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File: channels4_profile.jpg (225 KB, 900x900)
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The man who killed /his/
They're called Anons desu.
Why does he look like an older, male Greta Thunberg
I'm not even joking about this or trying to mock him I thought it was Greta at first
The Nordoid phenotype
Is that radiotranny?

I am trying to investigate if mitres were ever actually worn into battle in and around the 13th century.
Anyone have any good sources or evidence?

File: 1691052912200177.jpg (127 KB, 1280x720)
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The noble king has called aright
every brave man and valiant knight
His voice rings out, solemn and slow
"Who will succeed me where I go?"

The ardent knights on bended knee,
made vows of Faith and loyalty.
Those with more prudence dared to guess,
where their good king would soon process

The Duke of Baume first gave his word:
"For this great land I'll wield my sword."
Said the great king, "This lacks wisdom.
We must save all of Christendom."

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File: 4331.jpg (618 KB, 3080x1651)
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618 KB JPG
Why aren't you Eastern Orthodox?
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>I will not discuss with you on your inconsistency concerning other heresies, and your criteria on them.
The “inconsistency” you speak of is that I don’t relentlessly seethe about them.
I’m actually very consistent, I’m even ok with people believing in EED. I just object to the mandating of it.
>You are not in a good spirit
That’s very hypocritical, all you have done is ignore my 10 points.
>aren't logical
Something about a pot and a kettle
> and don't act like a christian.
Anon, I……. You obsess over autistic word magic and demand absolute theological conformity. You believe that membership in an institution is required for salvation while following a church that can’t even figure out its own soteriology. Unironically I I think you have a problem, considering that you would deny Christianhood to people who have utterly detected their lives to christ solely on the basis they don’t believe in a distinction you yourself admit is merely a logical/mental distinction. I suggest you realign the equilibrium of your life, touch grass and crack open a Bible. Put your faith in Christ, and he will show you what is important.

>You said palamism falls
Okay stop there, you seem to have already gone off the rails or seriously misunderstood.
You said
>You don't agree with the church fathers who all explain how the essence isn't divided

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>And don't understand some distinction
Is there a real substantive distinction between God essence and his energy?
A simple yes or no will suffice.
If you answer with a wall of text I will ignore
This is all just word magic, it’s pure sophistry and doesn’t actually mean anything and you are just using it as a cope to try and explain away your paradoxical claims.
Is THIS the best Palamism has to offer?
>I’m even ok with people believing in EED
So you don't think it'd false ? So it's true ? Or it doesn't matter ?
The anathema against Barlaam doesn't necessarily apply against the papist Church. Palamas simply meant that God really is transcendant and really deifies, through his operation. Hence a distinction, with a unity.
Some western theologians in louvain notably have expressed the unity of the different explanation of uncreated grace.
The most important is that in the west created grace and habitus have tended to make completely forgot that it is true deification, and not created gifts of the holy spirit, which are promised to good christians.
The distinction of God and his uncreated operation simply justifies the deification and the transcendance of God which have to be maintained paradoxically. But it is not a system, so the same truth can be expressed in different ways. I explained it already in different ways.

>demand absolute theological conformity
I don't think so.

>Is there a real substantive distinction between God essence and his energy?
No. Not substantial, but real. A difference based on the relativity of one to another. Ultimately Palamas says the unities dominate distinctions, but don't deny them. You, or anyone, denying this distinction is in error. God really manifest himself to saints, and his manifestation is necessarily distinct from him, since it is manifestation.
>So you don't think it'd false?
Well since no one can agree on what it is, yes, no, both and all at the same time.
>Or it doesn't matter?
I don’t think it matters to salvation.
It wasn’t part of the deposit of faith.
>The anathema against Barlaam doesn't necessarily apply against the papist Church.
It’s matter because anyone who doesn’t actively affirm that the light of Tabor is the uncreated form of God is condemned to hell.

>which have to be maintained paradoxically.
I think when you need to post a wall of text and then say “yeah but the paradox is important” you really need to re-assess your theology.

>I don't think so.
Well your Church is pretty clear on the matter.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
*is in the created order

File: gren_t1.jpg (10 KB, 155x400)
10 KB
Is martial arts really a sin?
So how should I train my body to defeat God's enemies?

File: 1716876051716828.jpg (7 KB, 228x221)
7 KB
The idea of a black egypt makes more sense than people think and is not pseudohistory
>egypt spoke an afroasiatic language not a semetic language, and other languages of this family are only spoken in black countries
>ancient greek accounts say egyptians are 'black' and no one knows whether the word is referring to a tan or dark skin
>egyptian sculptures often have afros but historians cope by saying they are wigs or crowns
>egypt came from the naqada culture in upper egypt, right next to modern sudan, not lower egypt in the delta
>no genetic evidence is presented from before the ptolemaic period
>many busts are surrounded in controversy in egyptology of whether they are genuine of fakes
>most sculptures in tombs did not have color when found and the colored images are reconstructions that require assumptions about skin color
>statues whiten over time like roman statues did, and were likely much darker originally
>ancient greek accounts say egyptians are 'black' and no one knows whether the word is referring to a tan or dark skin
Ancient Gayreeks were themselves Black
for the answers see:
I think the real answer is that Egypt was diverse, which means that some of them were certainly "black" (i.e. Nilotic, Sudanese), while others would be more similar to Levantines or European Mediterraneans.
the quality of trolling, if we may even speak of such, has gone down recently.
>egypt spoke an afroasiatic language not a semetic language, and other languages of this family are only spoken in black countries
I will assume you mean 'semitic' when you knuckle-type 'semetic'. and just so people know, the semitic languages form a branch of afroasiatic languages, so arabic, hebrew, syriac, amorite, chaldean, babylonian, akkadian etc. are or were all afroasiatic languages.
the rest of your post is likewise made of outright lies.

