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File: 73264513282-img1.png (7 KB, 641x583)
7 KB
looking for a good 2024 Japanese game, i want to be part of the next gem
Good luck trying to find such things, majority of Japanese games are tranime coomer gachashit with the exception of OhNussy's games. You can try to look at Japanese indie games, some of them don't have any gacha elements.
You don't seem qualified to talk about this subject
Basically any Japanese developer that is "serious" about making games has comparatively easy access to consoles and PC to publish. Meanwhile Chinese (and Korean to a certain extend) have comparatively no console market and weak PC market, so going mobile is pretty much a requirement, and it's way more likely to add gacha elements in that case.
That's why JP gacha look behind the curve in terms of graphics and gameplay, because anyone serious about making quality games isn't for all intents and purposes forced into the mobile market.

File: FedZWvCaAAAwUhk.jpeg.jpg (290 KB, 2000x1333)
290 KB
290 KB JPG
New character
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Finally got Lio SP

Yes, the dragon was in a cg
Sdorica is such a weird game.
It's the one gacha in which I somehow collected every single character.
File: sdoricas.png (929 KB, 1014x538)
929 KB
929 KB PNG
sad thought he would be more of a hunky western
We got Sdorica's design in one of the conversations with Rei.
This event got easier

File: block smash172.png (29 KB, 172x172)
29 KB
Ok so I made a video game that tests your reaction speed IQ and I am so confident that none of you are able to make it to a high score of over 9000, that I am offering a $10,000 dollar prize for the first person to make a highscore over 9000. To win the prize you need to be the first person to screenshot me a picture of the app on your phone, and send me a screenshot of the highscore from the game.

You can test and check your highscore with other players to see who has a higher brain reaction speed IQ and see who has the quickest brain.


Once there has been a winner I will declare the winner on my youtube channel.


This is my first game so please don't be too judgy, I have a lot of other projects on the backburner but they are a few years in the making.

Enjoy and please its just a game, do not get mad if someone else has a higher reaction speed aka a higher highscore than you it just means they are faster than you. may the best player win.
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
If this thread is up when a person wins i will post the winner on this thread unless they choose to remain anonymous.
all of my contact details are listed on the main store listing. whenever you are ready to submit your claim.
Goodluck anons.
not playing until you show proof of the $10,000 prize

File: GEq3vizWIAAZ1Wr.jpg (285 KB, 1080x1546)
285 KB
285 KB JPG
School Idol Festival 2 Global just announced release and EoS dates at the same time
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>It was Klab's fault because they were the ones handling the situation and refusing any communication with their audience, other than telling them to go fuck themselves and that they don't care what they have to say.
Regardless of whose decision it was, Klab would have to say that regardless. How else would they have been able to word it? It's not like if Bushiroad forced their hand Klab could go "Bushiroad decided that you guys can go fuck yourselves and we're completely helpless to stop that".

>You can't imagine them being okay with a percent of global players being fucked over by a game that was closing anyway (a game which for the most part they had been extremely hands off with and basically gave the keys to Klab entirely)?
More than 1% I'm sure, considering enough people went to Europe for vacation and logged in to SIF for a bit and got fucked over because of that. And it wasn't going to be closing this soon until SIF2 crashed this hard.

>This is the same company that issued a release and EOS announcement for global in 1 post. They do not care about their global customers at all, that is evident now more than ever.
See, they were transparent here. I don't see what's wrong with this. It's much better than announcing the release but only announcing EoS 1-2 months later. They're giving you a warning beforehand that anything you spend on it will be wasted pretty soon. Most likely it was only even released in the first place because the devs were contractually obligated to at least release it for a while.
>Not really sure I understand why you'd come to that conclusion. Why would they want to set up a company, who had handled their first game very well and made them a lot of money, up for failure? While wasting tons of money doing so and damaging their brand?
>handled their first game very well
Because SIF wasn't doing that well. It was lagging well behind the big players. So you could say they were like
>SIF isn't doing as well as we wanted, but it's doing well enough that we can't just demand it from Klab
>How about we make an excuse to justify taking SIF from Klab?
>Let's set Klab up for failure
Well, at least Klab were doing a much better job.

