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is it good now?
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pointless stat because not playing ironman doesn't equate to cheating or savescumming
It does, because playing ironman doesn't equate to NOT cheating.

*looks at own steam achievement list*
Ironman is the way its meant to be played and without it enabled you can pull up the console at any moment and just annex all of the UK when they naval invade you
again you may be subhumans and be unable to comprehend this; not picking ironman doesn't mean you're going to cheat, it means you didn't pick the ironman option
most adults have the discipline not to cheat and do not need to be physically forced into not doing so, people didn't just universally cheat before paradox came up with this option
If you're not going to cheat, then just click the button, then. :^)

Prove it.

I literally had to unlearn that habit, because Victoria 3 has a tendency to OOF save-&-exit saves.

File: 659vWiCx_400x400.jpg (36 KB, 400x400)
36 KB
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>Do I have to apologize for every time I called someone a smelly faggot in middle school?
If you're a korean celebrity, then yeah, you do, even if the accusations are false.
Deploy Order Recon Fire
or maybe
Dwarf Oerth Rfter the Fall
File: player_logo05_flag.png (41 KB, 410x256)
41 KB
>"Attention: By orders of the Supreme Chaplin the Requisition Force will begin conducting operations in this area in the immediate future. All civilian and military personal are under strong advisement to leave the operation area as soon as possible. By order of the Supreme Chaplin the Requisition Force have been liberated from the rules of war and stand above repercussion. Any attempts to interfere with or the distract from Tiberex harvesting, no matter how minor, incidental or inconsequential, will be deemed a hostile act. Any person with knowledge of Tiberex deposits should NOT approach the Requisition Force, contact your local Sanctuary Ambassador who will relay the information through the appropriate channels. If you are unable to leave the operations area for any reason, pray Gods mercy falls upon you."
The "OR" part should be a simple "or" for a simple name, like "fight or die"; "Die OR Fight", "Death OR Freedom", "Dirt OR Fire". If it has to be an acronym it should be dwarfy stuff like "Dirt, Oil, Riches, Fire" or "Dirt, ORe, and Fire"

Personally, I'd just have each faction have or embody 1 of the letters at this point, either by being the first letter of their faction name or being what they stand for. Like dominion, order, raiders, freedom.
>Death or Rape Farm
Choose your destiny...

File: chill-out-dickwad.jpg (380 KB, 915x1056)
380 KB
380 KB JPG
>Only plays as the Nazis
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File: 1690976672845391.jpg (225 KB, 768x719)
225 KB
225 KB JPG
Patch notes
No new commanders lmao
Who do I contact for a refund on this game?
I bought it on launch and enjoyed it enough at the time, but about half a year ago now an update broke it and made it so that the game crashes reliably every time I play. I haven't been able to do anything with it for like 7 months and I've sent a half dozen support tickets reporting the issue but the crash still hasn't been fixed.

I don't know why I'm letting this game sit in my steam inventory unplayed month after month because the devs broke it.
I tried getting into the first game but the community was full of tryhards and it felt like every other match was me paying against a cheater.
oinnnnnnkk get to the trench hohol

File: 1704494315667.jpg (46 KB, 460x215)
46 KB
Autism simulator. I can't stop putting hours into this thing. Reminds me of Vicky 2 or Eve Online beta days. Micro hell would be a good description or is this just a standard cultivation game? Anyone else try this out?
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Yea murloc sages are strong boss mobs. You will also find plenty of mobs that will just wipe out your team in one hit. This is partly why flying sword and mages anti army specs are so strong they one shot AOE are ranged and can tackle most of everything. They also have plenty of manuals to main spec 3 then pad the rest of the 12 with op passives like duckweed and others. Keep in mind 12 manuals which once learned you keep all passive bonuses when they are switched out. Speaking on manuals further if you decide to run something not optimal or fleshed out see what stats you need for that weapon group. Add the right legendary mount to boost with 3 or 4 passives plus stats and any manuals regardless of what it says for passives that pump your DPS etc.
I usually queue every production item to build till I have 500 of it, so collections just passively solve themselves.
Nice. I do the exact same unless it's an item I know I need for airship upgrades. Craft stalls adventurer dorms promotion books and warehouse manuals etc. The other bonus is any extras just queue in lab for points.
New patch dropped today 1.6.8 from 1.6.7. They sorta fixed full inventory eating items like gear and bloodline materials. It pops an error message. That was done in 1.6.7. They also made more adventurers cycle even on first island. I'm getting epic adventurers now before first reincarnation that isn't Judy. Translations in some areas kinda messed up again.
>They also made more adventurers cycle even on first island
I almost want to start a new game for this alone but it looks like there's a big DLC (for free) and I would think a patch would come with it on the 28th so I'll hold off until then. I only just jumped to a second island so restarting shouldnt be a huge issue.
The DLC stuff looks pretty fucking sweet tho and looks like they are slowly working on workshop support

File: danish tuk tuk.jpg (145 KB, 792x755)
145 KB
145 KB JPG
>RTS has Joke units
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how the fuck do you get camels to sit still for this
are camels retarded
File: 1678188264265166.png (723 KB, 800x504)
723 KB
723 KB PNG
The same way you train any other animal for any other duty. Then there are others who pick it up intuitively.

