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File: kremlinggames.png (1.37 MB, 1500x1500)
1.37 MB
1.37 MB PNG
No ones talking about a game where you manage the Soviet Union.
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Everything here is a lie, as expected of commies. Two commies, three parties, two words, three lies.

But CIA does want to undermined Russia since it is US policy to prevent the rise of a rival hegemon in Asia, no matter it's nature. There is no mystery here.

The average post-Communist state had returned to 1989 levels of per-capita GDP only by 2005, although some are still far behind that. In Russia, the average real income for 99 percent of people was lower in 2015 than in 1991. Successful market economies rest on a framework of law, regulation, and established practice, which cannot be instantaneously created in a society that was formerly authoritarian, heavily centralised, and subject to state ownership of assets. The countries that succeeded the most were heavily subsidized by the EU.
I am a right winger and I still find the soviet union fascinating and worth setting a game in
>In Russia, the average real income for 99 percent of people was lower in 2015 than in 1991.
That's laughably false.

File: gis.png (757 KB, 980x742)
757 KB
757 KB PNG
Any map games of any kind that look like this?
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>stop talking about games here!!
Fucking kill yourself, you god damned faggot.
fuck shitty zombie survival games and the people who create a market for them
Glow harder.
Are there actual NIMBYs ingame? Otherwise that's just deceptive marketing.

File: WarcraftIII.jpg (62 KB, 256x364)
62 KB
Does the singleplayer campaign still hold up after all these years? I just realized I have RoC+TFT discs from more than 15 years ago yet haven't played the game except for a few matches at an internet cafe.
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Based. I would highly recommend having a look at Abelhawk's videos on youtube about how many secrets are hidden in the campaign, I never realised until I watched them
So does anyone else go 10peons only 2 grunts fast tech? I think in maps with a close/quickly clearable goblin lab is very viable. 2 grunts with sh/fs ensures decent creeping, even without needing shop while still teching up quickly enough, following it with mill extra burrows after wards for a few additional grunts and then headhunters.
Am I supposed to think Jaina was doing the right thing in the bonus campaign?
You are supposed to keep in mind that Theramore ended up getting nuked by orcs and is now literally an irradiated ruin, while the orcs have the gall the claim that they din do nuffin, it was all the Brown Hitler Orc...
It didn't really die, even after reforged, there's still a solid playerbase and esports scene

Any bros played this?
Turn based strategy with squad compositions and perma death. Story is generic and rubbish, but gameplay is good.
I wasn't expecting to like it as much as I did. Game is a bit easy even on hard though, clearing most missions with S rank and no casualties.

A lot of cool units, although its weird how much dragons suck ass. Foot archers, Samurai, Light Infantry(Other than Swordsmasters) also all seem like traps.
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Kind of funny how both games have big girls too.
I love the giantess and her sprite animations but the whole kid thing ruins it and canon she hooks up with the thief.

i tried with but it made the game a lot less fun. the game isnt really designed with it in mind. theres no fun tension, its just annoying
>but the whole kid thing ruins it
Fucking honestly. Even setting aside the used goods vs purityfag argument, that shit just felt so weird to have in the game in general. Seemed like it was the dev's weirdly specific, semi-cuck fantasy which that particular part of the story was built around. Fuck that
It kinda makes sense though. If you've got a caste of holy female warriors, you'd want to make sure they'd at least pop out a few kids before you send them off to war, so the bloodline doesn't die out if they end up getting wrecked.

File: 1519875943653.jpg (331 KB, 800x555)
331 KB
331 KB JPG
Are there any games where villages make sense to exist? Mechanically speaking.

Seems in every game every place is pre-destined to be a massive empire and the only limitations are the scope of the game and hard caps imposed on places like minor settlements or city states not being able to grow beyond a certain size. Otherwise any settlement will continue to accumulate wealth and population and will inevitably become a major city.

In real life villages become towns because of changing factors. Typically economic and industrial opportunities. Like, a lone village doesn't suddenly generate more wealth because they built a plantation if there's no market demand for it. But in games it's practically impossible not to grow without actively trying to stop it.

