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File: IMG_7452.jpg (1.54 MB, 3024x4032)
1.54 MB
1.54 MB JPG
So I moved to a new home. The old geezer living there had a workshop he used as a dump for the last few years of his dementia riddled trip.
Now I have to clean it up and throw away a ton of old-people stuff old people tend to collect (lifetime supply of rusty screws and bolts and mousetraps).
That's not so bad. But the place reeks like it looks.
How can I make it smell better? I'm not into homosexual scents like vanilla, flowers or whatever femoids buy for the home smell. I'd rather have a non-gay manly smell like pine or so.
Pls give tips how to get rid of old people dementia smell and make workshop smell rly nice.
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>adding more smells isn't really going to help if it's actually bad
thx. this actually didn't occur to me. i must be retarded
1. remove everything not bolted down
2. power wash ceiling to floor
3. ???
4. profit

my previous owner "only smoked in the garage" and the first thing I did on getting the keys was power wash that fucker from top to bottom. I didn't even go back and paint the 40% that bare drywall (the rest open rafters) but it made a world of difference.
Ozone generator.
Come back after a week or so.
One of my bottles of scented 2 stroke leaked out and all the oil got soaked into the shelf wood. Now my entire garage smells like strawberries.
So try that maybe?
Simple Green the fugg out of everything?

File: sada.png (415 KB, 640x640)
415 KB
415 KB PNG
I'm addicted to inhaling chinese chemicals, and as a result I have dozens of these disposable vapes. They can't be refilled, but they still have a rechargeable battery and LED screen. Is there anything I can do with these other than throwing them into the ocean?
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Bullshit i've smoked on and off for years and vaping made my lungs worse than anything i've ever experienced with a multitude of symptoms that abated on cessation
The vg/pg is very sticky and feels like it gunks up the lungs far worse than tar to the point that it feels like pneumonia
smoking undoubtedly causes long term damage but vaping seems to do it far faster
hmm antitrust lawsuit? /pol/
Butt chugging alcohol is something people actually do so it wouldn't be too surprising if some also butt vaped.
was it a brand new one?
it depends on the brand a lot of the time but the ones that make me choke usually stop after hitting them like 5-10 times, then they're pretty smooth
you are the only person that holds this retarded opinion besides big tobacco shills

File: hate phillips.jpg (122 KB, 997x1280)
122 KB
122 KB JPG
I hate the phillips screw
these black little shits always break, bend, destroy and spoil
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I hate them too fr
File: nice.png (128 KB, 1000x1000)
128 KB
128 KB PNG
Phillips II
Kill Phillips. Behead Phillips. Roundhouse kick a Phillips into the concrete. Slam dunk a Phillips into the trashcan. Crucify filthy Phillips. Launch Phillips into the sun. Stir fry Phillips in a wok. Toss Phillips into active volcanoes. Judo throw Phillips into a wood chipper. Twist Phillips heads off. Karate chop Phillips in half. Trap Phillips in quicksand. Crush Phillips in the trash compactor. Liquefy Phillips in a vat of acid. Eat Phillips. Dissect Phillips. Exterminate Phillips in the gas chamber. Stomp Phillips heads with steel toed boots. Cremate Phillips in the oven. Vaporize Phillips with a ray gun. Kick old Phillips down the stairs. Feed Phillips to alligators. Slice Phillips with a katana.
Keep lovin on that jap crap weeb and support the pearl harbor bombing. I’d love to send you to the front lines.
So I should support the Nazis instead?

Trying to see which one is better, they’re pretty damn close. Knipex has an edge on larger stuff because of the slip joint feature.

Ausfag here. I wanted to change my bedroom light fitting to a slimline LED. However the old fitting had 4 wires, yellow/green (earth), red (active), black (neutral), and a white (?).

The light has a switch on the wall. What does the white wire do, and how do I fix it?
if you have a multimeter, you can turn on electricity and the switch and test to see on what wires you have ~240v and then flip the switch and see if it goes to ~0v. if you are not comfortable handling live current, tie the leads with the wires while the electricity is off, then turn it on.
White will be the switch wire. If the red connection has two wires going into it then it's most likely the hard active fed down to the switch. Basically if the switch controls only one fitting, then the single red or white wire will most likely be switched. GL fag
>remove switch look at wires
like jesus christ this shit isn't hard. also idk what the fuck upside down wire standards criminals use so I can't exactly say.
Looks like the Phoebus cartel and founding member Phillips is at it again.