>They also asked Klab to make SIF2 and it was Klab who turned them down, fyi.
The whole point of making SIF2 in the first place was for Bushiroad to make a clean break from Klab. There was zero need for an SIF2 otherwise — Klab could give SIF all the updates needed without even the need for a transfer code, and SIF would live on for a few more years at least. So either it never happened, or Bushiroad were intentionally hitting Klab at their lowest.
They had a shot at coming back with Superstar but blew it up because of the terrible S2.
>rebuild it themselves in Unity.
Not even that, it was frankensteined on top of the code of another rhythm game of theirs. There was leftover code to prove it.
That was quick
Ever since the memes died out and it's no longer as relevant as it used to be, they try to milk the living hell of this franchise so that at least a few fans can reach out, it's basically modern seasons of old TV shows where because they're losing viewership, their numbers have plummeted and they try to milk the living crap out of the franchise by selling products.
They'll probably do this: End it permanently or sell products like figurines or merch just to keep themselves alive
This too.
Damn, I guess otome/joseimuke games aren't as popular as they used to be, closest thing to ones being alive are those kpop games as they have so many fans. One Square Enix game ended service quickly because I guess not that many people played it or were unsatisfied (Bravely Default)
This too, that's why you rarely see those Love Live stan accounts, they're either abandoned or they've moved on to more relevant games.
Gacha paypigs, male and female yurifags

>this is a Chinese mobile game

Why do Chinese games look SO much better than anything anyone else can put out?

China will save gaming for high iq players. Japan had 30 years hasn’t done shit. China is doing better after 4 years.

Chinese mobile games blow AAA studios out of the water
14 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Can't name a single good game made by chinks, if I'm being honest. No, I don't consider gachas to be good games, in general. Being a gacha, by nature, it bogs down any game that tries to be more than what it is.
>no paragraphs
>calls the other zoomer

Retarded redditbrained nigger.

Here let me format the post like a total retard would so that your tiny pea brain can read it without struggling.

Worthless reprobate subhuman.
You'd tell me it's some trash 360 era game like fucking infinite undiscovery or whatever that shovelware was called and i'd believe it. No one's impressed.
>faggot calls people incel
>posts on an incel website
Go back, redditard
This. Majority of the "good" Chinese games people shill are basically tranime coomer gachaslop or reskinned versions of popular video games. In extreme cases, some of them are absolute copyright infringerino.
File: eliza.jpg (422 KB, 1000x1000)
422 KB
422 KB JPG
I just want to play as a man and not a little faggot like the one in Genshin, but a character like Alucard from SotN, an ideal looking character i would want to larp as.
Ideally i want character creation, and not chibi manga shit, mature eastern looking like Dragon's Dogma or FF kind of models.
And get to ROMANCE the waifus, not BE them. And I want the majority of them to have a "realistic" base but stylize and idealized and be super hot, like Eliza from Last Cloudia, not stupid minimalist modern shitty manga style, stylized in its core, with crazy hair colors and full of ridiculous or straight up ugly accessories, a minority of the waifus can be like that but not the majority.

When China releases a game like that, then I will play it and give them money.

File: Heartopia.jpg (601 KB, 2160x996)
601 KB
601 KB JPG
what game are you excited for?
for me, it's heartopia
it's a cute, comfy and cozy life sim game with a pretty good artstyle
i like that there isn't a focus on dollhouse decoration unlike acnh. the player interactivity is even better than ac series
Looks interesting but I hope it won't be riddled with gacha elements, it's pretty difficult to find a good life sim because most of them are ad-ridden, datamining garbage or you have to pay a lot of money to even enjoy the game.
File: lkDEwA7zX.webm (807 KB, 800x450)
807 KB
doesn't look like gacha, but i am guessing it will be one of those games that lock really good looking furniture and clothing items behind small paywalls
still much better than gacha, and definitely something i have been wanting ever since acnh stopped being updated
are you a faggot or a tranny? serious question answer

File: video jimson.jpg (25 KB, 300x168)
25 KB
Do you guys play any visual novels on your phones?
Used to but not anymore, only recent vn I've played was a NSFW one but I never had the time to finish it
I had gotten the AA trilogy, but like the original release of it a long time ago. I just really like the AA series and it was on sale, probably only got like half way into the first game before not going back to it
screen too small
I should have mentioned the way majority of people playing VNs are by using Joiplay, what person unless he's a paypig would pay extra money just to unlock chapters when extra chapters shouldn't even be paywalled in the first place in a mobile VN app?

