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File: esea.png (461 KB, 475x595)
461 KB
461 KB PNG
hows your open team doing anon?
2-1 in Open, have another match tonight but I have to sub out because my captain is retarded and doesn't get the concept of "I cannot play on Tuesday/Thursday nights"

File: 1713435660274.jpg (618 KB, 2048x2048)
618 KB
618 KB JPG
I play WoT Blitz on Switch (I know) and I feel like I'm the only one who actually liked the new matchmaking. At least then you had full rooms of verifiably real people in matches. Now we're back to like four real players per match while the rest are braindead bots. I expect that sort of thing at Tier III-IV, not Tier VII+. Have other platforms seen this or is the player base on Switch just that low?

File: file.jpg (94 KB, 616x353)
94 KB
It just received its first update in a while.
Is it really a multiplayer game if nobody plays it?
Fuck I remember when this was just an UT3 mod, pretty sure the main purpose of this game nowadays is to be a portfolio project for devs.

File: 2024-01-09_10.06.25.png (1.28 MB, 1920x1080)
1.28 MB
1.28 MB PNG
A vanilla 1.20 Paper server, open to JAVA from 1.18.2 And above or Bedrock clients, even pocket edition.

Pirate and cracked friendly, with chat reporting disabled for those who want to avoid Mircrsift's ever worsening tactics.

A server with obsene amounts of lore, a few adminstrators come and gone, and a recent bout of cancer now in remission, we present you /v/craft! Now in it's fifth year!

Current map opened June 2021 (1.17), and expanded with fresh 1.20 terrain. End and nether are trimmed periodically.

JAVA - mc.chimpout.club:25600
Bedrock (all others) - mc.chimpout.club:19132
Map - http://mc.chimpout.club:9788/

>How to can I join?
Official and pirated clients can join in without issue... unless you can't figure out how to make a password for your player on the server.

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What's that anon, I couldn't hear you, I just spent 6 months adding in bees and 3 (3) new blocks that do absolutely nothing into the game.
Jeb get off of 4chan and go back to the cuck chair, Notch and Jenny are waiting on you
File: 1711814037961399.jpg (25 KB, 550x550)
25 KB
based server ............ needs more block bros
File: roblx.png (17 KB, 306x240)
17 KB
It really does, somehow it's the most active server on /vm/ but there's hardly anyone on daily. We are losing players to roblox now.
>it's the most active server on /vm/
You're delusional, AnonCraft almost always has more players at any time of the day, you're losing players to them

File: Screenshot_1.jpg (93 KB, 570x664)
93 KB
The /vm/ Ruins & Riches server has returned, this time on the Adventurers of Akalabeth fork. Unlike other forks, AoA is mostly bug fixes and QOL tweaks. Of particular note is being able to craft in bulk and get skill increases from each item crafted. You can check out all the updates and download the client (link in the discussion tab if you don't have a servuo account) here: https://www.servuo.com/archive/adventurers-of-akalabeth.2014/
I did revert the strange portal change. Having a return portal is gay and misses the point.

I've also made some other changes to keep the content from getting too easy too quickly. First is magic damage against monsters is reduced from 200% to 125%. Second is removing the 20% drop chance for messages in a bottle that all sea creatures get. This made it far too easy to sail around or go to sea dungeons and hoard treasure maps for artifacts. Now just like base UO you can only get them from fishing, krakens and leviathans.

Changes from default settings:
>stat gain every 10m instead of 15
>vendors always buy rare items
>need line of sight to see mobs
>player corpse bones persist for a year
>no hunger/thirst inside banks, inns or houses
>all creature races start as evil
>vendors have a chance to sell crafting resources

To connect, change the IP in settings.json to The server is in Virginia and it was fine for eurofags last time.
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Maybe post about this on the servuo thread for AoA so the dev can hopefully fix it in the next update.
Good idea, I'll make a detailed bug report over there.
File: mina.jpg (29 KB, 242x222)
29 KB
I remembering seeing the original Riches & Ruins OP some months ago, then it disappearing the next time I searched the /vm/ catalog. What’s the difference between R&R and the Adventurers of Akalabeth fork?
The servuo link explains all the changes. It's mostly QOL stuff.

