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Previous Thread: >>1528106
Last thread hit cap
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neat, ties are fun
File: 28.png (202 KB, 1012x606)
202 KB
202 KB PNG
Has anyone ever achieved a deadlock for ever scenario? Also what would happened if pic related occur?
Trump wins due to Republican control of the majority of House delegations, as said in the screencap. The system for breaking deadlocks is pretty weird and arbitrary, with every state getting one vote, and who the state's vote goes to decided by an internal vote among members of the state's House delegation.

Dems probably react to it like they did to 2000 and 2016. There would be a lot of whining about how Trump yet again stole the presidency, but nothing like the Capitol riot.

This margin results in either continued Democratic House control or a narrow GOP trifecta even more dysfunctional than 2017-19, so I doubt much legislation gets passed in Trump's second term. In terms of foreign policy, he probably tries to negotiate a peace between Ukraine and Russia, and this probably doesn't work. He would call to wipe Gaza off the face of the Earth after October 7th. 2022 would be a blue wave.
>The system for breaking deadlocks is pretty weird and arbitrary, with every state getting one vote, and who the state's vote goes to decided by an internal vote among members of the state's House delegation.
How would you fix that?
>capitol riot
Riot on a national scale fix it for you. Also it’s it me or sound flare doesn’t work on computers?

It's too bad they never released a fourth game for the Tiberium series. What happened?
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Ill take your bait. Remaster was good.
File: life_imitates_art.webm (2.05 MB, 720x720)
2.05 MB
2.05 MB WEBM
>T-55 makes much more sense as a matchup against GDI's Abrams and the actual unit in-game always was closer to a round-turreted T-55/72 than a Bradley (which mounts a rapid-fire autocannon).
I like C&C3 despite its many flaws yet I think he's retarded too.
projects like D-day, TS:Rising or Global crisis are graphics showcases, not something you actually play. you're not missing out
File: greg.png (93 KB, 713x499)
93 KB
>graphics showcases
I thought that TSR is just an elaborate two decade scam for social clout and shit

File: nfnwedub7ikc1.png (229 KB, 1876x528)
229 KB
229 KB PNG
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It literally got reviewbombed on launch. Sure, that's the case for all paranigger games made in the last 10 years, but what does that even matter? That it got reviewbombed down to 1% positive reviews instead of the usual 0% doesn't really mean much at all. Still a dogshit game hated by everybody at launch.
File: 1546537854174.gif (3.86 MB, 240x266)
3.86 MB
3.86 MB GIF
Are you talking about Crusader Kings 3? i.e. are you retarded?

Or are you talking HoI3? i.e. are you a retarded newfag?
Three years late on Sunset Invasion, and counting
b-but working from home is supposed to increase productivity!
Sweden had the most lax anti-coof laws of any Euro country. If they didn't hire so many women, trannies and other gullible idiots they could've just kept working normally.

File: 1689447501544298.jpg (260 KB, 2420x1613)
260 KB
260 KB JPG
The map is right there and the lore is cool.
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Oh my Fauci I forgot that she actually exists. For some reason I always assumed she "existed" in the same way the K'DA and robot(like for master yi) skins exist, in a different timeline.
It's you who doesn't understand what he's replying to and you can't screech ESL and write your sentences like a complete ape at the same time.
If you don't have an answer why reply in the first place, faggot?
File: 1694783102958.jpg (93 KB, 768x510)
93 KB
In which games?

They could have advertised that page at the very least. And maybe if people could actually get the Realms of Runeterra pdf as anything other than a blurry scan, they'd enjoy a cool setting book.
File: 279843.jpg (157 KB, 400x560)
157 KB
157 KB JPG
I don't know creators insert these pop idols into their fantasy world.
One Piece did it recently by giving Shanks idol daughter, who is somehow godly strong.
Probably off-topic, but Arcane does not do legwork, it just retcons anything it wants without caring about the bigger picture.
Like making Caitlyn a shy lesbian, instead sassy cocky.
And I don't believe he will "grow" into the what she is in-game, no matter how much trauma she might face, that just isn't character develop.

File: 1687897812885241.jpg (47 KB, 460x215)
47 KB
Anyone here played it? Is it any good?

RTS + management game where you play as a part of the Czech foreign legion stuck in Russia after the end of the First World War.
"Frostpunk meets Company of Heroes" from what I've heard.
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I wanted to but then I remembered these fags turned over Kolchak
they also fucked over Poles
>Russophobic game.