File: Mammon.jpg (308 KB, 1200x800)
308 KB
308 KB JPG
Thread for MonmusuTD as well as other Kumasan games.
>Twinkle Star Knight
>Girls Creation
>Flower Knight Girl
>Mist Train Girls
Also other DMM tower defense games.
>Millennium War Aigis
>Oshiro Project: RE ~CASTLE DEFENSE~

Next chapter in Monmusu is coming along with the shop girl who is in fact Mammon.
59 replies and 13 images omitted. Click here to view.
My luck bounced back after having to hit 200 on the last banner.
Floor 8 of Red Moon in Twinkle is cancer incarnate.
Just started Twinkle Star Knights. Is there a good guide anywhere? Also how generous is this game in terms of gacha currency
Dunno about a guide, but here's the wiki:
And here's a blog with some interesting posts (my favorite is the "ass cut-in" tier list):

If I were you, I'd probably reroll/dump all my resources into the Valentines banner (one is a healer and puller, the other is a knockbacker and stun gauge depleter) and Swimsuit Ruruka banner (knockbacker, damage amp, and demon puller) to make a demon team. You could also try rerolling the demon banner for Claudia (demon puller and buffer, one of the best units in the game) or Mahamut (force-pusher) if you're crazy.
And getting spooked by 2 star Marion (force-pusher) 10 times to get her to 3 stars will be one of your long term goals. She'll be useful against most bosses.
As for generosity, I feel like I get a sparks worth of gems every month or two, maybe even faster. You can also slowly get (or paypig for) star pieces, which let you buy any character you want for 500 of them.
I would say it's overall generous. The game wins first place on fanza popularity rankings extremely often which is 1k gems each time that happens. They give out a fuck ton of tickets that can be used to pull a general pool gacha. Every unit in the game gets added to that pool with the only exceptions being collab characters and limited characters. There have only been two collab units and two limited new years units so far, so basically every character ends up there. There are also elemental crystals and star pieces that they drip feed you. 100 of the elemental crystals can be exchanged for a 60% chance of a three star in that element and the star pieces can be exchange outright for a unit.
As for a guide, just roll whoever you want. The only thing that you might miss is adding 20 "friends" so you get friend points daily.

File: 06-02-23-12-42-57.png (3.62 MB, 1096x2560)
3.62 MB
3.62 MB PNG
Previous thread >>1047742
Recruitment guide: https://purindaisuki.github.io/tkfmtools/en/enlist/filter/
/vmg/ v2 guild code: 91853176 (feel free to share your own, too)
anon's recruitment code: 9QV8KT (again, all encouraged to share own)
No current promo codes, but we'll share when they appear!
Summer event is here again (or will be in a couple of days)
Who do you want? And who do you got?

>>1202460 #
The used to be one for the Demon Spire and a lot of levels overlapped but that hasn't been updated in ages. https://sys.4channel.org/derefer?url=https%3A%2F%2Ftkfm.wiki%2Fthe-demon-spire%2F
Who's giving you trouble?
281 replies and 104 images omitted. Click here to view.
Sounds like terminal case of /pol/brain. There is no known cure
Yeah it does. Anyone who says they can't see it is either lying, or thinks about it way too much.
Not even gonna start on this with you bro, you know I'm right
Especially when it's an anal scene, christ
The devs must be looking at my album specifically to decide these soul banners. Summer Aiko is one of the only four I'm missing.
Giddy up

Revived Witch shut down 7th May 2023. This thread is made in it's memory. What were your favourite parts? Who were your favourite characters? What do you think of the fan projects aiming to bring the game back
95 replies and 42 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: Spoiler Image (40 KB, 288x300)
40 KB
uuuhhh normal sex will do...oh wait...
I REALLY miss her...
Looks like there's been an update on the private server. Somebody on R*ddit got the game working.
Do they plan on making a pserver though? That's a whole different ballgame
Seems like it's in the works. I'll remain cautiously optimistic.

