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File: gis.png (757 KB, 980x742)
757 KB
757 KB PNG
Any map games of any kind that look like this?
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fuck shitty zombie survival games and the people who create a market for them
Glow harder.
Are there actual NIMBYs ingame? Otherwise that's just deceptive marketing.
When i played it about 6 month ago, it was something that was planned for future versions, people opposing your plans. As it is it's just more expensive to build in cities and build over existing roads etc but that didn't matter because making money was trivial you just need to build a line between 2 major population centres and you don't need to worry about money ever again and can just use tunnels and bridges to force your way through any terrain.
the game was very bare bones with shitty UI. It was satisfying recreating train routes in Norf England then playing around with the game's pop system and then I built an underwater high speed railway between Hull and Amsterdam for the lulz (also give you an idea just how irrelevant money is). but there was no need to keep coming back and playing because I don't have fully blown train autism but if you do you could just keep building until your computer explodes. The dev is active though and had a whole roadmap of things he wanted to implement but i think it's just one guy working on it so might take some time.

File: 1234897.jpg (30 KB, 657x527)
30 KB
Is it me or did Blizzard destroy the balance of the Reign of Chaos campaign when they merged everything into one game?
Happens a lot with multiplayer balance patches. CoH2 campaigns are nearly unplayable because multiplayer changes have completely fucked the SP balance.

So probably.
I remember back in the day when you installed TFT, the ROC campaign would be hard as hell because all units had the new armor types, but the old values. For example, footies (basic human melee unit) would now be weak to other melee units because their medium armor now meant “weak to normal attacks”. Same with light armor, now your rifles and gyrocopters are weak to gargoyles and wyrms. All units got wonky that way, is that what you’re talking about?
File: 1600050502710.jpg (62 KB, 976x850)
62 KB
I wouldn't know if they did or not because I always played the campaign with cheats on.

File: large.jpg (212 KB, 1280x720)
212 KB
212 KB JPG
Is this game any good? It has neat graphics and an RTS from a platformer perspective seems interesting.
Vanillaware games usually have at least one good aspect to them that makes them worth playing. This is one of their earliest though, and I haven't played it, so might be a bit shakey.

File: gatesofhell.jpg (150 KB, 1280x720)
150 KB
150 KB JPG
Let's have a Gates of Hell thread. I've been playing the conquest mode and I don't get the difference between don't if the infantry you can get. What's the difference between the germans' Blau Division and Brandenburgers? HP and weapon skills seem to be equal. Also what's the point of officers, so they actually do anything?
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No this is probably the single most unfun broken strategy game I have ever played, its why threads barely get any replies anymore since everyone has left. Stick with Men of War. The Devs are retarded and have no interest or ability in fixing their broken piece of shit game just shitting out DLC to con the few retards still playing this garbage. They will ban you on their forums if you have even slight criticisms of their game so just a heads up.
What's broken about it?
Yes 100%. It has a unique game mode called Conquest that's fucking great for SP since you actually have to research and buy your units, making it more like army management than just calling in whatever like you would in a skirmish battle. It's about the same level of jank as MOW but in its case, the benefits outweigh the negatives. The only real killer is the lack of the other big armies like Britain and a little too autistic attention to detail (like the US having 24 Sherman models that don't warrant the same level of differences between tanks like Panzer III or IV or T-34s)
Better than AS2 at least, unless you want to play Britain or Japan.
What isn't? Broken AI, broken pathfinding, broken unit selection, Conquest mode has so many fundamental issues, etc etc. Game is garbage, love how most people defend it by saying 'yeah well the MoW games have always been like this so its ok.'

