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It's just some pretentious baguette styling, aint't it? Compound all the angles, and boolean the resulting components based on what stock you have available. It wouldn't be a thing if they had CAD in 1300s.

Or am I missing something?
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Not op here.

Architecture today is shit.

>be modern architecture
>atheticly bland
>not of any time or place
>built poorly
>rots after 20-30 years

>Be medieval architecture
>athericly inspiring
>history behind it
>functionality perfectly meshed with form

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use a broom once in a while anon. anyone with a covered porch deals with this.
Survivorship bias is a helluva drug.
Claiming survivorship bias might make sense if we were talking about machinery, but I can pull up pictures of entire cities in Europe that look exactly as they did in paintings from 1000 years ago. A medieval building is far more likely to be destroyed by communists or carpet bombing than by forces of nature.
>destroyed by communists and carpet bombings
And :clap: that's :clap: a :clap: GOOD
:clap: thing :clap:

File: 1657646847360.jpg (120 KB, 1897x1080)
120 KB
120 KB JPG
i own 40 acre property on a main road, i recently lost my job and am doing random things for income, does anyone have any reccomendation for making money off farm land with road acess. for insance i am considering putting corded wood for sale by the bundle, i have also been in contact with birders because migration zone
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yes the inverters pollute everything with 60hz dirty electrical
it need to be very well built or it will leak emf to the local enviorment and the power infrastructure if connected
the whole roof thing is also not good
If it's state highway or main road into a city you could sell literally anything
I would flip cars, sell new and used trailers, build small billboards by the road and rent them, advertise my own business etc etc etc

If I was growing, I'd figure out organic fruit and veggies or some crop that's worth it's weight in gold but more trouble than people want to go through
Left is cuter, right is hotter: both are retarded
Sell the ogm rights to a landman. They will pay thousands and then must try to find someone to develop within a 5-10 year window.
those are colored contacts on the right,no?

Metal cans bad for burning? (Having stuff inside the metal can burn)

I heard that food cans have a plastic coating to prevent bacterial and fungal infections as well as prevent spoilage of food
Heard it contains BPA and thus you shouldn't food in it
If I burn anything in it it would release all the BPA

How do I know if it has a plastic container and if any chemical like xenestrogens exist in it, and if so how can I remove the coating before burning
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Same method as removing teflon from cookware.
Be sure to save it for the next thread where the guy wants the can plastic added back to his
You have it backwards. If you do gay acts, it will come off by itself.
Easiest method is just to burn it away then use some baking soda, vinegar, and lemon juice to scrub away everything with some copper wire(prevents the can from scraping.
This will clean it and then after a quick soap and water to remove any residue it'll be ready for food-grade use!
How do you remove teflon from cookware?
You use cast iron or stainless instead.

File: IMG_20240521_235230.jpg (396 KB, 848x1131)
396 KB
396 KB JPG
So I finished redoing the landscaping of my house in the front, so naturally it was time to move on to the back.

What started out as trimming a large holly tree has turned into removing that entire tree, planting privets, now excavating for pavers, and likely adding a French drain, some lighting, speakers, etc.

I got a "deal" on pavers at home depot, 25 cents a piece, so here we are.

I was considering renting a mini skid steer but it's only 350 ft2 and there's not great access into my yard given how small it is, so I'm just using an electric tiller, a Maddox, and a wheelbarrow.

Anyway, what's the best base depth for a patio install?

>I've read 6 inches pack, 1 of sand, is it worth it to add an asphalt layer?

What's the best base material to use for this?

>Everyone I've spoken to recommends RCA because it's 15 a ton by me, and to pack down after every 2 inches. And apparently the Portland cement will reactivate.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
I have something I got off Amazon, called the Evolution r300dct. It's an electric concrete saw with a 12" diamond blade. Assuming you are just going to be using it for homeowner stuff, it's pretty adequate. I've used mine for cutting pavers, among other things...cut openings in CMU walls to turn window openings into doorways, cut some block to neaten up a sloppily built crawlspace access, chopped up a couple of small slabs into manageable pieces for disposal, etc. It does the trick for me.
If you're rich you might decide to grab a gas demo saw instead, but 2-strokes hate to sit forever in between uses, IME. They never seem to want to start...
If you're po', grab a 4" minigrinder and a couple of masonry cut wheels.
Good luck!
>grab a 4" minigrinder

Baby cutting disks suck. 6" have more reach and much greater edge speed per revolution. I even mod my small cordless grinders with 6" blade guards to use them which works fine. (Corded 6" grinders are quite reasonable so no need there.)

