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Fabledom - Official 1.0 Release Date Teaser Trailer!
Finally out of early access!
Hopes? Fears?
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> brown people in fairytale world
Stop wasting my time
Looks shit.
yep, it's gaming time
Brown with a gigantic mole, ears on her chin, one fucking eye and hair pulled back into a severe bun.
Thanks it's disgusting
>Dating sim
Attention granted
>That hideous creatura

File: BirzGame.png (1.61 MB, 1515x753)
1.61 MB
1.61 MB PNG
Post your Birzartansens->Phoenix Empire runs in the hit mod Anbennar, released in 2018 for the hit game Evropa Vniversalis IV by Paradox Interactive, known for releasing similar Grand Strategy Games for PC.
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Kuiika in Sarhal
NOT creating a 3rd side to fight both sides is the retard move
>this is what EU4 have done to gamers
I mean this sort of thing happened plenty of times IRL, sometimes a nation rolls really fucking poorly on rulers, that's life
Why didn't Spain formally ally with the Axis at the start of WW2 for French clay or with the Allies at the end of it for war reps?
Was Spain stupid?

File: incomeexpense.png (716 KB, 637x861)
716 KB
716 KB PNG
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Military gets priority of goods needed
Which would make using scarce lumber unprofitable and cause them to switch production to something else
Now this is a good point. One thing the game currently cannot represent very well is the central government voluntarily devolving certain authority to local elites, who however remain loyal and uphold the influence of the central government (while of course enriching and self-aggrandising themselves on the side, like your southern French nobles, Chinese states also regularly do this with the gentry, where they decentralise certain local government functions to them), and local warlords and bandits seizing power who pay no heed to the central government. This is an important dynamic that seems to happen in many historical empires and the game does not even seem to be trying to simulate it.
What would really make this great is bringing back a western dominant technology group
But maybe that's too based for johan.
Spciy thought of also something like a dynamic dominant technology group
Since literacy is in, maybe you as the chinks for example can become galaxy brain and pump out tech faster than europeans and become the "western" technology group that people have to copy to catch up.
Western tech wasn’t dominant till maybe the 1700s. Having it be dynamic based on literacy or meiou-style institutions is much more interesting and realistic.

File: Hannah.png (563 KB, 509x598)
563 KB
563 KB PNG
Who is your /vst/ waifu?
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Someone post the blonde Soviet air force girl, she's my favorite despite my hatred for anything Red
File: 411165.jpg (661 KB, 1600x1200)
661 KB
661 KB JPG
This one?
>he said while posting generic plastic bitches
>neither won due to crystal aids
I'm still mad.
>>he said while posting generic plastic bitches
you're GSE-brained, fix yourself before the Jews get you entirely
>doesnt like Aryan blondes in skin tight suits
>simping for non Whites bugs
>capitalizes "jew"
Shalom rabbi.

ITT games with emphasis on macro, strategy and meaningful decisions over micro, tactics and babysitting everything in the game.
Because I like feeling important enough to delegate the small stuff, and picrel certainly wasn't personally managing every single of his regiments.

Vicky 2: I like this one despite how bad the army management is, because conquest itself isn't that strong compared to most games. Industry management has various settings, including a fully capitalist-driven option. Yet the game doesn't exactly play by itself, and if you suck at it, automation will definitely not save you.

CK2: It's far from perfect but I like how alive the realm feels. Vassals can handle weak neighbors and indirectly contribute to your expansion, but also challenge your power. Sadly it's not a very difficult game in the long run.

Civ IV: Warfare is everything and you have dozens of units, but army stacks make it tolerable. There's still quite a bit of army management but the game is interesting enough to make up for it. AdvCiv has competent AI too.

Ultimately microing everything will always give you an edge, but if I can't afford to overlook anything in your game then I'm not interested.
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I know you tried to be clever but chess is precisely the prime example of a micro oriented game
File: 431241234.png (3.62 MB, 2560x1440)
3.62 MB
3.62 MB PNG
A single decision per turn, with chance playing a big role.
It isn't, tho? You only do one action per turn, you don't spend five minutes every turn just tweaking some sliders.
Just think of how similar it is to a 1UPT 4X battle and you'll stop calling it strategic.
A chess game is a tactical battle in which you micro every single unit, with no way of avoiding its symmetry through external means.

I already gave you examples of strategy games that cleverly reduced the tedious micro that typically occurs during mid-late game. You don't have to pretend all games need gookclicking by design, it's simply not true.
Scourge of War games, Take Command, Graviteam

File: 1696381696216864.png (1.17 MB, 1024x1024)
1.17 MB
1.17 MB PNG
What's the most realistic WW2 rts available?