File: IMG_5373.jpg (156 KB, 355x421)
156 KB
156 KB JPG
Warframe is now on mobile devices. LETS GO.
File: IMG_5374.jpg (1.92 MB, 2388x1565)
1.92 MB
1.92 MB JPG
Vgh 10 Gb storage size and 800p resolution.

I wonder what the difference in terms or graphics will be like compared to my rog ally.

File: Velos.png (237 KB, 1024x576)
237 KB
237 KB PNG
Xenosaga collab happening right now.
Rays 7th anniversary in less than 2 months.
298 replies and 34 images omitted. Click here to view.
>Aegis' charge 5* is a one hit (when uncharged) that also has crit enhancements on it
It's also an OTG like his first 5*.
He pretty much won for probably the best charge 5* among the Cresty cast right now.
Because Yuna is a debut character. They have their special costumes available regardless if they got their gMAs.
Oh, that does make sense.
I didn't realize that.
He deserves it considering his base unit was pretty useless in his original game.

File: VQTh1I9p8aBPN-ou.jpg (159 KB, 960x720)
159 KB
159 KB JPG
flipper friends...
162 replies and 46 images omitted. Click here to view.
Welt barely counts as a twink. He's like an old man and his model in the other games vary from being a Dante clone to a man on his 50s
File: IMG_2725.jpg (38 KB, 739x415)
38 KB
All art I can find of him makes him look like a 20 year old megane twink, unless the only indicator of his "old" age is supposed to be one strip of white hair. Either I'm missing some very obvious art that makes him look like an old man or he's got the earth dragon guy effect from genshart, where fujos call him "daddy" even though he looks just as much of a twink as the rest of the cast.
That's actually not so bad, pretty cool design, unless all mechas look like this, I liked how much variety Flipper had.
you're looking at the wrong places he barely gets any art pre-Honkai star rail and the people who draw him draws him in a more fruity way than what he actually is. He looks like a DMC character in Houkai Gakuen and in the older Honkai Impact chapters

>play the game that has “Nice to meet you, I’m Natasha — An underworld doctor. Feeling sick?”

No thanks that ad alone killed any interest I had in Star Rail.

File: 2348274728374456.jpg (97 KB, 900x506)
97 KB
More autobattler slop.

Global version just released recently. Anyone trying it?
131 replies and 18 images omitted. Click here to view.
I just uninstalled Brown Dust 2. It makes a great first impression and the art and lewdness is god tier but its also a chore to do basically anything and the combat is incredibly repetitive. It also feels like the gacha rates have plummeted recently. I made 80 rolls on the new Liatris Maid banner, only got two SSRs and neither was the banner unit.
>download game
>glitches on Stage 2-3 and can't progress
Well the search for a good side gacha continues.
Installed it because of this thread then uninstalled it cause its boring as fuck and weirdly stingy to new players.
Funny how this game earns more then eversoul and still has no thread on /vg/
This game awards more when you join big guild/syndicate also awards more when you progress more.

File: Untitled.png (53 KB, 1175x626)
53 KB
Only post games in this thread that have no pay to win or micro transactions. A good list to get us going:

23 replies omitted. Click here to view.
I submitted BTD6. I dont think the game needs a whole lot of justification but just know that litteraly nobody uses its "pay to win" free towers and in fact the hardest fame mode disables them so you have to get good enough to beat the maps without them anyway.
Nice ad but you forgot the disclaimer
There are locked plants behind real money.
File: 1708405425699.jpg (234 KB, 890x653)
234 KB
234 KB JPG
>can't play WitchSpring because it's only available in older Android OS versions
>same with ICEY
are you fucking kidding me?
Fantasian, it’s only on iOS though, sorry street shitters.

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