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File: giga france.jpg (1 MB, 2560x1440)
1 MB
Why is it that when I play a medium distance away from a major, so that I'm not able to hamstring them early, they always turbo blob to the point I know it's going to be torture later on.

Also general EU4 thread, post your maps!
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and yet the steppe peoples weren't just something they could shrug off, the crimean tatars were able to burn moscow to the ground during the 16th century
provinces not in a TC get a boost to goods produced based on the share of their node's trade power that is in a TC, so the meta play is to put in everything with a trade power boost and only those things (and whatever else you need for a merchant, only if necessary)
russia stopped paying tribute to the hordes 40 years after the games start for the sake of clarity
My problem with the Mongol event is that it makes no sense. I understand that if you refuse to pay, you get attacked but it's bullshit that this happens automatically. If you refuse, the Great Horde should have the option of declaring war on you to force payment, which is literally how the in-game looting requirement works. The fact that you magically lose manpower/money is bullshit
>If he can't take a setback
Magical unpreventable event that instaraids all of your provinces by bypassing game mechanics is not a setback

File: germany.png (327 KB, 979x491)
327 KB
327 KB PNG
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File: 1698610449378785.jpg (85 KB, 878x1024)
85 KB
God Hiroshimoot should honestly poster IDs so I can see which of you faggots are devs samefagging.
Did Janey ever do anything good while she worked at the mod?
She spearheaded the speer rework and iirc also worked on SEA and central asia lore.
Yes she did, she worked on Afghanistan and was going to do some minor countries in south Asia.
Yes she personally visited me and thanked me for playing the mod.

File: capsule_616x353.jpg (82 KB, 616x353)
82 KB
I know know hoe logistic works
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When's the next sale going to be? Trying to get my friends to buy for some PBEM. Also if I get the DLC can they use the DLC features in a game with me? I haven't played any MP so I'm not sure how any of it works.
no idea, cant he just play with pirate version till the sale comes? i checked steamdb and price graph increased last year, was that end up EA or its the same jewish putinflation bullshit story fagtorio dev did?
It looks like a steady 40 dollars to me other than sales. Yeah maybe I'll ask him to pirate it.
It's $14 on G2A
Changelist 1.26d(#209)
-The Arachnids Minors have multiple levels now. The higher difficulty level you play the more dangerous they’ll be able to get, spawning special castes as Defendrix, Dominatrix and Exterminatrix, as well as Queens and Champions. *
-Various big fixes to Slavers, Arachnids and Mutants actually “decimating” population & free folk and getting growth of them, as well as them changing zone culture once population levels reach zero. (partially *-ed)
-Fix Fate Stratagem category in Stratagem Encyclopedia crash
-Fixed Geyser turbine mouseover text.*
-Fixed Energy Rebate rule to be actually applied
-Added some protective code to avoid Majors starting on island that is inside a lake (not ocean zone).
-Fixed rare issue with Minor Militia popping up between friendly units (after you conquered their “masked” zone center).

File: totalamericanistdeath.jpg (802 KB, 1920x1080)
802 KB
802 KB JPG
aka the GOAT ck2 total conversion
Any news on the ck3 port?
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File: gibe moni.png (14 KB, 1282x184)
14 KB
This looks like one of those bot websites that rip threads from 4chan and reposts them. It's nothing new, but incredibly annoying.
They do this to make it look like their sites are populated, when in reality it's all copied from elsewhere, so then they can plaster the website with a fuckton of ads.

Their About page looks like an AI wrote it and pic related is at the bottom of every page, so it's just another scheme to make money. Best to stay away from it.
Is there anyway to have the ck3 ATE rulers have their traits and skills randomized?
File: vgh centroamerica.png (536 KB, 495x589)
536 KB
536 KB PNG
I believe in Tico supremacy.
Penitente, of course.
I considered converting to Conclavist catholicism but decided against it.

Anyone play(ed) it? Is it any good? I’ve never been much of an APM guy…
Bravo Romeo Delta is probably the best nuke game around.
Thanks for reminding me, I have been meaning to give it a serious try
From playing around with it a bit it seems like a more advanced DEFCON which is pretty cool
It's fun for a few games and in MP, but that's about it.
File: total chink death.png (928 KB, 1920x1080)
928 KB
928 KB PNG
I've played it. It's pretty cool, and moddable. It's the only game that satisfies my fetish of fixing the current_world for the better.
Glory to the Empire of the Rising Sun

File: aoe 2 khan.jpg (91 KB, 608x785)
91 KB
Wake up boys! New expansion to AoE2 dropped!
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So you are playing over and over against same metafags and you just can't counter them? Interesting.
Shit take, you're a 'tard.
The meta is broken and propped up by an archer/knight status quo that makes every game repetitive and predictable, turning the entire experience into a mechanical playbook where every instruction is sequential, set in stone and must be executed optimally. Just cause everybody seems to love bathing in pig shit doesn't mean I must partake too, do I punish these losers by wasting their time in the dark age setup and resiging as soon as I see an archer/knight in my field of vision. This is my way of rebelling against a system that reqrd niggerlicious gameplay.
I'm with you but only because I want to see more MAA rushes
Archers and knights need to be gutted
If you want to see more infantry then we need to build a wall and make arena great again

File: maxresdefault.jpg (178 KB, 1280x720)
178 KB
178 KB JPG
Devs have now made available a 20-turn limit demo you can try for free. Several bug fixes and AI improvements have been made over the original. Give it a shot.