Makes you wonder why villages exist at all on the map upon game start. There's no reason for them to not be cities already unless they were razed to the ground recently.

Not looking for a stagnation simulator but would like a game where progress comes from player choice, taking opportunities and capitalizing on market factors. Not because progress is the norm and everything you do turns to gold.
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Some city/settlement building games have situations where it makes sense to have like a satellite village for a specific purpose, like there's a resource deposit that's too far away from your main city to send workers back and forth so you build some houses near it, but then the people living there need basic amenities to live so you build those as well, and before you know it you've got a new village going.
Dorf Fort is just because of FPS death soft-caps the size of a fort to not go beyond what in real-life would be a small village. In-game it's supposed to be a grand mountainhome litteraly fit for a king.
As it stands I don't exactly know what I'd do with several thousand dwarves if FPS magically wasn't an issue, a few hundred or so are more than enough for most anything, but Moria wasn't exactly home to a hamlet's worth of dwarfs. If FPS death wasn't a thing, then sieges and map size would scale so that proper mountainhomes were encouraged.
Factorio sort of. Space 4x maybe since pop size is limited by planet size and some are just smaller than others.
Shadow empire, sort of. You have reason to build small groups of structures all around the map but they have main cities that hold all the pop, however some will be inherently smaller than others due to factors like job opportunities, pay, danger, and that you don't dev every city to be able to produce units on its own. Also if they are unhappy, people will leave your cities and make free folk favelas.
but aren't games success simulators?

What kind of choices would you like to make in the development of a village?
Rome 2 Total War kinda implied this sort of setup. Minor settlements could build farms and mines while major settlements could make buildings that provided % bonuses to those farms and mines, like a Coin Mint granting a bonus to mining and an amphora factory giving a bonus to agriculture and commerce or something like that.

But the system is pretty thin and just makes me want another game to do it proper.

Also I thought it was neat that barbars specifically didn't do the major/minor settlement synergy. Their settlements can be independent and are the only ones that can build farms in major settlements. Seems thematic that they don't have the big industry thing going on.

dominions bread
hopes/dreams/fears for dominions 6?
total list of known (so far) changes in 6: https://steamcommunity.com/app/2511500/discussions/0/3807281445020039925/
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EA Pyrene might end up being even easier though you wont fond a whole lot of information on the Basque based humans and their giant goat herding pals.
There is nothing simpler than EA Ulm. Obscenely tough units, no national sacreds so you don't even have to bother with blesses. Only focus on ONE magic path (earth). Just make sure to get max Production scales and you're golden. Nothing else really matters. At least for newbie play.
>EA Ulm
mistyped here, I meant MA Ulm, the one with all the heavily armored units.
Yea ma ulm is also good. Iron blizzard spam on pimped mage priests with infinite fatigue cause there packing 15 reinvigoration is fun to watch, especially when you own troops are ironskinned and steeled to the gills and basically shrug off 15 ap hits.
you should pick based on whichever aesthetic or lore you like the most

File: civ4.png (2.4 MB, 1914x1009)
2.4 MB
2.4 MB PNG
What made Civ 4 so special that people designate it as the cut-off point from when the series started declining?
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Without tech trading I feel like diplomacy is a bit lacking in options (although I tend to play with no vassals as I don't really like that mechanic.)
is colonizing early in terra maps worth it
t. poortugal
Colonizing before astronomy trade routes is not woth it. Whick makes the portuguese unique unit not only useless but detrimental.
I think they actyally tried something along withe a thought of "a fun AI" with the AI incentives but it ended up being doubly retarded with with ragnar dissing your landlocked civ for not having a navy. And even if you had a navy it would be very counter-intuitive for a navally oriented civ to like someone with a navy. Naturally they would like landlocked nations as they would present no competition.
Colonizing the new world as Portugal pre astronomy is pretty much the only time that the colony independence mechanic can have any effect on the game. It's still a roleplaying thing to do but remember you can trade with your colony while using mercantilism and you can tell them what to research and then tech trade with them.

