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File: Q1dIWOV.jpg (417 KB, 2000x2668)
417 KB
417 KB JPG
So why do people even bring their dogs around with them if they just intend on tying them up outside or shoving them in a dog box? In what scenario does this make more sense than leaving them at home or bringing them home before doing errands?
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People do that in the US too. Many stores provide water bowls for the dogs.
My bank even has treats set out for them.
why would anyone steal an adult dog, they have negative value
Do you not live in a city? People will steal anything.
File: giphy (1).gif (3.3 MB, 480x270)
3.3 MB
3.3 MB GIF
People steal adult dogs all the time, especially pure bred dogs and puppies. Many also steal random dogs to be "bait dogs" to train fighting dogs.
People at my local dog park have come up to me and warned me that my dog is really beautiful and to not let him out of my sight because good-looking dogs have been stolen right out of the park.

Heard from another regular some people picked up a guy’s dog and were trying to walk out casually when he was running and screaming they were stealing his dog. They got in their car and sped away, but pussed out because they knew everyone in the park had seen them/their license plate. He got a call only a few minutes later from the local humane society saying his dog had been “found”. The thieves had pretended they found it and dropped it off as he was calling the cops.

File: 1521328084076.jpg (86 KB, 1200x1146)
86 KB
Long girl.
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I JUST saw rule #34 of her.

That was quick.
None of the dogs besides the one you posted are salukis.

how can you say that and not link it

File: MAC11_BIRDING01[1].jpg (247 KB, 660x277)
247 KB
247 KB JPG
Is birdwatching autistic? Someone on /n/ told me it is if you are under 50.
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t. autistic bird watcher
Yeah dude, it's autistic as fuck. That's why everytime I hear birds nearby I close my eyes
File: acornwoodpecker.jpg (1.35 MB, 2074x1556)
1.35 MB
1.35 MB JPG
Birdwatching gives me a purpose and motivation to hike for miles in remote areas. It gives hikes more excitement and I find myself focusing less on how much I have traveled and more on enjoying the scenery.

Lately I choose to hike in places I am more likely to spot certain birds, but I would never travel hundreds or thousands of miles just for the chance to see a "rare" bird or make birding a checklist sport like the hardcore birders. So I'm a casual in that sense, I am content with checking out the birds local to whatever area I am in.

Not sure how it is any more "autistic" than any other collecting type hobby.
Some bird watchers, especially photographers can do pretty extreme stuff like staying in lookouts for entire days without moving or making any sound so they get good shots of wild birds on feeding areas. They don't even get out to take a leak so they have to piss in bottles.
So, like some dedicated hunters? Well at least they're shooting the wildlife with cameras not bullets.

Archived: >>2552824

bun talk
talk of bun

General guide here: https://lafeber.com/vet/wp-content/uploads/Basic-Rabbit-Care-2016c.pdf
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Cool? Looks warm to me.
When in doubt...Vet
lots of bun death here it seems....
one of mine (they're around 4 years old) passed around a week ago and I've been crushed. his girlfriend didn't seem to be taking it great but she's ended up sleeping up on the bed with me.
he was always a bit of a sickly boy so I guess this was bound to happen eventually but man I don't think I can handle another pet as fragile as buns after the girl goes as well.
I told him, but he shrugged he already knew. He's arrogant like that!

If anything seems murican it's this. At least buns here are being shipped off to hell with dignity.

RIP anon :(

Did you get them from the pet store? (Or were they originally from the pet store?)
Idk, it seems like pet store buns just don't often live as long as 'breeder' buns...

One of my past buns was a pretty ugly (in a cute way) inbred bun from mum's friend that bred buns as a sort of hobby, but even he lived to 10 years without any health problems despite his heritage.
Meanwhile I heard of friends that got buns after me (from the shop) that they died early... Then again, idk if they took care of them like we did, so who knows really. Just a thought.

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That tumble was a nice find anon.

Just found these under one of the beds of my home. what are they and should I be worried about them?
Seems like Ocypus olens, but there are too many
They're African termites.
Wanna know how I know they're African? They're black.
File: 1520702936942.jpg (43 KB, 500x535)
43 KB
Please post better pics OP, of one individual.

File: IMG_20180311_135443_127.jpg (834 KB, 2340x2340)
834 KB
834 KB JPG

Here's some pics I've taken
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is that Lythronax?
any advice on where to buy fossils?
Depends on the fossil I guess. Nobody is going to miss a few triobites or shark teeth and there isn't enough space in museums to hold every fossil in existence.
not sure about other places but in the US it's perfectly legal to pocket shark teeth and trilobites.

File: 1459718245487.png (528 KB, 829x720)
528 KB
528 KB PNG
my stupid puppy doesnt know when to bark. we have 5 other dogs, and they all bark when it makes sense like when they see someone come on our property but the puppy just barks at any little thing, not caring whether or not the other dogs join in.

