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File: IMG_20240619_155623.jpg (159 KB, 1075x1000)
159 KB
159 KB JPG
So, I have a bunch of antlers and I am trying to think of things I can do with them.
They're only rather small roe antlers, but something should be done with them.
HOWEVER, I don't want to do the usual stuff like clotheshooks, grips for things I don't actually need etc., and before I make toggles from them I wanted to ask if anyone has any other ideas.
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File: Antler+Knife+Handles.jpg (237 KB, 1000x700)
237 KB
237 KB JPG
forge a vegetable knife (you can do it outside with a diy forge and a small piece of tool steel), cut the antler in half, drill a hole, hammer the knife in. you now have a nice knife you can use to peel potatos or collect mushrooms with.
im new to knifemaking but i already made a blank out of a piece of HSS steel out of a mechanical saw blade (doesn't require forging if you want that) and im currently trying to figure out how i could go on about making nice grips from rock or stone for it.
like i mentioned you can also use a HSS steel mechanical saw blade which is hard as fuck meaning its grinding only and you cant just sharpen it by hand (while finishing it ofc) so it might come out wrong
turn them in, its illegal to collect them
Carve some figurines.
give them back tyrone

File: IMG_20240720-193121.png (3.95 MB, 1080x1709)
3.95 MB
3.95 MB PNG
My dog can jump my chain link now. Is there something I can maybe clip onto the top railings to extend it higher a bit until I redo the whole thing? Even if its not something strong, it'll discourage him.
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barb wire
Himalayan Blackberry
time to make your dog a pirate
see how little faggot can jump with a peg leg
String treble hooks on 200 lb test
Keep it on a leash so when it jumps it hangs itself over the other side. People and their goddamn stupid fucking dogs

File: 1719364786689892.jpg (72 KB, 500x500)
72 KB
Any advice on building a crystal radio without using manufactured parts or crystals and using only rusted metals as my diode?
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>super stereo
Going off-topic here, but you've gotta keep in that you'll be pulling in a staggeringly small signal and using it to directly power the earpiece. If you've got ears, with decades of wear, damage, outright tinnitus, this whole project is DOA.
>Any advice on building a crystal radio without using manufactured parts or crystals and using only rusted metals as my diode?
google it dipshit. if you can't even do that you will not make one.
Good luck with the DIY diode. You chances of success will improve with a long wire antenna and a good ground.
Dont know about how you would build a crystal substitute, but you can make an adjustable capacitor for tuning by taking a frying pan and cutting it in half, and then having the two halves spin relative to each other. You get more capacitance when they overlap completely, and less when they dont overlap at all.

Actually, if you manage to make a stable enough power source, you could make an oscillator just with a home built inductor, resistor, and capacitor. Dont know if the frequency you would get would be close to useful or not, but might be a way to make it work. Think its called an L-C tank circuit or something.

File: 1698268743511056.jpg (997 KB, 1920x1080)
997 KB
997 KB JPG
I attempted to spruce up my scratched up green laminate counters by painting on some Rust-Oleum appliance epoxy, but it's not hardening.
I prepped the surface by sanding and whipping down with isopropyl, then applied 2 coats spaced an hour apart. However, now 2 hot days of good ventilation later I can still easily make fingernails marks into it, and just about anything on it tears or dents the paint.

Did I just get a bad batch of epoxy, or is the appliance epoxy just really soft?
I even painted the top of the can and put it outside for a day to find it's not much harder. I expected something like the paint on the side of my fridge.

Is there a harder epoxy or paint I can use?
File: 1709353285797832.jpg (691 KB, 1920x1080)
691 KB
691 KB JPG
This is from putting a pressure cooker on it 2 90 degree days later despite the directions saying it would be hard from one day at 70 degrees. It's so delicate it seems like I would have had a better result from just plain wall paint.

I know the right move is to put in new counters, but I'm living in a late family member's home I fixed up to stay in through college.
>I expected something like the paint on the side of my fridge

thats why you dont use stuff that it wasnt designed for. enjoy your fucked up countertop retard.
sand that shit down to base wood and stain it or tile over it using the biggest tiles you can find. Appliance epoxy is meant for bonding to metal not Formica.
I'm my defense, there are a couple dozen YouTube videos of people doing this and it coming out fine. Even the Amazon reviews are full of people saying they used it on counters.

At this point if there isn't a trick to making this crap harden (it's not hardening on the metal and wood testing surfaces either) I feel like it's easier to just put a new sheet of Formica on.
Use some catalyst hardener and japan drier with it.

File: drawers-fs-1-1080.jpg (69 KB, 1080x1080)
69 KB
Anybody here have a decked drawer in their truck? Or any other drawer in the bed?

