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File: vm18.png (37 KB, 800x600)
37 KB
/vm/ plays Hunt: Showdown NEW EVENT EDITION

New weapons new changes all for the better? Post lfg's, discuss new changes, ask for help, and shit on others by posting your superior loadouts.

Mosin schizo, stam shizo, dragonbreath schizo, gay admin schizo need not apply
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File: 1711517056764327.jpg (110 KB, 853x1000)
110 KB
110 KB JPG
>playing with irl friend who is shit at fps games.
>He doesn't play hunt all that much
>Picks up a katana after one of our matches where me and another irl friend extract.
>The following match we grandslam and on our way to the extraction an immolator aggros us at one of the wagonsites.
>He pulls out his Katana and slaps the immolator, setting it off and blowing up an explosive barrel right next to us.
>All 3 of us die in the explosion.
>Look at post game results, we killed 3 of 3 enemy teams.
>Now no one gets the bounty.
Absolutely hilarious and fun time with the lads
> On the verge of hitting 5 stars
> My teammates and I are approaching an enemy-occupied compound in the process of being banished
> I find a decent hiding spot facing near the compound
> I notice one select crack in the wall out of maybe 4 others that I can use to attempt to get a better look at the compound
> I use it
> The gap I'm looking through is so tight that I can hardly see anything, but from what little I saw there was nobody directly in my line of sight
> I do this for maybe 1 minute max
> I instantly get headshot by a 5 star player that was part of the 5 star enemy team defending the compound, which means somehow that player was magically already looking in my EXACT direction without any bounty tokens
> This all happened during my first match of the night
> Infuriated, I decide to logoff
...I always thought the whole "Higher MMR lobbies run the risk of being infested by more cheaters" thing was a joke, but that's legitimately the 1st time I've ever 100% thought someone was actually cheating. I feel bad for players that are consistently 5 stars or higher and regularly have to deal with dying to suspicious bullshit like that.
Oh, and almost forgot to add: The enemy Hunter that killed me headshotted me through a sliver of a crack in my hiding spot with the Caldwell pistol. No sniper rifle or any other weapon featuring optic zoom. Not odd at all. :)
why would you want to play with high star cheaters?

File: Spoiler Image (166 KB, 1275x805)
166 KB
166 KB PNG
I was playing Throne and liberty in South Korea, I was having fun with friends and meeting new people. In January 8 of 2024 NCSOFT implemented a security service where you have to register a phone number as a recovery phone number, I wasn't able to receive the code with any of my 2 numbers so a "FRIEND" offer his second phone number from USA to use it a register my PC; it was all good and I was able to register my PC. Now I had an issue with my PCF so I formatted my PC to fix it, but I forgot about the phone number recovery thingy, so I was unable to register my PC, I asked my "FRIEND" for a favor and that if he could send me the code again to register my POC again, he just said, I'm not using that phone number anymore, I think it was lost because I didn't pay the rent, so I can't do anything for you. I was like "Ok, no problem, I'll try with support, but they can't help me either because now I need a Korean number with the first 7 number of their RRN, name and phone number to even be able to deactivate the register service or change the recovery phone number. I tried one more time with my friend just checking if he pay the rent of his second phone number and he said the same thing. I did ask a relative living in UISA to check if the number was active and indeed his second line was fine and active he just doesn't want to send me the code. But he's all friendly through discord and such. sigh! Do you perhaps know how to do to register/get a phone number from Korea and personal data so I can keep playing... please! I will attach the recovery phone number from that guy. maybe you know something about how to get the code without annoying or disturbing my "FRIEND" -_-

File: IMG_0307.png (47 KB, 300x163)
47 KB
I am pretty old school, I cannot stand for microtransactions or pay to win games. I never got to play EverQuest but have heard great things. I loved Final Fantasy XI and pre-combat Star Wars Galaxies. World Of Warcraft was fun back in the day but it has changed so much.
Guild Wars 1 was neat for what it was. I have tried brushing up on some up and comings that are featured on MMORPG.com but nothing really feels epic enough.
Is the genre dead or is there a future?
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i played star wars legend (the revived dead mmo server) with spaceshipt dlc and all.
wakfu would also be interesting if it wasn't that the company changes every damn time the mechanics or sends the economy down the drain.
Why don't you try to set up a wow server in local offline on your pc and play with bots ia? you can do only with bots the content and dungeons and even make achievements.
I would love to do it but my pc is a real piece of junk that can't afford it.
the idea of a mmo for yourself sounds like a lot of content.

i saw videos of a draenei warrior and even a mage, a hunter with pets and druid doing dungeons alone. in wotlk i used to do the dungeons alone with those classes.

