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File: mazinger vs getter.jpg (177 KB, 1101x692)
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Have you ever read or written fanfiction for /m/ shows? I'm not just talking about the more traditional kinds of fanfiction about characters doing something, but also original stories that are technically set in certain universes created by others.
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File: 1537877349035[1].jpg (301 KB, 650x908)
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File: 1589289764993[1].jpg (182 KB, 1129x1600)
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File: rachaellovesbrodie.png (2.54 MB, 1912x937)
2.54 MB
2.54 MB PNG
Here is the next rewrite for one of my Megas XLR fanscripts

S3E1: Racheal Loves Brodie

Biggest issue I see is that Char didn't really go full "fuck everyone on earth" until after Zeta, he was trying to find a more genuine solution before getting his spirit crushed by everything that happened in Zeta.

Which of the Gundam Vs ports has the best single player?
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The PS Vita game, barebones as it was, had a pretty decent single player campaign.
Commanding battleships while taking over bases and fighting mooks and mobile armors in some pseudo dynasty warriors style while still using EXVS gameplay was entertaining. The story itself, while being basic VN style portraits and dialogue was good for what it is and serves as a prequel to the EXA series, so if you care about that it's worth a playthrough.
I really wish they did another game that went into ZZ or CCA era.
It has to be somewhat decent because it originally has no pvp lmao
they really should've let you play as grunts in that game, but they should also just make a newer ver of that game
Those DW levels are super tedious and ball bustingly hard though

File: vypaymhiggza1.jpg (174 KB, 2278x1290)
174 KB
174 KB JPG
So why didn't Amuro fuck Fraw Bow again? Does Lalah just fuck men up forever and stop them from living their best lives?
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File: ololololol.jpg (692 KB, 2036x3533)
692 KB
692 KB JPG
It happened in Tomino's novelization.
The original Gundam is not a romance series, but there is an underlying of Sayla being the closest thing to Amuro's love interest, hence why it was confirmed that they at least dated between the original and Zeta.

Amuro with Sayla is like Char and Haman, it doesn't really happen on screen but its more popular than any other option for the character.
What an unsightly, offtopic post from a newfaggot. Get him jannies
There are some girls that you grow up with that you don't have that passionate or sexual sensation. My buddy Alicia was practically my sister in all but name. We played baseball together, rollerbladed, rode dirt bikes. She became insanely hot by junior high and high, but I never saw her that way. She was my bud, my bro. She wanted a closer relationship with me, but I couldn't reciprocate. I did take her the Sadie Hawkins dance and Spring Fling.
File: 1198297466252.jpg (66 KB, 1000x731)
66 KB
His alter ego Ling fucked Fraw in For the Barrel. And Fraw was upset that she was losing Ling to that Sayla slut.

File: gundam historians.jpg (530 KB, 2174x793)
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530 KB JPG
What version of Gundam History do you prefer: Knight of Musha?
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File: gallery_02.jpg (281 KB, 900x900)
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File: gallery_03.jpg (269 KB, 900x900)
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File: burning_knight_0001.jpg (130 KB, 712x504)
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130 KB JPG
I don't care about WfM, but I would like to see a new Knight Gundam Gaiden RPG.
>new Knight Gundam Gaiden RPG
That is G-Witch

File: file.png (549 KB, 503x700)
549 KB
549 KB PNG
I was talking to a friend and he mentioned something about how theres a gundam manga where all the mecha are gijinka'd into anime girls? Is this true? What is it called?
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File: 1583695787201[1].png (2.45 MB, 2668x1500)
2.45 MB
2.45 MB PNG
File: 1582286331175[1].jpg (253 KB, 2048x1152)
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253 KB JPG
File: 1582637637559[1].png (1.37 MB, 2048x1154)
1.37 MB
1.37 MB PNG
File: 1582667224259[1].png (1.42 MB, 2048x1154)
1.42 MB
1.42 MB PNG
File: 1582833778642[1].png (1.9 MB, 2048x1154)
1.9 MB
1.9 MB PNG

File: 1695787585961.jpg (47 KB, 686x386)
47 KB
On the 36th anniversary of the Patlabor franchise, lets finish up the /m/ sings for the first opening of the television show. Currently we have 5 submissions, I want to see if it's possible to get 3-5 more.


Resource starter park: https://drive.google.com/drive/u/3/folders/1h3XzxjZDO7xE_3kwriYkmJB2QaG1XMOb

It contains
>the lyrics
>tv song
>full karaoke/instrumental

Use this to sing the TV opening and send your submissions to patlabormsings@proton.me and I'll send them over to the mixeranon who volunteered to mix.

