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File: coi.jpg (827 KB, 1920x1080)
827 KB
827 KB JPG
Is Captain of industry a good game?
no. tried it, looks like shit, ditched it.
I enjoyed it for some time. Somehow lost the will to continue whenever I start a new game though. I like it more than Satisfactory at least.
Probably one of the best automation games around, but considering the competition, it's not really a high bar. It's fine, but the mid to late game is a chore that drags for no reason. Better to wait for it to come out of EA and then check it out.
For an early access automation game? Yes. Devs are quick to fix bugs and keep adding more quality of life features unlike the satisfactory devs that delayed years before giving half assed blueprints. Next update will include trains which will be fun to use as they add more and more large maps.

So, I'm playing C&C Remastered. It's practically identical game as old 1995 original, and I'm having a lot of fun. More when compared to much newer games in the series, or newer RTS games. There is some jank with unit pathfinding, some NOD missions are designed for save scumming, but everything else is holding really well. AI is smart and challenging. There's plenty of unit variety. Campaign is replayable, while story and lore are fantastic.

It got me wondering if the genre moved into the wrong direction by embracing multiplayer, or if they simply focused on the wrong design elements. Or it's the lack of production values that's missing.
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>Skirmish are already 90% to typical final mission, just with shitty mirrored map and no side objective.
This makes no sense.
>Beside, if it's PvP you'd have to dynamically balance against the strongest player.
This is not how good PvP is balanced.
>This makes no sense.
The difference is decorum, a campaign mission feels epic thanks to context and extra objectives.
A typical skirmish is bland because off course it's going to be a symmetrical map, fuck easy to make and objectives are just resources point.

>This is not how good PvP is
>good PvP
More like esport-balance to keep the match artificially shorts, less balanced as it goes on, catering to kids with shorter attention span.
Other MP games are balanced so the winning side jobs get harder the further they advance. The question is how your game is structured. Is it another Starcraft derivative, or is it tactical teamplay with different victory conditions.
Yeah but it’s actually because of what >>1785742 said. Nothing is being produced that is real innovative content anymore. Everythting is geared towards satisfying gambler/launderer gamers in retarded competitions. And to satisfy those people, who tend to be very low IQ and who just want to see “cool history thing but simple and easy to understand”, they make the thing without any real content. Tanks dont have armor or gun realism.
>this tank low armor, but strong gun!
>this tank high armor, but weak gun!
The gambling caming is so bad that these people will reviewbomb noncompliant games into either changing to accomodate the gamblers or going out of business. The internet cursed these companies thanks to the online reviews.

We have the tech now to make fullscale WWII simulators that are still fun to play. There is game tech made for the military that can similate the entire world in real time. The economy, life and death, car accidents, stcok market bubbles, and the entirety of life and death during WWII. They don’t share this stuff with the public because they are scared of training another genius napoleon. But the technis literally there, and a less-threatening-to-the-establishment version that’s more fun to play could easily be developed and released.

But the low IQ gamblers cant gamble with that and so it pisses them off and they’ll tank the project. In order for RTS to really have fun single player, I think the internet has to be shut down somehow.
File: 815.jpg (756 KB, 1024x1024)
756 KB
756 KB JPG
Lines? No, it’s circles.

>And I'm sure they were anon, damn AAA cookie-clicker stealing the spotlight, right?
You’re saying it.
>That's like saying air/ground unit is just a split and not a new gameplay because you already have unit faster than others.
Well the difference is that air units can be in places where no ground unit can ever come. You can further fracture this - many games added naval combat. AoE2 even has "marshland" where both naval and ground units can pass. It’s not bad. There was a StarCraft map called 815 that had very tiny exits from the starting points, such that only small units could pass. This is always an option for limiting access.

>A typical skirmish is bland because off course it's going to be a symmetrical map, fuck easy to make and objectives are just resources point.
It has always been possible to make asymmetric UMS maps. It seems players generally don’t enjoy asymmetric competition, except if you always play both sides, like in CS.
>Other MP games are balanced so the winning side jobs get harder the further they advance.
It is rather this drawing out of games that I would call "artificial." I don’t believe in feeding the Comeback Fantasy. I say that as someone who enjoys Heroes of the Storm. I think games should end when they’re over. Instead of drawing them out, just play more of them. Maybe don’t play Bo5, but play "whoever wins more games within 120 minutes" instead. Even the asymmetric map thing might play out better with such an approach.
It frustrates me that basically no game total war or similar has the option to control how your troops move when fighting(Holding, giving ground or attempting to push.)
Often your formation just gets locked in combat, and microing them results in needless casualties, getting 'flanked' because they have to turn around to move and other jank.

