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File: IZ7VizdT3Vy7zJewRXYZekFx.jpg (807 KB, 1200x1500)
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807 KB JPG
More amputees.
Previous thread >>10126486
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what video porn site do you guys use for fresh amputee content? Seems that the big ones stopped addmiting non official content ...
What are the "big ones"?
pornhub , xhamster ..
Oh, lol. Wouldn't have even occured to me to look for amputee content there. I'm also open to recommendations if anybody knows some good places for IRL stuff

File: ddjdjdj.png (1.72 MB, 1040x1650)
1.72 MB
1.72 MB PNG
"Punishment edition"

Barbie Doll Anatomy, aka Featureless, Nullification, Smoothing, Modest Nudity, Bandwidth Conservation, The Super Wholesome Space, etc.
People whose physical anatomy completely lacks any kind of 'private parts', be it nipples, genitals or an anus.

Physically they not only cannot perform the functions of those missing parts, but they also have absolutely no physical need to do so. Their health is unaffected despite only having uninterrupted skin and flesh where those parts should otherwise be.

Mentally they may be unable to feel sexual arousal or pleasure, or have no instinctive idea of what things like sex, breastfeeding or excretion are. They may also be entirely oblivious to exploitation, having no concept of nudity taboos or inappropriate touching.
Alternatively they may know all about such things in others, but be unable to feel or do them themselves.

They may have once been normal but became like this, and either feel relieved or regretful regarding their new bodies. Alternatively, they might have been born this way and have never known any other kind of life.

Or it could all just be completely unexplained.

Previous Threads:

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Both have their upsides.
I like the idea of null girls with no concept of sex. See>>10273780

This is the type of thing I like
File: 1634133695124.png (1.05 MB, 720x1268)
1.05 MB
1.05 MB PNG
File: anm_2021-09-30_189b2.jpg (2.11 MB, 8382x5222)
2.11 MB
2.11 MB JPG
What are the best upsides in your opinion?

Mainly slime girls
Slime boys and any kind of slime creatures welcome
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File: FOhl20_akAAQfV_.jpeg.jpg (354 KB, 1135x1427)
354 KB
354 KB JPG
Both. I like to think its different based on what type of slime they are. I usually envision most having a slightly cool feeling though.
Found the image on search, but all it says is that she's Rumi from "existence". Can't find anything on that. Is it a game under a different name?

File: 5634399_00.jpg (1.8 MB, 1920x2720)
1.8 MB
1.8 MB JPG
It's new thread time again! Thanks for keeping it going as usual.

Think of this as the sister to the Venus Thread.
Similar to that thread, this is for milfy, sexually mature women with curvy, full figures, but in this one they have just a little bit extra between their legs.
Futa on Venus welcome as well! Post it in here!

Previous thread here: >>10198283
For our sister Venus thread: >>10234978
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File: UT00392E9UX0ZTABZ996.jpg (1.07 MB, 2773x3552)
1.07 MB
1.07 MB JPG
File: 52230292_0013.jpg (358 KB, 1280x1809)
358 KB
358 KB JPG

Specifically femboys that look like early transitioners or estroginized. Femboys are at their hottest when they got small boobs.

>previous thread>>10188694

>To add
These threads get a lot of discussions and debates going and that's perfectly fine but please, if you're gonna argue, at least post some porn. These threads can get pretty chatty.
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HRT femboy here, 31 and people constantly think i'm 18. can confirm you just live your life, when you get hormones they don't make you sign anything that says you have to start wearing dresses and change your name to Suzie (in US anyway), it's just an injection you do weekly and some antiandrogen pills.

speaking from personal experience it's very fun when people can obviously tell you are on HRT and have small boob mounds in guy clothes but it's way too awkward to address the elephant in the room. especially when they do try to bring it up and you just act like you don't know what they're talking about, the power is absolutely intoxicating

can also confirm, been smug HRT boymode for 4 years now and just started going out femme full time last month lmao. still don't subscribe to the SJW bullshit though just living my life and doing what makes me happy
Anecdotal evidence but when did you start? Sounds like you did it early enough to not matter and can just be a tranny
Isn't this the epitome of
>Draw a girl
>Call it a boy
File: 96067072_p0.png (2.91 MB, 2338x2981)
2.91 MB
2.91 MB PNG
File: 96067072_p1.png (3.32 MB, 2338x2981)
3.32 MB
3.32 MB PNG

File: 1653162780601.jpg (270 KB, 2048x1838)
270 KB
270 KB JPG
Burp Thread.
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Thread needs more of this
Yes. Yes it does.
File: FW4JuiMWQAAZ--6.jpg (3.99 MB, 2500x2500)
3.99 MB
3.99 MB JPG
File: 1452148640840.png (519 KB, 1149x840)
519 KB
519 KB PNG

File: 1649151528894.jpg (214 KB, 1449x1087)
214 KB
214 KB JPG
Moving right along from >>10110865

Same as usual, post Greasy Gassy Gluttonous Girls
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>drawing this only as a dream
TAD coward
File: E-xRVfWWYAUS3Hy.jpg (1.41 MB, 3492x3144)
1.41 MB
1.41 MB JPG
File: E-xSCHFX0AkgoT2.jpg (1.69 MB, 3630x3553)
1.69 MB
1.69 MB JPG
File: FGGiJQ4XEAInvwB.jpg (716 KB, 1946x2048)
716 KB
716 KB JPG

