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File: IMG_5698.jpg (286 KB, 828x708)
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286 KB JPG
Are wrestlers discouraged from marking out when meeting legends?
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For example, Cody Rhodes cosplays as Homelander, and Seth Rollins cosplays as Ru Paul, drew MacIntyre as melgibson in Braveheart, etc
Cena was cosplaying a nigger, until he did the stolen Valor thing when he cosplayed as a marine, but it was still cosplaying as a nigger that was stealing Valor cuz they larped as one once
Undertaker whole gimmick is cosplay, he can't really shoot lightning from his hands
I've met famous people before and never marked out. Unironically the only time I ever marked out seeing anything with my own eyes is when I went to the zoo and saw an Orangtuan. That shit was based.
>niggers are praiseworthy legends
You have to go back.
>You're saying niggers are praiseworthy legends!!
>Cody rhodes
>Seth rollins
>whitest latino since Bryan Alvarez
>drew MacIntyre
>white as fuck
Good one anon, you really showed me. I guess I should go back to where white people are niggers.
There's a lot of stupid ass dumb fuckin idiots here, but I think you just won their crown with that

File: e drone.jpg (66 KB, 680x653)
66 KB
What's your favorite wrestling podcast?
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That’s cool
vow flagship and wrestling obsever radio. tried getting into deadlock a few times but thought they were annoying fags
is it?
Yeah the clips cut to the meat the podcast is 3 hours of rambling
File: IMG_6536.jpg (29 KB, 500x750)
29 KB

File: IMG_2242.jpg (15 KB, 212x241)
15 KB
>we have stone cold at home
File: TONY-KHAN-STEVE-AUSTIN.png (630 KB, 960x540)
630 KB
630 KB PNG
Austin is going to AEW
Undertaker basically confirmed he was called last minute during night one of Mania as a replacement.

That was supposed to be Austin's spot. Imagine the stadium if he had came out in his ATV, give the rock a stunner, smash a few beers and left.

File: Untitled.png (520 KB, 664x524)
520 KB
520 KB PNG
Holy Based
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The problem is that she was fucking everyone else too
this. who is "Hulkster", bruh? ngl who da fuq dat sposta be?
lobster dinners every day.
The guy that ran from enzo.
>joey janela
Unironically who

File: 1626656527801.png (26 KB, 289x285)
26 KB
>adam "edge" phoenixland is in a mixed tag match but aew has had such an embarrassing week it hasn't even hit pee dub's radar
Adam KWABland is an anti-draw

File: Carder.jpg (46 KB, 905x522)
46 KB
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Oh boy you don't want to look at the details of this
My sister-in-law is an English teacher at a nearby public school in Ohio, and she cries to my wife endlessly about how when evil President Trump first ran for president her and her co-workers would play Stephen Colbert clips or whatever in classrooms and the kids would laugh along, but now 8 years later all the teachers in the school are afraid to do things like that because pretty much all of them have been humiliated at one point or another by either a student in a classroom or a parent at a conference.
lmfao. dey really do eat da poo poo.
File: IMG_1964.jpg (260 KB, 1173x1419)
260 KB
260 KB JPG
Hillary lost
have you ever looked up the murder rate by race in any of those states or in the US in general? its literally just blacks murdering other blacks. that is why no one cares.

File: 38398354.png (36 KB, 460x460)
36 KB
what the fuck happens in two more weeks?
the blow off
slopdown gets cancelled

Execute a premeditated act: It has come to my realization that one should engage in the public and barbaric act of mercilessly ending the lives of individuals who possess a darker complexion and African heritage. This heinous act involves brutally severing their heads, forcefully kicking them onto hard surfaces, throwing them into garbage containers, and crucifying them, all because of their African roots which are deemed 'dirty' by some. Furthermore, insidious individuals may even go as far as contaminating the food meant for consumption by these target individuals or propelling them towards the scorching heat of the sun. They may also resort to using cooking techniques to literally fry individuals with a darker complexion on hot metal surfaces or even hurl them into active volcanoes to ensure their unfortunate demise. In addition, they may taint the fuel tanks of vehicles belonging to these individuals with their own urine or use advanced fighting methods to forcefully throw them into machines meant for shredding wood. And as if that wasn't enough, they may even continuously rotate and decapitate these individuals or report their financial activities to the Internal Revenue Service as a means of further inflicting pain and suffering. Utilizing the traditional and deadly art of Japanese martial arts, they may strike individuals with such incredible force that their bodies are literally torn in half.
Wow, Terry "Hulk Hogan" Bollea really said that.

