you dumb?
Are you Christ-tard anon?
I think the answer is a big resounding...

Come on. Where is your recreation of Genesis?
1)call me when you meet one
2) thats not what the big bang is
3) yes sure
4) that has little to do with atheism. Are you just anti science because of your ignorance and mental laziness? That’s most religious people after all
Oh yeah another strawman thread

My pastor said South Vietnam was ruled by an autistically Catholic elite that persecuted the Buddhist majority with the CIA's help and that it contributed to a lot of problems in the country, how accurate is that?
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Flips are subhuman monkey people who can't form a coherent thought
Of course they don't give a shit
what does it has to do with a discussion?
he wants to talk about something else, apparently. be glad it's not some haploshit he chose as the next topic of this thread.
Yes, the South Vietnamese government very much favoured Catholics and often attacked Buddhist symbols and temples. This naturally made the regime very unpopular with Buddhist (pic related was to protest the treatment of Buddhist). It did relax a bit under American pressure.
Fairly accurate. You should read up on the catholic ruler of the south Vietnam both the husband and the wife. Wild stuff.

File: 1707434850252588.jpg (191 KB, 800x600)
191 KB
191 KB JPG
Why is Attila the most well known barbarian ruler? He didn't accomplish shit and Hungary is a third-rate Slavic hellhole today.
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I genuinely thought more people knew about Odoacer.
Google search gives 268,000 results for Odoacer and 76,300,000 for Attila :I
>Hungary has nothing to do with the Hun-ACK

>the "immigrant core" of the conquering Hungarians derived from an earlier admixture of Mansis, early Sarmatians, and descendants of late Xiongnus.
Except this has peer reviewed hard proof in a respected scientific journal, cope whitey you will never be Xiongnu
Actually, we wuz Huns AND Avars.

File: OIG1.jpg (240 KB, 1024x1024)
240 KB
240 KB JPG
many say that germany made a mistake allying with italy. honestly i think it's the exact opposite. being thrown in a war unprepared, when your only ally is a fanatical dictator breaking treaties left and right that surrounds himself with enemies and living on borrowed time, is suicidal. italy made a mistake allying with germany.
whats this meme about italy being unprepared? they were fascist since the 20s and had participated in wars in Ethiopia as well as in the spansih civil war, how much more time they need?
Shitalian cope, it’s sad, I know
No just poorly industrialized, disorganized and ignorant

What are the cultural/historical origins of this practice. I'm assuming like everything else it has its roots the schizo ramblings of some Victorian quacks pseudo medical/wellness cult ramblings...
>lust-provoking picture

>larp as Romans although they were part of the Empire for 20 years
>ruled by Hungarians or Bulgarians throughout their entire history
>speak Latin language with heavy Slavic influence

Let's settle this once for all /his/, are they Hungarian or Bulgarian?
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>whatever I don't like is russian/bozgor/serb/soros
where did I even imply OCS isn't bulgarian retard? what I've stated is after ottoman conquest church slavonic wasn't used anymore in present-day bulgaria being replaced by greek
also ocs is more complex thsn nowadays bulgarian which is pretty simplified
oh I see now, thanks. but some debate that 'Io' is also byzantine influence via bulgaria, not just a legitimacy of Asen dynasty
Even worse, Wallachia and Serbia actually fought against each other when Serbia was allied to the Ottomans
languages change, obviously old bulgarian and modern bulgarian aren't the exact same
OCS is bulgarian as is the cyrillic alphabet
everyone who ever used or uses these is massively influenced by bulgaria in partiuclar and not just by 'slavs' as some nebulous term which is purposely dilute. For some reason romanians on 4chan feel shame to have been influenced by bulgaria in medival times
that's not even that impressive

Wallachia(supposed roman descendants) as a very willing part of the Second bulgarian state fought a billion wars against the eastern roman empire
Kaloyan - bulgarian tzar who was at least part vlach (supposedly roman descendant). Quite famous in bulgaria, but unknown in romania. His nickname was Romanslayer, that's how much he hated romans. He also hated the latin crusaders and crippled their empire.
Modern romanians will tell you this guy (and medieval vlachs in general) was secretly latin roman and jerked off to trajan or even knew who trajan was

it is insane
I didn't deny bulgarian influence at all and I don't feel ashamed that my country was influenced by them in the middle ages. You are pathetic if you think in some rigid world where you can't receive, trade and communicate with all of your neighbours
>Wallachia(supposed roman descendants) as a very willing part of the Second bulgarian state fought a billion wars against the eastern roman empire
>Kaloyan - bulgarian tzar who was at least part vlach (supposedly roman descendant). Quite famous in bulgaria, but unknown in romania. His nickname was Romanslayer, that's how much he hated romans. He also hated the latin crusaders and crippled their empire.

