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Why do people think that wolves are these massive vicious creatures when most are about the size of a German Shepherd and generally afraid of people?

Also why do people think that a man can't easily 1v1 a wolf in a fight? We're talking a 80-120 lb difference on average.
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>A full grown man can shitfuck a wolf

You've never seen a living wolf I see. Probably never saw a full grown man either.
If a furious pitbull attacked me I'd have 0 chances with bare hands, their grip is brutal. I won't even imagine a wolf.
Wolves bite pressure is a lot more powerful than a pitbulls.
They can crack through bones

I beat off two medium sized dogs that were really going at me so I'm fairly sure I could take one wolf
]spoiler[you just know]/spoiler[

which birbs are the cuddliest
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is this for real or a ruse?
It's not quite an extension of their penis as much as it is the bird equivalent of making out. If you keep doing it, the bird's eventually going to want more, which humans aren't capable of giving.
good call anon, they seem like very affectionate creatures
What if I don't care if I into sexual relations with birb?
I think that bird is a lutino Indian Rose‚Äźnecked Parakeet.

File: 1510829459460.jpg (78 KB, 500x667)
78 KB
time to start up the bun thread.
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Even the most antisocial of buns will submit to a good head pet. Especially if it's a lazy afternoon and they're too sleepy to do anything about it.
Like dis
Aw that's precious. Turtle bun still cringes if I touch him anywhere but his forehead+shoulders, but lately I've been able to scratch his cheeks as well!
Does turtbun have a crate or something like puppies sometimes have or does he just sleep around the house?
File: IMG_20170331_114650.jpg (101 KB, 720x1280)
101 KB
101 KB JPG
He has a cage for his litter and food, but usually he sleeps underneath one of the chairs.

File: download.jpg (7 KB, 243x207)
7 KB
I wanna get a giant isopod but i can't seem to find any for sale and I don't know what i need to do to care for them. Is having one even a realistic thing to want to do?
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What a stupid video.
Does it annoy anyone else that these people act like care takers of the animal while it is helplessly blinded and suffocated by conditions its not used to.
I found it incredibly frustratrating and I had so many questions.
What was it doing in a ditch in the first place...?
They were torturing it for their amusement for 2 whole hrs then killed it and ate it apparently.
It was probably caught by a fishing trawler where it was dumped in a ditch and they found it there or it was given to them.
File: isopods.png (2.67 MB, 1802x1115)
2.67 MB
2.67 MB PNG

Why do cats look so comfy? Also post comfy animals.
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File: WP_20180115_004.jpg (351 KB, 1632x918)
351 KB
351 KB JPG
my cattos
File: IMG_0308.jpg (1.53 MB, 3264x2448)
1.53 MB
1.53 MB JPG
Lookin' cozy, anon! Love the little white patch on the chin on the right.
Here are my kotti
No one likes dingos
File: 20160513_161353.jpg (1.96 MB, 3264x2448)
1.96 MB
1.96 MB JPG

File: 1515998052294.gif (2.48 MB, 300x273)
2.48 MB
2.48 MB GIF
Is spice/chili harmful to turtles ?
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File: an.png (4 KB, 396x115)
4 KB
>Is spice/chili harmful to turtles ?
yeah, that sure looks like animal abuse to me.

/an/ only has one rule-
don't post animal abuse.
Oh god this made me so sad
And OP is so dumb, can't even follow that single rule
File: 1435961008527.png (30 KB, 547x603)
30 KB
good work little buddy!

File: thumbs_10-senior.jpg (52 KB, 190x295)
52 KB
So I recently adopted an 8 month old female border collie, which apparently was raised on a farm where she simply ran free and didnt recieve any training whatsoever. She didn't even have a name. Needless to say it's been pretty hard to train her. For those with similar experience, what would your advice be? I just wanna know what my best course of action is.
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File: thinking orangutan.jpg (53 KB, 500x500)
53 KB
>leave the most trainable breeds to the experts
Smarter dogs are likely to be more dominant and stubborn, therefor more difficult to train. An unexperienced owner will give less consistent training, turning their smart dog into a dominant shithead.
Well memed my friend.
Smart dogs aren't necessarily trainable. My mother-in-law's pugs were very easy to obedience train, my old border collie Aussie mix would look at you with this expression like
>why should I sit?

