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I am happy susan's kid died
YouTube Issues New Ad Blocker Warning As Crackdown Ramps Up
Kate O'Flaherty
Senior Contributor
Cybersecurity and privacy journalist

Apr 18, 2024,04:10am EDT
Google’s YouTube is ramping up its crackdown on privacy-preserving ad blockers to include third party apps. It comes after a YouTube ad blocking crackdown that started last year when users started receiving a pop up encouraging them to disable ad blockers or pay for Premium. YouTube also started disabling videos when users had enabled an ad blocking extension.

Now, YouTube has issued a new warning to anyone using a third party app on the video streaming platform. “We’re strengthening our enforcement on third party apps that violate YouTube’s Terms of Service, specifically ad blocking apps,” Google said in an announcement on its support page.

In this photo illustration, a silhouetted woman holds a...

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yeah adblocker has worked on my pc, biggest issue I had is for a while I'd have to keep opening new incognito tabs to watch vids which was annoying. the phone thing is if I want listen to Gura while driving, but Gura doesn't stream so vanced being fucked hasn't mattered yet
just use regular browser and refresh until you get no ads
Never thought I'd see a chumbud on /news/
Watching youtube with ads is a horrific experience. It sucks compared to vanced but I've been watching youtube on the brave browser since they blocked revanced. At least it blocks ads.
The upside is that I use youtube a lot less on my phone. That's good for my mental health!
Revanced still works for me. It's just that now you have to have microG installed for it to work.

The “Hitler Pig” sobriquet is used frequently to describe Trump and generally by younger, tech-savvy, aides to President Biden, according to Politico.

White House staffers and campaign aides first started using the term after Trump dined with rapper Kanye West and notorious Holocaust skeptic and white nationalist Nick Fuentes at his Mar-a-Lago estate.
Some on social media mocked the nickname.

“White House nickname for Trump is ‘Hitler Pig.’ How humorless and pathetic is that?” Marc Thiessen, former President George W. Bush’s speechwriter, wrote on X.

“‘Pig Hitler’ is funnier though,” another user chimed in.

“[Politico] thinks this is funny it’s actually more a representation of what a rag they’ve become and the level of shit that works in the White House ‘Hitler Pig,’” he wrote on X.

As West Wing Playbook reported earlier this year, President JOE BIDEN is often far saltier about Trump behind closed doors than he is in public, even as his willingness to publicly attack his predecessor and likely 2024 challenger in speeches and offhand comments has grown.


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>more name calling...
same to you
>facts are namecalling
No in fact you are a Trump simp and you're hilarious. Debunked.
good to know trump is still causing pieces of shit who fucking hate America to seethe
Ironic since Trump is a piece of shit who hates America and he's seething.
seethe more, seether


A Louisiana House committee voted Thursday to repeal a law requiring employers to give child workers lunch breaks and to cut unemployment benefits — part of a push by Republicans to remove constraints on employers and reduce aid for injured and unemployed workers.

The House Labor and Industrial Relations panel advanced the child labor legislation, House Bill 156, along with House Bill 119, which would slash the amount of time for which people can collect unemployment aid. A third bill the committee approved, House Bill 529, would change how workers' compensation wages are calculated in ways that could reduce benefits received by some injured laborers.

The bills, which head to the full House, are part of a broad effort by Republicans to weaken labor unions and strengthen employers' hands in Louisiana. They are aligned with steps other Republican-led legislatures have taken in recent years, and on Thursday, GOP lawmakers attributed the moves to Gov. Jeff Landry's directive to "reform" the business environment and remove bureaucratic red tape.

First-term state Rep. Roger Wilder, R-Denham Springs, who sponsored the child labor measure and owns Smoothie King franchises across the Deep South, said he filed the bill in part because children want to work without having to take lunch breaks. He questioned why Louisiana has the requirement while other states where he owns Smoothie King locations, such as Mississippi, don't have them, and criticized people who have questioned the bill's purpose.

“The wording is ‘We’re here to harm children.’ Give me a break," he said. "These are young adults.”
The committee approved his bill 10-3.