Have there been any classic style RTS released recently? Meaning it has workers, resource collection, base building, etc. None of that zone control shit like Company of Heroes and the like.
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>New game tries to be old game so hard it ends up looking like shit
Yes, do let me know if you figure out why anyone would play a petroglyph game.
>what are some recent games?
>lmao, I'd rather play old stuff
Okay? I don't think anyone can help you, tho.
I don't think that guy is OP.
I remember a mission in this game in which you had to sneak into the city and steal a book of spells. It tore me a new one so I just resorted to using cheats. I also messed around with its map editor and created missions with different countries fighting each other from their own fortresses. Good times.
File: coldish.webm (3.68 MB, 640x360)
3.68 MB
3.68 MB WEBM
Cold Itzler

I haven't played Enemy Within since like 2015 and I wanted to try out Long War for the first time. Can we have a thread about the nu-com games please?
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oh god I fucking hate thin men so much. Thanks. I totally forgot they existed but now you've reminded me and I can now go to bed thinking about how much I hate them.
people hyped that shit so much i finally give it a try... Not worth it. The "dev" is the same from Terra invicta, he thinks that boredom and slow progress is fun. I know it have many many improvements but the tedium and stupidity they put together kills it for me. They tried to make LW for xcom 2 and is equalilly shit. Dev thinks "unfair and hard" is fun.
thin men are literal trannies btw
Is the bad end of Chimera Squad where the tolerance of aliens breaks down ultimately a good thing because it was a mistake to not gas all of them?
Like seriously how did XCOM stop the mass riots that should have resulted in every alien being stomped into mush?
Showed everyone the sniddies

File: Untitled.jpg (7 KB, 250x128)
7 KB
I'm on YR final Allied mission and it seems crazy. Is there any way to destroy the psychic dominator before even its first strike, or at least some clever way to build your base so that you can easily recover from it? I'm not even sure I can get enough kirovs there in this mission, they're so slow plus all those gatling guns. Are there any other cheap tricks that work, like using chrono legionnaires to take out the nuclear plants in the last mission of the base game?
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I beat it! I'm playing on normal, but I thought it was pretty easy.
>build silo
>nuke Allies psychic beacon to gain their weather control and see the whole map
>see there's a safe flight path if I go up along their base and then east along the north border of the map, so I start sending the 6 kirovs I had up that way
>build more nuclear plants to speed up superweapon cooldown
>the Allied base eats a few superweapons
>build another war factor in the Allied base and start making kirovs with it
>use a nuke on the Soviet psychic beacon to free them and the storm on a group of Yuri's buildings
>just send the kirovs over to destroy the castle

Yeah it would have saved me a lot of trouble, same with the iron curtain actually. In the Allied mission where you capture a psychic dominator they hint how that works by having 9 enemy tanks arranged in a grid, but I didn't put 2 and 2 together until OP said that you could send 9 prism tanks over with the chronosphere.
try teleporting 9 aircraft carriers
why are you being stupid on purpose?
just garrison your troops and put flak cannons in front of your base by the gemstone fields
tesla towers should be able to hold off their tanks

you have access to nuclear powerplants you shouldn't have any energy problems
>Yeah it would have saved me a lot of trouble
But there's an allied mission in vanilla RA2 where you have to build a Chronosphere and destroy the 3 Nuke Silos. How did you do that without using the Chronosphere?
I don't remember which mission that was but there was probably a lot of savescumming involved.

File: panic.png (28 KB, 900x600)
28 KB
Pull out your paint or other drawing tools and make your own rts unit. Doesn't matter if it's futuristic, fantasy, historical or whatever else.
We had this thread last year and it was pretty fun. let's do it again.
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File: Manager FIVE.png (331 KB, 900x600)
331 KB
331 KB PNG
We did it 9gag!
>almost 22 hours into the thread’s birthday
>no celebratory image posts
come on guys
where’s the party
File: occam.jpg (136 KB, 900x600)
136 KB
136 KB JPG

File: treki-1686423132120.jpg (175 KB, 1024x1024)
175 KB
175 KB JPG
Remember this game? Looked kinda cool based on the pre release picture's. Well after around 6 months the steam reviews are "overwhelmingly negative" and the devs have announced they are completely abandoning it...


