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File: terra invicta.jpg (131 KB, 1552x873)
131 KB
131 KB JPG
been awhile
is the game any different than it was at launch?
I remember the early game being massive slogs with its fake ass turn base shits
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>whoa how fun to fight 6 vs 42 + hydra who can insta claim anything
You're still going to be grabbing the same nations every single game unless you wanna try meme shit like the Africa strat, which they nerfed heavily by tying direct investment potential to actual economy size.
It makes the biggest difference in europe where unless you want to spend influence locking down the netherlands, belgium, switzerland, and austria those will constantly be in danger until you can fold them into the eu just so you can get a bonus on france and germany.
So it doesn't really change much? It just adds more busywork to the game?
Also switzerland can't be folded into the EU until fucking Great Europa, what a meme.
We need to redefine the European state from the Atlantic to the Urals just to fucking annex Switzerland.
It keeps the initial control stage fun for longer by giving your control agents something to do for longer. Now they just need to slow down the turns so that each turn is a month after the new normal hits.

File: ..png (386 KB, 716x501)
386 KB
386 KB PNG
Russia rework will be out before the end of the year.
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Shandong rework being announced May 4th.
Honestly, that'd actually be based as fuck. A Shanxi-tier tree for Zhang Zongchang would be great.
Shanxi's tree sucks though. The standard should be LKMT.
It's good for a minor warlord with not a lot of aspirations beyond reuniting China. Besides LKMT is clearly a passion project, I honestly don't expect any other China tag to rival it in quality.
Every tag should be a passion project. Why make content for something you have no passion for? Instead find people who do have that passion to design it.

File: BACK.png (68 KB, 955x558)
68 KB
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>There's no real way to stop this except to swap out governors constantly
You can also set Punic cultural rights to slave and put down revolts until the province is depopulated, then colonize with integrated culture. This is my go to for dealing with Africa.
the modders should have made it into an excellent game by now, especially since they no longer have to worry about patches breaking their mods as seen with titles still receiving updates
I think it's good now with mods, albeit flawed. The Invictus devs have said Imperator modding in its current state is very limited though so without further development by PDX I'm not expecting the game's full potential to ever be realized. It does certain things better than other PDX games though and scratches a civilization-building/map painting/raping and pillaging itch which has compelled me to sink more hours into Imperator than any of their games since EU4.
The game is good. It just has a few aggravating flaws you encounter every now and then. I wish the character interaction system was more fleshed out, I wish there was a better way to track powerbases and who has what holding, I wish there was a way to marry off family members to whoever I wanted, including to foreign powers in exchange for alliances, I wish every single general, governor, court member, and researcher didn't try to rebel every five years, I wish legions weren't restricted to global powers with 500 territories that no longer need legions since their economy can just buy up endless mercenaries, I wish there was a "fractured world" mode where everyone starts off with one province, etc. These are all somewhat minor problems though. The core game is enjoyable, and it's fun to smash hoplite armies into barbarians.
I wish moving slaves was less tedious and allowed you to transport them on ships. Moving slaves around in bulk is really good for assimilation games

File: 20240411232337_1.jpg (198 KB, 1280x720)
198 KB
198 KB JPG
This technically counts as a strategy game right?
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>Watch some videos of RP-1 career mode since the Launch Complexes and Programs update
Is there something that's this type of progress mechanics except at stock scales?
File: file.png (148 KB, 1637x821)
148 KB
148 KB PNG
Probes Before Crew and Strategia are a good start.
I always got filtered by interplanetary transfers. Having to factor in the speed of the orbits and slight inclination differences was too frustrating for me to figure out fully.
decent shit, could have this playing while reading a book
This is why I built refueling stations that I towed along. Made a simple and sturdy structure out of orange tanks, filled them up and then just took it with me.

File: 1680374102763502.png (2.17 MB, 1280x1024)
2.17 MB
2.17 MB PNG
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You have to build crayers regardless because you want to have them lil niggas the max capacity. And literally every pirate ship has at least state 1 armament.

Hulk is entirely different topic. I could live with using former pirate ships because, first, I don't believe what >>1662943 wrote since I never experienced it and, second, I wouldn't care all that much about repair time.
What actually matters is that there's a difference of 200 tons of storage in a single ship.

