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File: 1711320895621718.jpg (304 KB, 1200x675)
304 KB
304 KB JPG
Just optimize it, fix the late-game, do a bit of balancing and add more flavor to railroad it towards historical borders and wars and it will be better than Vic2.
It's like 3 patches and an HPM mod away from being good. The base mechanics are all very solid and an improvement over 2.
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suck my cock garmented liberties faggot, I have militarized police I don't even look at radicucks
I remain convinced that something similar to HoI4 air warfare is the way to go in these sorts of games and when I get to the point of implementing warfare in my engine that's what I'll be starting off with.

You have a base. It has a range (based off of a mix of local infrastructure and your military's logistics aptitude) and you can add areas in range as its targets, plus pick some settings on engagement preference (such as direct battle vs gorilla warfare). Like in HoI4 air war, the assigned armies will fight each other - but instead of individual battles or a front line it'll just be the overall allocated forces. If you're maintaining the upper hand, you'll gradually increase your control over tiles in the relevant zone. Of course, losing control of the zone where a military base is located is a substantial disadvantage as you then need to project force from different bases.

Something like that. I plan for warfare to be a minor portion of gameplay so I don't think it needs individual troop micro or similar bullshit. Base operation may even be automatic by default with the player being able to send orders if they really want to.
why do u need singular stacks of armies per 1k even? why dont u just set the upper limit at 20k or 30k and have a % of it in strength.
u could just use a slider to split troops between armies or generals instead of clicking each 1k stack around.

just have 3 sliders with 3 subsliders splitting inf art aux so u can set 40 40 20 if u want.
the pops should auto sort into it by themself removing UI micro.
each subslider could be tier/era level or conscription vs professional.

whoever is a UX at pdx should be hanged.
its been 2 years and they still struggle with basics.

half the game is just fumbling with awful UI UX everywhere.
Based qween enjoyer
File: 2024_04_22_1.png (2.83 MB, 1920x1080)
2.83 MB
2.83 MB PNG
>banana republic

File: BirzGame.png (1.61 MB, 1515x753)
1.61 MB
1.61 MB PNG
Post your Birzartansens->Phoenix Empire runs in the hit mod Anbennar, released in 2018 for the hit game Evropa Vniversalis IV by Paradox Interactive, known for releasing similar Grand Strategy Games for PC.
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I heaed there was greentide talk?
File: amldihr i barely knew her.png (3.4 MB, 1920x1080)
3.4 MB
3.4 MB PNG
do you think owning nothing but King's Rock and reclaiming the Dwarovar through vassals could potentially be fun?
no lol
In theory it'd be fun. In practice you'd have no trade income and due to hold dev levels, and relations limit it'd be impossible to keep them loyal. They ever actually do anything with Aul-Dwarov they should give you the option for releasing and having a decentralized vassal empire though.
that already exists in the form of a special gov reform that aul dwarov can take which releases all holds as vassals.
if you want to do vassal dwarves i'd just play Verkal Ozovar, though

File: landless.jpg (92 KB, 616x353)
92 KB
hopes? dream? if they pull it off it could be one of the defining features of 3
they're gonna mess it up aren't they?
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But CK3 is already so easy. I play this game near blackout drunk and still manage to conquer my way through Europe.
I'm pretty sure they are talking about their DLC/content structure being intimidating, not the game.
The only reason I'm still playing CK3 is the Vampire the Masquerade mod
All the official DLC have been shit and I have no hope left anymore
I always tell myself I'm going to try new content and then just play Mummy again
For everyone else who started a new campaign with a stable big ass modlist and doesn't want to lose it to updates:

Ok so here's my current (not easy) solution for paradox games anyhow:
>crack game (I ran cream api to unlock dlc, so that was my crack) [check cs rin ru]
>dl Irony Mod Manager, merge your modset to a new local megamod, apply megamod to game
>tell steam to only update game when launched
>only launch game through crack exe from now on, use beta shit to rollback if you accidentally update at some point

workshop is the worst thing to ever happen to modding

File: Cncyr-cover.jpg (71 KB, 256x364)
71 KB
>3 factions
>set during hypothetical WW3
>time travel is heavily implied
>western blues
>eastern reds
>3rd faction is splinter from reds using psychic clones, mutants, ufos, virus spreaders, chaos drones, mind control towers
>leader of the 3rd faction is romanian

