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File: WarcraftIII.jpg (62 KB, 256x364)
62 KB
Does the singleplayer campaign still hold up after all these years? I just realized I have RoC+TFT discs from more than 15 years ago yet haven't played the game except for a few matches at an internet cafe.
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Note: just get the 2nd burrow fast, then add 3rd grunt and additional peons to have 5g 7w standard. Why isnt this the meta? The faster burrow prevents typical burrow harass timings by archmage or keeper of the grove or even dk+ghouls. And the faster grunts translate to great creeping. The only that suffers is the teching which isnt that slow. You can probably even do a tavern hero opening like this with 2 grunts/3 headhunters+ quick 2nd burrow
Yeah so what if my computer is ancient?
>get bored playing FT online in 4v4s
>one day just start building sorcs and nothing but sorcs with archmage hero
youd be shocked at how much ragequitting happens when the battlefield is poly'd
>losing against comps
>buy mercs
>comp ally carrying me
>come in with merc cavalry
>send whisps to other merc camps
>find out that an unfinished/finished building can be considered a nearby patron for merc camp and start setting up moonwells
>priestess with trueshot and command aura drums
>buy ranged mercs
>instant army
>harpies fly over shit and move at a fast pace
>just start assassinating high value targets with regular harpies and witch harpies
>lose harpies? nearby merc camp and buy more on the fly and click over to others to buy more
>start fucking up critters for more gold between skirmishes with 2 squads of harpies

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
which maps allow you to buy harpies as mercs?
The barrens looking ones? Also
>losing against computers

Polymorph will be castable against heroes soon. But why didnt your enemies have dispel casters?

File: 20240411232337_1.jpg (198 KB, 1280x720)
198 KB
198 KB JPG
This technically counts as a strategy game right?
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fucking autocorrect
Where am I supposed to find a flat spot to build my Mun base? I sent some rovers and this place is a shithole.
File: screenshot20.png (1.84 MB, 1920x1080)
1.84 MB
1.84 MB PNG
A simple way is to use a two-step calculation:
Once to orbit and once to target.
In the "to orbit" calculation I just calculate everything at sea level, so I will end up with way too much reserve in orbit, but I will never not reach orbit. Money is usually not a problem anymore when you have reached interplanetary travel (by that I mean leaving Kerbin's SOI), so it really doesn't matter if you are being a bit wasteful. It's better than trying to minmax everything with the very lacking tools KSP provides, and I am not autistic enough to get into KoS (managed to program a simple orbiting script, but that's it).
And obviously what other people say, refuel in space.
In fact for my big Eve mission I built a fuckhuge ship that I hauled up in two parts, assembled it in space, then filled up with propellant.
I don't even remember if pic related was the final version because I distinctly remember taking a bunch of pictures of the mission, but I can't seem to find them anymore.
Was it really *that* bad?
File: 20240424193551_1.jpg (178 KB, 1280x720)
178 KB
178 KB JPG

File: df_intro.0.0.jpg (55 KB, 1400x1050)
55 KB
>He gives his dorfs 2x1 bedrooms
Anyways how is your fort going?
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I think there was also a RAW edit that made dwarves 2/3 male, like in Tolkiens world. Does anyone know what to change?
[POP_RATIO: Value goes here] under each caste seems to be the way

So I will guess that added tags should be [POP_RATIO: 1] under [CASTE:FEMALE] and [POP_RATIO: 2] under [CASTE:MALE]

However, I wonder if this will work on pratice considering how much of your population are from immigrants waves who are draw from abstracted population pools and not from births on your fort
Only one way to find out
What? Regular dwarves get 3x3, valuable craftsmen get a bedroom and a living room.
isn't this that tranny game that came out recently? Why would people play this over rimworld?
You're probably thinking of the new Rimworld DLC. It came out last week or so and Rimworld has a much better trans representation.

File: goyslop.jpg (235 KB, 2000x1125)
235 KB
235 KB JPG
No doubt this is going to be hot garbage with Paradox associated.

What is it about the pike & shot era that scares strategy game devs so much? Literally more strategy games have been set in the Bronze Age than in the pike & shot era.
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70% of Europe is brown Muslims and the other 30% are antifa sissies 4 bbc who think history games are for fascists.

white amerigods are the only humans who’d buy and appreciate pike and shot game
turk cope
the ottomans were always the secondary theatre compared to france
You still don't get it. The armies in the 30 years war took their supplies from the populace of the occupied territories. More people = more soldiers that can be supplied. Mr. Dunning-Kruger, you are defending the indefensible.

>Spain eventually ran out of steam therefore they never domunated European battlefields
Napoleon eventually lost and therefore was never dominating continental Europe.
>It's a relatively obscure and brief era of history and largely involves minor, regional wars in europe and Spain/Portugal subjugating indigenous populations in one-sided colonial wars.

>30 Years War
>The real World War I
>Wiped out 1/3 of the population of Europe
Imagine someone playing a Total War game in that era who has no idea about history.

