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File: GP8o_NqWQAAcjov.jpg (79 KB, 900x673)
79 KB

40% of Japanese in 30s desiring children are sexless, research reveals
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>Imai attributes this trend to inappropriate self-stimulation practices, such as exposure to explicit adult content and rubbing the penis on the floor.
what the fuck am I reading
Nobody here is from Japan. Also not my problem
Anime destroyed the weab. Before they were making classics like Seven Samurai, Tokyo Story and Gojira. Now it's all just thinly veiled pedophila pushed onto the masses until they care more about sexualized drawings of 10 year olds than they do about real life women.
the jews did this. this is the punishment of global jewery to the axis powers of germany, ireland, japan and italy for the holocaust
the holocaust didn't happen, but the japs thought it did so the jews are punishing them
How did you get like this?

The lawsuit was previously dismissed by an Oklahoma district court judge, who agreed with the city of Tulsa that “simply being connected to a historical event does not provide a person with unlimited rights to seek compensation.” The plaintiffs appealed the case to the state’s Supreme Court. White Power Centrilift Power. "The law does not permit us to extend the scope of our public nuisance doctrine beyond what the Legislature has authorized to afford Plaintiffs the justice they are seeking,” the court wrote in its decision.
Oklahoma Supreme Court dismisses lawsuit brought by survivors of Tulsa Race Massacre
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>if its coming from tax money its literally punishing people who never did the crime for a crime that never fucking happened in the first place
Its not. It has nothing to do with the tax payers. Either you're ironically 40 IQ or you were raised in a cave in the woods and you have no clue how governments work.

>wow, you still didn't post proof, because there is none, because it never fucking happened
Google "Tulsa Race Massacre"
>Its not. It has nothing to do with the tax payers. Either you're ironically 40 IQ or you were raised in a cave in the woods and you have no clue how governments work.
people pay taxes, if that tax money then goes to nonvictims of a made up crime the tax payers either suffer higher taxes or loss of services
>Google "Tulsa Race Massacre"
no. its made up and you refuse to prove it isn't
>people pay taxes
Correct. You've got at least that part right.

>if that tax money then goes to nonvictims of a made up crime the tax payers either suffer higher taxes or loss of services
Yeah that's just not how government works. That isn't how taxes work. Tax payers don't get to opt out of government liability because they weren't personally involved. I don't know how to explain it any simpler.

>no. its made up and you refuse to prove it isn't
I'm not not interested in like a full on schizo debate. If you think the pictures and documentation and 300 people who died were all fake and the thousands of people who were involved and witnessed it were all like jewish crisis actors or something then you belong in a mental hospital and there's nothing I can do to help you.
>reddit spacing
go back
>Yeah that's just not how government works. That isn't how taxes work. Tax payers don't get to opt out of government liability because they weren't personally involved. I don't know how to explain it any simpler.
you are literally punishing people who did no crime to pay people who were never victims of a crime for a crime that never happened. the whole thing is retarded
>I'm not not interested in like a full on schizo debate. If you think the pictures and documentation and 300 people who died were all fake and the thousands of people who were involved and witnessed it were all like jewish crisis actors or something then you belong in a mental hospital and there's nothing I can do to help you.
weird how you can't post any proof
>you are literally punishing people who did no crime
Tough shit. If you live in state then you pay taxes and the state uses that tax money to pay its expenses. Welcome to basic government function.

>weird how you can't post any proof
Prove to me that the civil war happened.

File: 2nd amendment activist.jpg (100 KB, 720x405)
100 KB
100 KB JPG
These are the type of people Republicans want fully armed at all times.


A federal grand jury has indicted an Arizona gun vendor for allegedly selling firearms to be used in a mass shooting he was planning in hopes of inciting a “race war” ahead of the 2024 presidential election, authorities said.

Mark Adams Prieto, 58, of Prescott was indicted Tuesday on charges of firearms trafficking, transfer of a firearm for use in a hate crime and possession of an unregistered firearm, the U.S. attorney’s office in Arizona announced.

Prieto was taken into custody in New Mexico on May 14 after allegedly supplying rifles to an informant and an undercover agent while plotting out an attack on African Americans and other minorities at a concert in Atlanta.