Wojtek comes to mind, at the battle of Monte Cassino he saw his comrades carrying crates of shells, and decided to join in. I dare wonder what the Nazi spotters thought when they spotted an 8ft bear loading the guns.
That's just the position they sleep and fuck in actualy
File: snip1.png (5 KB, 330x200)
5 KB

File: Factorio-logo.jpg (106 KB, 880x407)
106 KB
106 KB JPG
> "you gotta play this game dude is the most addictive factory game evar!!!!!!"
you cant even conect rails properly
conveyors have 2 sides and there is no way to change the side of something on it besides weird loops
visuals are too messy and make things confusing
painfully slow progress
no repair/ rebuild this stuff key
it could be 10x simpler and still work fine (maybe even better)
why people play this?
i love factory games but this is just painful
>i love factory games
name 5
There's always 3 threads for this you retarded ESL

What does the rest of the map look like? Is there any particular reason why it would be good to have the set up right across the river?
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>some of my commieblocks have 20% criminality
you need to reset, if criminality in your buildings gets into double digits, you are pretty much in a never ending crime spiral that is almost impossible to resolve
the whole criminality system is a bit fucked and not properly explained so I'd recommend watching this video about it
>several types of bus stations of different sizes going up to 2k workers
>trolleybuses and trams are stuck with the shitty low capacity stops for less than 300 workers
seems like it is impossible to have a tram network in a big city that only uses the road tram rails
and what the hell is the point of tram depots if they can't even connect trams together? You are always better off building a rail depot instead
>Caring about passenger capacity when 90% of it can't be used due to entering one vehicle at a time
You basically just need to start getting criminals into prison and keeping them there until their criminality is 0%. You prevent escapes by ensuring prisons have enough supplies and enough wardens for the amount of prisoners there. Low productivity means you need more wardens than prisoners.

Then you need to make sure that your courts and police stations are not overloaded, and consider building extra monuments to keep loyalty from getting too low and causing more crime.
Why do players join trams together? Seems like it would be better to have stations visited more frequently than to have a mini train on the roads.

File: Primal Culture.jpg (275 KB, 2542x1428)
275 KB
275 KB JPG
Looks like the last thread finally died. New expansion got revealed. Looks like goat and wolf people, primal culture and a tier 2 and tier 4 tome. Primal Culture looks neat. You get 1 base nature point and then pick a spirit animal that gives you a different point based on the animal. Also changes the visuals of your units. For example the shield has a skin of whatever your spirit animal is. In the pick he has the crocodile selected so it's a crocodile skin shield.

Also they sent out a survey recently asking what people liked, what they didn't, what more they'd want put into the game. So they might be making content for it beyond the 4 announced expansions.
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>Hello everyone!
>The Free Wolf Update is going to be available any minute!
>Primal Fury on Steam may take a bit of time unfortunately, we have some technical difficulties. Epic and GoG (standalone version) are good to go!
>We are sorry for the inconvenience
That's really odd to me since I love to play the campaign maps, though admittedly they are one and done and then you move on to random maps. Is that how they weighted it, % of people playing? Because if so that's really foolish, I of course am going to play way more random maps over my course of time in the game, but that doesn't mean the campaign isn't something I highly value.
They have a look at the achievements, see how few got the campaign achievements and concluded not many are actually playing through them.
It's still a core part of what your audience wants though, and how much work does it really take to put together a few paragraphs of text and linking maps? It's not like it's a massive investment for them to do it.
Nah games have analytics built into them. It's like how companies do those infographs where it's like 8 million people played X. They'd have the data on how many people played each campaign mission.

>start as Russia
>spawn on an island
>can't move outside of the island before Renaissance
5/5 game
248 replies and 32 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: mapchart.jpg (45 KB, 758x576)
45 KB
This chart on the wiki seems to support your theory. Everything past small gets less unhappiness, more expensive tech base costs, and reduced tech/policy costs for settling cities. It seems like they realized that their game balance starts to fall apart on higher map sizes by how much it punishes wide play, so they arbitrarily changed the numbers to accommodate the fact that players will be settling more cities and that more civs in the game means faster tech.

