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What does the 1 to 60 distribution of violent crime tell us about society, punishment and rehabilitation?
Death penalty
Public whipping
The majority of “violent offenders” who’ve done nothing worthy of death get a quick beating and then get to live their lives; no prison
Everyone who is convicted of something worthy of death is put to death and we don’t have to worry about them anymore.
We need to require 2 or 3 witnesses though before convicting.
Note; in the modern age DNA and Video may both count as “witnesses” and you still need at least 2.
1% is a huge percentage of the population.
it's 3 million people
>1% is a huge percentage
It is is literally the smallest whole number of a percentage you can possibly have, it is by definition not huge.

Went to catholic school for 12 years and went to mass at least once a week but a lot of times twice a week. I vividly remember the priest saying of course Jesus was an only child. No brothers or sisters. When the Bible clearly stated other wise. Also the whole elevation of Mary in the Catholic Church. It’s not scriptural. Let alone all the other things.

Are the priests just there to set us on the wrong path? Or is it just them like mocking us to our face? What exactly is going on with how they blatantly tell us known lies? What is the correct denomination if one?
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Mary was a virgin at the time when she received the message that she would adopt Jesus.
This is why the propaganda against her virginhood was mixed with Magdalene from the very start, as Jesus' 2 "mothers" were a 'whore who bore no children', and a 'virgin who did'.
Magdalene has also been mixed with Mary in this sense, because she had a relationship with Juba II's soldier/bodyguard who became aquainted with Joseph the tradesman during their stay in Galilee between 2bc-2ad (when magdalene was born), and was promised Magdalene as a wife (when of age) due to her mother dying in childbirth, just like how Jesus' biological mother also died in childbirth.
The rumor of Magdalene being a whore stemmed from people seeing her with this roman soldier over and over, but the truth is that they were a couple approved by Joseph the tradesman, who were Magdalene's father, not husband.
Juba II was Jesus' father.
Jesus and Magdalene were close family friends, and her status as a wealthy woman of Galilee stems from the fact that Joseph was a personal friend of the ruler of Roman Mauretania,- whom was the husband of the heir of Egypt.
Jesus was his youngest son, and therefore inherited the priesthood and patrilineal house stemming back to David,- which is why he was adopted to the heirs of Judah.
His 2 older biological siblings inherited the roman vassal holdings, and egypt after their mother, which were "better" claims.
People take for granted that the "Messiah" title is real, but they never actually look into its origin, because it reveals the sins of Rome.

The thing is, is that "only begotten" is a word that the Bible uses MANY times to refer to Jesus' relationship w/ the Father.
It is never used once to describe his relationship with his mother.
It literally says he is her "firstborn" son.
No one who is not retarded refers to someone's only son as their firstborn son. And I refuse to believe the Bible narrator is retarded.
The perpetual virginity of Mary derives from a book which the cathodox admit is a forgery; the Protoevangellium of James.
The book is insane and goes so far as to include a scene where Mary's midwife comments that her hymen is still intace (Jesus simply "popping" out of Mary without an actual birth)
It is still cathodox dogma that Mary was a perpetual virgin "in partu" (they are so retarded they think it's the giving birth that makes you no longer a virgin), Jesus never passed through* Mary's womb.
Which is in contradiction to
>And when the days of her purification according to the law of Moses were accomplished, they brought him to Jerusalem, to present him to the Lord;
>(As it is written in the law of the Lord, Every male that openeth the womb shall be called holy to the Lord;)
>I refuse to believe the Bible narrator is retarded.
so, in your quest to not be retarded, would you be willing to explore the actual house and lineage referred to as "Messiah"?
and ask questions if the tardations creeps up on you. dare to not be retarded.
You made a lot of assertions with no source.
What am I supposed to make of that?
Let's start it very simple;
What is YOUR knowledge of how old the "Messiah" title is, and where it comes from?