What did Westwood mean by this, also any other soft disclosures in 90s games?
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Well, I don't know, I think Yuri is alive, but for other reasons. There's a kind of mission where Yuri used the chronosphere and sent himself into the future, when Moscow became the biggest bait for the Soviets. It's good that the Allies turned out to be stupid, and did not inform the Soviets about Mental Omega.
This mod really needs an introduction of sorts. Even after running several skirmish games vs AI it was still hard to me to grasp what the fuck is going on, and I spent years playing RA2.
And the graphic design doesn't help either, with most units looking like a blurry mess and blending together whereas in original they were sharp and distinct, it was hard to mistake one unit for another. Redoing the old units in their own style was certainly a strange decision.
you're a stupid fucking spamming tranny kill yourself
story mods are never good.

are the mods good at least?
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yeah, lol
bpm is great but holy shit it is next to impossible to pass reforms as an absolute monarchy. it is easy enough going republic during the springtime of nations but if you want to stay an absolute monarchy the ruler ideology, even if the aristocrats aren't in the government and are 5% power, provide a -20-30 penalty to law support for every ig meaning even igs that petition you to pass a law can refuse to ever support said law. also revolutionaries won't support your laws because they have a low opinion due to no laws and you need a +80% or higher to overcome the rulers opinion of said law.
just wanted to be a paternalist.
BPM seems cool in concept, but I didn't have much fun playing with it. The already shit UI paradox designed for the poltics system becomes a mess with all the additional complexity BPM adds.
Anyyone tried either any of this guys mods?

File: Shill.png (1.15 MB, 1024x706)
1.15 MB
1.15 MB PNG
Dead since 2015. It's joever.
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>machine gun towers
>towers that shoot inwards
Warhammer isn't any less broken than the historical titles.
The inward shooting towers was a weird design decision, even weirder that it was only a couple of cultures that had those types of towers
Bold of you to assume that it was a conscious design decision.
There was never Warhammer 2 siege overhaul. They only added forts for the Empire
slaanesh dlc when?

Age of Empires 2
Why is black forest even on the 1v1 map pool, delete arena if that's going to be a thing
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Yea but that's a ton of wood and gold wasted on on something useless while a ram can break the wall permanently while also threatening a town center, coupled with archers to hurt villagers who try to take on the ram it can cause so much more trouble even in arena than a siege tower putting in a few archers inside the base who have no way of getting out if met by skirms.
Dunno man, just talking out of experience, a ram takes way too long to break the wall and the rewalls that the opponent will naturally do
>if met by skirms.
That's a big fucking if. If the opponent was waiting you INSIDE the walls with skirms of all units he is just spec cheating
Dead gaem. Have you guys tried the onlyfarms challenge? 300 pop on arabia, Magyars so your vills don't' die to wolfs
Ratats archer..
Ladder anxiety is so gay if you thing about it, we all suck ass anyways

No matter what I do, I lose.
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I haven't found a place explaining why worker coops are the way they are according to the devs, just speculation like "Well Yugoslavia's job creation economy was shit, so that's why Vicky 3 is like that".
Farmers and Shopkeepers do reinvest, just with less efficiency bonuses.

If you want workers to be able to invest, then join the club. Dividend tax is applied after investments, which makes Graduated tax better than everything else for no good reason, unless you have extremely high wages, which doesn't happen. Public trading/shareholding means nothing and could be removed from the game. The game is retarded on so many levels.
Do you know any better economic simulator games then ?
The only reason Im playing this one is to fiddle with the demand/supply part and find whats optimal towards making a robust self managing economy, but this meme end where the state becomes the sole investor just because workers only want to put their money under the mattress is a real turn off.
File: 1691904008333673.png (103 KB, 483x174)
103 KB
103 KB PNG
Had my first actual great war because I played longer than the 1900's since I was only just then starting to see explosive growth. Me and most of my market vs Russia, Italy, and Spain. Until the war I stayed around ~150-200 brigades of purely professional soldiers and had fully equipped one of my armies with armor, mid war when I was starting to lose on every front that the armor division wasn't at with it being impossible to get a naval landing off because even though I had a better navy I had to fight 10+ navies that would recover before I went through them all I went full victory or death mode and cut all of my authority spending to enable enlistment decrees on every state I could and then started conscripting absolutely everyone.
and holy fucking shit you can conscript a LOT of troops.
It took a while, and many citizens died fighting in almost depleted armies, but the endless reinforcements proved too much and soon I was surging into Russian and Italian land. A revolt happened in one of my protectorates which kept my armies mobilized and then Russia decided to try to find a victory in Asia only to be met with a Roman war machine at full swing ready to start a continuation war.
This is what my battalion tooltip looked like at the end of the continuation war.