What do you think of it and how does it work for you?
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File: IMG_2020-04-10_09-52-10.jpg (958 KB, 1944x2592)
958 KB
958 KB JPG
>no digger on your crane
digger derricks are peak utility. i wish id bought one (and a gradall lift) back around 09-10 when they were practically free
this poster shines their light racks are people behind them and road rages i bet

>t. has to drive around with high beams all the time because has 5% tint on his windshield
I paid 8700 for this one. F800 with a 5.9 Cummins and 5 speed manual. Front winch, crane, digger, and bucket. I need to make a new man basket with a pass through side so I don't have to climb into that fiberglass one because fuck that.

File: diy01.png (320 KB, 480x338)
320 KB
320 KB PNG
It is real. Your are welcom

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Wouldn't they fit more in the smelting industry?
the way of the house husband
I only ever read the first volume but it was pretty good
I remember when I was gay... wait I never was and don't watch crap like this.
What is gay about watching shows with no men in it?

File: ct300 playing mp3s.png (1.82 MB, 2023x928)
1.82 MB
1.82 MB PNG
not sure if this should be here or /g/ but i think i'll go with here. I really would like to try to do something like this to an old tape deck unit ive found - similar pioneer model. I'm assuming he's wired in the output of the phone to where the heads send signal but i have no idea wher i'd start on something on this.. has any one done anything similar and can advise? thx.
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not even 2 hours later lmao
Neat project.
Take a car cassette adapter, and stuff a Pi Zero and a small battery inside it.
Then SSH into the Pi and play anything you want.
File: pioneer ct-300.jpg (74 KB, 760x576)
74 KB
>can advise?

- a tape deck like that doesnt have an amplifier inside, so you have to add an external one to drive speakers
- it likely has a line level input and a line level output -- that means, around 0.1Vac
- it's super super easy to convert to bluetooth:
- find any old bluetooth speaker with charger, but one with headphone jack
- buy a lil cable that converts headphone jack to RCA plug
- connect BT speaker to LINE input using said cable
- connect stereo to LINE output
get cassette adapter that has bluetooth in it.

how do i snake a drain? my tub will not drain it’s been two days and i can’t shower because my drain is so clogged and full of dirty water.

i got a drain snake but it won’t go down the drain i think because of how it’s shaped.

ofc i can’t see it but this is how i think the pipe is shaped. so the snake just hits the back of the pipe and won’t go down.
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File: IMG_2440.gif (2.36 MB, 268x204)
2.36 MB
2.36 MB GIF
Well played.
call a plumber if you are too retarded to use a plunger or buy the right chemicals
The last time happened to me, I just used a plunger. One push down was all it took.
just keep spinning it to get around bends
drain cleaner, let it sit for hours, then scourching hot water. Worked a bit ago when my grandma was putting her hair in the drains because she's retarded. Maybe your drains are more fucked though

File: 20240708_101242.jpg (1.1 MB, 4032x2268)
1.1 MB
1.1 MB JPG
The cracked windshield on the pic related is the result of a one-sided parking place dispute. One of the neighbors probably thinks a certain parking space in front of the apartment complex on a public street is his birthright and has taken measures with any forewarning or dialog.

First I have to mention that I live in an Eastern European country where such acts of vandalism aren't rare. The older generations who grew in the wild communism are poor, frustrated and know no other way to express their impotent rage. The guy who fits the profile is almost certainly ex-military and prob in his 60s or smthg.

I'm currently reviewing the footage from a security camera from a grocery store across the street and I'll post results. In the mean time I'd be happy to hear advice on what sort of interior and dashboard cameras to buy in order to find the criminal.

I didn't opt for full insurance coverage because it's an older car, and that's why the insurance company will pay for the windshield and the repair only if there is a filed filed claim against a known perpetrator.

My flat (in the same apt. complex) is on the 2nd floor and a wifi signal will probably reach my car if I decide to park there again. A recording camera with memory is the other option.
Otherwise I plan to set up window cameras to record who uses the spot most frequently and work out my revenge when I gather enough data.
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Have you considered beating their ass so they don't fuck with you, you pussy
I live in the same block of flats. It's free for all parking without spots on a public street.
I have no way to tell who did it.
From all the camera footage I reviewed there is some suspicious activity (people loitering around the windshield) but nothing concrete, can't tell if they are looking at an already broken windshield and sadly the alarm never seems to trigger.
I informed the cops and they told me there was another broken windshield on car on the same street some months ago. The neighbors have their doubts but noone knows anything.

I'll find the guy somehow. I have time.
Hello fellow bulgarian
Try speaking with the manager of your apartment complex and ask them if they know something
you sure it wasnt just kids playing base ball or something?

If you're seeking revenge, you need to be quick and inconspicuous, because most likely the vandal is doing the same thing to protect their shit.

People are petty, but some-people are also smart about it.

Silicone-Based Brake Fluid works the best, put it in a non-descript bottle and commit your crime with skill and expertise.