This is some weird convoluted argument that Bulgarians always make on /his/ for some reason.
No, the "Romans" that were being refereed to back then were the Greek speaking ones that ruled the East Roman Empire, not Romance peoples as a whole.
That post makes a weird confusing mix between "Romans" as the early Latin-speaking Empire, the Eastern Greeks speaking one, "Roman" as an imperial title and "Roman" as in Romance speaking people
All of these are completely distinct elements

So if you fight against the East Roman Byzantine of 1200s , you somehow retroactively stop being Romance-speaking and descendant of Romans from earlier times, for some reason?

Also, you have groups from the same language group fighting each other all the time in history.
The French fought against the Spanish all the time, that doesn't mean they weren't both Latin. Serbs and Bulgarians fought against each other and so on.

File: FBrgIFxXEAgksFC.jpg (112 KB, 972x796)
112 KB
112 KB JPG
Like explain to me how the korean war was any different and yet it isn't discussed nearly as much anywhere. And then south korea developed pretty nicely from its shithole position.

With a US victory we would have carved up a nice puppet state, rewrote their constitution to favor private property and trade etc, and have a vibrant V-pop and Vdrama to enjoy (maybe not cause vietnamese sounds horrible).
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>use your words buddy, Americans were fighting to stop the NV advance, pic rel is how it ended
Vietnam was never a threat after America left.
Permanently ass-raped into oblivion.

Vietnam is equivalent to a sexually abused child that now abuses meth in a city sewer at the age of sixty.
>you stated it was worse than before the war, stay focused buddy
Yes. It's worse now.
Stay focused buddy...
>Yes. It's worse now.
time to provide evidence, buddy
>time to provide evidence, buddy
Vietnam wasn't no 120 economically speaking prior to or during the American occupation.
what was it before?

File: GBKwc0mXQAA3R1f.jpg (64 KB, 676x385)
64 KB
>"hmmm yes time to make my 5 thousandth video where I say the confederacy was......LE BAD!!!!!"
Can't wait to see what he does next
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File: (((Judah P. Benjamin))).jpg (1.75 MB, 1870x2322)
1.75 MB
1.75 MB JPG
He's a fag who never mentions the actual bad things about the Confederacy
He wouldn't have material if retards didn't keep feeding him with cope.
I mostly enjoy his videos but yeah, takes like this show he is far from bias free.

Likewise the video on the outlaw josie wales was good because it emphasised nor all confederates were loving slavery, and it being set in Missouri specifically made it easy to sympathise with the main character because the Union objectively committed the biggest atrocities in Missouri, against neutral civilians even, not people committed to the confederacy, just people trying to stay out of it

One thing he said that gives me the impression it’s just a kind of America centric brain rot is when he claimed American slavery was a completely unique evil unlike other types of slavery seen through history or in other cultures and countries

This is just not true. But it HAS to be true for the American leftist because it’s essentially their religious replacement for original sin. All whites are born guilty because of slavery (which was way worse than all the slavery everyone else did!”

America is fundamentally racist and evil because of slavery. Therefore we must follow whatever current trend is to repent
He turned into an outright far left shill. He literally has a pro-Antifa recruitment video.
Lincoln was a white nationalist who considered niggers infegriro inferior and wanted them out of America.
So yeah the confederacy really was bad because they wanted to keep the niggers in America.

File: IMG_0259.png (201 KB, 738x579)
201 KB
201 KB PNG
Isn’t antisemitism basically just third-worldism for white people?

>This group of people is more successful than my own. They couldn’t have done it through merit. They must have cheated somehow.
24 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
evidently it didn't because jews keep being overrepresentated
fucking Bob Dylan won a prize recently.
Basically, yes. Jews have in group preference like everyone else. They on average are more likely to hire Yoni Cohen in the Same way you're more likely to hire a Bret Johnson over a Latarian Jones. Just the way the world is thoughbeitever. /pol/ will screech about the one thing and not the other.
>Isn’t antisemitism basically just third-worldism for white people?
The thing about this gotcha meme is that it is never done in good faith.
Logically it would mean that supporting one form of ethnic hatred but not the other is hypocritical, so the "solution" to the problem would be to either support both, or neither.
The default seems to be that whites should stop being antisemitic but they should continue taking shit from non-Whites like good little boys.

I doubt whoever makes this "witty" observations actually protests against anti-White third-worldism with the same passion.
File: 1713685954154361.webm (2.89 MB, 320x584)
2.89 MB
2.89 MB WEBM
Kikes are nepotistic retards.
This. Merit my ass kike.