It's a shame I can't see the results of old wars but Russia lost ~2.3m in the first war and ~400k in the second, Italy lost ~400-600k, Spain ~200k, and I lost a total of ~800k.
Russia was a pushover tech wise but they made it impossible to properly defend against Italy which is where most of my casualties probably came from as I saw armies down at 4k manpower on the Italian front.

Overall, Greece isn't as bad as it seems. The first 40 or so years is pure misery but when you actually manage to start winning wars against the ottomans solo you can get a lot of population, especially if you press the funny purple button. I ended the game with 90m despite releasing all of my non-middle east overseas holdings.
>Overall, Greece isn't as bad as it seems
Should clarify something here.
It's not a good nation. Your growth comes too little and too late while as a nation like Russia you can just already have won the game by the 70-80's. But it actually has a light at the end of the tunnel unlike a lot of other small nations.
Why the world has so little oil in this game? Even the USA doesn't have enough

¨10/10 but i cant ignore the feel that could have more content.¨

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>there's the objectively correct choice and the objectively incorrect choice when it comes to pilots, mechs, and weapons
care to elaborate? obviously i agree that some mechs/pilots/weapons are way better than others but i'm curious if there's really a set "meta" or if the game is solved
problem exists between your controller and chair
Disregard, I fixed it. You’re all very lucky
Yes, you are still alive. How lucky for us.
half the pilot roster is close to s or a tier

3 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Incas are S tier, they have no cons
unteralterbach taught me that von der leyen is a demon whore thogue
File: francetruedesire.png (1.55 MB, 1600x900)
1.55 MB
1.55 MB PNG
>civ3 thread
I don't know why I like this game so much. People shill civ4 a lot and I can see why they like it but I don't like it at all. Civ3 feel like the melee, the double dash of civ, got that special feel to it.
It also ruined other 4x games for me, it drilled being a paranoiac early super blobbing nigger into my brain.
File: german_VN_literature.jpg (727 KB, 900x2531)
727 KB
727 KB JPG
german VN, one of the early big fan VN outside of JAPAN before it spread out
Inca is the best out of them. Agri is the best trait and industrial is also good, their unique unit is kinda meh but that's fine if you got a good start since it's an antiquity unit. They are good for taller plays rather than wide.
Russia is garbage, expansionism is easily the worst trait and the cossack is overrated by noobs.

By the will of Kou Shibusawa, the latest Koei thread begins anew!
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How do you properly expand in Rise to Power?

If I expand too fast, I'll be overexpanding to point I'll have too few officers and funds to properly defend while building up too much means powerful factions like the Takeda/Uesugi/Otomo will blob like hell and overwhelm me.
Choose the Oda. Build up your infantry and gunners.
Do the Imagawa event and ally with Tokugawa
Take out Dosan Saito after all of that
Continue to recruit generals and develop your gunnery.
Also, keep Hirate Masahide alive for as long as possible. I believe RtP has a merchant that sells life extension times. Get Hideyoshi asap.
Tomes not times
i'm getting into Sphere of Influence for the first time and though i am enjoying the game quite a bit i am confused why you can't combine armies from multiple castles into one unit
i just conquered a province that has 5 or so small castles that provide 500ish troops each. is this province always just going to be worse than an "equivalent" province with 1 fortress that provides 2500 troops? why can't i order my supposedly loyal retainers to stand next to each other while besieging a castle or fighting an enemy instead of forming a single file line at 5km intervals on the road to their target?
is there a way to move population or troops from one castle to another?
>why you can't combine armies from multiple castles into one unit
think of each castle as having its own army, you can't really form into an actual force, you just have to make do with the decentralized system the game uses. try using multiple roads at once, that will allow you to attack from multiple angles. two to three armies can only attack when they're on the same road, which makes holding chokepoints worth it in the game. mountain roads limit the amount if troops further, so watch out for that.
>is this province always just going to be worse than an "equivalent" province with 1 fortress that provides 2500 troops?
no, either they'll grow later on the game due to higher population, or you could enact a policy that increases fortress troops. take into account the gold and food each castle in a province makes, rather than the troops they provide. personally, I would destroy them to remove the tedious micro and focus on good old castle gameplay or automate the fortresses to the ai so there's an extra resource base.