I generally dislike how many city states there are in all map sizes compared to players, but less city states means less free workers so I just leave it on the default.
I get desert starts with desert civs more reliably on small than on standard. I find small plays more smoothly than standard. I think the map scaling is kinda flawed. Firaxis didn't take into consideration too much that civs and city-states expand.

Also, you'd think having a smaller map would hurt liberty/honor play, but not really. Need to first throw away the idea that liberty is only made for wide settling and think of it as designed for wide expanding, whether via settling or conquering, and smaller maps totally benefit conquering. Really easy to do an immortal/deity liberty compbow rush on small.
>become influential over ever civ except China
>buy 3 great musicians
>Wu Zetian won’t give me open borders
>Declare war and escort the band with infantry
>The Chinese suddenly can’t stop jamming to their invaders’ music
liberty is a must have for early game conquering, the only important bonus that doesn't apply conquered cities is the -5% unhappiness which is honestly a very minor benefit and that benefit doesn't even matter until you have at least 20 unhappiness in non-occupied cities. but the worker speed and production are so good for domination, better than most policies on honor actually. i do agree that the map does feel cramped at times but given that the game itself is heavily biased in favor of tall gameplay i don't think its too big of an issue, it also makes expands more contested and leads to war rather than everyone just being isolated and non-confrontational

how are you in the information era with barely any of the map explored? you miss out on so much gold from city states, happiness from natural wonders, and a minor tech cost reduction for each known civ that has that tech. all it takes is one early scout and you can just slowly uncover the map for the rest of the game to get the benefits
I was trying to get the Bollywood achievement, which prevents you from having more than 3 cities. I stopped exploring after meeting the limit

File: SHITE.jpg (158 KB, 742x468)
158 KB
158 KB JPG
Queues are coming
Post bread lines comrades
Big Farma

Are they gonna kill him off?
I’m hoping they don’t since they could do a lot with the character
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Thanks lad. Time to see if двeнaдцaть Association can punch up the entire game
Sex with the sephirah
File: tiph.gif (1.5 MB, 498x373)
1.5 MB
1.5 MB GIF
Which i wonder as long as i don't like gacha i'd like to hear more of their 'LC'-type voices; i guess the next one will be Yesod
Yesod or Hod
Granted, we did hear a bit of LC Hod in Ruina in her floor stories
How’s the story in it thus far?

File: bb.jpg (547 KB, 1920x1080)
547 KB
547 KB JPG
Routing orcs edition

Battle Brothers is a tactical role-playing game developed and published by Overhype Studios. It was released on the PC in 2017, and console versions were released in 2021 and 2022.


Chances for named items per location:

character planner: http://www.bbplanner.xyz/

meta build (fat neutral, careful boring to play): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YcopcnMvzaE
434 replies and 102 images omitted. Click here to view.
Dont you know you arent allowed to do anything except farm bandits and location quests or you get party wiped?

Maybe get better and come back when you learn how to play the game
File: 1676383408130843.jpg (47 KB, 828x1056)
47 KB
>do this
>bunch of reavers out of nowhere
>fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck
>xth Whatever Company runs by
Spiders, nachos, zombies without necromancers (or maybe with one) are easy too, sometimes even easier than bandits.
I've bought the game like a week ago, and I've been seriously hooked, to the point I even got a friend to play it as well.
And I'll just say fuck roaming parties, I don't need another fight whenever I go from place to place, unless I'm being paid for it.
>I don't need another fight whenever I go from place to place, unless I'm being paid for it.
That's where you are wrong, you NEED roaming parties because they provide free gold and experience, if you don't take them you're making future fights literally strictly harder for yourself so you should strive to take every roaming party and camps that you can.

I haven't played this since launch.

What mods do you degenerates play with?
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It's also worse than the first time you bought it too because of the stupid building mechanics.
>new hospices building and Burial Site duchy building
Who is going to waste a duchy site to build a hospital? Just add a special buildings tab again, it's not like much else is different for diseases themselves beyond dynamic names.
Maybe it will have other bonuses. Speaking of duchy buildings what do you guys go for? I always use royal reserves + military academy.
Looks like diseases are going to be even more tedious to deal with than in CK2. At least they can be turned way down.
Is there any new total conversion mods?
The best CK3 experience is RICE's Socotra, it's the ultimate Tall experience and it's just so fun to be incredibly wealthy while you're just a OPM Kingdom (meaning no annoying vassals)

File: Ziomale z Fortecy.png (271 KB, 800x600)
271 KB
271 KB PNG
So... how is your Factory campaign going?
Also, just for fun, come up with (your) theme for a town.