File: CoolerMaster_NR400.jpg (328 KB, 1659x1383)
328 KB
328 KB JPG
I only have basics tools and low IQ. I've thought about using epoxy but it looks hard to work with and mold. I might need to paint it black but don't want it to look shiny.
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Can I tig weld with a hammer from the 80's? I have one of those
spray foam and use matte paint you fucking moron. pick up a paint stir stick at the hardware store so you can scrape the foam nice and flat after spraying the top.
Duct tape
File: Shelf Paper.jpg (492 KB, 1500x1500)
492 KB
492 KB JPG
Self adhesive shelf paper. Also called shelf liner, or contact paper. Cut the shape you want and slap it on.
Black plate of lexan or any plastic plate cut to measurements. Round the edges with file so it fits perfectly.

File: IMG_8736.jpg (2.92 MB, 4032x3024)
2.92 MB
2.92 MB JPG
What do

I tried to clean a stain and it just got bigger

Are they water lines? How do I get rid of them?
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That wasn’t me. He was trying to frame me
What is that?

I’ve seen a lot of stuff about using a spray bottle. Is it the blotting with a rag that’s causing these marks?
what the fuck is the original stain from you double nigger
>what the fuck is the original stain from you double nigger

Your mom's pussy juice.
Not sure. It was pretty small and subtle. Craigslist. So I goofed pretty bad

best way to remove wax from tools and other shit associated with beekeeping?
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are you sure its wax and not propolis?

propolis is mostly soluble in alcohol, but not even that will get it out of your gloves
Ohh that's nasty stuff.
It's soluble in warm to hot oil. Hot alcohol might do it as well, but you're gonna have to do melt it first. Water will do you no good so don't even bother.
Also this stuff is great for waterproofing almost anything, it's gentle, non toxic and since work with bees it's free.
Methylene chloride or chloroform if you can get it. Hot ethanol will work too, with the added bonus that upon cooling the wax will recrystallize and you can use it

This is technically NOT wrong, although heavily dependent on the situation and the solute
Also, you're going to have to heat the wax gently to dissolve it in DCM/chloroform. Xylenes might work too.

File: 20240409_103948.jpg (1007 KB, 3264x1836)
1007 KB
1007 KB JPG
Hey nerds. I have pic related and have been just sitting it in the window while I shower to push out moisture.
I would like to make it more of a permanent thing so I can just flip a switch when I shower.
Any suggestions on a through wall setup? My idea was to buy an appropriate sized pvc and run it through the wall. Having the outside be a drier exhaust vent with the flaps that shut when it's off. So no worries of birds or bugs. All plastic so no worry of rust or condensation.
Any better ideas though?
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where's the SHED?
why? because he's consoomer cattle. he thinks everything has to be purpos-built and marketed or else it won't work.
>A lot of frustration for something that will look hacked if you ever sell.
you're like those retarded people who choose a color based on "what if I wanna sell" when buying a new car. you like red or neon orange but you get npc grey because MUH RESALE VALUE. or you buy an offroad vehicle and never leave the roads because WHEN I GO OFFROAD THE RESALE VALUE DROPS
kill yourself. that's your next diy project, consoomer cattle faggot
>why wasn't your house built with one?
Built in 1935. No one has thought to put one in, until me.
>why wasn't your house built with one? It's basic design stuff to prevent a humid/moldy bathroom.
nta of course but my house was built with no exhaust fan in one of the 3 bathrooms, 1993. the shittiest part is the laundry room directly below it has a dedicated exhaust fan. the reason is having a window apparently meets/met code at the time. pulling the switch wiring and installing a switched fan (not a rental so no reason to cheap out on an always on) are not an issue but I'm really not looking forward to going into the crawl space and running the vent properly so I put it off.

Is there such a thing as a flat head socket screw but with the socket at the tip of the screw, leaving the head completely flat? I would be using such a screw to mount the fascia of a model train layout.

Compelling alternatives welcome
16 replies and 10 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: crosssection.png (52 KB, 1300x626)
52 KB
Apart from how they probably don't sell small qantities, nor to particulars

I need to maximize space under the layout, so no
Embedded malware on a Google search?
How does that work?

Do you actually know what you're talking about, or are you just being alarmist about something that you don't know anything about and doesn't actually exist?
I'm genuinely asking, because I wasn't aware that a Google search could have malware, and I don't understand how it possibly could, but I'm not going to write you off as a total idiot in case you know something I don't.
Do I look like I own a rotary broach?

