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Any anteater chads here? What do you feed them? Any special needs?
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>crowds are drawn to public spectacles
>the more grotesque the more gather to gawk
>stay tuned, more breaking news up ahead
superiority of artistic prowess and technical skill proves itself. awful silly exercise, that. almost as silly as your non-answer. ever been to see the circus anon?

huh? burgers?
File: wine-drinking-anteater.gif (1.81 MB, 320x240)
1.81 MB
1.81 MB GIF
what's filesize limit on this board? 4?

What a dumb conclusion, >>4773027 this is probably more likely
Also this

File: 1709954025991971.jpg (46 KB, 1080x567)
46 KB
Please a adopt a dog or a cat from your local shelter.
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they all are even the cats
every animal is native somewhere
Not adopting a spayed or neutered dog that's gonna have bone and incontinence issues in 4 years.
>adopt a cat
Sure, my previous cats were 10 year old siblings adopted from a shelter and they were great little guys.
>adopt a dog
No fucking way. A cat with behavioural issues is a nuisance, a dog with behavioural issues is a liability. There ain't no fucking reality in which I'll put myself on the line for some 'poor littol pupperrr' that's actually some 8 year old neurotic bully-mix. Fuck off. I'm getting my dogs from reputable breeders. Breed-specific rescues at a push.
>>tiny lapdogs
>>a liability
ok retard
initially just kitten milk and what little wet food he could tolerate before it hurt too much. he figured how to scarf down his wet food since.

File: r7-4263362059.jpg (72 KB, 1429x893)
72 KB
Does anyone else feel guilty for purchasing a pet from a breeder when so many animals are struggling to survive/get adopted? My cat cost me $3500 + vet fees
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I'm still rescuing them, it happens that I'm using a breeder instead of a shelter.
Because they spread disease and their average lifespan is 4. They are the only remaining domesticated rabies reservoir in the US and toxoplasmosis spread around by their turds kills 20 times more people than pitbulls.

The average lifespan of a non-domesticated wildcat is 12-15 and most wildcat populations are isolated from humans. There's 10,000 years of genetic damage, and they're animals, it's not a good arrangement. If you neutered them all and cut off the resupply (meaning no letting any cats out ever again - impossible with how some "people" view cats) they'd basically vanish within half a decade.
No, they tend to collect more and more cats until space and expenses prevent them from accepting more. Then they stop accepting new surrenders and some new cat lady needs to be conned into creating another cat rescue, to “save” easily adoptable kittens from the shelter that euthanizes surplus unadoptable animals.
You can always give her a maine coon friend. What will you do with the kittens?
That was 8 months ago before I took her in. She had 7 outside. We took one and her. It was a knee-jerk reaction because I wanted to keep them together; I wasn't intending to take any cat in at all until people discovered the litter and starting taking them at 5 weeks. Despite my warning they were a little too young, they all just walked past their mother's one-eye to take her kittens. And of course the remaining one looks like her mom the most, everyone's last choice despite me solely caring for this mom for months at that point. A neighbor witness at least pointed that out that I was kind of walked on top of.

>maine coone friend
I've reached capacity. I had a cat already, and they aren't friends, but merely tolerate each other. This girl doesn't even like her daughter that much anymore. They aren't bonded like litter mates would be. But at least rarely they groom each other. I don't want to get rid of them but I do feel regret at how the events unfolded.

This morning there was a skunk stuck on my back deck. I don't know how he got there because there's a gate at the top of the stairs that squirrels can barely fit through. He was running around confused until I opened it and waited for him to realize it's open, then he went down the stairs and ran into the woods.

In his honor, I propose a skunk thread.
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They should use CRISPR to GMO a skunk whose spray smells like lilac
It's all so tiresome...
File: 139487128.jpg (17 KB, 503x737)
17 KB

Why would you mess with perfection, anons
Thicc boy

thoughts on european wildcats
are they real
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>raise wildcat
>it behaves exactly the same as a house cat
cats aren't truly domesticated imo
We should probably require the sterilization of any male free roaming domestic cats in the areas where they're present, though I doubt there'd be the political will to enforce such a mandate.
They are, but the purpose of their domestication makes it less notable, there are literally physical differences between wild and domestic ones so yeah
They are truly domesticated, the differences lie in how easily they adapt even if they haven't been hand reared, how well they deal with strangers, and general dysgenics.

