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File: 666769d9d01eb.hires.png (933 KB, 1170x632)
933 KB
933 KB PNG

An Idaho man antagonizing people near Division Street and Second Avenue in Spokane as he streamed it live on his YouTube channel had multiple chances to leave before he shot and seriously injured a person Friday night during a confrontation, according to court records.

Prosecutors have charged 36-year-old Hoyt Webb, of Coeur d’Alene, with shooting and injuring an unarmed man upset with Webb’s provocative language and video recording of people who asked him to stop.

“You went to this location for your own entertainment,” Court Commissioner Eugene Cruz said at Webb’s first appearance in Spokane Superior Court Monday, “strictly to antagonize the folks experiencing homelessness and hardships.”

In his hourlong video that Webb posted to his “Kootenai County Press” YouTube channel, he is seen walking down Second Avenue and Division Street narrating about “crackheads” who were hanging around the area notorious for criminal activity such as open drug use and violent acts. The video ends after police say Webb shot 47-year-old homeless man Thomas Hatch, who remained hospitalized in critical condition Monday morning, according to Providence Sacred Heart Medical Center spokesperson Allie Hyams.

Hatch’s older brother, Eric Kessler, told Cruz during the court hearing his brother is “barely clinging to life.” He left the courthouse in tears Monday on his way to the hospital.

“If his heart stops again, they can’t revive him,” Kessler said after the hearing. Hatch was homeless because he had an accident as a child that caused him neurological damage, Kessler added. It’s why he fell into the wrong crowd. But Kessler still loves his “baby brother” no matter what, he said.
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>knowledge of punishment is a greater deterrent than chemical weapons
haha no it is not
Yeah lemme just spray some chemicals at the guy trying to attack me.
Oh no. The chemicals didn't work. I guess I'm fucked now.
Chemicals never "don't work", it's science.
>shoots randos on the street
Best outcome would be this guy gets justice. Clearly unstable.
It's ironically funny to me that he couldn't find any homeless people in Idaho to shoot so he had to travel to Washington to do it .

File: Ali Khamenei.png (336 KB, 600x393)
336 KB
336 KB PNG
Iran hopes to finalize 20-year pact with Russia as Bagheri Kani meets Lavrov

So the United States is pushing all its enemys to do business with eachother. lol oops.
Article is paywalled, paste the text
>Iran working with Russia
Holy shit this has never happened before
Why would Brandon do this!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

File: 1718023060657033.jpg (392 KB, 2048x1448)
392 KB
392 KB JPG
The initial airing of a Fox News interview with Donald Trump last week cut out the former president saying he may not declassify federal files about convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein, who maintained close relationships with dozens of politicians, celebrities and other public figures before being found dead in his jail cell.

The discrepancy was first reported on Sunday by Semafor’s Max Tani, who found that the president’s June 2 interview on “Fox & Friends” only included the first part of Trump’s answer to host Rachel Campos-Duffy’s question: “Would you declassify the Epstein files?” In that airing, Trump replied, “Yeah, I would,” and the segment ended.

But Trump’s full answer played later on Will Cain’s Fox News radio show, revealing that he quickly hedged his response, Semafor found.

“I guess I would. I think that less so because, you don’t know, you don’t want to affect people’s lives if it’s phony stuff in there, because it’s a lot of phony stuff with that whole world. But I think I would,” Trump said.

When Campos-Duffy asked him if he thought declassifying the documents would “help restore trust,” Trump reiterated he’s not sure what he’d do with the Epstein files.

“I don’t know about Epstein so much as I do the others,” he continued. “Certainly about the way he died. It’d be interesting to find out what happened there, because that was a weird situation and the cameras didn’t happen to be working, etc., etc. But yeah, I’d go a long way toward that one.”

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inb4 "no such thing as the alt right"
Good post
Low iq take
seething retard
What has Bill Clinton said about this?

Leftists are essentially aristocrats, they see everybody has filthy peasants too stupid to live their own lives.