File: proxy-image(11).png (1.38 MB, 2776x1188)
1.38 MB
1.38 MB PNG
are solar eclipse glasses safe to use for welding?
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don't matter I'm brown
File: 1690011178307.jpg (66 KB, 1024x683)
66 KB
Wow, that's actually brilliant. Definitely the best option.
You won't see shit, they're literally black plastic bags on a cardboard frame
They do it because they don't know better. Wasting a hand holding a shield prevents that hand from bracing your gun or stinger for improved precision.

Welding helmets are cheap and leave your hand free to hold a part in place while tack welding even if you don't care about bracing.

Picrel bug is welding with wire on a horizontal surface which is the easy way to fab that particular part. Even my local log trailer builder does that and flips the trailers with a fork lift to ensure every weld that can be made horizontally is (appearance matters to customers).

File: Pepe.jpg (23 KB, 736x407)
23 KB
>only thing's I enjoy anymore is drinking, driving around for 3 hours at night and finding junk on the side of the road to fix (while doing the former)
Who else knows this feel?
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No one care about your life story
>I could be earning 6 figures
No you wont. Stop telling big lies to try to impress people.
There is none. All you retarded hillbillies and meth head scrapers think everything is worth money. Even if its a doller from your friend to fuck your loose used up girlfriend/wife.
>3 posts within 6 minutes bitching with similarly bad grammar.
Spot the seething city slicker.
Not seething. Just cant stand you rednecks talking about anything. All you fuckers do is stand in a wore out shed drinking your natty light.

>similarly bad grammar
Being a hypocrite about something you do daily on the internet along with everyone else. No one cares.

In Australia, electrical standards are very expensive, outsourced to a multinational called SAI Global. Here are the latest editions of some of the most important ones, including some not currently available on Libgen or Anna's Archive (I am in the process of uploading them there).

Included here:
AS/NZS 3000 (incl A1-3)
AS/NZS 3008 (Cable selection)
AS/NZS 3012 (Construction)
AS/NZS 3017 (Verification)
AS/NZS 3760 (RCD testing)
AS/NZS 4836 (Safe working practices)
AS/NZS 4777.1 and .2 (Inverters)
AS/NZS 5033 (Solar)
AS/NZS 5139 (Batteries)
Victorian Service and Installation Rules
Victorian Electrical General Regulations

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Thanks mate it's fucked how much they charge for them.
You don't have 3003 as well do you?
your a good cunt
Fuckin legend, I was trying to get these a month ago because I'm sick of finding fucked up electrical work on site done by plumbers and associated fuckwits.

Last week we found a 240 wired around the fuse box, a section where some fucktard had tried to use an extension cord inside a wall because he didn't know how to install a power point, and a 240 buried two inches under pavers
Dead set fuckin legend mate

File: 1436286195189.jpg (88 KB, 768x768)
88 KB
What's the best stain removed for old stains on carpet? That won't actually bleach the carpet. Asking for a friend.
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>baking soda and vinegar
I fucking hate this shit. Congrats, you made bubbles, that'll surely make your third grade teacher proud.
Make it wet, soaking.
Pile salt ontop of it.
Leave salt to absorb.
Scrape salt off top.
Repeat until stain is removed.

Colleague told me this method of cleaning carpets in a retirement home he used to be handy man for. Hope it helps.
just rent a goddammed carpet cleaner or better yet consider your deposit a life lesson in not being a literal fucking shit stain.
Have you tried carpet cleaner? Or even just vinegar water and elbow grease?
An old-school college renter method is to cut some strands off from a corner of a closet, cut the stained ones mostly out, then sprinkle on the new ones with mild adhesive.