Because the process of self-domestication cats underwent was purely dysgenic. Dogs were spared for most of their 40,000 year history because they just hung out with primitive humans and primitive humans followed them while they hunted. Cats just adapted into sort of, uh, the american version of themselves. Weaker and lazier because they didn't have to do as much work, and people didn't actually care if they accomplished anything or not because they're inoffensive and predictable.
Maine coon tail, interesting

File: coon vs dane.jpg (83 KB, 680x405)
83 KB
I've noticed that the biggest breeds, be those cats or dogs, are the calmest and most phlegmatic of their species. Is there any biological reason for that or is it just a funny coincidence?
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File: 1690977545247568.png (303 KB, 372x394)
303 KB
303 KB PNG
>and fashion a sort of rope harness
It's so gorgeous, like a fantasy castle. It invites you to explore its passages.
Because it's the only black silhouette.

I'm a native speaker and I have no idea either.
File: 1699119097058693.png (1.73 MB, 1023x683)
1.73 MB
1.73 MB PNG
>It invites you to explore its passages
Nice try.
How do termites still exist if ants out-compete them this hard?

File: 1636568388243.jpg (34 KB, 640x480)
34 KB
>pet someone's dog to be polite
>hands now have a thick, awful musk scent now, and it won't wash off
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Was watching over a big poodle a couple of times. Very smelly even after a shower.
>Golden retriever = very stinky.
you're smelling their ears
dogs with floppy ears nearly always have ear infections because their owners are retarded and hear "low maintenance dog" and thing that means that it's basically a houseplant
File: Screenshot.png (54 KB, 693x159)
54 KB
you are literally homosexual
>He literally spent hours on desuarchive looking for that picture with that filename so he could say he was an oldfag
>It backfired, he saved it from an actual fag
bestiality obsessed catredditor self own (again)

its their fur too golden retrievers just smell bad
>at vet waiting room
>middle aged woman with dog keeps letting it howl and cry and jump everywhere but makes no attempt to stop it/soothe it because she’s on the phone
God I hate these people

File: wew2.jpg (686 KB, 2542x1882)
686 KB
686 KB JPG
press F for the best dog

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File: 1709746840135258.png (380 KB, 750x500)
380 KB
380 KB PNG
>Golden Retrievers are known to have various types of cancers
That's down to specific genetic lines. For dachshunds, being SMASHED AND SLAMMED is the entire point of the breed.
File: 1691886596077183.png (632 KB, 750x500)
632 KB
632 KB PNG
>yeah people with disabilities, genetic diseases and disorders, or that are extremely deformed/ugly/short should be able to breed
No, they should be forcefully sterilized.
File: 1691236959016764.png (457 KB, 640x361)
457 KB
457 KB PNG
Do you realize that catholics were overwhelmingly anti Nazi, and are also incredibly anti eugenics? Christians would rescue the infants the Romans (and other pagans when Christianity spread) left exposed to die, often for eugenic or 'family planning' reasons.

Not even a roman catholic, just tired of seeing incredible ignorance on this
File: 1674444829677463.jpg (72 KB, 622x617)
72 KB
Eines eurer Bundesländer wertet nicht länger Rechtschreibfehler bei der Matura und ihr habt ein Gesetzt, wonach sich ein Bürger einmal jährlich das Geschlecht umschreiben lassen darf.
You deserve what you tolerate.

What is the most normie misconception you are annoyed by? Mine has to be the that a panther is its own species.
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>*starts jerking off in store*
>Hey, stop that!
>poorly or not-at-all trained dog is aggressive and defensive with food and will snarl and snap at anyone who approaches
>"hehe he's just playing"
Ostriches shove their heads on the ground
>Would you describe a bug as a "philosopher" for its indifference?
Yes. This discussion is over.
>are yuo stupid?
>Yes. I refuse to answer questions. now im like the cartoon chad man right?
>no because ur ugly
>fug :DDDDDD

Maybe dumb question but I'm from the city: If an animal lays an egg, and another of the same species lays one afterwards, can egg #2 hatch first? Can underdeveloped animals hatch out of an egg?
File: 1712708244466173.png (228 KB, 640x759)
228 KB
228 KB PNG
I am a city slicker and even I know that eggs can hatch at different rates. The urbanisation of your surroundings have nothing to do with your retardation OP.
For chickens there is a heat+time activation period. You can collect eggs for 10 days, put them in incubator all at the same time, and the hatching time will all be essentially the same.
>Can underdeveloped animals hatch out of an egg?
No, only with assistance. Depends on the species if a parent normally helps with hatching. Generally though, if something is too underdeveloped and weak to break the shell, it just dies in the egg. The trauma of breaking out on your own is even actually important to the health of a lot of species.
For how long can I leave a fertilised egg out on a kitchen counter before it is no longer viable?