Which leads to really the only strat that gets actual use being hammer and anvil.

File: image.png (80 KB, 746x491)
80 KB
>be neb head dev
>spend every dev update talking about how fucking great conquest is coming along
>say 'this is working great, that's working great'
>show off shitloads of neat concepts and ideas that play well into an overall war played on the strategic level
>shelf the whole fucking thing because 'ooo bugs' and half of the metafags who were testers bitching that they had to make cheaper, generalist ships instead of being able to bring meta shit to every skirmish battle

mazer actually thinks the metafags who are his testers should be the be all, end all voice of what gets put in and in what state, and those same meta fags hate corner cutting required in large scale strategy games when building ships and just want to run their hyper meta shit all the time to every battle, and got upset when the enemy leveraged greater ship numbers against them. You know, like in strategy games. What makes it even worse is their dumbass discord started dick riding the fuck out of this decision because they themselves ARE the meta fags who tested the game.

TLDR: neb conquest mode is gone and won't be anything like what we saw because the head dev realised he'd have to bug fix and the testers didn't get all their shiny toys in every battle on fair ground
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You don't understand. this is a TRUSTED dev. When he says "on pause indefinitely" hee definitely doesn't mean cancelled no siree!!
reading the reviews since that update dropped makes me wonder how can people be this fucking retarded, it's like they can't understand the words they hear or read
Any dev cancelling a major part of his product over what discord trannies say deserves all the failures thrown upon him.
Sounds like the publisher has an arm up his ass. Imagine needing permission to release a beta build.
are these discord trannies in the room with us right now?
why would they want the dev to drop a game mode that is also being made for them and many of these "discord trannies" waiting for it as well?

File: civ4.png (2.4 MB, 1914x1009)
2.4 MB
2.4 MB PNG
What made Civ 4 so special that people designate it as the cut-off point from when the series started declining?
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Why was Civ 4 the best in the series, bros? I've been playing this game for nearly half of my life at this point and just decided to get back into modding it after a few years hiatus.
Besides the artstyle, isometric tiles are simply better than hexes or the weird oblique projection Civ4 went with. But mechanically, Civ4 is far superior to Civ3.
It's funny if you play SMAC, and realize a lot of the game's mechanics like production/research overflow and unit abilities were stripped out in Civ3 and then brought back for Civ4.
No, that's not the same thing. Stack attack is still one vs one combat? Just going through the whole stack one at a time. That's not what I'm talking about.
For me civ 4 always felt more fleshed out with its expansions adding so much options and ways to play the game. Even with all its expansions civ 5 is not even close and stuff like religion is more meh in civ 5.
Civ3 isn't the best of the series, and I'm probably biased since it was the first I played, but it had a nice sense of scale. Cities and units were more numerous and less individually important, meaning conflict felt like true civilizational conflict, with plenty of units dying even when you were winning, and conquests took a long time, spanning dozens of cities. It also meant that you could lose a war yet retain the ability to come back. Meanwhile in 5 it felt like I could surgically strike even a peer enemy losing one or zero units, making them eternally irrelevant within a few turns. You'd quit the game if you lost even one city, since every civilization might have only a few, even on huge maps.

Plus the style was nice, even if it falls well short of 5's. 4 felt like an awkward intermediate which tried and failed at a lot.

Are there any good mods in the works?
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Some do. The EEM fag added one, though you might need to take State and Government to toggle it. Either way, I just hit the event as soon as I'm ready
Every GP and secondary power gets that fucking CB in the conference you fucing retard.
Correct, the Scramble for Africa was a European thing.
THIS = {
nationalism_n_imperialism = 1
capital_scope = { continent = europe }
NOT = { tag = RUS }
NOT = { tag = TUR }
slavery = no_slavery
OR = {
is_greater_power = yes
is_secondary_power = yes
NOT = { has_country_modifier = neutrality_modifier }
NOT = { has_country_modifier = claimed_africa }
NOT = { has_country_flag = congo_award }
civilized = yes

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
No fucking retard.
The European countries get free CBs for African countries.
The rest of the planet gets 5 infamy CBs. As long as you are at least a secondary power.