So my question is: will the pirates get better ships at some point? Because hustlin' up those ships from them sea niggas seems like a far easier option to me.
pirates always had the same tech i did, with a little lag to clear out the current stock. you can also sandbag the research on the advanced ships to keep your sea battles easier to win. hulks and caravels are neat, but you can field a whole bunch of cogs in a convoy for the price of 1 advanced ship, and end up with the same or better cargo capacity.
You shouldn't be using cogs unless you:

1) need one to seize a pirate hulk in the early game

2) get one for free by marriage or garnishment

3) urgently ned one to destroy harbour fortification manually

Cogs are the slowest ship class, even slower than hulks (10% to 15%). Replacing cogs with hulks is one of the eas8est way to reduce transport costs, considering higher speed and capacity.
Don't ever think about parking your cogs in convoys unless time efficiency really doesn't matter. Cogs slow every convoy down dramatically
ty this https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1714732243
the original DLLs are fucked.
top center is BOGGED af

I'm fascinated with the possibilities between different unit types and gear/tactical instructions. I'm only about 10 hours into the game and trying to dip into the finer details before the difficulty curve becomes less comfy.

What builds are you guys running and what lessons have you learned?
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Hell I'm enjoying it.
Right now I'm playing around with single-class squads on a whim. It has been interesting to see how well various units can handle things without support. I expected swordmasters to have a hard time, but with the right equipment and massive evasion from their rapport bonus they can actually take on nearly anything.

Given your issues with traditional RTS games, you would probably find UO much easier to get into. The complexity in UO is largely front-loaded, in that designing your squads is the real meat of the gameplay, while managing your squads in battle is comparatively very easy and simple.
Typical retarded jap dev.
I mean most of them have caved in at this point, its pretty normal now for Japanese devs to release their games on PC these days.
To everyone complaining about no PC release:
Just get a ROM

File: Fire_Emblem_logo.svg.png (53 KB, 1920x384)
53 KB
Let's talk about a series that is slowly dying off.
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She is cute
Gacha games and their influence have been a stain on anime character design
Nobody mentioned anime schizo
File: 16103841203727.png (3.67 MB, 1250x1568)
3.67 MB
3.67 MB PNG

Inserting stuff from current era in video game was a mistake and they will keep doing it
>Inserting stuff from current era
That can be done fun and well, just when it is you don't even notice, because a good detail doesn't float to the top like a turd on the water, nor grab attention like a dead pixel.

File: Pope_Julius_II.jpg (137 KB, 640x870)
137 KB
137 KB JPG
What makes them good or bad?

Every mechanic (any game) essentially falls under the category of external or internal.
External anti-blobbing mechanics allow foreign powers unity against a threat.
Internal anti-blobbing aims to cause internal issues like revolts or reducing the goods gained from conquered lands.

EU4 completely fails at these things. Coalitions fail because AE is fixed on local development instead of the relative value of its conqueror, and ultimately it just slows expansion. And its revolt system is a wacky-mole.
Imperator does better at these things, but the lack of coalitions makes expansion too easy.
CK3 fails miserably because factions are beyond idiotic.
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>map painting simulator

People who play these games just want to make their heckin epic byzantium world conquest, why would the ai matter?
Actual AI would demolish these "hardcore" players and they'd move on to visual novels, like they should.
You should also be able to switch sides if you find yourself on the losing side or people start fearing one side is getting too powerful. League of Cambrai those bitches
No, not really. Tokugawa-Oda alliance held on long after Nobunaga became a major daimyo and took the capital. There was also the Chosokabe-Oda alliance and before Nobu died there was even a Hojo-Oda alliance.
>*blobs uncontrollably*
>whines about chads on yak herding forums
That historically was more of the "cascading alliances" thing, that actually would make diplomacy way more important than actual warfare, instead of a hard-coded "Everybody north of here should support you regardless of if they like/hate you and people you're already aligned with"
Strawman, or watching too much online discourse?

>I put the spearman INFRONT OF THE ARCHERS
Do you retards really enjoy this shit?
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i hate aoe2 just for having to lure the boar without losing a villager. that just takes annoying amount of micro i would rather not do.
meanwhile aoe4 is mostly assigning villagers, getting your build order correctly, it honestly feels like a better starcraft 2.
Imagine still sticking with the bullshit cartoony 3D graphics despite it failing horribly in age3. I even saw a retard developer comment how age3 was "superior" in graphics and how much "work" they put into it only to be baffled by its failure. How do these paycheck thieves even get a job?
I see how 4 has cartoony graphics, but 3? If anything people were filtered by the overly realistic details, with units and cannons looking too similar to recognize.
In any case, in 2 units have comically oversized weapons and brightly colored armor (which does help different units stand out), so this is an odd thing to complain about.
2, it's almost entirely a macro game. Only a few units like mangonels need actual micro.
>no corpses
>units look like colored blobs mucking about
>background/terrain colouring is horseshit and makes units look even worse
>no corpses
Even as a pike and shot enjoyer I can't play age3 for more than a minute.