Russians invaded Ukraine and now pretend they are all kisses and rainbows dindu muffins.

played it too the end its pretty good the map feels comfy to look at and see your train go along the resource management is kinda okay some things can be ignored but you will definitely need a hospital car. The difficulty settings are some of the best i have seen you can change how much damage u or enimes take the resource consumption of your train to your liking. the music gets repetitive after some time but its pretty good the story is comfy overall pretty good game oh and the rts can be cheesed pretty easy with only scouts and 1 or 2 grenediers to deal with tanks
Russians were rightfully butthurt over Company of Heroes 2 and they are slightly less but still kind of rightfully butthurt over this.
The fuckery over Ukraine is unrelated.

is it good now?
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Sounds realistic
oh okay so you're forced to do the ahistorical invasion if you wanna do korea
just take over their economy lmao (you can't)
All of the things that went wrong here are (You) problems. EVERY pdx game has complex mechanism, I bet you did not check organization before the invasion, landing penalty, fleet size, admirals and generals and a lot of other stuff. Also what shitty economy did you have that it collapses just by having Britain embargo you?
Retard probably overbuilt, overtaxed, overspent, and could only be solvent by exporting all the shit he's built, because his jacked up taxes meant he sure as shit wasn't going to consume it all domestically.

File: capsule_616x353.jpg (124 KB, 616x353)
124 KB
124 KB JPG
will be up in 10 hours. Is this gonna be the new SC2 killer?
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Sega owns it.
Also that is one of the games that for me; either never runs or runs it runs like syrup for some reason.
Really doesn't seem like they added much new aside from boats which who cares. Unless they add more factions and do like 8 bit with the warcraft/warhammer expansions then maybe.
10 hours already passed.
Is it the new SC2 killer OP?
Sadly the attempt at free advertising seems to have failed. Well theres always next time gl bot op!
This looks so fucking lame, from the footage >>1682135 this dude provides, its the same game as command and conquer but with different graphics.

you gonna play it for an hour and two, say 'lit' and never open the game again.

it might be cool and fun for zoombies who never played rts, but doesn't look like it brings anything new to the table

dominions bread
hopes/dreams/fears for dominions 6?
total list of known (so far) changes in 6: https://steamcommunity.com/app/2511500/discussions/0/3807281445020039925/
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No but IIRC there are mods to force the AI to recruit more priests so they're less likely to get domkilled. Alternatively, if you're playing singleplayer anyway you could just build fewer temples so you'r not pushing your dominion as hard.
so when do i get to play as a taliban nation that bans everything
Illwinter should make an RPG
Conquest of Elysium is their closest attempt at it.
Sadly as Lemuria your stuck on path diversity. Your god is pretty much the only way you can break into anything but death/astral with a side of fire. Id probably go awake rainbow, you can twiceborn them later for thugging/battle use and unlike a lich box they have legs. Some early site searching will get you the gems to do a few empowerments, and youll still have a moderately good bless. Since its LA as well its gonna be a real slot pull on what you end up finding too.

File: ifz.jpg (194 KB, 1280x720)
194 KB
194 KB JPG
Thoughts on this game? The “Play wherever pm the planet you want” aspect of the game seems interesting. Is your neighborhood a good location to survive the zombie Apocalypse?

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Watched some playthroughs on it, looks really tedious and samey on the current iteration. Also late game lag looks horrendous.
its janky crap
i know youre looking for good games but this aint it
It's just another gimmick colony builder, only this time the gimmick is the devs are so lazy they just outsourced to google maps.
It is fun.
The 911 dispatch game? Think this is the same dev, he does a lot of map watcher type games

File: capsule_616x353.jpg (69 KB, 616x353)
69 KB
Why'd they kill their own game? Do the chinese really hate success and their own players that much? What's wrong with them? "Chaotic Fun" is horrible.
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oh wow they honestly could have made that a separate game mode and no one would mind
They just doubled down on it too. What they did was drop this mandatory game changing update, went on chinese new year vacation for 3 weeks, then came back, saw the extreme review drop, then put out some bullshit about being happy with the results and keeping the changes.

Its insanity and I have no idea what their problem is
File: Moltar.png (726 KB, 1076x959)
726 KB
726 KB PNG
They said they don't have enough plays yet to do warrant it.
Yeah dumping the patch before going for 3 week vacation was gay. That said I enjoy the update overall, it helps break the cookie cutter strategies people were running before or the people that would run the same build over and over.

The overall downside of the patch I think is that it makes players build more well rounded armies and it just isn't as fun. The most recent patch seems better with the toned down cards.
Did they not mirror the free unit options? Every other inter-round pick was mirrored between players.
I guess the game is dogshit after the update huh? Never really like randomness anyways.

