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File: DSCN8166.jpg (1.72 MB, 3264x2448)
1.72 MB
1.72 MB JPG
to what extent are animals (other than Homo sapiens) intelligent?
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In what way are crows inferior in intelligence to mammals?
File: party puffer.gif (1005 KB, 500x500)
1005 KB
1005 KB GIF
puffers are smart. smart!

Crows are smart as fuck and a handful of birds are in the top 10 smartest animals.

Birds literally evolved hyper dense brains so they could pack a brain with the neural strength of a chimp into an orange.

Octopi and their squid/cuttlefish brothers also break the mould by being absurdly smart despite being fucking invertabrates.
Iq test

>Girl links click-bait article on social media about a dragon washing up on shore
>It's an Oarfish
>Tell her it's an Oarfish
>She insists it's a dragon
>Leave it at that since I know tons of people will come to her defense and bash me if I actually argue with her
What are some of your experiences?
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This is the most Neil de gras post I've seen on 4chan
File: intellectual feel.jpg (55 KB, 800x800)
55 KB
Describe this girl to me anon. Is she cute? How tall is she? How do you know her?
to be fair, bats are still probably the biggest rabies carriers. both being able to fly and living in crowded conditions will spread that shit fast.

Pretty shitty hunter then
Hahaha I have to start using that more

File: 91T+p5Qn0RL._SL1500_.jpg (450 KB, 1064x1500)
450 KB
450 KB JPG
Name a worse documentary
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name a documentary worse than your average american documentary
File: M_E_G_A_S_Q_U_I_D.png (1.49 MB, 1024x683)
1.49 MB
1.49 MB PNG

I loved this shit when I was a kid
This was rad as fuck as a kid.
Dragons: A Fantasy made Real is actually good though

Inferior to Dougal Dixon's books in every single way

Thread #2

Original thread >>2608142



Nemo Ramjet's "Snaiad" project

Abiogenisis's "Birrin" species and their world

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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File: genocide_by_abiogenisis.jpg (427 KB, 1000x567)
427 KB
427 KB JPG
Time to promote the three best spec evo projects




File: Yucatan-wren.jpg (41 KB, 650x428)
41 KB
ITT; species that are extinct or endangered where domestic cats are or are believed to be directly related to their decline.
Previous Edition >>>2610402

Thought I'd let the dust settle a bit from the last one, it seemed to stir up a lot of shit. So here is the second installment. Roughly ~600 left to post. Just a reminder I am only covering organisms belonging to aves, mammilia and reptilia classes that are endangered, critically endangered or extinct. I am skipping amphibians since they are so fragile their decline can be blamed on hundreds of factors, not really fair to put any blame on cats for most amphibians. I only post animals where cats are specifically named as a threat, I don't bother with animals that have simply 'invasive species' listed as a threat and don't name the invasive or do not specifically name cats. If the animal doesn't have a decent enough picture available, I won't bother posting it. I also don't bother with animals that have threats that can be related to cats, but not directly related. For example feline leukemia virus, toxoplasma gondii, typhus, etc. I may bother with it in later installments but I have a lot to cover as it stands. I'm sure to miss a few animals, feel free to fill in the gaps. Contributions/questions/discussion is welcome.

I believe we left off at the endangered Zapta Wren
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File: 1521771531074.jpg (15 KB, 206x192)
15 KB
>you can't ruin an ecosystem
>as long as anything is alive the ecosystem is still there
You can 100% destroy an ecosystem even if one species remains. Maybe instead of attacking people over your shitty cats going outside you can try to come up with solutions on how to save those exact species going extinct.
But I bet you won't do that, considering how bitter your replies are.
ironically enough this entire thread is about preserving diversity as if it has some inherent value of its own.

that is the liberal error. What makes the Stephens Island wren so great and worth of preservation when we're literally and purposefully causing the extinction of other animals like the Guinea worm? A wren is not inherently better than a parasitic flesh eating worm that infects humans.
let's pretend for a minute that's true-
can you name a single ECOSYSTEM that's been destroyed by cats?

it would be impressive if you could, since it has never happened and never will.
>You can 100% destroy an ecosystem even if one species remains.
as long as one species remains you've still got an ecosystem.
File: 1516277655002-1024x929.jpg (163 KB, 1024x929)
163 KB
163 KB JPG
File: 1521475943796.png (105 KB, 672x834)
105 KB
105 KB PNG
S-stop it! cats are not harming anyone

previous thread >>2607370

Reptile classifieds for finding breeders of various scaled and sundry creatures

>reptilescanada.com (Canadian breeders)
>caudata.org for newts, salamanders and lots more amphibians
>Also check to see if there are any annual reptile shows/expos in your area as these are good places to find good animals from good breeders at partial discount

/herp/ officially official all purpose care sheet of wonder and magic

>sand a shit
>use a thermostat

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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she has hairy paki arms
Thanks! I try to provide him with the best care I can!
File: Frog.png (134 KB, 257x276)
134 KB
134 KB PNG
I got me a little pacman froggy on a whim today.
I hope I can take care of him well enough for him to reach the point where he can eat live mice.
File: Charlie lick.gif (2.99 MB, 600x450)
2.99 MB
2.99 MB GIF
>reach the point where he can eat live mice.