Earlier, the panel advanced HB 119 — the proposed restructuring of the state's unemployment benefits system. Lawmakers pitched it as a way to get more people into paying jobs and a disincentive against remaining in the unemployment benefits system for too long.

If passed by the House and Senate and signed by the governor, the bill would reduce the maximum period for which people can gather unemployment benefits in a given year from 26 to 20 weeks.

The bill would also make the amount of time people can collect benefits dependent on the state unemployment rate, meaning workers would not be able to take advantage of the full 20-week maximum under the current unemployment rate. It sets a 12-week cap on those benefits when Louisiana's statewide unemployment rate is at 5% or less. And it lays out a scale where for each additional half-percentage point increase in the unemployment rate, laid-off workers can collect benefits for an additional week.

Only when the unemployment rate rises above 8.5% would workers be able to claim benefits for the maximum 20 weeks. Louisiana's unemployment rate was 4.2% in February, the latest month when data was available from the Louisiana Workforce Commission.

Critics blasted the unemployment bills Thursday as harmful to laborers.

Christina LeBlanc, a policy analyst for the pro-worker nonprofit Invest in Louisiana, previously the Louisiana Budget Project, said the proposed system would disproportionately harm rural parishes whose unemployment rates fall below the state's overall percentage of unemployed people. East Carroll Parish, for example, has an unemployment rate of 9.8%, according to LeBlanc.

First responders who'd been injured on the job and a representative of the state firefighters' union later spoke against HB 529, the bill carried by Rep. Raymond Crews, R-Bossier City, to change the way payments to injured workers are calculated.
Currently, workers' comp wage benefits are calculated by multiplying a worker's hourly wage by the average number of hours they worked in the four weeks preceding the workplace accident. Crews' bill proposes jettisoning that system and instead calculating their weekly wages by taking the total amount of money they received in the 52 weeks before their accident divided by 52.

Workers in Louisiana can currently earn up to 75% of the statewide average weekly wage at the time of their injury, according to Nolo.com, a legal consulting group.

Chad Major, president of the Professional Firefighters' Association of Louisiana, said the bill would cause workers who've gotten raises or promotions before an accident to receive lower amounts in workers' comp benefits than they would have been paid had they been on the job.

"You look at 52 weeks — that’s fine and dandy," echoed Robert Todd, an EMT who said he had been injured and received workers' comp. "But if I get injured two weeks before my next pay raise, I’m stuck making what I made before."

Crews said his bill would help streamline the workers' comp process.

“This is a great bill in terms of simplifying the process and being able to move more quickly," he said. The committee approved it, 10-3.

Republican-led state legislatures nationwide have often moved to slash workers comp benefits, a Propublica investigation found. Other statehouses have similarly moved in recent years to weaken child labor regulations, and some have moved to more tightly regulate labor unions — the goal of several other bills moving through the Capitol in Baton Rouge, including one that would make it more challenging for unions to collect dues through payroll deductions.
The more cheap labor available, the better.
cheap labor keeps my costs down so that i can reinvest in this great country by buying real estate to rent out

File: S2e8_IC2_Game_Show.png (58 KB, 260x146)
58 KB
Democrats dismiss charges against themselves
Ignoring 200 years of precedent they table an impeachment motion against mayorkas instead of allowing a trial, effectively meaning the Senate can ignore the House when they impeach someone, something that's never been done before
The House impeached Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas in February and, on Tuesday, formally referred the issue to the Senate for a trial.
Democrats voted to rule both impeachment articles unconstitutional because they did not rise to the level of "high crimes and misdemeanors." They then adjourned the trial.
The first impeachment article had accused Mayorkas of “willfully and systemically” refusing to comply with federal immigration laws. The second charged him with making false statements to Congress.

In the end, Sen. Eric Schmitt’s, R-Mo., objection to allowing for debate and procedural votes ahead of the Democrats’ motions to dispense with the two articles of impeachment precluded Republicans from putting Democrats in a tough spot with substantive votes.