>Radom human trafficing pirate rapist tries to morally grand stand to an average 20th century soldier because the soldier is vaguely fond of the nordic aesthetics that pirate used
and there are people who think this an own??...
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the amerimutt McPagan who made this needs to be drowned in a bog
They may have not shared the exact same views on homosexuality or race as Nazis would
But they also did not share the modern modern concept of racism and homophobia being particularly evil or disgusting
No one would get canceled for not wanting to rape the moors
Imagine being the dysgenic freak who made this
Vikings lynched faggots
File: X7mlIi.gif (1.15 MB, 320x180)
1.15 MB
1.15 MB GIF
>I fucked moor woman and greek man in egypt
>begone with your homophobia and racism.
>Lefty sharty larp
Amount of cringe itt

File: grigori-rasputin.jpg (467 KB, 736x1056)
467 KB
467 KB JPG
Why did everyone hate him?
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>Hey, perhaps we should stop shovelling Russian men into a meat grinder of death and slaughter, while millions of Russians back home live in squalor?

That was enough.
It's true. Those poor russian peasant assholes really didn't have anything to lose but their chains.
I’m not speculating. Everyone that encountered him remarked on the odour
engaging in faggotry does not only entail fucking dudes, some of the straightest motherfuckers were absolute faggots, like kant and hitler
he was a con artist that scammed the crown with an ease that made the boyars seethe in envy, as they were brown nosing ivan and his wife all their lives and didn't get the attention this literal who siberian hobo got.

File: Ctyby.jpg (175 KB, 1080x1976)
175 KB
175 KB JPG
>Want to OWN the CHRISTKEKS and follow TRUE germanic religion?
>Just 3 small payments of $45.95 goy (plus tax)

Is this meant to make your religion relevant? Just looks like a grift to me. Meanwhile Christians and Muslims give their holy books out for free
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File: IMG_2205.jpg (392 KB, 2160x1532)
392 KB
392 KB JPG
Paganism is so gay. Who actually believes in this shit? I think abrahamic religions are also gay before somebody calls me a christcuck. You can honour your ancestors without larping as a made-up ‘pagan’
The pagan identitdy nowdays is just a anti Christian Idea just like satanist they dont belive in that shit they just larp
File: 1716113891336953.jpg (50 KB, 600x608)
50 KB
fucking kek

Of the pagans, probably 1% are legitimate and genuinely believe in the gods they’re worshipping. The other 99% are just larping

File: Neandertal.jpg (89 KB, 735x537)
89 KB
Our ancestors did. Why?
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No thanks I’m not attracted to jewish women
average Russian
File: Neanderthal.jpg (214 KB, 900x670)
214 KB
214 KB JPG
> modern politically correct reimagining of Neanderthals as just slight off looking humans

They were hyper aggressive beastmen and their women were no different, they'd happily rip your head off before cannibalizing you.
Looks like an acromegaly patient.
That just looks like me but older and with a worse jawline. Especially the massively oversized traps and the hunchback are uncannily similar to mine.

>Following French king's capture, the country is almost in anarchy, taxes are risen to ransom the king, robber barons taking advantage of the kings absence, the countryside being ravaged by roaming bands of unemployed mercenaries
>peasants are upset their lords aren't protecting them
>Nobles laugh at them because their peasants
>peasants revolt, demanding better treatment, and end to the anarchy etc,
>Some nobles get killed, some castles ransacked by mobs of peasants
>The peasant uprising had had excess, but has right for their grievances
>eventually the peasants are confronted by a noble army
>nobles offer to talk
>peasants sens their leader
>Leader is brutally killed and tortured because peasants are peasants and aren't extended the right to chivalry(lmao)
>the thousands of peasant in the mob are brutally slaughtered and hacked down by knights and mercenaries
>those fleeing were hunted and lynched as well

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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s-sorry don't take my noble daughter i beg you
>this kills the cavalry charge
The soyr6ce of the claim you're alluding to goes back to an englishman calling spaniards lazy
not far from the truth
just means that modern men are 10x more whipped and beta than medieval peasants, who were willing to revolt over far less than what we're taxed for.
It's far from truth

File: 1715801792189136.jpg (376 KB, 1250x1250)
376 KB
376 KB JPG
>23 million new jobs
>last time US had a budget surplus
>Highest homeownership in American history
>Lowest unemployment in 30 years
>Longest economic expansion in American history

How did he do it?
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The same way every other Boomer did, by falling upwards.
>Fascism is the true socialism, the socialist romantics hated liberalism and the free market, they worshiped "great men"

so like how you worship an orange skinned con man?
the commu-socialist alliance which wants to destroy the US hates orange man, so I hate them

File: IMG_7500.jpg (199 KB, 1200x800)
199 KB
199 KB JPG
Is there any moral way for modern people to use animals for food?