I am looking for something so autistically detailed you could play it with a military handbook on the side.
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Hitler enjoying a quiet life in agarta, circa 2024
World War II is such a varied conflict. Germans often engaged at 1.5-2km and seriously fucked up Soviet tank advances on the steppe, but there were also instances of T-34s with 76mm or Shermans destroying King Tigers in ambushes at close range, 300m is basically point blank for a tank. So SDII isn't necessarily unrealistic for playing in that scale, but the way SDII is balanced and the maps are set-up, you end up with lots of autistic range and los fuckery.
I've had a T-34 get front penned by a T-26. I've also raped a T-34/85 by driving a 20mm puma around it like it was fucking war thunder. T-34 is honestly just completely useless and fucked in the game, the 76 version can barely hold itself against 50mm PzIII and Puma and the T-34 85 is honestly shittier than PzIV. The whole game is weird like that, but the scale of battle is nice.
That was literally just WW1 trench warfare except wuth Muslims instead of people.
Sans the context of society around it he would have liked it, the problem is that ai art is not an art movement but rather a push to make the very tools of creation be the things that censor us.
Oh I remember Rules the Waves 2. I made some mods for it that nerfs battlecruisers and buffs armored/heavy cruisers, among other changes.
Everyone's on 3 now? is there a way to disable aircraft and missiles?

File: landless.jpg (92 KB, 616x353)
92 KB
hopes? dream? if they pull it off it could be one of the defining features of 3
they're gonna mess it up aren't they?
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I always tell myself I'm going to try new content and then just play Mummy again
For everyone else who started a new campaign with a stable big ass modlist and doesn't want to lose it to updates:

Ok so here's my current (not easy) solution for paradox games anyhow:
>crack game (I ran cream api to unlock dlc, so that was my crack) [check cs rin ru]
>dl Irony Mod Manager, merge your modset to a new local megamod, apply megamod to game
>tell steam to only update game when launched
>only launch game through crack exe from now on, use beta shit to rollback if you accidentally update at some point

workshop is the worst thing to ever happen to modding
CK2 mogs this trash game and Rise To Power mod probably mogs this dlc
I don't want the map and the "map data" to be more watered down. It's because all of those wars and conflicts that are happening everywhere, that me playing a bumfuck count in the middle of Spain, that could possibly already be a duke, but is liked by everyone around him, including the three Spanish kings (more interested in fighting in wars between french duchies), and the Umayyad sultan (who had a dude with two Duchies rebelling, but just let him go, and other than that is the undisputed strongest and stablest power in Iberia) and instead is busy on diligently making his piece of shit land, the best piece of land in all of Iberia, as well as having feasts with his friends and neighbouring nobles feels so fun.
Well, that and making the exiled "prince" of Brittany convert to Adoptionism, letting him marry my second daughter (they had similiar personality traits, that's how I pick arranged marriages), and winning the Brittany for him twice to have an adoptionist Brittany sit there and spite England and France (first war was getting him Brittany, which was easy, the second came immedietaly after the first: fortunately or intentionally before my troops and mercs moved back(I dawdled and with good reason), where he revoked a vassal, having the whole country but the capital rise against him, because the throne of brittany was just that weak, after which the AI went almost NK mode, but Brittany was super strong from then on.)
None of that was a prescripted adventure, except the monk that messed around around my court getting either boastful or humbled, half the reason I converted was because I was attached to the bastard, but the other half was because he was the oldest character in my court and I wanted to see how long he would live (He proceeded to outlive my count, who became Duke of "Africa"(tunis), because he wanted to help his Sultan friend and helped one of the families vying for the Byzantine throne get it after converting one of the princesses)

File: terra invicta.jpg (131 KB, 1552x873)
131 KB
131 KB JPG
been awhile
is the game any different than it was at launch?
I remember the early game being massive slogs with its fake ass turn base shits
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Well fuck this.
4 days of fucking nonstop micro, and the rest will be long and tiresome work to gather commonwealth + pac + caliphate and somehow merge that, when in space i should turtle and play literally tower defense.
I'll say that I won.
I done with that retarded agent's layer. And unifications retarded as fuck too.
Can you still merge superstates? I thought they removed that.
No, but you can edit to enable this.
Also the worst part is that rss is just mana.
self mod, based

No thread dedicated to the Anno game series? Let’s rectify it...
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Don't forget to buy your HRT too
I found 1800 at Walmart for 5 bucks on the ps5. How good of a deal was that? I've never played an Anno game.
Hardware aside, the only reason to play 1404 over 1800 is if you really dislike the industrial revolution aesthetic, spreading pollution etc.
Anno 1800 is cool, but I can't imagine playing it on a console.

File: ezgif-1-34ce4da4b0.jpg (22 KB, 291x350)
22 KB
Get in here
Fav leader?
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What to do with rocky lands? Can't plant farm or forest on it and even mining it doesn't seem very lucrative. If they're high I can't even borehole them (most of the time). So the only worthwhile terra forming I can do is terra form down to make it borehole able. At least I can condenser some dry terrain but nothing can be done about rocky.
Some google told me that it's what Terraform LEVEL is for. Damn so that's what it's for all along
What i do is settle away from them but build mines on them so they become primary targets for crawlers, especially for new settlements
I totally forget that they can convoy from literally anywhere on the map. But to change its target city I have to have the crawler go all the way back to the city and change home base right?