According to federal prosecutors, Prieto told the individuals, who he met while selling at gun shows, that he hoped to “kill as many people as possible” and leave Confederate flags, Ku Klux Klan propaganda and other “offensive rhetoric” at the scene of the shooting in order to incite retaliation and start a race war.

“In his mind, it had to unequivocally be perceived as race related. He expressed frustration with the direction the country is going and a willingness to do violence to change its direction,” prosecutors said in a May 17 court document arguing for his detention pending trial.

Prieto allegedly personally chose the city where the shooting would take place and the specific guns that the trio would use in their attack. When one of the other two participants said they did not have an AR-15 rifle, which was the firearm Prieto wanted everyone to use, Prieto supplied them with one, prosecutors said.
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Sure, but to be clear, you've based this on absolutely nothing. You're just giving me your feelings. You don't like that he was arrested for conspiracy so you've assumed he did nothing because it makes you feel better. You don't have any evidence whatsoever he was entrapped.
Sure, but to be clear, you've based this on absolutely nothing. You're just giving me your feelings. You like that he was arrested for conspiracy so you've assumed he did something on his own because it makes you feel better. You don't have any evidence whatsoever he was independently planning to do a mass shooting
Are you having a meltie?
nah, but you clearly are. guy wasn't even convicted. I bet the feds entrapped him
>No argument
I accept your concession

>I bet the feds entrapped him
Based on like, a strong gut feeling. You don't actually have any evidence whatsoever.

File: 1706677322201297.png (850 KB, 888x888)
850 KB
850 KB PNG
Garland is held in contempt of Congress for refusing to return over audio recordings that would incriminate Joe Biden
House GOP votes to hold Attorney General Garland in contempt

The House GOP voted Wednesday to hold Attorney General Merrick Garland in contempt of Congress for refusing to turn over audio recordings of President Joe Biden's interviews with former special counsel Robert Hur as part of the probe over his handling of classified documents.

In a statement, Garland said it was “deeply disappointing that this House of Representatives has turned a serious congressional authority into a partisan weapon" and vowed to "take any and all steps necessary to protect the Biden Crime Family."

The vote marks a major escalation in a months-long dispute over the recordings between House Republicans and the executive branch that came after Biden asserted executive privilege over the files.

The House GOP argued that the recordings are crucial to their impeachment inquiry into Biden, which remains stalled. The DOJ has stood by its decision not to release the audio files of the interviews, pointing to the transcripts they have already provided and claiming Republicans have not established a legitimate legislative purpose for demanding the audio.

Our live coverage has concluded. Please scroll through the posts below to learn about Wednesday's House vote holding the attorney general in contempt.
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>brandon was president and brandon ordered the unconditional surrender
You didn't address or refute a single thing I said.
who was president when brandon unconditionally surrendered to the talaban?
who was president on the going in and then pulling out plan?
it was literally biden's plan to unconditionally surrender, he was president. it literally happened in august 2021
Why can't you address any of the points that were made? The plan that was executed was Trump's plan. He set the timetable. He negotiated territories and pullout without including the ANA. Can you engage with literally any of what I just said?

File: 1717105707416584.jpg (113 KB, 602x624)
113 KB
113 KB JPG
Trump projected to win by large margins.
Biden has pretty much the lowest approval rating of anyone in history at this point in their career.
Trump holds 2-in-3 chance of winning in new election forecast
Former President Trump has a 2-3 chance of winning the White House in November, according to The Economist’s election forecast model launched Wednesday.

The model predicts Trump has a 66-100 chance of winning, while President Biden has a 33-100 chance of winning.

The results are similar to a forecast model from Decision Desk HQ and The Hill released late last month. In that model’s most recent update, Trump holds a 56-100 chance of winning the presidency, while Biden has a 44-100 chance.

The Economist’s forecast model, which is set to be updated daily, puts the likelihood of a Trump victory at the highest level since the beginning of March — the earliest daily prediction The Economist included retroactively in its forecast model.

For about three months, Trump’s chances of winning were in the mid-to-high 50s, occasionally reaching 60 or 61. Biden’s chances, conversely, were mostly in the low-to-mid 40s, occasionally dropping down to 39 or 40.