Apologies for not posting/finishing this project up earlier. It's been eons since my last post.
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are you aiming for 10?
i want to get the rerecording in since you're going for TV size but if you want to just go ahead, go for it!
I'll send mine soon
Yep, I was aiming for 10, but honestly getting another 2 since starting this thread is pretty great
Oh no anon, I can wait! How long do you need?
I'll try to send mine this week

Did TTGL successfully invoke the spirit of Getter Robo?
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Not really. Getter Rays are an ominous force that aren't malicious towards humanity but beckon it toward infinitely expanding its technology, war potential, and territory, ultimately becoming the race of war mongers and conquerors seen in Getter Arc. The Getter Robo that starts as a tool of liberation from the conquest of the Dino Empire evolves into the Getter Emperor which is the ultimate tool for conquest. The oppressed becomes the oppressor as their amass more power and lose their way.
Spiral Energy is based on this concept in that it is also an infinite energy source that can enable the unlimited growth of humanity, but with the very optimistic assertion that the heroes of Gurren Lagan and and their descendants will never misuse it. It feels like pretty unfounded optimism considering how little time the series spends on elaborating on the previous civilizations that used spiral energy.
I think the Shin Getter Robo OVA ultimately got this part of the original manga right. When the invaders reveal the truth behind Getter Rays to the new Getter Team, Kei declares that humanity will abandon Getter Rays. The series ends with her standing inside the wreckage of Shin Getter Dragon, and I believe the implication is that humanity will someday transcend the need for unlimited energy and infinite power.
GL goes beyond just "invoking" the spirit of getter and inherits all of its DNA plus every other mecha show made before it. Towards the end Simon mentions that it's sad to see people die but it's only natural in order to let the children of the future flourish and I feel that was directed towards Getter and Ishikawa in general, he might be dead and Getter may never see a proper continuation but from his legacy sprout so many seeds honoring him and doing their own thing. It seems silly to compare GL to Getter trying to discern which outdid which or as if GL somehow copied Getter, when it's obvious to anyone that has read and watched both works with a curious eye that Getter and other shows are huge inspirations.
How many times does Kamina and Simon scream "GATTAI!!!"? The show is incredibly self aware but in a respectful manner owning every single thing that's cool about the genre and using it to tell a story rather than mock another one, because it's done by seasoned veterans of both the industry and the genre, so to me it seems rather silly to look at it with disdain and being unable to talk about it earnestly here. I've seen normalfags cry after Kittan dies and I don't think that's a bad thing, even if they then go ahead and call the genre childish or boring or whatever, they are just uncultured beastmen but that doesn't negate the value the show holds for my hobby.
Fucking coward. You're never gonna answer the fucking question, Huh? Imao.
What fucking question? Not once in that is there anything approaching an interrogative.

File: 1638284806220.jpg (620 KB, 1413x2000)
620 KB
620 KB JPG
These chicks only exist to be beards for Kira and Athrun

File: IMG_2403.jpg (2.46 MB, 1638x1124)
2.46 MB
2.46 MB JPG
For the past year, I've been playing the SD Gundam Gachapon Senshi Famicom games. The first game is basically usurped by the faster-playing sequel, and this seems to be the most well-remembered instalment, but the action sequences are a little limited and the strategy element can become repetitive. 3 is addictive and uses a new turn-based system, but it plays slowly and the RNG is sometimes really skewed against you. I skipped 4 because it seems like more of the same. 5 is a major departure and is probably the best out of all of them. It becomes a full simulation strategy game, with resource management, R&D, invasion and defence. It's very simple but offers a bit of depth when you know what bases to prioritise, which pilots to assign, where to invest and when to attack. It has a really nice presentation for a late FC game too. What are some other /m/ STG games you play that don't get mentioned often? Anyone else put a lot of hours into these?
File: you_win.jpg (45 KB, 766x840)
45 KB
Damn, 5 sounds kinda awesome. That's the only one that doesn't have a english patch huh? Shame.
>What are some other /m/ STG games you play that don't get mentioned often? Anyone else put a lot of hours into these?
Probably not exactly what you were asking for but I might eb the only person on earth who really likes Godzilla 2 on NES.
Once I read a guide and got over the rng bullshit I had so much fun with it. A Godzilla game where you play as the military
and have to strategize how you go about defeating the monsters is such a cool idea, I wish we had gotten something similar afterwards.
>Once I read a guide and got over the rng bullshit I had so much fun with it. A Godzilla game where you play as the military and have to strategize how you go about defeating the monsters is such a cool idea
That rules, I might have to get round to it.