File: 25W0411_22__91372__13055.jpg (506 KB, 1280x1280)
506 KB
506 KB JPG
I am looking for the best quality garden nozzle that fits the following criteria:
>fireman style trigger
>thumb style trigger
>no pistol grip
>no internal plastic parts
>usable spray settings (mist, jet, shower, flat. no other bs like flood, down angle, or cone)
been using Orbit brand but these cant take a drop, and start leaking.
Best I found so far is pic related. Unfortunately they dont have the style of trigger I want, and they dont have multiple spray settings. https://garrettwade.com/product/pistol-grip-nozzle
Been looking at FANHAO, and DRAMM but I see too much plastic, and useless spray patterns.
other HD sprayers like Tri-Con are all pistol grip with an adjustable nozzle. I do not like or want this style.
What can anon recommend?
25 replies and 6 images omitted. Click here to view.
I got a brass nozzle and zinc pistol grip from ace Miller. They screw into each other and you can get a precise jet all the way down to a mist. You won't have stupid stuff like a flat spray or whatever but it'll cost $20 and probably last for a decade if not more.
File: file.png (241 KB, 1024x1024)
241 KB
241 KB PNG
I just use a Dramm adjustable nozzle
I also use this. Not that particular brand, but that style.MYXDYM
File: 1685643259948568.png (279 KB, 500x500)
279 KB
279 KB PNG
I've got 20+ nozzles and they all work so I'm not sure what OPs issue is.

The classic screw end ones are indestructible even in plastic, all things being equal I'd use them.

The trigger style ones have an internal rubber seal that wears out quickly, but can usually be replaced. If you oil the mechanical parts and replace the seals this goes a long way to stop leaking.

File: hair dryer.jpg (623 KB, 3000x2250)
623 KB
623 KB JPG
Do they literally just blow warm air over the food?
some of them cost over £500. I already have metal boxes and hot wind isn't exactly hard to attain.
122 replies and 47 images omitted. Click here to view.
Wait, why did you not use this instead?
File: comfy findings.png (174 KB, 518x412)
174 KB
174 KB PNG
because i did not know it existed
Is a vacuum packer a good investment for freezer management?
you can absolutely make one yourself, it's not rocket science at all. wood or plastic is fine to use, and easier to work with but metal will work.
hair dryer is a shit option, a terrible heating element and bad blower. just get an electric
heating element (for air, not liquid. the ones for liquids will just overheat until something gives), any will work but I prefer the kind that just looks like an exposed wire, just make sure it's electric, and a squirrel cage blower. Make sure the chamber where your food is HAS NO HOLES ON THE SIDES like the ones you can buy do. This makes sure that all air that passes through it can accept more moisture. You can have the dry air coming from what ever direction works best for you, but you have to use the blower differently for vertical/horizontal. A dimmer switch on the blower is all the settings you need.
I dry a lot of products.
Issue isn't just the heat, it's the humidity and sterilisation.

If you just blow hot air over say... sliced fruit, you're blowing a million litres worth of fungal spores, bacteria and dust over the fruit.
Without dehumidification the wet air leaving the fruit will just condense inside the unit and you'll never dry anything.

Can you make one? Yea sure. Just be aware of how commercial ones actually work

File: 75634576345.jpg (155 KB, 1000x729)
155 KB
155 KB JPG
What the fuck? Tradies are out of their mind.

Why would he even waste his time driving over to inspect the job if he was going to give me such a ludicrous highball offer that he must know I would never accept. Is it some sort of new humiliation ritual? I live in rural PA btw
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I own a business and I do this if I don't want the job. It's a more discrete way then telling someone you don't want to do their bullshit job. I normally set the price so high that if they do accept I don't mind doing it.
Woah, people really do this?
Yes anon. if customers are that retarded they deserve to get ripped of.
That webm of the guy painting the bridge
Yeah? What board do you think you're in? Of course I'll do it myself

File: 478177.jpg (94 KB, 800x600)
94 KB
I'm not talking about used cars. I mean for metal, machinery, etc.

I see so many Euro videos where they're like:
>Just head down to the scrap yard to find one

Nigga, I don't have that. None of the metal recycling places will sell me material. I just want to get some cheap metal parts and old machinery, but they won't sell it to me.
81 replies and 5 images omitted. Click here to view.
I miss that Scrapyard Wars show or whatever it was called.
Junkyard wars? I watched an episode on youtube a few nights ago. They built sled puller tractors. The commercials were wild. My wife looked up when it aired and it was 2003.

