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File: collage_20240217230338.jpg (3.71 MB, 4000x4000)
3.71 MB
3.71 MB JPG
3D Print Your Own Organs

Last Thread: >>2755264

>Your print failed? Go to:

>Calibrate your printer.

If that doesn't help you solve your problems, post:
>A picture of the failed part
>Printer make & model
>Filament type/brand
>Slicer & slicer settings

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Has anyone found that the adhesive on a magnetic hotbed base isnt sticking to the aluminium bed?
New heater plate and new magnetic base with pei springsteel plate.... every time i lift the steel it brings the magnet with it.
File: 2024-02-28--10-49-35.png (96 KB, 1251x874)
96 KB
yeah, its been a while, but iirc mine wouldnt have fit two spools even if i did that, so i made 2 perfectly sized levels. Of course I can use just 1, and usually do.
>but iirc mine wouldnt have fit two spools even if i did that
Yeah mine above could only fit 1, lot of wasted horizontal space.
Also wanted to keep the option to use it as a dehydrator.
>he doesn't have a dozen STC1000 modules lying around
File: 20240227_202504.jpg (1.69 MB, 4000x3000)
1.69 MB
1.69 MB JPG
Why exactly is this ridging happening?
I've got a bambu labs P1S with a 0.6mm hardened steel nozzle. Any ideas?

File: chinkcrapflooring.jpg (894 KB, 1500x1500)
894 KB
894 KB JPG
>looks like ass
>breaks easily
>emits toxic VOCs
>sheds micro-plastic dust from daily contact that goes airborne straight into you lungs
When will this junk stop being a trend? It will go down as being worse than asbestos. calling it now
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How is laminate for a bedroom? Torn between laminate and lino
Laminate causes allergy symptoms in 99% of humans. It is killing people by infiltrating the lungs with a chemical that isnt truly understood
RR from laminate flooring are fuckoff with your bullshit. Even the cheapest chink laminate hardly adds anything.
Mine literally sounds like crinkling plastic.
All your points are bullshit. Do not redeem commission. It deserves far more hate than it gets because you WILL be disappointed in it especially when it gets old.
Fake "wood" is peak distopian depression fuel. Only a boomer seeing dollar signs think this crap is acceptable.

File: 1638312788703.png (315 KB, 550x550)
315 KB
315 KB PNG
Can I laser weld thin stainless with 95% nitrogen 5% hydrogen gas? Or will the hydrogen be an issue?
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$2-10/1k of views
so around $500 per vid if you're being optimistic
Would you estimate Doug has a higher IQ than you? Because it kinda looks that way. You could be making $500/video yourself if you spent all your time DIYing instead of making threads full of tears and butthurt.
Not sure why you tagged me, I was saying “good for him”. But $500 is not really much money for the time that goes into creating and editing YouTube videos. Maybe it’s a nice bit of pocket change for something you are already doing…

Do you think that high IQ people necessarily make good decisions. Anyway after 60 people’s brains start to shrink which impacts their decision making process.

My side hobby brings in $6-10k per year, so I dunno. I think maybe we are doing equally good with that. I don’t know how often he puts out videos. I guess if he can shit out a video every three days, that is good retirement money
Hello. I'm a handyman and I do handy stuff. I've had customers with PhDs like lawyers and doctors not understand that I can't just "nail" a shelf to a wall and expect it to hold.

Thank you for listening.
>Any idea how much money that provides?
Merch is the real grift.

File: makita.png (1.42 MB, 1284x824)
1.42 MB
1.42 MB PNG
I don't feel so good...
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Just get a 20V lidl one
4 tha screengrabs!

Wera is such trash, and then the comments are an army of Reddit defenders claiming the test was somehow unfair.
a) it's from lidl
b) it's not pink!
The orange case threw me off. I looked around and found this:
The Makita MT range features 22 Makita tools, all, products of Makita’s ongoing research and development, huge knowledge and experience in power tools. All also incorporate Makita quality manufacturing such as ball-bearing construction, but without the high end technologies and more expensive features.

These tools really work. They are all tried and true Makita tools. They simply do not have the bells and whistles and that’s how we have kept their prices down.

Makita MT is easily recognisable from Makita’s blue range - because they are green!

AFAICT, they're not available in the US. ¯\\_(ツ)_/¯
>. ¯\\_(ツ)_/¯

I forgot to mention that I'm trans.