File: h81u1a3xklub1.jpg (705 KB, 1488x2047)
705 KB
705 KB JPG
Paradise and Earth in a spectrum? Paradise and Earth in a spectrum!

File: GOhvTg3X0AAZG1d.jpg (147 KB, 1200x1200)
147 KB
147 KB JPG
Seeing Race its own or others' as le good or le bad is the defining feature of the West and is not the case in contemporary cultures or other previous cultures. This "West" is no more than 150 years old and what it displaced, Christendom, the previous culture in territories it now occupies and by definition binded by Christianity, not by Race.
It's the Enlightenment's fault
>if God real why can't I kill brown people
Least demented atheist
Now show "by religion" instead of "by national flags".
Still Christian?
The nations that captured and sold the slaves are suspiciously absent from the graph.

Historicallly speaking, why were white people (north Europeans) completely irrelevant until 1500-1600?

As white race will become unfortunately extinct in this century, white dominance in history will be very short-lived.
12 replies and 6 images omitted. Click here to view.
I don't know and I don't care
Sure thing, Chang. In your dreams.
Historians enjoy distorting facts to fit an agenda sometimes. Crazy, I know.
The romans would be embarrassed that their nafri hapa bastards' "greatest legacy" in the new world was a shithole whose greatest achievements were cartel flaying competitions, boosting US agricultural production by 10%, and tortillas
>nafri hapa bastards

Is Egypt the only country in history that was ruled over by multiple races? It was ruled by Brown Semites and Libyans, black Nubians, white Greeks, and Asian Turks. It makes sense however since Egypt is at the crossroads of Eurasia and Africa
54 replies and 14 images omitted. Click here to view.
Weird Nubian theory. Ramessides were most likely light-skinned libyans or semites. The forensics don't lie
Greek is very brown. You look at their music. It's very middle eastern even the ancient greek music also very eastern
Their artistry was kino though
no see these for more
libyans weren't light skinned
these are actual depictions of them from real frescos >>16676053 >>16675966 >>16675895
someone posted a description of them >>16676001

File: 1709743500492.jpg (283 KB, 1200x1200)
283 KB
283 KB JPG
>"Remember kids, behind every atheist is an eschatological fantasy less plausible than even the most talkative snake."
Was this true?
3 replies omitted. Click here to view.
that's just modern /his/
the 2016 election and covid schizo wave hit hard
its probably the same poster going on a seethe spree, best guess is he got another reality check
always this you can see it real-time
It's not true, and false claims like this only make the position of whoever is making them appear weaker.
There are hordes of 60 year old and 12 year old retards that post shit taken directly from their social media and think it's okay
blame the mods for being such hyperniggers

File: IMG_2336.jpg (135 KB, 1000x1359)
135 KB
135 KB JPG
9 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Not killing enough reds.
Yes, he sold out. He created the all-inclusive holiday package, thus ensuring Spain's death to over-tourism.
Did he order it, though? My understanding is that mostly brigade-level and Falangist generals were responsible for mass rape.
You are correct. It was done by small officers, Franco personally never gave such orders.
That was gonna happen no matter what. Every single med country is ruined by tourism, except the ones too dangerous for it. Actually even those ones.

File: 141518bc_2e20919d_1280.jpg (249 KB, 911x1199)
249 KB
249 KB JPG
Why did the Flemish openly choose to abandon their Dutch-speaking brethren and form a new country with a people that spoke a completely different language?
I don't get it
24 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
t. hybrid dutchoid-flemish mutt aberration
No manifest destiny concept, local rulers were a lot more opportunistic
Flanders has far more shared history with Wallonia than with Holland

Chuds will seethe about it for some reasons
I just had a very nice breakfast, that's got to make Chuds seethe

is there any non-canonical christian literature you think should have been be included in the bible?
111 replies and 41 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: 1689601089272020.jpg (105 KB, 1439x486)
105 KB
105 KB JPG
>assume it uses metric degrees and we all know metric is a Godless measurement system
72 is based off of base-36(0) and Phi.
I also have a hard time believing it
>muhammad is not the father of any of your men
>’the praiseworthy one’ is not [God] The Father of any of your men
you’re a retard bro
>muhammad is not the father of any of your men

>'the praiseworthy one’ is not [God] The Father of any of your men
>you’re a retard bro



Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 1692463550423581.jpg (127 KB, 960x960)
127 KB
127 KB JPG
The Romans were Hannibal's biggest fanboys.

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