File: kirsen-kukhar-asset.jpg (238 KB, 1920x1080)
238 KB
238 KB JPG
What are the essential mods you always play with, if any?
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File: 1633393569204.gif (3.16 MB, 640x640)
3.16 MB
3.16 MB GIF
>when your bros decide to job for an entire battle and turn 50% hit chance into 30% and 75% into 50%
>its a nachos battle
Dude is missing half his body and feeling scorching pain on the other but he's just midly annoyed
>Wiki says that serpents cant drag from a lower elevation
>They can
So, there is no counter to that beyond just have most your bros be at least level 5 bro with underdog, good mdef and a shield
File: 12873293.png (21 KB, 338x146)
21 KB
pretty sure i deleted it, only have a couple unfinished versions left that i mashed together into that webm
>there's no counter but a specific counter that works
For your next trick, why don't you try fighting Lindwurms with shieldless level 1s and call it broken?

File: header.jpg (52 KB, 460x215)
52 KB
Warno? or Waryes?

Also general warno, wargame, broken arrow thread.
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I can smell the wine through the screen, fuckin Frenchies....
If he atleast complained about the Kurganets or something like it he'd vaguely have some weight.
But all they seem to know is the Armata, which is a perfectly valid include in the game.
so is this game good yet? I bought it on a sale a year ago and haven't installed it yet.
Those are baseless complaints anyway, because Broken Arrow is not intended to be some kind of 100% accurate military simulator, but a tactical RTS. I, for one, love prototypes being added.
Installed RebsRealism on the workshop, game is fun now.

AI is still completely fucking retarded but whatever.

File: Antman.png (2.04 MB, 1920x960)
2.04 MB
2.04 MB PNG
>what is this, an RTS for ants?
After god knows how many years in early access, it's finally out. I haven't played it but I've kept an eye on it for quite a while because Swarm Assault appealed to me as a wee little retard.
there are also a couple of uploads on cs.rin.ru that I can't post because spam filter
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i'm not sure how to win without trial and error
not sure but ppl are able to play it at impossible so I doubt it's difficult. there doesn't seem to be any real penalty to failing a mission, at least the non-advancing ones... only just started it
How is that different from any other strategy game?
And so is this.

File: maxresdefault.jpg (155 KB, 1280x720)
155 KB
155 KB JPG
Gloria Romae!
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wait, so we're not getting an Anno set during in the thirty years war, but we're getting Anno set in the height of the Roman Empire? That's just a huge wasted opportunity
why 30 years war exactly when you know too, combat sucks ass in in this franchise
Just because Rome failed to push far east of the rhine doesn't mean Roman settlements west of the Rhine were insignificant. Roman Britain is just more popular for normies.
Can't wait for the inevitable Egypt session
Yeah I get this, but it just skips too much history. 1800 to 1930-1950 American skyscrapers is pushing it. Traditionally the anno games are more or less a century apart in their history. The base game made more sense that you started getting into say the 1860s with the Ironclad ships. I doubt that they ever decided to have skyscrapers when it was released. It just felt like a cash grab DLC, and I get it it. They really stretched the content thin for the game. Way too many production chains.

File: sddefault.jpg (50 KB, 640x480)
50 KB
Which strategy game lets you have fun playing evil?
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Shadows of Forbidden Gods and Ruinarch are pretty much exactly this.
File: Soliuminfernum.gif (3.4 MB, 620x250)
3.4 MB
3.4 MB GIF
Solium Infernum.

You play as a demon lord and battle for the throne of Hell.
File: Pepe sad.jpg (83 KB, 500x600)
83 KB
Do you have proof?
It's really disappointing if true, his game looks neat.
>$44 abandonware
Tried it, not really what it is.
It's extremely simplified Rimworld, but you play as Randy.
And that description is still more funs sounding than it actually is.