I wonder if there will be similar projects with ia bots for other mmo...
well the paladin could also do everything by himself kek
if you do it i recommend that you do everything from scratch and manually with github or wow servers projects.
don't use repack databases. because they can contain viruses or cryptominers... or at least that's what I read.
File: spells, enchants, items.png (2.44 MB, 1920x1080)
2.44 MB
2.44 MB PNG
I've been doing that for a while now, but steered away from the MMO/bot swarm ideas and more into the solo/co-op side. It's very fun to make new items, spells, boss fights but one anon can only do so much on his own. I wish I had a small group of friends to build the game into a more complete solo experience.

Scaled dungeons, raids down and creating new ways for classes to clear the content all on their own. New monsters and quests in some places as well. I would recommend personal WoW servers, if only to mess around with for a while.

File: 1714834350332098.png (955 KB, 1400x1041)
955 KB
955 KB PNG
The Third Person, Third Biggest MOBA, based on various World Mythologies.

FACT: The 4chan clan is [SmGen]: Smite Gen Plus! All new players are welcome!
Most members are on around 10pm-4am UTC+0. Party up with anyone you can find.
Regulars usually talk / LFG in-thread, don't mind them.


>>NDA Closed Alpha is NOT ongoing, DO NOT ask questions about it, it WAS NOT leaked here
>>New Magetoon Goddess, Hecate with Open Alpha, May 2nd
>>Closed Beta at 30th July at 23 Godtoons
>>Five total new Godtoons before the formal release at 50 in early 2025

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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gf toon
>I assume a lot of Gods are like that, Cupid, where nobody ever plays them/wants to play them?
Aside from everyshitter playing Thanatos / Janus, it's actually pretty balanced. Obviously some are more popular than others, but it's not like League where Skarner or Ivern might as well not exist. Even the less-popular ones like Yu Huang or Yemoja still see respectable play.
File: 1707548281979628.jpg (369 KB, 1762x2048)
369 KB
369 KB JPG
im in the mood for some asymmetrical pancakes bros
This image is so great.
I remember all the ranked games where our adc picked charybdis and we lost
nigga you had 17 options for hunter and you picked THAT?

File: h.gif (209 KB, 794x596)
209 KB
209 KB GIF
Have cheaters essentially ruined FPS games for anyone else as well? Years back I enjoyed playing PUBG, but then it got ruined by an influx of an unholy number of cheaters. I used to like playing Siege too, but cheaters at higher ranks and ubisoft's retarded decisions rendered the game basically unplayable for me. Same situation with Hunt and higher ranks too, it's all either cheaters or rats, or both. Got into Tarkov a couple years back, but it turned out the EU region in that game is one giant farm for Chinese RMT cheaters, there also isn't any matchmaking in Tarkov, meaning cheaters play in the same lobbies as shitters and aren't put in high containment ranks. Bf1 used to be great as well, but so many servers specifically in the EU region seem to be filled with either cheaters or high level sweats who have all meta guns unlocked these days.

Don't even get me started on games like CSGO/2 and Warzone.

The only shooters that I found have very few/almost no cheaters are HLL, Squad and Insurgency, but these games are really boring and heavily promote camping due to their low TTK. There are also no meaningful progression/goals in these shooters, essentially you just camp around, rack up kills and don't really get anything for it, besides some xp/points that let you unlock cosmetics.

