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You think I'd get in deep shit if I took a couple ducks from a local pond?
Asking for a friend, obviously
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I'm sure that'd be fine as long as you have a big enough tank for them. I'm assuming they would need a lot of ground space
File: 1509395626170.png (30 KB, 645x729)
30 KB
I assume he meant state, but went full retard and asked country
No I meant country because I assumed anyone would know Oregon was in the US. I thought Anon was from Europe or something because AFAIK muscovies aren't native to the US and he said his were.
File: muscovy_duck.jpg (22 KB, 303x420)
22 KB
The USA is not a single government. It is much like the EU. Each state is its own country state. They can follow federal law or not follow it if they want to. Some don't follow federal laws and for those things they get funding cut for a few things.

Muscovies are originally native to here. They are like pigs and black bass, introduced to most everywhere to some extent. Only a tiny portion of Texas is their native range.

File: vic.jpg (162 KB, 970x595)
162 KB
162 KB JPG
post /an/ related films

im looking for dog films in particular
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The one I watched on YouTube didn't show that, it just cut out before the credits and left me thinking they chose suicide over gunfire.

OP, what else have you watched? This thread is quite a long list.
just milo and otis and white god
i copped some other movies from this thread but im saving it coz i dont want crippling depression
In the film they died. The island shown after the credits is symbolic. The book had a stupid deus ex machina happy ending.
Glad I wasn't the only one that read it that way. Not afraid to admit, I'm a 35 year old man, and I lost a tear or two at the end. Not many films have moved me like Plague Dogs did.

File: ep90-thing.jpg (73 KB, 625x398)
73 KB
ITT: Let's come up with an organism that is a natural predator to the Thing.

>inb4 "another Thing"

Is it multicellular? Single? How does it work? Does it avoid assimilation, or is it just really good at killing the thing before it can act?
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>I remember from somewhere in canon that cell walls stop Thing cells from penetrating.
I would be interested in the source of that
I'm not doubting you, it's just interesting

>anything but quests
and /d/ threads, and RP threads, and groupfinder threads, and mage college

Found the guy who's only here to argue
Or encouraging discussion?
Wait, did you post the creepypasta thing and now you're upset that people don't know what you're talking about?
This is what I thought of immediately. The blob I imagine would be pretty indiscriminate though, just eats everything. Not exclusively "Things". Just happens to have semi-feasable adaptions to handle one. Fuck. Imagine if a thing could assimilate a blob. That would be one hell of a monster.

Lol it probably was. Scp guy must assume that everyone here has memorized a thousand odd creepypasta creature descriptions and their serial numbers. SCP-682 indeed. They can be an entertaining read though. I had a good laugh at one thread on /x/ which was "which scp kills you" based on post number.

I got killed by a creature that only attacks people when they are alone in a public bathroom and taking a shit.
Anything that starts to burst into flames the moment it detects it, has an incredibly robust immune system to the point where it will destroy any of the Thing that touches it, emits deadly toxic chemicals, or is a Thing 2.0

Personally the natural predator to the Thing is human simply by their will to survive and ingenuity.

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why no bite?
>does the strength of muscles scale up with size 1:1?
No the thread.
It would be scaling down, but crocodiles and alligators would still be pretty dangerous at dog size.
How? Cold or something? Holy fuck, every one I've encountered has been aggressive as fuck. Maybe the Aussie ones are just cunts like the rest of our animals.
Scale it up, imagine if it was the size of a walrus and lived on the shores.

Now imagine if you were some dumb fuck in an alternate world that wandered too close to take a selfie with it.
A single punch would collapse your chest like a fucking milk carton.

File: 1468253102774.jpg (71 KB, 600x400)
71 KB

How come most of these people manage to do this without getting their face bitten? Why do the dogs don't bite them?
They are reacting to the camera
You don't bite the hand that feeds, well in this case, the face.
My dog bit my face because I grabbed his paw and he didn't like it. Not even a warning, he just bit me

File: -Ab6NFbL.jpg (262 KB, 1252x1252)
262 KB
262 KB JPG
Post your favorite type of wild feline, Mine is the Pallas Cat.
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I'm pretty sure that's a cougar. Or is it a mountain lion....
File: 1510605715554.jpg (19 KB, 236x341)
19 KB
Tigers are /fit/ as fuck Bros, how do I get traps like that?
File: moscow-2.jpg (974 KB, 1488x992)
974 KB
974 KB JPG
You must am being from Siberia.
cheesy bug

File: hm question.jpg (123 KB, 700x833)
123 KB
123 KB JPG
My kot was with me since 1995 and recently he was gone. I've been really lonely, but as much as I wanna replace him by another kot, I don't wanna another kot again, because there will be again shitty sand all over (I am in a new clean place), hair and stink of ammonia.

