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File: file.png (3.73 MB, 1916x988)
3.73 MB
3.73 MB PNG
actual cockroach iq
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They also guaranteed hisn kaifa so i decked on them whilst they were busy fighting my war but then i went bankrupt and rage quit
>insults others IQ
>can't even run the cracked activation script
Imagine what an absolute slob OP is irl if he can't even bother to activate his Windows.
>would rather spend thousands of hours looking at a shitty watermark on their screen than spend $50/find a script to activate
are you retarded or thirdie
>spic language
obviously a thirdie

Does it matter what order I play the campaigns in? Should I just do the order they're listed in or is there an order to maximize the kino experience?
ayyliens --> marines --> predators
For painmaxxing play the Predator campaign first.
>A thread died for this
Might as well make it a AVP thread

What's you favorite faction and why?
I dunno, the only campaign I could ever finish (or could be bothered finishing) was the alien one. The rest are a slog and the end missions are impossible. The alien campaign is great though. I wish it had a skirmish mode.
I wish this came out on PC.

File: 279776.jpg (14 KB, 360x360)
14 KB
I'm a programmer, so i will be able to do something like a free browser game. Ideally I'd want collab, but if only have ideas, that is fine too.
We will solve everything polls.
Let's begin with the setting (12 options):
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So how'd you resolve your z-fighting / z offset issue? Painter's, or really small offset?
Micro offset, just seemed much easier. Ultimately, z-fighting is a symptom, not the problem. Materials are just not supposed to overlap.
Gouda-san, where are you?!! Necrobumping for a reply.
File: kingdom.jpg (928 KB, 884x649)
928 KB
928 KB JPG
I wanted to see if anyone would care to bump this, glad someone did.

Either way, I have been doing 3 things within last week.

1) I have been working on sea tiles, 156 sea zones and it's like 75% done
2) I have been trying to work out what I want to army movement. Basically, I intended the game to have a simultaneous turn that would be divided into subturns. So, it's like if armies Diplomacy would be able to move multiple provinces phase. The problem with this I don't know what should happen if multiple enemy armies encounter each other.
3) I began writing a novelization of what happened some 100 years ago before the game start: https://pastebin.com/zBcxZhmj
This is mostly for my amusement, but it's also just presenting lore more entertainingly, so the potential player could experience this world. Of course, I don't expect anyone to read the novelization, but it's there nonetheless
So when should we expect a playable prototype to be out then? Also I'm not particularly a fan of Simul-turns, but you do you ig.

File: OIP.jpg (35 KB, 474x355)
35 KB
What went wrong? I never see discusions about this game
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>I bought a number of hoverbikes but they all died in their first fight against UFOs 3 & 4.
Replace the standard engine with the largest one they can carry (it's the starting engine on the hovercar), and replace the shitty pew-pew gun with a Rendor (IIRC you can't buy Lineage in the first week). The wiki says targeting computers don't improve guns, but I throw one in anyway, for good luck. Set stance to Evasive (I think that was what I used).
Is there a mod that scales the UI for modern resolutions?
I hated these guys when I first found them.
Now I simply shrug and send whoever they hit off the field.
Worms on the other hand... fuck worms. Infinite TUs. Destroying terrain is preferable.

Capturing one is hard, so I savescummed to do it in true X-COM fashion.

Diablo likes me... I don't know why. The aliens haven't been blowing up their buildings.

The main raised motorway was blown up week 1 and still isn't fixed.

I love Marsec armour. I wish I could afford more.

Thanks again. I can't believe how much difference it makes.
Lost both my flying cars which is an expensive pain.
Phoenix hovercars are a bit risky to use before obtaining small disruptor shield tech. Even with the biggest engine and all-Prophet missile loadout (for max distance), their survivability is dodgy without a small shield module.
That said, losing a Phoenix is less painful than losing a Valkyrie.

File: 1519875943653.jpg (331 KB, 800x555)
331 KB
331 KB JPG
Are there any games where villages make sense to exist? Mechanically speaking.

Seems in every game every place is pre-destined to be a massive empire and the only limitations are the scope of the game and hard caps imposed on places like minor settlements or city states not being able to grow beyond a certain size. Otherwise any settlement will continue to accumulate wealth and population and will inevitably become a major city.

In real life villages become towns because of changing factors. Typically economic and industrial opportunities. Like, a lone village doesn't suddenly generate more wealth because they built a plantation if there's no market demand for it. But in games it's practically impossible not to grow without actively trying to stop it.

Makes you wonder why villages exist at all on the map upon game start. There's no reason for them to not be cities already unless they were razed to the ground recently.

