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File: warrior kings battles.jpg (437 KB, 1280x1024)
437 KB
437 KB JPG
what are some less known cool rts games?
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File: MechApp.png (2 KB, 100x116)
2 KB
Oh yeah you have to run it through the MCX app in that folder wherever you copy it to. I just put my in the Downloads folder with other rom stuff.
Fuck yeah Mechcommander. Some dude actually made a ton more maps for it as a mod, but the base game and the expansion are really fun. The strategies are often counterintuitive though. When I was a kid I couldn't beat it to save my life because I always tried to get the heaviest most weapon-laden mechs into each battle and that just doesn't work sometimes. Having a shitload of light mechs with short range weapons that dog pile enemies and pick them apart usually works way better.
File: 1693922956447269.jpg (1.25 MB, 1817x1205)
1.25 MB
1.25 MB JPG
those comics are available online, absolutely god tier artwork

the story is retarded but thats typical of the french, but the art....ledroit is a living legend
File: file.png (3.38 MB, 1280x1024)
3.38 MB
3.38 MB PNG
For me, it's American Conquest.
It's maybe 5% incomplete, which sucks. But it's still pure kino, lots of features and mechanics I've never seen in any other game.
I never heard of it, but read most of Requiem from ledroit. Loved it, gonna put this one on my backlog, thanks. Hopefully I can find someplace to download it from

Redpill me on a-train.

Is it really the dark souls of economy sims?
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There should be a Tropico-like game where it's okay to run your company into the ground and cause multi-train pileups as long as you get to bang your employees.
Not a child just a womanlet who likes trains
All I know about this game is that the main artist used to draw loli porn.
When is Kazeuma going to make "A-train no anone"!? If the main author cannot it's the next best thing!
File: a11221.png (685 KB, 837x692)
685 KB
685 KB PNG
I decided to go back to the game, downloaded this Japanese scenario "1955 Road to the Future" and it reminded me how complex it is to plan your strategy in A-Train when compared to other city/transport games, mainly because of the scenarios objectives.
I find it sad that scenarios are not well explored in most games. I went to play Cities Skylines the other day, and the fucking scenarios are behind a fucking paywall!
Scenarios are what turn sandboxes into real strategy games.

File: IMG_1534.jpg (145 KB, 549x736)
145 KB
145 KB JPG
Why isn’t a-train 9 talked about?

I’d say it’s better than sim city, CS, anno, etc.
Because its a gook anime game tha5 nobody can pirate
It goes on sale on steam and PlayStation for $25 bro
No it doesnt you lying double nigger. Stop shilling your paedo anime game
The Steam version of A-Train 9 4.0 is a disgrace, it has serious bugs that have never been fixed. The ideal is to pirate the Japanese 5.0 version (good luck finding it), and then apply the patch made by a German (there's a thread on the A-Train 9 Steam forums) to translate it into English. The problem now is that the manual is all in Japanese, and this is one of those games where you'll need a manual to understand anything, as there's zero information on how to play within the game.

File: aDiaIsRLWEFIMylZ.jpg (119 KB, 1000x620)
119 KB
119 KB JPG
I didn't even realize this came out. Shoulda done Warhammer Fantasy or Dawn of War instead desu
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>I'm very impressed how detailed the units are and how good the optimization is (60 FPS on my 8 years old PC)
That's because every gw workshop is glorified ad for the plastic they are selling
Imagine that "madness" anon...
Anon, it's /vst/. Most people here play 20 years old games or indie titles.
Absolutely dogshit and worse than the story.
>Health padding
>Snowballing mission design
>Literally no micro
>Slow units
>Slow point captures
>Enemies keep spamming with just enough raids to not let you crush their base
>Shit level design, like...
>Instaloss conditions
>Immune bosses that range objectives you need to take to stop immunity
>Progress resets
>In-mission unskippable cutscenes that don't pause the game and loose you fights during them
>Repeating voiceline spam from units

Sorry to sound too vague, but where are my sub sea level bros at? How about strategy games with the theme of building underground cities/settlements/bases? More broadly games that expose the mechanics of 3d space with an emphasis on "down", bonus points for the caves, dungeons, spelunking stalactites-stalagmites "feel". There was Armies of Exigo, a Warcraft clone with a second map underground, the same could be said for Dragonshard, but what about a setting other than high fantasy, namely modern, near future or science fiction? Anybody here yearning for, dare I say it..dig deeper?
Also post songs for THAT feel
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The solution to the underground being shit isn't to focus even more on the tanks. Go play literally any other game if you want to play with tanks. It's game about giant anime robots, tanks shouldn't be more than support, and there certainly shouldn't be one-third of every map dedicated to just tanks. It's simply bad design.

