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File: s-l1200.jpg (194 KB, 1200x1200)
194 KB
194 KB JPG
Stuck living in a place with a gas stove and a ductless range hood. Every time I cook the entire house smells like Mercaptan. Renting so I can't tear into any walls. How can I properly ventilate the place so I don't wreck my health.
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Get a fan and open the window
doesn't work
>t. scraped 1mm of oil residue off every surface of old apartment
Get an electric cooktop
>Something isn't right with the gas stove if that's how it smells after burning
This, I would first check if the problem is on a single fire or all of them
>Every time I cook the entire house smells like Mercaptan
imaginary smells.

I recently bought a house built in the 70's. I want to renovate it with modern electrical equipment, and place ethernet jacks in most rooms that connect up to a networking panel in the garage. Is it worth "future proofing" with CAT8 over CAT6A? It is ridiculously overkill for my current network; I barely get 1 gbps let alone 40. My thinking is that it would add to the resale value of the home in a few years, since it should be relevant for a decade longer than 6 or 6A. Anyone have any interesting stories of updating older buildings with modern networking equipment?
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>Is it worth "future proofing" with CAT8 over CAT6A?
Probably not. I ran full cat6 because I didn't feel like dealing with the grounding requirements of Cat6a. Do what you like. Cat8 has a speed rating of like 40gbps- Cat6 is gigabit, cat 6a can do 10gig. The limiting factor is going to be your NIC if you're going 10gig or higher, desu. 40gbps sounds great until you realize everything you have plugged in has a 1gbps NIC.

also very very important: Cat8 has a 30 meter (100ish feet) max length. This sounds like a lot, but if you're going to actually install it properly through walls and such you'll quickly find yourself running out of length. Cat6a is 100m (same with all other cat cable) so you'll have plenty of room for residential runs.

Ask yourself this, are you hosting servers and transferring immense quantities of files on your local intranet regularly? Or are you planning on setting up some kind of local cloud node for rendering videos or something like that? What ISP speed do you plan on getting? If your area only offers 1.3gbps, there's no reason to install anything but Cat6 unless you're doing huge volumes of file transfers between devices. Keep in mind that 4k streaming only requires maybe 50mbps. I'm interested in your use cases desu.

I would also recommend getting a bigger rack than you think you need. I got a 24u wall mount rack and it was fucking full instantly.
The biggest crime ever committed was making internet of shit devices/smart home garbage run on wifi+power instead of making everything PoE
Nice, will look into this more
wifi's okay. The worst crime is when they tie their internet of shit devices to their dogshit cloud service paired with their crApp that only runs on the 2 newest iOS/Android releases and will drop support for your device after 3 years. Or their dogshit cloud service inevitably becomes too expensive for them to operate, so they either start nickel and diming you, sell it off to the AmazGoogSung botnet, or they shut it down, leaving you with a brick. Oh, and it uses proprietary garbage IoT hardware, so no flashing it to Tasmota for YOU, consoomer.
I accidentally enabled WPA3 on my router and literally everything on my wlan including one or two laptops disconnected because every manufacturer has been hoarding old nic chips for 2 decades. the cloud shit is just icing on the cake.

File: images (75).jpg (44 KB, 640x480)
44 KB
what's up with american and (to an extant) western house?
I live in a humid and poor tropical shithole, picrel
and I've never encountered the common horor story about rotted foundation, flooding, mold, shitty roofing, etc
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File: SHED.jpg (191 KB, 1280x720)
191 KB
191 KB JPG
>open jewtube
>recommended shows me this fucking SHED with RC columns
What absolute overkill, but that's balkans. Even the sheds will stand forever.
Houses are no longer designed to last forever because modern real-estate taxes and the changing desires of the average person has almost completely eliminated the "Family farm" of inheriting properties from your parents. Housing and real estate has become an investment, in which (mainly boomers) buy a house with the intent that the value will always go up, in order to sell for a profit and fund their retirement. The whole scam trend of reverse mortgages is a symptom of this. Not only that, but technology is changing so rapidly that the electrical, plumbing, LV, etc are all being outdated rapidly. Who needs the old RJ11 wiring in a house? Old school doorbell wiring? Lead plumbing? It's costly to replace these things.