Sure hope none of you fell for this obvious nostalgia baiting cash grab!
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Because the video game industry is garbage and publishers know that its made up of manchildren with disposable incomes who will buy anything they plop down in front of them especially if it has some sort of popular brand attached to it.
No one bought it. That's why they abandoned it. Not enough sales. They didn't even try to trick people. They literally copy and pasted Stellaris. An older version too.
My dumbass bought this game despite uninstalling Stellaris after 30 min because I’m a sucker for Star Trek games. I should’ve refunded after getting bored instantly but I told myself “I’ll try playing it again another time and maybe I’ll enjoy it then”. I was wrong.
Yup, case in point:
To be fair, what got me was the promise of HOI-like mission trees for the factions where you could take them down an alternate route to the show. Problem was that the mission trees were tiny and only had 2 paths that didn't really change anything except some numbers.

File: Sieges.png (2.85 MB, 2808x824)
2.85 MB
2.85 MB PNG
It didn't fix sieges, sorry shills.
Wh2 is just Rome 2 reskinned with hero units and magic.
Total War can't be good if has the same bug-engine since 2009 (Empire TW), greedy-lazy devs and simp-consoomers.
File: WH play times.jpg (6 KB, 136x205)
6 KB
Stay mad.

File: Pope_Julius_II.jpg (137 KB, 640x870)
137 KB
137 KB JPG
What makes them good or bad?

Every mechanic (any game) essentially falls under the category of external or internal.
External anti-blobbing mechanics allow foreign powers unity against a threat.
Internal anti-blobbing aims to cause internal issues like revolts or reducing the goods gained from conquered lands.

EU4 completely fails at these things. Coalitions fail because AE is fixed on local development instead of the relative value of its conqueror, and ultimately it just slows expansion. And its revolt system is a wacky-mole.
Imperator does better at these things, but the lack of coalitions makes expansion too easy.
CK3 fails miserably because factions are beyond idiotic.
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>Wouldn't call it extreme
It is extreme. Even the literal historical USSR didn't have such tight state control over the economy, GOSPLAN set production goals (which was itself a disastrous policy in the long run), they weren't micromanaging factory expansions or telling factory operators what production mode to use.

The better way to accurately model communism would be to still use the L-F mechanics of letting pops (albeit in this case bureaucrats instead of capitalists) build their own factories, but having the player assign production goals of every good and the prices that they can be sold at. Do that, and you'll already have your communist economy fall apart realistically over time, because production quotas and price controls don't work.
effective at curtailing blobbing without feeling arbitrary
Feeling arbitrary.

Good example is eu4 capacity, overextension, and autonomy. They are great systems for curbing blobbing because they represent your government struggling to keep everything together. However they are way too easy to fix by increasing/decreasing or just ignoring. They also lack any coup de grace because rebels are a non issue and threatening coalitions are too easy to avoid. There was an old mod called countries can collapse that made actual revolts and civil wars possible that made it great. But said mod is now abandoned.
Bad example is modded victoria 2 infamy. Most mods use a infamy punish system that arbitrarily cripples you by imposing huge penalties on your own pops who should either be happy that their homeland is strong or not care. It is also a yes or no check. you are either 0.1 below the threshold and perfectly fine or 0.1 above the threshold and crippled. Nations are also forced into a war with you even if it is suicide and against their interests. The dismantle wars would be great if they weren't forced though. As a Greater Germany, you won't see France or Russia, the two nations that would actually be a threat and have a reason to want to curtail you, declare war on you because you border them with a larger army which skips the forced war, but you will see every other great power declare war on you, even if a random south american nationlike Colombia managed to become gp and gains literally nothing from entering a war with a nation that has a navy and army 5-10 times their size.
I forgot to go into more detail on avoiding arbitrary anti-blob systems.
The simplest way is just to ask, would the last large war be possible under our system? If the answer is no then it's a bad system.
Modded V2 infamy would cripple Napoleon's France for example. It would also force nations like the USA to go to war with him.
>Does make diplomacy kind of irrelevent though.
Yeah but that is part of why RD was utter shit. You ended up with everyone having a diplo malus with you leading even to allies and vassals turning on you no matter what.
The other issue is how it just switched on after hitting the province threshold instead of an increasing breakdown of relations.
There's 2 in dune spice wars and I like the balance of it. One it costs increasing amounts of authority the more territories you have, so expansion is slowed down the bigger you are. It's kinda meh.
The other one is quite good. If you want to assassinate someone, you have create 2 (or 3) infiltration cells in their territory. Then you can start an assassination. When you do, you have to periodically send an assassin to these cells, which they can intercept and kill if they have cloak detection.

