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File: wtf nigga.png (862 KB, 1226x536)
862 KB
862 KB PNG
Any mmos/private servers for a poorfag to play? I tried turtle wow but it feels like everyone else is already at the end game and I'm just solo grinding....
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FFXIV has free trials up to Stormblood
though you will get a lot of restrictions like you can't access market board, money cap, can't join FC, can't add friends.
I would recommend HorizonXI it has level sync for grinding exp and it's free
have you been to the vidyascape thread
File: 18568242486289.png (711 KB, 765x1027)
711 KB
711 KB PNG
>have you been to the vidyascape thread

I endorse playing on Project Ascension, there's two realms. One that is the seasonal, the other is the permanent server which is reaching the late game TBC as of now. Lots of stuff happening since they reached chapter 2 few weeks ago.
I recently started playing Ascension and have been enjoying it so far, but just picked a featured build on Area 52 and ran with it. Do you have any tips for getting the most out of the game?

File: nw.jpg (287 KB, 1200x630)
287 KB
287 KB JPG
it's good
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>friend gifts this to me
>start playing
>think it's too monotonous but it surely get better if I keep playing
>after a couple days uninstall because it's a fucking slog
who the fuck made this? there are barely no different enemies, the gameplay is retarded, story is extremely awful, and the water (for a supposedly pirate/conquest/colonization setting) looks fucking bad
only dopamine junkies would feel something out of this
How long ago did you play it? Well I guess it doesn't matter it still has the issue of mobs being copy pasted but they fixed the main quest recently, it's much better now
my dad plays this
Your dad has terrible taste
It was supposed to be a full loot PvP MMO similar to Conan Exiles, Albion or Rust but Amazon played it safe and went the "just copy WoW again" route.
Now you are left with the barebones PvE of a PvP game and a non-functional player-driven economy because there is no full loot PvP creating demand for crafted items.

File: cs2 pro.png (5 KB, 179x37)
5 KB
>try out cs2 a few weeks ago after 13 year hiatus
>have a lot of fun despite cheaters
>buy prime and want to get better at game
>still only play casual for now because i am one too
>first game today i killed some random enemy at my spawn during warm-up in an unspectacular way
>he immediately calls me a cheater and account buyer
>ignore at first, he continues being a faggot
>look at his profile
>9k hours in css, 6k in cs2
>200 commends, 70 for being friendly
>call him out for being a mentally ill faggot
>keeps being aggressive and calls me a cheater and account buyer for the whole game
>also he immediately sets his profile to private
thanks for reading my blog
how is your multiplayer experience going today?
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This is such a dumb complaint
You play the game because the game is fun.
ouch.... i have 1300 hours spanned across the past 8 years and i am 17k rating
Nah matchmaking/premier isnt set up well enough, I have around 660 hours on my main with about 500-700 on previous alts and I consider myself very good at the game, though I cba'd to really grind shit out, got LE in 2020 I think, then I stopped grinding after that, now, on map ranks I am silver 4 dust 2 gn1 mirage, and its literally impossible to climb lol, chances are you are playing against good players that dont belong in that elo
Valve fucked the game up really hard but they can still salvage it
Though the cheater problem isnt as bad as it was its still a major problem that needs to be solved
The economy needs to be fixed, if T's start snowballing a little, and you need to eco on CT, chances are you are fucked hardcore for the next few rounds
M12 is too short in my opinion and M15 is better
The new loadout system is a little gay, the idea of having to choose between a4 and m4s was kinda cool and it feels a little cheap to have both equipped, and the new system makes niche underused weapons already more obsolete cause people will choose the better versions, I doubt you'll ever see weapons like pp bizon or mp7 again
Subtick is a lot better than what it once was, but for some reason I dont know if its the hitreg or something but I cant shake the feeling that something is still up with the gunplay and the movement, it feels very wonky, sometimes I hit some shots that would've never registered on csgo
Running and gunning is a major problem still that HAS to be solved, im getting killed by m4s players who dont even counter strafe, just a-d spam lol
Maps are still missing, and new ones should've been added already
Maybe add an option to revert the graphics or something, as the new ones are kinda shit and looking back at csgo gameplay makes me realize that even more, the new ones are too cartoony and fortnite-like and doesnt suit CS
More QoL stuff like that smoke camera would be cool, something like options for favourite crosshairs
Yeah thats about all I can remember, CS2 source code will come in useful but the state of the game is fucked up hard and it'll take some few years knowing valve to get back at it
Thanks for reading
Premier doesn't have the same problems, and 7500 rating which is the equivalent of Silver 4 is still very difficult.