Republicans had planned to force Democrats to take tough votes, like on the constitutionality of not holding a trial. But because Schmitt objected to a debate agreement, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-NY, immediately moved to question the constitutionality of the articles of impeachment. And that meant Republican senators could only force votes on procedural questions like adjourning or going into closed session.

Schmitt was pressed on his decision by reporters and responded by saying, “Impeachments aren’t debatable. So if you have an impeachment trial, we don’t debate that we listen, we hear evidence. All we were asking for is something that has happened every single time articles of impeachment have ever come over the United States Senate.”
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You're the perfect combination of confident and retarded. A congressional hearing is not a criminal court. There is no presumption of innocence because there's no such thing as being found guilty in a congressional hearing. There are no evidentiary standards because the purpose of a congressional hearing is not to evaluate whether or not someone has violated a criminal statute. You have absolutely zero clue what you're talking about, anon, and the more you talk the more apparent it is.
>There is no presumption of innocence because there's no such thing as being found guilty in a congressional hearing.
That was literally my point you absolute fucking imbecile.
God, the posters here are some of the dumbest people on the planet. A dead russian contributes more to political discourse than you do.
they hated him because he spake truth.
>That was literally my point you absolute fucking imbecile.
No it wasn't. You said the Jan 6th hearings were a "kangaroo court" because they had no evidentiary standards or presumption of innocence, seemingly having no idea that a fucking congressional hearing is not a court. Acting indignant isn't going to change what a moron you are.
>how could it be a kangaroo court if there were no kangaroos? checkmate, atheists


TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (AP) — Two years ago, Democrats repeatedly and forcefully warned Republicans and Gov. Ron DeSantis that a new law making it easier to challenge school books was so broadly worded that it would create havoc across the state.

Now they can say, “I told you so.”

DeSantis backtracked on the 2022 law on Tuesday when he signed a bill narrowing its focus. He blamed liberal activists for abusing the law, not the citizens whose objections to certain books account for the majority of book removals from school libraries and classrooms.

“The idea that someone can use the parents rights and the curriculum transparency to start objecting to every single book to try to make a mockery of this is just wrong,” DeSantis said the day before the bill signing. “That’s performative. That’s political.”

Coincidentally, PEN America, a group that fights book bans, issued a report Tuesday saying Florida is responsible for 72% of the books that have been pulled from the nation’s schools in the first half of the current school year.

The organization said liberal activists are not the ones who should be blamed for abusing the law.

“The majority of books that we see being removed are books that talk about LBTQ+ identities, that include characters of color, that talk about race and racism, that include depictions of sexual experiences in the most broadest interpretation of that understanding,” said Kasey Meehan, Pen America’s Freedom to Read program director.
19 replies omitted. Click here to view.
In the mind of the schizo conservative every eventuality is governed by a quantum conspiracy. If subject A does a good thing then they are a good conservative. If subject A does a bad thing then they were either a) a secret false flag agent installed to make conservatives look bad or b) not actually a conservative. The thought pattern of right wing conspiracy schizos can be boiled down to simple math equations because they've invented a world in which they can never be wrong and nobody on their side could ever do something bad. You can predict their positions on literally anything. Just plug the variables into the equation.
It turns out people's actions actually do matter more than their words.
is that why the popular vote turns republicans mutinous
>popular vote
Since when is that how we run elections?
since when have republicans won the popular vote? not a good look

File: iospank.webm (754 KB, 456x570)
754 KB
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this isnt really an oklahoma thing this is something female athletes want. so many sports organizations are now banning these mentally ill retards. the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics, which oversees more than 200 mostly small colleges, is the most recent sports governing body to restrict the participation of transgender athletes. so dont blame these organizations or call them out of touch its the female athletes that are pushing for this
it is fucking stupid
>title IX exists to protect female athletes
>girls can compete in men's sports if they really wanted to at most schools, especially high schools and small collges
>better ruin that by letting men in dresses mog the shit out of them
>Even worse when its a contact or blood sport
Fuck women. Male supremacy. Let the troons beat women please.
>troons don't do sports so it doesn't matter
>no why are you banning troons nooooooo
Calling somebody cisgender is akin to calling somebody a faggot. And one day hopefully somebody will beat your ass for saying it..