Hey, cool
I remember playing this as a kid. I sucked at it.

File: dune sw.jpg (199 KB, 1248x703)
199 KB
199 KB JPG
From streams gameplay looks like a mishmash of RTS and 4X, how competent is the AI?
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>I think it's really interesting that it's a RTS where the main game mode is 4 player FFA
There are some real time 4X games that are obviously FFA by default, but this isn't really a 4X game in the same sense and it does add to the boardgame-like quality of limited number of players who all interact with each other.

Oh, I remember that thing. Offworld trading company was peak eurogame. I haven't played much of it but I remember I enjoyed it at the time, maybe I just prefer eurogames.
I don't think it's accurate to call dune spice wars a 4X game. These definitions are always a little nebulous.

The soft cap on authority preventing exponential expansion... and also the rubberbanding by making conquering cheaper if you've lost some territory.

When I first started playing I left games just way too early, using game sense of other games that any kind of early significant loss would mean you're too kneecapped to have a chance. This is one of the things I like about it; it does have early aggression, but even if you straight up lose it, you might still win the game.
what sort of boardgames do you like, out of curiosity? I agree it's very boardgamey in the vein of Root or Twilight Imperium, and I'm happy to see videogames finally take some of the lessons of the recent great boardgames.
I think it's quite strictly a eurogame. You do every X, and it fits the general gameplay arc of "colony rush into positioning into pushing for victory" 4Xs have.
oh eurogames? It still has elements in the eco, but yeah it's much more a political dudes-on-a-map kind of game.
Yep Corrino. Every faction has their own strengths though, aside from the DLC one Vernius, who kinda suck. Atreides have a great cheese at the moment, but it'll most likely be patched out.
The best games are ones where you get behind early but come out on top. FFA is self-balancing, in some ways. Don't leave early, good players will note your name and won't play with you.
>I think it's quite strictly a eurogame.
strictly a 4X, I meant.
>Atreides have a great cheese at the moment, but it'll most likely be patched out

What's the atreides cheese?

let me guess... mass peaceful cap? Maybe even abandoning all after you have acquired cheaper peaceful cap tech?

File: SOCIAL 1920x1080.png (2.48 MB, 1920x1080)
2.48 MB
2.48 MB PNG
How long do you think its going to take before its polished? IMO probably a year at least, perhaps longer if DLCs slow things down and then need to be fixed themselves

>How long do you think its going to take before its polished?
>still no postgame score graph/summary screen(s)
Bleh. At least they're actually adding game start options next month, though that should've been part of the game from the start if you ask me. Who the fuck releases a 4X game without customizable game settings?

Also, listing "New Nation" as a feature is ridiculous when a "nation" in Millennia is literally just one abstracted flag and a short list of city names.

Is manor lords gonna save the rts genre single handedly? I can't believe it bros we're gonna be so back soon. Just one more month and rts is back.
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click the 3 dots under wid and pick not interested
>They gave a key to everyone
>still no cracked version
it looks bland as fuck and the publisher only releases garbage shovelware-core shit
You're mom looks bland af yet here you are shitposting

I haven't played Enemy Within since like 2015 and I wanted to try out Long War for the first time. Can we have a thread about the nu-com games please?
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just subscribe to every highly rated sitrep mod
My biggest problem with Long War is that before you're even half way through the campaign they've quadrupled every enemy health bar and given half of them regen. It's so tedious and it takes away so much of the personality from the different alien types. I get that there's only so much they can do in a mod, but this seems like some of the least interesting, worst thought through difficulty ramping I've ever seen.
go watch the game this dev made. He waste more time nerfing every strategy to make the game enjoyable instead of finishing the game. They seem to be that kinda of people that hard=fun
>long war
oh boy i can't wait to make the game as tedious and annoying as possible!
>quadrupled every enemy health bar and given half of them regen.
This never really bothered me in the slightest because XCOM soldiers are so incredibly overpowered and the weapon tiers just add to that
HP numbers are completely irrelevant to some of the classes like Sniper and even moreso with MECs that any alien type is getting near insta killed with a crit anyway and depending on how a soldier rolls their stats that can start happening by lasers or gauss

File: maxresdefault.jpg (181 KB, 1280x720)
181 KB
181 KB JPG
I'm very curious if Pink Panzer has learned anything since TNO. Has he finally learned to respect his players' time by not bothering them with unnecessary text in a strategy game, or has the new game given him new opportunities to spread his unbridled need for graphomania?
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hoi4fags should be mass exterminated, period
Goherja HoI4 mod when?
Hold on, Troonzer make Anbennar too?
He didn't, I just gave it as an example of a fantasy mod.