As opposed to national polling averages — which suggest a toss-up race between Trump and Biden — the forecast model looks at the electoral college vote map and calculates the likelihood of a candidate reaching the necessary 270 votes to win.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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It isn't an either/or argument like you think it is
There is no communist faction in the United States
I really don't hope trump gets elected because I don't want Dems to blame him for the poor economic opportunity being caused by biden's disastrous policies
Republicans never win the popular vote and are the engine behind gerrymandering. Being a Republican in America is being a minority.
Same polls that said hillary would win lmao

what an amazing description of the killer. a white t shirt and jeans sure is a great way to ID someone
11 replies omitted. Click here to view.
paste it now
Ok I'm sorry
>MIDTOWN, Manhattan (PIX11) – A woman is wanted for allegedly stabbing another woman to death near the Port Authority Bus Terminal in Manhattan Monday night, according to the NYPD.

>It happened around 10:15 p.m. on West 40th Street. A 22-year-old woman was stabbed in the chest by another woman, who ran from the scene going southbound on 8th Avenue, according to authorities.

>The victim was taken to NYC Health + Hospitals / Bellevue where she was pronounced dead. Her boyfriend was with her when she was stabbed, but he was allegedly uncooperative with police, sources told PIX11 News.

>The 8th Avenue exit was shut down at the bus terminal while police investigated, forcing commuters to exit onto 9th Avenue.

>The suspect was last seen wearing a white shirt and blue jeans.

>No arrests have been made so far.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
fuck, off samefag
Thanks Anon
Typical New York

Half of voters quizzed think president, 81, will forget where he is, while 40pc predict he will have problems standing up at June 27 event
Joe Biden will make more gaffes than Donald Trump in live TV debate
Half of US voters think that Joe Biden will forget where he is in this month’s televised presidential debate, a poll has found.

In the latest sign that voters do not have confidence in the US president’s mental state, a survey found many expect him to commit more gaffes on stage with Donald Trump on June 27.

The research, by the pollster JL Partners, found that 49 per cent think Mr Biden, 81, is likely to forget where he is, 41 per cent think he will walk the wrong way off the debate stage and 40 per cent think he will have problems standing up.

Mr Biden’s age has come under fresh scrutiny this week after he was filmed appearing to freeze during a Juneteenth celebration at the White House, while others danced around him.

At the G7 summit in Puglia, Italy, on Thursday, he appeared to walk away from world leaders and be brought back to the group by Giorgia Meloni, the Italian prime minister.

The debate, to be held in Atlanta, will be the first time Mr Biden and Trump have gone head-to-head in this election campaign.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
I think both Biden and Trump are senile
He's clearly senile in the videos.


Speaker Mike Johnson (R-La.) met with Senate Republicans on Wednesday to begin setting an ambitious agenda for Washington if former President Trump is reelected and Republicans win back control of the Senate and keep their House majority.

GOP lawmakers are growing increasingly confident about their prospects in the November election, given President Biden’s low approval numbers and want to have a bold agenda ready to go in January.

Feeling the Senate majority is within their reach, Senate Republicans are discussing what proposals to include in a special budget reconciliation package — or multiple packages — to get around the filibuster, which requires most legislation to pass the upper chamber with 60 votes.

Sen. John Cornyn (R-Texas), who is running to become the next Senate GOP leader, said Johnson told senators he wants “to be prepared to hit the ground running” if Republicans control the White House and Congress next year.

“He’s pretty clear that they want to try to go big, and that means more than just extending the tax cuts,” Cornyn said.

Johnson pitched GOP senators on tax cuts, spending cuts and regulatory reforms during a lunchtime meeting in the Lyndon Baines Johnson Room just off the Senate floor.

“It’s six months out; we’ve got to prepare,” Sen. James Lankford (R-Okla.) said of the desire among GOP lawmakers to put together an agenda in case they control the White House and both chambers of Congress in January.
2 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Senate GOP Whip John Thune (S.D.) cautioned that policy-focused legislation that only has a tangential impact on the revenues, spending or the deficit would likely fail to meet the so-called Byrd Rule and would not be eligible to pass the Senate with a simple majority under budget reconciliation.

“The big issue obviously, and one of the reasons he’s here, is to talk about a potential budget reconciliation process,” Thune told reporters.

But Senate rules limit what kinds of proposals Republicans could put into such a package to circumvent a Democratic filibuster, Thune warned.