File: Paedophile.Putin.png (2.14 MB, 1536x2048)
2.14 MB
2.14 MB PNG
Link: https://www.reuters.com/world/middle-east/putin-tells-middle-east-pull-back-catastrophic-clash-2024-04-16/

>MOSCOW/DUBAI, April 16 (Reuters) - Russian President Vladimir Putin on Tuesday urged all sides in the Middle East to refrain from action that would trigger a new confrontation which he warned would be fraught with catastrophic consequences for the region, the Kremlin said.

>Putin, who has forged much closer ties with the Islamic Republic since sending troops into Ukraine in 2022, spoke to Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi by phone about what the Kremlin called "retaliatory measures taken by Iran."

>Iran launched drones and missiles at Israel late on Saturday in retaliation for an Israeli strike on its Damascus consulate on April 1 that killed seven officers of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, including two senior commanders.

>Putin, in his first publicly aired comments on Iran's attack, said the root cause of the current instability in the Middle East was the unresolved conflict between Palestinians and Israel.

>"Vladimir Putin expressed hope that all sides would show reasonable restraint and prevent a new round of confrontation fraught with catastrophic consequences for the entire region," the Kremlin said.

>"Ebrahim Raisi noted that Iran's actions were forced and limited in nature," the Kremlin said. "At the same time, he stressed Tehran's disinterest in further escalation of tensions."

>Tehran gave a slightly different readout of the call, with state media quoting Raisi as declaring that Iran would respond more severely, extensively, and painfully than ever to any action against Iran's interests.
10 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Ain't that the truth...
M142 HIMARS (High Mobility Artillery Rocket System) are able to fire a wide range of rockets and missiles

I'd give my poop hole for one of these too.
And unlike Zelensky, my hole is virginal(except for the poop that comes out every day)
>NAFO tranny fantasies intensify!!!
>We aren't really insufferable faggots fucking up the Internet!!!
>You're just a Russian!!!
Fuck you, fago.
This much projection in one post is very unhealthy.
In Russia it is popular opinion that Biden is pedo, now i see that some people call Putin pedo. In my opinion, whenever someone talks about children, it is a scam just to bait people for emotion

File: images.png (5 KB, 194x259)
5 KB
MPs to vote on smoking ban for those born after 2009

Plans to stop young people born since 2009 ever smoking are being debated and will be voted on later.

Rishi Sunak's bill aims to create the UK's first smoke-free generation in a major public health intervention.

The Tobacco and Vapes Bill would ensure anyone turning 15 from this year would be banned from buying cigarettes, and also aims to make vapes less appealing to children.

A number of Tory MPs have told the BBC they won't back the bill.

The BBC understands that Business and Trade Secretary Kemi Badenoch is considering voting against the plans.

Conservative MPs will get a free vote on it so they won't be ordered to vote with the government, but the bill is likely to pass as it has Labour support.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
19 replies omitted. Click here to view.
people who smoke smell like shit and act like apes, good law
That didn't stop me from fucking your mom.
Anyway, I'm not opposed to the law. Smoking was always retarded.
Quite possibly the only good Bill that will be passed during the nearly 14 years of coalition and full fat Tory government.
>The Tobacco and Vapes Bill would ensure anyone turning 15 from this year would be banned from buying cigarettes
Pretty sure they are banned from buying cigarettes, pretty sure they can still get them because kids are crafty fucks
it's difficult for me to decide where I stand on this.
on the one hand, if you knew a 15 year old, a nephew for example, and you caught him smoking, would you turn your back or would you try to advise them not to smoke? if you tried to dissuade them you would probably tell them that smoking will basically ruin your life. you'll spend a fortune and you'll likely die of a slow disease, so I would be glad that they wouldn't legally be allowed to smoke, since he might just keep doing it until he can buy them at 16, and then possibly be hooked for life. however, as that kid grows up into an adult, once he's an adult should he not be able to make his own mind up?
so on the one hand it prevents a bad choice, but on the other it prevents a freedom, so I don't know. is it a slippery slope, or is it a worthy sacrifice? perhaps instead of for life it should just be until youre 30. that's strict, but still allows for you to ultimately make your mind up once youre most likely a more mature adult.