Modern houses are "Shit" because they are designed to last 50-60 years, and are designed to be easily torn down and replaced. Thin slabs, no basements, OSB and timber construction, thin roofs, foam insulation. Once the lifespan of the house is up, it's effortless to tear it down with a backhoe and put the entire thing in a roll-off dumpster. The problem is that economic forces have made these "modern" older houses, designed to last 50 years and nearing the end of their lives, the only houses that younger generations can afford. Of course they have rot problems, damp problems, and things like that. They're way past their expiration date.
use punctuation and take your meds.
Those are some phat rafters
But I live in canada where even our forest industry jews us by selling to the US and having the US sell it back to us
but why not?
in germany my shed was build when the house was build in 1950, it got painted a decade ago other than that its still perfectly fine.

why build something shitty and then have to replace it every 15 years.

File: rubber.png (326 KB, 1874x509)
326 KB
326 KB PNG
What's the best tool for the job? I need to cut pic related rubber sheets into the shape shown on the left. I was either think of making my own press, own punch, or buying one of those desktop machines like cricut. Any suggestions?
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"Best" depends on how they will be used; if you want separate units that can be packaged/shipped uninstalled, a steel rule die can cut the shape and leave the release liner so its like its own sticker.

If you will be applying lots of them in a production setting then cutting them on a digital knife plotter will let you nest them to minimize scrap and saves the considerable tooling cost of making a steel rule die...also lets you adjust sizes or modify the shape as needed u likeva die.
Need to be that shape

I'm drunk cut me some slack

Ironically I tried cutting them on my 12w laser cutter. The rubber is so dense that it fused back together as soon as the laser passes. For reference, I use the same laser cutter to cut 5mm plywood in a couple passes no problem

That looks like what I need, idk how I'd make my own die though

Applied to another thing I make, production setting
Yes silicone or butyl rubber just don’t laser cut well, melting point is too low, it’s highly toxic too if I’m not mistaken

Neoprene foam cuts well but also makes toxic fumes, PE foam is popular for cutting too
>Applied to another thing I make, production setting

A simple drum plotter will work, you may need to tape the material down on a carrier sheet with sprocket holes to run the material...then just peel the individual parts off the completed sheets when applying on the assembly line.

Another benefit for a business is that the same plotter can cut vinyl for labels/lettering and make masks for painting/etching, and can plot out drawings with a pen.

This one is on the low end price wise and will do up to 3mm-

A press and a die for the best results. Preheating the work piece will result in a cleaner cut.

File: Foamy.png (593 KB, 1080x868)
593 KB
593 KB PNG
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How close to phoenix were you? Or tucson? Everyone knows those are lemons. The rural areas up closer to utah are interesting.

Lots of alternative construction techniques in use there.
>Fire would really concern me though
It will be raining burning napalm inside until the whole place goes up like a tire dump
40 min outside of phoenix. Now I live in a place that has green trees, white winters, and white faces and it's beautiful
>concrete poured over a balloon

File: ratflap-overview-2b.jpg (27 KB, 717x351)
27 KB
DIY RODENT PEST CONTROL. Why are there no products in US to stop rodents from enter from the fucking sewer? I am thinking of smoking my pipes to find if they chewed my cast iron.
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>those cavernous sewers you see on tv? those are only in ancient-roman tier cities.
TIL New York City is from the Roman era.
America was once part of the Roman empire, but history was (((rewritten))).
See 1984 for a full explanation.
just teflon coat your pipes so the rats can't climb up them
what do you mean? we've always been at war with Russia
explain how to do that as diy.