“You have to keep your expectations realistic about what you can do there. It has to be, obviously, spending and revenue, budgetary,” he said. “We have restrictions over here that the House doesn’t have, to comply with under the Byrd Rule. There’s a lot tighter screen on what you can and can’t do” through the budget reconciliation process in the Senate.

Thune pointed out that the Senate parliamentarian rejected several legislative proposals Senate Democrats tried to fit into a reconciliation package when they controlled the White House, Senate and House in 2021 and 2022.

“There were several things that got thrown out that the Democrats tried to do,” he said.

“They wanted to raise the minimum wage, they had a DACA thing in there and they had their clean power plan. All of those things got knocked out by the parliamentarian,” he said, referring to ambitious plans by Democrats to give migrants who came to the country at a young age a path to citizenship and to reduce power plant emissions.
>He is also pushing a big increase in defense spending to get around Democrats’ opposition to increasing funding for the Pentagon without “parity” for nondefense and social spending programs.
>“I’ve been [paying] attention to what [Mississippi GOP Sen. Roger] Wicker is saying about the need to spend more for defense,” Cornyn told reporters Tuesday, referring to the top Republican on the Senate Armed Services Committee and his goal to increase defense spending from 2.9 percent of gross domestic product to 5 percent over the next five to seven years.
inb4 forever war with Iran
>Johnson, whom most MAGA and non-RINO GOP and moderates despise as a traitor wants to go to war for Israel
Are you surprised? He's a dispensationalist. His ilk are everything that lefties and libs fear about bible belt crazies. The only thing that gets him erect is the prospect of sending Americans do die for a biblical end times holy war with Israel's enemies.
I don't know how these fucking jackasses didn't see what he was for the color of his feathers before they appointed him. He's every bit worse than the guy they used him to replace.
The quote is actually from Sen. John Cornyn (R-Texas), who is even worse than Mike Johnson. He says Biden has "turned his back on Israel" lmao

Justice Department finds Phoenix PD used excessive force, discriminated against certain groups
“The Justice Department has concluded there is reasonable cause to believe that the City of Phoenix and the Phoenix Police Department engage in a pattern or practice of conduct that deprives its residents and visitors, including Black, Hispanic, and Native American people, of their rights under the Constitution and federal law,” Attorney General Merrick B. Garland said in a news release. “The release of today’s findings report is an important step toward accountability and transparency, and we are committed to working with the City of Phoenix and Phoenix Police Department on meaningful reform that protects the civil rights and safety of Phoenix residents and strengthens police-community trust.”
The president of the Los Angeles City Council is demanding an investigation after video appeared to show two Burbank police officers dumping a distressed homeless man on a North Hollywood street. NBC News' Morgan Chesky has the latest.
Summer rioting incoming
Time to blame Democrats for this.


Gaming giant Steam accused of ripping off 14m UK gamers

The owner of Steam - the largest digital distribution platform for PC games in the world - is being sued for £656m.

Valve Corporation is being accused of using its market dominance to overcharge 14 million people in the UK.

"Valve is rigging the market and taking advantage of UK gamers," said digital rights campaigner Vicki Shotbolt, who is bringing the case.
The claim - which has been filed at the Competition Appeal Tribunal, in London - accuses Valve of "shutting out" competition in the PC gaming market.

It says Valve "forces" game publishers to sign up to so-called price parity obligations, preventing titles being sold at cheaper prices on rival platforms.

Ms Shotbolt says this has enabled Steam to charge an "excessive commission of up to 30%", making UK consumers pay too much for purchasing PC games and add-on content.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
7 replies omitted. Click here to view.
This is totally not a shill thread for Valve.
There aren't enough people on this board for anyone to shill anything here
>EU forced Apple to have USB C
>Labour guaranteed a huge majority from 5th July, thus will impose laws without opposition
As he'll make the private rail companies subject to absolute state control - a policy that is guaranteed vote winner - What's to stop Starmer from nationalising the UK branch of Steam? Forcing them to set prices: Or Else.
british steam does not sell only british games
It's really horrible that Apple tried to get rid of USB-C

File: 1697285200702707.jpg (19 KB, 480x360)
19 KB

WILMINGTON, Delaware, June 11 (Reuters) - President Joe Biden’s son Hunter Biden was convicted by a jury on Tuesday of lying about his drug use to illegally buy a gun, a verdict Democrats may seize upon to counter Donald Trump’s claim of a justice system weaponized against him.