>Where the fuck is Germany?
>Why is there an empire named after pillows and carpets?
>Why the hell is playing Poland "Very Easy?"

File: Original_War_cover.jpg (124 KB, 265x376)
124 KB
124 KB JPG
What am I in for?
>Objective: SURVIVE

File: Battle Brothers.jpg (117 KB, 900x506)
117 KB
117 KB JPG
>want to start new game
>spend 30 minutes trying to generate a map that isn't either straight up broken or nonsensical
Definitely something that's going to have to be improved in the sequel.
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File: 1708320319175641.jpg (65 KB, 500x708)
65 KB
I would love to see more of the northern tribes, and actual settled people instead of D&D, B movie tier barbarians.
There are Asians in the game, what do you think the City States/Nomads are based on? Hell, you're even describing the basic midgame Nomad lineup.
Even if they did end up making a new mod, it's far more likely they'd expand on lore-based factions/conflicts, i.e. Davkul cultists, King vs Nobles.
The most you're going to get in terms of East-Asian culture will be the Black Book event.

Because Legends doesn't give you the ability to pick and choose what you want.
There's a fair amount of interesting mods that will never be compatible with legends, because legends updates/changes it's shit way too often.
Legends is run by mouthbreathers who don't understand good game design i.e. making perks/weapons that are deliberately bad.
Makes getting good lategame bros harder due to the randomness associated with perks as well as stats.
Introduces more stat bloat on bros, which wouldn't be a problem were it not for the fact that they then balance around the idea that every bro has about 15+ stat points randomly distributed among their stats.
20+ bros/larger battles means micro becomes annoying as fuck, often pushing lategame battles to 30+ minutes.
Cuts down on the ability to do early game strats by limiting your bros based on your resolve.
Requires you to have all DLC

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
whats PTR
perk trees reworked, it's a mod with a legends dependency, so it has all the above problems, but taken to 11, since the main dev isn't particularly good at designing shit.
>There are Asians in the game, what do you think the City States/Nomads are based on?
Arabs. Who aren't Asian, it must be said.

>Hell, you're even describing the basic midgame Nomad lineup.
But worse!

>Even if they did end up making a new mod, it's far more likely they'd expand on lore-based factions/conflicts, i.e. Davkul cultists, King vs Nobles.
I'd be ok with this.

Redpill me on a-train.

Is it really the dark souls of economy sims?
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>Exactly, thank you
Sadly I doubt that anon will get it.

On another note:
>I realy want to find myself a railroad game I can love, again.
If you have console, I think there is Demo of A-Train All Aboard tourism on Switch.
You may just try that. I still would consider it's a very nice game, just quite a bit different from more of your western railroad games.
Or wait for sale and get A-Train Classic, which overall is fan favorite.

It's very nice series, and while it's definitely not perfect, I'd say it's better to be a judge yourself to see if you'll like how it operates.
One thing for sure - it is series by train lovers.
>I want a game that allows me to build up an manage a huge company, moving goods between industries and cities, deciding engines and train setup, and the map should be big enough to give meaning to the different types of trains. Didnt find that yet

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
no, i was just saying that all the a-trains have dogshit uis
>I want a game that allows me to build up an manage a huge company, moving goods between industries and cities, deciding engines and train setup, and the map should be big enough to give meaning to the different types of trains.
Try Railroad Tycoon 3, the rail simulation is fairly simplified but the maps are large and the supply/demand simulation is good.
It's certainly different but I wouldn't call it terrible
I played it a long time ago. Same with the first two entries in the series, each when it came out. I dont remember what bothered me in the end. Was there a cap on trains or stations or something? I dont remember... It was good as well

Anyone played this before? Opinion are mixed but price tag on steam is tempting (-90%) i need some new RTS to play
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I don't think those are actual concept arts, i think devs just slapped Iron Penis TM on random arts of that plumber suckoff art guy and called it day
Fuck it. I'll take it.
File: 1347731428335.jpg (156 KB, 511x511)
156 KB
156 KB JPG
>Clone Company of Heroes
I wish, it only pretends to be, and is much worse off for it.
It's a good game.

File: nexus5x.jpg (103 KB, 616x353)
103 KB
103 KB JPG
Nexus 5x (not to be confused with the phone, and previously known as Stellaris Nexus) is out - has anyone played, how is it? I'm all for shorter games. having children is painful.
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Another scam operation funded by Paradox
I’m actually really enjoying this game so far, never would’ve heard of it without this thread.
i prefer it's tabletop big brother and a better game overall Twilight Imperium
>can make deals at any point in time, not when you draw the "make a deal" card
>ship movement and stacking not completely retard-like
>actual ground forces for all your ground force needs
>tech that isn't almost completely random though it is the weakest part of TI, in 4th edition blue is always the obvious best choice in base game, and expansion techs mog the fuck out of base techs, who needs Plasma Scoring when AI Dev. les you get to War Suns with 1 tech less? and i won't even talk about TI3 as it's tech tree is a mess
>agenda phase votes on rules that last the entire game, or effects that have a lot of impact now also a weak part of the game due to how random it can be, but still better than "for these next 10 turns, absolutely nothing interesting will happen! yay!"
only downside is it takes 6 hours at least to play, and usually way more, but i'd rather do a weekend with a fun game than an hour with an okay game
Well looks like they fleshed it out since EA. Might have to give it a go, didn't do much for me the first time
I just installed it yesterday. Pirated of course. Same thoughts. Trying it and see how it hits me.