File: eb.png (1.2 MB, 1511x540)
1.2 MB
1.2 MB PNG
Where can you recruit elephant mercs in EBII?
File: 1711523534420.jpg (563 KB, 1793x2757)
563 KB
563 KB JPG
>install EB2
>game crashes in battle
>apply large awareness patch
>game keeps crashing in battle
I wish Med2 wasn't so fucking outdated
India and africa.I think one of the larger Seleucid cities can recruit them as well.

No thread dedicated to the Anno game series? Let’s rectify it...
33 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
225is arguably a decent or even good game. It's just not that much of an anno game, leaving many conventions at the wayside.
This is an interesting example, thanks. However, as >>1735267 says, I still don't think it works that well because it's such an uncommon example for the period. Because Tin was so important in the bronze age, and because it tends to occur in places where copper does not occur, the civilizations of that period went to extraordinary attempts to obtain it.

Also, I do not think there are examples of colonies in this period - not even the sorts of small trading outposts that we see in later periods. I think some kind of colonization mechanic is needed to make an Anno game work.

If you push forward to the late second/early first millennium BC you could keep the primitive bronze-age feel, but have much more of a historic basis around which to build game mechanics . Have the player build a Tyre equivalent and settle colonies all though the western Mediterranean and Atlantic African/Iberian coasts. The gameplay hook could be that you have to generate more and more wealth from foreign colonies to pay off (and eventually defeat) the big eastern land empires who have vandalized you.
I mean wouldn't be the first time the game is pushing it to place it on islands. 1404 is pretty nonsense as it's themed around crusades way too late for them and seems to happen somewhere in the agean. That or europe turned into a small island archipelago, which is also the case for 1800 where your old world obviously british empire seems to be ran out of hebrides. 2205 entirely gave up the maritime trade thing. At least 2070 had some excuse about raising sea levels, though that doesn't make much sense if you think too hard about it, a lot of landmass should still be inhabitable and humans shouldn't be going around islands to survive but I think the setting also involved nuclear war so even if that's not said my headacannon is that mainland is uninhabitable.
I made the conscious choice to not call it bad, I just wanted to emphasize how different it is from the roots that 1602 established even apart from the obvious difference in setting. I've been with the series from the beginning and don't mind 2205 as a game in itself, but as an Anno fan eagerly awaiting the next entry I was disappointed. It's just not Anno to me without naval logistics and exploration, without the ability to have other factions on the map etc.
I gave negative (though measured and specific) feedback to the devs online and at Gamescom because I was worried the series would continue to go in that direction, but they course-corrected with 1800.
>though measured and specific
You mean you didn't call them manlet niggers and tell them to dilate?

How do you expect to ever convince someone like that?

shogun 2
71 replies and 15 images omitted. Click here to view.
>shields don't exist
Why weren't shields prevalent in japan (at least during the period) anyways? Seems like something that should be a universal piece of equipment on a battlefield where it's possible to carry something strong enough to stop a projectile or strike, and where you have a good chance to maneuver that something between you and that incoming projectile or strike. Yeah the guns aren't easy to see coming and would require a shield that'd be quite heavy to carry, but we aren't talking line-warfare or even pike and shot levels of guns here. You (seemingly) still have a majority of soldiers using spears and arrows.
My understanding of warfare during the period and place isn't great, so I'm guaranteed missing something.
Yeah could be that they don't have an AP trait like in FotS.
But considering that matchlovks do 2 damage, compared to 0.3 of regular arrows, it's virtually the same as being AP.
There might be some edge cases like heroes with 14 armor because they have 2 HP but I'm not sure if even max armor naginata samurai get any benefits when facing guns.
Doesn't help that, afaik, no one knows how the game truly calculates damage and armor interaction.
I know, best I could test it was in a campaign where I had a ton of armor side by side with unarmored shogitai. It seemed like the shogitai died more quickly, but it might have just been my imagination.
Also, Date can field Bulletproof Samurai with like 13 armor.
Japanese did use pavise style shields to hide from arrows but carrying shields in hand while not non-existent like the romanticised depictions would lead to you to believe was pretty uncommon. Their weapons of choice bow, naginata, yari require two hands to use and would be difficult to use with a shield on horseback. Especially since samurai would have been originally archers more than anything else. Also the huge ass flat pauldrons on japanese armour are sort of shields, you can raise your shoulder to hide your face and bunch of upper body with it and it it depicted being used this way.
Multiple reasons for that. Mainly a focus on two handed weapons like polearms and bows.
Classic one handed shields were mainly a thing of early periods, 800AD and earlier, although it's not like they were completely gone afterwards.
The main shield were pavise like wooden shields, the deployable defenses archers get ingame. They were mostly a stationary defense for archers and gunners but could and were carried by infantry and used like mantlets in europe.
Matchlocks, which had the the potential to break those shields, lead to the use of things like wet straw in front of the shields to slow down the bullets which necessitated a more stationary use.