However, once you find an intelligent dog's motivations it can do and understand so much more than something like a pug or show line lab (not field line).

That is why they should only be with people who have experience with the normal cognition of dog obedience and behavior because more intelligent breeds will always test limits and experiment.
this, start with the basic fundamentals and give her some boundaries.

File: jp.jpg (101 KB, 500x647)
101 KB
101 KB JPG
>When you haven't cried about JP in 3.4782 seconds so you make shit up to be mad about

Paleofags, everyone
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To be fair the misunderstanding about raptor wrists started with a relatively famous State Paleontologist in the US. He apparently misread the paper saying raptors could pronate the wrist as saying that no theropods could pronate.

He then published this misunderstanding (no theropods can pronate the wrist) in one of his own papers, citing as evidence the very paper that says raptors could pronate.

So people that have read the more recent paper stating no theropods could pronate but haven't read the paper it cites stating some theropods could pronate, would be justified in believing the word of the (mistaken) State Paleontologist.

So while this error was adopted by an ignorant public, it wasn't originally promulgated by them. It is also difficult to rectify because the original and correct paper is highly technical and thus not popular with the public, while the mistaken paper is not at all technical and is very popular with non-scientists.

It's not important though. The mistake has no effect on anything except public imaginations of theropods, and public imagination doesn't generally affect science.
>public imagination doesn't generally affect science
It does when it influences what gets funding
The public has no influence over what gets funded.

if it did paleontology literally wouldn't exist in the US where well over half of the population doesn't believe in secular evolution.
>should we explore space, get a better grasp on particle physics, or find out what's at the bottom of the ocean?
R&D almost never published science.

File: 1482981127291.jpg (154 KB, 884x1006)
154 KB
154 KB JPG
Sorry guys I know I said that I would remind you every day to want a platypus but a work emergency came up and I'm going to be without internet for a month on sight. I'm basically bootlegging a Sat phone right now.

So this will have to be your monthly reminder to want a platypus.

I won't be able to reply to this.
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File: 1387607378372.png (54 KB, 919x737)
54 KB
ITT: degenerated ex-prisoners plan to house an endangered animal with poisonous fangs in their own home despite the fact of being illegal

Daily reminder that aussies are shit tier
File: 1505079200141s.jpg (2 KB, 124x83)
2 KB
It would be easier to just drop the hate and ignorance and want a platypus. I understand if you can't however, like common sense or brain cells, platypuses aren't for everybody.
File: platypus swim.webm (1.79 MB, 630x338)
1.79 MB
1.79 MB WEBM
One no one here is an ex con that I am aware of. Two platypuses are not endangered. Three the do not have fangs. The males have a venomous barb on each of their hind legs.

This is your daily reminder to get your facts straight and want a platypus.
File: platy2.jpg (71 KB, 940x627)
71 KB
Thank you, but I made it home safely a while ago.

This is your daily reminder to want a platypus.
We're all very happy you made it back Anon! Daily platyposts are my favorite.

File: 1515689892433[1].png (154 KB, 930x1305)
154 KB
154 KB PNG
Who was in the wrong?
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Like, dude. It's a husky. I have a cat, and two dogs with high prey drive not dissimilar to that of a husky. Used to be two cats and two dogs with high prey drive, but the eldest cat just died of cardiac complications of hyperthyroidism.

Both dogs were introduced to cats as puppies, but, surprise, they saw the cats as kill-things. You know what we have done 100% of the time since? Kept the animals in separate parts of the house. The dogs live downstairs with a closed door between them and the staircase. As we go past the staircase to leave through the front door, the dogs are strongly kept away from the staircase.