File: new-map.png (243 KB, 599x550)
243 KB
243 KB PNG
Map games are shit
>corner powers have an inbuilt advantage
>win condition is just "maximize your material advantage"
>overly agressive neighbors just make you both lose
16 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
Want to do France vs Austria, GvI or Cold War instead?
Thread name isn't relevant which doesnt help
File: airlos.png (294 KB, 978x1237)
294 KB
294 KB PNG
because it was incomplete
Bump, 5/7 players
What if Ireland but upside down?

File: WW2_pic.jpg (60 KB, 300x290)
60 KB
any of you anons played this game? 40 buckaroos to unlock fullscreen seems like a bit much but what do I know
File: WINSP MBT.png (51 KB, 1809x766)
51 KB
Try this.
its pretty good, the tank behaviour is much better than the post ww2 version of the game
So this is a midpoint between panzer general and something more granular like WDS Stuff?

File: Rework Regime.png (357 KB, 600x1665)
357 KB
357 KB PNG
Much like TNO itself, we'll rework our last thread from scratch and hopefully get more leaks than last time.

Current leaks:
https://files.catbox.moe/mnyk0n.pdf - Helldorff & Moskowien mechanics. 160 pages, can you finish it by the time the next rework drops?
https://files.catbox.moe/ymgaur.pdf - Amur rework doc. It's taken them over a year to touch up the superregional.

In loving memory of Burma Anon.
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While I agree that you can like a product whilst disliking the people making it, the total silence and incompetence from the dev team has made any interest in the mod a waste of time.
Also, just ignore the shills. Don't bother engaging with them
File: consider.gif (465 KB, 500x281)
465 KB
465 KB GIF
You're mixing up your statistic memes.
The trans suicide rate one is 41%, (13)51 is Black crime rates.
isn't the tranny suicide rate at like 50% now despite increasing acceptance of trannies outside of right-wing circles

File: skel.png (3.54 MB, 2560x1380)
3.54 MB
3.54 MB PNG
Strategy is simply about who can bring the most dudes to a fight.
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i dont get appeal of that game, its castrated version of Dominions which already is a jankcore
That's why your mom is such a gamer.
Quick games, no need to think about nearly as much shit as in Dominions. You can get to the game instantly, vs. agonizing over the most important decision (pretender design) right at the start before getting to the game. That's the appeal.
That just means that one side's dudes are worth more relative dudes per dude.
That was my main issue with Conquest of Elysium. All game long I was slowly building a doomstack, but had a bad fight and lost half my army. Now I had no way to take on the AI's doomstack

That and instantly losing the game because a bear wandered into your capital while you were away

File: valley.png (1.46 MB, 1684x842)
1.46 MB
1.46 MB PNG
Update 17: The Forbidden Valley has been uploaded to Steam. Some of the new Mission Trees coming with the update are:

>Exwes, Saloren, Covenblad, Sapchopper

>Ayarallen, Azkabar, Crathánor, Kuiika, Isagumze, Viakkoc, Irkorzik

>Mire Maw, Arg-Ôrdstun, Skewered Drake, Spiderwretch

>Thangoya, Kalsyto, Sunijalla


Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
270 replies and 29 images omitted. Click here to view.
Same reason why the niglings in sarhal have a 100 opm tags. At least they gave you a couple of uncolonized islands nearby though.
I can understand it if they actually do something with these tags, but they never will because even continental nations don't have content.
Going for a 1444 start date for EU5 would be absolutely retarded. Most of the world already has lore set up for ~100 years before the start date, so it wouldn't even be that big of a hassle in the first place
>play railskulkers
>hey I'm doing pretty good
>manage to kill the rubydwarves
>manage to kill the mithrildwarves
>manage to get rid of some of the other goblin tribes
>Make it to the edge of the serpentspine
>the outside world is like 4 techlevels ahead of me even though I've been trying hard as fuck to all institutions embraced
>barely devved my provinces as a result, other than what I had to do to get institutions
>get fucked up by the outside world
yeah I'm malding, balding, crulking, skulking and sulking and I'm mad about it.
Are you doing expeditions? Did you dev your starting gold province? Are you using conquered holds to dev up Renaissance?
A lot of the early-game comes down to how much mana you can save/squeeze out of your land because you need to catch up with ideas/tech and force limit to prepare for when you lose the Dwarovar Claimant buff.

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