After a period they discover that an assassination is going on. At that point they can start doing cell searches, which detect cells in a territory and all adjecant ones. This means that the bigger you are, the more cell searches you need to find where the cells are. You can also send units there to remove the cell and prevent more assassins that way.

If you don't manage to discover/stop the assassins in time you die. You can also abandon territories if you guess that a cell is there.

At high level people don't get assassinated by an attempt, but they usually lose some territory to protect themselves.

I like it.

File: dune sw.jpg (199 KB, 1248x703)
199 KB
199 KB JPG
From streams gameplay looks like a mishmash of RTS and 4X, how competent is the AI?
61 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
But do you find it fun? RTS micro in 2024 is literally exactly the same as it was in 1990 with Dune 2. You just focus fire the weakest unit and then take your weakest unit and pull it back... and repeat, ad infinitum. Do you find that fun? I don't. I found it amusing in 1990 when I was 7 years old and it was the first time I'd ever encountered it. By the time I was playing Warcraft 3 in ~2003 I was bored as fuck of this dumb, micro shit. At least WC3 added a million other things to do so it was more fun. Now we're in 2024 and combat micro is back to 1990 game design again, and isn't it ironic that it's another game named Dune? I'm bored of this stale ass design.
I'm terrible at micro, but I keep winning games. The battles themselves aren't the only thing that decides who wins the game, as there are 4 other win conditions and the supplies and militia give a bit of a defender's advantage.

But more importantly, it's more about the tactical use of operations, like well timed thumpers, poisoning the supplies, or even just a well timed probe scan to reveal a fremen ambush attempt. I've seen a guy that lost almost every battle, but won the war, just because he completely maxed out on manpower and just kept sending wave after wave of harkonnen to their death.
I'm not claiming that micro wins DSW I was just complaining about micro in general. The other major game made by Shiro, Northgard, has extremely boring combat with 1990 style micro. It's really bad. Like...really, really bad. DSW combat seems a step up from that at least, but I still find there's boring micro shit going on with stuff like the emperor's artillery units kiting like hydras in Brood War.

To me, someone who is gifted with BW hydra kiting is like someone who is good at playing Mario Bros. I mean it's kinda neat to watch for a few seconds and good for them but I don't find it particularly engaging gameplay, especially not in 2024.
I'm not sure how much further you can go in deprioritizing micro without removing the real time combat element. Emperor artillery has to deploy, like a starcraft siege tank does. It has a minimum range. It vibrates heavily when firing, so using them on the sand (which is 80% of the map) means you're calling a worm to them. Finally, like all mechs, an emp blast reduces its combat and speed by 50% so you can very easily attack and destroy them.

Unlike most units, mechs cost solari to produce, so both making and healing them costs precious solari.

Not saying they aren't good units or that kiting isn't valuable.
Don't know about northguard, but the fact that regular melee units reduce the target's speed by 10%, and flankers get +30% speed near enemies means kiting isn't effective at all unless all your units attack the exact same target. You can just not focus fire.

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