Nope. Stop right there. That is neither necessary or advisable for pacman frogs.

Are Hyena's respectable animals?
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Its a female hyena ripping off the head of her psuedo penis so she give birth
>matriarchal dickgirls
the most respectable
Only people who don't understand the importance of scavengers in an ecosystem would disrespect them.
Bald eagles are scavengers.
Basically lashing out at anything close enough due to how pressed the Lions have made it, animals don't really have the capacity to understand that oh shit this is an important bit of me that needs to stay inside
In the same way lions and wolves are scavengers.
I dont think there is are carnivores that wouldn't scavenge if the opportunity presented itself.

File: product-500x500.jpg (36 KB, 500x462)
36 KB
Hey, /an/. /k/ here. I'm getting out of the military and I was looking to get a fuzzy buddy. Therapeutic qualities while transitioning back into civilian life and going to school, ya know? I grew up around Dobermans, but I was looking at their relative the Rottweiler for my own first dog. I have the money and space to take care of it. I just want some tips. Male or female, cropped tail or no, behaviour issues to look for early on, etc. I've helped raise Dobies, but never Rotties.
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Please don't ever do that. I have known two dogs who have been killed horribly and more that were injured because of lazy owners walking them in their cars and golf carts.

As a puppy you'll have to start slow with excerise anyway so you don't fuck up their growth.
Anon, he’s talking about hiking with the puppy sticking out of his backpack.
God I hope you aren’t the OP.
>OP so indoctrinated that he can't even pick a dog by himself
the jews win again
The fuck are you trying to prove you’re still a fag.

File: WOLF.jpg (429 KB, 1024x782)
429 KB
429 KB JPG
You can't
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File: 1506593632390.jpg (125 KB, 600x767)
125 KB
125 KB JPG
any big cat

File: 1521610881660.jpg (37 KB, 476x480)
37 KB
Is that normal?
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It's just reuploaded in spanish, fuck off to /pol/ with whatever shit you are trying to imply
la creaturia...
I loved that movie
spot the spic
>the Chad goat

File: 1518628658408.jpg (27 KB, 548x292)
27 KB
is there a better representation of testosterone in animal form than the African Lion?
>pound for pound the most muscular mammal on earth
>giant mane that correlates in size with amounts of test
>just the presence of one is enough to scare away dozens of hyenas or wild dogs from kills
>have huge families and steal females from rival prides to fertilize
>9 inch long dicks on average
>is a fukn sicko
>probably glassed some cunt at the pub
>people laugh because they're afraid
>doesn't need a wig like some poofter cat
>will fuck you up
>can only be stopped by cancer

>doggo bamboozled puppers good boy give the BOOP snoot to heckin puggo does me a frighten! Floofs and woofers xD

You don’t use any of these words, right?
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I will use the terms doggo, pupper, and snoot and you can’t stop me.
I have lots of doggo/pupper filenames from before they became a tumblr tween mainstay. Too lazy to change them.
I like snek.
Behead those who use birb though.
That cat has the perfect amount of fat.
File: 20180303_193619.jpg (3.78 MB, 4032x3024)
3.78 MB
3.78 MB JPG
mi gato negro

>oriental shorthairs
why do they all look like they have downs syndrome?
20 replies and 7 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: FxfrLAA.jpg (236 KB, 625x415)
236 KB
236 KB JPG
Can we identify this ugly ass cat? It looks like it has oriental shorthair features but some other things mixed in too.
Only chimps can have actual down syndrome i.e. trisomy 21 because they're the closest animals to us genetically.

Other animals can have conditions analogous to down syndrome in humans (such as trisomy 16 in mice), however these can't be classed as down syndrome since the chromosomes affected are not the same. Interestingly enough, unlike humans, most other animals with such syndromes can't survive after birth. I'm not a big brain geneticist who can tell you why but you can give this paper a read.
Sorry here's a better link, I realized that I only linked the abstract.
File: adamdriver.jpg (35 KB, 618x412)
35 KB

File: Bearded_vulture-6.jpg (85 KB, 588x672)
85 KB
Quick! Stop what you're doing right now and draw a vulture in a wedding dress!
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Much appreciated anon
I knew it was worth visiting /an/ today.
File: qJekB_fullsize.jpg (35 KB, 439x600)
35 KB
Just for out of an argument with an anti VAX parent, thank you Anon. I needed this.

goats bls
59 replies and 29 images omitted. Click here to view.
he watch
Is that a window of the Goat tower?
OMFG the little goat in the dog backpack omfFG Omg omg

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