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[happy moth noises]
File: IMG_6758.jpg (29 KB, 640x427)
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File: elephant.jpg (105 KB, 660x495)
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When elephants have a cold do they get runny noses all they way down their trunk?

If you took a rolling pin and rolled it down the length of its trunk would it squeeze out a trunk-loads worth of elephant snot?
I don't know but they can fart for like a minute and you can even see it mixing with the air like in Avatar.
that's pretty impressive desu
How long does it take an elephant to smells something?
When elephan drink milk mile trunk?

File: smug cat.png (19 KB, 128x114)
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Always looking for more/better info to add for OP. Feel free to reply to OP with suggestions
Here's a bunch of links no one will look at
Food & Nutrition
Outside Enrichment
Behavioral problems
Kitten care

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>You should not be touching a kitten until it is at least seven months old.
[citation needed]
If you touch them they'll start to smell like humans and the mother cat will abandon them and you'll have to kill them.
my cat have fleas but no ticks thank god Any help with that? I heard flea collars are toxic.
By seven months you mean seven weeks. Most people don't own cats that are still being fed by their mother
>If you touch them they'll start to smell like humans and the mother cat will abandon them and you'll have to kill them.

Holly shit guys check this dog's fucking eyebrows

Also whatever fucked shit you find on Craigslist. I love these threads
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I called a woman saying she was "Getting rid of" he dog.I was in the market for a free dog. When I called she told me it would be $300. Like what the fuck you stupid bitch. Waste my time.

Silver lining though because I ended up adopting a purebred (as far as I can tell) chocolate lab.
When your owner is E X T R A T H I C C
It's against Craigslist tos to sell animals.
And I really doubt that reputable breeders need to use Craigslist so I also flag

File: stewdogs.png (532 KB, 1045x707)
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532 KB PNG

File: whaleevo.jpg (114 KB, 1058x793)
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Post about prehistoric animals or those that have gone extinct and post a fact about them.
File: 813266302148042132.jpg (30 KB, 800x450)
30 KB

This is the T-Rex.

Fact: It had feathers.
File: 2Q.png (691 KB, 840x630)
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691 KB PNG
You live a life of insolence

File: IMG_0173.jpg (1.04 MB, 4032x3024)
1.04 MB
1.04 MB JPG
Found This baby bird and I have no idea where it's parents are at. Anyone know what species this might me? I live in Germany.
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It actually flew away like 2 hours ago. I put it in a box and it just slept for a while and when it woke up it flew out of my window. Hopefully it doesn't have any serious injuries.
that's venom you fucking retard
I have no idea where the nest is at, motherfucker.
File: image.jpg (92 KB, 607x567)
92 KB
You wot m8 I swear on me mom ill wreck yea cunt.

>look cute and cuddly to lure your dumb ass
>have a secret subsonic underwater language
>can run at 30km/h despite being fatasses
>have 100 times the annual kill count of lions
>bite crocodiles in half for shits and giggles
>bodyslam lions that try to fuck with them
How can one animal be so based?
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Poor antelope. Just when he thought his hero had come, it turns on him and he gets killed even worse than he was before. I like hippos but that one was very confused. I don't know why he went through the effort to save the antelope and put himself at risk only to change his mind later and help the hyenas.
Hippos are territorial, it gave the antelope a chance to leave and it didn't, they will kill anything in their territory that doesn't fuck off after the first warning
He wasn't confused, he just wanted everyone out of his mudhole.
It didn't leave because it was stuck in the mud. Could the hippo not tell that?
Yes. The hippo couldn't tell that because it's a goddamn animal, one for which, given several other traits, intelligence is not selected for.

File: 1504465524150.jpg (19 KB, 480x640)
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Daily reminder; Can't afford the vet? Don't get the pet.
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Any decent owner sets aside 70% of their income for vet bills.
>tfw cockatoo got attacked by mom's friends dog
>freaking out, immediately grab the 1000~ cash I had squirreld away and rushed to the emergency vet because they were the only ones who were open
>ended up costing around 460
>don't mind paying it, anything to make him okay again
>never offers to help pay for what her dog did
Within reason m8, I love my dog but I won't be paying thousands of dollars to keep her alive. Most I've payed at once was a few hundreds to remove lumps and send them to a lab.
>letting your bird anywhere near a dog
Nigga I owned a rabbit and let it out around the house pretty often but I would never leave it alone with the dog and cat that had lived with it for years. Animals are animals my dude.
same shit. i rather afford a vet and actually have a pet. nice job proving my point further retard

Yo so im planning on sneaking a fishtank into my dorm, small tanks are allowed but im not about that weak shit so im going for around 20-25 (more if i can be stealthy) gal, and i was wondering if i could manage a couple ornate Bichirs in here. I've kept sengals before in a 15 gal for the first few stages of life with no problem, and since the ornates are much smaller i figured i could do this long term.