She also barks for much longer than the other dogs, when they've all stopped barking she just keeps yapping away its horrible. she's a lovely dog but she really needs to stop this.

what do
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What it do, dawg?
Perhaps taking it to an experienced dog trainer may help. How many other dogs on property?
I want to fugg the squid girl
5 others. I think me da' ud be a bit too proud to do that
i hate you

File: hqdefault.jpg (17 KB, 480x360)
17 KB
someone can recommend me a non-anthropocentric documentary?
in particular one where the representation of human and nonhuman animals as totally separate entities doesn't exist
>non-anthropocentric documentary?
are you going to watch it on televisions invented by squirrels and built by fish?

everything humans make is anthropocentric by definition.

File: 1490046974260.jpg (663 KB, 2061x1409)
663 KB
663 KB JPG
Any interesting little tidbits you know about animals?
Elephants have chest titties.
Uhh, Male orangutans have flanges in their face, and they develop them at around 15? Also orangutan females find this really hot

So I just adopted a cat from a shelter yesterday. 1 year old cutie. My first cat I’ve owned, but I’ve read up plenty.

As per what most people have said, he’s been hiding all day. Under my bed and now in a box inside my closet. I understand it’ll take a while for him to get comfortable and walk around. Is there any advice you guys have to help him or at least so I don’t scare him? Any and all advice would be helpful.
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File: IMG_1593 (2).jpg (496 KB, 4253x978)
496 KB
496 KB JPG
I'm posting it again
Started introducing him to the rest of the apartment.
He owns the place now.
Beautiful cat Anon, hope he has many wonderful years with you.

Thanks anon.


He didn’t seem too scared out here, thankfully.

File: 1519571583495.png (276 KB, 500x955)
276 KB
276 KB PNG
prove me wrong
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The last air bender
The new and improved space program?
File: PlzNoBoop.jpg (55 KB, 720x513)
55 KB
>no matter the species

File: d27.png (56 KB, 645x729)
56 KB
My pupper keeps nestling his head between my legs nose deep in my balls. Is he gay?
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It's warm down there faggot. Also probably musky and dogs like shit smells.
Black Swans do and they steal nests and shit the fucking degenerates
There is literally a thread up RIGHT NOW, that disproves your statement.
Excuse me, Binobos? Also, Seals form bonds.

Of course, bonobos are just chimpanzees that have drunken tap water.

File: sick-dog-lovetoknow.jpg (48 KB, 800x410)
48 KB
> eating hummus
> dog whines
> look up if I can give him some
> garlic in hummus kills dogs

> dog whines for coffee ice cream
> coffee kills dogs

> dog whines for grapes
> grapes kill dogs

> dog whines for gummy fruit snacks
> gummies kill dogs

What the fuck? How do dogs survive when literally everything kills them?
5 replies omitted. Click here to view.
I hate to be that guy but you can give them most of those as a snippet or so and it won't hurt them. I personally wouldn't give them the ice cream or gummy bears, just because it's junk food, but mine get some hummus or a few grapes occasionally. Although mine are a medium and medium-large dogs so they could just metabolize it better, like with alcohol and people. It really comes down to the owner, if you feel comfortable, go ahead and give them a spoonful or a few pieces, just don't give it like a regular treat or in place of food or something crazy like that. If it's a small dog I probably wouldn't recommend it as much.

Oh and in case your dog ever gets into something, hydrogen peroxide is great(you can look up ratios online). It'll make them vomit like a bulimic on Thanksgiving. It works best when used as soon as possible, as less is digested. Saved my dog when she got into a pan of brownies. inb4 bad owner. Just got her from the pound and her past owner didn't feed her well, and I was letting her check out the living space
My dog cat definitely eat a few grapes. I didn't realize the were poisonous when I first got her.
None of those harm them in small amounts, just don't go giving him a bowl of grapes or a large coffee.
Avoid raisins (since for toxicity, they're each still worth a full grape) and dark chocolate altogether, though.
>how do dogs survive
We selectively bred them to be submissive to humans. You're smart enough to know what will kill your dog, thats how it survives
>eating pb
>eating cheese
>eating meat
>eating rice
>eating broccoli
my pup is as healthy as i am

i need help figuring out what animal this or is it’s a cross bread
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dios mios
This makes pugs look like normal dogs. These things live for like, 2 years, right? Poor fuckers...
So, why? More milk this way?
Looks like it's a meat breed.

File: 145416468747.jpg (39 KB, 720x960)
39 KB
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>Aah, you were by my side all along...
No. Most sight hounds are pretty ancient
/pol/ dog
File: 1520214200010.jpg (169 KB, 960x960)
169 KB
169 KB JPG

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