I might end up taking regular socket screws, fill the socket with solder, then grind a slot at the tip, but I have a STRONG preference for socket drive, and a desire to learn about new things
That just seems unnecessarily backwards when you could use one of these >>2785833
barrel nuts with a standard countersunk screw from underneath, both of which should be highly available.
Please tell me more about those caps

File: IMG_5236.jpg (1.23 MB, 948x1292)
1.23 MB
1.23 MB JPG
I'm finding it difficult to land a plumbing apprenticeship and need to know what the bottom line is. Do you actually have to go to school to do this shit?

I have done apartment maintenance for 6 months total on a variety of buildings+occasional installation working for myself and have not found any plumbing issue to be particularly difficult to fix once I know how what the issue is. I want a license and I'm fine with putting in the 5 years, but the idea of going to school for 2 years for this makes my skin crawl. On the other hand, the non-union companies willing to hire me are full on scam artists where 90% of it is sales.

If I have to go the union route, I will, but if there is any possible way to avoid wasting 2 years of my life learning righty-tighty lefty-loosey, I would like to know.
8 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
see if your city is hiring for sewer maintenance/utility techs. Work there while trying to get a job in other private plumbing (or any trade really, some of the people I'm working with are going to be sparkies and other stuff) companies. If your local gov isn't hiring, check the next city over. They're constantly hiring at places around me and tons of people jump ship to different trades to make more.

chillest job I've ever had and people constantly get poached

(Or do what I did and stay bc local gov gives ridiculous amounts of benefits)
Your analogy would be accurate if mechanics charged 600 dollars for an oil change the way plumbers do for putting in a faucet or toilet.
>Its like changing the oil in your car and saying you can do half of what a mechanic can do.
Someone who can properly change the oil on their car probably has the mechanical sophistication to do a brake job, swap an alternator, or do a timing belt with a little reading/youtubering.

Don't break your arm jerking yourself off there, chud
Idk man, even on the harder stuff in my experience it comes down to just having the right tools and knowing how hard to twist shit.
See, what people don't understand is that plumbing is almost something you have to be born for.
I've done maintenance and specifically pneumatics for around 10 years, but any time I do home plumbing work, it will invariably leak.
If you've got the gift of no leaks, good on you and go be a plumber

Anyone know anything cool you can make with tin cans? I have a lot of them.
21 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
maybe not cool but Waypoint Survival has a lot of videos making stuff with tin cans https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PL9MyxLppsqJGC47Ck2cF5VRVYD3DH1Xpr&si=bT15YG2a61BIUq4o
This is actually really interesting, thank you anon
Rivet all the lids together to make a large shiny frisbee…laugh as it lops off kids fingers when they try and catch it
Checked and kekd
I would only use them vor heating food in an emergency. I'm not sure if they are save for food when you heat them or use them multible times with scratshes and rust.

File: IMG_2172.jpg (75 KB, 735x550)
75 KB
A place for anything to do with Welding.

Post your welds, ask questions and discuss sticking metals together.

IDK I just want a place to talk about welding.
216 replies and 46 images omitted. Click here to view.
That looks expensive.
File: 20210519_105542.jpg (2.98 MB, 4128x3096)
2.98 MB
2.98 MB JPG
it was new, but i snagged it at an auction for like $200. it's rack and pinion so it'll cut vertically, but the cut quality is dogshit compared to an airco beetle. you can see the gear teeth finely pantagraphed in the cut as it rattles along
wait for the pipe to cool before doing the cap. Thats the most important thing. Welding over hot metal is a great way to get a bunch of undercut.
Also wire brush the weld before you do your cap.
If youre good enough to root a 2 inch pipe properly then you can for sure put a nice cap on it, it just takes practise to weld out of position. I usually freehand anything thats in position and walk the cup when i have plenty of space and can roll the pipe around.
Wait, are there guys here who don't clean between each bead?
Man, my job would literally fire me if I didn't hit every single bead with at LEAST a wire brush. Normally it's needlegun and rotary wire brush for everything that's not TIG.
Im talking about Tig. Obviously you need to clean the slag off before welding over it but its also good to wire brush any oxidation off when TIG welding.