File: 51-FkNtCaUL.jpg (62 KB, 1280x1280)
62 KB
These things are seriously responsible for 90% of the dumb avoidable call outs I have to look at that make my job annoying.
Why do you still use them?
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Works on my machine
I almost bought picrel at HF today because the small packs at Home Depot are overpriced, but then I remembered maybe I don’t want to burn down my house because I tried to save 5¢ per wire nut at Harbor Freight.
We use them in Europe too
This is a crucial splice when I'm on two flights of scaffold holding a chandelier in the air. Great for knob and tube also.
I rather use these shitty one way push in connectors than wire nuts

File: display.jpg (418 KB, 1280x960)
418 KB
418 KB JPG
I want to lease a big skid steer for 6 months to a year for projects around the homestead and because I can probably get some lucrative work in my area.
Has anyone done this?
Any pitfalls?
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Kohler kdi1903tcr
kohler makes engines? Is that for a toilet?
Stupidest thing I've read this month.
you foolish fool
I've re-leased heavy equipment,

into your mom.

File: Japan pluggable fixtures.jpg (149 KB, 1718x1068)
149 KB
149 KB JPG
Does the USA have anything like this? I come here and realize electricians have been gatekeeping for job security.
5 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
SO easy and standardized bros. This state of affairs in the US is now unbearable to me.
Bro, twisting wires and tightening screws while juggling a heavy object above your head is NOT fun.
Ive never had a problem with it. if youre having problems then prepare better, like balancing it at the top of a step ladder. I can use 1 hand to twist and 1 hand to hold.

2. USA manufactures nothing and were half way around the world to a country that does. That means niche components have to travel at least 2 weeks before you can do anything. I'd rather not depend on that system for niche incompatible proprietary component vapor ware that becomes unobtainable because you cant be bothered to lift a 15 lb weight in your off time to be able to tackle a simple project..
do u even lift, bro?
>Here 4 different types.

File: 20240207_211836.jpg (908 KB, 2880x2880)
908 KB
908 KB JPG
Fellas my couch has seen better days. My family bought it in 1976 and it's really starting to fall apart now. I looked into buying a new one but modular sectionals are very expensive and they're generally a downgrade from this one in its prime so I think restoration is a better option. I don't have any experience with upholstery but since this is all square angles and straight lines I think it should be an easy project to learn on. I can also take the opportunity to overbuild the underlying structure so prevent it from falling apart again as quickly.

I have an Amazon cart full of everything I think I need besides the fabric but I'm not entirely sure if "44ILD firm" foam is like "200lb adult" firm or "350lb adult" firm. I'm also not sure about a soft but robust fabric choice since you can see in the image that even where the fabric isn't torn there are many places where the velvety parts have worn away.

Even with this being a cheaper option than buying new it's still a little pricey so ideally I could spread the cost and labor out over time but I'm worried about matching the fabric down the line if I don't order everything I need all at once, just in case it gets discontinued or something. I'd like to tackle the webbing and foam first of all to take care of the structural problems for the time being then worry about the fabric later but I don't know if that's possible without getting down to bare wood first. I'm also planning to take measurements of the bare wood to make additional modules at a later date.

Any thoughts or advice?
33 replies and 4 images omitted. Click here to view.
>buying all the fabric at once
Most places offer a bulk/roll discount. What's the worst that can happen? You have all the material you need & later end up making a chair to match the couch?

>I don't know of any local foam supplier
Those are retail stores. Search for a wholesaler, upholstery supply, etc. Also ask if they sell to individuals, a lot of places you'll need a business license (for tax reasons). If it's within an hour's drive, you'll come out on top w/ shipping.
The place I buy from, I literally searched Google Maps for "foam manufacturer near Cincinnati".

Or if you're not afraid of talking to people in real life, check at a local upholstery shop. Sort of play the sentimentality card--"Help me buy some foam. I know it's a fool's errand, but I'm redoing this 1970s couch from my childhood..."
Op, they're all right, both a waste of time and probably worth it due to its frame being built better
but if you feel like spending the time, go for it

Before you cut this couch up, practice on an old junk one. I don't ever recommend getting furniture out of the trash, but there are numerous places you can get a practice trash couch at.
When you finally good, try it on the one you posted about

Why is it black on the cushions?
>What's the worst that can happen?
it's just a big upfront cost is all

>check at a local upholstery shop
I did find one around here that I'll check out.