Shaving cream also works too, gel more-so than foam.

Anyone know what type of boiler this is (steam, water, etc)? Buying an old house that has floor radiators.
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Is that a wood/oil combination stove? Keep that shit, you wont find anything like that anymore.
it's a coal boiler been converted to oil.
you'd never be able to burn solid fuel in it again
it's really not that great or special
Anon, cancer happens randomly. You can develop skin cancer from a single sunburn. You are also missing a critical step in your directives: how do you dispose of the asbestos? The usual asbestos disposal places will only work with licensed contractors.
If it wasn't tested, you had no way of knowing it contains asbestos. Bring it to the regular dump.
>oil/wood burner
op you would have better returns getting electric space heaters and putting them in every room than actually using this inefficient piece of shit. just use your minis, thats what the previous owners got them for

File: 091-1022276194.png (152 KB, 358x256)
152 KB
152 KB PNG
Blocked the toilet with newspaper.
Water drains but very slowly.

What's the play here /diy/, do I try to pull the blockage up with a plunger, break the blockage up with wire, try to break the paper down with chemicals?
13 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
>is that a nigger-rigged 3rd world rube goldberg contraption
No, the toilet bowl and pump are mass produced, with proper rubber gaskets and everything.
It's on a sailboat, that's why it's manual and the shit just goes outside.
it depends so i suggest just getting one of these pic related and trying to figure out how deep the blockage goes.
step 1 will be removing the toilet, then you throw that in there and keep pushing it in, preferably at a slow place, if you feel it getting stuck, pull out sharply then put it back in slowly and then start spinning. these are easy to break inside the pipe or get mangled up in there so be careful. this tool fixes 98% of pipe blockages where i work at and if it doesn't, i pull out the 180bar power washer with a special hose, anything lower powered than that won't work unless you just want to remove a bad smell from a fume pipe having mold in it
Nvm I replaced the hose.
Old one was almost fully blocked by the crap that's been slowly building up over the last 15 years of use.
Thanks for letting us know you solved it.

File: 51mkSuzIVjL._AC_.jpg (33 KB, 434x321)
33 KB
My window air conditioner takes too long between cycling the compressor on and off, how can I fix this? Picrel is the specific model
There's some device called coolbot that is used to make window ACs always on to make cheap walk in fridges. You could probably make your own too I think I've seen projects like that.
Bypass the thermostat
compressor protection. prevents overheating and damaging the compressor starting it too soon. there is nothing to fix. changing this will break it.
Run a dripping hose over the back outside. It will more rapidly cool the hot coils which will cool the compressor more rapidly and shorten the off-cycle time.

File: stainlesspan.jpg (478 KB, 2485x2560)
478 KB
478 KB JPG
I have a stainless pan kind of like this one I want to cut into a spatula. How do I remove the heat distribution plate thing on the bottom without marring up the pan?
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
Buy a spatula
Or some stainless sheet and make one because this is /diy/.
>I want to do something in the most complicated and pointless way possible.
this question was already posted, identical except faganon wanted
this question was already posted, identical except faganon wanted to use a cast iron pan.

planning on building a 4x3m or ~13x9ft tank to submerged myself into (I just like it ok)

do I really need to dig it?
what's the easiest and cheapest construction method should I use?
brick and mortar can't be stong enough right?
is rebar concrete an overkill?

>ib4 you'll float
I'll make a vest with lead sheet core don't worry
34 replies and 7 images omitted. Click here to view.
disregard this anon, just think about it and figure it out OP, you will do it, it will work!
so here's one thing to think of, how do you get the water out again to stop it going stagnant/things living in it that aren't you.
>Bro doesn't know how to get into water reservoirs
Just to urbex and piss in the city's water supply like the rest of us.
>there are trace amounts of a girl's pee in your tap water
Oh noooo haha how horrible
>1615 gallons, or about 100 flushes
16 gallons per flush? Seriously?
It's amazing how many people learn the hard way not to put horizontal force on brick.
This would probably be best. I would just be sure to have a rope ladder or two to help get out of it. OP should just be really careful to consider things like drowning, collapse, and how they're keeping the water brain amoeba free.

File: 1000002156.jpg (198 KB, 1200x1600)
198 KB
198 KB JPG
nothing special, but showing off anyway, cut from merbau, the small hole in the bottom is a channel for two woofers to share an isobaric chamber.

I still have to cut three more into three similar enough pieces, then four more into two other pieces, makes sense when the next pic goes up.
5 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: 1000002170.jpg (11 KB, 225x225)
11 KB
I got 5kw in the couch...

but also:
What's the purpose of the lead lining? Wouldn't that absorb sound, or is it something to do with cutting resonance?
You want to absorb sound inside the box.
Nice cuts, but, why are going with that abomination of a build? Have you built speakers before?
ahh, ok.

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