Factory farming is so inhumane it’s sickening
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Generally they are sent to proper slaughterhouses. My father only called me to watch goats and pigs being killed.
I don't know why. It even makes the meat hard. I hate it.
Gone off farmed meat.
Would still hunt, kill & butcher if I ever needed to (I don't).
It's tied to capitalism for one thing.
But, even with that said, there is the alternative of plant based meat. There's also the possibility of lab grown meat.
If you can find meat that is locally sourced then, that's one way.
>Is there any moral way for modern people to use animals for food?
Yes, a natural, pastoralist setting. Cows free to roam, and graze on grass.
Humans are superior to animals in every conceivable way. Their suffering is irrelevant


File: 1715992985625960.jpg (22 KB, 492x265)
22 KB
/his/ cannot refute this
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Based and Dark Agespilled.
'meritards everyone. you know how fast the police arrives when i call them? 2-3 minutes, motherfucker.
let me ask you this: why oh why can switzerland have legal guns but our crimes aren't committed with guns?
Yesterday a guy went nuts (refugee from spain who didnt get to stay) and stabbed two people and then he was catched. no guns involved. imagine if he had a gun...
Bans need to be enforced, enforcing something requires authority which if push comes to shove requires a greater capacity for violence, people with weapons have a greater capacity for violence so anyone who refuses to give up their weapons will win against unarmed people.
File: kjchgd.png (1.89 MB, 1317x743)
1.89 MB
1.89 MB PNG
define weapon. there are countless ways to kill and be killed. you could kill a man by shoving a teddybear down his windpipe if you want. guns just makes it easier.
have no doubt, banning all guns will cause a massive surge of arms smuggling, and if for some miracle every single gun factory in the world is closed, then people will start making their own guns from scratch.
it's such an idiotic statement considering the very nature of man, and people who really believe this are completely detatched from reality and don't understand how little it takes for people to be violent.
i don't want to do devil's advocate here, but there are far more pedophiles among teachers than catholic priests. of course whenever something like this happen the priest gets more media coverage. that doesn't mean i defend them, i knew priests personally all my life and they're scummy bastards. i knew one that even got excommunicated for diddling boys. but in general, their main sin is being jewer than a jew, especially salesians, they're filthy money grabbers. the church currently only stands on the foundation of its immense wealth hoarded over millennia, and cardinals are basically bankers.

File: unnamed.jpg (71 KB, 512x340)
71 KB
What's the difference? Who had the best bows? Who were the best raiders?
6 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
What seperates medium hungarian horn bows from liao or siyah aside from the size and aesthetics exactly?
I do not know enough about both bows to make any conclusions sadly, only that Korean and Turkish bows look much different to Genghisid bows and more akin to Ilkhanate/Mughal ones.
Mongols were always Mongols. Look at how they look today. Magyars were the original mutts, a tribal alliance of one Uralic, many Turkic, and some Iranic and Slavic tribes. Today Magyars are still mutts but a different kind, they are now mutts of West, East, South Slavs, balkanoids, and Germans.
I'm pretty sure the mongols mixed and intergrated lots of tribes too, in fact I know for a fact they conquered and integrated the tatars into their empire.
Apparently they didn't mix enough to even slightly change their ethnic makeup unlike Magyars who changed their ethnicity completely multiple times in history