First off, I am v. bad and this game is uh, the devs doubt it's playable yet. Be warned.
Here's what I'm hosting:

Dying Light: Definitive Ed. GoG 1.49 (KoatIK repack)
I Am Legion 1.29
on OpenVPN
Daytime/evenings CEST (GMT+1)

Looking for 3 more players. For chat/coordination we can use Discord or Mumble, and ig TeamSpeak could work too.
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what a bump!

CurseForge Modpack: Create+

Can someone elaborate on why would anyone play online multiplayer games?

During the "golden age of MMO" I played a local clone of Tibia. The overal experience was nice, especially considering the fact that I was a kid and everything was in my native language, but holy fuck, the gameplay itself sucked ass because it boiled down to grinding, other players were usually useless assholes, and literally the only reason to play the game was because my only friend played this game with his classmates, so if I wanted to have a conversation topic with him, I had to play it too. The point is, picking a couch co-op would've been a much better choice from my perspective.

Then I played Tony Hawk's American Wasteland. That multiplayer was actually good because I simply ignored other players and did my own shit with them being there in the background. Basically single player experience with smart NPCs.

I also spent some time in Worms Armageddon. I think I was simply riding the wave of nostalgia, but despite many hours put into the game, I cannot recall any single interesting moment. It all blends into one giant blob of "I was playing the game".

Finally, I tried out VRChat, but not in VR because I'm too poor lol. First, it gave me horrible social anxiety. Second, most people I met there were completely uninteresting. Third, if you're not a native speaker or a girl it's game over because nobody wants to listen to some incoherent rambling via cheapest Chinese headset. It's basically all the bad and difficult parts of social interaction condensed into one little package.

At this point I can't see multiplayer games as anything but a giant waste of time. I see other people having the best moments of their lives in front of their PCs while playing online vidya, but this simply doesn't work for me.
File: FnghaSQXEAEJHfd.jpg (409 KB, 1512x2150)
409 KB
409 KB JPG
Games are fun. Games with others are more fun. Sometimes you just want to have a game that has progression in it that lasts longer than a few days. It's not that deep anon.

That being said, of course there's always the playerbase that tries to replace "having a life" with "being so good" at a vidya. You only notice that some games are chores because ultimately that's all video games can do to delay progression, but I'd rather things take time than hitting level cap in a week and moving on.

TLDR I wish I could go back to when PSOBB was new and players weren't just rushing "le best 3 quests" until levelcap
whats this game
very easy to tell if you yandex the image
I feel your pain too, I'm also a deeply autistic retard.

File: Ringed Earthlike World.png (2.55 MB, 1500x1463)
2.55 MB
2.55 MB PNG
Thread for the MMO space sim Elite Dangerous.
Update 17 is just around the corner which will add more content to the ongoing thargoid war. Is this ramping up to be the final phase or is the war just beginning? Also 'key feature rework' in 2024?
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>switching to an SCO cuts my jump range in half
>spending an hour looking for osseus that should be everywhere but only appears once every fifty miles
I love exobiology
Speaking of exobio, is cactoida ever worth hunting for? I found a planet that only had it in a dark crater in twilight and like fuck I was going to spend hours looking for that.
annoying but exploration
yes, switch on lights and nightvision, happy hunting
Ehh, I guess I'll remember that for the next planet. I already jumped out.

File: piss yellow.jpg (2.12 MB, 2880x1620)
2.12 MB
2.12 MB JPG
This thread has been brought to you by our sponsor: OSPUZE
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I literally had a team consisting of 4 HB Meds and 1 Heavy and we were unstoppable.
What a dogshit game mode LOL!!!
just do a nerf to healing beam so that using multiple healing beams has diminishing returns
Light is built as a glass cannon. Interpret that any way you'd like, but they suck cock because their gameplay style is limited to everywhere on the map except the immediate area around the cash box.
Bank It actually shows I'm right too. There is no cash box to defend in the traditional sense, so light is actually good in that mode.