File: 1649037296577.png (324 KB, 410x546)
324 KB
324 KB PNG
A toast, gentlemen! To the Empire! In this thread we discuss the game Empire At War, which was recently updated to become 64-bit. Most of us these days are playing one of the several total overhaul mods that significantly change the game like EaWX and AoTR.


>destroying rebels
>crushing rebels in trash compactors
>shooting rebels out of airlocks
>bombing rebels with TIE bombers
>annihilating rebel fleets with Imperial Star Destroyers
>shooting down rebel X-Wings with TIE Defenders
>capturing rebel planets
>sending Super Star Destroyers to fight stacks of corvettes and frigates
493 replies and 114 images omitted. Click here to view.
Tried out the independents mod for AOTR and it's surprisingly fun playing as the generic independent planet's. Most of your units are mediocre and you have some neat battles play out
File: Victory I.jpg (2.68 MB, 3840x2160)
2.68 MB
2.68 MB JPG
These little fuckers can turn the tide of battle with a few simple missile salvos
THIS is real canon.
is this from the guy who drew the wheel of time covers, or was it the portraits in the world of wheel of time book? truly hideous art
>Too much Ketamine, I took.

File: failure.jpg (183 KB, 1280x720)
183 KB
183 KB JPG
Why didn't any non-real time strategy game succed in being a competitive one?
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>That is cope. If you can win by getting lucky and just by that then it sours the loser and discourages him heavily.
Hasn't stopped Magic the Gathering from getting popular.
>unless the game's actually designed for shorter sessions.
Well, good thing a lot of board games are short.

Also, game length doesn't impact if people do or dont wanna play a game competitively. Short games like X's and O's arent competitive, while Twilight Imperium (a 8+h behemoth of a 6-player boardgame) have a whole number of tournament scenes for more than half of a decade now. Sure, the scenes are small, but they exist and that is what's important here.
you'll find competitive speedrunners for shovelware, not an argument.
File: mizudate.png (1.35 MB, 1685x1080)
1.35 MB
1.35 MB PNG
>turn-based strategy game as a competition
I watch Japanese Mahjong, in fact it's pretty big over there. Pic very much related
File: heroes3_championship.jpg (207 KB, 940x788)
207 KB
207 KB JPG
They do, you're just not looking in the right place

File: 2398472390842.jpg (11 KB, 474x232)
11 KB
Realistically, how do we fix this franchise? It seems like no one in the strategy player base is fully happy with it.
67 replies and 13 images omitted. Click here to view.
They need a new engine that is an improved version of the warscape 2 engine from rome 1 and med 2. They also need to re-embrace the game design from the pre rome 2 total war games, where the battles were the focus and actually had some tactical depth and weren't about what units had the bestist stats. The campaign's purposed should be to give context to the battles and not on the aimless campaign mechanics that the nu-total war tiles are overloaded with and that the ai cannot interact with.
>pre rome 2 total war games, where the battles were the focus and actually had some tactical depth and weren't about what units had the bestist stats
Making the behind-the-scenes workings of combat more transparent is a good thing. Old games had this weird obsession with hiding all of the math, but the way they abstracted stuff was frequently counterintuitive, which makes it impossible to make good choices about things.

The problem with modern total war's handling of stats is that
A: the UI sucks, and the way numbers are presented is frequently overwhelming.
B: the game is padded for content, so you have dozens of samey units with tiny, inconsequential stat variations presented as though they perform fundamentally different roles for marketability purposes (they don't)
C: They're committed to a weird RPG-like system of progression and trees, but don't actually have enough content to fill them, leading to a mountain of bullshit like +2% to ass scratching. This is just a failure of game design, falling back on copout inconsequential stat modifiers because they can't think of anything fun that doesn't stack with a million other bonuses to break the game.
>which makes it impossible to make good choices about things.
In what way? Because medieval2 was more about just using common sense tactics over knowing the mathematical optimal units to match up.
>Because medieval2 was more about just using common sense tactics over knowing the mathematical optimal units to match up
Wdym? We was have stats and their numbers.
Problem with math in nuTW isn't problem with math actually, it's problem with bloated numbers.
When you have +1 to armor on unit with 3 armor, it's solid.
When you have +1 armor on unit with 43 armor, it's meh.
When you have +15% to attack to unit with 7 attack it's meh.
When you have +15% to attack to unit with 100 attack it's solid.

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