Halo has fallen , Microsoft killed it , 343 killed it , their greed , they where blind , no one will ever buy a halo game again thanks for their bad decision making destroyed the franchise , they gotta pay for their sins , they took from us one of the greatest games ever now gave us shitty Micro transactions

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I've never played another game where the ranked/competitive mode wasn't just the regular game but with MMR. Is this not normal in COD? I can't even find a ranked match in halo infinite there's not enough players, who is it that wants this?
this is retarded. in actual competitive games no one would use any of the other weapons anyway. It might be fun to blow someone up withe the needler but its just not something you'd pick up in a serious match. I also don't fucking want to use an AR basically ever as it's boring and takes exactly 0 skill to use with matchups being decided on who shot/meleed first.
None of this is remotely true.
File: 1894.gif (36 KB, 90x90)
36 KB
It's insane to me how much people overblow how popular competitive shit was in halo 3. It was absolutely not the norm. Most people just played social slayer or btb and forge maps with their friend list and fucked around with theater mode and file share stuff. Like you guys either had a way different experience than anyone I know or you're just straight up lying. Most people just liked to watch the MLG montage videos because at the time they were cool and barely anyone was on that level, but never gave a shit about being competitive themselves. That's like saying MMO players back in the day were majority nolife minmaxers because they watched montage videos of higher level players when the fact is that most of them were low level noobs who preferred to fuck around and chat in towns with their friends. Complete historical revisionism.
All of them have near identical dps though.

File: SN.jpg (262 KB, 1920x1080)
262 KB
262 KB JPG
First Edition (kind of)

>What is Sven Co-op?
Sven Co-op is a co-op variation of the 1998 first-person shooter Half-Life. It can be played with up to 32 players. Initially made to make it possible to play Half-Life campaign with other people, it has since then expanded into being one of the most moddable games on the GoldSrc engine.
>Why do so many players have default models?
When a player is using a model or skin you do not have, you will see the default HEV suit. You can download the models here:
>Custom sprays?
Here: http://www.the303.org/tutorials/index.html

We have a server at

Join for co-op NOW!!
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me, i'm his stalker
keep pretending

and hi
I think schizos got bored of ddosing for now
no idea who if there is even one
its a closed party.
no one cares desu

File: Spoiler Image (166 KB, 1275x805)
166 KB
166 KB PNG
I was playing Throne and liberty in South Korea, I was having fun with friends and meeting new people. In January 8 of 2024 NCSOFT implemented a security service where you have to register a phone number as a recovery phone number, I wasn't able to receive the code with any of my 2 numbers so a "FRIEND" offer his second phone number from USA to use it a register my PC; it was all good and I was able to register my PC. Now I had an issue with my PCF so I formatted my PC to fix it, but I forgot about the phone number recovery thingy, so I was unable to register my PC, I asked my "FRIEND" for a favor and that if he could send me the code again to register my POC again, he just said, I'm not using that phone number anymore, I think it was lost because I didn't pay the rent, so I can't do anything for you. I was like "Ok, no problem, I'll try with support, but they can't help me either because now I need a Korean number with the first 7 number of their RRN, name and phone number to even be able to deactivate the register service or change the recovery phone number. I tried one more time with my friend just checking if he pay the rent of his second phone number and he said the same thing. I did ask a relative living in UISA to check if the number was active and indeed his second line was fine and active he just doesn't want to send me the code. But he's all friendly through discord and such. sigh! Do you perhaps know how to do to register/get a phone number from Korea and personal data so I can keep playing... please! I will attach the recovery phone number from that guy. maybe you know something about how to get the code without annoying or disturbing my "FRIEND" -_-
maybe you should just kys but bump for interest in seeing if the services desired still exist.