291 replies and 75 images omitted. Click here to view.
Thanks, that's helpful.
Is defence skill really worse than attack?
At 20 points of defence difference your troop takes half the damage while at 20 points of offence difference your troop deals twice the damage. A hero with good defence values might be able to take a few of the AI stacks with no casualties that an offense hero would lose stacks to. If you could choose 1 point of offence and 1 point of defence early on the defence might make more difference as you retain more troops. Later in the game offence certainly is useful because defence doesn't help kill the enemy main.
Play the campaigns starting with restoration of erathia.
>How do I get better at judging whether I can beat an enemy or not BEFORE engaging them in combat?
Check the size of a stack/creature bank before fighting it, decide whether the objective is minimal casualties, no casualties or you don't care about casualties (The reward could be considerably more valuable than what you lose like angels) and try to get reinforcements to your main before fighting large stacks.
Most level 1 spells are not great, haste and slow are preferred for their expert effects, you want level 2 mage guild only for lightning bolt which scales well with the power stat. Resurrection is also extremely powerful on a magic hero with advanced earth magic and can help clear utopias. Necropolis gets animate dead instead at level 3 and it works fine even at basic level.
There are other spells with niche cases like berserk and clone.
You want to be clearing creature banks if you can do it without too much sacrifice, the gold is good but also some offer artifacts.
Shooters are useful to have in your army for clearing.
Also make note of wells, you can use all your spell points if you are going to reach a well soon
>Is defence skill really worse than attack?
Unless you're one of the armorer specialists yes. To put it simply your average game of heroes 3 revolves around a single power stack and that power stack heavily relies on one shotting the enemy stack and attack skill helps with that. The armies are just small enough that this usually works and if it's not a straight up one shot, the damage dealt is so high that whatever counter is coming at you is negligible.
That said if you're playing a challenge map where enemy troops are counted in thousands and the map gives them free stats some way then armorer specialty + defense skill is the way to go. There are way more spells that can increase your offense potential compared to defense ones. Like what you're going to do cast shield or air shield and stoneskin/prayer and that's about as far as defense goes. Offense there's bless and most importantly disrupting ray or frenzy. Best case scenario these spells can increase your damage output by more than 10x, there is no 10xing your defense.
There is argument for both attack skill and defense skill but unless you're playing some sort of crazy challenge map with armorer specialty the attack skill is the way to go like 90%+ of the time. And the devs knew that attack skill is OP this is why it takes more than twice as many points to reach the cap, you need 60 ADD(attack defense difference) to cap attack but only 28 ADD to cap defense.
File: FFFFFFF.png (1.63 MB, 1366x768)
1.63 MB
1.63 MB PNG
Hi please fuck my face thanks
Pathfinding can be a useful skill learning can never be a useful skill.
>As can be seen from the experience table, assuming Expert Learning very early on, after level 10 the hero will be ~0.75 levels higher than other heroes without this secondary skill. Before level 10, the advantage is less.

File: xcom2_viper_concept.jpg (445 KB, 1864x1083)
445 KB
445 KB JPG
How are you even supposed to get into this game? There are so many DLCs and the like that if you're completely new you just get tons of random shit thrown at you but I don't really want to gimp my first playthrough either. Kinda kills all motivation.
64 replies and 5 images omitted. Click here to view.
Most actions in 1995 had percentage cost of character's max TUs, varring movement and inventory management.
Wait is it supposed to be sexual? Always thought it was camaraderie.
Play a vanilla game with no dlcs and mods until you feel ready.

Also I never understood xcom 2 (and xcom as a whole) hate on /v/ and /vst/, sure the game isn't complex and is really simple, but that's kinda the point of nu-xcom, to be a simple turn based tactic game that you could be easily understood yet still have meaningful tactical decisions.
Xcom 2 is a direct upgrade to xcom EU/EW in almost every aspect.
And what annoys me the most when people bitch and whine about hit chance, THEY LITERALLY TEACH IN MIDDLE SCHOOL HOW PROBABILITIES WORK HOW STUPID CAN YOU BE??? A 90% IS NOT A GUARANTEED HIT

It's not sexual, his brain is rotting from all the porn consumption. The bonds doesn't really say what type of relationship they have and it's up to you to imagine it, I usually imagine my guys as best friends and brothers in arm and ofc there's a romantic bond between male soldiers and vipers in my base
Eggsalt was great.

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