>mfw when i realize that there's a group of people that uses burgundian as an adjective irl
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it's not, but it really helps.
me and my fellow trans sisters can't stop playing TNO
Dirleposting precedes TNO
Suck penis ??

File: BAR.jpg (174 KB, 1280x720)
174 KB
174 KB JPG
this is more fun than Starcraft and AoE combined. Is it doomed by the rts genre alone, or is it niche because of it's still early development? BAR succeeded where Supreme Commander failed, so I hope to see it grow further beyond it's current scope. It feels way more approachable than it's predecessors, especially with the more reasonable scale, QoL controls, visual readibility.. and it being FREE.
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File: metawhores.jpg (35 KB, 885x118)
35 KB
>the post that killed BAR
easy to figure out where this game is heading towards
already uninstalled
>devs banning people for playing game the wrong way
>and gloating about it
They really do do it for free
>playing the wrong way
yeah the ban definitely didn't have anything to do with him getting reported being racist about niggers, it was because he played wrong.
>noooooo I can't say nigger nigger nigger
>noooooo I can't play in a way to 100% lose front bespite knowing better
Get fuked
>noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo why aren't you playing your designated role on the map???????? now the team is all fucked despite the fact that we can all build the same buildings!!!!! BAN HIM

By the will of Kou Shibusawa, the latest Koei thread begins anew!
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Tomes not times
i'm getting into Sphere of Influence for the first time and though i am enjoying the game quite a bit i am confused why you can't combine armies from multiple castles into one unit
i just conquered a province that has 5 or so small castles that provide 500ish troops each. is this province always just going to be worse than an "equivalent" province with 1 fortress that provides 2500 troops? why can't i order my supposedly loyal retainers to stand next to each other while besieging a castle or fighting an enemy instead of forming a single file line at 5km intervals on the road to their target?
is there a way to move population or troops from one castle to another?
>why you can't combine armies from multiple castles into one unit
think of each castle as having its own army, you can't really form into an actual force, you just have to make do with the decentralized system the game uses. try using multiple roads at once, that will allow you to attack from multiple angles. two to three armies can only attack when they're on the same road, which makes holding chokepoints worth it in the game. mountain roads limit the amount if troops further, so watch out for that.
>is this province always just going to be worse than an "equivalent" province with 1 fortress that provides 2500 troops?
no, either they'll grow later on the game due to higher population, or you could enact a policy that increases fortress troops. take into account the gold and food each castle in a province makes, rather than the troops they provide. personally, I would destroy them to remove the tedious micro and focus on good old castle gameplay or automate the fortresses to the ai so there's an extra resource base.
>Attack a castle in Rise to Power.
>Significantly outnumber the enemy.
>Enemy has a 800-man musket unit hiding in the castle.
>Castle is well developed that you can only go through the gate.
>Enemy musket destroys my army without breaking through the gate because he keeps somehow manages to proc confuse that stops my army dead.
yeah the RTS stuff in rise can be pretty weak.
If you get big enough you'll get cannons.

In the meantime consider a) sending less troops to get the AI to be more aggressive and b) mulch his entire castle town, you'll either force him to fight or gimp him enough to let you focus attention elsewhere.

Are they gonna kill him off?
I’m hoping they don’t since they could do a lot with the character
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>but more xp grinding will kill any motivation I had to play again
NTA. But you NOT going to enjoy future chapters without that. Might as well stick with Youtube playthrough.
It turns out its actually Philip
Anyone tried the Rimworld DLC? Looks quite LC-y since you contain anomalies and make electricity and weapons out of observing them. Half-tempted to buy it just to make a colony of pale-white scientists prodding the unknown, but I don't think mods work and the DLC seems rather incongruous with the rest of the game.
File: TMfpoG1Wkfw.jpg (211 KB, 950x581)
211 KB
211 KB JPG
Yeah, i had fun with monolith.

Is manor lords gonna save the rts genre single handedly? I can't believe it bros we're gonna be so back soon. Just one more month and rts is back.
332 replies and 19 images omitted. Click here to view.
are the villages in separate tiles separate or does it simply extend the area you can build in?
separate tiles
>For trading you literally just set how much you wanna keep and it auto trades the rest
mogs vicSHIToria 3
>no it was marketed as a hardcore total war banished killer
>hardcore medieval city builder
Pick a version and stick with it.
stop giving you's to the schizo, that inbred mongoloid already moved goal posts and stopped saying the game doesnt exist, hope he finally ropes tomorrow when it releases.

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