They're poorly designed for this game and should be completely reworked, or removed.
But despite them being a wet blanket, people still play them to the detriment of their team.
Charge Slam is super underrated in general. Not enough people properly try to set up the super slam by deploying mines first. It's particularly good on cashout modes, where they think they're safely not tripping the mines, only for you to come in from the top ropes like BAH GAWD
Charge + RPG enables you as a heavy to be an absolute monster with low skill expression, even on an off day as long as I position myself properly I'm deleting entire teams or creating great opening damage. I don't know why people think light is the best rat class that should be holding weird angles, it just works so much better as heavy. RPG them from behind them then just charge them to create chaos and your team pushes to clean up. So easy.

File: curseforge-logo.png (2 KB, 400x400)
2 KB
Post a modpack you want to play and what or who you're looking for.
I'll start with mine
>Looking for 2-4 people to join BetterMC modpack hosted on aternos
It runs relatively well without lag it just matters on your pc specs(6gb ram)
>What I'm looking for
People who have time to dedicate to the server itself so if you're a neet and have a lot a free time my discord is 7018p
>info about me
m19, From the eastcoast in the US, new to modded minecraft since I never had people to play with. I like exploration modpacks so if you have other recommendations feel free to msg me
>Post a modpack you want to play and what or who you're looking for.
I'd play any 1.18+ modpack focused on creativity/building instead of tech or RPG. I would make and host it myself if enough people were interested.
I'd be interested to join but my building skills suck, would I still be able to join, I'd like try to learn how to furnish buildings.
Yeah, I'm not that great either, I just enjoy collecting resources and building stuff with whatever I manage to find
>>Looking for 2-4 people to join BetterMC modpack hosted on aternos
Fuck it ill join whatever you guys decide i got way too much time on my hands

File: 2024anon.webm (2.62 MB, 720x480)
2.62 MB
2.62 MB WEBM
Welcome to Anoncraft, A Vanilla Minecraft SMP server for anons.

>SERVER IP: Anon.Minecraft.Best
>LIVE MAP: http://anon.minecraft.best:8123/

>Rules: Dont be a cunt: no griefing, no stealing, be respectful to other anons, etc.

The server also features things like the ability to lock doors/chests and individualized loot from world-generated structures like nether bastions and End Cities so everyone has a chance to get loot from there.

All anons are welcome, feel free to ask questions in the thread, post builds, and talk to other anons who play here.
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who has the video from the tea party last weekend? also i would like pics of the great skibidi toileting of 2024
File: build.png (1.62 MB, 1920x991)
1.62 MB
1.62 MB PNG
new build by spawn. thoughts?
whats on the menu
shit is fuck ugly
kill yourself
Looks sweet.
The only thing I would change is using a different kind of wood. The one you went with for the door and trap doors looks too dark
Also, consider changing the lights for lanterns/jackolanterns

File: 1707109936558219.jpg (310 KB, 1024x1024)
310 KB
310 KB JPG
Why does it have so much staying power?
fun, easy, quick, solo or friends, different each time.
high skill ceiling, no balancing issues, nearly no cheating
Anyone has 10 minutes for a match. 1v1 duels can literally get me more buzzed than a boxing sparring match.

Any game that can overload my dopamine or rage circuitry in under 5 minutes and forces me back to reality to hit my wife gets a nod from me.

File: IMG_9696.png (188 KB, 600x852)
188 KB
188 KB PNG
Anyone wanna play gmod
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go up
Underagers lost
Yeah I play on Mall Of The Dead (FWKZT?) sometimes. Good community, went on a rant about putting kids in coal mines one time and mod gave me a flair that says 'child labor' which is dope.
'oal on the 'log

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