Basically at this point I'm pretty much completely out of fun games to play.
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free bot software gets you banned, you need to pay $20-50 to get a good one that is undetected and even then it is a gamble

EAC is garbage and in some cases it could be bypassed by just shutting down it's process, as far as I know consoles have zero anti cheats in place
I generally think consoles plebs are just too lazy to even cheat, if I was forced to play on console, I would have invested into buying a m+kb tool since controllers are only good for fighting games

the issue did not originate in the west, it's chinks mass producing the software, at this point I think is probably a bigger industry than making anti cheat software

In the near future we will get AI detection and AI cheats, at that point I think normal people will be filtered out since only turbo retards will pay so that an AI plays the game for them.
>free bot software gets you banned
Oh, they do get banned, all the time. People who pay for cheats too. It's just that bans aren't instant, far from it actually. For instance, in CSGO it would take months for a cheater to get banned. I once lent someone my steam account, and got banned on CSGO 7 MONTHS after they returned the account. I was so shocked and confused too, because I didn't play CSGO on that account once after it was returned.
In a lot of games it's cheaper to re-buy an account (you can buy a Siege account for $5 lol) and use some cheapo/free cheat, than to pay for good undetectable cheats. And cheating faggots can do a fuckton of damage before they're detected and banned too. Sadly, this isn't a race that game devs can keep up with. Nor do they genuinely want to really. They profit directly from reselling accounts to cheaters.
I think the worst part is that you don't really know when someone is cheating or not, I used to play a bit on the fast guys in Titanfall 2. Pubstomping every match, but playing on esl it made me doubt if better players are cheating or legitimately that good. Same was with Natural Selection - I don't want to badmanner or rob others of their accomplishments so it sucks that I get paranoid and there is ample evidence there are cheaters.
yeah, but chink netcafes don't mind shelling out a few hundred bucks to have a bunch of PCs running top of the line cheats, they make it back with all the chinks going there to cheat

File: file.png (1.45 MB, 1448x900)
1.45 MB
1.45 MB PNG
anyone else playing the update

i haven't played in years and trading coins for recipes is a lot better than the fucking paper rng grind was
but I must be missing something because the tiering is kinda fucked
I have to beat a 53 guy at 47 to get thick leather recipe
unless i'm missing somewhere I can farm it

also why the fuck do crafting stations not take things from chests
like 90% of the time spent in base is sorting items and moving items from place to place

i also wish the skill gems were more impactful, like getting a skill jewel should make me want to use a skill I normally don't use because it makes it that much better
6 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
t. zoomie that hates challenge
I bet you play pve
>hunting General Cassius
>find the bastard walking about some vampire ruins
>it just so happens vampires patrol the area and interfere with our 1v1
>just kidding Cassius is a giant pussy and starts summoning skeletons with halberds too
>I’m getting overwhelmed so I retreated outside the castle right into another pack of vampires
>oh fuck
>so I dodge and weave, kill, and run behind a rock to heal and think about calling it quits
>nah Cassius still wants to fight and followed me outside
>after a few minutes of killing mobs and his adds and attacking him in between I get him 50% health
>I’m so sick of all the random mobs and his adds
>then suddenly I see a red skull and the name Paladin on the side of my screen
>I book it
>the Paladins switch targets and start fucking Cassius up
>it takes them maybe 3 seconds to get Cassius from 50-0% hp
>I run over and absorb that pussy ass bitch, laughing so hard

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
I was having fun but most players left the server (pvp) before I could catch up and fight on a more equal level.
Never underestimate the power of getting someone else to kill a V Blood for you
thats sadly how every "pvp" rpg works
there is a burst of activity at the start where everyone races to gear up and then bully people lower than them on the totem pole
no one is interested in pvp on an equal footing
a server that is 50/50 day 1 will be 20/50 day 2 and 2/50 day 3

File: xdefiant.jpg (10 KB, 300x168)
10 KB
>This game is absolutely gonna be the CoD Killer you guys!!
>We had some public beta tests that nobody has heard any kind of feedback from, and we aren't promoting it at all, but it'll definitely be a good, healthy competitor to CoD!
>Don't worry, we won't let it sit without updates for a year before publicly executing it! When have we ever done that before?
no one except over hyping retards call it the "cod killer"
its just a arcade shooter in the style of older cods and perfect for people who are tired with the sweat feast that is current cod

File: Spoiler Image (853 KB, 1242x1688)
853 KB
853 KB JPG
Development kicked into full swing a month ago. Internal playtests have begun for the CH6 map also codenamed Selene for some reason. No bus path or uncovered map so epic can’t eat my ass by finding this specific session. Don’t ask why I’m doing this. It’s not important.
We all thought the roadmap was fake at first but now look. Who’s to say this isn’t the same case. Why is there such high detail in some of this. Questionable, but interesting
Hey, I run a twitter page for Fortnite. Got more information to share and would like to be kept anonymous? Reach out to me at FNBRintelbusiness@gmail.com