File: 1652314995113m.jpg (71 KB, 853x1024)
71 KB
Snake girls are kino
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>lamia tires of her catty sister-moms and their constant bickering, their main tail flopping uselessly and existing in the periphery of her awareness like a massive but indistinct, numb presence
>manages to quietly trigger her release during their next molt, the others too busy to notice her peeling her tail away
>surprised to see its color and scale patterns changing as it separates, making it almost impossible for anyone but a skilled herpetomancer to tell that she was ever part of a hydra
>overwhelmed by the sensations of slithering, coiling, having so much control over her tail that it’s like learning to move for the first time
cobra every time
I love her. Shame she's married though so she won't go very far with fans
>Join the Serpent King as familee. Togetha we will devour the very gods!
I feel like it should be like turtles
>If the eggs are kept at or above x degrees (they typically are in Lamia society to ensure that they hatch), they become female
>If the eggs are kept below that temperature, they’re male.

Usually penis transformation involves being absorbed by someone else and turning into their penis, post penis tf where they turn into a penis on their own
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Look at her she's loving it
File: 529.png (35 KB, 1244x824)
35 KB

File: 75947516_p0.png (1.65 MB, 2653x1505)
1.65 MB
1.65 MB PNG
A thread for wholesome, adorable, and fluffy boys. A little lewd is fine, but this is a cuddle zone first!
Besides that, anything goes! Solo, yaoi, het, as long as it is cozy and sweet, and a cute boy is at the center of it, it's welcome!

(Also, friendly reminder and warning that shotas can get you punished!)

Last Thread:

Question of the thread:
>It's getting to be that time of year soon, so you're gonna start seeing more people in swimsuits come June. What's your favorite type of swimsuit for a trap to wear?
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File: 04.jpg (374 KB, 1280x1820)
374 KB
374 KB JPG
File: 95858004_p1.png (804 KB, 745x1000)
804 KB
804 KB PNG
File: 95858004_p2.png (881 KB, 708x1000)
881 KB
881 KB PNG

File: 1654686141244.png (137 KB, 300x500)
137 KB
137 KB PNG
In case this stops existing: >>601608848

Anyway ya, anything that looks like it was made on the PlayStation or N64
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Isn't this that tulpa from /x/? Does anyone have more context or pics?
pretty sure this is vivec from morrowind

File: 1655539907028.png (454 KB, 800x1130)
454 KB
454 KB PNG
previous: >>10228753

girls only, stop bitching and post pee
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File: 99450929_p0.png (1.46 MB, 1128x1593)
1.46 MB
1.46 MB PNG
File: dick-piss.png (713 KB, 800x600)
713 KB
713 KB PNG
i would let a woman piss on my dick if she let me fuck her.
Is there anyone except Spidu that does the casually pissing in public whenever you want and its no big deal thing? I don't know why that specific combo is so rare but it gets me diamonds

File: 1597784172765.jpg (302 KB, 1200x420)
302 KB
302 KB JPG
Been a while since we had one. Don't remember what was welcomes in the old thread but anything regarding brainwashing, falling to depravity, women becoming semen demons and general edgy looks welcome.
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Just finished Atelier Sophie 2 and there was a corruption scenario in the final arc of the game which was nice
File: corruption_nurse0.jpg (323 KB, 1000x1500)
323 KB
323 KB JPG
File: corruption_nurse1.jpg (406 KB, 1000x1500)
406 KB
406 KB JPG
i forget, but they mostly do futa so i didnt follow on pixiv

File: fn_QV.jpg (243 KB, 1280x960)
243 KB
243 KB JPG
-No cheap edits
-No furry
-No gore
-No shilling your Discord/Gumroad/Whatever
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Any manga aggregator site. Dowman Sayman is a big name artist, it's not exactly obscure.
Not the anon who requested the headswap thing, but if you're down for more requests I'd like to ask for something where the reader (or whoever) has their head stolen but the body doesn't really mind being headless if not straight up being happy that the head is gone, if that's cool?
File: 1657073278326.png (532 KB, 1130x1380)
532 KB
532 KB PNG
Totally, I'm guessing body's point of view?
Yes please, no effort to go and reclaim the head.

Before I forget, I just want to say this is really nice! Do you plan on doing any more, or was this just a one-off thing? No pressure if it's the latter - I want to request you as well (if the thread doesn't mind me being a request pest...) but if you're not open to that it's cool.

File: zheng.jpg (2.14 MB, 2894x4093)
2.14 MB
2.14 MB JPG
Previous thread: >>10214822

As long as the futa phallus is bigger than the dude's dick, any type of content is allowed.
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is there more of this?
Already tried this, but i don't understand shit. I guess the only thing that it's left is to learn moonrunes.
Say something specifically not about the elephant in the room.
"Nice abs."
From there ask if they want to hit up an arcade or something nerdy and/or neetish.
File: zheng.jpg (1.26 MB, 2894x4093)
1.26 MB
1.26 MB JPG
Thanks for the recommendation anon.
True, I would say that sparrow and his crazy shit focuses more on interpersonal behaviors, while modeseven has more eldritch shit.

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