File: f9b.gif (1.76 MB, 320x240)
1.76 MB
1.76 MB GIF
Kills WCW in you're path.
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>I really don't understand why that moment is so overblown and basically lied about.
all thanks to Dave Meltzer and his retarded book full of lies about WCW
It was gonna get worse and worse anyway. I remember checking in on it near the end, and it was terrible. The soul was completely gone. And they were doing what Tony is now: frequent chopping and changing the aesthetic, dimeless younger guys who all look the same, older guys doing what they want - knowing the wwe is around the corner.
evil man
piece of shit
kevin trash

File: IMG_5352.jpg (96 KB, 567x320)
96 KB
> all storylines revolve around Tony khan and him being the owner
> Tony is not an on screen character but does that really matter?
> the best storylines happen off screen and revolve around Tony signing free agents, booking random dream matches of his and off screen drama with talent .
> his only on screen storylines are : kidnapping, home invasion and friendship angles.

If there is a good match that is booked on the show and praised by the internet all the flowers go to Tony. All the praise goes to him when he runs the PPVs , not the talent . Just rename the show to the Tony khan show .
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File: 1709159760477684.png (395 KB, 679x598)
395 KB
395 KB PNG
>Tony Khan is principal aew star
He is only a Eugene rip-off
>literally implied that capitalism is something positive
>still get called a commie
i didn't read any of that seething wojak pic btw
File: 1710282358467908.jpg (13 KB, 320x240)
13 KB
>The most captivating storyline in AEW is Tony khan
>I'm mentally ill and think about Tony Khan more more than anything else
that's your problem OP
File: 20240317_114958.jpg (172 KB, 828x835)
172 KB
172 KB JPG
>Capitalism is le bad
Go to Cuba, retard

File: 1713343315649343.jpg (150 KB, 960x540)
150 KB
150 KB JPG
Would be way better if just like a single adult man was used in both cases to subdue each fighter. Like if every woman's fight was just broken up by like 1 or 2 security dudes because men are stronger than woman.
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theres raping because social contructs made by white cis males, this is an inclusive board gramps. FUCK OFF.
>white social constructs cause 80% of illegal aliens to be rapists
i'm definitely weaker than rhea ripley and i wish i got raped by her girlcock
You cannot be this dumb

File: chadd.jpg (65 KB, 1068x601)
65 KB
WWF World Tag Team Title Match
The Acolytes (Bradshaw & Faarooq) (c) defeat The Brood (Edge & Gangrel) (w/Christian) (3:22)

Two On One Handicap Match
Kane & X-Pac vs. Shane McMahon - No Contest (2:00)

Cast Match
The Rock defeats Triple H (w/Chyna) by DQ (1:23)

Singles Match
The Godfather (w/Hos) defeats Mr. Ass(3:14)

WWF Hardcore Title Match
Al Snow (c) defeats Droz (w/Prince Albert) (3:01)

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

Holy cope! Tony clown aka Khan is an absolute bonafide RETARD Hahahaha haha hahaha haha i can't believe he's saying something that happened almost a year ago is storyline, only in Tonys clown world mudshow could he cope like this

>ReLeAsInG thE FooTAge mADe sEnSe!
>iTS aLL paRt oF mY mAsteR plAn!
>the YOunG bucks haVe goTTEn DarkEr Ooooo do daRk

Tony is a retarded faggot with daddys money, he's no vince, he's no Triple H and let's be real, he's no Stephanie mac, cause she's got more balls than this pussy dickles faggot,

I see some of you in the comments sometimes say, vince is KWABOTYYYY but what will it take for Tony to 3 peat in your eyes? Even fuckin kenny omega doesn't give a fuck anymore he's defending punk! Let me know, is it more low attendance is it more bad booking?
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File: 1706463065952853.png (77 KB, 262x193)
77 KB
>zoomers respond to the most blatantly retarded ragebait thumbnails
>Punk vs Bucks is not a storyline despite fighting with each other for reasons
>FTR vs Bucks fighting over Punk is the storyline despite neither being in the footage and Punk not being there
Why Tony doesn't admit he is just being petty or trying to get "his story" out is beyond me. Though the footage doesn't even show something that would make Tony or AEW in a better light.
I would respect Tony if he stopped coping and actually admitted he was pissed at punk, fuck even vince when he was mad at bret for not dropping the title he didn't give a fuck, vince was a fuckin man and was based as fuck for saying

Bret screwed bret, here its totally different here tony screwed Tony,

CM PUNK looks like a fuckin chad choking that little fucking weasel
>Tony eating goyslop
Lol tony is like that

1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
Zoom is legitimately based and makes her size work for her. She could be a female Rey Rey
>Stardom jobber
File: 1670548297834160.jpg (223 KB, 746x662)
223 KB
223 KB JPG
>a stardone flop showed up on slopision in front of trannies and tarps
>this is a win according to planet retard
Uhhh AZM jobbed to a tranny with 1/8th of her talent on a show nobody watches in a match that was already forgotten 3 seconds after it was over

File: 095.jpg (38 KB, 469x452)
38 KB
>tegan nox injured her knee again at the uk house show
8 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
>fake news
lol lmao even retard
By Rhea? in a lezdom match perhaps? Did you know this match she had with iyo made me really hard?
She needs to hang it up and move into coaching or producing. She’s just shot.
I try my best

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