So I am thinking of getting a dog. What breed dog do I get?

It has to be robust, minimum chance of health troubles. Also must have no shedding issue. I want my place to remain clean. And I suppose it should be small, minimal expenses.

What breed?
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You could get a Breeze litter box and solve the sand and ammonia problem.

Dogs are cool too though.
get a badass terrier like a patterdale
If it smelled, then you were not cleaning the litter box enough and/or you were not using a good litter.

I scoop the litterbox nearly every time my cat uses it or at the minimum once a day. She doesn't piss or shit anywhere else. I also use World's Best litter and it's the best brand I've ever used.

Not saying don't get a dog instead but cat stink is from lazy owners.
As for hair, most dogs shed worse than cats. Short haired dogs seem to shed more while long haired dogs shed heavily twice a year. There's always fur from my lab mix getting embedded into the rug and clothes. My American Eskimo sheds a little but long haired dogs NEED to be groomed. Her fur is also much easier to vacuum and doesn't stick into everything. Once a year she fucking explodes though where you can just pull out her undercoat by hand.

Poodles are great dogs and you don't have to shave them if you don't want to look like a faggot. Shedding isn't a problem with them.
>The biggest issue I warn people about is it's not uncommon for them to be hostile towards new people as they get older. We didn't know that and weren't diligent in training her to behave so on her best days

How can you not know that chihuahuas are aggressive towards stangers ? Everyone hate this breed because of people like you.
>The biggest issue I warn people about is it's not uncommon for them to be hostile towards new people as they get older. We didn't know that and weren't diligent in training her to behave so on her best days she'll only tolerate new people

Ok, I worded this poorly, my bad.
We didn't know much about chihuahuas before my aunt got one because she wasn't planning on getting one. My aunt got the dog on very short notice so she wouldn't have to go to the pound. We did train the dog to behave, it just surprised us because before she was 3 or 4 she never had a problem with new people. She won't bite and we can calm her down very quickly when she meets someone new, which isn't too often.

I was trying to get the point across that some chihuahuas, or least the ones I know, may never like new people as they get older and just kinda tolerate strangers being around even after they were trained to behave.

File: 1510081259316.jpg (62 KB, 1024x416)
62 KB
Give me one good reason why dogs are better than cats?

Protip: you can't
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File: file.png (1.08 MB, 1280x720)
1.08 MB
1.08 MB PNG
When confronted with dogs, I just try to ignore them. Or if they get up in my face (Which they do 95% of the time, because they KNOW I don't like them and they're the Jehovah's Witnesses of animals, just like their owners) I go "Yeah haha, woof woof, right? Wow, you're loud. You definitely are a dog, yep. Ooh great job sliming my hand or shoe, that's definitely great that you did that and not gross. Good job doing dog stuff. Yes, nice. Please stop now." and I nervously pet them in a place they might not bite me in order to appease them so they might go away.

Then I wash my hands because WHAT IS IT WITH DOGS?? They almost all fucking smell and make your hands smell disgusting and feel like... dusty?? Like there's dust on them?? It's like petting a horse except horses have an excuse because they're big, live mostly outside, and can't possibly clean themselves.

Dogs COULD but choose not to because fuck you that's why. I don't see why dogs can't do the cat thing of cleaning themselves, they're pretty flexible from what I've seen. Also, you'd think cats would smell gross because they lick themselves all day and cat spit smells just as gross as dog spit, but somehow I can nuzzle my whole face in a cat tummy and it smells neutral and clean. But dogs just sit around in their own filth, with shit berries hanging off their ass and their owners just think they're angels from heaven blessing them with shit berries. Haha oh how cute, it's a shit berry, guess I'll clean that off the anus of my sweet precious baby that has the strength to kill me.

Meanwhile let's look down on cats for pooping outside of the single litter box that gets cleaned once a week because ew um that's gross I'm way above that *pulls dingleberries off a dog's anus with papertowels because the entire species refuses to indulge in basic hygiene.* Oh haha my dog has destroyed his own expensive bedding and pissed on my bed, how darling! What a silly! Oh the cat clawed the couch, damn all cats!
I like both cats and dogs. Fite me IRL
File: dog horrors.jpg (656 KB, 2048x1536)
656 KB
656 KB JPG
this is an exceptional post/pasta
Dogs are fun.