File: Capture.png (515 KB, 1130x680)
515 KB
515 KB PNG
has anyone tried a fixed angle sharpening system like pic related, where the sharpening rod is free to slide laterally? does it help with maintaining a truly fixed angle on the knife, especially with larger knives?

i do have a cheap fixed angle setup and it works great... except the angle varies as the sharpening stone gets further away from the mid-line of the assemble.

>just freehand it
tried learning it before. too hard to be consistent, especially on anything more complex than a cleaver.
13 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
I got it because it was like the #1 recommended brand from the /out/ folks. I use the cheap pull-thru sharpener most of the time, especially on the Esees because that carbon steel and whatever geometry sharpens up real quick and I proceed to beat the shit out of them again, but the Lansky is nice if you’re a few beverages deep and want to get a real nice edge on there that will stay sharp with some use.

It did pretty good in Todd’s tests too, although I got mine before that video came out. >>2762424
It’s easy enough to use as well, maybe 10min going through the stones you need. I have a couple other freehand stones I got along the way but don’t have the patience to get the angles perfect. If I got another freehand stone, I would get one with some sort of angle guide.
>I just don't want to fuck up a knife.

They're just hunks of metal which can be resharpened if you dick up an edge. People worry too much when they're sharpening a fetish decoration instead of a tool. Start with whatever you don't care about trashing.
The Lansky and most guided systems are a lot harder to fuck up edges than doing it free hand. The bench grinder will fuck a knife up super fast, but the Lansky comes with good directions that are written in proper English so it’s not difficult at all. Any of the power tool based sharpeners, like some of that Ken Onion stuff, you probably have a much better chance of changing the profile into something you don’t like.

Only issue I have with the Lansky is finding the right angle. Anon’s sharpie idea would help that, plus when you reprofile and sharpen to a certain angle the first time, then you can always go back go that angle. I should probably write it down, different angles are better for different applications.
Picrel was a cheap one, I was curious what would happen if I took it to the bench grinder. Made me realize the bench grinder removes material about 10,000x faster than hand sharpening. It ended up sharp as hell tho

File: solar-kit-2kw_600x600.jpg (35 KB, 420x241)
35 KB
I'm looking to get into solar electricity for my homestead but I'm not sure what's good and what's junk. I've seen a couple things between the 4 and $5,000 range that looks pretty good but I'm not quite sure. Can anyone tell me if go green solar is any good? And if so how is it installation wise? Link is one system I was particularly interested in.
5 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Best idea since adding them to a home roof totally fucks future roof repairs. Building a carport frame from heavy steel posts and trusses can make it proof against all but tornados and you can weld on some upward-facing channel like I do with my shipping containers to hook ladders so they cannot fall off.

When I get bored enough to go solar I'll mount mine to a trailer so I won't need a permit at my location. Then I'll park it in back near my shops for easy maintenance. Mobile jobsite solar has been around a while and has useful examples.

This IRL. The biggest barrier to off-grid living is it sucks if you're poor and if you aren't poor there are only niche reasons and spergrage to disconnect completely vs. selling power back and/or reducing demand.
You overlooked, if you're rural and the trees keep wrecking the power lines. A neighbor is a lineman. Every time it rains: in and out. 'Can I move that transformer for you?' so it's on the closest pole. No thanks. I don't typically know when the power goes out for people around here until after. I'm usually indoors when it happens.
fucking no bro. fucking junkies rig shit up out of scrap, wholesale panels are cheap af if you go pick them up. you need a controller, panel, batteries and some thick ass fucking wire. oh and an inverter to make the 120v.

the only even slightly complex part is connecting to the mains properly which isn't a problem if you're actually homesteading.
Depend how cheap you can get them. or if you want to but you could even use them for blocking the sun above windows. Like pic related but with solar panels
I bought quality used hardware and new batteries.

5kw batteries, 30 amp inverter, wired it all up myself.
Yeah, Im not running power sanders for hours off my house, but its still rad.
Took the money i was gonna use for a trench to the pole and just used it for my own shit
Im in an eastern state that has a shitty power company anyway. Power going out for days js not unexpected.