The idea of having multiple layers on every map is really cool, but it's obvious that all the focus was on the regular ground combat and they had no idea how to make the underground and orbital layer fun to play. At least for the orbital layer you can still give your bots rocket legs/torsos so they can actually contribute.
>It's not very good
Fuck you I loved it
Yeah that was why I dropped the game. Made the game a pointless slog where the only fun and unique part of the game was completely invalidated.
It's kind of baffling since a similar problem in the atmosphere layer is solved by having specialized parts for the robots. I don't see why having crawler legs or drill arms was such an issue.
I haven't played the game, but it fits what you asking. SteamWorld Build is a robotic wild west city-builder where you build a town on the surface and also dig down under the town to mine resources. The underground part happens on its own layers.

File: 1710265220845805.png (110 KB, 460x215)
110 KB
110 KB PNG
>Why yes, I am the best Dawn of War game, how could you tell?
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FO3 is actually good thoughever.
just 2,000,000 more threads and we can get a platnium edition.
>everything I don't like is shit
>everyone who disagrees is a troll
File: cover5.jpg (369 KB, 1600x900)
369 KB
369 KB JPG
not a single human being likes dow3. there are games that are just that bad and this is one of them.

>lose one single fight
>the game is now unwinnable because of how hard it snowballs
>the only way to avoid this is to have a tp in your inventory at all times so you can teleport out the second you suspect that a fight might not be in your favor
Heroes are such a shitty mechanic.
How do you manage to whine at the same time about both the supposed fact that a single fight can determine the outcome of matchs, well as an item that enables players to escape a bad fight without losing the match?
if you don't have tp at all times then this is literally your fault.

File: wbowf1b2qsx71.png (1.11 MB, 815x1141)
1.11 MB
1.11 MB PNG
Post your GroBaelanivms
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There's a future where I spend an inordinary amount of time merely joking about cuckoldry.
Nuugdan Tsarai also can
You're right, i was thinking or races only
I think Skurkoli gets it, too
NSC elves would never engage in ANY sexual act with a human.

builder unit ready edition

>Curious which faction in DoW1 SS is the most OP in the base game
>Construct a little tournament between AI's 3v3 on standard settings, random locations, and insane AI difficulty.
>First fight was chaos vs tau.
>Tau wipe the floor with chaos and snag a take and hold.
>chaos is eliminated.
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Did they add a proper space wolves yet or is it still that super special company?
>female Custodes
I blame Kekoulis.
If I know Kekoulis, he won't stop there either. Expect unnecessary long ass background descriptions for his OC DONUT STEEL shitters. Jesus it's so fucking embarrassing.
...you mean the Yorha Commander.
You know I actually like NieR and Drakengard but it's genuinely annoying me how obsessed these devs are, they're trying hard to ruin something I quite enjoy
Was it necessary to give Ei, Yae and Kujou the borderline racist "we speaku englishu" accents?

File: Fire_Emblem_logo.svg.png (53 KB, 1920x384)
53 KB
Let's talk about a series that is slowly dying off.
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FE3H was/is the franchise peak playerbase, wth you talking about?
File: mc and femc.png (241 KB, 1140x866)
241 KB
241 KB PNG
I mean have you seen these two? I wouldn't want to be caught dead playing the new ones. I play FE6/7 yearly though, which are very fun.
Recommend some mods for FE7, I hear it's got a lot of them.
The gameplay is fun, it's just the story/characters that's dogwater. Just treat it like a puzzle pack instead of storyline.
She is cute
Gacha games and their influence have been a stain on anime character design