File: Detroit tri-county.jpg (165 KB, 818x634)
165 KB
165 KB JPG
My formerly lily White home town is rapidly becoming Detroit. Couldn't find a picture of the perpetrator, so it's obvious that he's black (the name also gives it away).

June 10, 2024

Carjacking results in charges against man, 15-year-old boy in Warren
Man, teen robbed seller of four-wheeler

A 20-year-old man and a 15-year-old boy have been charged in connection with a carjacking in Warren.

Allegedly, on Friday (May 31), Larry Moses, Jr. and the 15-year-old boy went to a residence where a four-wheeler was being sold.

Police say one of the two pulled out a gun and pointed it at the seller before fleeing on the four-wheeler.

The owner of the four-wheeler got in his truck and followed the two before being shot at multiple times by the defendants as they fled the area.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>formerly lily White home town
>Warren, MI

were you born before 1940?
Whoa! cool it with the anti Semitic remarks there Adolf.

I was born in 1967 and up until the House Bubble popped in 2008, Warren MI was 90%+ White.
>Warren was a sundown town: an all-white municipality that outlawed the presence of people of color after sunset. Those who violated this social order were subjected to violence.[15] In 1970, Warren had a population of 180,000, with only 28 minority families, most of whom lived on a U.S. military base. As of 1974 African Americans were almost totally excluded from Warren,[16] In 2000 Warren had less than 3% Black population,[16] compared to 80% in adjacent Detroit.

Growing up in Warren, there were zero blacks kids in my elementary school, one in jr.high and two in high school (class of 1986) crime was basically non-existent except for a bit of spill over across 8 Mile Rd. from Detroit.

Warren was the #1 city in the U.S. with a population over 100K for longevity of residency, with the average resident living here for 30 years and more often then not, their kids taking over the house when they passed away.

File: GOnYMdHXcAAuVzi.jpg_large.jpg (264 KB, 2048x2048)
264 KB
264 KB JPG
lol he's legitimately worried about the Vatican turning into a gay bar, that's actually pretty funny
>According to ANSA, Francis repeated the term on Tuesday as he met Roman priests, saying "there is an air of faggotness in the Vatican," and it was better that young men with a homosexual tendency not be allowed to enter the seminary.
Old men with homosexual tendencies though, should probably be put in youth groups.
Thanks The Pope.
paste the article text cockstain
And here I thought The Pope was a pride flag waving, poop-seeking, HIV faggot.
The Catholic church might be making a comeback if he wasn't a knee grow-loving, immigrant cock suckling piece of shit.

File: 1697285200702707.jpg (19 KB, 480x360)
19 KB

WILMINGTON, Delaware, June 11 (Reuters) - President Joe Biden’s son Hunter Biden was convicted by a jury on Tuesday of lying about his drug use to illegally buy a gun, a verdict Democrats may seize upon to counter Donald Trump’s claim of a justice system weaponized against him.

A 12-member jury in Wilmington, Delaware, federal court found the defendant guilty on all three counts against him, making Hunter Biden the first child of a sitting U.S. president to be convicted of a crime.

Hunter Biden, 54, lightly nodded his head after the verdict was read but otherwise showed little reaction. He then patted his lawyer Abbe Lowell on the back and hugged another member of his legal team.

He then left the courthouse without making a statement.
His father, Joe Biden, issued a statement saying he accepted the outcome of the case and would respect the judicial process as his son considers an appeal.

The judge set no date for sentencing, but added the timeline is usually in 120 days. That would place it no later than a month before the Nov. 5 U.S. presidential election.