File: diderot.jpg (144 KB, 988x712)
144 KB
144 KB JPG
Two volumes with Pictorials of trades and Industry from french enlightenment era

we dot tl/t-wssYljZX7p
2 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
v cool op
where did you find it?
Thanks, OP!
don't they already have electrode for that?
While not really DIY (because the systems here are mostly built by groups not individual often using systems and components and chemicals produced by the rest of society) the content is outstanding from a historic POV.

This is what industry before the Industrial Revolution looked like rendered in the most idealized mode (note the neatness and overly large buildings etc with respect to the workers, then visit some of the few remaining which tend to be much smaller). The artwork depicts tools and equipment with enough accuracy contemporary workers could copy them which is the point.

Diderots books predate electrical plating which began in the 1800s. Heating and burnishing is vastly more work but labor was cheap.


File: 1677817021468362.png (352 KB, 576x768)
352 KB
352 KB PNG
Lets say you can't afford for it to burst and need to get the water out asap, how would you do this?
47 replies and 10 images omitted. Click here to view.
Whatever you so make sure to keep the lights on and electricity running
you uh... you've never seen a woman have you?
>you uh... you've never seen a woman have you?
You do realize where you are right now don't you?
we all know that women are just a meme; they don't really exist
A pop mark eventually.

File: outdoor window ac.png (421 KB, 1908x1068)
421 KB
421 KB PNG
I have horizontally sliding windows and a bunch of window ACs that don't work with those windows. I could make platforms out of wood and plywood and mount the ACs directly on the windows. However, I had the idea of making a large enclosed plywood box on wheels on which I mount the ACs permanently and then connect the inside of the box to my windows with insulated flex duct and sliding window kits. The advantages are as follows:
>my windows would still be able to let in a lot of light
>I could easily disconnect and reconnect the box, wouldn't need a bunch of tape around the window frames
>fewer gaps for bugs to come in through
>I could move the box to my hammock or patio or even my house if I want extra cold air
Basically it's a way to convert window ACs to a portable outdoor AC and quick connect to windows from the outside without mounting.
Has anyone done something similar, or have a better way of doing it?
21 replies and 6 images omitted. Click here to view.
>I have horizontally sliding windows
just literally replace the windows or cut a new one, jesus fricking christobol
Take the windows out of the frame and frame an AC unit in it.
I... Ugh. You are all retarded.

You can use the first design if you use two equally sized ducts: one enters the bottom and one exits the top. Then have the bottom duct go through the window several feet into the middle of the workshop. Then, have the other duct terminate at your window with a well powered duct blower or a taped up powerful box fan blowing the shop air into that duct.

You can ignore the in/outs of the front of the ac units. They will remove heat from the chamber and your fan ducts will replace the cold air with the hot workshop air just fine.
They also leak water into a bucket that you will forget to change
Another way of approaching it is to make an insulated box (a chiller) in which the cold part of the AC is installed and run a hose in a closed loop from the house to the chiller. Some systems run on glycol but that's because they run at subzero temperatures. Water is fine in your case.

File: 21302.jpg (1.24 MB, 2400x1799)
1.24 MB
1.24 MB JPG
this one is my fav :3 ---->>
9 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
Yeah, lol. I can understand why. Hookers, guns and legos for life. He is truly a King amongst mortals treading the Earth fearing no man.
File: lego.jpg (166 KB, 701x660)
166 KB
166 KB JPG
File: og.jpg (43 KB, 533x256)
43 KB
old school metal railroading. thank fuck I have a closet full of the real trains.
Those candies are great.
File: 1707776661128.jpg (2.98 MB, 4032x3024)
2.98 MB
2.98 MB JPG
old school railroad tracks were blue and those jews made sure the new grey ones aren't compatible with them..

I want to learn how to make knives. Gramps has a band saw and a belt sander. Can I get everything I need from home depot? Any tips?
I've made a few with only an angle grinder, sandpaper, blowtorch and canola oil. I used a regular oven for the tempering. A good source of material are old files and wrenches. To see if a steel is hardenable all you have to do is heat a piece of it and quench. If it becomes hard and brittle your good to go.
you mostly need a source material to start, like old circular saw blade. I think using a wrench like >>2763115 said would require heat and a hammer and I don't think you'er asking about smithing.

so just cut a blank, include a full tang handle if possible and go from there. that said go slow, overheating the metal is the worst thing you can probably do making this sort of knife, so like don't cut it out with an angle grinder. also gramps band saw is probably for wood, you can get a jewelry (coping) saw and blades and not wreck gramps shit.