File: 1652045202523.jpg (100 KB, 881x719)
100 KB
100 KB JPG
>mfw am too afraid to join, let alone speak in VC when i see a bunch of people online and playing together on the pisscord server im on
>brain tells me that even if had the balls to join, then it would be pointless anyway since i'd probably just get talked over and ignored
I can't believe i have devolved so much as a human being that just joining a voice chat session is a near impossible task for me to undertake. I see everyone having fun in the party /v/an group chat and i refuse to partake because i know i'll probably either be a laughing stock or ignored. It literally never fucking began for me holy shit.
youre overthinking yourself into a fucking ditch right now

you can be in vc and be quiet. Join, say hi and then answer questions.. you dont have to say anything else if you're uncomfy and get a feel for the people you're around. Doesnt have to be that deep
You are overthinking too much. I got invited to a server and didn't talk that much, but still had a great time because the people I was in it with were entertaining enough to not really warrant much talking. You can just join a vc and chill for a bit until someone says something to you or just try to build up the courage. Easier said than done, but it'll come easy once you're actually in it.
Join and mute yourself. Easy. Unless you're in a group of assholes they won't mind you communicating through text to start with.

File: 1710434059192.webm (3.36 MB, 1280x800)
3.36 MB
3.36 MB WEBM
SRB2 Kart is a mod of a mod based on the Doom Legacy engine, turning the game engine into a kart racer akin to Super Mario Kart. It's a very lightweight game and runs on most all PCs. Use this thread to start netgames, join other anons, give help/tips, spritework, modding, feedback, etc.

>How to Play
1. Download the game below in 'Full Install (...)'
>Compiling on Linux
2. Unzip contents into a separate folder
3. Load up 'srb2kart-neptune.exe'
4. That's it

>Do we have a /v/ server?
Yes! We're running a modified executable that allows for 256 characters and up to 32 racers, along with a large supply of QoL improvements. First, download it here:

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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I know this is from the perspective of SPB attack, but I don't think Metropolis and Hot Shelter are that bad in regular races.
City Escape would be fine if not for all the fucking boxes.
The Entire SPB cup can go fuck itself.
>another special stage where you can go too fast from a downward slope into a ramp, damage the capsule with your speed, then lose all of it and fall
Disabling collision on the UFO (with your speed preserved when boosting into it) would singlehandledly make the special stages several times more enjoyable. I've lost too many rounds from being bumped into a pit.
There's like a dozen ice themed tracks but no Ice Cap, even though every other level from Sonic 3 has a track including the 2P levels
The game has Mega Ice Cap, which is a replacement for (and is much better than) SMK Vanilla Lake, but it doesn't feel like Ice Cap

File: 1714783803096682.png (1.75 MB, 1145x841)
1.75 MB
1.75 MB PNG
We thought of this idea on /v/ to play through random niche and obscure MMOs we vote on. Preferably games that 4chan hasn't already played together so the experience for everyone is the same. The rules are:
>vote on a game
>whichever gets the most votes gets played
>make a dedicated general for the game on /vg/ and play it for a month
>end of the month vote a new game
Feel free to suggest more games be added to the list and suggest rule changes.
810 replies and 93 images omitted. Click here to view.
Round 2 is up
Cabalchad rises up
File: vote.png (460 KB, 471x705)
460 KB
460 KB PNG
what the fuck man
Tales of pirates may be weeb shit but it is still a PIRATE game, I vote pirate until we've all sunk.

also to my memory it's pretty laid back for a weeb mmo

File: Chiv2.jpg (499 KB, 1920x1080)
499 KB
499 KB JPG
Why didn't this genre take off?
125 replies and 16 images omitted. Click here to view.
Pretty much.
Because people are morons. Also, in many cases, you should have enough situational awareness to fall back if you only have a handful of mates and the enemy team shows up outnumbering you 3 to 1.
cuz im too good
Most fun weapon in Chivalry 2. It feels so fluid and satisfying. Though you probably won't be topping the board in TO as the slash damage is subpar, the survivability this thing gives you in 1vX is insane, and it's bonkers in 1v1. About the only thing that flat out sucks is the special attack. How does the Mordhau longsword compare to it?
File: 3djb0eh9vr0d1.jpg (646 KB, 2567x1204)
646 KB
646 KB JPG
Citadel looks a lot less impressive in Chiv 2 than 1. I know it's meant to be more realistic (and playable), but I miss the high fantasy, almost surreal feel of Malric's main base from the original game. Every Chiv release since the Source mod has gotten less and less grandiose.