File: highseccers.jpg (119 KB, 828x581)
119 KB
119 KB JPG
>what is eve
mmo space sandbox
>what is eve really?
alive game
>ingame channel
>should I start playing EVE?
>previous thread
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>they do actual work and increase the volume, making it more effort to haul.
no, its a decrease in volume and it turns into an item they can sell more of reliably (to their alliance/coalition, for example)
being able to sell 100b of shit at 15% profit is worth a lot more to a lot of people than selling 30b of shit at 30% profit.
>no, its a decrease in volume
T2 hulls are a decrease in volume because you consume a T1 hull, for which you must import the minerals.
So no.

>an item they can sell more of reliably (to their alliance/coalition, for example)
The economics of supplying your friends and locals are a completely different calculation from supplying the open market in Empire space.

>being able to sell 100b of shit at 15% profit is worth a lot more to a lot of people than selling 30b of shit at 30% profit.
Materials generally sell faster than ships. So again, no.
So we could talk about someone making ships for their alliance, making too many and selling the surplus, which is an error in planning because he could have made enough for his alliance and then sold the surplus materials. But that is an honest mistake in the name of convenience rather than blatant retardation.
im done here you're clearly a moron
>the minerals are outright more expensive than the hull
>even when you account for the structure bonuses
>but selling more of the hulls, which you can make in vast quantities due to the structure bonuses somehow means that makes money
No, you are the retard.
looting the ships of people you killed is part of pvp tho?

File: Spoiler Image (853 KB, 1242x1688)
853 KB
853 KB JPG
Development kicked into full swing a month ago. Internal playtests have begun for the CH6 map also codenamed Selene for some reason. No bus path or uncovered map so epic can’t eat my ass by finding this specific session. Don’t ask why I’m doing this. It’s not important.
We all thought the roadmap was fake at first but now look. Who’s to say this isn’t the same case. Why is there such high detail in some of this. Questionable, but interesting
Hey, I run a twitter page for Fortnite. Got more information to share and would like to be kept anonymous? Reach out to me at FNBRintelbusiness@gmail.com
why are the roads the shape of the razer logo, have you gat anything more to show than the map ? also are there info on C5S4 ?
thanks for the input though

News about any upcoming Events? Bleck.
Dead and dated memes you gotta pay like $8 for? Now we're talking.
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Maybe you should either get better at the game or get better at reading data, because for you to still hold that stance is just further hammering in the point that only retards suck the cock of the FCAR, which I'm especially inclined to believe since you're trying to slip in a point about usability
>horrible ironsight kick
Stopped reading there, opinion discarded, lol. R.357 is a dynamite headshot MACHINE if you're not shit at aiming the damn thing, but again: that's why people flock to the FCAR. They're shit at aiming with ironsights.
>people will take weapons that are more usable for a simpleton
since you think that weapon handling is an irrelevant part of weapon balancing, surely you can post some webms of your revolver two taps, or your godlike baton gameplay
surely these aren't just the opinions of a bleating retard
I don't even use the FCAR that much, but everyone in comp does, you fucken retard, wonder why

but yeah I can tell you're just a retard by your comment on the r357
>revolver two taps
Nah, I don't have webms of such mundane gameplay on hand. I guess later I could look into setting up ReLive to capture that, but at the same time: if you honestly think that hitting someone two times in the head with a Revolver is this impossible highlight of a challenge, then my argument has already been conclusively won. Like you have no recourse at this point other than to say
>ah no webm right now? of course it's too godlike to actually be real
then okay, thanks for the compliment, my dude
>Baton is fun, but like every melee in this game, a meme
Sword + dash is downright OP though.

File: NC Saves the Princess.png (505 KB, 1200x2172)
505 KB
505 KB PNG
Please play our game edition

>Graphics Settings Analysis
>Jan 2024 Dev Letter
>Old bin
>Old thread

I can't think of anything else to add.
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File: RecentRecordHighs.png (20 KB, 732x168)
20 KB
>recent record high playercount
It's over.
bros... even The Commander thinks it's over
I hope these dumb niggers realize video titles like this just end up ACTUALLY killing a game. It's not going to boost playercount at all, it's going to make them give up as nobody will dare touch it if this shows up in a google search.
Good, let the suffering finally come to an end.