File: 3.jpg (1.55 MB, 3468x4624)
1.55 MB
1.55 MB JPG
I've had this broken kitchen tile right next to my computer chair for a while now, and I thought nothing of it until I read that it could contain asbestos and that could give me lung cancer.

any way to tell if this tile has asbestos in it? Internet says they used asbestos for literally everything in the past because it was cheap and effective, so to me that means it's likely. Don't remember how long it's been like this, probably a couple years at the least. I remember the corner peeled up a while back and then snapped off when I rolled my computer chair on it. I threw away the broken pieces.
>Apartment building was made in the 60's in the US, tiles are 12x12 inches, kind of a grey/blue/beige color. I believe they're vinyl
>I don't have a fan on it or anything, it just sits there with that crumbled corner. I try not to roll on it
How fucked are my lungs from this? Should I replace the tile or just leave it?
36 replies and 5 images omitted. Click here to view.
Asbestos is like a pension. Your 9nly going to care when your in your 80's.
not from such a small amount. anyway, more than likely would be white asbestos which is far less harmful than the other kinds (some research suggests it can even be expelled by the lungs after a sufficient amount of time)
I remember these kinds of tiles all over my old secondary school (built in the 60s). I was there in the 2010s.
Thanks. I'm actually going to get a test kit today since I'm just curious as this point.
It's fucking vinyl you hypochondriac woman.
ok. more than likely they're just plastic tiles but the reassurance is worth it if its on your mind.

File: 16805_img_0595.jpg (195 KB, 1200x900)
195 KB
195 KB JPG
172 replies and 34 images omitted. Click here to view.
A tiny bit of butter.
File: aeropress.jpg (48 KB, 620x465)
48 KB
There's no secret to making good coffee, find what works for you and keep making it.
>>2770094 is right, get a cheap 1zpresso Hand Grinder and a kitchen scale and learn about grind sizes, play with the grind sizes, brewing methods, and coffee to water ratio until you figure out what you want. This is the cheapest way to get above consoomer grade coffee. If you wanna take it a step further, buy beans from your local roastery or coffee shop or buy specialty coffee online or some shit.
Some things I've learned about some methods:
Pretty good all round (watch James Hoffman on YT) You can get metal filters but I stick to paper cause I don't like the sediments. Great entry and not too hobby-ish.
>Moka Pot
Great for the brewing the absolute shit tier, bottom of the barrel beans, seriously, as long as you know how to grind coffee, you should be good to use a moka pot for nearly everything. Some Aeropress filters fit in some Moka Pots if you don't like sediments, keep that in mind.
>Pour Over
IMO filters a lot of the coffee out, but it makes a nice, clean cup given you use some good beans.
Use a reusable K-Cup and grind your own beans, I've gotten decent coffee this way. Good if you don't have the time/dont care to do the coffee hobby shit.
>French Press
Good, but I havent gotten the technique down and I end up wasting so much coffee trying to figure it out so I dont care for it. Someone else can vouch for it.
>Good, but I havent gotten the technique down and I end up wasting so much coffee trying to figure it out so I dont care for it. Someone else can vouch for it.
Put grounds in, put hot water in, stir, sit 3 minutes, press slowly. Nothing to it. If you're not pouring all of it out at once and you're using a basic one, put the rest in a thermos so it doesn't keep steeping in the grounds.
>tfw cheap espresso machine got it's steamer pipe blocked from water calcium
>tfw it comes close to exploding every time i make a cup
I just boil the grounds and put them through a strainer. It's a pretty alright way to make coffee, it's still just as potent and it's quick to do. The only downside is there is a lot of particulate in the final cup

You are one of the most retarded faggots I have ever seen on this godforsaken website and I've been here since 2005.

>t. doesn't even consume caffeine

Is there a non shit way to keep/reduce dust build up on glass surfaces?

Seems like whatever I do my shit always looks dusty within hours of the last time I wipe it down
8 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Replace all your hard flooring with carpet, and vacuum it once a week. You will never have a speck of dust on anything.
kid mad lol

take meds, schizo
Static electricity do not vacuum computers
>Vacuum cleaners generate static electricity that could easily mean the death of your system. In fact, get that PC away from anything associated with vacuum cleaners—the carpet, for instance. It is not the vacuum cleaner's power source that causes a problem. It's the static charge that builds up on the plastic nozzle.
vacuum the room, not the computer components, you dipshit.
Dust generally falls down, so there's going to be more dust lower in the room compared to higher.
I keep my pc up high about 5' above the floor.
Also vacuum and get a hepa filter.

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