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File: 1592238883051.jpg (150 KB, 1024x1449)
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curveball for all you mummy posters
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File: 513_1280.jpg (78 KB, 1024x768)
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File: 1656889863423.png (322 KB, 774x1125)
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322 KB PNG
Counts? Technically not mummification but close enough.
Is there a version of this without the dude in the background
beats me. it's black and white though, just go at for 5 minutes in paint

The Futa is bigger than the guy; bonus points for relationship, family friends
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File: futa Pow.jpg (137 KB, 1000x1000)
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137 KB JPG

File: IMG_1895.jpg (375 KB, 1800x1800)
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Post girls stuck in slime, glue, mud or quicksand
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Why so quiet
File: 1610079661269.jpg (245 KB, 2124x2068)
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245 KB JPG
Why is the captcha 6-letter now? Who hurt the jannies so bad.

File: 1603044224954 (1).png (535 KB, 1080x816)
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535 KB PNG
post monster girls kidnapping or "taking" males to breed with and continue their reproduction cycle.
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This coomer be callin people mad when facts are stated. It’s just rape, senpai. Not like you’ll get either.
>they basically have no rights
and neither do we, fren.

Thanks for the gold kind stranger!
He was begging for it

Female on Male Focus Edition
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File: 1496428428242.jpg (200 KB, 2000x1576)
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200 KB JPG
File: 1580333299306.jpg (130 KB, 1280x985)
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130 KB JPG
I wrote something recently with the Winter Soldier being forcefully inflated.

I think the problem is everybody likes something different from this. I can't stand WG, for example. My inflation has to be round and light and tight, not flabby and heavy. So that's what I write.

So my advice is, write what you like and really lean into the parts you enjoy. There will always be people whining you didn't make them big enough or they didn't like the 'ending' you chose, and you just have to say fuck 'em.
Does anyone have any inflation stories involving magic and femdom? Thanks.

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File: giantcouple1.jpg (374 KB, 1724x1172)
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374 KB JPG
File: Eq6j7FKXYAUPihe.jpg (301 KB, 2000x1137)
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301 KB JPG
File: 655165255.jpg (163 KB, 900x672)
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163 KB JPG
My biggest fantasy is being cock vored under the promise that I'll be shot into a girls womb to be reborn, only to have her give a blowjob instead and just be another meal for her.
File: 1631693671869.jpg (529 KB, 1750x2450)
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529 KB JPG

File: 22788443.png (342 KB, 600x700)
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342 KB PNG
Post heads attached (or detached) to a body via a dick and pussy.
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File: 64864123_p1.jpg (102 KB, 526x652)
102 KB
102 KB JPG
Always a nice touch when authors remembers they also have vaginas.
File: 55906958_p0.jpg (249 KB, 1154x779)
249 KB
249 KB JPG
Thank you for the invite code.

What the fuck happened to this dude? Went from drawing absolute kino to writing cuck fanfiction
Also, lewdua thread
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I don't like Lewdua very much. Cock and balls are too smooth and weird looking. They just look like those bologna meat tubes they sell at grocery stores.
What fanfic
is there more to this?
well, there is a link to a MEGA on:
neat thanks

File: 37645762_p0.png (557 KB, 1000x794)
557 KB
557 KB PNG
any gender. milking, stationary bondage, or cultivation tanks are fine too just as long as there's weird tech shit happening. cyberhentai go bzzz

no loli / shota shit if they look like kids don't fuckin' post em idgaf im just here to cum for gods sake
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I like loving aftercare.
who the heck is coloring Jinrouki Winvurga?
I'm trying to find a picture that was posted on this sort of thread long ago; it was a machine where two girls were trapped in. One was sitting on a chair, with sex toys overstimulating her and a milking machine strapped on her breasts, and the milk collected went straight into a tank emptying into the second girl's anus. The second girl was looking angry as she was vomiting the milk enema she was forced to recieve... I hope some kind anon will post it back!
File: 1544253164377.jpg (234 KB, 1000x828)
234 KB
234 KB JPG
Hotter if it was girl

File: 1593819284091.png (627 KB, 1344x945)
627 KB
627 KB PNG
Every Post Needs An Image Edition

Do your civic duty and report your local schizo for "Trolling outside /b/" before they can drag down the thread.
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>drawing nazis make you a nazi
Nazis are fucking boring and not fun. Draw something original like a hyperpreg Vietcong woman, or a fertile Spanish American War soldier
Cranky cause Desantis is a shit Governor and the Tampa Bay buccaneers suck?
The Buccaneers may suck, but if you think that Desantis is a shit governor, then you're a fucking retard.
File: 1420702720951.png (914 KB, 1025x756)
914 KB
914 KB PNG
Spotted the nazi.

>I am a gay retearnd and I am very high on weed.

Please share manga and pics with femboys dominating males

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>How to get a cute femboy to pound my ass irl?
Through continued effort, large social circles, charisma and luck.
Well i might have something for ya


What you're really searching start at page 24 tho
I don’t consider the second to be Josou Seme
I love cuteboy on cuteboy.

It's not Josou Seme, but one of my favorite arrangements is two cuteboys who both want to bottom, figuring out how to have sex, and which one breaks down and uses their cock.
Thanks, but this is not exactly what I'm looking for. He's dominant from the start and ends up actually wanting to top, which kills it for me.

No vore, no spheres. Just fat boys who overfill their stomach with food.
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>Come to this thread
>Jerk off
>Stomach growls
>Eat a lot
>Feel tight stomach
>Get horny, jerk off.
>Stomach grumbles.

Never ending cycle.
It's nice that other anons here have chronic fetish brainrot as well. I hit about 5,451 calories yesterday, which is a lot for me (I've always been a tub of lard, but not from gaining intentionally). I could barely suck in my gut and the stomachache I had just made me even hornier. I plan on getting to a similar calorie amount today. Being a slob is the hottest fucking thing and it's so easy to do.

Here’s the rules. Post a pic and a description of a transformation for the post above you. If the last digit of your post number after you’ve posted is equal or greater, then the transformation attempt succeeds and that person suffers the consequences. If you’ve been transformed by someone who succeeded, then in order to post another transformation you must include all current transformations that you already have in the post first, you can optionally throw in how you’re handling the current transformations for flavor. If you get transformed again, then anything that can stack gets stacked, but anything contradictory will be overwritten.

I’ll post a few examples to get started.
1 reply and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
I’m a big boobed little fairy, struggling to learn magic, I can’t do anything useful with it and swear I accidentally made myself even smaller when I tried to cast a growth spell.

For your transformation, you become a femboy with a massive and extremely sensitive cock. You cum at the drop of the hat, from a small caress to even just putting your pants on. After you cum there’s a 5 minute cooldown before it can happen again.
You go from big boobed fairy to giant boobed fairy. Your tits are now large enough to put a human girls to shame but your size and strength haven’t changed. To make matters worse, this new size is a hard minimum, even with magic you’ll never be able to shrink them, though maybe one day you could make them lighter.
I’m a fairy with ridiculous boobs so big I can’t even move around on my own, my wings are useless and I need someone to lift me by my boobs to get me around.

For your transformation, you become a female draph. What is a draph? Well you become a short stack with an hourglass figure, and you also become horny in more ways than 1. You grow horns out of your head, and these sex handles prove to be huge erogenous zones. Someone could easily make you cum just from fondling your horns. Other than the horns your body is more sensitive and your libido is high.
The duel must continue.

Simple cartoon faces on an detailed sexy body.
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I’ll post Lana’s mom on the venus thread too

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