File: StarCraft.jpg (82 KB, 1152x720)
82 KB
I've only played Brood War and 2, but I love them
What other RTS should I play?
What other RTS has an active community these days?
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>crossplay with console
Does that work without the PC player winning?
You can probably skew matchmaking rankings to even the playing field. The APM roof for controller play is enough to put you two or three leagues down.
What specifically did you like about them?
Star trek armada 1 and 2. Homeworld. LOTR: Battle for middle-earth 1 and 2. World in conflict
A "casual" RTS player will find any traditional multiplayer mode to be competitive, they won't be more receptive because Game A is slower/lower-skill than Game B. What a casual RTS player actually wants is a robust singleplayer, co-op, or customs experience.
On that note, all the games you listed may appeal to a competitive player depending on their tastes or skill-level. A casual player might enjoy Dawn of War 2 or Warcraft III for campaigns or non-standard multiplayer modes.

Sorry to sound too vague, but where are my sub sea level bros at? How about strategy games with the theme of building underground cities/settlements/bases? More broadly games that expose the mechanics of 3d space with an emphasis on "down", bonus points for the caves, dungeons, spelunking stalactites-stalagmites "feel". There was Armies of Exigo, a Warcraft clone with a second map underground, the same could be said for Dragonshard, but what about a setting other than high fantasy, namely modern, near future or science fiction? Anybody here yearning for, dare I say it..dig deeper?
Also post songs for THAT feel
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>It's not very good
Fuck you I loved it
Yeah that was why I dropped the game. Made the game a pointless slog where the only fun and unique part of the game was completely invalidated.
It's kind of baffling since a similar problem in the atmosphere layer is solved by having specialized parts for the robots. I don't see why having crawler legs or drill arms was such an issue.
I haven't played the game, but it fits what you asking. SteamWorld Build is a robotic wild west city-builder where you build a town on the surface and also dig down under the town to mine resources. The underground part happens on its own layers.
Okay, I didn't want to bring more fuel to this discussion but since others are stilly bumping it I respectfully disagree. Yes, it's a game about combots but the same principle applies to tanks. They are only supports and should never take the stage but what I suggested is an easy and obvious fix to the problem. A fix to what you're talking about is making a (yet to be introduced) game mode without underground the default.
There is obviously a PROPER solution to the problem out there but that is likely outside the scope of the thread.

File: 1710265220845805.png (110 KB, 460x215)
110 KB
110 KB PNG
>Why yes, I am the best Dawn of War game, how could you tell?
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File: cover5.jpg (369 KB, 1600x900)
369 KB
369 KB JPG
not a single human being likes dow3. there are games that are just that bad and this is one of them.
You was filtered by GOTHIC, ATMOSPHERE, KINO
Codex mod is currently the big spectacle mod for the game that adds shit like knights.

Retribution has an active competitive community running the elite mod.

2 (base) and Chaos rising are absolutely replayable for the campaign

File: 64ca336c7b172.jpg (417 KB, 1920x1080)
417 KB
417 KB JPG
>colony building based on the caesar/pharaon/emperor agent based approach
>factorio autismo railway system design
>delicious 2d running on a potato computers
what went wrong?
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I have literally never heard about this, and if I had to guess, the agent approach, because it was shit in Impression games as well.
>What went wrong?
What went wrong, /v/? My skill issue has become something of a humiliation ritual and because of it, I didn't beat the game.

So will I ever be a woman?
Maybe don't go around invading other people next time zigger
>Didn't even complete tutorial
Your opinion is completely useless and you are a retard
If you are American you have zero self awareness.

File: IMG_2293.jpg (100 KB, 616x353)
100 KB
100 KB JPG
Give me the low down on this game. What is the loop? I had an old game called Industry Giant II, is it similar to that?
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>deformable terrain
What does that mean? When you mine resources, you leave holes in the ground?
You can literally take a mountain and move it somewhere else, truck-load at a time. I like it.
that definitely filtered me the most, you make an actual dig site to mine
>more complex and satisfying industrial processes
Yeah, I like that part over other factory games. The productions chains are more complex and interconnected, a lot of stuff stuff has multiple production methods that become more efficient with more inputs so it feels like you are being smart by utilising a side product to boost production elsewhere rather than just copy-pasting your setup to get more throughput. Something that you'll do a lot in, say, factorio and you will have to place stuff manually for a while to boot because automatically pacing stuff is locked behind tech.
Ehh, it's relatively simple as most resources are in hills so you just flatten them. Actually digging down is a bit fiddly though, yeah, especially if you want to make nice ramps with barriers and shit and not just brute force it.