>Before you cut this couch up, practice on an old junk one.
this couch is six completely separate pieces. Absolute worst case I botch a single section and just have to redo it after getting more practice with the others.

>Why is it black on the cushions?
the brown velvet wore away over time leaving just the backing fabric.
>Absolute worst case
Worst case is you can't actually do the job and just destroyed the only source for a template and have to throw the whole thing away
How and why would I destroy the template? Almost every one of the six pieces can be a template for the others anyway.

File: 1721O57238913591.png (200 KB, 450x193)
200 KB
200 KB PNG
/diy/ing a business
I don’t want to come across as a schmuck, but I am a semi capable person with two businesses in reach of myself. One is a signage business, the other is a food business.
Both have great potential, I currently work in the sign industry and would like to make more money. Even if I leave my current role I have access to all the required equipment.
The latter, the food business, is something I have dreamt of for literally 10 years now. I have a product I am able to make, in the 4000~ items per month at current capacity with the equipment on hand, and growing to 100’s of thousands would be no scaling issue because it would require no more space and not much more equipment.

The food business could potentially be worth indefinitely more than the signage, despite my acquaintances in the space already regarding me as a competent craftsman and willing to provide me with endless work.
One is a path of linear progression, the other, food, is a path of exponential growth.
I do not care about the income. I have self doubts about trying to achieve anything on my own.
I genuinely enjoy this board, so what has it taken you to go out and try your own thing? I do and don’t know what I need to get started, which might not make sense, but in a practical standpoint I do know what it takes, but in the theoretical I have so much self doubt it hurts.
What do. I trust you anons to a far great extent
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
I’m not a businessman but I visit a lot of food factories for work and have some stuff to consider.

Food businesses may be very regulated or not at all depending where you are and what food you make, which can be a huge limiting factor in terms of scaling. If you need to meet very stringent reasons like frozen food in Europe (they get salmonella a lot) you may be looking at $300k+ in regulations investments when you want to run or scale up a big line. In many countries employees can call in sick at any time with a minor cough or diarrrhea to prevent guy bacteria spreading. Different story if you produce eg potato chips in Guatemala which is pretty much regulation free afaik. US is a bit inbetween, fda stuff is pretty okay, except maybe for dairy products

So it’s definitely worth doing some research, rules may be on federal, state or even local level, if you export there may be additional, foreign rules too.
>I've never worked in food, but I know I could make millions!

Look around. How many people succeed in food? It's not what you think it is.
Based, thanks anons, a lot to think about now. Doing food seems like it would require too much investment before even making the first batch
>The food business could potentially be worth indefinitely more than the signage, despite my acquaintances in the space already regarding me as a competent craftsman and willing to provide me with endless work.

Ha, whether it was autocorrect replacing "infinitely" or a Freudian slip, "indefinitely" is really important here.

Of all the businesses where nothing is definite, food related businesses are at the top...some may be more stable than others but the success rate for startups is dismal, especially when you consider that literally everyone needs to eat.

Signage can be a great business but the reality of it is that the vast majority of the work that keeps sign shops busy and growing is in support of business operations of one sort or another and/or entities that are subsidized by tax dollars.

When the general business climate takes a hit, sign shops are the first to feel it both in overall demand and also when other companies begin to default on accounts...and sign materials and finished jobs aren't cheap or easy to re-sell.

As my old boss at the sign shop used to say, sign shops are like those remora fish that live by attaching themselves to big sharks and other hosts in a symbiotic relationship. If you see lots of remora thriving it means the big shark business is good, but if there's no hosts around to attach to, they are in trouble.

Add to that the fact that when things get lean, even though it's not a great strategy many businesses begin tightening their belts by cutting advertising, and signs are mostly advertising. Where I live businesses won't even replace signs obliterated by hurricanes since "everyone already knows where we are", lol

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Glad it helped. Be careful, so many businesses that are for sale are basically traps.