Anyway, advice for doing this? Also best places to order healthy predatory fish? Normally I buy from stores so i don't have experience with sites, but I won't have that leisure right now. I know theres quite a few pros on here who could give me some pointers, but any tips would be great.

If i can't do polypterus Ill probably just stick with Bosemani or some show angels, but I love me some dinosaur fish so im hoping i can make this work.
I honestly don't know where you can find ornates that young. All the ones I've seen have been at least half grown.
Sneak the tank into your room in a box as if it were just some piece of ikea furniture. Most dorm managers don't give a shit anyway and small is subjective. I would go out of your way to make it into a display tank for the ladies. Try find a quality fish store in the area and ask the owner if he can hook you up with something rare.
I had a small reef tank in my dorm back in the day and always used it as an excuse to get girls back to my dorm room. Also the different light settings on the LEDs could make for a good atmosphere.

How can an enviromentalist cannot be vegan when the main cause of the global warming is the animal production?
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>>>2486681 (You)
>>not science
>gullible little thing, aren't you?
>fossil fuels are still the main cause.
Ahahaha ignorance
>the vast majority of beef in the world isn't factory farmed.

where in that document does it say that?
What's the point of environmentalism if the world is just going to be overrun by dumb Muslims in a couple generations?

He is 1.5 years old. Took him to the vet for comprehensive blood testing/pressure etc. after he had his first seizure, and they said he looks completely healthy. He's obviously not though, as he had two more seizures today.

Looking for responses from owners of epilectic pets:
Is it worth it to start him on phenobarbitol? - I'm just concerned because he'll probably need it for the rest of his life once he starts, leading to additional side effects over time.
What about CBD oil?
Is an MRI worth the $2500+?
The doctor can set me up with a cardiologist (though is doubtful that it's heart-related based on circumstances of seizures).
Could it be related to his yearly vaccinations? (only notable event that was recent)

He is an entirely indoor cat. I'm not broke, but my bank account is finite (can afford the MRI but dont know if it'd be worth it). He seems like a normal happy cat until he starts seizing (usually only happens when he wakes up from sleeping).
It's just a shitty cat

Throw it in the trash and get a new one

File: 20170923_184903.jpg (2.75 MB, 4032x3024)
2.75 MB
2.75 MB JPG
Pls help. I have 2 cockatiels and i've had them for well over 4 months. I want them to know im not a threat or something. They keep opening up their beaks as if they wanna bite my finger or avoid me whenever i want them to maybe go on my finger. How do i do so?
Google cockatiel/parrot training and look up 'parrotwizard' on youtube. His stuff is great.

To make this brief, stop shoving your hand in the cage. Show them treats like millet, they fucking love that shit. Make them reach for it. Only put your hand in the cage when you are changing out food, water, and to offer treats. If they freak out, back off. If they calm down, leave your hand in the cage. Don't try to grab or make them perch. You need to reach them your hand is safe and they won't trust you when you are always grabbing them.

Some birds never get over cage aggression, especially if they have lived their while life stuck in a cage. I personally prefer to train outside the cage but you need to bird proof your room if their wings aren't clipped. A scared bird can easily kill itself by flying into shit.
Entice them outside the cage. I tricked mine out of the cage and closed it behind them. They had a perch on top of their cage where I let them hang out. I also have a flight room where there are some perches for them but they didn't like to be so high or two low so they ended up just flying to me. Training clipped birds is easier to me but Ive only clipped their wings if they were a danger to themselves or came to me clipped. A clipped bird is forced to rely on you but restraining them to clip wings is pretty traumatic to them.

In or outside the cage, keep them close to you but not too close. Go about your day. Talk and whistle to them softly, offer treats.

But really look at parrotwizard's stuff. It's great.

File: dragon.jpg (409 KB, 1200x849)
409 KB
409 KB JPG
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Was it narrated by Patrick Stewart? Something about finding the preserved remains of a dragon like the mammoth body in ice? I remember something along those lines years ago.
What do you want to fuck anon?
Dragonology was pretty cool.
File: devin-quigley-img-2902.jpg (318 KB, 1920x1440)
318 KB
318 KB JPG
Yes and there was no "this isn't real, kids." message at all.

I was the dragon kid btw 100% convinced they were real. my proof was that every culture had a dragon myth so they must be real.

File: 1506220278463-1396397456.jpg (2.76 MB, 5312x2988)
2.76 MB
2.76 MB JPG
Why do you have your pet crab what type of crab is it favorite crab to eat ect... > pic related

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