21 years ago. Man things sure have changed!
I've tried to just look for old metal road signs for the SCA in making armor, and I learned that they won't sell to me. Which sucks. I was tipped off to go there because in another area of the US they were letting people do that.
>Post-Apocalyptic Inventor
channel looks kino af, subscribed
File: Clipboard02.jpg (154 KB, 1324x723)
154 KB
154 KB JPG
>They are lying. You can't take or buy things from euro scrap yards either. You could do that a few decades ago but not nowadays.
meanwhile, in reality...

File: parkside_arnold.jpg (206 KB, 820x436)
206 KB
206 KB JPG
What tools do my euro bros buy?
In my country unior is considered the best, but I am from ee so maybe you have other brands in the west, like the american ones.
Also is Parkside better than green Bosch?
18 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
Agree with everything except Bosch
Fuck Bosch, they went full chinesium. Had a steel drill bit for wood break on me while making holes in some pine furniture...
biltema sockets, hammers, etc
makita battery stuff
echo gas stuff
aliex random bits and pieces i need
90s Bosch was indestructible godsent stuff, but now, it's the worst out of the biggest power tools players.

For me it's either Makita or Metabo for power tools.
I don't have the favourite hand tools brand though. I have a mix of Stanley/Milwaukee/Parkside and few noname things.
Im happy with Bosch Blue 12V and go big with 18V Metabo.
Green or Blue Bosch?

File: file.png (268 KB, 640x427)
268 KB
268 KB PNG
I am moving up north soon where everything is 3x as expensive. My new house has a large garage though, and I'd like to have a workshop. I just don't know what I should buy before I go to save money.
282 replies and 58 images omitted. Click here to view.
So I was specifically referencing the license you need in TN for most small carpentry/cabinetry jobs (for whatever reason its called a home improvement license). I have a basic but portable setup: table, mitre, skil, and jig saws, belt and orbital sanders, drop cords, nail guns, air compressor, all sorts of shit. I'm probably most interested in custom closets and crown molding, but I'm open to whatever is going to be the best use of my time and abilities. Closets, I enjoy doing and molding is low effort and high reward in theory. I just don't know about the licensure process or if I'd be better off trying to get someone to hire me.
It doesn't grow to a very large diameter. It's a shrub iirc.
a lot of weenies here making a big deal about hardwoods behaving a little different.
if you're working on your basic skills it makes way more sense to throw pine into the burn bucket than anything nice.
you'll learn waaaay more if you don't feel like you're wasting 20 bucks every time you try something new
> “home improvement license”
Interesting. It kind of implies it’s your home, because if it’s not where you live, then it’s not your home (although it may be someone elses, or maybe not if nobody is living in it).
As far as I know, there is nowhere that requires a license or a permit to erect or modify a shelving unit in a small room.
Generally, you’re better off going in there, taking measurements, making a 3d render for the client for what they want, getting that approved, and then build 90% of it in your garage, and assemble the pre-fab chunks on site.
You want to spend as little time at the customer’s place as possible…. If that.
People are disgusting.
The people that live there probably don’t want you there.
It wastes a lot of gas and time.
>build 90% of it in your garage, and assemble the pre-fab chunks on site.
I had sort of assumed this based on projects I had done for other people just for somewhat different reasons. Good point though and I'm more comfortable at home.
>As far as I know, there is nowhere that requires a license or a permit to erect or modify a shelving unit in a small room.
I was under the impression I needed a license to actually sell services but good to know. I would also infinitely prefer to not deal with government bullshit and just have people pay me cash or cashapp. I just fear someone going
>Anon, are you licensed? Are you insured?
But you're right that that shouldn't matter when dealing with completely non-structural stuff. People can be irritating though.

File: fart.jpg (5 KB, 225x225)
5 KB
just took apart a microwave how should i kill myself
8 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
I love don martin comics
should i run the magnetron into open air and stare at the antenna
File: IMG_3228.jpg (159 KB, 993x1048)
159 KB
159 KB JPG
I like to run the secondary winding wires to my testicles
Flathead screws wouldnt be so bad if they were actually like that. And the screwdrivers straight edged instead of tapered
Improve upon it slightly and watch the microwave monopoly send a hitman

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