Is there a site where I can download old strategy guides?
there have none for strategy games :(
File: Untitled222.png (169 KB, 945x666)
169 KB
169 KB PNG
Yeah they do. I'd ask which you were looking for but then I'd tell you to go to >>>/wsr/
Age of Wonders 1 and 2

>victoria 3
>communism and fascism are compatible
92 replies and 13 images omitted. Click here to view.
scary stuff
File: thismeetingshouldhavebeen.png (793 KB, 1008x1008)
793 KB
793 KB PNG
Man brought his own Powerpoint presentation to the thread. What a time we live in.
>fascism is a movement
>it isn't like anything else
>it stands for nothing but to be anti-[current thing], pro-[itself], and anti-[other movement that also isn't like anything else]
>it believes in nationalism, but not inclusive nationalism where everyone's invited
>it is militarised and believes a good war will kill off the stupids and knock some sense into your sons
>it's scary because it's not definable, unlike communism, capitalism, right-wingism and left-wingism
>has nothing to do with political, social or economic groups
>its economic system is... uh... fascist
>fascism changes what fascism is to achieve power at all costs
Broad definition that can be applied to any nation from before, during and after Napoleonic times.
Equates communism to being equal to capitalism, the right and the left, and not something that others or is militaristic... and would only be more confusing if someone says "The Soviets weren't real communists" because then communism wouldn't be something you could mention in this powerpoint.
And then says fascists are defined by changing what they are, at all costs, to seek power... which invalidates defining this ideology as anything but "Someone who wants or is in control"... wait a second, if real communism has never been tried then of course it can't be fascist, because it's never been tried!

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>t. clueless Ameritard

kill vassals, behead vassals, roundhouse kick vassals into the concrete, slam dunk a vassal baby into the trash can, crucify filthy vassal, defecate into a vassal's food, launch revolting vassals into the sun, stir fry vassals in a wok, toss vassals into active volcanoes, urinate into vassal's demense, Judo throw vassals into a wood chipper, twist vassal heads off, revole vassal titles for no reason, karate chop vassals in half during duels, curb stomp pregnant vassals, trap vassals in debt, Crush vassals under impossible taxes, liquify vassals in a vat of acid, eat vassals, impale vassals, exterminate vassal dynasties in the gas chamber, stomp vassal troops with holy order troops, cremate heathen vassals in the stake, castrate vassals, mandatory abortions for vassals, grind vassal fetuses in the garbage disposal, drown vassals in fried chicken grease, vaporize vassal capitals with a 6000 catapult men at arms stack, kick old vassals out of the court, feed vassals to alligators, slice vassal domains in half
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Is there any historical reason for Asatru to consider wrathful a virtue?
>This practice is possibly supported by the archaeological record. At the temple-hall of Hofstaðir in northern Iceland, oxen were decapitated in seasonal rituals for many years and the heads displayed at the hall. Osteological analysis of the bones shows that the animals were killed with blows to the neck by axe or sword. This method was perhaps intended to produce the spectacle of a shower of arterial blood.
Wait, is it the Warmonger or Blot that gives the virtue/sin pair? I forgot.
Neither you can remove them and it stays.
Oh. Well, it's just extrapolated from an abstraction by game mechanics. The Norse go raiding, because it's their culture (according to game mechanics), not because their own land is shit, and they need to go raid for subsistence (which is why they also settled and traded a lot). Hence, a culture like that would be wrathful.
Their raiding is tied to being tribal and unreformed in the game. And wrathful is only tied to their religion. Their culture seems to be the opposite. Ting meet gives bonuses to generous, gregarious, compassionate, forgiving, diligent, honest and brave.

What's the best way to currently play it?
Revert to pre-deforged patch
1.26 was the last patch before they came back and started fucking everything up in preparation for Reforged. From 1.27 onward they broke things like ambient sound effects.
He did nothing wrong, the right man in the wrong place can make or break nation.
Buying Reforged from the Battle.net store at full price.

File: 18785649023.png (858 KB, 800x537)
858 KB
858 KB PNG
It's a shame there's no equivalent of M.U.G.E.N. for Real-Time or Turn-Based strategy games.

Get some shitposty multiplayer games where you and the boys meet up for game night, one guy brings in Brotherhood of Nod, someone else pulls in the Eldar, third dude brings in the Franks, and someone goes wildcard to bring in the Project from Warzone 2100. All competing for different resources on a map.

Or could go full hardcore with a different pack where extensive effort is made to get every faction perfectly balanced.
48 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
Because it is fun!
mugen is a shitpost game where you can import a stickman and make him op, but for some reason people like to make them actually equal and playable.
main issue with a mugen rts is that you're not importing 1 characters but entire fucking factions from fundamentally different games mechanically.
it's just not feasible without taking away some of those core mechanics.
Exactly what I've been saying.
>mugen is a shitpost game where you can import a stickman and make him op, but for some reason people like to make them actually equal and playable.
They also like to make ridiculously powerful "cheapies" to the point that a tier list of power levels was devised depending on how exactly different groups of them worked. Because people can go to any end of the spectrum of balanced vs overpowered they want because it lets them do whatever they want with them.
>once their special resources run out, the game's over for them
option A just make all resources infinite (but limit gather rate)
option B fuck balance in the spirit of MUGEN

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