Google does no evil again
he's making threads again

File: 3000.jpg (259 KB, 3000x2097)
259 KB
259 KB JPG
88 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Yea, your girlfriend left her purse here and yours was in it, sorry everyone knows now, I didn't mean to spill the beans.
USC bans pro-Palestinian valedictorian from speaking at May commencement, citing safety concerns

The Daily Trojan said this comes less than one week after a pro-Israel group accused Asna Tabassum of being antisemitic.
Tuesday, April 16, 2024 1:28AM

LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- Citing safety concerns, USC announced Monday that a pro-Palestinian undergraduate student who was selected as valedictorian will not be allowed to give a speech at the May commencement ceremony, the first time the university has banned the valedictorian from speaking.

"While this is disappointing, tradition must give way to safety,'' Provost Andrew Guzman wrote in a message to the university community. "This decision is not only necessary to maintain the safety of our campus and students, but is consistent with the fundamental legal obligation -- including the expectations of federal regulators -- that universities act to protect students and keep our campus community safe.

It applies the same values and criteria that we have used in the past to guide our actions. In no way does it diminish the remarkable academic achievements of any student considered or selected for valedictorian. To be clear: this decision has nothing to do with freedom of speech. There is no free-speech entitlement to speak at a commencement. The issue here is how best to maintain campus security and safety, period.''

Asna Tabassum, a major in biomedical engineering and a minor in "resistance to genocide," had been previously announced as this year's valedictorian. However, critics raised questions about views relating to the conflict in the Middle East she has posted online.
The Daily Trojan reports that the cancellation comes less than one week after a pro-Israel group accused Tabassum of being antisemitic.

Immediately following Guzman's announcement, the Council on American-Islamic Relations-Los Angeles issued a statement demanding that the decision be reversed and that Tabassum be permitted to speak.

Tabassum released a statement through CAIR-LA, saying "anti-Muslim and anti-Palestinian voices have subjected me to a campaign of racist hatred because of my uncompromising belief in human rights for all.''

"This campaign to prevent me from addressing my peers at commencement has evidently accomplished its goal: today, USC administrators informed me that the university will no longer allow me to speak at commencement due to supposed security concerns,'' she said. "I am both shocked by this decision and profoundly disappointed that the university is succumbing to a campaign of hate meant to silence my voice.

"I am not surprised by those who attempt to propagate hatred. I am surprised that my own university -- my home for four years -- has abandoned me.''

CAIR-LA Executive Director Hussam Ayloush called the USC decision "cowardly'' and the reasoning "disingenuous.''

"Asna is an incredibly accomplished student whose academic and extracurricular accomplishments made her the ideal and historic recipient of this year's valedictorian's honor,'' Ayloush said in a statement. "The university can, should and must ensure a safe environment for graduation rather than taking the unprecedented step of cancelling a valedictorian's speech.

"The dishonest and defamatory attacks on Asna are nothing more than thinly veiled manifestations of Islamophobia and anti-Palestinian racism, which have been weaponized against college students across the country who speak up for human rights -- and for Palestinian humanity.''

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
"The intensity of feelings, fueled by both social media and the ongoing conflict in the Middle East, has grown to include many voices outside of USC and has escalated to the point of creating substantial risks relating to security and disruption at commencement,'' Guzman wrote. "We cannot ignore the fact that similar risks have led to harassment and even violence at other campuses.