Sentencing guidelines for the gun charges are 15 to 21 months, but legal experts say defendants in similar cases often get shorter sentences and are less likely to be incarcerated if they abide by the terms of their pretrial release.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
63 replies omitted. Click here to view.
>Bush did that
No, you people lie about this alot. The program started during bush to track where the guns went and stop the cartel, it was during Obama's tenure that everything was fucked up by fast and furious and the cartel was getting a bunch of us weapons for no reason

Bro shut tf up if you can't find any source other than your ass, it's like you people are paid to sealion and lie
>the statute trump was convicted of only applies if you do another crime
wrong. its just has to attempt to cover up another crime, which it did. it was an attempt to cover up the crime that cohen was convicted of
You're fucking crazy and the shit you spew is wrong.
Great source, once again it's your deep cratered asshole
There isn't any point in posting a source when you will just deny it and go on spouting your made up version of events. We all know you're here to disrupt any discussion of news and current events in the first place.

Here is hoping he gets raped to death in jail
>inb4 now you like gun control
I hate drug addicts and think they should all get the death penalty. fucker was also trying to get the charges dismissed, with the conviction he now has to try to get the unconstitutional law overturned so odds are he is going to fall on his sword before destroying his father's legacy. if the charges were dismissed like he wanted we would still have no court challenge for the unconstitutional brady 4473 law. either way I hope biden lives to hear that hunter was raped to death over a period of 9 hours while in jail
95 replies omitted. Click here to view.
the only one in this topic talking about his dick is you
there are no jews seething itt you retard
no silly... Hunter had REAL charges. Not the gun charge. The DoJ simply ignored them and let the statute of limitation run out while interfering with anyone investigating them whereas with Trump they changed the law to get him for a made up sexual assualt that happened somewhere in the 90s... shes not sure what year.. there is a direct contradiction to equal application of the law everywhere you turn with these people.
Where do you people get this shit from?
you def have to dig.. but official documents, first hand accounts, FOIA requests... Its not at all easy to do and takes way more effort then most are willing to put in.
This was widely testified in congressional hearings by multiple witnesses. The IRS policy was to charge tax fraud in hunters situation and the doj blocked it until statute of limitation ran out

File: macaron497398785.jpg (107 KB, 1280x720)
107 KB
107 KB JPG
After losing to the far-right National Rally in the European elections, French President Emmanuel Macron dissolved the National Assembly and called for early parliamentary elections.

The French are now expected to return to the polls on June 30 and July 7.

by euronews
23 replies omitted. Click here to view.
lefties want to ban guns, believe they own your labor and want government to control every aspect of your life. the right is pro gun, anti tax and wants the government to fuck off
the government is literally the only thing keeping the predatory free market from making you a debt slave
Well. What a good job they've done because everyone's a fucking debt slave anyway.
why not start your own buisness? For 5k you could have a silly hotdog stand. Sounds dumb right? ik... but i think everyone should know the diffrence between will not and can not. You CAN be your own boss and put your own money on the table, but WILL you?
Shut the fuck up, you idiotic zoomer.
You're not getting a hotdog stand for 5k.

File: GP4CFf2WUAE-8d9.jpg (102 KB, 720x785)
102 KB
102 KB JPG
Over 40 Indians burned to death in Kuwait

Over 40 Indians burned to death in Kuwait







Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Death toll has allegedly reached 41 and 30 more Indians are in the hospital.
Are there any human casualties?
Paste the text of an actual news source

File: 1717758718596810.jpg (199 KB, 1371x1080)
199 KB
199 KB JPG

Donald Trump will sit for a virtual interview with a probation officer from his home in Florida on Monday, part of the sentencing process for his felony conviction in the New York hush-money case.

The first former US president criminally convicted, Trump will appear from Mar-a-Lago and will be seated alongside his lawyer Todd Blanche, a source with knowledge of the matter told CBS News, the BBC's US partner.

A New York City probation officer will use the interview in a pre-sentencing report for Justice Juan Merchan, who is currently deciding what punishment Trump must face.

Trump was convicted last month of 34 counts of falsifying business records and is expected to be sentenced on 11 July.

Defendants are typically required to attend probation interviews in person, but exceptions were likely made for Trump due to the high-profile nature of his case, an expert told the BBC.

It would be too disruptive for the former president to come to the probation office in New York City, said former New York Supreme Court judge Diane Kiesel.