The cats live upstairs.

The separation is complete and utter. In six years, there have been three events of failure to maintain separation by people forgetting to close a door. All three times, people were around and leapt into immediate action. One time, the cat received moderate bruising to the stomach. One time, the dog was caught before it could reach the cat. The third time, the dog did moderate damage to the cat's stifle. After each incident, further steps have been taken to ensure that the barrier between the cat space and the dog space have been implemented.

They're both at fault for an extent for thinking any introduction between an adult husky and a cat could be achieved, but the boyfriend is particularly at fault for leaving the dog loose and unsupervised against advice.
He definitely already has it. See
>trusting a woman when she might be at fault for anything
high probability she's lying or omitting details that would make her look bad
File: doge juice.jpg (49 KB, 460x522)
49 KB
hehe roasty soy virgin chad REDDIT amirite r/an9k LOL

File: IMG_9604.jpg (1.42 MB, 3264x2448)
1.42 MB
1.42 MB JPG
I bought some rocks recently, but suddenly can't remember what the green one with pink spots was. I can't remember if it was an ocean jasper, leopard skin jasper, or something else. Also rock thread, post collections
38 replies and 17 images omitted. Click here to view.
arent you just a logist then?
This thread needs more pics of cool gems
Bought some rocks?

What the fuck? Just go outside; that shit's free.

Fucking 4chan...
Where can I find crystals outside? The rocks it CT are just plain old rocks.

You're bullshitting. CT's geological history is extremely complex. It's one of the best rockhounding states in the union.


Don't mind me, just invading your home for some warmth ;)
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i usually flush them
I have a nice spot reserved just for you
The cat or the fire?
Bruh fuck you, Ive had one for a pet for 3 weeks and he fucking died yesterday.

RIP In Pieces Stanky 2017-2018
I always feel the need to evict them because it's dry inside. Freezing sounds more pleasant than dying of thirst after a week of searching for water

File: 1464888561565.jpg (127 KB, 724x678)
127 KB
127 KB JPG
itt stereotypes about owners of certain dog breeds
i will start
>maltanese dog/york- young family with young children
222 replies and 39 images omitted. Click here to view.
You jist outed yourself as a socially inept faggot
Malamute owners come in a few flavors
>Rural white mother obsessed with native Americans and spiritualism
>Chill veteran you would never guess actually served
>Wealthy European who came to America to get one and will leave the day after
>That guy who gets annoyed everyone keeps calling his dog a Husky and has to correct them anytime it is mentioned.
Why, when its head has been deformed over the years to look like a shark and its legs have been equally bred to be bowed. Breeds being defiled like that are the definition and purpose of why smash and slammed was created.
how about people who keep bees?
File: t3_z7ply.png (97 KB, 812x540)
97 KB

File: 1515978835997.jpg (46 KB, 512x512)
46 KB
>My front white trash neighbor and her white trash neighbors all own pit bulls
>they never get walked
>are aggressive as fuck when I walk my dog passed them
Why do people have to be such shitty dog owners ? Poor things.
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
you should move out of the ghetto
>I once saw a Pitbull jump over a fence and attack an old grandma's puppies she was walking down the street... Be careful.
Im honestly to the point where I carry a kife just in case something like that happens. Trashy fucking people. Shes a prime example of a trashy dog owner. Im probably the only guy who walks my dog everyday in my neighborhood.
Its semi-ghetto not overly dramatic though. My neighborhood is really quiet neighbors mind their own. Cops are always on top of things doing patrols and what not. From a 1-10 the llevel of ghettoness is probably at a 4.5. My neighbors are trashy though.
Carry a gun.
in my experience pit bulls seem to enjoy being couch dogs and lazy as fuck.

How much would you pay for a pitbull?
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Anything more than $50 is too much for craigslist dogs
Get a load of this cuck.
I wouldn't
its always some white trash tattooed faggot
Negative 500 million and needles in my eyes.

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