File: IMG_5494.jpg (34 KB, 480x454)
34 KB
If Hell is real then every waking second should be spent avoiding it. You can’t afford to slip up. You can’t delude yourself about your actions. Imagine the worst experience of your life magnified by a trillion and extended forever. Getting sick and vomiting nonstop. Breaking a limb. Being held down and tickled mercilessly. Burning your hand on a stove. Passing a kidney stone. Being raped. Being molested. Grieving a death. Having a nervous breakdown. Being rejected. Being humiliated. Being cuckolded. Having a migraine. Losing teeth. Stepping on a nail. Getting kicked in the balls.
27 replies and 4 images omitted. Click here to view.
And in other religions aswell, you just call them Sorcery.
>There are a billion miracles throughout the ages and to this day in Christianity.
And in Hinduism. And in Islam. And in Buddhism. And among Catholics and Protestants and Orthodox
Curiously I have a demon, guess what, the catholic exorcist was powerless and so was the name of Cheetos.
Must be the reason why I expose your kin.

What do you call a church that cannot rid you of a real demon and not one of these turbolarps we see in YouTube?
Long story short: Sorcery done on me, so a demon ends inside, so what do I do? I became a christcuck and It worsens, my mental capabilities went to shit.
How did I partly recocer?
Meditation, qigong and yoga.
Conclussion? It totally must not be a meditation religion.
And yet, nobody except religious OCD freaks, little children, and depraved idiots actually fears hell. Christians do whatever they want and feel sure of their salvation because they pray, and suppose they are righteous because they feel no impulse to rape or kill.

File: 1703392691856031.png (6 KB, 1200x800)
6 KB
Best book on Japanese history?
i want to know too

Islan says all souls are in Barzakh until judgement day (qiyamah) and that hell is currently empty.

Sunni hadith says Mugammad dreamed Abu Lahab was burning in hell and he got relief for giving a slave water.

Sunnis also say Abu Talib is in hell now and having his brains boiled out.

Sunni hadith says angel Gabriel physically rendered Pharoah incapable of vocalising the Shahada by stuffing mud in his mouth because Gabriel was afraid Allah would accept his repentance.

1. Angels don't have free will, they follow Allah's commands, so Allah was scared that Allah would accept pharaoh repenting?

2. This means mute people can't convert to Islam if Pharaoh was prevented from repenting just by mud in his mouth. If you punch someone's teeth out you can consign them to hellfire by this logic since they can't say la ilaha illa allah.
40 replies and 4 images omitted. Click here to view.
Did you miss the part where it said 'Up until"?
>do evil deeds up until, when death comes

Read retard, it clearly means someone who died and tried to say shahada after their death.

Up until when death comes, disbelieving until you die and then try to convert when Munkir and Nakir come.

Death bed conversions are allowed in Islam and are supposed to wash every single sin away. Shahada are valid up to the second before you die.

Pharoah did deathbed conversion except Sunni hadith claims its invalid just because he had mud in his mouth and was mute because of it

Allah's puppet Gabriel literally says in the hadith that he fears Allah will accept pharoah's repentance (if his shahada was vocalised) as a reason for stuffing mud in his mouth.
Han Chinese incel chinkspammer thread
retard, ever heard about haqooq ul ibad?

>Muhammad Dreamed
dreamed retard, dreams literally mean that it's the sign for the future.

>Sunnis say Abu Talib is in hell
the fuck, when did we say that he's in hell. Give a hadith retard

>Sunni hadith says Gabriel rendered Pharoah incapable of vocalising the Shahada by stuffing mud in his mouth because Gabriel was afraid Allah would accept his repentance.

Ibn Abbas reported: The Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him, said, “When Allah drowned Pharaoh, he said: I believe in the One in whom the children of Israel believe. Gabriel said: O Muhammad, if only you could have seen me while I was taking mud from the sea and filling his mouth, fearing lest the mercy of Allah should reach him.”

Source: Sunan al-Tirmidhī 3107

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>dreamed retard, dreams literally mean that it's the sign for the future.
prove it

>Jibrael was afraid that he would have went against God's will if he had been forgiven while I was still putting mud in his throat
prove it

>You can't just say the shahada and become a Muslim
But the history of muslims is getting non-muslims to pledge fealty to Allah (Sloppy Wet Turd) and Momo (Piss and jizz upon him) by offering lower tax rates. Why have muslims historically been so willing to accept conversion under duress?

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