"As always, and particularly when tensions are running so high across the world, we must prioritize the safety of our community,'' he said. "And as we do every year, we have been monitoring our commencement security needs based on all the information we have and the facts on the ground. Our (Department of Public Safety) and expert campus safety team are uniquely prepared to evaluate potential threats, and we have consulted with them about the current situation, taking into account everything we know about our reality, as well as the unprecedented risks we are seeing at other campuses and across the world. We are resolute in our commitment to maintain and prioritize the existing safety and well-being of our USC community during the coming weeks, and allowing those attending commencement to focus on the celebration our graduates deserve.''
USC students speak out

Students who spoke with Eyewitness News on Monday believe groups homed in on Tabassum once she was bestowed with the valedictorian honor.

"I think people went too far with, like, stalking things she had been liking, and kind of like, trolling her on social media, I don't think she deserved that," said Jaela Bard, who disagrees with the university's decision.

Student Avi Pandit believes Tabassum should "fully have the right" to speak.

"She has earned it, 100%, being valedictorian at USC is no joke. Just because she believes something, or posts something online, doesn't take her right away from free speech," he said.

USC's decision has reverberated throughout campus, and some graduating seniors say students are already thinking about what they will do at the commencement ceremony.

"It's a really polarizing issue," said USC senior Amir Bell. "Some kids have already said, like, 'Oh, I'm going to wear a pin or something,' but it's really polarizing, and it's really consumed our campus."

ABC News and City News Service, Inc. contributed to this report.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.


Smartmatic reached a settlement with One America News Network Tuesday in its lawsuit that accused the conservative broadcaster of peddling disinformation about the voting machine company's technology in regards to the 2020 presidential election.

The big picture: The lawsuit was one of several Smartmatic and Dominion Voting Systems filed against conservative-leaning networks and pro-Trump figures, accusing them of broadcasting baseless conspiracy theories about their voting equipment and software.

The suit accused OANN of "falsely" stating that Smartmatic "rigged" the 2020 presidential election for President Biden in key swing states, despite Los Angeles County being the only place in the U.S. where the company provided services that year.

Details: A federal court filing in D.C. shows the claims were dismissed without prejudice on Tuesday, with each party bearing its own attorneys' fees, costs and expenses.

Erik Connolly, Smartmatic's lead attorney, said in a statement to media that the company had "resolved its litigation against OANN through a confidential settlement."
OANN attorney Chip Babcock told CNN the case "has been resolved pursuant to a confidential agreement."

Flashback: The settlement comes one year after Fox News settled a lawsuit with Dominion Voting Systems for over $787 million.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
3 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Because they didn't rig the ones in LA county.
You're confusing Smartmatic with Dominion.
>conspiracy retard can't even keep the details of his own conspiracy straight
The point of the story was OANN had to pay a settlement because there was no conspiracy.
Yeah I'm making fun of the guy who didn't know the difference between Dominion and Smartmatic

File: images (1).jpg (7 KB, 259x194)
7 KB
https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/blue-city-mayor-defunds-police-force-by-more-than-8-million-to-aid-migrants/ar-BB1lJJv8?ocid=msedgntp&pc=U531&cvid=0b9d85b81b474dc496cd458149949452&ei=53 their trying to get people to hate law enforcement to encourage terroristic behavior, creating problems which originally never existed to that extent their making it. and everyone is eating it up like a 10" white hung dick.
2 replies omitted. Click here to view.
I'd tell you to paste the article but it's from microsoft and no one cares what they think. Also not a valid news source.
I wonder if these illegal invasions will literally bankrupt these states, in the article AU could’ve sworn I saw that Colorado was spending 15M a month on migrants.
>180M of their annual budget on illegal invaders.
>Republicans found a way to defund the police after all
>not pasting the article

File: 04122024_1_150120.jpg (554 KB, 2040x1361)
554 KB
554 KB JPG
We need to get rid of legislative immunity. shit like California's fee shifting bullshit and Washington's judge shopping is proof that all this shit is in bad faith. Make it so any politician who votes for and any governor that signs a gun law that is found to be unconstitutional has to pay back the state and the plaintiff all their legal fees and goes to jail or is hanged.
Local Politics
WA has passed lots of new gun laws. Could they be in legal trouble?
April 15, 2024 at 6:00 am Updated April 15, 2024 at 6:00 am
Rifle magazines and accessories for sale at a gun store in Miami Beach, Fla. (Eva Marie Uzcategui / Bloomberg, 2023)