Asked about this in TG in the Warhammer fantasy thread and no one engaged. I get that everyone hates Total War Warhammer and shits on anyone who brings it up (though not sure why - it’s a solid game and revived square bases at Games Workshop).

Has anyone tried it? It’s free to play. I’ve been kicking around on it and am absolutely in love with what the dev did here. Not only is it by far the best adaptation of Warhammer fantasy to the PC, it’s a solid game with a beautiful UI and plays well.

Would love to hear opinions and thoughts on this one.
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i feel like weak units always getting +5 saves makes using them a lot more fun compared to wfb
I feel them kind of useless instead because unless they're undead after they lose a round of combat they run away immediately because of low discipline.

They might be useful in blocking big units with few strong attacks but it's really niche since those units usually have the maneuverability to get swamped and it's not guaranteed they don't run anyway.
Why bother doing that? Surely the point of moving to a videogame is that you can automate all the rolls that make tabletop take years to run - it would be more sensible to simplify a tabletop game and keep the interesting complex stuff in a videogame adaptation
I wouldn't know. That's for you to ask the developer. Still trying to make Orc Brutes work.
I think regular orc boys are better value than brutes. the way the dev combined toughness and armour (and removed invul saves) means that elite units are much worse value than in most tabletop games, because they can get smoked by any halfway decent ranged unit

File: suzerain.png (639 KB, 1080x661)
639 KB
639 KB PNG
Beatrice's dreams before me and Smolek made her cry.
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Whatever. Thanks to the DLC we got some much needed extra scenes from the war, and Sordish death squads going from house to house, purging Rummish nobility are now canon. That makes it all worth it. Just imagine the amount of pillage. Also what partisans? The Rums will be grateful for their Sordish liberators for freeing them from the tyranny of the Livingstons. If they know what's good for them.
How many divisions do I have to have for my military to be strong enough to threaten Smolak?
3 kids and Deana, and war criminal ending Franc are still the only goods
File: basado.png (35 KB, 609x323)
35 KB
How can one man be so based?
Literally me.

>tfw civ 3 is still the only civilization game that isn't shit
The only way to top it is with better ai. Chatbots are great at role playing nowadays so them playing other civ leaders and you being able to talk diplomacy with them and play with/against them is the next step.
It sucks how the series went to shit from there. The list of things that later games dropped or fucked up while adding nothing is staggering.
- City view
- Palace construction
- Recap movie at the end
- No hex grid cancer
- No city states cancer
- No social policies, trade routes, religion cancer
- Can stack units on tiles without them obstructing each other, imagine that
- Best game pacing. Can actually fight entire wars within an era without the opponent advancing into next era before you've made 5 units
- Wars with hundreds of units instead of 5
- Dozens of cities instead of just 4
- No punishment for expansion and wide play
- Have large ancient era empires. No half of the map being empty no mans land for the entirety of the game BS

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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honestly I don't really care either way. After a decade of playing with squares and a decade and a half or so of playing with hex's the hex's don't really seem any better.
Hexes are balanced in all directions while squares are more powerful on the diagonals.
Ergo hexes are superior
>The only way to top it is with better ai

Well they did
>30 turn wonder
>Two turns before completion someone else got it
>All those wasted shields into the trash.
No worst frustrating experience
>30 turn wonder
there is your problem.