"The press would be all over the building and the Secret Service would have to be there, too," she said. "It makes more sense to do it this way."

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
40 replies omitted. Click here to view.
haha holy shit it's real
Desantis can restore Trump's rights. Any governor can, even for out of state crimes.
Dream on
No he can't, what the fuck are you talking about?
republican fantasies

File: c1y27a.webm (987 KB, 328x278)
987 KB
Father time freezes at event. Unable to recall where he is or what's going on
Video of Joe Biden Appearing to Freeze at Juneteenth Event

A video of President Joe Biden standing still during a Juneteenth event is garnering a lot of scrutiny on social media.

The footage, shared by the GOP governing body, the Republican National Committee (RNC), shows Biden standing still at the event while others around him, including Vice President Kamala Harris, dance to music playing.

The Context
The video was taken at an early Juneteenth holiday concert at the White House on Monday, which was attended by 1,700 people including singers Gladys Knight and Patti LaBelle and rapper Doug E. Fresh.

In 2021, Biden signed a law that made June 19 a federal holiday to commemorate the emancipation of enslaved African Americans. The last slaves were freed in Texas on June 19, 1865.

"Black history is American history," Biden said in a speech at the event. "The day reminds us that we have a helluva lot more work to do," he continued. "Let's keep marching. Let's keep the faith."

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
18 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Haha no I make $150k a year as an archivist
Dude looks like a caricature of a puppet.
I am still voting for Joe Biden
He's your president LMAO

Congress has made additional criminal referrals against both Hunter, and now James Biden for lying under oath.
Comer, after criminal referrals, pledges to go after Biden

House Oversight Committee Chair James Comer (R-Ky.) said Sunday the criminal referrals against President Biden’s son and brother are “just the beginning,” as he pledged to focus on the president himself in the next stage of his impeachment inquiry.

“Remember, this is an investigation of Joe Biden,” Comer said in an interview on Fox News’s “Sunday Morning Futures” with Maria Bartiromo. “Hunter Biden, Jim Biden, Eric Schwerin, Devon Archer — these are all witnesses in an investigation of Joe Biden. This was always about Joe Biden.”

“Now, we’re going to do everything we can to hold Hunter Biden and all the different shady associates accountable. This is just the beginning,” he continued. “But the next step will be accountability for Joe Biden.”

The interview comes after leaders of the impeachment investigation into Biden asked the Justice Department this past Wednesday to bring criminal charges against the president’s son, Hunter, and his brother, James, accusing the duo of lying to lawmakers during conversations with investigators.

The criminal referrals escalate the stakes of the impeachment inquiry, which has grown quiet in recent months as the investigation has failed to produce evidence of any criminal wrongdoing against Biden and as support for the inquiry appears to have died down.

But in the Sunday interview, Comer suggested he has no intention of ending his inquiry, accusing Biden of committing “many crimes” and teasing a soon-to-be-released report updating the public on Biden’s alleged crimes.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
96 replies omitted. Click here to view.
>leftists are idiots and bafoons
>rightists frequently and easily defeated by idiots and bafoons
Put me down for $500 on Biden over Trump.
Who is supposed to believe this?
Objective people
The leftist voters are a lot of idiots and buffoons.
That's why they are easily led by propaganda. They have simple minds.

And there's simply more stupid people out there than intelligent people, hence, their numbers
Objective person here. I don't believe it.

Be sure to donate your entire paycheck to Trump's legal defense.

File: 1717873736893362.jpg (1.89 MB, 2717x2433)
1.89 MB
1.89 MB JPG
People were apparently paid to attend Donald Trump's rally in Las Vegas, Nevada, on Sunday, according to Tennessee Democratic election commissioner Chris D. Jackson, although it's not clear who did the paying.

Jackson, who criticized Hungary's autocratic leader, Viktor Orbán, for endorsing the ex-president, took to social media over the weekend to draw attention to a Craigslist post appearing to offer payment for attendance at the MAGA event.