Rifle magazines and accessories for sale at a gun store in Miami Beach, Fla. (Eva Marie Uzcategui / Bloomberg, 2023)Less
Skip Ad
David Gutman By David Gutman
Seattle Times staff reporter
When a Cowlitz County judge ruled last week that Washington’s ban on high- capacity magazines is unconstitutional, he added one line, on Page 43 of his 55-page opinion, that could just be a little-noticed throwaway, or could prove shockingly prescient.

There are, Judge Gary Bashor wrote, “few, if any, historical analogue laws by which a state can justify a modern firearms regulation.”

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
36 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Any elected officials who introduce or vote for a bill intended to remove or infringe upon any Constitutionally protected Right should at least be removed from office for lying under the oath they took (To support and defend the Constitution...)
...or preferably, tried for Violation of Rights Under Color of Law (18USC241&242) & Imprisoned for 10 years!
antigunners seething itt
>legal right given by citizens in a democracy.
That's neither how rights nor democracies work
>Gun ownership rights are not human rights or Natural Rights

(You) are a Liar and a Fool

File: schwab.jpg (34 KB, 400x400)
34 KB

CLAIM: World Economic Forum executive chairman Klaus Schwab was recently admitted to the hospital in serious condition and might have died.

AP’S ASSESSMENT: False. Posts making these allegations began spreading widely after a website that says it publishes “satire, and comedic opinion pieces and editorials” posted an article about Schwab’s supposed hospitalization. A WEF spokesperson told The Associated Press that the claims are untrue.

THE FACTS: Social media users are spreading baseless rumors about Schwab’s health.

“BREAKING: Klaus Schwab was apparently admitted to the hospital seriously ill,” reads one X post that had received approximately 25,000 likes and 8,800 shares as of Monday. “Anyway, that doesn’t BUG me.”

The word “bug” appears to be emphasized in reference to another false claim, that the WEF wants to replace meat with bugs.

Other posts go a step further, stating that Schwab “may be dead.”

But the WEF founder is not deathly ill or worse, according to Yann Zopf, a spokesperson for the organization.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
164 replies omitted. Click here to view.
do you think he's in this thread?
Not personally, but probably some certain glownigger individuals getting paid in a certain country that all happen to be of a certain religious persuasion.

So basically the jews, faggot.
Klaus here. I want people to eat bugs
>da jooz
i know that's your catch-all excuse. it was a rhetorical question
It's spam filter you fucking redditor

File: 1676993633807.gif (322 KB, 1280x900)
322 KB
322 KB GIF
While the rest of the world can’t peel their eyes away as Donald Trump’s historic criminal trial gets under way in New York, the former president himself appears to be far less enthralled by the proceedings.

Jury selection got under way on Monday in the first-ever criminal trial of a sitting or former president, as he faces 34 felony counts of falsifying business records in a bid to cover up hush money payments to adult film star Stormy Daniels.

But, according to some courtroom reporters, Mr Trump appeared to struggle to keep his eyes open – and at one point may have even fallen asleep.

“Trump appears to be sleeping. His head keeps dropping down and his mouth goes slack,” New York Times reporter Maggie Haberman reported.

The observation quickly inspired a new nickname for the 77-year-old former president: “Sleepy Don.”

Soon, the moniker spread like wildfire on social media.

“My theory: Trump’s legal team sedated him,” Mother Jones DC bureau chief David Corn wrote.

“Looks, he’s old. The judge is keeping Sleepy Don from his nap time,” Meidas Touch editor-in-chief Ron Filipkowski posted.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
21 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Delete this
Top PACs?
No. Leave it. But look at 2020 instead:
I think some people realized they fucked up a bit.
PACs don't have to report dark money
>There is no one who could take the mantle, the movement would fall apart due to infighting

No, the rot has set in, and will continue.

The Maga is a symptom of the rot, not the cause

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