File: 1708651485845960.jpg (269 KB, 1754x1182)
269 KB
269 KB JPG
>going to put hitch on car
>only 1-1/4 inch size
>want 5x8 max
What's the best starting point to diy a trailer of that size?
Do you weld and fab? Price steel, decking of choice, axle, wheels and parts to determine wise course of action which is probably making a custom ball mount then buying a new small single axle trailer and not overloading it, but can certainly include modding a used trailer or slicing and dicing a junk popup camper for the running gear.

Measure everything with money including considering Horror Fright trailers. I enjoy welding and have all the equipment to make any trailer I want but find it wise to buy 'em cheap, used and ugly then make what I desire.
I was planning to start with something and just put a flat deck on it, but I think a pop up might be a big. I haven't really done a lot of research on what sizes they come in so I imagine I'd have to start with some sort of motorcycle or sled trailer. since it's a bit smaller.
fuck that boomer idiot. fuck you for shilling him
I THINK you'll find that a crappy, but usable, trailer from harbor freight or cabelas will be cheaper than building your own. I looked into this a long time ago. Don't have the $ amounts anymore, but I'm pretty sure it was cheaper.
damn the king of kick bait
that horrible scammer

File: IMG_0688.jpg (341 KB, 907x1197)
341 KB
341 KB JPG
How to be inventor/innovator

Any recommend source for study to become inventor/innovator. I wonder if I have zero knowledge in mechanical engineering or computer engineering and I want to become inventor/innovator
where should I start??
Dont know how to explain. For example Elon musk can build a rocket which use a lot of knowledge but he doesn't have to know everything . he just has general knowledge of everything that need to build a rocket
and he hire worker who has deep knowledge in any speciality to work for him. So how to study that general knowledge to make general idea and making sense what to do.
So anyone can recommend me youtube channel , book to get start
I found these books explain what i need
1.) make your own neural network, Tariq rashid
2.) python for kids
3.) getting start in electronic
4.) Range why generalists triumph in a specialized world
5.) how to invent almost anything
6.)how computer work. Ron white
7.) **** Code. the hidden language of computer hardware and software(love this book) *****

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
13 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
It is a lot about attitude: you have to be dissatisfied with what people have been accustomed to accept (easy) and then willing to put in the hard work needed to remedy this (hard).

Before reading books on programming, look instead into TRIZ. Once you know the direction of the work should you dig into books and other literature. It will be hard, but don't think too much about that. Afterwards people will say it was easy, but don't bother with them either.

Nil carborundum!
actually innovations usually come from outside a given field
>dissatisfied with what people have been accustomed to accept (easy) and then willing to put in the hard work needed to remedy this (hard)
Well doesn't that necessitate an understanding of the field first? I mean how can a complete outsider to CS propose a remedy to a widespread problem to it without expertise.
So Ideally OP reads books about CS gets experience and than through his journey learns about a problem that requires solving.

File: stoner.png (430 KB, 422x442)
430 KB
430 KB PNG
Best trade job for picrel?
short haul trucker
NEET trucker hybrid lifestyle always did seem comfy

File: IMG_1588.jpg (303 KB, 1170x1655)
303 KB
303 KB JPG
An unhinged neighbor put up a 360 cam on a light pole on my street. It’s a $2k+ wifi camera, and it would be extremely helpful to figure out what IP it’s feeding to as evidence. Is there a way to find that signal? A device I can buy to do this?.
48 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
Ask your neighbor.
"Hey neighbor, I saw your camera. I am thinking about putting up some of my own, do you recommend yours?"
>bog standard
Hi Ben.
File: 1584966217713.jpg (480 KB, 1620x1080)
480 KB
480 KB JPG
It’s none of my neighbors business when I come and go. And in my experience the people who spaz out and put cameras on everything are unlikable Karen faggots 100% of the time. It’s just pathetic. I can understand putting a camera or two on your property, that views your property, to protect your specific property… but again, in my experience it’s 99% of the time people looking to be nosy and using security to justify their hysterical narcissism.
so don't do it from inside your house

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