"BREAKING: Trump Caught Paying People to Attend Rally," the official reported. "A Craigslist ad has been found offering payment for people to attend Trump's rally in Las Vegas today."

He then continues:

"Remember the video from a few days ago where Trump was waving at a non-existent crowd? It appears EVERYTHING IS A FACADE. The media wants you to think Trump has enthusiasm, but the facts say otherwise."

He added, "If you are interested in making some money to donate to the Biden campaign, here you go," and linked to the posting.

"I guess they don't want to have another bust like this we're 2,500 show up and they claim it was 30,000," Jackson said, referencing Trump' event in the Bronx. "It really is sad."

The posting itself is titled, "Paid to attend Trump rally! (Sunset park)."

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
18 replies omitted. Click here to view.
>Bidenshill noises intensify
We know
Biden voters are victims of their tiny reptilian fear brain. It overwhelms their executive reasoning abilities
Because not wanting a narcissist idiot dictator who shits in a golden toilet and has never worked a hard days work in his silver spoon life to be the leader of our country is “lizard fear brain?”
Every accusation is a confession, anon. You gotta remember that when talking to chuds. They're the ones who vote for a far right populist who says that the country is going to burn and everyone is going to die if he isn't installed as dictator so they project that unrelenting fear and panic onto everyone around them because they don't know how to process the emotions.
>Every accusation is a confession
Which is Trump and the Republicans in a nutshell.

File: 1717575883619357.jpg (265 KB, 1440x2048)
265 KB
265 KB JPG
Amid high temperatures at Donald Trump's campaign rally in Las Vegas on Sunday, the former president made a quip about the heat affecting his attendees by stating that he needed their votes, adding, "I don't care about you."

Trump and President Joe Biden became the presumptive 2024 Republican and Democratic presidential nominees respectively in March as both continue to campaign ahead of November's election. On Sunday, the former president took to the stage at his Sunset Park outdoor rally to speak to his supporters.

However, temperatures began to rise with a forecast of over 100 degrees during the event. At his rally, Trump spoke about the heat affecting his attendees as he made a joke about needing their votes.

"By the way, isn't the breeze nice. Do you feel the breeze? I don't want anybody going on me. We need every voter. I don't care about you. I just want your vote. I don't care."

In response to Trump's comments, some took to X, formerly Twitter, to criticize him on Sunday.

Democrat and X user Harry Sisson wrote ,"WOW! Trump just went MASK OFF and said 'We need every voter. I don't care about you. I just want your vote. I don't care.' You hear that, America? Trump doesn't care about you at all. He just wants you to vote for him. Disgraceful."

22 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Your bubble has a right wing bias. Your preferred media outlets have a right wing bias. You have a right wing bias. Reality always has a liberal bias, otherwise the world would be exactly as you would wish it to be: so why isn't it? It doesn't care about your stupid ideological bent.
In the mean time the reality is that anyone who slightly disagrees with you is met with insults and other assorted vitriol, because you cannot handle being disagreed with, spoiled brat that you are
>anyone who slightly disagrees with you is met with insults and other assorted vitriol, because you cannot handle being disagreed with, spoiled brat that you are
anyone who slightly disagrees with you is met with insults and other assorted vitriol, because you cannot handle being disagreed with, spoiled brat that you are
>calls someone 'immature'. says the following:
>puddle of piss
...Q.E. and D. Also, hypocrisy. It's hardwired into the DNA of right wingers.
Yes and we go through the same song and dance of:
He didn’t say it
Okay he did say it and it was a joke
Okay it wasn’t a joke but it’s out of context
Okay it’s in context but that’s not what he meant
Okay it is what he meant, but who cares
Ok but in all seriousness guys. You can watch a full unedited video of trump saying he doesn’t care about his supporters and he just wants their vote. It’s not opinion or taken out of context it just is the reality of what he said. Out loud. To a crowd of his followers.
Donald J. Trump
I don't believe you

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