File: 9fc.png (203 KB, 1000x1000)
203 KB
203 KB PNG
why are they like this?
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Uruguayans are also predominantly Italians, Spaniard bros keep losing sad
Relative to the standards of that era. Of course, in general Italy always does well enough as ranking, it's kinda silly to just look at who won 1st place only.
In fact this whole thread and all threads like it are retarded and are often done by pajeets or nafri mutts.
>Uruguayans are also predominantly Italians
>Relative to the standards of that era. Of course, in general Italy always does well enough as ranking, it's kinda silly to just look at who won 1st place only.
I'm not the one who started shit here. The other mad wops got angry for mysterious reason.
Shitalybros? We wuzzn't Romans after all?
>Of course, in general Italy always does well enough
They failed to qualify for the WC two times in a row now.

File: IMG_1539.jpg (266 KB, 1620x1028)
266 KB
266 KB JPG
Post some interesting infographics here
50 replies and 33 images omitted. Click here to view.
Economic and political reasons for why Souther Italy is as way poorer than the North.
Here's an interesting one.

About the hypnagogic state bringing out the creativity within us, and the "brain being only a receiver of the knowledge in the universe".
Why fight to be free from the British, when they're importing the third world now? They're no different than the British now, just a little different of an accent. Only 40% of the Irish can speak any amount of their traditional language. They're English in all but name, at this point.
European people's phenotypes.
Comparrison between inter-human and inter-animal genetic differences.

File: Remove Teuton.jpg (38 KB, 500x512)
38 KB
How did the Baltic people remain pagan for so long?
Remoteness and lack of missionary efforts
Big dick energy
In addition to the remoteness, they were also completely ununified and decentralized, so that the general pattern of Christian subversion (Poland, Saxony, Norway, Sweden, Denmark) where the King is converted (often for trade and diplomatic relations with Southern Europe) and then forcibly imposes Christianity on his populace was impossible.

Also, a very rural culture that is deeply steeped in the rural folk traditions that form the basis of Baltic paganism, to the extent that even after the Northern Crusades forcibly converted most of the population, most Balts continued all of their previous religious rituals, and just made a weak attempt at syncretism of all of their pantheon (Dievas to Deus, or God Almighty, Mara to Mary, Janis to St John).

The Janis festival is a great example of this, where an overtly pagan festival of making wreaths of oak branches and jumping over a fire for good luck in the new year had St John tacked on to it so that it wouldn't be suppressed by the German rulers in Riga.

This also accounts for why as soon as the Baltics were liberated from foreign Christian powers in 1920, one of the first things they did was renovate their folk religion and traditions.

One of the strongest arguments for progressive muslims for the existence of god is that the human body is perfect. A machine that is infinitely more complex than irl machine will be but also perfect without any flaws or redundant parts capable of doing anything.

Is there any argument against this?
80 replies and 7 images omitted. Click here to view.
>ask for design flaws in the human body
>people point out mountains of them
>"none of those matter but they're also good actually"
faggots like OP should be perma-banned
faggots like OP is possibly the biggest flaw in human design
I would say the main fault with humans is the fact that normal human babies are extremely premature by mammalian standards. So without modern medicine the mortality rate is insanely high in newborns. This is especially bad because human gestation is long. Out of all the human faults. That is by far the one defect that caused the most deaths in the past.
not really a flaw.
Most genetic defects that occur without any external reason(e.g. radiation, incest, hereditary genetic defects, etc) are mostly just probability rolls.

Humans form more humans based on their DNA. It is our blueprint; and like any other machine or mechanism in nature, it is susceptible to defect. Mutation is how we evolve, but a single wrong mutation in the wrong place of our DNA would turn a normal baby into a Chernobyl baby. Like a perfect watch, with a single gear broken. Or a domino line with a single domino misplaced. Ruins the entire structure.

That's why babies or people who have overt expose to harmful radiation would show mutations, as our blueprint, DNA itself gets messed up. And naturally, nature cleans up those aberrations in the form of death. The purpose of humans living a bit before passing off their genes is to adapt to the environment, people who originated from a hot lower climate, through generations adapting to a colder and higher climate. This is how our structure fights the probability of the countless paths of mutation and the everchanging environment. Although technically it should be possible to have a positive mutation on a large enough scale through random sheer chance.

Birth defects is nature, more akin to natural phenomenon than wrong structure.

Miscarriages mainly occur due to the wrong health choices of the parent, although a defect also often leads to a miscarriage.

Infant deaths being a human design flaw? hahaha, it's simply survival of the fittest. Although one could argue that Human babies being so vulnerable and incapable of self-defense for so long is a design flaw. Considering that nature's way to correct this flaw is to mass incubate a bunch of babies so that a small percentage survives, makes a hilarious and interesting picture when applied to humans.
A wild human woman having an inflated stomach just popping out countless infants who scurry away to avoid the nearby predators.Liketurtle
sorry, word limit caught up so i couldn't finish my musings properly.

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