Not looking for a stagnation simulator but would like a game where progress comes from player choice, taking opportunities and capitalizing on market factors. Not because progress is the norm and everything you do turns to gold.
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Dorf Fort is just because of FPS death soft-caps the size of a fort to not go beyond what in real-life would be a small village. In-game it's supposed to be a grand mountainhome litteraly fit for a king.
As it stands I don't exactly know what I'd do with several thousand dwarves if FPS magically wasn't an issue, a few hundred or so are more than enough for most anything, but Moria wasn't exactly home to a hamlet's worth of dwarfs. If FPS death wasn't a thing, then sieges and map size would scale so that proper mountainhomes were encouraged.
Factorio sort of. Space 4x maybe since pop size is limited by planet size and some are just smaller than others.
Shadow empire, sort of. You have reason to build small groups of structures all around the map but they have main cities that hold all the pop, however some will be inherently smaller than others due to factors like job opportunities, pay, danger, and that you don't dev every city to be able to produce units on its own. Also if they are unhappy, people will leave your cities and make free folk favelas.
but aren't games success simulators?

What kind of choices would you like to make in the development of a village?
Rome 2 Total War kinda implied this sort of setup. Minor settlements could build farms and mines while major settlements could make buildings that provided % bonuses to those farms and mines, like a Coin Mint granting a bonus to mining and an amphora factory giving a bonus to agriculture and commerce or something like that.

But the system is pretty thin and just makes me want another game to do it proper.

Also I thought it was neat that barbars specifically didn't do the major/minor settlement synergy. Their settlements can be independent and are the only ones that can build farms in major settlements. Seems thematic that they don't have the big industry thing going on.
>What kind of choices would you like to make in the development of a village?
I don't even know.

I only thought up the concept as part of an adventure game as a sort of strategic side game. In adventure/rpg games towns don't ever really grow but is strategy games they grow constantly. So I figured villages and cities could kinda just sit in stasis. Still want the player to influence things so if the player clears out some infested mines or slays some monsters on the road that'd open up more resources and growth in town. Tying growth to outside changes explains why a strategy layer can exist but not have constant growth like in all strategy games.

But that's a "Player as Adventurer" kind of game so not really appropriate for strategy games. Still wondered if anyone attempted anything of the sort.

Still, might be some decisions that could be made. Been thinking that "income" is static. As in farms produce a set amount of food and towns consume it. Cities consume a disproportionate amount more so requires more villages. You don't stockpile resources. A mine produces 3 iron as long as it's being worked. Maybe. The Persians aren't producing a lot of iron so they're only sending their pajama wearing eastern infantry while the Holy Roman Empire has lots of iron and so makes iron clad troops (Note: I have no idea what the iron output of those peoples actually was).

Say there are 3 villages that can support their own militia. Maybe pool their resources (possibly forced to by a conquering host) to support one better equipped squad that can reinforce each village.

A place can get the opportunity to grow by having villages feed it either by force or service.

Building a castle at an important location requires concentrating lots of men and resources and once the castle is no longer needed you abandon it unlike in games where castles are manned forever and never cease to be of use.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: IMG_0543.jpg (19 KB, 300x450)
19 KB
No one talks about it anymore, why did it fall from grace so fast?
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Last time I found crundles in the caverns they immediately rushed into my fort, ganged up on lone miners and killed them. Since then I have enforced a policy of crundle genocide.
File: lettuce.jpg (191 KB, 800x600)
191 KB
191 KB JPG
>CANT live off the land
>The player can pick lettuce almost all year around with the possible exception of winter
>During winter you just eat another type of green plant
your miners deserved it for being pathetic enough to die to a crundle
Worst thing about AAA games is the games are all shitty, the layoff scandal is just from a couple of years, if the layout was the result of bad shitty games i would accept this theory, but all the industry can eat shit, the investors and greedy execs, and the woke zoomer employee who just want to work in a big game sudio for web clout and to post in social media, without any any creativity and being empty boring souless replaceable cunts ccan fuck themselves too
I imagine it would be a similar experience to being swarmed by chimpanzees

What does the rest of the map look like? Is there any particular reason why it would be good to have the set up right across the river?
284 replies and 57 images omitted. Click here to view.
Just missing buildings, but with a littke skill you can probably grab those from cities skylines, other buildings have been switched over.
It probably would just be buildings and vehicles. Barring that you can just pretend that your republic is alternate timeline Hokkaido after the soviets take it in August Storm
Is there a limit to how many containers I can fit in an RDO?
The only way I know of to store containers in an RDO would be on flatbed rail cars, in which case the limit would be based on the number of flatbed rail cars you can fit in the RDO.
I have no idea what I was thinking when I wrote that, what I meant was cargo wagons

I liked the geopolitical aspect of it, but I am not interested in the stuff with the aliens.
8 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Are you part of the crew that said Manor Lords wuz a scam too?
The only reason I play this game is for the alien invasion part. If there were no aliens, it would be extremely boring.
Do you mean without the space aspect? As in you just want the Earth parts of the game?
Geo Political Simulator 4

File: 1713463880836.png (404 KB, 644x408)
404 KB
404 KB PNG
What do we think of sidescroller Xcom?
I enjoyed the original SteamWorld Heist, will probably pick this one up down the road.
isn't sidescroller X-com just Worms?
File: thumbsupdude.gif (481 KB, 141x141)
481 KB
481 KB GIF
Nice, will pick up on a sale