File: majesty.jpg (61 KB, 423x500)
61 KB
Let's talk about a good fantasy simulator indirect control game.
113 replies and 8 images omitted. Click here to view.
What do you mean fix DLC stuff? All addons work fine on my machine.
Hm, just due threads like this I assumed it is kinda broken, I should stop talking out of my ass, my bad

Also turns out my saves got wiped out, seems like they are in install folder and easy to wipe.
Why did they have to fuck up the sequel so much
File: 1640899095030.jpg (27 KB, 415x350)
27 KB
>it's the mission where you fight against the temple of Krolm
What did they fuck up?

By the will of Kou Shibusawa, the latest Koei thread begins anew!
118 replies and 13 images omitted. Click here to view.
Choose the Oda. Build up your infantry and gunners.
Do the Imagawa event and ally with Tokugawa
Take out Dosan Saito after all of that
Continue to recruit generals and develop your gunnery.
Also, keep Hirate Masahide alive for as long as possible. I believe RtP has a merchant that sells life extension times. Get Hideyoshi asap.
Tomes not times
i'm getting into Sphere of Influence for the first time and though i am enjoying the game quite a bit i am confused why you can't combine armies from multiple castles into one unit
i just conquered a province that has 5 or so small castles that provide 500ish troops each. is this province always just going to be worse than an "equivalent" province with 1 fortress that provides 2500 troops? why can't i order my supposedly loyal retainers to stand next to each other while besieging a castle or fighting an enemy instead of forming a single file line at 5km intervals on the road to their target?
is there a way to move population or troops from one castle to another?
>why you can't combine armies from multiple castles into one unit
think of each castle as having its own army, you can't really form into an actual force, you just have to make do with the decentralized system the game uses. try using multiple roads at once, that will allow you to attack from multiple angles. two to three armies can only attack when they're on the same road, which makes holding chokepoints worth it in the game. mountain roads limit the amount if troops further, so watch out for that.
>is this province always just going to be worse than an "equivalent" province with 1 fortress that provides 2500 troops?
no, either they'll grow later on the game due to higher population, or you could enact a policy that increases fortress troops. take into account the gold and food each castle in a province makes, rather than the troops they provide. personally, I would destroy them to remove the tedious micro and focus on good old castle gameplay or automate the fortresses to the ai so there's an extra resource base.
>Attack a castle in Rise to Power.
>Significantly outnumber the enemy.
>Enemy has a 800-man musket unit hiding in the castle.
>Castle is well developed that you can only go through the gate.
>Enemy musket destroys my army without breaking through the gate because he keeps somehow manages to proc confuse that stops my army dead.

File: DavidKim_Real1.png (156 KB, 480x263)
156 KB
156 KB PNG
what are they cooking? any insider here?
7 replies omitted. Click here to view.
david kim fix protoss
the guy who plagued sc2 with his shitty balance patches unplayable for years
yeah it's all buzzwords and vaguery but the impression i get from him and the stormgate/zerospace teams want to reduce the importance of apm and execution
I find it hard to imagine this is a man with vision that can inspire a team.

I'd sooner get behind Molyneux.
So he´s the guy who thought "Hey, let´s limited what kind of units you can produce in multiplayer - against AI games."

File: SoS.png (1.67 MB, 1280x720)
1.67 MB
1.67 MB PNG
chink mount and blade with diablo combat. after getting burnt out on too many hours of bannerlord and starsector I've put a few dozen hours into this game and it manages to scratch the same itch.
travel around, collect units from villages, train them up, fight bandits, get into barfights, do errands for nobles, fight in tournaments, collect named heroes, start your own faction, get dogpiled by the entire fucking map because HOW DARE you start your own faction, impregnate sexy dancing girls in taverns and raise the child to be an overpowered death god wizard who conquers the world.
94 replies and 11 images omitted. Click here to view.
This sounds fucking abysmal. How much of this do I avoid by simply not getting the DLC that """"improves"""" sieges?
There’s an option in the DLC menu to disable the walls I believe
This game took all the good ideas of the original M&B as well as the bad. But the devs forgot that the only thing that kept M&B ongoing was the modding community which SoS has none that isn’t simply cheats or waifu nonsense.
How are the DLCs? Last I played all I can remember is the ice mage companion you can choose at the start is a higher level than every one else and that the shapeshifter's dragon form was hilariously busted and easy to get
None are actually worth it, game still feels bare bones and you're a god of the battlefield by day 60

File: 1713463880836.png (404 KB, 644x408)
404 KB
404 KB PNG
What do we think of sidescroller Xcom?
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
isn't sidescroller X-com just Worms?
File: thumbsupdude.gif (481 KB, 141x141)
481 KB
481 KB GIF
Nice, will pick up on a sale
File: hats.jpg (384 KB, 1920x1080)
384 KB
384 KB JPG
Post Hats
File: hatsssss.jpg (361 KB, 1920x1080)
361 KB
361 KB JPG
Sort of, but to be an 'X-Com' there has to be a wider campaign aspect to the game instead of individual, where troops and equipment develop over time.

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