File: images (16).jpg (10 KB, 300x168)
10 KB
I know there's animals that can reproduce asexually, but are there any that can do so while they're still in a womb themselves? IE, The mother is having a baby, the yet-birn baby births an even you g child itself
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
I read somewhere that aphids are born already pregnant
Should we tell him about the incest bug
File: 1681777894094.png (213 KB, 736x454)
213 KB
213 KB PNG
>Adactylidium is a genus of mites known for its unusual life cycle. An impregnated female mite feeds upon a single egg of a thrips, rapidly growing five to eight female offspring and one male in her body. The single male mite mates with all his sisters when they are still inside their mother. The new females, now impregnated, eat their way out of their mother's body so that they can emerge to find new thrips eggs, killing their mother in the process (though the mother may be only 4 days old at the time), starting the cycle again.The male emerges as well, but does not look for food or new mates, and dies after a few hours.
File: 0 cj1ywpl2TIdQbQaa.png (1.39 MB, 1000x1000)
1.39 MB
1.39 MB PNG
Tasmanian Devils might in a few decades.

File: FB_IMG_1615985333433.jpg (154 KB, 1080x1440)
154 KB
154 KB JPG
kakapo is my favourite
99 replies and 52 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: hi!.jpg (121 KB, 750x948)
121 KB
121 KB JPG
I will never forget that kakapo surprised sex a guy who was filming a nature documentary with Stephen Fry, Just Because Of The Way He Was Dressed: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9T1vfsHYiKY%7Cthis
File: 1620129463103.jpg (18 KB, 400x533)
18 KB
does anyone else not keep a parrot around because it would sit on the computer monitor and scratch the screen? and i don't have the heart to keep it in the cage 24/7, nor the space to let it out without any open windows
File: 1706602168659307.jpg (1.52 MB, 1728x1152)
1.52 MB
1.52 MB JPG
Who is this gentleman?

File: IMG_11021.jpg (101 KB, 385x589)
101 KB
101 KB JPG
dumb dog barks every time a squirrel goes across yard on a power line or tree

dumb dog barks anytime nice person with nice dog ( all breeds) try to enjoy a nice walk near house

dumb dog barks when nice neighbors are just talking dozes of feet away

dumb dog barks if i try to walk a few feet away (house, car ect..) but only while in sight then dumb dog just sits there quietly

this is the 3rd smartest breed btw

how fix (inb4 Cesar Milan)
1 reply and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Reactivity or boredom? You decide. If reactive focus on desensitization and habitation with the stimulus (people). If boredom than exercise or buy a bark collar.
Not smartest, just most biddable. That means this will be PISS EASY. Behold, the basics of how you train a dog not to do stuff

You must do something to stop the behavior the moment it starts. Shout, clap, e-collar buzz, pop the long line, it depends on how "hard" your dog is (some dogs are dumb and some of them can take a punch to the face before they consider it pain. others will cry if you glare at them.)
You must have your dog do something else RIGHT NOW. They can look at you, they can come and sit, they can lay down on their back and air out their dick. It doesn't natter.
Throw them a piece of steak idk

If you do this enough times the dog will stop doing it.
Also if HALT does not work right away, you need to do DISTRACT/REDIRECT/REWARD first or you'll go nuts and probably hurt your dog trying harder and harder to stop them. That is where you hang around and actively distract your dog, usually by having them look at you for food. This softens their habit and makes it simpler to start actually stopping them. They're behind a fence, what's the hurry?

DISTRACT, STOP and REDIRECT should be considered new commands/tricks as you go through this, and you can use them later.
My dog never does that because I've corrected him in the start

Your dog barks like an idiot because you've never raised him correctly

Your dog is not the idiot, you are

You're like those NPCs who think a child being troublesome is the child's fault and not the parents

Truth is 99% of parents are incompetent retards
Damn anon, you really walked up into this thread and slammed your footlong dick on the table.
Good stuff mate.

Post your favourite treehopper bugs, talk about treehopper rarity, treehopper builds, guaranteed chances to drop etc
New event the yggdrasil tree coming next week with two new legendary hoppers and one mithical
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File: poop1J_800x.jpg (31 KB, 749x475)
31 KB
>From the same clade that brought you identifying as an attack helicopter
No, that's actually being a helicopter.
Why do we allow them to be like this?
you gonna tell them no

File: Wiki_vulture2.jpg (32 KB, 404x240)
32 KB
I'm hoping this takes off.
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File: 1693860841886366.jpg (48 KB, 670x376)
48 KB
What'd you tell them?
I just told 'em hell's existence
But you know me, don't nobody
Know my business
My presence fog your confidence
Who want a brand new complex?
Nab one, I'll call you, go fetch
File: 1704478252078842.jpg (2.16 MB, 2048x1365)
2.16 MB
2.16 MB JPG
File: 1710924118285442.jpg (167 KB, 1404x928)
167 KB
167 KB JPG
File: 1603574075023.jpg (199 KB, 895x549)
199 KB
199 KB JPG

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