A 12-member jury in Wilmington, Delaware, federal court found the defendant guilty on all three counts against him, making Hunter Biden the first child of a sitting U.S. president to be convicted of a crime.

Hunter Biden, 54, lightly nodded his head after the verdict was read but otherwise showed little reaction. He then patted his lawyer Abbe Lowell on the back and hugged another member of his legal team.

He then left the courthouse without making a statement.
His father, Joe Biden, issued a statement saying he accepted the outcome of the case and would respect the judicial process as his son considers an appeal.

The judge set no date for sentencing, but added the timeline is usually in 120 days. That would place it no later than a month before the Nov. 5 U.S. presidential election.

Sentencing guidelines for the gun charges are 15 to 21 months, but legal experts say defendants in similar cases often get shorter sentences and are less likely to be incarcerated if they abide by the terms of their pretrial release.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
144 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Hunter Biden caused this
when we say it it is true, when jon says it it is jewish subversion and also jon is a fag for acting like everyone else is uncivilized when his whole act was starting this shit in the first place
>when we say it it is true, when jon says it it is jewish subversion
Other way around
no, jon is the jew. a judge in NYC also said the 2nd amendment doesn't apply there because they aren't in the US
I disagree.

Transgender swimmer Lia Thomas loses challenge of rules barring her from elite women’s races

he's making threads again
You know it baby. I'm back from my sabbatical.

Here is hoping he gets raped to death in jail
>inb4 now you like gun control
I hate drug addicts and think they should all get the death penalty. fucker was also trying to get the charges dismissed, with the conviction he now has to try to get the unconstitutional law overturned so odds are he is going to fall on his sword before destroying his father's legacy. if the charges were dismissed like he wanted we would still have no court challenge for the unconstitutional brady 4473 law. either way I hope biden lives to hear that hunter was raped to death over a period of 9 hours while in jail
162 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Trump was literally convicted of paying Stormy Daniels hush money in the form of classified documents on Jan 6th.
that was a kangaroo court done in a foreign communist nation with a democrat judge who donated to anti trump groups
You don't get anything, do you
you have no argument, no dick and are phone posting
Why wouldn't I post from a phone?

File: 666769d9d01eb.hires.png (933 KB, 1170x632)
933 KB
933 KB PNG

An Idaho man antagonizing people near Division Street and Second Avenue in Spokane as he streamed it live on his YouTube channel had multiple chances to leave before he shot and seriously injured a person Friday night during a confrontation, according to court records.

Prosecutors have charged 36-year-old Hoyt Webb, of Coeur d’Alene, with shooting and injuring an unarmed man upset with Webb’s provocative language and video recording of people who asked him to stop.

“You went to this location for your own entertainment,” Court Commissioner Eugene Cruz said at Webb’s first appearance in Spokane Superior Court Monday, “strictly to antagonize the folks experiencing homelessness and hardships.”

In his hourlong video that Webb posted to his “Kootenai County Press” YouTube channel, he is seen walking down Second Avenue and Division Street narrating about “crackheads” who were hanging around the area notorious for criminal activity such as open drug use and violent acts. The video ends after police say Webb shot 47-year-old homeless man Thomas Hatch, who remained hospitalized in critical condition Monday morning, according to Providence Sacred Heart Medical Center spokesperson Allie Hyams.

Hatch’s older brother, Eric Kessler, told Cruz during the court hearing his brother is “barely clinging to life.” He left the courthouse in tears Monday on his way to the hospital.

“If his heart stops again, they can’t revive him,” Kessler said after the hearing. Hatch was homeless because he had an accident as a child that caused him neurological damage, Kessler added. It’s why he fell into the wrong crowd. But Kessler still loves his “baby brother” no matter what, he said.
125 replies omitted. Click here to view.
That looks extremely ableist.
>Same logic applies to firing in the air.
Guess how I can tell you don't live in America
1. I'm a Hoosier
2. Reckless discharge is a crime in like ALL the states

Guess how I can tell you live in the boonies?
Just wait until Cinco de Mayo
Idaho busses their homeless to WA

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