Anyone played this before? Opinion are mixed but price tag on steam is tempting (-90%) i need some new RTS to play
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it's incredibly bad. There are literally 0 reasons to play this game over CoH1 which is an improvement in every single way.
The air units they added are so laughably bad and stupid it's not even worth commenting on, it adds nothing to gameplay. The factions are all nigh identical mirrors with some variations in mech designs, but the game starts to feel incredibly same-y very quick.
Infantry combat is just awful all around. Janky slow unit movement, nonsensical AI decision making, melee is just units punching air forever.
It's a fundamentally badly designed game. At least they added some more maps (the ones that should've been there from day 1)
Probably 2 during one of its sales. That shit goes for cheap. I used to think 1 was the best, but 2 eventually replaced it in my heart. If you just want campaigns though, get 1 anyway, because I remember them being pretty good.
It just doesn't feel good to play. Slow response time, acceleration values, turn rates etc don't belong in RTS.
wouldn't they play more like dow2 mechs tho?
I heard it was just CoH but with no interfaction variety and shittier path finding.

File deleted.
Why have there been no good city builders in years?
You'd think it would be easier than ever with how fast CPUs are today.
23 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
>I know you're trolling, but what do you mean by this?
What would be welcome is a city-builder that is halfway between Workers and Resources and Cities:Skylines. There is a demand for a game where roads are not constructed the instant you place them and where materials have to move from source to sink, but also something that is not quite as complicated as W&R where you have to set the route for every single vehicle.
File: IMG_0326.jpg (828 KB, 1920x1080)
828 KB
828 KB JPG
Patron is pretty comfy for a city builder set in the middle ages
NTA but No
File: Urban Jungle 16.png (2.14 MB, 1536x1024)
2.14 MB
2.14 MB PNG
we lurkers thank you.

File: 2pP94At.jpg (149 KB, 1080x1080)
149 KB
149 KB JPG
lelic /v/ros, WE WON!!!
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The internet is a place for the oblivious.
What you intended would work bether like this:
>Yeah fuck fags, hard! And Rough!
>And preferably from behind!
How many companies actually keep the prebuilds and necessary tools to not have to make the game again from scratch/thoroughly decompile it?
captha: SH8T
I'm gay
I remember reading about an org that documents digital history and how they went through abandoned office buildings belonging to defunct game devs and found literal terabytes of archived data in storage cases full of CDs and floppies just abandoned with the building. With how much cheaper mass storage is nowadays I would be genuinely surprised if companies don't just have a couple hundred dollars worth of hdds sitting around to store incremental builds, tools, experiments and other stuff.
it's probably just a vc++ project i really doubt it would be that hard to get compiling

File: maxresdefault[1].jpg (251 KB, 1280x720)
251 KB
251 KB JPG
What went wrong?
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What went so right?
Your IQ is extremely low and you are obviously very impressionable.
> You could always play as the German side in our game since COH1 in multiplayer, but this is the first major campaign that we've launched with them.
what the fuck are they talking about? CoH1 had German campaigns
bait used to be believable.
coh1 two shorter german campaigns in the dlc. they're technically right that this is the first time when a german faction gets a campaign of any sort AT LAUNCH.
small indie developer pls understand

File: 1693183868738057.png (359 KB, 554x554)
359 KB
359 KB PNG
Anyone playing this?
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>in combat
If you commamd a fleet, there will be no combat because every enemy is already dead before your recon vessel arrives to capture town. Arcade minigame is optional, the real game is on the strategic map level.
File: +3 Warcrimes Tarkhan.png (849 KB, 879x1117)
849 KB
849 KB PNG
The thread will be bumped.
I think the big thing was changing air resistance and thrust so ships became slower and less fuel efficient.
It used to be you could effectively have a 100% silent strike rate on any small scout fleet which opened the early game up to any sort of composition if you wanted a change from the lightning meta.
1.16 made it so that a gladiator, intrepid, or rook + something else will always be detected unless you wait for night.
It was an antifun change that just reinforced a single ship type as the meta while making all ships more painful to use.
Also ships being slower makes splitting them off from tankers on a sprint to a city require more micro as the 1.16 vanilla lightning barely outspeeds a vanilla skylark and any sort of upgrades to a lightning like what you would do in the early game to make it a touch tankier now makes it slower than the skylark. So you now have to split then hover your skylark.
>see Pyotr in the morning
>fleet morale +10
Top kek

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