>Damn, 5 sounds kinda awesome. That's the only one that doesn't have a english patch huh? Shame.
I've played them all in Japanese now, and even though it's mostly menus you just need to memorise, it is the most text-heavy out of all of them. Most of the messages you get are just to indicate if a unit has been completely destroyed, if a pilot is out of commission, if a pilot is available etc. so those aren't too important (you can check the status of anyone and anything at any time), but you will want to know what it is you're selecting and browsing through. There is a FAQ out there which translates the menus, but unless you know enough to memorise words, it might not be much help.
the gachapons seem like they could be fun for online vs like tecmo bowl and stuff
I don't have the time to do it lately, but that seems like a good way to have the most fun with Gachapon Senshi 2 and to inject the most variety out of its battles. 5 also supports up to 4 players.

How come they never released the Brave series in the US back in the early 2000s for Cartoon Network or Nickelodeon or some shit? They would have been massive hits.
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I don't get how that anon thinks saying that here of all places somehow makes them look smart, intelligent & insightful?
Dagwon was made for teens instead of elementary schoolers.
It still had a bit of a kid focus going off the toys and that one early promotional video where they were tokusatsu suits (also promotions were still done through children's anime magazines), but yeah, it did kind of noticeably pivot towards the older crowd (namely girls), by the end, if the ammount of Doujinshi I've seen of that series is any testament lol Also the OVA being a thing veered hard in the bishounen direction for that cultured female audience.
>that one early promotional video where they were tokusatsu suits (also promotions were still done through children's anime magazines)
It used to be on YouTube (and subtitled I want to say) but doesn't seem to be anymore. Closest I can find is the suits for it being used very briefly in some of the toy commercials. https://youtu.be/K4UtWQyO7-c?si=CG52vHOcILn3ImJy

The one I'm talking about though was a promotional video that I assume was bundled with an early magazine advertising the upcoming series. It focused on showcasing the action figures alongside footage of the toku suits fighting stock monsters, as well as the toy for the command brace.

I *think* there might've been live shows as well using the suits at the time?

So when's the next fujo gundam coming?
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>Nothing will ever top it. It's Gundam at its peak.
But that was CCA.
admit it, fujostacies were much better stewards of the Gundam franchise than yuritroons


File: 1716566748373509.png (372 KB, 757x527)
372 KB
372 KB PNG
/sp/ mecha thread, go!
File: 0099_1990-04-27_0066.jpg (951 KB, 2432x3040)
951 KB
951 KB JPG

File: Screenshot (1735).png (658 KB, 731x825)
658 KB
658 KB PNG
This is absolutely retarded
At least Call of Duty is making an effort
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well, you do know that almost entirety of Fortnite/EGS economy model was built by a Slav (Sergey Galyonkin who also built SteamSpy btw)
>beat a girl up and force her to get an abortion
>somehow he's the victim
Incel brainrot
They're games for a very specific kind of nerd, an offshoot of the motorheads who spend a whole lot of time doing the same thing in a car racing simulator.
I get what you mean, it's like watching pearls cast before swine.
From what I understand it’s stuff that the director of this game likes which explains the amount of odd collaborations like hellsing and he-man, still really weird

What kind of name is Banagher?
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Least we never got "Elbow Smash"
Isn't Hiro a common name in Japan? I've seen some other characters with that name.
A man's name
Sulu Suluzu
A surname. Banagher isn't even an odd name, but the fact they made it a soft G really fucks it.

File: IMG_0117.jpg (102 KB, 850x1160)
102 KB
102 KB JPG
I swear this isn’t a bait thread. I just wanna discuss Aerial and its issues.
21 replies and 4 images omitted. Click here to view.
As mentioned it was probably to be used whenever Eri took charge, probably chose to not use it since it probably would’ve been too on the nose
File: bddvd_1_2-2.jpg (803 KB, 1418x1020)
803 KB
803 KB JPG
File: Fh_nImyUoAAEYAS.png (459 KB, 842x595)
459 KB
459 KB PNG
File: Gundam_Aerial_Rebuild.png (810 KB, 931x1071)
810 KB
810 KB PNG
The midseason upgrade and Caliburn are both strictly better looking.

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