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Happy 19th Birthday 4chan!

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Girls of all Archtypes Flat or Small
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File: 1648294633793.jpg (1.69 MB, 2200x1700)
1.69 MB
1.69 MB JPG
File: 1637372253223.jpg (1.93 MB, 2641x1893)
1.93 MB
1.93 MB JPG

File: LB1yfnRzaVo.png (954 KB, 740x1080)
954 KB
954 KB PNG
Hello! Welcome back! I cut it a bit close there with page 10, originally meant to post the new thread yesterday but got too engrossed in looking for material.

Today's theme: Synergies.

Based on the original prompt back here:
>everyone has a skin color and a skin tone
>Someone with a pale complexion and cool undertones looks best in emerald, deep purple, lavender (...)

Which we eventually broke down to colour synergies. So if you have an image where the colours Just Work™, post it whether that be because the colours match, complement or contrast each other nicely. The thread is your oyster.

Surprisingly actually, the notion of pale skin with blue undertones looking good with pinks and purples is a rather common theme in my folders I have noticed. Seems like I have a type and didn't even know it.
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File: JPG VERSION 101230812_p0.jpg (3.56 MB, 3600x2380)
3.56 MB
3.56 MB JPG

File: 89070221_p2_master1200.jpg (456 KB, 832x1200)
456 KB
456 KB JPG
Girls from Xenoblade 1, 2, 3 and X are all welcome.
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File: 101057392_p0.jpg (1.32 MB, 3500x5000)
1.32 MB
1.32 MB JPG
File: 101057392_p1.jpg (1.2 MB, 3500x5000)
1.2 MB
1.2 MB JPG
File: FdvTl_FWAAA0ioV.jpg (469 KB, 724x1023)
469 KB
469 KB JPG
File: FdfVeX_UUAAc3C-.jpg (224 KB, 1000x2048)
224 KB
224 KB JPG
File: Fdl05u3WIAIlzxk.jpg (82 KB, 691x1092)
82 KB

File: writeananimeplot.jpg (89 KB, 1141x621)
89 KB
What are your best /e/ concepts you want to see done?

Expanding on an anon's idea is acceptable as well!
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File: EWQmTtoU4AEcFbn.jpg (699 KB, 1920x2121)
699 KB
699 KB JPG
A single mom goes through a string of bad dates and the stress causes her to develop a teenage crush on her son. The son meanwhile is trying to have a normal dating life but his mom behaves like a clingy girlfriend and plays up the cliche of tsundere classmate, even going so far as to enroll in his school as a student. The son's male friends develop a crush on her while his female friends become her competition. Along the line she develops a friendship with a male teacher who's down after a bitter divorce from his wife's infidelity. The son works to ensure his mom and the teacher hit it off to solve everyone's problem once and for all. The tone would be charming slice of life comedy instead of creepy.
I know its a meme fetish but I really wish there was more feet stuff in anime. Its rare to the point of absurdity considering how common the fetish is.
File: 48.png (453 KB, 1024x576)
453 KB
453 KB PNG
Because nobody knows how to draw them. Feet are notoriously hard even for good artists. Most of the time it's not a problem but if you make them the central focus of a scene suddenly the anatomy becomes a big deal.
File: VpqKqFl.jpg (190 KB, 922x1000)
190 KB
190 KB JPG
There's a subtlety in the curvature of the soles of a foot that can be hard to pin down. You see it with hands too. Palms never look quite right a lot of the time. But anime in particular runs into two problems more often than not. They'll draw toes like fingers which makes them clawlike and they underestimate the foot's overall length. A person's foot is about as long as their elbow to their wrist. Anime is notorious for making them way too tiny which makes them look poorly proportioned.
Life was sad for Protagonist-kun.

Barely able to stomach the struggles of daily life as a wagecuck with no meaningful relationships, he dedicates most of his free time to his tabletop war gaming hobby. Battletech, Warhammer, even historical war re-enactments were the only things to bring him joy. One day, as he is painting his miniatures and watching hentai, he passes out because he forgot to open the vents in his studio apartment while spraying primer and wakes up in a fantasy pre-industrial revolution society with magic and shit. Also every woman is a fucking supermodel with various breast sizes for some reason.

Realizing his situation, Protagonist-kun considers his options: should he become a heroic mercenary and bring peace and prosperity to this Tolkien ripoff of a world?


He’ll just conquer it all for himself.

His only power is a pocket universe that allows him to spawn infinite raw materials, but with a mind as degenerate as his, he’ll find a way to shape this world to his own design while building) a harem that will satisfy his (somewhat disturbing desires.

TLDR: /tg/ guy gets transported to basically Queen’s Blade without the tournament BS and tries to make himself into the anime equivalent of Karl Franz+The God Emperor of Mankind + Genghis Khan.