File: 2024.png (24 KB, 1209x395)
24 KB
i cant get a port forward to work can somebody tell me what i need to enter in each field
I think you need these?

3000 from - to 3000
5670 from - to 5670
7777 from - to 7777
7000 from - to 7100
6670 from - to 6670

open cmd
type: ipconfig

your ipv4 will pop up along other stuff.
use the IPV4 adress, for example

For example

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
call your ISP and ask.
sometimes NAT punching just doesnt work for your network
most routers have a preset for each game
if you forward ports not knowing what you are doing, you will get hacked

File: Highspell.com.jpg (187 KB, 924x793)
187 KB
187 KB JPG

Highspell is a small but growing community.

It's gameplay is similar to and inspired by the Original Runescape Classic.

Highspell Official Website:

Highspell Discord:

Highspell Fandom Wiki:
3 replies omitted. Click here to view.
how many people play this? 3 niggas?
now this is pod racing
looks fuj
>and inspired
isn't this a literal ripoff?
No no you see directly ripping the assets and carbon copying the entire game is actually just a reference

File: 1714028604433468.png (200 KB, 599x602)
200 KB
200 KB PNG
Why do modern multiplayer games feel like a second job? It's been so long since I actually had fun.

Everything is battle passes, dailies, ranked climb, FOMO, manipulative algorithms, skin economy, anticonsumer practices, deceptive marketing, prolonging gametime, EOMM, bad mechanics, etc.
42 replies and 4 images omitted. Click here to view.
Mainstream games are a psyop designed to trap normies into a skinner box to milk them for money. Just stick to the classic stuff. This board has plenty of good niche communities.
Gotta keep player engagement up to milk people for mtx. Even games without mtx need to point to high player counts to convince more people to buy the game.
Explain why playing the old ones still can be enjoyable then
>you are le nostalgic for le game you le never played at le time
Don't think so kike

File: enola gay simulator.png (636 KB, 964x700)
636 KB
636 KB PNG
>What's new?
3.23 is in PTU and open to all
Invictus announced, starting on the 17th, Polaris to appear exterior only

>New to Star Citizen?

>General info and useful links

>CitCon 2023, intends to release "within next 12 months" (this year)

Previous thread >>1279754
904 replies and 209 images omitted. Click here to view.
>huge, impressive well shielded heavily armed ship with accommodations for a large crew designed to scavenge dead ships for their entire value.
>why do the pirates have those?
As amusing as it is to see one of these fabled discord tranny community takeovers happen in real time, I'm very annoyed that I no longer have an easy way to see if I should bother paying attention to ILW/IAE because these cross-dressing faggots don't want to actually leak anything.
>Okay guys. Is the drake ironclad going to be MY new daily driver? Watch this 30 minute video of me trying to sell you the ship to find out
>Omg guys... This new ship? Spectacular!!!!
>Woooaaaahhhhh the new ship for star citizen looks amazing!!!!!!
I can't find the ship in game though.
>Huh!!??? You idiot it's just in concept it won't be out for another 3 years at least lol
its tuesday, where is evosharti/ptu?
>its tuesday, where is evosharti/ptu?
They usually release patches around 5-6 hours from now, if they where to go ahead with evocati today. They'll announce it a few hours before hand before releasing the patch notes.

File: nyerage.webm (681 KB, 960x540)
681 KB
Get it here

Over 650 unlockable playable characters from series' entire lifespan, along with some Konami guests
Over 70 stages, totaling around 500 variants to play on
6 different Battle Mode rules - Survival Battle, Reversi Battle, Dodge Battle, Hyper Bomber, King Battle, Battle Royale
Plethora of different items, many of which you already know and love, some never seen before (if you're not into it though, worry not - you can turn them off)
Frantic gameplay up to 12 players

To enter the server go: Battle Mode > Online > Enter the one server that appears > Select room.

If you're bad/new, feel free to ask for a handicap.

Pass is: read the filename
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File: 1696382275832644.webm (2.93 MB, 776x544)
2.93 MB
2.93 MB WEBM
I love bombing men in bomber man
Lobby is up
Lobby up

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