Samurai during the Heian period, RotS, were still focused on being mounted archers. With shields being a hindrance when using the bow it led to the oversized shoulder plates or "shields" on the armors of that period, pic related.
After the mongol invasion and over the following centuries armor became better, a bit like european early medieval vs late medieval armor.
Combined with the increase in army size and less ritualized combat, champion vs champion, mounted archery lost its relevance, arguably because mounted bows couldn't perform as well as before.
The samurai then transitioned more to fighting Stiles like european shock cavalry and english foot knights, with their use of two handed weaponry, for better anti-armor capabilities.
Similarly the lowly foot soldier tended to mainly use polearms, bows and guns against armored foes and cavalry which would make shields a hindrance too.
And it's not like the basic "ashigaru" was necessarily poorly armored, by the time of the main game basic mass produced armor was a thing for them. Although samurai could even afford armor tested against matchlocks.

>Also, Date can field Bulletproof Samurai with like 13 armor.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: Ziomale z Fortecy.png (271 KB, 800x600)
271 KB
271 KB PNG
So... how is your Factory campaign going?
Also, just for fun, come up with (your) theme for a town.

474 replies and 122 images omitted. Click here to view.
That's a tough choice. On a map like Wayfarer, I'd rather ballistics, but on Unleashing the Bloodthirsty, I'd rather expert fire. How are you meant to know what's better on these fuckhuge maps where you can screw yourself over early but only find out 40 hours later? Maddening.
Expert fire is still the best choice in a vacuum though.
Anyways, just hope you don't get softlocked.
What do I play to be like Slavs? Do they play campaigns, scenarios, multiplayer?
File: crag_hack[1].jpg (228 KB, 1080x1080)
228 KB
228 KB JPG
For those anons playing the board game, they're working on completing the roster of towns. They also hinted at Cove getting in (no word on Factory though).
I said in the last thread that I'd get it if all towns were in, so maybe I will.
File: 1713575132444162.png (76 KB, 498x498)
76 KB
>playing the board game

Mine's been staying on the shelf ever since I got it in March.

>mfw when i realize that there's a group of people that uses burgundian as an adjective irl
6 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
posting images increases the image limit?
go back
Go back to NPPfunny
its on /vg/ already called "/gsg/"
File: IMG_20240401_041704_197.jpg (281 KB, 923x1280)
281 KB
281 KB JPG
For me, it's Dirleposting

File: WarcraftIII.jpg (62 KB, 256x364)
62 KB
Does the singleplayer campaign still hold up after all these years? I just realized I have RoC+TFT discs from more than 15 years ago yet haven't played the game except for a few matches at an internet cafe.
123 replies and 7 images omitted. Click here to view.
i wish that the campaigns had more missions that gave you access to the full arsenal of your factions. like, theres a progression where you only have access to a few things in the first missions, but by the last mission you have 90% or more. however, you never have EVERYTHING for multiple missions where the scenario or objectives change, and you either need to figure out the best approach or you can just win how you want. progression is cool and all, but let me PLAY with it.
One of things that Sc2 WL did well: you had the time to have nearly everything by the last few missions, especially the last 3
Drip feeding you units was something it did terribly
Maybe we could have gotten a few key units a bit faster, but overall the non linear mission design was good. I strongly disagree about the drop feeding units. Not all missions need to be "just macro up your endgame comp asap"
The missions were already designed in a way where you have to strike early and can't just turtle up until you get your ultimate army. Being artificially barred from units just meant you couldn't tech up and progress over the course of the mission and had less variety of strategies.

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