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ass sucka
File: 1500970572354.jpg (301 KB, 1200x1200)
301 KB
301 KB JPG
File: 1641492445941.jpg (1.97 MB, 1725x2370)
1.97 MB
1.97 MB JPG

File: ajwyj0223c981.jpg (78 KB, 640x1008)
78 KB
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File: ff3gn2rads371.jpg (60 KB, 850x1152)
60 KB
The only time isayama drew a female character topless from the front
Christ. I hope he doesn't do porn.

File: 1631727155960.png (1.12 MB, 1240x1748)
1.12 MB
1.12 MB PNG
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I can feel my retinas explode just glancing at this.
File: 1649803067311.png (2.15 MB, 2892x4096)
2.15 MB
2.15 MB PNG
couldn't find thread, normally it's called & tagged breast envy
good for you.

File: 93631001_p0.jpg (3.36 MB, 2548x3418)
3.36 MB
3.36 MB JPG
Bunny girl / Casino outfit.

(That aren't Bunny Girl Senpai)
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Artist is culter
File: unknown-2.png (1.75 MB, 850x1112)
1.75 MB
1.75 MB PNG

File: Ika feet 3.png (3.93 MB, 2110x2753)
3.93 MB
3.93 MB PNG
Previous thread >>2691678
Bonus points for any before and after images
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why are you so mad
File: 81590774_p0.jpg (831 KB, 800x1129)
831 KB
831 KB JPG
i literally wouldn't mind at all if more people traced genshin girls over kase daiki's art
File: 86343397_p0.jpg (3.56 MB, 3205x4715)
3.56 MB
3.56 MB JPG
File: 101666775_p0.jpg (1.8 MB, 2893x4093)
1.8 MB
1.8 MB JPG

File: FXLiNIUaQAEXYrA[1].jpg (249 KB, 849x1200)
249 KB
249 KB JPG
now 20% softer

Previous thread:
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Any more like that? Chubby with small boobs is my thing.
File: ELcTlaMWkAMsz_r.png (372 KB, 1130x1598)
372 KB
372 KB PNG
File: cloudxmoe-verano2016.jpg (1.11 MB, 1600x1171)
1.11 MB
1.11 MB JPG
File: FeJFym5akAA1jo4.jpg (110 KB, 675x1200)
110 KB
110 KB JPG

Waifus with cowboy hats and cowboy boots
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Samurai still have the ancient Japanese weapon known as the tanegashima
File: 1656388699887.jpg (2.5 MB, 2688x3472)
2.5 MB
2.5 MB JPG

I know there is a "panty" thread already, but I'm specifically looking for panty shots from behind.
Preferably in skirts with visible camel toe

and before you call me a fag i will upload
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File: 1652603627622.jpg (578 KB, 1559x1921)
578 KB
578 KB JPG
Fucking glorious thread thank you anons
File: 1648984756515.jpg (1.67 MB, 1125x1710)
1.67 MB
1.67 MB JPG
It's from Aika, there are a bunch of anime episodes. Aika is the epitome of pantycore.

to balance out all of the armpit fetish threads
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File: 1661698021941479.jpg (102 KB, 750x650)
102 KB
102 KB JPG
File: 1662114864683347.png (1.35 MB, 1072x1500)
1.35 MB
1.35 MB PNG
File: bikini-OИE(asunogear)_B.jpg (668 KB, 1900x1457)
668 KB
668 KB JPG
File: bikini-OИE(asunogear)_D.png (1.06 MB, 1900x1457)
1.06 MB
1.06 MB PNG

Bonus points for panties

Previous >>2662554
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File: 101497006_p0.png (662 KB, 1152x648)
662 KB
662 KB PNG
File: 101570840_p0_master1200.jpg (1.16 MB, 768x1200)
1.16 MB
1.16 MB JPG
File: 101558564_p0_master1200.jpg (1.43 MB, 900x1200)
1.43 MB
1.43 MB JPG
File: 101604647_p0_master1200.jpg (398 KB, 1100x1108)
398 KB
398 KB JPG
File: 100656882_p0_master1200.jpg (1.17 MB, 910x1200)
1.17 MB
1.17 MB JPG

Post Fire Emblem girls
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That's clearly not a hooters outfit. Can't you read?
File: robintharja.jpg (1.42 MB, 3313x5058)
1.42 MB
1.42 MB JPG
Probably one guy with a specific kind and a lot of money for commissions.
File: lucina quits hooters.jpg (2.07 MB, 3010x4000)
2.07 MB
2.07 MB JPG
that's a lot of commissions, a google search reveals literally hundreds of results, there's gotta be more people in on the joke.

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