>lose one single fight
>the game is now unwinnable because of how hard it snowballs
>the only way to avoid this is to have a tp in your inventory at all times so you can teleport out the second you suspect that a fight might not be in your favor
Heroes are such a shitty mechanic.
How do you manage to whine at the same time about both the supposed fact that a single fight can determine the outcome of matchs, well as an item that enables players to escape a bad fight without losing the match?
if you don't have tp at all times then this is literally your fault.
Get good shitter

These. Some heroes scale really well even if their early lvls suck

File: SoS.png (1.67 MB, 1280x720)
1.67 MB
1.67 MB PNG
chink mount and blade with diablo combat. after getting burnt out on too many hours of bannerlord and starsector I've put a few dozen hours into this game and it manages to scratch the same itch.
travel around, collect units from villages, train them up, fight bandits, get into barfights, do errands for nobles, fight in tournaments, collect named heroes, start your own faction, get dogpiled by the entire fucking map because HOW DARE you start your own faction, impregnate sexy dancing girls in taverns and raise the child to be an overpowered death god wizard who conquers the world.
93 replies and 11 images omitted. Click here to view.
Sieges are the biggest disappointment, when they brought in I thought it’d be better but it actually got worse. You can’t position your archers without charging all your men, all the attack towers are situated way in the back so they never hit anything leaving the enemy free to break down the gates, a literal barracks is spawned in a literal area for AI forts and you have to destroy it quickly or else it will start spawning an unlimited number of elite units so Zerg rushes are important.

Biggest crime though is that battles happen in real time during the map phase as well so when a battle is ongoing for too long reinforcements will arrive every 5 min so again you’re forced to Zerg rush the game.
This sounds fucking abysmal. How much of this do I avoid by simply not getting the DLC that """"improves"""" sieges?
There’s an option in the DLC menu to disable the walls I believe
This game took all the good ideas of the original M&B as well as the bad. But the devs forgot that the only thing that kept M&B ongoing was the modding community which SoS has none that isn’t simply cheats or waifu nonsense.
How are the DLCs? Last I played all I can remember is the ice mage companion you can choose at the start is a higher level than every one else and that the shapeshifter's dragon form was hilariously busted and easy to get

Fabledom - Official 1.0 Release Date Teaser Trailer!
Finally out of early access!
Hopes? Fears?
2 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
File: 1000003715.jpg (156 KB, 478x478)
156 KB
156 KB JPG
>low fidelity at the same time
>smudge fog so the colour doesnt blow out your eyes
>no shadow and lighting (not even baked into the textures)
So this is stronghold but fantasy?
ill give it a shot. Banished like spinoffs interest me even if most derivatives have failed.
Oh goodie, another indie town builder. What make this one different from the rest beside fable-like theme?
File: 12321312412312.jpg (1.21 MB, 1920x1080)
1.21 MB
1.21 MB JPG
it seems to be (even more) cutesy Kingdoms & Castles with an attached dating sim

File: aDiaIsRLWEFIMylZ.jpg (119 KB, 1000x620)
119 KB
119 KB JPG
I didn't even realize this came out. Shoulda done Warhammer Fantasy or Dawn of War instead desu
17 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Anon, it's /vst/. Most people here play 20 years old games or indie titles.
Absolutely dogshit and worse than the story.
>Health padding
>Snowballing mission design
>Literally no micro
>Slow units
>Slow point captures
>Enemies keep spamming with just enough raids to not let you crush their base
>Shit level design, like...
>Instaloss conditions
>Immune bosses that range objectives you need to take to stop immunity
>Progress resets
>In-mission unskippable cutscenes that don't pause the game and loose you fights during them
>Repeating voiceline spam from units
they must be dealing the cost sink fallacy on a daily basis especially now that TW demonstrated the creative supremacy of old warhammer fantasy, GW will never go back to the grim mordheim style though
>you know what rts players love?
>no basebuilding
>controlling only 4 or 5 units
>maps that are barren wastelands

Dinolords - Official Teaser Trailer
>RPG + stronghold + dinosaurs
Holyshit Kino!
You will be getting dinolords right anon?
Buy a fucking Ad, but also...
>Why the fuck did you put an IGN one instead from an official channel.
>This shit's not even released on Steam, nor is there a demo for it.
>No known release date given.
Fire your marketing team ASAP, this level of incompetence is embarrassing!
Were you going with the 'fake mobile game ad aesthetic' with this? Because it sure looks choreographed like one.

Redpill me on a-train.

Is it really the dark souls of economy sims?
50 replies and 9 images omitted. Click here to view.
When is Kazeuma going to make "A-train no anone"!? If the main author cannot it's the next best thing!
File: a11221.png (685 KB, 837x692)
685 KB
685 KB PNG
I decided to go back to the game, downloaded this Japanese scenario "1955 Road to the Future" and it reminded me how complex it is to plan your strategy in A-Train when compared to other city/transport games, mainly because of the scenarios objectives.
I find it sad that scenarios are not well explored in most games. I went to play Cities Skylines the other day, and the fucking scenarios are behind a fucking paywall!
Scenarios are what turn sandboxes into real strategy games.
JGR's signal autism is baby mode (i.e. it barely exists at all) compared to simutrans-extended's
I like A-Train specifically because of scenarios. They are really nice
>dark souls of economy sims
must be a pretty brain dead sim then

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