File: modest booba.png (3.32 MB, 1920x1080)
3.32 MB
3.32 MB PNG
tell me i hear everything.
5v5 was a good change and don't let anyone blinded with nostalgia tell you otherwise. Nobody played tank and everyone knew it
It could be better to have a 4 vs 4
just sayin
Locking the heroes behind a timesink and a Battle Pass.
you need 2 dps to accomplish anything with the stupid defensive str meta

Helldivers 2 thread, since it's an online coop game I suppose it belongs here.

In this thread we discuss the state of the game, tips & tricks, give our opinions, share cool moments and in general talk about Helldivers 2 away from all the /v/ermin.
495 replies and 80 images omitted. Click here to view.
Lower your sensitivity (240-400 effective DPI), under flick quickly and deliberately, and aim slowly after.
I've had that happen. Fuckin retards in this game
I love the defense rocket evacuation mission and genuinely play almost nothing else. Cathartic as fuck to just sit and mow down enemies for 15 minutes and not have to worry about objectives, running across the map, whatever.
The mission variety in this game is stale as fuck anyways and ranges from annoying to not annoying.
Yeah they really need to take a page out of DRG's book and throw in more variety, like how DRG has industrial sabotage, pipeline missions, escort drilldozer, that new upcoming drill elevator mission.

There's "different" objectives in helldivers but they all boil down to doing the same thing, run across the map to 3 points and either use a terminal or blow something up.

If they don't want people to get bored they really need to add more shit, really the only 2 "unique" templates we have for missions now are go to 3 points and do something (90% of the game), or defense (high value assets, evacuate civilians, exterminate)

Maybe some additional templates like
>assault the heavily fortified base (reverse defense, fight your way through a massive hive/fortress to reach the central area, which is an indoor factory for bots and underground tunnels for bugs, have to call in a portable hellbomb someone has to carry inside with two hands and drop at the heart of the complex and run the fuck out of there to blow it)
>eliminate high value target (roaming megabug / superbot boss battle 4-5x the size of a BT or strider that you have to take down by hitting weak points, activating side objectives for support strategems, etc.)
>escort SEAF reinforcements convoy (convoy of SEAF light/heavy armor and troop transports that have to drive across the map from the edge to reinforce a SEAF outpost at point B, then have a big battle there with everything that made it against heavily increased spawns while you wait for the pelican to come pick you up in 5-10 minutes. SEAF survival on departure not guaranteed. If none of them reach point B, the end extraction fight is just significantly harder)

Wilderness PKing Edition

>What is /v/scape?
Vidyascape (AKA /v/scape) is a fully featured 2007 RuneScape private server started on >>>/v/ running since March 2014.

Experience the game mostly as it was in 2007
Active devs with dedicated server hosting - 99.9% uptime
No Grand Exchange
2.25xp rate - Less grind allows you to progress faster
Access to all content - Free forever! Explore Gielinor just like a member
No donator benefits - Only your in game wealth matters. Nobody can pay for an advantage
122 quests - 248 Quest Points available, fully scripted and working!
Fight Caves, Barrows, Treasure Trails, Pest Control, Barbarian Assault, Temple Trekking and much more!

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
557 replies and 186 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: 1713857297753105.webm (2.17 MB, 720x720)
2.17 MB
2.17 MB WEBM
>that's yfw I say STFU?
cant tell if it's his other hand grabbing the bucket or a huge explosion of shit
i feel like we are all bored of runescape but want friends to talk to and this thread is the result of that
I want something like runescape where you can grind skills and the weapons and armour are not tied to classes
File: 1705863590652189.jpg (205 KB, 1139x1080)
205 KB
205 KB JPG
a dark, yet comforting thought
but no
its much worse than that

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