File: total-war-rome-ii-riman.jpg (345 KB, 1600x900)
345 KB
345 KB JPG
Would you call it a bad TW game?
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On release yeah, now though I'd call it mediocre or mid
Empire was the first major misstep for Total War, introduction of the new engine for both battle and campaign was a downgrade from what came before and the scope was too ambitious as no aspect of the game was where it needed to be. From there we got Napoleon and Shogun 2 which improved on the mechanics from empire, however the foundation was flawed and so they inherited the issues from Empire. The silver lining for this era of total war was they kept some of the good design principals from rome and med2 (terrain advantages, moral shocks, mass routes, units moving individually on campaign map, etc) and were still at least decent because of it. Then came Rome 2 which continued to inherent the issue of the new engine, but also more importantly abandoned the design principals that made total war what it was, in battles moral and tactics matter far less than unit quality, and player freedom was taken away on campaign map with the providence system and general only led armies (among many other changes). This is why Rome 2 is so bad even compared to the flawed games that came before it, and why the series has declined so severely to the point where it is dead (Pharaoh). For Total War to make a comeback it will need to not only remembrance the original design and conceit of the series, it will also need and engine that can simulate all of these things, and AI that is competent, also not woke. In other words, it needs to actually improve on what we already had in rome and medieval 2 and expand from said improvement in ways that actually make sense for the series and aren't just padding or gimmicks.
>can't move units without generals
>"slave" revolt in Cathage - full stack of Carthaginian Hoplites
i gave it a change many times but i just can't handle it's retardation.
its not realistic but a good abstraction to the issue of needing to train troops in your homelands and then send them to the frontlines. compare that to the nu TWs where you can simply auto regenerate your best troops a whole continent away from your homelands. i wish they could have gone for a more realistic system in the later titles and expanded on the pop system but alas, they took it away and replaced it with something even worse.
The battles just feel shitty for every game after sh2

File: kremlinggames.png (1.37 MB, 1500x1500)
1.37 MB
1.37 MB PNG
No ones talking about a game where you manage the Soviet Union.
142 replies and 21 images omitted. Click here to view.
>describes possible moves
So it's fanfiction.
I'll remind you that vlad's chimpout drove sweden and finland right into nato, the us had to exert no pressure there. Russia is inherently self destructive because it's built upon a thousand years of self destructive rule.
Even if real communism has never been tried, surely at least the prerequisites for it were met somewhere on the planet at some point in recorded history?
People being altruistic to the point of making personal sacrifices for the good of the community? And I don't mean one-off individuals like mother Teresa or Gandhi, I mean entire populations.
Love how this thread about a game immediately got hijacked by russian children and amerikan children and their retarded rap debates over which side is cooler. If you ask me, I think both sides should be shot in the head. Their parents too, since evidently they must have been of low genetic stock to shit out children like this.
Paris Commune maybe?
Huliaipole under the Father Makhno, but it was anarchist agricultural and relatively small state,

Meanwhile Makhno and his forces were used as proxies by commies even though Makhnovist's were effectively fighting everyone who attempted to coopt them.

Huliaipole was crushed later on by jewsheviks after they defeated all their other enemies and Makhno became useless for them as a proxy, and very dangerous due to his growing popularity amongst working class.

File: king of dragon pass.jpg (789 KB, 1280x800)
789 KB
789 KB JPG
And the other two.
36 replies and 8 images omitted. Click here to view.
Starting to think that blessings are more important. I could not set up a single trading route on OG's Hard mode until I activated the trading/diplomacy blessings, then it succeeded first try.
Raiding only once every few years to keep your war magic active is probably more optimal on hard.
>Defending against raids has no additional benefits
Unless you get the horselord enemies, very useful to defeat their raids

>(usually it's a woman for some reason?)
Almost never was led by woman

> Treasures., with a few exceptions, are more situational
I broke the game into being very very easy by just getting big issaries temple, trading for treasures with goods and using all the bonuses for insane economy bonuses. Then using that to go questing and boosting my leaders' stats.
This sounds like KODP, not Ride like the Wind
Six Ages 2 is the Dark Souls of KODP-likes.

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