File: 1708491513981998.jpg (328 KB, 1188x891)
328 KB
328 KB JPG
What the FUCK happened to my toolbag?
7 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
looking delicious
Nice fleshlight handle kit. I attach handles with deck screws and my puppers don't last long.
not funny
Verry funny
Keep some liver treats in your pocket and your tools now follow you around.

File: 1000boltstare.png (2.39 MB, 2406x2633)
2.39 MB
2.39 MB PNG
are trades worth it?
im currently in an electrician apprenticeship
the pay is shit, the work is mentally and physically grading, everyone i work with are fuckheads
its summer right now and i come home from work (after my 2 hour overtime of course!!) dripping and completely drained.
thinking of sticking with it until i get qualified but fuck me its a grind.
any similar experiences? or advice, feeling a bit lost.
40 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: 1698108032766274.webm (1.52 MB, 561x900)
1.52 MB
1.52 MB WEBM
>trades worth it?
For the Exp&Skill, yes.
For the career, fuck NO! You'll be competing against thousands just like you.
>pay is shit
it's an apprenticeship, of course it is.
>the work is mentally and physically grading, coworkers are fuckheads
That's nothing new, I think every blue collar job is like that + from my experience, if the coworkers sense that you're even slightly autistic, they'll bully until you quit. More pay for them
>sticking with it until i get qualified
good for you
Worked a seasonal (9 month) job at a dam for 6 years. Went to trade school for instrumentation at 26. Got done and worked a contract job for a year then got on in house doing maintenance at a oil refinery for 2 years. Left when a position at a dam near where I used to live opened. Been there for almost 2 years now. Instrumentation in a refinery is kind of stressful but also slow paced. There's almost no stress working in hydro plus the scenery is so much nicer.
>easy and well paid

That's the point of work. Work inherently sucks when it's for someone else so get money then retire so as not to work.
>are trades worth it?
>im currently in an electrician apprenticeship
>the pay is shit, the work is mentally and physically grading, everyone i work with are fuckheads
>its summer right now and i come home from work (after my 2 hour overtime of course!!) dripping and completely drained.
>thinking of sticking with it until i get qualified but fuck me its a grind.
>any similar experiences? or advice, feeling a bit lost.
I mean this with all genuine sincerity and kindness I can without muddling the message. With your language skills, I'd take whatever job I could get.
>you will not make it through an EE degree
I'm a gay drug addict and I earned a bachelors in chemical engineering with honors while sleeping though half my classes. Modern higher education is a total joke, at least in the US.

I want to diy a skull ring something like pic related. How would I go about doing it? What material would you recommend? Aluminum? Stainless steel? What technique would you use?
Research lost wax casting.
You could also create a digital design and have it printed in your choice of material.
Lead would be the easiest to work
Also lookup cold casting (basically resin but with metal in it, so you can make a silicone mold around a carved or 3d printed ring)
lost wax casting in silver. silver is easy to source and easy to work with, you can cast the whole ring fairly simply there is literally no reason to do it any other way.

I bought some used tools for $50 last night.
In the lot came a 2 foot long 3/8” socket wrench extension
It says “snap-on fx24a USA” on it… is it worth keeping around or should I just sell it?
I mainly wanted the large ass sockets and the prybar that was in the lot
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
Long extensions can be real handy at times, so I'd just squirrel it away if it was me.
These combined with a swivel socket are a must when trying to remove bell housing bolts
Keep that motherfucker because a good long extension is gold when you need one. Worth reminding is may jobs go easier with your ratchet some distance away from obstacles and two feet is a very handy size.
This. I had to pull a steering u-joint somewhat recently and the 18” extension saved my ass from removing a ton of extra bullshit.

I don’t know what you could sell it for. Snappy is nice, but then you sell it for $20 and 6mos later gotta buy the HF special for $8 that drops sockets or snaps or spend $25 on a Gearwrench that doesn’t suck and be pissed you didn’t keep the snappy.
it's fucking garbage. snap-on is the plastic toys of tools and clearly you'll never need it because it's stupidly long.
different brand
doesn't wrench
probably a furry
Bepis posting anon
ignore as usual

so, anyway, shoot me an email and I'll take that inconvenient hunk of tin off your hands for you. I'll even cover shipping.

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