File: capsule_616x353.jpg (160 KB, 616x353)
160 KB
160 KB JPG
Hopes? Fears?
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>So far original AoM is less than a speck in the e-sports scene, so maybe they're hoping/gambling for it to be the next big thing.
Decent change they're going to change too much and turn away both audiences
>Decent chance they're going to change too much and turn away both audiences
They already tried to cater the chinks into it with the very late expansion, and kinda failed at that so... I mean if you're going to market to China I expect 10K+ at least, but it only went low 5k for players at launch Tale of the Dragon. Even the DE's base game only went for 11k at launch (compared to like AoE2:EE's 20k+, or even AoE3:DE's 18k), so I even wonder if this has the nostalgia base it can farm and sustain.
13 year-old me had a lot of good memories with it with my buds in the LAN basement, but I don't think it was ever the popular RTS overall.
It better be fucking good after the shitpile that was Tale of the Dragon.
I have no idea if shit shit is AI slop or not, but I'ld like to remind you all that shitty artists exist and they get hired all the time.
The classic "give trash jobs for stupid people, who probably they,re gonna get shit karma for their poor lifechoices"

File: proxy-image(33).jpg (56 KB, 474x624)
56 KB
I want to live in amazonian town. Gather berries and flex my body around while women do all the work.
6 replies omitted. Click here to view.
How are the campaigns of both games? Worth playing? I don't expect the series to be heavy on plot, but fun missions, funny missions briefings and some story to tie it all together is all I would like to see.
Did that ant rip off someone's dick?
They are kind of basic, what would you expect from settlers. A bit funny. They also branch out to economy and warfare paths.
Thats in the sequel, I have not played 1
I played the second game decades ago and I only remember how slow-paced and boring it was, even more so than Cultures. I endured until I saw a glimpse of the combat which seemed like it would be a slog too. Even staring at amazons' sprites isn't fun for very long.
hmmmm hmmmm
hmmmm hmmmm
eeh leee lele
le le leee
aieeeee aieeeee

need to check it out again, last time i tried it crashed after a few minutes of gameplay in wine on linux

File: majesty.jpg (61 KB, 423x500)
61 KB
Let's talk about a good fantasy simulator indirect control game.
109 replies and 7 images omitted. Click here to view.
>One mission out of 30
>in the more difficult expansion pack
I mean fair, but that was quite a kick in the nuts.
And there is at least couple more which can get you run for your money. Especially if you don't rely on Krom
True, some missions can get challenging. The challenge however comes from special events such as monster attack waves or dark phantoms roaming the map. Your kingdom itself is quite peaceful though. Once a minute or so a rat spawns from each sewer grate, which is easily handled by your guards.

Majesty 2 spits enemies at you even in your own base. To the point that you need to cover every sewer exit with guard towers or your buildings will get destroyed. It also sends a lot more and more dangerous spawns at you. Even background spawns like monsters wandering in from the edge of the map can be dangerous. Your guards and towers are almost constantly under attack. To the point that a nest spawned attack wave overwhelming a single
tower can be a serious problem.

Just yesterday I played a mission where an ogre camp spawned attacks. The ogres moved so slow that I could see the next ogre on the map before the first was half dead.
File: file.png (536 KB, 1114x212)
536 KB
536 KB PNG
I wasn't really planning to argue, just remembered about some Majesty 1 missions which were really far away from "comfy simulator."
Perhaps "comfy" is quite a different term to many, nowadays it's used for a bit a lot of things which don't have much of gameplay to offer.
So I kinda never attributed "comfiness" to Majesty tho I understand why some might.

Didn't play 2 much, so wasn't arguing against 2 being better or worse.
At least it still has George Ledoux.
Did they fix DLC stuff tho?
What do you mean fix DLC stuff? All addons work fine on my machine.

File: command&conquer.png (890 KB, 1033x734)
890 KB
890 KB PNG
Which "post-Westwood" game do you think was the best? (Or the least worst, if you're one of those people)
37 replies and 9 images omitted. Click here to view.
Universe at War
No other game gave the gloomy comfy post-apocalyptic vibes Tiberian Sun did when I was a kid. The feelink of bunkering in your base, not straying far from the lights, and sending scout parties to the bizarre non-earthly world outside

I miss those times. Also, the future was hopeful
CnC 3, it changed enough to be different but also didn't completely erase what CnC did best. RA3 is mildly undercooked but can be fun, generals is also decent but it's clear they only used the CnC name to boost sales. It has no MCVs, no unified build queues, it's just a standard early 3d rts. It shares nothing with any other CnC game apart from a few unit archetypes.
Thing I hate about RA3 is how every unit feels like a whacky kids toy with gimmicky abilities. Especially the allies.

>No normal attack helicopter, but whacky freezy/shrinky helicopter
>a destroyer isn't cool enough by itself, so it has to be amphibious and have bubble shield tech
>remember aegis cruisers? now we have dolphin speedboat thing with pacification ray

Japans naval units were all awesome though. The Japanese battleship was goat.
This is why I was never interested in RA3.

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