Can somebody id this plant for me please? This was my grandfathers plant. He died about 15 years ago so its at least that old.. want to keep it living, thanks.
Looks like a type of snake plant.
They're tough little shits and generally low maintenance. They also help with purifying the air.
Just google some tips on how to maintain snake plants and you should be good.
Like other anon said it's definitely a variety of snake plant.
And like they said, they are super hardy and tough to kill. I had one I took awful care of and often neglected to water for weeks at a time and it lived for years.
looks like mother in laws tongue plant

File: TZ emblem.jpg (59 KB, 900x900)
59 KB
is he literally /our/ youtuber?
We get it, stop jerking yourself off.
hmm? if this was already asked then i would just like opinions on it :)

File: elephant burial ritual.jpg (508 KB, 2048x1141)
508 KB
508 KB JPG
How different do you think elephants are
from the rest of the animal kingdom
intelligence/sentience/mind wise?
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Long fully prehensile trunks that can grip, throw, push, whack, suck water, and be hosed as a snorkel.
File: 1402993272363.jpg (160 KB, 960x641)
160 KB
160 KB JPG
>largest land animals today
They are the closest thing we have to mammoths or even giant dinosaurs.
>there was a dinosaur over 200 feet long
oxygen makes everybody lanklets
there was less oxygen when that dinosaur lived.
much less.
They basically were mammoths. Or mammoths were basically elephants.

Not all mammoths had fur either. Now mastodons. That shit is wild to me. Its like pointing at a giraffe but it's not a giraffe despite it looks, acts and does everything else a giraffe does.

File: drosophila-melanogaster.jpg (339 KB, 1521x1056)
339 KB
339 KB JPG
The savior of modern genetics
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File: fpls-06-00295-g005.jpg (172 KB, 970x1770)
172 KB
172 KB JPG
>TFW I un-ironically got shit face drunk and depressed for weeks after my 5x mutant population cross got fucked up.

File: whitelabmouse.jpg (125 KB, 600x332)
125 KB
125 KB JPG
We should have a day to commemorate all the lab animals out there. They really are the underdogs of scientific research.
>lab animals
>nothing about plants
>or bacteria
>or viruses

Wow, you really need to check your evolutionary privilege shitlord.
Are those eyes on his legs?

File: cat.png (19 KB, 1111x572)
19 KB
Hey lads want to try something entertaining?

Buy pinata
Fill pinata with cat treats and coat in catnip
Introduce to cat
Massive lols

Is this all my dwarf robo really needs for good health? Besides occasional fruit/veggies, aren’t seeds their primary diet in the wild? All those other foods got seeds but I hear they’ll be selective and eat the tasty unhealthy stuff. I feel like it’s the equivalent of dog food. I don’t want to feed my dwarfs dog food. But I don’t want a dog that won’t eat dog food whenever it’s not getting treats? Ya feel me?
Owbox is some quality stuff. It is made with seeds they need. Rodents do pick and chose what they want to eat, not what they have to eat so you'll have a hamster who will eat all the sunflowers first until it's not hungry. Then go for the next thing it wants until it's not hungry, etc.If given the option, hamster's would just eat cheeseburgers for the rest of their life, really.
Pellets forces them to get more out of it as they are more rounded nutritionally, assuming you're using a good brand.

Only issue with this brand is that it's too low in recommended protein for hamsters. Which you can easily fix by giving them a little bit of egg. You can still give your hamster seeds. Just supplement them as treats or as you with veggies(which everyone should be doing regardless if they are on a seed or pellet diet).

Been awhile since I owned hamsters so I'm not sure if it's similar to rats but having owned rats for over 10 years I learned that too much protein is really shitty for them. Makes them greasy, shitty fur, itchy, scabby, more prone to developing tumors/disease. It prematurely 'ages' them. My sister had a robo that got an inoperable tumor but I can't say what it's diet was like, but I figured I'd mention it if cancer is also an issue with hamsters. Too much protein may not cause tumors but it certainly doesn't help if they're already genetically prone to them.
Oxbow is great food.
Helps keep their teeth manageable too

File: 1508730335718.gif (1.07 MB, 446x270)
1.07 MB
1.07 MB GIF
>be based big parrot
>live for 50-112 years

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